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Series {In No Particular Order}


Katsu no Miko (visit Katsu Katsu)

Acherontia Atropos  

An alternate reality fanfic, belonging in the Shadow World. Duo's world is turned violently upside-down one day when he finds that the supernatural element of the world is alive and well, and vampires are hunting at his school. (Yaoi, Violence, Bad Language, Blood Sucking)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13] [part 14] [part 15] [part 16] [part 17] [part 18] [epilogue]


Pyractomena Borealis 

It is the sequel to Acherontia Atropos. Six months after the end of Atropos, the supernatural once again inserts itself roughly into the lives of the pilots, this time in the form of the Master of Tokyo. (Yaoi, Violence, Bad Language, Blood Sucking, Spontaneous Combustion) [14 parts, in progress]

So where are the parts? Not here 'cause KnM isn't done yet. But you can find the story by following the title link, but I'm warning you that it's not done yet and you'll suffer!


Talya FireDancer  (visit Talya)

Duo's First Kiss  

Duo gets some action...for the first time!

The Gundam Pilots are dead bored, until they cook up a weird contest. The winner gets to kiss Duo! (1x2, 3x4, yaoi)


Oh, Wilt Thou Leave Me So Unsatisfied?  
Now We're getting somewhere...

A sequel to Duo's First Kiss. Were they just drunk or what...? (lime, 1x2, yaoi)


For How Long?  

The finale of Duo's First Kiss. 

But, Heero does his best at an I love you, so he's not being too stoic...for him anyway. (lime, 1x2, yaoi)


To Go That Far  

Man, Relena sure can scream, that psycho bit.., I mean baka!

Relena finds out about Heero and Duo in a very, uh,...intimate way...  (lime/lemon, yaoi, 1x2, 3x4) 

[part 2] [part 3]



Ha! Heero, this will teach you to hold back your feelings!

Duo's...dead?! (lime, yaoi, 1x2, 3+4)


If You Love Me  

Ugh! Heero? How can you do that?! Not that Duo's totally innocent, but...well, I can't give it away!

Sequel to To Go That Far. Relena just can't take a hint! *Warning* This deals with certain events that take place in the Endless Waltz OAV series, and contains dialogue/scenes from it. (lime/maybe lemon, yaoi, 1x2, 3x4) 

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]


Umi & Hikaru's Newlywed Game

If you have ever seen this show, you know just how hilarious this is gonna' be.

The Newlywed Game spoof! (HeeroxDuo, HotohorixNuriko, TomahomexMiaka, HieixKurama, AU, yaoi, het, mass amounts of silliness)


The Wait 

Poor baby Duo! 

Heero notices changes from his roommate who's obviously hiding a secret... (NCS, lemon, angst, shounen-ai with 1+2, ?x2, I can't remember, but I think 3+4 <--they don't get busy, just a couple)

[part 2]

I just can't take this!

A sequel to The Wait.  (implied NCS, angst, shounen-ai, 1+2)

More Time  
Duo finally gets it off his chest...don't cry!!

A continuation to The Wait. The boys are given another mission as Heero helps Duo cope with his emotional problems... (implied NCS, angst, shounen-ai, 1+2)

[part 2] [part 3]

    *these fics are part of a writing exercise for Shirin which may or may not be continued*


Child's Love
All I have to say is that the kid had better not be Relena's!!!

Duo meets Heero years after they've gone separate ways, only to find out Heero has a son. (1+2/3+4, angsty)


If You Can't Say No

Sometimes I wonder if bastardization of a character is canon or simply open to interpretation.

Heero and Duo are together, but Heero has enforced some pretty strict rules, and the consequences for breaking them are damned harsh. (1x2, 3x4, 2+5, abuse/violence, angsty)


Without You

Sequel to If You Can't Say No.

Heero, still being an ass, mind you, finally tries to reach out and reconcile with Duo. (1+2, 2+5, some angst)


The Bet

Who says gambling never paid off?

Really long 'cause I didn't break it up...gomen! Uh, Heero makes a bet with Duo, and loses...or does he? (1x2/3x4, RFO, limey)

Madamhydra (visit Madamhydra)

Maxwell's Demon

Duo's just kidding about that Shinigami thing, right?

Well, maybe he's a little bit more serious than that, and Relena - of all people - knows it. (1x2/3+4, lime)

[parts 2 - 3] [parts 4 - conclusion]


Passion Play

Alert the MLs . . .Madamhydra has finished something ^_^ *hehehe* We'll ignore the fact that this was written a long time ago.

