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Reishin (visit Reishin's Corner of Insanity)

It's Greek to Me  

This is a sweet little fic!

Pygmalion...GW style...and a naked Duo!! (1+2, fluffy, yaoi)


As I Lay Me Down

Kinda' deep...

Sandman/Gundam Wing crossover, and it's quite good! (1+2)



This almost made it to the fairytales section, but...NO!...'cause I said so.

Oi, Duo! Your mission...*failed*?? Masaka! And ne, Heero, stop being such a wussy. (1+2, yaoi)


If You Wanna Know

'S a song fic, and if I have to *tell* you the song...

Very light and sweet story. Duo broke Heero's school project and, well, you can read it for yourself from there ^_~ (1+2, yaoi)

Talya FireDancer  (visit Talya)

Alphabet Games

Do you know how to play the Alphabet Game? 

Yeah, well, neither does Heero. Duo, ever the nice guy, volunteers to teach him! He's SO nice!! Probably PWP, but hey. (yaoi, 2x1, lemon-ish)



Now, it's not *just* about that >_< Hentais.

It's kind of a metaphor about how love binds people together . . .ok, dropping the sap, it's about sex, too ::sighs:: (2x1, BDSM-ish, lemon)


The Way to Silence

Admittedly, I don't like the museum. Much too quiet, I think.

Heero and Duo are on what I guess is a class field trip, but when they get back Duo just won't shut up! Find a way, Hee-chan, you must. (1x2, limey-ish, some light sap)


Falling for the First Time

You know, first I had this in my 'permission granted' folder, which is a subfolder in my 'series' folder, which is a subfolder in 'HTML,' another subfolder somewhere else, and so on and so forth. Summary: I lost this because it was in the wrong folder and just found it again. Sorry -_-

This runs through the eps. when Heero and Duo first meet, but changes it up a bit for shounen-ai purposes ^_^ (shounen-ai, 1+2, spoilers)

Enigma (You can read Enigma at GW Addiction)

Maxwell the Bard

Stupid Wufei...

Wufei harasses Duo into taking a bet to prove he's not an idiot, and it gets them into trouble. (1+2, 3+4, Shakespearian abuse?)


What the Hell?!

Yikes! Rashid?!

Heero comes home from a mission and hears a rather *interesting* conversation between Rashid and Duo. Are they...together??? (1+2)

Kirei (GW Addiction)

Owner of the Heart

*sweatdrops* I haven't read it yet...

Um, I think it's (3+4, could be angsty...I wouldn't trust my (...) on this one)


You Made Me Cry 

*multiple sweatdrops* Haven't read this either...

I think this is (1+2, deathfic, angst)

Tracy (I dunno her E-mail, but I got it from Fanfiction or visit Fake Fanfiction)

Untitled (vampire fic)

Hee-chan the blood-sucker!!

Like I said, blood-sucker, and he's after Duo! (1X2, limey)

Lys ap Adin (see more of Lys ap Adin at GW Addiction)

Calendar Boy

I *want* this calendar.

Heero gets a Chris-Kringle at the office from Quatre - a calendar -, and the rumors start to fly about his calendar boy. (1+2, foreshadowed 3+4?)


Candy Cane Methodology *this can stand alone w/out CCTechniques*

I have a brand new appreciation for peppermint.

It's Christmas, and, naturally, Heero's not all full of Yule Tide glory. But, leave it to Duo, his candy cane, and peace to make him feel, uh, better. (1x2, 3+4, limey)


Candy Cane Techniques *close to PWP/sequel to CCM*

Scratch that, now I *love* candy canes.

Saa, Heero, even you couldn't resist a repeat of what happened the last time Duo had candy canes. (2x1, lemon)


The Easter Bunny Episode

Well, maybe Relena's not so useless..*cough, sputter*

Relena gives Heero an Easter Bunny and someone violates it! (1x2, limey)


Hot Chocolate

Just a quicky...not like that!!

Somewhat reflective, if I remember properly, and very nice. (1+2, shounen-ai)



Didn't know he could be sappy, huh?

Sappy little Heero POV. (1+2, shounen-ai)


What Heero Wrote (Bad Grammar Squick?)

Well, bad grammar squicks me, too, Lys.

