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Duo's Lesson (part 4)


Heero woke sometime later…..alone. Giving only a moments thought to Duo's absence, Heero dressed quickly in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt and made his way into the kitchen.


Quatre, Trowa and Duo were seated at the small wooden table, talking over lunch.

Heero eyed Duo and making himself a sandwich, seated himself next to the braided boy.

"Sorry I didn't wake you for lunch. You looked too comfortable." Duo told him smiling " Feel rested ?" Duo asked.

Heero smiled "Yes, I'm wide awake now."

"Late night last night, Heero ? How did the mission go ?" Quatre asked.

"Yes, not much sleep last night." Heero told the blue-eyed boy, "Mission was successful."

"You guys want to do something today ?" Trowa asked.

Heero took Duo's hand in his and bringing it to his lips, placed a gentle kiss on each of the long fingertips. "Duo and I already have plans for the day. Don't we, Duo ?" Heero asked, smiling, as he watched Duo's stunned reaction.

Duo blushed, shaking his head slowly up and down.

Quatre's mouth hung open. "You mean you two…...?" pointing his finger at the two boys holding hands across the table.

Heero grinned ."Uh-huh. It's about time, isn't it ? Why do you seem so surprised ?"

Quatre smiled, "Pleasantly surprised, that's all Heero."

Trowa smiled "About time indeed."

Duo politely excused himself and rose from the table.

"Where are you going ?" Heero asked.

"Back upstairs." Duo replied, smiling.

Reaching forward, Heero grabbed Duo by wrist, and pulling him down, captured Duo's mouth in a fiercely possessive kiss, Duo yielding to Heero's forceful tongue as it moved slowly inside his mouth. Releasing Duo's arm, Heero broke the kiss. "See you upstairs."

Duo stood and quickly regaining his balance, left the room.


Duo laid in the center of his bed, his arms folded behind his head, pretty much sure that he was still in shock from Heero's unexpected display of affection in the kitchen.

Duo laughed out loud as he recalled Quatre and Trowa's reactions, though he imagined his was no less exceptional.

He grimaced slightly as he looked back. Heero's actions gave him an uneasy feeling, as if he was more like a conquest than a partner, the perfect soldier proudly showing off his prize to his fellow comrades.

Deciding to confront Heero, Duo barely had time to give the matter a moments thought when Heero re-entered the room.

Heero smiled as he closed the door and made his way over to the bed, coming to rest on all fours over Duo, bending down to kiss him roughly.

Noting Duo's less than enthusiastic response, Heero broke the kiss "Something wrong, Duo ?" he asked still perched high above Duo's motionless body.

"What was that all about back there in the kitchen, Heero ?" Duo asked flatly.

"Didn't like it ?" Heero grinned, coming to sit beside Duo, as his face showed displeasure at Heero's response.

Duo sat and moved to the edge of the bed, a considerable distance from Heero.

"Duo ?" Heero asked "What's wrong ?"

"What exactly is going on here ?" Duo asked, motioning with his hand to Heero and then himself. "I mean with us ?"

Heero moved to the edge of the bed, sitting close to Duo, but not making physical contact with him.

"I thought you wanted this, Duo ?" Heero asked, confused by Duo's reaction.

Duo looked at Heero, the intensity in his cobalt eyes at that moment making Duo feel uneasy and vulnerable. "I want *you*, if that's what you mean, Heero. As far as *this* goes, I'm not sure what *this* is."

Duo rose from the bed and made his way across the room, his gaze frozen as he stared out the window "I think this morning was a mistake, Heero. Let's just blame it on raging hormones and forget it ever happened." Duo told Heero, his voice monotone.

Heero frowned, he wasn't sure what had caused the sudden change in Duo attitude. 'Something I've done ? The kiss and tell in the kitchen.' Heero wondered.

"Duo….." Heero started, the distress clear in his voice.

Duo stood motionless at the window. "Please, Heero, I just want to forget this whole mess ever happened."

Heero rose from the bed and made his way to where Duo stood. Wrapping both of his arms around Duo, Heero brought his mouth to Duo's ear. "I don't want to forget it, Duo." Heero whispered, kissing the soft skin of at the back Duo's neck.

Duo turned to face Heero, who reluctantly withdrew his arms. "You made me feel like a conquest back there in the kitchen, Heero. Is that how you think of this *whatever* we have going on here ?" Duo asked, his tone demanding an answer.

Heero shook his head.

"Sure as hell looked that way to me." Duo commented, moving away from the window. Heero turned his gaze to follow Duo's motion across the room.

