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Duo's Lesson (part 1)


Heero returned to the small safe house after a short but grueling mission. It was late and the wing pilot was grungy, overtired and cranky…more cranky than usual. After nearly dragging his duffel bag and laptop up the stairs, Heero walked down the hallway and paused outside the doorway of the room he was sharing with Duo. Heero closed his eyes and silently hoped that Duo was fast asleep. He was in no mood for his roommate's antics, not that he ever was, but certainly not tonight, not in the condition he was in.

Quietly entering the room, Heero set his bags down at the entrance, sighing deeply in relief as he noted Duo was indeed asleep. Giving his eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, Heero made his way across the darkened room to his dresser, fumbling around in his drawer, Heero eventually retrieved a clean pair of shorts and headed into the bathroom.

Heero stripped and entering the small stall, reveling in the shower's warm spray, the water rinsing several layers of grime from his exhausted body, his mood shifting almost immediately to something more human. Rushing through the process in an effort to get his weary body into the comfort of his bed, he quickly soaped up and rinsed off, barely using enough shampoo to create a decent lather.

Mere minutes later, one very sleepy spandex clad pilot exited the bathroom and turning out the light, crawled into his bed, pulling the thick covers over his still damp and chilled body, his body rejoicing in the soothing feel of his bed, the thick blankets almost immediately driving the cold from him.

On the bed across the room, Duo Maxwell lay dreaming, and like most of his dreams they were vivid and lively, much the like pilot himself. Tonight's dream was not much different than last nights, or that of the night before for that matter....they were pretty much all same......erotic fantasies. Duo tried with no success to control his dreams, masturbating almost every night before bed in the hopes that he wouldn't wake up in the far too familiar wet spot. Tonight's dream was by far one of his more impassioned ones, as it involved a certain seductively leather clad Gundam pilot, a tremendous amount of naked sweaty flesh and several kinky sex toys.

Heero Yuy was totally relaxed and on the precipice of sleep, lost in that delirious state that comes just before unconsciousness sets in, unable to determine the whereabouts of his limbs, falling rapidly into his dreamless sleep.

Duo lie face down on his bed, his nocturnal technicolor visions becoming more intense, as his hands moved greedily over Heero's aroused and scantily clad body, his cobalt-eyed lover moaning lowly as Duo's fingers moved downward toward his opening, then melted slowly inside his partner, where his aching hardness longed to be. Duo moaned, grinding his hips erotically into the bed, the friction arousing him further as he craved release, his groans of mindless pleasure waking the boy in the bed across the room who wanted nothing more than simple sleep.

Heero woke startled and sat upright in the center of the bed, unsure of what had woken him. Sitting still for several seconds, Heero heard the loud noises and turned his attention to Duo in the bed across the room. The full moon cast a gentle light across the bed and Heero could see Duo quite plainly.

The blankets had been tossed from his body and Duo's hips were moving slowly against the mattress as he moaned loudly, his hands thrown above his head, his fists gripping tightly at his pillow.

Heero sighed heavily and crawling out of bed, made his way to Duo's bed, shaking the boy. "Duo…." Heero called, his hand moving firmly on Duo's upper back "Wake Up. You're dreaming."

Duo groaned.

Heero shook him more firmly "Duo, wake up !" Heero called loudly.

Duo woke and turned to face Heero, pulling the blankets up over himself "Ugh…Heero. What did you do that for ? I was in the middle of a really good dream." Duo groaned, his voice groggy with sleep, yet obviously annoyed.

"You were making a lot of noise…….you woke me up." Heero told the unhappy boy. "What were you dreaming about ?"

Duo grinned "Nothing you'd be interested in. Go back to sleep, Heero." Duo told him, turning to face the wall.

"It sounded like you were in pain. You were moaning." Heero commented.

Duo sat up, clutching the thin blankets to his lap "Ummmm….yeah, I was moaning alright, but there was no pain involved, Heero." Duo winked.

Heero cocked his head and looked at Duo, the confusion plain on his now seemingly innocent face.

Duo laughed "Go back to bed Heero.", snuggling back down into the bed as he rolled back over onto his side.

Giving the matter no additional thought, Heero made his way back to his bed and closed his eyes, sleep coming shortly thereafter.

Duo, on the other hand was left with a raging hard-on. "Damn Yuy. Now he won't even let me have him in my dreams." Duo lay frustrated for several minutes, his arms folded behind his head, staring up at the ceiling, grinning like a cheshire cat as he recalled the dream he had just been forcibly thrown from.

Hearing Heero lightly breathing, Duo turned to see the still form on the bed across the room. Duo called his name softly "Heero ?" No response. He called more loudly this time. "Heero ?" Satisfied that Heero was indeed sleeping, Duo's hand crept under the thin cotton blanket and danced his fingers lightly down his chest ever so slowly in search of his erection, gasping as his fingertips grazed its sensitive tip.