An English assignment gone horribly, horribly wrong (thank you, Duo), leads to, well, read it and you'll find out, ne? (1+2)


Playing Games

OK, this is just too cute.

Um, just a quirky relationship snippet. (1x2, fluff)


Forever Love

Once again, an author description, sort of.

The original story isn't mine; it's from a story I read a very long time ago when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. I can't remember the original title, author, or even the book I got it out of.  (1x2, 2xH, faintly limey, death, angst, a little gore, angst, death, a little more angst, and my feeble attempts to be creepy.)


Witching Hour

Whoa. Just. Plain. Creepy.

Lys says: "Halloween ficcie, here. Angst and assorted Halloween goodness here. Be warned.And the graveyard and stories and stuff are real. I was there tonight, for about an hour, creeping myself out. ^_^" (1x2, 6x9, yaoi, het, angst, death?)

Cutter (see more of Cutter at GW Addiction)

Imagelet: Duo Eating Oreos

I think only Duo could make eating Oreos seem erotic...

Duo's quiet...too quiet. What the hell is he up to? (1+2, shounen-ai)

Dena (GW Addiction)

Bad Influence

Just a silly AU songfic written to B-52's Bad Influence.

Lessee, we have 3 bikers, 2 schoolboy bishounen, 1 stick-in-the-ass town . . .oh, my. (1x2, 3x4x5, possibly very mild lime)

Sorceress Fantasia

The Legend of Hai long Wang

-_- I have no idea what this is about . . .gomen.  (SF's summary + warnings)

What happens when a family curse is passed down in Relena's family? Why does it comes true only in her time? Is it because of her beauty? Or her wits? Or is it because of her half-brother, Duo, that it comes true? (?x?, Relena-sympathetic or Relena-bashing (you can choose), OOC-ness, AU, Duo in drag, random silliness. Multiple endings.)


Mr. Agony

Ah, SF wrote her own description! Isn't that nice of her?

Duo is the 'agony aunt' of a school newspapers, and he receives a letter from someone named 'Confused Soldier'. Guess what happens? (1+2, 3+4 implied, shounen-ai, AU, OOC)


Gundam Wing School

Yes, that's right, I copped out and snatched something SF wrote to use as a summary.

The Gundam Wing boys are opening a school! There, students can learn each of the boys’ excellent attributes and talents, conducted by the boys themselves. (none really)


I Knew I Loved You

You know what? I only skimmed this, so this is the best I can do:

It takes place in three stages: before the pilots meet, during the war, and after the war. There are also extreme amounts of sap. Yes, I am pathetic. (1+2, yaoi/shounen-ai, mass quantities of sap, OOC, songfic)


It's Been a While

::sings:: It's been a while . . .since I have read . . .a fanfic before I posted it . . .

After the war, Heero reflects on the absence of a special someone. (shounen ai, songfic, OOC, angst, death, 1x?, songfic)


Truly, Madly Deeply

I'll be pleading the fifth from now on. Sorry. -_-

It's after the war, and Heero thinks about his feelings for a braided baka. (shounen ai, sap, songfic, 1+2)


You Are Not Alone

::mass sweatdrops:: ¬_¬;

Heero runs away when he discovers Duo's feelings towards him. (1+2, shounen ai, OOC, sap, songfic, angst)


You Know You've Been Watching Too Much Gundam Wing When . . .

This I actually read ^_^

Too bad it really doesn't need a summary.

Lady Aria

There's Something About Quatre

Duo's done some weird things, but this takes the cake.

Just a word of warning: never let Duo plan your birthday party. Poor Quatre... (a little 3+4)

Madamhydra (visit Madamhydra's Lair)

Heaven in Your Eyes

Another songfic? Geez, this is like the third one I've put up today -_-

Anyway, its written to Heaven in Your Eyes by Loverboy from the Top Gun soundtrack. Heero noticed Duo's just a bit off-kilter after a mission, and realizes what he has to do to fix it. (1x2, some angst maybe, or some sap)

Lady Koneko (visit Lady Koneko's Library)

Monster in the Closet

Monster's don't exist!...or do they?

Duo-kun's got a Boogie Man in his closet! Or a Boogie Woman? Girl? (1+2, 3+4, yaoi)

Joyce Wakabayashi (visit Gundam Wing on Acid)

Sparring Partners

This is kind of the Gundam Wing version of a pissing contest.

