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Need to Know


It wasn't like it had happened on purpose or anything.

I mean, I'm fifteen. He's fifteen. I'm unforgivably gorgeous. He's definitely cute. We're two perfectly healthy, good-looking boys at a co-ed boarding school that spend no time with anyone outside of our circle of two. Of course, the questions were bound to fly some time, and since the answer to the question was not within Heero's one noun repertoire ("The mission."), I took it upon myself to answer.

"Dude," said Mario, a burly boy with the kind of curls you could spend all day playing with, "are you and Heero like...together?"

"Not yet," I said, winking lasciviously. "But shit, I'd do him any day." It was a joke; all in good fun.


I never dreamed in my entire life that the next day I would enter the dining hall and see Mario and Heero with their heads together. I couldn't tell what they were talking about, but I knew when Mario elbowed Heero and gave him that, 'Hehe'-You-Stud kind of smile, that I was in deep shit.

Heero got this really funny look on his face, like something'd gone down the wrong tube or he'd just passed gas, and then he stood up, his eyes immediately scanning the room. I darted behind a cluster of giggling girls, but it was too late.

I had been spotted.

"Duo Maxwell," said Heero. He looked at me with a little smile that promised sudden and fatal disembowelment the next time we were alone. "Take me back to your room? I'm tired." His announcement was met with a chorus of whistles and lewd catcalls.

"Um, no, Heero, that's not a good idea," I said, stalling. "Why don't you go lay down on the couch in the student lounge?"

"I want to go with you," he said, in this *voice*, this strange sweet tone that I had never before heard, and never want to hear again. It was Satanic.

"Come on, Duo, don't leave him high and dry!"

"Gonna slip him the *hot. beef. injection*?"

"Are you?" he asked, and I knew that Mario had told him exactly what I had said the day before. I was screwed either way. I had several options.



Duo1: Let's go baby, you can ride Big Papa!

(In the room:)

Heero: *pulls out gun* BANG!

Duo1: Gah... *dies*



Duo2: Hell no! Look, Heero, it's over.

Heero: *pulls out gun* BANG!

Duo2: Wah... *dies*



Duo3: *melts into a big puddle of embarrassed goo*

Heero: *steps on goo, choking life from Duo3*

Duo3: Ershhhqqrkkgabibble... *dies*



Better to buy the farm in private, I thought. Grinning, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight against my body, his hands the only barrier between my frantically beating heart and the smoothness of his chest. "I can't wait to get you alone," I said, raising an eyebrow.

I whisked him from the cafeteria, ignoring the fact the students, and many faculty, were giving us a standing ovation. Oh Duo, I thought as I enjoyed my human present, you really screwed yourself over this time.

He surprised me, though.

He's always doing that. It's kind of an annoying habit.

The first thing he did was grab a pillow and proceed to beat the living shit out of me. I don't know why he didn't just use his fists; but then again, Wu wouldn't have been pleased to see me with another black eye, deserved or not. And I will admit, more often than not, it is warranted.

"What's wrong with you?" he hissed. "'You and me' is not in the mission plans! Now everyone thinks we're together!" I dared a quick smile. "What's wrong with you?" he repeated again.

"Hey," I sang, shaking my booty, "what's wrong with you...?" That is a damn good aerobics song. Don't ask how I know; let's just say that if you fuck with Heero, there are consequences. Like being entered into school as a girl and being forced to do Tae-Bo in spandex. That was not pretty. Well, my ass looked pretty after three weeks of conditioning, but other than that, it was a pretty damn degrading experience. But I digress.

There was only one good thing that could come out of all of this.

I wasn't sure what it was, but I was determined to find it.

"Heero," I said, "are you mad at me?" He looked at me from behind his bangs--he's almost as bad as the T-bone--and shrugged.

"I guess it gives us an excuse to be together all the time," he said, frowning.

"Yeah," I said, moving closer. "But...Heero?" He looked at me suspiciously, and I quickly lowered my voice a few octaves. Nothing like fake curiosity to make my voice crack. "They're going to expect us to kiss."

He took a long time to consider. Exactly .02 seconds after I suggested it, he said, "Absolutely not."

"Heero," I whined, "it's for The Mission. It'll look weird, and then people'll start talking about us. We can't attract attention." He sighed. "So are you in, or what?"

"I'd say that I'm out," he said.

I blinked.

"Did you just make a joke?"

"No," he said, turning red. "I don't joke, Duo. Don't be antagonistic."

"You did!" I said, pointing. "You just made a joke! Hot damn." He opened his mouth to argue, and I made my move.

Right into the wall.

"Duo!" he said from where he'd sidestepped. "What's wrong with you?!"

"Look Heero," I said, taking a chance. It was kind of low stakes, however, considering that I was face first into the carpet and he was standing over me with who knows how many guns packed away into that spandex. "Just try it. Maybe you'll surprise yourself and like it."

"I already know I don't," he said. I felt he was being contrary to the mission and told him so.

"I'm not being contrary," he said.

"Yes, you are," I said, feeling a battle coming on.

"No, I'm not!" he said, beginning to shout a bit. "Do whatever you want," he said, crossing his arms and striking a sulky pose. "I don't care. It doesn't bother me in the slightest."

"Look," I said, sliding my arms around his waist. Ooh, his waist was as small as mine, except my hands were longer and I could almost form a circle around it with the tips of my fingers still touching. "You need to know how to kiss. If you don't, and we end up bumping noses or something, how bad will that look?"

"Pretty bad," he said, staring at me with 'deer-in-headlight' eyes. I think the idea of kissing anyone, let alone another guy, had begun to numb his brain.

"So..." I bent my head down, rubbing my nose against his. "I guess, just close your eyes." I tried to kiss him then, but he turned his face away. I could feel the heat rolling from his body to fill the space between us. "Come on," I said, trying to move my hands to the small of his back. He'd pressed himself against the wall as much as he could without being obvious about it. "The mission," I reminded him, and he took a deep breath, nodding.

Little by little, I reminded myself, and more specifically, the little me that was coming to life in my pants. The first kiss was more of a light touch, my lips barely skimming his. I felt his breath on my mouth, his eyelashes tickling my eyebrows.

The second was better, a firmer press, a swipe of the tongue over the slight parting of his lips. I was afraid I would have to pry his mouth open with forceps to teach him how to french, but he surprised me again, winding his arms around my neck and meeting me halfway.

His mouth was warm and wet, his tongue winding around mine. God, he was so sweet...

"What else do I need to know?" he said after a minute. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, the pulse in his neck racing under my tongue.

Mmm, said little me.

"Nothing," I said, pulling away regretfully. "You've got it."

"Oh." He blinked once, as if processing the information through the correct circuits, and blinked again, the synapses not finding anywhere to store it. "I'm going, then," he said, looking dazed.

"Okay," I said. "You're going." Little me shrieked in protest.

He reached the door and looked at me with strange eyes.

"I'm going now," he said, slowly reaching for the doorknob. Heero paused. "If I need to know anything else," he said, "I'll come find you."

"You do that," I said. "I'll be waiting."


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