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Final Seduction


Part 1

Mission failed. Cover blown. Duo and Heero ran for the escape hatch, fumbling with spacesuit latches, fingers made clumsy by haste. The shuttle was about to blow, and they exactly 30 seconds to get the hell away from the small ship.

Piercing alarms sounded all over the ship as the hatch opened. Neither one had the foresight to check the oxygen levels of the suits before they jumped into the vast coldness of space.

Duo looked at Heero. The other boy nodded. Duo hit the button that would open the hatch. The only hope was that the explosive decompression of the ship would push them far enough away that the explosion wouldn't pierce their spacesuits. The two suits were linked together so they wouldn't lose each other. The hatch opened, and they were propelled out into space at great velocity.

The two boys were thrown far from the small ship; they were spinning in space for what seemed like forever. A loud explosion signaled the ship's destruction. They continued to float among the sea of stars.

Duo slowly opened his eyes; to his great relief, he and his suit were all in one piece. He checked for Heero; he could see the other boy's suit. "Heero?" he called over the suit's intercom.

Heero slowly opened his eyes, surprised that he had survived uninjured. Duo's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Hn."

"I guess that means you're alive, then," Duo mused, using his suit thrusters to slow their rate of spin. Unfortunately, that took nearly the rest of the suits power. "Shit." He quickly checked the rest of the suit's levels. He was screwed. There wasn't enough air to last more than 2 hours, and the rest of the power levels were nearly flat. They hadn't had time to check. He just hoped Heero was in better shape than he was.

The Japanese boy checked over his suit, silently cursing. It appeared he was only stalling the inevitable; he would die. Heero hoped Duo's suit was in better shape. He heard Duo and knew they were both going to die in about two hours time. "Duo, what's the status of your suit's power and oxygen levels?" He had to ask, hoping he was wrong.

"Don't ask, Heero. If I don't freeze to death first, I'll run out of air in about 2 hours. Looks like you'll have to save your ass by yourself this time!" Duo tried to sound more cheerful than he felt. They were hundreds of miles from the nearest colony, too far for a distress signal.

The icy feeling in Heero's stomach grew in intensity. Even when facing death, Duo was trying to be cheerful. He was stuck floating in space with the loud obnoxious American; they would die and he wouldn't have told Duo. "Hn." Heero replied, automatically. His mind was already spinning with possibilities. There was a very slim chance that someone had picked up the shuttles explosion.

Duo sighed. Even faced with death, Heero remained stonily silent. He idly wondered what Heero would say, if anything, if he had ever had the chance to tell the other boy how he felt about him. How he had lusted after him since they met, and how that lust had somehow grown into something else...

Minutes passed and Duo hadn't spoken. The desolate quiet was unnerving for the Japanese boy. The last thing from the American's mouth was a sigh. Heero closed his eyes, trying to think about anything else besides the silence.

Duo stared out into space. It just wasn't fair, damn it! He thought they had all the time in the world. They were only 15! They were indestructible. Weren't they? He was going to wait until the war was over, then tell Heero... or wait till the right moment... now here they were, miles from nowhere, spinning around in space. "Heero?"

Heero was debating how to open up to the other pilot; he hadn't let anyone in ever before. He always thought he'd have time to tell the other boy, after the war or whenever they were alone. But how does one open up, and make yourself completely vulnerable when you're used to being in complete control? Duo's voice started him, "What, Duo?"

"Uh... " Now Duo didn't know what to say. "Do you... think there's any chance that someone detected the explosion? That we'll be rescued?"

"It's not likely, Duo." The Japanese pilot informed him.

"Oh." Duo fell silent again. He stared out into space. He could see Heero's suit, but he couldn't see the other boy's face. He felt something welling up inside of him. Would it hurt to tell him? Finally, before they died? Of course, if Heero rejected him, it would be that much worse...

Heero was furious with himself; he had failed in his self-appointed mission. Time, his nemesis, slowly ticked away, eating away at their lives. He wanted to see Duo's eyes, to touch the other boy. Time continued to pass, stealing his hopes and dreams for a peaceful life with the braided boy.

Duo checked the suit; only about an hour left. How had half of his remaining life passed so quickly? He had to do it; he couldn't die without at least telling Heero how he felt. How he had wanted to kiss the cobalt-eyed boy ever since the first time he had seen him.

One hour left to live, only sixty minutes left in the world. If they died, would their souls meet again? Heero could feel the sweat on his hands; he had to do it. The braided boy deserved to know why he was so distant and his feelings. Would Duo mock him, or hate him for this weakness?