Duo wants to prove his worth to the almighty 'Perfect Soldier' the boxing ring. (1+2, shounen-ai)



And all Joyce-san has to say is . . .

'A nice massage story.' (1x2, shounen-ai)


Long Distance Love

Joyce-san is so quick to the point:

'Duo tries to have phone sex with Heero' (1x2, limey maybe)


Giving Thanks

I'm so lazy today, ne? 

Joyce-san: 'Another school story, light' (1x2, probably OOC, light lime maybe)


The Meaning of Silence

Now this will teach you a lesson, Heero!

Duo's tired of getting told to shut up, and finally decides to give Heero his wish, but Heero may not like it as much as he thinks he will. (1x2, lime-light, very mild angst)

Fractalforge (visit Fractalforge)

Don't Know Much About History

Nice little song ficcy.

Duo's plight through school and his attempt to show Heero he's not a dummy, proves most rewarding for our little braided baka...uh, friend. (1+2, shounen-ai)

Draco Star

Falling From Closet Space

Starts out as a *dun-dun-dun* HET FIC! Well, sort of...but this is a yaoi archive.

It's post-war and Heero and Duo live together, are content, but not happy. What to do?? (2X1, lemon <-- well, they could do *that*)


Breaking Point

Dark and quite angsty indeed.

Takes place right after Endless Waltz. Heero finds Duo to settle things once and for all, but something happens, and they're interrupted . . .by a medical team? (1x2, mild lime, angst, language)

Enjeru (visit Enjeru)

Feathers of an Angel

Why does Heero always think Duo is a girl?

Ever heard that when you catch a feather in the wind that it belongs to an angel who'll one day come back for it? Just a legend, ne? Ne? (1+2, yaoi)


Angel of the Morning

Duo gets soo~o jealous!

With such jealousy, Heero must live, and tries to placate his worried lover when he has to protect Relena. (2X1, lemon)


Origins of Shinigami

Heard of psychic Pokemon? What about psychic Duos?

A speculative piece about, well, 'the origins of Shinigami.' (1x2, lemony, 3+4, too, probably...I'll have to check ^_^)


Eyes On Me

I sort of chopped up Enjeru's notes on this fic, and made it the description. Yeah, I'm trying to hurry -_-

This occurs after the end of the war. Just pretend Endless Waltz never happened. The POV changes from time to time at the beginning. It starts in Duo's POV. Song is from FFVIII soundtrack. (1x2x1, yaoi)

Lady Tora

What Do You Mean 'Love'?

I'm just gonna' use what LT said about the fic.

Oy…today's lecture in Sociology was about love, let me just say I couldn't keep a straight face the entire time because this damn fic came into mind. So the main point is on Duo and Heero going through the definition, but the others seem to have their own way of expressing love. (4+3, 5+S, 1+2, R+D (as in order as they happen), fluff)

Eve Psyche

Foolish Games

Heero can be a real bastard sometimes! Does that count as a warning?

Duo confronts Heero about their sporadic 'relationship,' and demands answers! (1x2, angsty, limey, maybe sappy end)

Tabs (see more of Tabs at GW Addiction)

Fortune Cookies

Ha! I've actually played this, but maybe at the table was the wrong time...

"<<insert fortune cookie fortune here>> in bed!" Adapt this to Chinese take-out with Duo, and you've got a story. (1+2/3+4, yaoi hints)

Jay (see more of Jay at GW Addiction)

Heero Yuy v. 2.0

And for all us computer nerds out there...

Duo programs a nifty VR Heero, but is it really just as good the real Heero...even if this one says everything he wants to hear? (1+2, angsty)



Keep in mind, since I don't want to spoil the fic, what I said about giving obvious warnings.

An angsty Heero introspective, POV, whatever piece. (1+2, angsty)

Erin Cayce  


I think only Duo could incorporate sex into generic horoscopes.

Duo's trying to get Heero's attention, who was apparently out to lunch when libidos were passed out. (3+4, shounen-ai)


Duo Loses It

Duo, Duo, Duo...

Duo's an unhappy little bishounen, and he goes to church to talk to a priest...or is that a priest? (1+2/3+4, shounen-ai/yaoi)

Whiteangel (see more of Whiteangel at GW Addiction)

I Count the Minutes

*shudders* Ricky Martin *shudders again* Eew.