A Gundam Wing songfic/vidfic trilogy, which I smashed together into one file. (1x2, angst, possible OOC, mush-light)

Enigma (GW Addiction)


No matter what Enigma writes, there is always angst, isn't there?

There's a mission, Duo gets banged up pretty bad, oh, and it's Halloween ^_^ (1x2/3+4 implications, angsty-ish, violence)


(T-o-T) Ending #2

If you read the First ending, it's quite different.

Continuation of T-o-T. (1x2/3+4 implications, angsty-ish, thrashed up Duo)


Lemon Treat

And the pinnacle of the story. . .the LEMON SCENE!! ::grins broadly:: 

Just like I said, the end of T-o-T. (1x2 lemon/3+4 implications, um, sex injuries?)        

Kirei (GW Addiction)

Goodnight My Angel

Song fic-esque using Billy Joel's 'Goodnight My Angel'

Takes place in a prison cell between Heero and Duo. (Yeah, I know, that was bad.) (1+2, NCS implications, angst)


Into the Dreamscape

Oooh. . .dreamy. . .

About the most I could say without spoiling something in the fic is that Heero has some kind of injury and Duo is taking care of him. (1+2, shounen-ai)


In My Mind's Eye

Oooh. . .*not* dreamy. . .

Unexpected, but appreciated, sequel to 'Into the Dreamscape.' (1+2, shounen-ai)


Irresistible Forces

Final part to 'Into the Dreamscape' and 'In My Mind's Eye.'

And we have nekkidness! This takes place about a year after EW. Enjoy. ^_^ (1x2, possible OOC if you're stingy, yaoi)

Ravyn Fyre (GW Addiction)

Habitat for Redemption

Ah, the excitement of the chase. . .

is wearing a little thin for our pal Duo. Heero is AWOL, and Duo has to find his rouge lover. (1x2, lime, angst, Relena-friendly!)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9]



Chase: over. Mission: domestic life?

Duo may have found Heero, but what about the other guys? (1x2/3x4)

Jade (GW Addiction)

Chance Meeting 1+2 Style

There are like 2 or 3 other 'Chance Meeting' stories, but they're not here. You can find them at GWA.

Duo and Heero run into each other at a what store?! (1+2, yaoi)


Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen

This doesn't actually follow 'CM 1+2 Style,' or really any of the others, but it's got gratuitous lemon ^_^

Heero and Duo run into each other again during a very, uh, fashion-intensive mission. (1x2/3+4, lemon, precedes 'Four to Tango' @ GW Addiction)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]


Interrogation? Or Seduction?

::skips out:: I'm in such a good mood now ^_^ {I put parts 1 - epilogue in one file . . .no, that's not why I'm in a good mood}

Heero is captured and Duo, the local hot-shot interrogator, has to question him. (1x2, lemon, AU, mild violence)


Light My Fire

::sighs:: I'd go a lot faster if I didn't stop to re-read stories. {parts 1 - epilogue in one file 'cause it saves space}

Heero is a fireman and he just so happens to rescue a damsel in distress. No, wait, that's Duo. Even better. (1x2, AU, lemon)


Teacher's Pet

::flashes V sign:: I didn't stop to read once ^_^V

Duo is an orphan going to a new school, where he is bullied by a group of jocks and saved by a teacher -- Mr. Yuy. (1x2/2x1, lemon, AU)

[parts 7 - 12]


Triangle of Deception

This is supposed to  be based on a movie, but I've never seen it ¬_¬;

Has anyone ever seen Moulin Rouge? Think that with Zechs as the bad guy, whoever the bad guy was in that movie, I dunno. Like I said, never saw it. But, this is one of my favorite Jade stories ever ^_^ (1x2, 6+1, angst, lemon)


When Duo Gets Bored

It seems I tend to lose things an awful lot. I already had this done when I realized that I'd coded it a long time ago and hadn't put it up yet. I'm such a retard -_-

Lessee, Duo's a bored bishounen, and notices something weird about Heero. Is he . . .attracted to Duo? No da! Who wouldn't be? But, they get kind of interrupted. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! (1x2, lemon, exhibitionism)


Decisions, Decisions

OK, this has a little uncon. pairing, but typical ones, too, and it's multi-part, so, um, yeah, there it is.

Heero likes Duo, Wufei likes Duo, Duo is, like the rest of us would be, elated . . .but he can't go out with both of them . . .can he? Duo? (5/1+2, 5x2, 1x2, 1x2+5, 5x2+1, threesome, lemon(s), <--really bad algebra?)


