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Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen (part 4)


That broke the tension, and Heero nearly smiled. "I don't suppose you brought transportation, Duo? There are a few things I'd rather be doing than standing in a parking lot."

Duo did smile, and said, "Mmm, me too. But I hitched over here."

Heero frowned. "Dressed like that?"

"Best way to do it. I got a ride right away," Duo grinned.

"I'll bet," Heero said, then buried a hand in Duo's flowing hair, drawing him close. "But from now on, you only dress this way for me."

Duo shivered at the possessive tone in Heero's voice, and what it implied. "Anything for you, Heero," he whispered in the other boy's ear.

Heero slid a hand down to Duo's ass, sliding his hand under the skirt. "Anything?"

"Anything," confirmed Duo with a moan as Heero's hand roamed over his sensitive skin. Duo was wearing only a g-string under the skirt.

"Take this off," Heero said, indicating the undergarment.

Duo looked questioningly at Heero, but bent over, wiggled, then held up a small bit of purple silk. Heero smirked.

"Much better," Heero said approvingly, looking down at the erection that now stretched out the front of the small skirt.

Duo moaned at the way Heero was looking at him. It made him feel so wanton, standing in a parking lot, in a skirt with nothing underneath, and Heero leering at him. It was wonderful.

Heero licked his lips. He was so hard it hurt, and his mind was filled with things he wanted to do; so many, that he didn't know where to start. The first thing they should do was get back to the safehouse, but nothing kept them from having a bit of fun on the way. As part of the preparation for the mission, Heero had memorized the public transit routes for the area, so he knew a bus would be along any minute. A small taste of exhibitionism had given him an appetite for more. He located the bus stop, and took Duo's hand.

"Lets get out of here," Heero whispered, and Duo followed.

When they stopped at the bus stop, Duo was confused. "What are we doing, Heero? I want to get back to the safehouse. We have so many things to... discuss."

Heero grabbed Duo, pulling him tight against him. "That's where we're going. But I want to have a bit more fun on the way."

Duo moaned as he felt Heero's hard body against him, but further comment was cut off by the approach of the bus. "But Heero... the way we're dressed..."

Heero smirked. "That makes it even more fun." Duo shivered with delight. Who knew the Perfect Soldier would also be the Perfect Hentai?

The bus stopped, and the doors opened. Heero boarded first and paid their fares, then pulled Duo toward the back of the bus. The bus was about half full, but the last few rows were empty. They got their share of glares, leers and dirty looks, but Duo wasn't worried. He knew Heero, even dressed as he was, could take on a small army with his bare hands. And he wasn't helpless himself. So he let himself be led, miniskirt, obvious erection and all, to the very back of the bus. He could feel eyes following them. But he only had eyes for Heero's gorgeous body.

Heero sat in the back row just as the bus lurched into motion again. He pulled Duo firmly onto his lap. They were behind the last row of seats, so no one could see exactly what was going on below chest level. Heero knew exactly how far it was to their stop, and how much time they had. He intended to make good use of it.

Duo moaned; he could feel Heero's hardness against his ass, hardness just for him. He was sitting sideways in Heero's lap, and he wrapped one arm around Heero's shoulders and whispered in Heero's ear, "I want you so bad."

"The feeling is mutual," Heero murmured back, as he slid one hand slowly up Duo's leg, giving the longhaired boy plenty of time to anticipate his next move.

Duo moaned again, and threw his head back, chestnut hair cascading behind him as he spread his legs for Heero.

Heero smirked and move his hand higher, moving just under the hem of Duo's skirt. With his other hand, he drew Duo higher on his lap, making sure the other boy could feel just how turned on he was.

Duo spread his legs farther, begging for Heero to touch him. He felt as if every nerve was on fire, coming alive under Heero's hand as it moved upward. The fact that they were in public, with people watching them, only made it more delicious.

Heero moved his hand all the way up, completely under the skirt, and just brushed against Duo's erection. Just a brush made the longhaired boy gasp and buck his hips upward. Then Heero slowly wrapped his hand around Duo's hardness. He began to very slowly stroke up and down, making Duo moan more loudly.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, you don't know how long I've wanted you to touch me like this," Duo moaned, rocking his hips, thrusting into Heero's hand. Duo was breathing heavily, face flushed and hair flowing down his back.

Heero was panting too, turned on by the feel of Duo's hard flesh in his hand and how completely Duo gave himself over to passion, losing himself in the feeling, unmindful of their surroundings. "I want to do everything to you, Duo," he purred, and increased his pace.

Duo gasped at Heero's words and actions, no longer in control of his own body. "Yes, Heero, I want you, want you inside me. I want you to take me. Hard," he finished, barely able to form coherent words as Heero pleasured him. Duo's arousal was wet, evidence of his extreme desire as Heero played with him. But Heero had no intention of letting Duo climax now, here. He varied the rhythm of his caresses, keeping Duo on the edge and making him whine with frustration.

Heero looked up and met the eyes of several passengers who were watching intently. He just smirked and stroked faster, making Duo nearly scream.

Duo was panting on holding onto Heero for support when the bus ground to a stop and Heero's hands disappeared. "Our stop," he said by way of explanation.

Duo looked up at Heero, bewildered. Heero took Duo's hand and pulled him to his feet and down the aisle of the bus. All eyes followed them as they got off the bus. Duo waved happily as the bus pulled away. The passengers had gotten a show they would never forget. Nor would Duo forget it, as his erection was painfully unsatisfied.

"Heero, that was cruel," Duo said, and wrapped himself around Heero again.

"Let's get home, then, shall we?" Heero answered, and pulled Duo the rest of the way to the apartment, never letting go of him for a second.


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