'Sabout Duo waiting for Heero to come home from a mission, with a flashback about how they got together. (1+2, limey maybe)

Kataca (Kat) (visit Kat's page...lots of great fics! Read 'Kidnapped'!!)

I Want You to Need Me

Ch' I didn't know Heero could be!

Heero's acting normal, isn't that enough incentive? (1+2, shounen-ai/yaoi)


Mere Sounds

This is good, I like it, it's just hard to give it a description...gomen.

Well, Heero accidentally starts to pull moans and such from Duo, and finds out that he *really* likes those sounds. (1+2, yaoi)

Madam Blue

The Ninth Life

Ahem, I would love to warn you about this fic, but it'd ruin it.

This is a very well-done movie crossover, and it messed me up for days! Not hard to do, folks. (1x2/3x4, angst up to wazoo)

Alia Duir (visit Alia)


*wails* My poor babies! Ignore the fact that that's biologically, not to mention chronologically, impossible.

The war's over, but where will Heero go? Heero? What about Duo? (1+2)

LoneWolf (visit Lone Wolf)

H.l. Hattai

I messed this up last time: it's H.l. (lower case L) See? I learned something. In fact, in Bio 1083 I learned that the rules of Linnaeus' binomial system say that the genus is capitalized and the species is always lower case. Yeah, I know, too much information. So *Beaaaata!* (Thank you, LW & Dr. Pinter)

Ch', we all knew Heero was screwy, but this is a bit much. (1x2, lemon)


I'll Be Waiting (full fic)

Once again, Heero never ceases to amaze me.

Post-war, and Heero tries to lead a normal life...without Duo. Don't worry, Duo wasn't dumped or anything, and in fact, *sweatdrops* I can't tell the whole story! (1+2, shounen-ai)


Inbound Telemarketing

This brings 'Heero's screwy' to a whole new level.

You DO know what 'inbound telemarketing' is, right? Guess who's an operator? where's that -900 number? (1x2x1 I guess, lime)


Non-Euclidian Geometry

This is so something Heero would want to know...weirdo.

Our expression-challenged friend tries to figure out the mathematics of - maybe - love? (1+2, shounen-ai)


A Good Catholic Boy

Total AU fic, and good! And hey, I'm Catholic, and I'd be lucky if I can remember the words to 'Hail Mary.'

Heero's a punk, Duo's a good *yummy* Catholic boy, and Heero's more than eager to see just how 'good' he is. (1x2, lemon rich, 3+4, 5+M)


When it Rains

Oi, I hate closed spaces.

Apparently so does Duo. He and Heero are trapped in a tiny motel basement-room, and they're both starting to lose it! (1+2, shounen-ai)

Star Gem (I forgot where I got this, so I can't tell you where to find it. Gome~en, nee~e!)

One Rainy Day

Play in the rain much?

That's kind of what this is about; sweet, short, etc. (1+2/3+4, yaoi-ish)

hyuy (see more of hyuy at GW Addiction)

Suspicious Minds

Why is Heero so prone to being the bastard?

If it was anyone, ANYONE but you, Heero, that person would SO die...very, VERY painfully! (1+2, violence, angst)


Why Quatre Doesn't Wear Slippers

This could only happen to Duo, I think. Yes, definitely only him.

After a telling a *very* convoluted tale in a bar, Duo is fetched by Heero, who  finds him telling said tale to a drag queen...a very big, very ugly drag queen...who can't seem to keep his hands to himself. (1+2/3+4, humor)

Ariana & Bianca (see more of Ariana and Bianca at GW Addiction)

Roses in December (*this is a response fic archived at Alana Winters' site*)

Duo's so romantic! Kawaii!

Duo makes dinner for Heero - not that he knows that - and the guy shows up late! And, no, getting hit by a car is NOT an excuse! (1+2, yaoi, sap)


Sick Leave

Geez, I guess gundam pilots never do things by half-measures.

Duo is sick with...mono?!? (1+2, 3+4, yaoi)

Kitsune (visit Kitsune)


Is this Heero's way of making up for all those 'oblivious bastard' fics?