Duo finally decided. If Heero rejected him, he would only be ashamed for an hour. He could clear his conscience; he never lied, and not telling something was the same as lying. "Heero~"

"Hai?" Heero was going to tell the other boy, he didn't know what to say but he had to do something. The minutes were counting down, and this was his last chance.

"I... need to tell you something," Duo began. "I know you probably don't want to hear this, but we're going to die, and I can't die without telling you..."

"Duo, just say whatever it is you have to tell me." Heero wondered why the other boy was fumbling over his own words. Usually that was his problem, the main reason he rarely spoke.

"Heero... I... you're probably going to hate me for this, but..." he closed his eyes tightly. Even thought he couldn't see Heero's face, he didn't even want to see the other boy's body stiffen in the rejection he would surely feel.

"Duo, quit stalling and spit it out." Heero was becoming annoyed with the other boy. Whatever it was could have waited until he told Duo he loved him.

Duo was stung by Heero's sharp tone. "Fine, Heero. I'll spit it out, so you can be even more pissed off at me than you normally are." Duo's anger took away the rest of his reluctance. "I love you, Heero. I always have. Always will. Well, for 45 more minutes anyway."

Heero froze, his breathing stopped. He couldn't form any words; his mind was screaming at him for being cold to Duo while his heart was singing with joy. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, still unable to reply to the beautiful boy. '45 more minutes anyway' the desolate tone of Duo's voice hit him like a collapsing building.

Duo felt his heart break. Heero wasn't answering. The silence stretched, and his heart ached.

Heero was still lost in a vortex of emotions and thoughts; Duo's words repeated themselves over and over in his mind. 'Always have' He had been such an idiot. "Duo..." he whispered, wanting to have the other boy's full attention.

Duo wished a black hole would swallow him up; why oh why had he let his big mouth run away from him again? Now he could be embarrassed for the rest of his life... He heard Heero's voice as if from far away. "What?" he whispered, not really caring any more.

"I apologize, I'm sorry." Heero took in a big breath, steeling himself for baring his soul. "All I've ever been to you is a cold bastard, and you deserve so much more. I kept telling myself that after the war I'd tell you. But I was only running from my own feelings. I love you, and I wished I'd told you sooner."

Duo couldn't believe his ears. "Heero?" He stared at the outline of Heero's suit, wishing he could see the other boy's face. "You... love me?"

"Yes." Heero whispered. "I don't understand how you could love me, after the way I've treated you."

The longhaired boy was still stunned. "I can't help it. I..." Duo was at a loss for words for the first time in his life. "I thought you hated me... I annoy you..."

"Perhaps in the beginning, but it's all an act. I didn't want you to know. I thought it best if you didn't know until we actually had a chance at life. But now it looks like we don't. Why do you feel that way for me?"

"Why? Because you're strong and beautiful and brave and so fucking stoic! And life is so damn unfair..." Duo's anger subsided. "I'm gonna die, and I've never even been kissed..."

Heero grabbed the line that connected their suits, and slowly closed the distance between them.

The Japanese pilot's gloved hands reached out to grasp the other boy, pulling their bodies closer. Heero took Duo's hand into his, squeezing it in comfort. "Duo, I've never been kissed either..."

"You... you haven't?" Duo was incredulous. Then he started to laugh. ""We're both gonna die out here as virgins... Oh, Heero, why didn't you tell me? We wasted so much time!"

"Why didn't you tell me, Duo? I didn't know how to open up, I kept hoping you'd show me how." Heero didn't feel like laughing, realizing they only had a very short amount of time together. He squeezed the braided boy's hand harder, wanting to deny the feeling of failure eclipsing his heart.

Duo touched his helmeted head to Heero's. He could se the cobalt eyes within, eyes that owned his soul. "I thought you would kill me, Heero. You're always threatening it."

"I couldn't kill you, Duo. I need you so much, I tried to push you away so it wouldn't hurt as much..."

"That doesn't make sense! I don't understand," Duo said. "I'm starting to feel dizzy, Heero. I think the air is running out..."

Heero felt the panic begin to course through his body, but not for himself. All that mattered to him was Duo. "Look at me Duo..." he whispered, feeling dizzy himself.

Duo lifted his head and peered at Heero. He looked so beautiful... Duo vowed to any god that might exist that if he got another chance, he would never let go of the other boy. "Heero..."

"Duo, wait for me. Please, wait," Heero said, not wanting his life to end without knowing the feeling of holding the braided boy, or showing Duo how much he loved him. Heero's head began to fall; slowly he was losing consciousness. "I love you."