"It wasn't my intention, Duo." Heero told him.

"I have some pretty strong emotions for you, Heero. I won't delude myself into thinking this is something that's it's not." Duo spoke, his eyes cast downward.

Heero watched Duo as he stood across the room, his back to Heero. "What do you want it to be, Duo ?" Heero asked.

Duo turned to look sharply at Heero. "What I want doesn't matter. Never has."

"It does matter, Duo. It matters to me." Heero told him, making his way to where Duo stood.

"Why should it matter to you, Heero ?" Duo asked, nervous as Heero approached him slowly.

Heero searched Duo's face. There was pain in those violet eyes that usually sparkled and Heero frowned. Saddened further by the fact that he was responsible for it, that Duo had somehow misread his intentions. Now determined to set things straight, Heero reached forward and brought his hand up to caress Duo's face, letting his thumb move over Duo's cheekbone, Heero spoke "It matters, Duo….because…I love you." Heero told his partner, his eyes searching for Duo's reaction to his unexpected admission.

"Heero." Duo uttered, unable to bring himself to say anything else, as Heero stood staring into his eyes.

Heero moved his other arm to surround Duo's waist, moving their two bodies steadily closer. "Do you love me, Duo ?" Heero asked, still gazing into Duo's eyes, his heart pounding as he suddenly feared the possibility of Duo's rejecting his words of devotion.

Duo merely nodded momentarily before bringing his hand behind his Heero's head, pulling his lover forward into a deep kiss. Duo moaned repeatedly into Heero's mouth as the two nearly drowned in the unrestrained kiss.

Stepping forward, Duo backed Heero up until his thighs met the bed and pushing Heero back down onto the soft mattress, Duo straddled Heero's hips and broke the kiss. "Yes, Heero….I do love you, yes, yes, yes." he replied. Gazing down at his glassy eyed lover, Duo brought his mouth back down to Heero's, the two boys breathless as their tongues moved furiously within the small space between their parted lips.

Duo stood and motioning for Heero to lie fully back on the bed. Lustfully looking down at Heero, Duo laid down on top of him, his breath heavy in Heero's ear as he shifted his hips, delivering the heat and hardness of his arousal to Heero's aching flesh.

Heero moaned at Duo's purposeful movement and guided his hands around Duo, his palms spread as he gripped hungrily at Duo's taut bottom, holding the boy tightly to him, while he thrust himself upward to increase the pressure of the glorious union.

Duo gasped and moving his elbows to lie on either side of Heero's head, slid his body upward, causing their erections to glide over one another, before moving back downward, repeating the motion until Heero was panting heavily below him, on the verge of climax.

Gently rising off of Heero, Duo slid his shirt upward and off, exposing Heero's solid chest, his eyes looking upward to meet Heero's stare, as he brought his tongue down to flick at the erect flesh of Heero's nipple, watching Heero's intense reaction to his simple, but apparently very effective tease.

Duo smirked, his mouth surrounding the tender flesh, sucking hard, his tongue moving roughly over it, Heero moaning lowly at the delightful yet foreign sensation. Abandoning Heero's nipple, Duo moved onto the other tiny nub, sucking fiercely before biting down hard on it. Heero gasped, surprised by how quickly the sharp pain had turned into mindless pleasure as Duo moved his tongue softly over the bruised flesh.

Sliding his tongue downward, Duo moved his mouth still further down, licking and kissing Heero's chest, his hands moving over each of Heero's sensitive nipples. Heero moaned as Duo continued assaulting his upper body, lavishing every inch of his exposed flesh with his tingling touch.

Moving downward further still, Duo dipped his tongue into Heero's naval before painting wet circles around the deep recess.

"Mmmm…Duo…feels so good." Heero groaned, his body moving upward under Duo's skillful touch.

Duo raised his head and looked up, Heero's face reflecting the pleasure Duo was giving him "It's about to get a whole lot better, koi." Duo smiled at his lover as his fingers effortlessly unfastened Heero's jeans, his thumbs hooking into the waistband, sliding the thick fabric down as Heero lifted his hips up off the bed, allowing Duo to fully remove his jeans, his lovers hands brushing against his thighs and he brought them downward and off of Heero, leaving his naked and aroused body open to Duo's hungry gaze.

"So beautiful, Heero. Even more beautiful in my bed than in my dreams." Duo moaned, his eyes still exploring his lovers exquisite form stretched out under him.