*beams* Good job, Hee-chan! A quiet couple moment for Heero and Duo. (1+2, yaoi-ish, sap)


A Heart Awakened

*heehee* Heero actually puts his training to use...spying on Duo.

Um, too bad - or good thing, whichever way you look at it - he gets caught. (1+2, yaoi-ish)



Uh, I *did* read this, I swear! But I'll use Kitsune's description instead, k?

A peek behind the mask of the insanely cheerful braided pilot known as Shinigami. (1+2, sappy-ish, angsty Duo, shounen-ai)


The Best Birthday Ever

Well, this would certainly make *my* birthday!

That is, if *someone* remembered! 'Perfect Soldier' my ass! (OOC-y, 1x2, 3+4)



No, this is not a 'let's have a party' kind of anniversary.

Duo's berating himself over the Maxwell Church disaster, but Heero refuses to let him, forming the beginnings of a relationship. (1+2, shounen-ai)



'Mouth' song ficcy!

Alternating Heero/Duo POV (1x2, limey)


Definitely the Hands

I'm all out of description ideas...

Duo POV about why he fell in love with Heero, or rather, which part he fell in love with first. Not *that* part! (1+2, yaoi-ish)


Little Box

What is it? 'Big things come in small packages'?

Heero's being an oblivious bastard - again - and it takes him a whole year to figure it out! (1+2, perhaps some angst for good measure)



Uh, sometimes, my friends, jealousy is *not* a good thing.

Heero overreacts and misinterprets something he finds under Duo's bed. Snoop. (1+2/3+4, eh, violence?)

Karen Hickman

Braiding Hair Can be Sexy

Hmm, too bad my hair's not that long...

Mostly nekky Duo, wet hair, frisky Hee-chan, what more do you want? (1x2, lime)

Kateri Marie *If you have her E-mail, please tell me!*

Tactical Ops

Heh, heh, um, is Duo *really* insane?

Duo assigns himself a mini-mission: to assault the Perfect Soldier...with a what?! (implied 1+2/3+4, shounen-ai hints)


Doors...and Other Mysteries

Scratch that, is Heero insane? ...Never mind.

Duo teaches Heero the finer points of door usage, since he seems to be at a loss when it comes to their function. (1+2, yaoi-ish)

Miss Kitty  (visit Miss Kitty)


This almost made it into the PWP section, AND it's 4X3! 

Quatre? Who knew he was a closet hentai? (4x3, lemon)

Liandrin (You can read Liandrin at DF's Archive)

Quatre's 'lil Porn Collection

If you *have* a porn collection, you can sympathize with Quatre.

Duo finds Quatre's porno, and is quite impressed with his selection. Hentai. Wait, doesn't that guy look like Trowa? (4 likes 3, 2 likes 1, no one gets any, but they can dream, ne?)

Malaca the Huntress

The Reason

Geez, does Duo have a *huge* chip on his shoulder, or what?

Duo's still trying to cope with the massacre at Maxwell Church, not to mention his less-than-wholesome feelings for Heero. (1x2, lime)



Preggy Duo! Not too many preggy fics here, so take advantage!

Heero has to choose between saving Duo or their premature baby. (1+2, mild angst, sap, OOC)

Murasaki (You can read Murasaki at DF's Archive)


More sap!

Heero POV where he muses a bit while watching Duo. (1+2, shounen-ai)


One Chance

Duo can be forward sometimes, ne? Good.

Heero's being stubborn - again - playing his 'I'm-not-hurt-I'm-the-Perfect- Soldier' crap. Well, he's a little less stubborn when Duo starts to kiss him...and touch him... (2x1, lemony)

K. Huntsman (You can read K. Huntsman at DF's Archive and Lady Koneko's Library)

The Next Time Around

You know, Heero is just *too* perfect . . .

This is part one of the clone arc, but since the stories really have nothing to do with each other, I put them here. Besides, I only have Heero's and Duo's stories. (1+2, no yaoi, no real warnings)


Drowning in Violets

Duo's irresistibly sexy, ne?

Well, there's a very good, logical reason for that. (1+2/3+4, just yaoi, I think)


Restaurant Behavior

*snickers* Maybe this should have gone under extreme nonsense, maybe PWP-ish.