"Heero... love you..." the edges of Duo's world began to go gray. His arms felt like lead. All that existed was Heero. He could feel the pressure of the other boy's hand on his. Then that started to fade away. "I've always loved you... forever..."

The two boys drifted off into oblivion, twirling endlessly in the cold of space, hands still clutched together.

Part 2

He was floating, gasping for air, clutching at Duo's hand... then everything was gone. He opened his eyes, expecting... nothing, because he was sure they had died. What he saw was a featureless gray ceiling and indirect lighting. What he felt was a firm surface beneath him. He tried not to move; Heero had never been this unsure of himself before and he definitely did not like the feeling.

He concentrated on the ceiling, ordering his thoughts. He wasn't dead? Slowly he lifted his head, and looked around the room. It was sparse, his eyes focused on his space suit laying on the floor. "Duo?"

He sat up, looking around desperately. He had obviously been rescued, but what about the longhaired boy? Had it been too late for him? Heero's heart started to race as he looked around for any sign of Duo.

Fear's cold tendrils tugged at his heart, there was no sign of his beloved. What was the point if his Duo didn't survive? Heero jumped off the bed and ran towards the door.

Heero flung open the door. He could tell they were on a space ship. The ship looked familiar, but he couldn't place it at the moment. His mind was taken up by finding his newly professed love. Could life be that cruel, to take Duo away from him when they had just found each other?

The Japanese boy ran down the hall, not really knowing where he was going. His mind and heart were aching from the mere thought of living without his love. If the braided boy was dead, he would join him. Heero looked down the hall, and spotted a long braid of chestnut hair round the corner.

Duo was hurrying back to Heero's room. He was beginning to wonder if the cobalt-eyed boy was ever going to wake up. The medical scan had shown no damage, but Duo was still worried. He wanted to be back when Heero woke up. He had just gone to get some fresh cold water for him. He rounded a corner and nearly ran into the boy he loved. "Heero!"

The Japanese boy grabbed the other boy and pushed him against the wall, he kissed Duo fiercely. "I thought I was dead, I thought you were dead. Where the fuck were you?"

Duo moaned as Heero claimed his mouth, loving the feeling of the other boy's body against his. "Oh, god, Heero! I only left for a minute! I was getting you some water. We're on Howard's ship, he picked us up after we passed out," Duo paused for breath. It was hard to think with Heero pinning him to the wall. All he could think about was the smell and feel and hardness of Heero. His cock started to harden and he rocked his hips against Heero's. "Oh, Heero, I love you..."

Heero broke the kiss, panting for air. The braided boy's words sunk in; they were both safe. "I love you, Duo." He whispered before claiming the other boy's lips in a heated kiss, rocking his own hips against Duo's.

Duo gasped as he felt Heero's hardness rub against his. He opened his mouth to Heero, free hand touching everywhere he could reach. He couldn't get enough of touching Heero's muscled body. The boy was wearing his usual spandex, and his ass felt firm and incredible.

Heero put everything into his kiss; the fear, worry, love, and passion. His tongue thrust inside the braided boy's mouth, moaning softly. He pressed his body against Duo, wanting every inch touching. Heero gasped when Duo's hands grabbed his ass. "Duo, don't ever scare me like that again," the Japanese boy growled before attacking Duo's swollen lips again.

Duo was in heaven; all his dreams were coming true right in the hallway. Heero loved him, Heero wanted him, Heero was kissing him... Duo broke the kiss this time. "Heero... lets go in the room... want to feel all of you..."

Heero took Duo's hand and quickly led him back the way he came; each step was a short eternity. He wanted to feel the braided boy's skin, run this hands through the soft chestnut locks.

Heero pulled Duo through the door, and quickly pinned him against the closed door. Duo dropped the water bottle, and pulled at Heero's tank top, trying to get it off.

Heero tried to yank Duo's shirt off, but in his haste ripped the material. He pulled the torn fabric off the other boy, gasping from the braided boy's heat.

Duo gasped as the cool air hit his skin. Heero's strength turned him on even more. He wanted to feel those hands all over him... He tugged Heero's tank top over his head and feasted his eyes on the Perfect Soldier's incredible chest. He ran his hands appreciatively over the chiseled planes, brushing against the hardening nipples.

"Duo," Heero gasped from the touch. Bolts of fire raced through his body, heading for his cock. He reclaimed the other boy's lips, with sweltering fervor.