Final Seduction (co-written with dhuron)

I waited a *long* time for the last part of this, and, of course, it was great ^_^ I mean, Jade wrote it, so . . .

Their mission failed, Heero and Duo are left drifting in space with dwindling oxygen and little hope of rescue. Well, if they're gonna die anyway, why not a last confession? What's that? Not dead? Oh, the possibilities! (1x2, lemon, angst, sap)

Joyce Wakabayashi (visit Gundam Wing on Acid)

Physical Presence

Ack! Heero's in an accident?! 

As it happens, Heero has amnesia, and Duo has to reassess their relationship. (1x2, lemony, maybe some angst)

[part 2]

Jana (visit Jana)

Duo's Lesson

OK, how can you *not* know how to do this? Why are you looking at me like that?

Um, just in case you don't know how to ::ahem:: masturbate, you can always take lessons from Duo ^_^ (2x1/1x2/1x1/2x2, masturbation, touch of exhibitionism/voyeurism, lots of lemony goodness)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]


Making Love to Death

::weeps:: ::sniffles:: . . .I'm upset. 

Duo is NCSed (Yeah, so I can't even say it, OK?), and he and Heero have to deal with the aftermath. (1x2/2x1/1x1/2x2/???x2/3+4/5+2, angst, NCS, lemon, Duo/Heero torture, suicide attempts <-- there's a lot going on in this story, ne?)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13] [part 14] [part 15] [part 16]


Life's a Beach, and Then You...

You know, usually, I can't *stand* the beach!

There's always, however, an exception. (Duo + Heero) x beach = happy hentai lemon ::beams:: (1x2x1/3x4, lemon, food stuffs ::sweatdrop::)

[part 2]


The Eyes Have It

Just a happy hentai romp ^_^

This should prolly be PWP, but anyway, Heero and Duo are, um, doing windows. Then Duo does Heero. Yeah, that sounds like a good description. (2x1, AU [AC 200])


The Eyes Have It . . .Cobalt Takes Amethyst

Three words: Quid pro quo. I wonder if I spelled that right . . .

Heero turns the tables on Duo. Sequel to The Eyes Have It. (1x2, hint of BDSM, lemon, [AC 200])


Mercury Rising

I wish my pool guy looked like Duo and lived with me. My pool guy was skanky and looked worse than the Bourbon Street bums. (That's a street in New Orleans in the French Quarter, BTW, very filthy.)

Heero and Duo are both 20 and in college and it is summertime. they don't know each other.. but they will. (2+1/1x2/2x2/2x1, AU, light angst, POV, OOC (depends), lemon/citrus, masturbation)

[parts 7 - 12] [parts 13 - 18]



Yes, I'm sorry, but Duo actually *does* die in this one. Really, I'm serious. FYI: post war

I don't think I ruined anything by telling you that, but it certainly messes up Heero, who gets to regret, note the title, that he never got to spend any 'quality' time with Duo. (1+2, yaoi, angst, death)

[part 2] [part3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7]



And it's. . .a sequel! 

If Heero got a second chance with Duo, would he take it? (1+2/3+4, yaoi, angst, death)

[part 2] [part3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [Epilogue]


Pomegranates: A story in three parts

Now why is it that I have a craving for pomegranates?

Heero jacks up Duo's fruit! Heheh, not *that* 'fruit,' not at first. But then he has to leave! Can't wait 'til he gets back ^_^ (1x2, lemon)

[part 2] [part 3]



Have you ever read the first part of a story that was just so rip-your-guts-out that you had to remind yourself that it's not happening to you?

But, the first part of the first part and the last part of the second part are happier, so it makes up for the angst. I think the best way to summarize would be to say that Heero and Duo are living together (post EW) and Duo pushes for something that Heero's not ready for, will then try to leave, and then, well, that's about as far as I'll take you ^_^ (1+2, angst, sap)

Kimi, the Crimson Unicorn

Misunderstandings and Resolutions

Friggin' Hilde!!

Oh, trust me, this *is* her fault. Duo thinks Heero left him, Heero thinks Duo doesn't want him, and two years after the fact, Heero reappears. But, after two years can they still be together? (1+2, H+OC, very mild angst, some violence, yaoi)

[part 2]

Red Jester (visit Jupiter Reaction)


Duo! I swear, that boy is so stupid sometimes!