Duo has some trouble grasping the concept of 'not now,' but seems to have no trouble whatsoever grasping the restaurant. (2x1, limey)


What Heero's REALLY Been Typing

Um, god, Heero, I thought you'd be a *little* more careful with such private documents.

Duo has a sexy dream, Heero writes...what?! And Duo finds it... (1x2, lime-lemon)

Shi-chan (GW Addiction)

Trials of the Heart

Heero's not the most sensitive of guys. Keep that in mind.

Duo makes his confession to Heero, and Heero...runs off?? But he comes back, so where's Duo? (1+2, limey, slight angst)



This is somewhat depressing.

It's a songfic based on Alanis Morisette's song 'Perfect,' and chronicles a few snippets from past and present in Heero's and Duo's life and relationship. (1+2, implied NCS, angst)



OK, OK, I'm using Shi-chan's notes as a description! I usually don't do that, but I'm trying to hurry -_-

Personally, this is not my greatest fic, it's full of sap and crap..... Heero is OOC near the end and it kinda ends up a PWP of sorts.... I tried to make it work but I just screwed up... damn muses have their own ideas. (1x2, lemon, songfic, OOC)



And here I go with the songfics again.

Written to a song by Phil Collins from the Tarzan soundtrack.

(1x2, lime-ish, inundated with sap, songfic)


Duo's Secret

I've, uh, done this, too -_-

Based on personal experience <sweatdrops>... inspired by Shira's 'A Cry for Help' (1+2, dark, depressing, shounen-ai)



Yeah, well, I didn't think it was stupid.

Stupid, just a mushy little thing. Mindless dribble alert. Read at your own risk. (1x2 (mention of 3x4/4x3, 6x5), sap, yaoi)


I am NOT Gay!
Uh-huh, sure you aren't.

Just bear with it, you'll see what I'm getting at. This IS a Relena-friendly fic. (humor, shounen ai, 2+, mild language)


Just Because

Not *everything* needs a reason, Heero.

Well, never say Heero isn't a fast learner, ne? (1+2, sap)



Ok, this is just silly.

Duo's *bored*!! Let's just say he picks the stupidest thing to occupy his time. (1+2/3+4)



And this is just sweet...and coming from *Heero* no less!

Duo's exhausted! He always tries to take on everyone's problems, cheer them up, but what about him? (1+2, sap-ish) 

[alternative LEMON ending]

Vonceia (GW Addiction)

All That Jazz

When Heero's thinking, do you really think he's that passively oblivious?

Duo gets in a bar fight!...over Heero? (1+2, angsty, stupid bar guy gets Duo!)



Heero just loves to hold things in, doesn't he?

It's a songfic with snippets; sort of skips around. (1x2, angsty)


Natelie Baan *If you know her E-mail, please tell me!*

Come Undone

Since there's no sex, this doesn't go into the uncon. pairs section. In fact, I wouldn't even call it shounen-ai. *gasp!*

Quatre and Duo share a quiet moment discussing what peace really is.

Jana (visit Jana)

Computer 101

Ack! Hee-chan's found us out!

Maybe not such a bad thing. Heero and Duo peruse the Internet, discover their, uh . . .fans' expression of adoration (fanfics), and Heero decides to try a few...on Duo, of course. (1x2, light lime)


Sometimes . . .It's What You Don't See

Um, yeah, this is a fic about underwear. Seriously.

Do you really need to know more than that? (1X2X1, slight mention of 5X3, yaoi, pov-ish, OOC, sap, slight citrus flavor?)


Mister Write

Um, maybe I should visit that chat room . . .

Your guess is as good as mine as to where this came from. If this fic was totally accurate, the most recent dialogue on IRC would be on the bottom, but that would make it very difficult to read. This is the longest one-shot I've ever written! (1+2+1/1x2x1, AU, POV, PWP-ish, angst, sap and citrus; digital and otherwise)

Lady Shinigami (visit Lady Shinigami)

Midnight Run

Run, Forest, Run! ::sweatdrop:: I meant 'Run, Heero, Run!' ::blush:: seriously.

Ever heard, 'You gotta catch me first'? It seems our lovely bishounen Duo plays by the same rules. Go get 'em Hee-chan! Snatch his tail! Ano . . .tail? (1+2, shounen-ai/yaoi, AU)


Scrooge, GW Style

Yikes! Scrooge, are you, um, molesting Tiny Tim?