Duo liked the way Heero had reacted to his touch, and did it again. Heero's passion was music to his ears, and he wanted to hear the other boy scream his name. He dropped his hands to the waistband of Heero's spandex.

Heero took the other boy's hand and guided it lower, wanting Duo to touch him. He pushed the braided boy further into the wall, moving his hand to the button of Duo's pants.

Duo slid his hand down, feeling the hardness that stretched Heero's spandex. He squeezed through the material, loving the feeling of the erection beneath his hand. He moaned as he felt Heero unbutton his pants, and held his breath as Heero's hand neared his own aching cock.

The Japanese boy lowered the small metal zipper, fingers shaking, and slid into the open material. Heero tentatively touched Duo's hardness, unsure of what the boy liked. He moaned as the braided boy teased his arousal, bucking his hips unconsciously.

"Heero..." moaned Duo as he felt the other boy touch him at last. Just to feel Heero's hands on him was almost enough to make him climax right away. He tried to calm his breathing, and slipped his own hand inside Heero's spandex, wanting to touch the other boy too.

Heero's hand encircled Duo's burning length, moaning from the braided boy's touch. Slowly, he stroked the other boy with slow, teasing strokes. "Duo," he gasped out, reclaiming the sweet lips.

Duo thrust helplessly into Heero's hand, the feeling and the reality of who was touching him almost too much. Heero's tongue ravished his mouth and Heero's hand stroked his cock; soon Duo had to break the kiss, panting, "Heero... you're gonna make me come... stop..."

Heero was drowning in the other boy. Soft, sensual lips touching his, firm burning body against his. The feel of Duo's cock in his hand nearly had the Japanese boy whimpering. Duo's words reached his hazy brain, and he pulled back. "Duo? Am I doing something wrong?" He didn't understand, the braided boy said to stop.

"Oh, god, no, you're doing it too good. I'm going to come in my pants," Moaned Duo. He finally took Heero's cock in his hand, squeezing the velvet hardness, feeling the wetness at the tip.

"Duo..." Heero moaned, wanting more but not sure how to ask. His hands left the other boy's pants, and rested on Duo's shoulders. Heero closed his eyes, thrusting his hardness into the other boy's teasing hand. It felt so good, Heero thought he was going to go insane from the inferno of blinding pleasure, "D...duo....".

Duo smiled. "You like that, Heero?" He stroked faster, wanting to give the cobalt-eyed boy more pleasure.

The Japanese boy nodded, his voice had left him with his mind. Higher and higher Duo took him; his body felt hotter with each passionate second. His eyes closed, briefly, as a sweltering wave of ecstasy washed over his body. "Duo!" The Japanese boy cried out, climaxing in his spandex, covering the fabric and Duo's hand with his seed.

Duo felt his own cock pulse as he watched Heero climax; he almost came himself, knowing he was the one to give Heero that ecstasy. The other boy looked beautiful in his desire. Duo brought his hand up and licked Heero's essence off his fingers. "You taste wonderful..."

Cobalt-blue eyes watched, with growing desire, as Duo licked his fingers. A soft moan caught in the back of Heero's throat as he kissed Duo again, claming the braided boy's mouth with a deep, lustful kiss. Tasting himself on Duo's lips and tongue had him weak in the knees.

Duo kissed Heero hard, grinding his still-unsatisfied arousal against the other boy. He couldn't get enough of Heero.

Heero pulled their bodies closer together, thrusting against the beautiful boy. His hands returned to the waistband of Duo's pants, and he slowly started to push them down. "I want to see all of you..." he whispered.

Duo eagerly helped remove his pants, until he stood naked and hard in front of Heero. "Your turn," Duo said, indicating Heero's wet spandex.

The Japanese boy quickly removed his spandex, kicking them to the side. He stood before the other boy, arousal reawakening. Slowly his hand moved down to his growing hardness, making sure Duo was watching, he ran his fingers over his length and brought them to his lips. Heero's tongue licked the last traces of his first orgasm off, wanting to taste Duo's seed next.

Duo moaned as he watched Heero touch himself. He was so turned on, his cock actually hurt. He needed Heero to touch him, needed to find release in Heero's hands.

Heero reached over to touch the braided boy's chest, slowly moving down. He wanted to memorize every inch of the perfect body.

Duo threw his head back. He leaned into Heero's touch. He wanted the other boy to hurry up and touch all of him. "Heero..." he gasped as the other boy brushed his nipple.

The gasp from the braided boy's lips rolled over Heero's body like a fierce storm, heading toward his hardness. His fingers brushed against the other nipple, wanting to hear Duo gasp again.