Ahem, anyway, Heero and Duo forge a tentative, though strong, friendship based on an equal need for each other. (1x2, more shounen-ai than full blown yaoi) ...yeah, my descriptions sometimes suck ¬_¬;


Redemption (sequel to Sin)

As the American walked out of the room, Quatre shook his head. "Have you been noticing the moodswings?" (Red Jester's description's better, ne?)
Duo gets up the nerve to make a confession to his partner. (1x2, yaoi, 3x4-ish)


Unacknowledged Missions (sequel to Redemption)

Heero turned his back on the American to walk to his own bed with a sigh. 'What are we doing wrong?' (Eh, I stick with what works.)
Duo and Heero's relationship is experiencing tensions just when they need to concentrate on a mission. (1x2, 3x4, lemony)

LoneWolf (visit LoneWolf)

    'Dis' Series


Here's what LW had to say about 'Dis' story one: 

"Dissatisfaction" starts about three weeks after Duo first seduced Heero, and covers about two and a half months of time. (1x2, lime, "the f-word", sweetness, mild-NC, a touch AU, a bit OOC (but fun), flashbacks that are not in chronological order)



And 'Dis' story two:

"Disaffection" starts two to three weeks after "Dissatisfaction". (1x2, angst, You'll just have to stomach what comes, or it'll ruin the plot. Gomen.)



Yikes. You're actually gonna' keep reading after 'Disaffection'? Hoping it'll get happy, ne?

"Disillusionment" picks up immediately after "Disaffection" and covers about a week thereafter.

(1+2, profanity, angsty)



Story four of the 'Dis' series, and its end. Ahem, happy end. Sorry if that ruined any angsty expectations.

This picks up right after "Disillusionment" and covers several months thereafter. (yaoi, 1x2, mild angst baby)

Ariana + Bianca

Superstar (Video Killed the Radio Star)

::sings:: "Video killed the radio star . . ."

OK, does anyone know the next line of that song? Total AU, Heero's a popstar, ala Backstreet Boys, Duo's a soldier, like Army, not gundam, and Duo has a big ol' crush, just like a fangirl ^_^ (2x1, lime-light, angsty, touch of R+D yuri, 3x4, 6x5x13)


Need to Know

Because I haven't updated in a while and since I consequently haven't read most of these in a while, I'll be relying on author comments for the most part. Too bad most of them aren't very helpful as a summary.

A 2+1 plotless...thing o.-; (1+2, yaoi?, OOC)


Something More

Yes, I would actually be embarrassed for Heero and Duo if I were you.

Follow up to 'Need to Know,' in which, if you didn't read it - you really should - Heero needed to know what the big deal is about sex, etc. Duo tries to show him, but, well, you'll see what I mean. (2x1, lemony, angsty, OOC, AU)

Raihne Firehawk (visit Raihne)

Duo, Queen of Hearts 

So, where is this bar that Duo works at? (Raihne's description)

The war is over and Duo is working as a drag queen, and living above the bar he sings at. He is very close to selling -himself- to keep  going, when a face from the past shows up, and turns his whole life upside-down. But, watch out mister, Duo is going to do some shaking of his own. (yaoi, lemon-light, angsty-ish)

[parts 6 - 10] [parts 11 - 15] 

     -Chan Series (Applies to all: mild yaoi, silliness, OOC, and lime in Tiny Little Trowa-chan, all Raihne's descriptions)

Happy Little Hee-chan

Matte . . .a *happy* Heero?

When Doctor J tries out his new 'youth formula' on Heero, the perfect soldier becomes a baby. The doc is working on a cure, but in the meantime, Hee-chan has chosen Duo as his momma, and won't take no for an answer.


Darling Little Duo-chan

Duo is always darling, ne?

Duo intercepts a message to Heero to meet with J, and goes to stop the doctor from trying the formula on him again. Doctor J agrees, and uses Duo instead. The Braided baka becomes the Braided baby, and after wreaking havoc on J's lab, he latches on to Heero and the antics are endless.


Tiny Little Trowa-chan

Ne, Quatre? How 'tiny' is Trowa? ::leers::   

Oz scientists have developed their own formula and attack Quatre to test it, unfortunately Trowa gets in the way. Now the uni banged pilot is jumping between babyhood and boyhood, and the only way to stop these transformations is to trust J and -his- formula. Poor Trowa!


Quirky Little Quate-chan

Could Quatre get any more kawaii?

Doctor J makes a tiny mistake, and Quatre is the one to pay for it. But this baby is nothing like the Quatre the boys knew. And why did Rashid run screaming when he saw what had happened? 