No, this is not squicky, I swear. Based off of Dickins', you know, book -_- Or, at least, one of the many holiday movies of its ilk. (1x2, 3+4, lemon <-- I know that's what you live for ^_^)

Alana Winters (visit Winters Run)

Cat's Eyes

You know, I always thought Duo's braid looked a bit *too* much like a tail.

I couldn't decide whether to put this in One Shots or PWP, so that should be some indication for you, ne? Heero's a zookeeper, and he comes across a very captivating animal. Oh, and the best part is that he gets to dump Relena ^_^ (2x1, lemon) {Good story, bad description. Sorry -_-}

Celes Maxwell (visit An Egg of Gundam Wing)

Everything I Do (I Do it For You)

This is SO long! Maybe I should have broken it up . . .

Songfic written to Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. Heero and Duo have trouble finally coming together (Did I just say that?) during the war. Follows around eps. 48-49. (1+2, yaoi, angst, sap)

Aaeth Payne


::sings:: I'm just a sweet transvestite . . .from transsexual Transylvania!

OK, like you don't know what movie that's from. Not that it's huge part of the story, but still. Anyway, Duo is in college and has a crush on, um, someone. Let's see Trowa so helpfully deliver on what was supposed to be a joke. All right, who's confused? (2+1/1+2, maybe language and mild college-boy angst)


A Time to Remember

Oi! Poor lil' orphan Duo-chan! ::wails::

The guys go out together to try to be normal teenagers - that means not to a club - but Duo is reminded of something from his past. When he becomes withdrawn, Heero tries to find out why, and fix it. (1+2, shounen-ai, mild angst)


Ah, you gotta love religious hang-ups. They do so bring people together. ::chokes on sarcasm::

Heero is afraid to say anything to Duo about how he feels because of Duo's religion. Does Duo go Catholic on him or what? (1x2, angsty, sap, lemon, songfic)

Leviathan (visit Lev's Lair)


Yeah, I'm gonna use all of her descriptions, OK? Trust me, it goes a lot faster that way.

Duo is just a BIT obsessed with a popular band, Gundanium, and its lead singer, Odin Lowe, Jr. He gets a new roommate, the stoic Heero... (1+2, 3+4 implied, yaoi, AU)



I could never write a decent haiku.

*jumps on the Heero writes something, Duo writes something bandwagon* (1+2, yaoi, 3+4, angsty)


Jikyou Shingai

This might be border-line PWP, but, what the hell.

My second lemon ever...set directly after Heero "shoots" Mariemeia. (2x1, 3+4, D+R, yaoi, shoujo ai, minor angst, lemon)


Knowing You

::whistles:: I'm just not gonna say anything.

My attempt at making Duo less of a "braided baka" and Heero more emotionally competent. (1+2, shounen ai, minor angst, minor sap, TWT, fiddling with Heero and Duo's past)


Say Something in Japanese

::sighs:: What Heero says is so great ^_^

Just a little piece of semi-sappy fluff that I had to write for some reason... (1+2, shounen-ai, fluff)

Ms. BriZee


Ah, more scrumptious bishounen in uniforms. Er, *school* uniforms -_- It's something, at least.

Duo gets to play the innocent, and we get to see Heero corrupt him. ::snickers:: (1x2, 3x4, implied 5xsally, 13x6, OCxHilde, AU, angst, lemon)



'Untitled'? I think I'd rather like to call it Hentai Phone Sex, or rather, Hentai Sex on the Phone. Too long?

If you couldn't figure out what it's about by now, I can't help you, and I'm very sorry. Really. (1x2, 3x4, lemon, PWP-ish)


It's All a Matter of Language

If you actually talk to someone like this, it can get pretty tricky. ::thinks:: Don't they have a drinking game like this . . .

It's Duo POV, and hard to explain -_- Very good, though. (1x2x1/1+2+1, yaoi/shounen-ai, maybe OOC/AU)



I had lollies yesterday ^_^ But, it didn't quite end like this. Damn.

Duo is a malcontent businessman, whose world is turned around by one lollipop-sucking bishounen. (1x2/2x1, AU, lemon)


Love Letters

Um, well, yeah . . .

Someone finds a love letter, and let the insecurities begin! (1+2/2+1, shounen-ai, angst?)