"Heero... touch me please..." Duo pleaded, taking Heero's hand and guiding it to his cock.

"Duo," he whispered, taking the beautiful boy's cock into his hand. Heero kissed his love while stroking the burning length, wanting to give Duo as much pleasure as he received.

Duo moaned, instantly on the edge again. "Oh, god, Heero, that's so good..." he moaned, clinging to Heero's strong shoulders as he was swept into passion.

Heero held Duo's gaze, wanting to see the violet orbs overflowing with pleasure. He stroked the other boy faster, while his other hand trailed up Duo's body, brushing against his love's sensitive nipples.

"Nnn... Heero..." Duo thrust helplessly, completely lost in desire. He wanted it to last forever, but it felt too good; with a strangled cry he climaxed, liquid heat pulsing into Heero's hand.

Heero brought his hand to Duo's lips, smearing the braided boy's seed on the soft flesh before claiming them in another passionate kiss. He moaned into Duo's mouth, the braided boy tasted wonderful.

Duo hugged Heero close as they kissed, drained from his climax yet already hardening at the feeling of Heero against him. Heero was fully hard again already. "Heero... lets go to the bed..."

"Are you sure?" Heero looked into the other boy's eyes, completely lost. He would do whatever Duo asked, whatever made his braided boy happy.

"I want you, Heero. More than anything. I want to be yours completely," Duo answered, pulling Heero over to the bed.

Heero let the other boy pull him over to the bed, he stopped Duo and spun the other boy around, cobalt fire burning into violet. Heero brought their lips together, never getting enough of kissing Duo. His tongue thrust into the sweet warmth. "I want you, too," he said after breaking his kiss.

Duo sat on the bed, pulling Heero down on top of him. He wanted to feel the other boy above him.

"Duo..." Heero gasped as their arousals touched, his hands began to explore the creamy flesh underneath him. He wanted the braided boy to be his and to belong to Duo, forever. They were almost too late, and he wouldn't squander this second chance. Heero began kissing Duo's throat, alternating licks with small nips.

Duo raised his chin, giving Heero access to his sensitive neck. He spread his legs, letting Heero between them, surrendering to the other boy completely. He wrapped his arms around Heero's back.

"Duo...?" Heero said with a questioning tone.

"Yes, Heero?" Duo managed to moan, lost in a haze of need.

"I don't..." The Japanese boy began, feeling embarrassed about not knowing what to do next.

"What's wrong, Heero?" Duo looked up at the beautiful boy he loved. He was ready to do anything for Heero.

"I don't know what to do next, Duo. I'm sorry..." Heero whispered, ashamed at his naivety.

"Oh, Heero, I don't know either! I think we do whatever feels good." Duo pulled Heero back on top of him so their hard cocks rubbed together. "And this feels so good..."

"Duo, more," Heero whispered between moans. He was quickly drowning in a sea of burning passion.

Duo loved the fact that neither of them had been touched before. He knew that every feeling he gave Heero would be his first. He gathered his strength, taking Heero by surprise and flipping him onto his back. He started to kiss down the muscled chest.

Heero was taken by surprise, but was quickly washed away with Duo's sensual lips. "Nnnn...Duo..." he moaned, burning from the boy's slow torture.

Duo had never done this before, but he knew he couldn't get enough of touching or kissing Heero. He kissed the other boy everywhere, pausing to tease Heero's nipples when the other boy seemed to enjoy it.

Heero arched up, gasping from the pleasure of Duo's mouth on his nipples. His hand came up behind the other boy's head, keeping him in that spot. "More..." he whispered.

Duo sucked and nibbled at Heero's chest, running his hands over every inch of him he could reach. Heero's body was perfect, hard and hot and aching to be touched.

Heero's hips rose off the bed, grinding his hardness against Duo's. Immense pleasure flowed through his body, an unstoppable, raging river. His arms came up to rest on the other boy's shoulders, needing to hold onto something.

Duo kissed lower, wanting to taste Heero fully. Finally he reached the center of Heero's aching need. He licked delicately at the tip, tasting the other boy's nectar.

"Duo!" Heero cried out. He looked at the other boy, mouth partly open and just above his arousal.

Duo smiled. "What, Heero? You want me to do this?" And he ran his tongue slowly from the base to the very tip.

Heero whimpered from the braided boy's sadistic teasing. "Please...Duo..." he whispered. His entire body felt like a furnace of need.