Wild Little Wu-chan

My favorite line in this fic: 'Treize-poppa can't fix dead.' Something like that -_-

When Wu-Fei is captured, Une oversteps her bounds, and uses him to test their new formula. To say Trieze is angry would be an understatement, but as Wu-chan steals his heart (and Zech's sanity) what will happen when the G-boys come for their comrade? 

Aaeth Payne

Shinigami's Song

Jesus, Heero can be *SO* dense sometimes ::scowls:: Not that Duo is much better . . . ::sighs::

Did you know Duo could sing? Well, someone is trying to kill our little post-war popstar, but who is it? And after ten years of separation, guess who comes to protect him . . . (1x2x1, 3x4, lemon, some angst)

Lady Murasaki

You Sang to Me

And this, Heero, is what happens when you don't look both ways.

(Post war) Heero is in an accident, and wheelchair-bound for a while. So, Duo comes to live with him while he recuperates. When he goes to leave, will Heero *finally* be able to tell him how he feels? What will Duo say? (1+2, shounen-ai, angsty)


Bonds of Friendship

Sooo~o kawaii! ^_^

All child G-boys! But, Quatre gets kidnapped, and the police are eternally useless! So, they turn to the weird kid in class for help. (Guess who that is -_-) They all have to come together to save 9 yr. old Quatre before it's too late! (1+2,/3+4 *hints*, some angst, mildly fluffy, surprise end)

Mistress of Death


Saa, the joys of an elevator . . .

Heero pisses Duo off when he gets them kicked out of yet another school. When they get to their new school, a brooding Duo and strangely repentant Heero get stuck in an elevator, where some interesting revelations are made. (2x1, mild language, lemon) 

[part 4 - 6]

Silverblade Shi-fox

Blood hound

Heee~ro . . .what's with those, um . . .teeth?

Heero's kyuuketsuki!! I'm sure you can figure out what that means, ne? But, he's not the only kyuuketsuki who wants Duo. Hee-chan! Save Duo-kun! Demo . . .what's with Duo? (1x2, 3+4, vampirism, mild angst, lemon)

[part 4 - epilogue]


No Way!_And Legs!

Duo's in a dress! And, apparently, has very nice legs.

Heero and Duo have to infiltrate a school, but Duo as a girl ^_^ (1x2, some sap, some mild angst, some abuse, some nice lemon . . .)

[part 2] [part 3] [part 4]


Enjoy the Silence

Heero and his eternal reluctance. What can you say?

And what can Heero not say? Just about anything, apparently. Basic, 'I just can't tell him!' stuff. (1+2, mild angst, shounen-ai)



I'm pretty sure this is the sequel to 'Enjoy the Silence.'

Otherwise, the two stories have no business being here -_- Heero spills the beans. (1+2, 3+4, yaoi, slight angst, massive amounts of sap)


Don't Cry

OH. MY. GOD. - ::sputters:: How can you do that, Tzigane?

I suppose what happened was for the best, though. Getting curious, aren't you? Well, Duo gets caught (again - What's wrong with him?) and Heero rescues him, but does something awful, though necessary,  in the process. (1x2, lemon, angst, NCS-ish, don't worry, it's not *that* bad, some bits o' sap)

[part 2]

Nettie Roe

Duo's Deal

It's not *that* kind of deal ¬_¬;

Duo makes a deal with Zechs when Heero is unconscious and helpless, and the gundams are down. The rules: No hair pulling. (non-yaoi ::gasp:: just some violence, I guess)


Lions and Hyenas

I read this much too long ago to offer an accurate description. Gomen. Sort of a sequel, at least on the same time-line, as 'Duo's Deal.'

So, here's someone else's summary: A chance encounter with Zechs leads to a mission he had no idea of, and into more trouble than he had ever planned on. (none, really)

Lady Tora

Haunted, When the Minutes Drag
I think I take too many breaks. I definitely should have been done with this update by now.

LT's description: This song is in the weird category, but my muse insists on using it. It is really a 3 for one deal. Not in Heero's POV this time. I haven't written that type of lemon and I am not sure if I can hack it. Hehe. (1x2x1, lemon, language)

Marble Duo

Pygmalion seems to be a pretty popular story since I've got two fanfics here based on it, so how come I've never read it?