::too busy laughing hysterically to give proper description::

Popcorn, sex, melted butter, innuendos, sex, telepathic butter, sex, and hentai furniture. You figure it out. (1x2x1, humor, some kind of lemon)


Unwrapping Presents

This might be a PWP if . . .well, if it doesn't have a plot. Duh.

It's Duo's birthday! That's all you need to know. (2x1, lemon)


Word Play

Oh, this is good. ::takes break to read again::

OK, I'm back. This fic contains blowjobs, words, food, lunch, a safehouse, the usual fare, and male on male stuff. 'Nuf said. (1x2x1, oral sex, possible OOC)


Correlation Conjunction Juxtaposition Admission
The following fic contains, according to Cs:

The pretty pairing of Duo and Heero, lemon, 25 pages, dates, snow, yaoi, phone numbers, and other fine things. btw, in case you wonder where the heck I got the title from…I just typed in the first words that popped into my head ^_^' (2x1, lemon, AU)


Hungry Like the Wolf

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm using Cs's notes as summaries ^_^

A song, lyrics, yaoi, lemon, sexy thoughts, masturbation and lots of it, Heero, Duo, and sex between the two of them... eventually. Oh, and probably humor... heh (2x1, lemon, AU)


The Following is Not to be taken Seriously: A Clary Lemon Rant?
Seriously, though, she's so right.

So there I was last night trying to go to sleep. I was lying in bed, playing a little movie out inside my head, hoping it would help me fall into slumberland. And as this movie played out, this strange little tirade inside my mind, I realized, damn, this might be kinda fun to try to write... (1x2, sort of a lemon)



This is maybe a little bit odd . . .or maybe it describes some of you, I dunno.

I don't think I should say anything too much about this, but get what you can from the title. (1x2x1, yaoi, POV, citrus, dark)


Twist of  Fate

::watery eyed:: It's Elf's first 1+2! She has crossed over . . .be one with the Hee-chan.

After being sick for a while, Heero decides to take Duo out to the port for the day. A personal tragedy befalls, however...but for a twist of fate to occur, it must be meant to be. Short and sweet! (1+2, sap - mass amounts of it, mild language)


Trowa Watch 9.99: Nightclub Dancer

I really have no idea what the title means, but it's a Christmas present for ME! Me, me, me, me! ::beams and huggles Elf:: And, yes, I know this is cross posted on my site.

What Trowa REALLY does on a Friday night . . . (1x2, 4x5, implied 1x2x3x4x5 [oh, my], lime, language)


Drifting Off

Below is just a snippet of Elf's attempt at an explanation. It just got a lot worse after that, but the fic's good, so read . . .have you clicked yet?

Well, I wrote this when I was listening in on someone else's conversation
(my favorite pastime) and they were talking about a friend that was in
the hospital because of drug overdose.  It's sad, really, but it got the
little wheels in my mind turning (*squeak*squeak*).... 
(unclear pairings, drug abuse, angst, unclear ending)



I dunno why, but Elffy-chan was under the impression that she didn't send this to me. Perhaps I should tell her that she did . . .

A little look inside Trowa's thoughts.... (no pairings, some angst)

Keeta Maxwell

The Night the Flame Died

OK, we're giving a shout out to Jax, whoever that may be ^_^ . . .hope you like your surprise.

After the war Heero and Duo split up to two different regions, but Heero has two weeks off from the base he is stationed at...wonder where he's gonna go? (1x2, mention of 1x4 at places, 3x4, and mention of 5x13, OOC, AU-ish, mild angst)


Just Things

After some confusion, we have a ficlet. I like it quite a bit, actually, but just remember to submit properly . . .or you'll confuse my lil' self ^_^

No pairings, no warnings, it's only a ficlet, so read and enjoy!


Untitled Halloween Fic <We're working on this, I swear.>

One of the few death fics here, but it actually doesn't have an I'm-gonna'-kill-myself ending, so it's OK ::beams::

Duo takes the other pilots out for Halloween, but gets sick, and Heero has to take him back home, where they both end up confessing their love for one other. However, it doesn't seem to last long when Duo is seriously hurt the next mission. Dun, dun, dun! (1+2, 3x4, yaoi, death, cross-dressing)


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