Duo wrapped one hand around Heero's cock, pulling it up to his mouth. Then he took just the head into his mouth, getting used to the feel of the hard flesh.

The Japanese boy forced his hips to stay still and bit his lower lip. He wanted to bury his hands in Duo's hair, felt his entire length engulfed by his lover's mouth. "Duo...oh gods...."

Slowly, Duo slid Heero's cock into his mouth. Heero's moans turned him on even more, but he ignored his own aching length. He experimented with techniques, and soon he was bobbing his head up and down, increasing his pace.

Heero grabbed onto the sheets, trying not to cry out. His head tossed side to side, small whimpers escaping his control. He didn't think it could get any better, but Duo's mouth was quickly bringing him to climax. "Duo!" He finally cried out, filling the braided boy's mouth with his passion.

Duo felt Heero's arousal pulse, then his mouth was filled by hot desire; he swallowed every drop, amazed he could do that to the Japanese boy. He loved the way his name sounded, wrenched by passion from Heero's lips; he needed to hear it again and again.

Heero's body shook with the dying waves of ecstasy, his eyes were glossed over in passion. He tried to form words, but they wouldn't leave his throat. Instead he pulled Duo up and kissed his lover, expressing his thoughts and feelings through the kiss.

Duo had never been so happy. He let Heero press him into the bed. He knew he could never get enough of this.

Heero moved down Duo's body, flicking his tongue against the boy's left nipple. He wanted to taste Duo, every inch of the beautiful boy.

It was Duo's turn to be tortured. Despite his earlier climax he was hard as a rock again. He tried to thrust his hips up, but Heero held him down.

Heero continued to lick every inch of Duo's chest; a small grin lifted his lips at the braided boy's whimper. It was his turn to torture Duo, and he was going to enjoy every moment.

"Heero!" begged Duo, trying to make the other boy hurry. Heero was driving him crazy with that sensuous mouth.

Heero slowly descended his lover's body, licking a path down to Duo's navel. His hands came up to tease the sensitive nipples.

Duo moaned, trying to push Heero's head lower, but Heero held both Duo's hands in one of his, effortlessly keeping Duo from interfering. "Heero, please...."

Heero, mimicking the braided boy's actions, licked the tip of Duo's wet arousal. He moaned from the taste of his love.

Duo gasped as he felt Heero's tongue on his cock. He tried to thrust, but Heero held him down. He ached, and he wanted Heero to satisfy that ache.

Heero opened his mouth and took just the head of Duo's hardness in, swirling his tongue around the burning flesh. He slowly took the boy deeper, wanting the braided boy to scream out his name.

Duo cried out as he felt Heero's hot mouth envelop him. It felt better than anything he could have imagined, and looking down to see Heero doing it to him made it even better. He knew it wouldn't be long until he climaxed again.

Heero's head bobbed up and down, taking all of Duo into his mouth. The braided boy's moans filled his ears with their smooth, sensual melody.

"Heero!" Duo almost screamed. He could feel climax approach, just out of reach. Heero's mouth stroked him and drove away his reason.

Heero continued to bob up and down, needing taste his lover again. His hands began to stroke the flesh of Duo's inner thighs.

Duo spread his legs apart, opening himself to Heero. Heero's hands on the tender flesh were too much. He went over the edge to completion, screaming his lovers name as he filled Heero's mouth.

The Japanese boy swallowed every drop of Duo, his tongue licking every inch of the braided boy's length.

Duo gasped for air as the passion subsided. He felt truly drained now. "Heero... hold me..."

Heero crawled back up Duo's body, placing a lingering kiss on his love's lips. He moved so that he was lying beside Duo and pulled the braided boy into his arms.

"Heero... love you..." He snuggled into Heero's arms and rested his head on the strong chest. The two boys drifted off to sleep, sated for the moment.

"Ai shiteru, Duo," Heero whispered just before sleep claimed him.

Part 3

Duo was having a wonderful dream. In it, he was snuggled close to Heero, idly rocking his growing erection against the cobalt-eyed boy's muscled thigh. Not quite awake, the two boys caressed each other. It felt wonderful, and Duo didn't want the dream to end.

Heero softly moaned from the erotic dream, holding the braided boy in his arms, feeling Duo's hardness, running his hands all over the soft, warm flesh. The dream felt so real, and he never wanted to wake.

Slowly, Duo's violet eyes fluttered open, and he was stunned to find he was indeed in Heero's arms, and they were both naked and entwined. "Heero?" he whispered.

"Hmm? Duo..." Heero whispered, slowly opening his eyes. He smiled, seeing that he was holding his love in his arms. The Japanese boy rocked his hips, moaning softly.