"Lesson Number Two." Duo whispered, moving his mouth directly over Heero's dripping erection, his eyes looking into Heero's as he brought his mouth down, engulfing the entirety of Heero's thick length. Rolling his hips upward, Heero groaned at the incredible sensation of Duo's warm mouth on his arousal.

"Uhhh…Duo. What are you doing ?" Heero groaned as Duo slid his mouth up and down Heero's shaft, his tongue licking lightly at the tip, dipping quickly into the moist slit, before taking Heero's erection back into his all too eager mouth.

Moving his hands underneath Heero to grasp his bottom, Duo pushed his body upward, encouraging Heero to thrust into his willing mouth, the perfect soldier only needing to be asked once as he rammed himself repeatedly into Duo's immensely talented mouth.

Sensing that Heero was close to release, Duo paused. Heero's frantic thrusts and heavy breathing were almost enough to let Duo allow Heero to come, but Duo had other plans for his enthusiastic lover and he somewhat reluctantly abandoned his lovers need.

Sliding his mouth up and off of Heero's stiff cock, Duo smiled as he watched Heero frantically thrust himself up off the bed, looking down at Duo, his smiling lover still poised directly over his manhood.

"Don't stop, Duo." Heero moaned. "Make me come….please....I need to....." Heero begged, his arousal throbbing, desperate for gratification.

"Oh, I'm going to make you come alright, Heero." Duo told Heero.

"Trust me, Heero ?" Duo asked.

Heero nodded.

Duo grinned, moving off the bed and reached into his dresser drawer, removing a small white tube.

Duo looked across the room to where Heero lie sweaty and aroused on his bed. Duo was overwhelmed at the exceptionally sensuous view and the fact that he was not dreaming, his already aching erection becoming so much more painful as his thoughts turned to what he was about to do to Heero.

Filled with anticipation, Duo made his way back to the bed and laid his hands on Heero's hips, guiding him to lie at the edge of the bed. "Come here, koi." Duo told his lover. Duo kneeled on the floor before him, pushing Heero's legs upward, forcing his feet to rest of the very edge of the bed.

Duo moved closer to Heero, kissing the inside of his thighs, his tongue moving over the softness, darting out to lick at the tender flesh, pausing to move his tongue over each of Heero's balls before moving downward to draw wet circles around his lovers opening.

Heero jumped slightly, tightening his muscles as Duo's tongue pressed against his entrance, locking the recess, finally relaxing, Heero allowed the wet intrusion.

Duo's tongue slid further inside of Heero's tight opening, delving as deeply as he could, Heero moaning loudly at the sensation and the amazing view he had of Duo's head buried between his legs.

Duo moved back, picking up the small tube and opening it, glanced up at Heero, smiling at into his lover's lusty cobalt eyes. Squeezing a liberal amount of the clear gel onto his hand, Duo worked it into his fingers, allowing it to warm. Standing at the foot of the bed before Heero, using his knee to spread Heero's legs further apart, Duo leaned over and brought his slick hand to Heero's opening, sliding the fingertip of his middle finger slowly inside, watching Heero's face for any signs of discomfort, rewarded by his lovers small moans.

Bringing Heero's one leg to rest on the bed, the other still bent at the knee, Duo brought his knee down to the bed, on the outside of Heero's extended leg, his body moving over Heero's allowing him to plunder his lovers open mouth while gently easing his finger further inside of Heero.

"Everything okay my love ?" Duo whispered softly, Heero shuddering at the words the breathless boy uttered.

"Yes, Duo." Heero moaned, Duo moving forward to slide the remaining length of his slender finger inside Heero, gently kissing and sucking the exposed flesh of Heero neck. Heero moved against the digit slowly, having become accustomed to the discomfort as it turned into an incredibly pleasurable sensation.

Slowly removing his slick finger, Duo adding a second before sliding the two inside, Heero only tensing up momentarily before moving his body forward to devour Duo's slippery questing fingers.

"Easy, Heero." Duo cautioned, moving his fingers rhythmically inside his lover.

Heero's breath was erratic now, as he thrust himself downward. "More, Duo." He panted, Duo slowly adding a third finger, Heero wincing, Duo forcefully kissing his lover, his fingers reaching deeper inside of Heero searching for that spot that he knew would make all the pain go away.

Heero grew impatient as Duo's fingers continued their relentless probing, his mind only able to focus on one thing. "Duo, do it……please, I want you inside me." Heero screamed, bucking wildly, Duo's fingers an unacceptable substitute for what Heero ached to have inside of him.