LT: This is from a Greek story of Pygmalion and Galatea, one of my favorites and I hope I do it justice. (2x1, lemon)

Tigress Pern (visit homepage)

Video Boys

I think it's supposed to be play off of a song or something called 'Video Girls,' but I wouldn't know. ¬_¬;

Duo and Quatre are the video boys. All's fine and good until, that is, they pop out of their videos. Heero and Trowa, temporary owners of the videos (can we say 'rental'?) must fight to keep them out of the videos. (1+2/3+4 parings, mentioned 5+13/9+6, eventual D+R/5+9, yaoi/yuri/het, mild angst)

[part 4 - 7] [part 8 - 10] [part 11 - Epilogue]

Lady Shinigami (visit Lady Shinigami)

Solo's Love

Ano . . .I haven't gotten the chance to read this yet, but it's

Tada! A prequel to 'Shinigami!' And the only warnings LS gave were (shounen-ai, angst, rated R for language and implied adult situations . . .hope that does for ya', dear reader)



Um, is that even possible ¬_¬;

You'll find out exactly what I'm talking about when you read this ^_^ (1x2, 1x?, 2x?, 1x?x2, threesome, NCS, angst, implied 3x4x5 <-- Lots of hookin' up going on here, ne?)

[parts 3 &4] [parts 5 & 6]

Leviathan (visit Lev's Lair)

Braid and the Beast

If I actually have to point out what fairytale this is based on, you need more help than I can give you.

Beauty and the Beast minus Disney. (1x2, AU)

Sorceress Fantasia

Fallen Angel

Didn't read this either -_- But, why SF wanted this in One Shots I don't know . . .I mean, it *is* an epilogue to 'Liberation.' ::confused:: (SF's summary + warnings)

This is an epilogue and side-story for my previous fanfic ‘Liberation’. It’s sole purpose is to pave the way for a possible Wufei x Vespera relationship. And please remember to read the note after the fanfic that concerns the main sequel to ‘Liberation’. (A little OOC and maybe sap… Original character)



I read this a while ago, and I think I ended up liking it, so, uh, go ahead and read it. See if you can remind me, k? (SF's summary + warnings)

Someone from Duo's past is back, with heart-wrenching news that forces him to understand and accept his feelings, as is Heero. Little do they know about the devious scheme behind everything. Who is the mastermind? Is she a friend? Or is she a foe? And who is she to Duo? A past love? Or just a friend? Only liberation will tell... (1x2, 2xH, A little AU, yaoi, het, lime, original character) 


Liberation II: Immortality

Now, I know I usually don't post unfinished fics, but I just complained about not getting SF's fics, so it would be kinda' crappy not to post now, ne? So, I'm fairly positive this is unfinished. Sequel to Liberation and Fallen Angel.

SF: "I have to survive this war, even if it means attaining immortality" ~ Duo  Past ties can never be severed, as Duo and Vespera realize. This time, war breaks out in their world and they are forced to return to fight. However, it means that Duo will have to leave Heero . . .perhaps for eternity. (angst, shounen-ai, OC, INCOMPLETE)


Chemical Reaction

Normally I hate Chemistry, but...

A kawaii little 'Duo's too tired to do his homework' fic. Let's just say he comes up with some rather interesting answers. (1+2, sap?)


Chemistry Fanatic

Yeah, I moved a few of SF's stories over here to the series section. As you can see, they all have sequels/prequels, so they *do* go here.

Anyway, this is a sequel to Chemical Reaction, still one of my favorite SF fics to date ^_^ And this one's just as good. (1x2, yaoi, humor, sap, OOC, RFO, Relena-bashing)

Bonne - Von Project (GW Addiction)

An American Werewolf in Space

OK, so they're not actually in space, but who's keeping track, ne? Oh, and it was posted as four parts in the GWA board, that's why it's here.

I think this is just what is sounds like, so I'll leave any speculation up to you. (2x1, lemon, AU, possible OOC)

Shinigami195 (visit homepage)

High School Prom Whore

OMG! Someone wrote a story about me?! Hehehe ^_^ OK, not really.

Heero's a posh school boy from L1 who travels down to Earth where he falls into the middle of a war between two gangs and everything goes wrong! very angst! (1x2x1/3x4 [mainly], various pairings, character bashing, NCS, lemon, citrus, angst)

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Claiming Duo Maxwell 

Sequel to HSPW; teaser.

It's been a year and a half since we last saw our boys, and now with Heero returning from University and Duo having the star role in a pantomime, there's a dark presence waiting up ahead for the two lovers. It's Christmas and Duo is about to face his worst fear ever, the fear someone would come back, back to place a claim over him! (dunno about warnings, but just assume the same as HSPW)


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