Memories of the night before came back to Duo in a rush. The kissing, the hands, the mouths... He was fully hard again as he remembered what they had done. But they were still technically virgins...

Heero brushed his hand through Duo's bangs, moving slightly to kiss the longhaired boy's lips. "Morning," he said, pulling his beloved closer to him.

Duo kissed Heero back, more insistently. He couldn't get enough of the other boy's sweet mouth on his. His hands slipped down to touch Heero's hot skin.

A little more confident in himself, Heero's hand began to explore the other boy's body, slipping between Duo's legs. He swallowed the moan with his deep kiss, while slowly wrapping his fingers around Duo.

Duo gasped as he felt the other boy's hand on his aching cock. He thrust into Heero's hand, moaning helplessly, a creature of need.

Heero loved the sounds that Duo made, he wanted the other boy to know just how much he wanted and desired him. Heero took Duo's hand with his free hand, and led them to his own rock hard arousal. "Touch me like I'm touching you..."

Duo squeezed gently, stroking Heero's cock slowly. He loved the feeling of the silken hardness in his hand, and he loved the sounds Heero made when he stroked. He could feel the wetness at the tip. He stroked faster.

"Duo...Duo...Duo..." The Japanese boy murmured, as if his lover's name would be his salvation. His hips began to thrust, craving more. His thumb ran over the tip of Duo's arousal, gathering the wetness. "Please..." he begged, unsure of what he wanted, needed from Duo.

"Heero," Duo gasped. "I want... more..."

Heero's hand moved faster, ecstasy crashing into him. His hand moved once again, resting on the violet-eyed boy's thigh. He pushed Duo's legs apart, his hand slowly descended. He teasingly brushed his lover's sac, while continuing to stroke the heated length in his other hand. His fingers slid between the twin globes of Duo's ass.

Duo moaned as he felt Heero's hands on him; that was it, that was what he wanted. He spread his legs farther, wanting to be completely open to Heero.

"Duo...I want more...I want you..." Heero whispered, brushing one finger across the other boy's opening.

Duo's eyes rolled back in head as he felt Heero touch him so intimately. "Whatever you want, Heero. I'm yours," he moaned, intoxicated with new sensations.

"Do you like that, Duo?" The dark-haired boy asked, brushing against the boy's entrance again.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, more, please..." Duo gasped out as Heero touched him again. "Feels so good...."

Heero's hands left the boy's body, he shifted Duo so that he was lying on his back. Remembering the addicting taste of the other boy, Heero moved down his lover's body. When he reached Duo's arousal, he licked the tip; savoring the boy's essence. "My Duo..." he whispered, spreading the boy's legs. Without warning, he took his cock into his mouth; Heero's hands spread Duo apart. Slowly he began to touch Duo's opening again, continuing his oral worship.

Duo lay back, nearly senseless and unable to do anything but moan Heero's name. He felt Heero's mouth on him, his hands spreading him open. He thought he would die from pleasure when he felt one finger slip inside him.

The short haired youth slid his finger into his lover, teasing Duo's hard cock with his tongue. His mouth left the other's erection and he peered up through his bangs, looking at the violet eyed pilot with lust filled eyes, he smirked as an idea came to him.

"Duo..." He whispered as he lowered his head back to his lover's cock, blowing over the wet tip.

"Heero!" Duo cried out, his voice higher than usual. He squirmed, trying to get the other boy to continue. "Please!"

Ignoring his lover's plea, for the moment, Heero continued to tease the long haired youth; he watched his lover respond to his touch; slowly a second finger joined the first: thrusting, teasing, stretching...

He took the head of Duo's cock into his mouth, tongue swirling over the slick tip.

Duo moaned, thrusting his hips up for more, burying his hands in Heero's hair. He wanted more, wanted Heero inside him, now. "God... take me, Heero... want you so much..."

Heero's body trembled with need, cock hard and throbbing. His mouth and fingers left Duo and he crawled up the other's body, capturing the soft lips in a long, passionate kiss. Heero lowered his body on top of the longhaired boy's, and felt Duo wrap his legs around his waist. "I want you so much..." Heero whispered, the tip of his cock nudging his lover's entrance.

Duo held his breath; this was it, they would be joined, lovers fully at last. He could feel Heero's hot cock pressing against him; the pressure made him even harder. He ached to be penetrated. "Do it..." he panted, raising his hips. He looked up into the face of his love; Heero was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The Japanese boy felt his lover's legs tighten around his waist, his cock pressing against Duo's tight opening, and looked into the deep eyes and was about to thrust his hips, and enter the promised heat... but stopped... and looked around, searching for something, and then finding it; a bottle of lotion on the nightstand beside the bed. He reached over for it...