Duo growled as Heero begged to be taken, swiftly removing his three fingers. Reaching for the lube, Duo coated his aching member before bringing his slick fingers once more to Heero's opening, fully coating his entrance before roughly driving his fingers inside to the hilt one last time. His fingers still buried inside, Duo moved forward, positioning his throbbing erection just outside of Heero's entrance, Duo hastily removed his fingers and quickly buried every inch of himself in Heero.

Heero screamed at the pain of his lovers entry, Duo's cock was so much thicker than his three fingers, the cobalt-eyed boy closing his eyes tightly as he bit his lower lip, drawing blood.

"I'm sorry, Heero." Duo whispered, remaining still, his hand reaching forward to caress his lovers twisted face, his thumb wiping away a lone tear as it rolled down Heero's cheek. "I'm so sorry." Duo whispered, distraught as his lovers beautiful face remained contorted with pain.

"Try to relax, Heero." Duo told him gently, pushing several strands of Heero's hair away from his face. "I promise it will feel better soon."

Heero nodded and moaned lowly, trying his hardest to relax, as his lover remained motionless above him, his body slowly adjusting to the sensation, awaiting Duo's promise, anxious for the pleasure to replace the pain.

Breathing deeply, Heero began to move his body under Duo's, the small thrusts of his hips driving Duo almost mad as he struggled to remain motionless above Heero.

"Better, Heero ?" Duo asked, noting Heero was no longer wincing in pain.

"Aa" Heero whispered, his eyes still shut tightly, his hips moving in wide circles under Duo.

Duo pulled himself out slightly, watching Heero's reaction carefully, before moving slowly back inside of Heero.

"Mmmm……Duo……." Heero moaned, reaching forward to pull Duo closer to him, his hands firmly grasping at Duo's hips, grinding his lover further into him.

"Ugh……Heero, you're so tight…….so hot……..God.." Duo moaned, reaching forward to lift Heero's body up off the bed, moving himself back down onto the bed, his knees bent under him, bringing his lover down on top of him.

Heero arched his back, as Duo's hips moved under him, his arousal trapped between their two bodies. "Jesus, Duo……what are you doing to me ?" Heero moaned, his head moving slowly back and upward, Duo reaching forward to lick at his lover's exposed neck, the salty sweat of Heero's skin turning him on all the more.

"Does if feel good, Heero ?" Duo whispered, guiding Heero's body off of him, then firmly back down, impaling him fully.

"Nnnn……yes, Duo….very good." Heero moaned, "Don't stop." Wrapping his arms more tightly around Duo's shoulders, moving rapidly up and down on Duo's cock.

Duo thrust up into Heero, searching for Heero's still undiscovered sweet spot.

"Lay back Heero." Duo told him, moving forward slowly with him as Heero complied, unwilling to let himself slip from Heero's tight heat.

Duo lifted Heero's bottom up and holding the boy by the hips, pounded into him repeatedly, Heero gasping loudly as Duo's cock rubbed against his prostate. "Mmmmmm….That's what I've been looking for." Duo groaned, holding Heero still as he nailed him again in the same spot, closing his eyes, as Heero's muscles tightened around his hardness, moving forward to take Heero's straining erection into his hand.

Pumping Heero in time with the proficient rhythm of his thrusts, Duo cried out as he violently came inside of Heero, each thrust of his climaxing body, hitting Heero's prostate, as his lover thrust upwards into his tight fist, spilling his seed over Duo's hand. "Ughhh…Duo…." Heero growled, his cock still twitching in Duo's hand as Duo watched his lover convulse in undeniable pleasure.

Duo brought his hand up to caress Heero's face, the last of the tremors finding their way through his sweat soaked body. "You okay ?" Duo asked his lover softly.

Heero nodded, eyes still closed in bliss.

Waiting until his member had shrank considerably, Duo slowly eased himself from Heero's body.

"Easy, Heero." Duo told him, Heero impatient at the pace Duo was going. "I don't want to hurt you."

Heero winced as Duo fully exited his body "A little too late for that now." Heero told him through a smile.

Duo moved his hand slowly over Heero's outer thigh as he closed his lover's legs and made his way to his side.

Heero looked up at Duo "Not only do you have a big mouth….you have a big …."

Duo covered his mouth with his hand and giggled. "Shhh…."

Unable to resist, Heero bit down hard of Duo's fingers. "OUCH !!" Duo pulled them away in protest, staring down at the teeth marks, then at Heero.

Heero laughed, pulling Duo down by his braid to kiss him. Duo opened his mouth fully to Heero, his lover pulling him incredibly close, expertly delivering his new-found passion in a kiss.

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