"Heero?" Duo looked up at the other boy, confused. "What are you doing?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Duo." Heero explained, well tried to but was having difficulties as his lover's hands were teasing his nipples, he almost dropped the bottle twice before opening it and pouring some of the cool creamy lotion onto his palm.

With shaky hands, he coated his cock; a loud moan left his lips as his hips thrust into his was so good.....


He was so close to climaxing, just a few more strokes but stopped, needing to be inside Duo; thrusting into the velvet heat, pouring his passion into his lover's body.

"Are you ready, Duo?" He asked, positioning himself once again, cock nudging the braided boy's entrance once again.

"I've never been more ready for anything in my life, Heero..." the longhaired boy whimpered. "Please, take me... make me yours..." He held his breath, waiting to be filled.

Heero slowly pushed into his lover, gently entering the impossible heat that was Duo. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning out, his hands tightened on Duo's hips as he tried to fight the building urge to thrust inside, burying himself to the hilt in one thrust. The pace was maddening, inch by inch he slid into Duo.

"Oh Gods...Duo...."

Duo had to remind himself to breathe and relax. Heero felt so big; he was being stretched, opened, filled... his whole body was on fire as every nerve ending screamed of the exquisite passion he felt. "Heero... so good... more..." he tightened his legs around Heero's back, wanting to be possessed fully by the other boy.

Gods...Duo was so tight, so hot. Heero thought he was going to die from the pleasure building within his body, and then his lover's powerful legs tightened, bringing them even closer together, pushing his cock deeper into the tight heat..."Mine...mine...mine..."

After a blissful eternity, Heero was finally seated to the hilt, every nerve in his body seamed to be shorting out from overload. Nothing could compare to being fully buried in Duo, his Duo; the Japanese youth leaned down and claimed his lover's lips.

Duo arched up, opening his mouth and his body, giving himself fully to Heero. He wanted to be Heero's, belong to Heero, be possessed by Heero forever. This physical act was symbolic; he surrendered his body and soul to the boy he loved. Sweet agonizing ecstasy burned through him, all from Heero's cock deep inside him. He thought it couldn't get better, but then Heero started to move.

Heero's hips thrust, driving his cock in and out of Duo's body, shallow thrusts at first, then steadily growing. Each time he plunged into Duo, Heero moaned. Heaven couldn't possibly be as wonderful as making love to the beautiful boy underneath him, who was driving him over the edge. "Duo..." He gasped, hips slamming into his lover, only to slow down to long teasing thrusts, only to speed back up. The rising pleasure was like a raging inferno, burning his inexperienced body. He reached between their lower bodies, fingers wrapping around Duo's cock and pumped him with the same frenzied speed as his thrusts.


All the dreaming, all the fantasizing, could never compare to the reality of being fucked by the perfect soldier. Every time Heero thrust inside him he was sure he was going to die from pleasure. Then the next time was even better. Then Heero... oh god, Heero was stroking his cock, and it was too much. "Heero! I'm going to..."

Heero's pace quickened, thrusting harder into his lover, his hand pumping Duo's cock. He was so close, his body began to tighten, centering around the growing burning in his groin. The sound of flesh slapping flesh joined the violet eyed boy's whimpers, pleas and moans, and his own. He could feel Duo tighten around him, then with a hoarse cry the braided boy reached climax, hot passion covering their bodies.

"OH GOD!" Heero cried out as Duo's body tightened around him, impossibly tight. Finally robbing him of his control, with a final thrust he finally came.

Pulsing heat filled Duo; heat from his own climax and from Heero's seed inside him. He never wanted it to stop, yet he thought he would die from the sheer intensity. Sobbing, he clung to Heero, unable to take his eyes off the other boy's beautiful face as it twisted with release. "Love you..."

Body quaking from orgasm, Heero pulled out of his lover's body, and moved to lay beside Duo, pulling him against his chest, he kissed Duo.

"Love you, Duo," He said, hugging the braided boy tighter.

Duo felt like he was on a knife edge of emotion; his body burned from their joining. "Forever, Heero. I want to feel like this forever."

"Forever, Duo." The Japanese boy whispered, while yawning. He pulled his lover closer, and closed his eyes, falling into a peaceful slumber with the one he loved in his arms.

+the end

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