Bringing his hand down to cover the shaft, Duo closed his fist, encircling himself with the warmth of his hand, closing his eyes as the sensation made it's way through the rest of his body. "Damn you, Heero." Duo whispered, moving his hand rapidly over the entire length of his hardness, passing his thumb over the head, sliding it through the wetness. Moving his slick thumb over the entire head, Duo arched his body off the bed, his hand frantically stroking his cock, "damn you…..damn you …..damn you." he moaned, feeling the first of the warmth hit his chest, shuddering violently as he roughly coaxed stream after stream from his throbbing member, nearly collapsing as he thoroughly emptied himself.

"Damn you." he sighed breathlessly, his body exhausted from the event. Rolling over on his side to lie amidst the usual mess, Duo Maxwell drifted off to sleep.


Heero woke at his usual 6:00, his body's internal clock never recognizing the weekend or his shortened sleep schedule after arriving home late during missions. Looking over towards Duo, still soundly sleeping, Heero shook his head from side to side, silently cursing his fellow pilot for interrupting what little sleep he had been offered the night before.

Heero entered the bathroom and not allowing the water to warm, stepped into the shower, the coolness almost instantaneously driving the sleep from him. Standing there for only several minutes, Heero exited the shower and dressed, his standard green tank top and black spandex shorts providing an oddly familiar comfort as he slid effortlessly into them.

Duo stirred anxiously, hearing the water running in the small room at the head of his bed. Wishing his bed wasn't against the same wall as the bathroom plumbing, Duo groaned and threw his pillow over his head and buried his face into the mattress in an effort to drown out the noise.

Heero made his way back into the bedroom and rolling his clothes into a ball, threw them across the room and toward laundry basket. "He shoots…..HE SCORES !" Heero spoke loudly, the clothes landing in the small plastic square.

Duo lifted the pillow from his head and turned to look at Heero, frowning "Uh….Heero….could you keep it down over there ? Some of us are still sleeping." his normally cheerful voice clearly agitated.

"You don't look like you're sleeping to me." Heero grinned.

"Well I *would* be if you weren't making so much damn noise." Duo replied, burying his head back under the pillow.

"Consider it a payback for last night." Heero smirked.

Duo removed the pillow from his head and sat up "I was having a *dream*, Heero. I didn't intentionally wake you up." Duo commented wryly.

"So, do you want to talk about the dream, Duo ? You sounded pretty scared." Heero asked, quite concerned, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to Duo.

"Ummm……no thanks, Heero." Duo laughed lowly, as he looked into Heero's eyes, so full of concern.

"A nightmare ?" Heero asked, knowing Duo suffered from them as much as he did.

Duo could hardly contain his laughter. He reached out and put his hand on Heero's shoulder. "No…definitely not a nightmare, Heero. It was ummm…….more of …..ya know……. a pleasurable dream." Duo winked.

Heero blushed.

Duo smiled, rarely having the opportunity to see the perfect soldier blush, let alone be the one responsible for it. "I don't suppose *you* ever have those kinds of dreams ?" Duo asked sarcastically.

"Hn. Never." Heero replied, rising from the bed.

"Ahh….I should have known. You need to be in control of your thoughts at all times." Duo commented.

"Exactly." Heero told him "I don't allow those kinds of things to affect me."

"Don't know what you're missing, Heero." Duo winked, moving over to the edge of the bed to sit, his feet swinging over the edge coming to rest on the floor.

"I suppose I don't." Heero snorted, sitting before his laptop at the desk in the corner.

"How do you get relief then ?" Duo asked.

Heero turned to face Duo. "Relief ? You mean sexually ?" Heero asked.

Duo grinned "Ummm….Yeah."

Heero turned his attention back to the computer. "I don't."

"Not even an occasional wet dream ?" Duo asked incredulously.

Heero looked at him puzzled. "I don't dream, so I guess the answer is no."

Duo's eyes opened wide. "You're kidding, right ? I're me….. raging hormones and all…….don't you ever get….you know…aroused ?" Duo asked, the question coming more easily than he imagined it would have, had he actually ever given any thought to the fact that he would ever be having this type of conversation with Heero.

Heero sat with his head down, though Duo was sure he was blushing. "Of course I do…. I simply.....will it to go away." Heero admitted, then continued. "If you don't mind, I have a lot work to do and this conversation is non-productive."

Duo made his way over to where Heero sat, grabbing the back of the chair and spinning it around, brought the two boys face to face, Duo leaning down. "You will it to go away ? You mean ….." Duo started.

"Yeah…." Heero replied, his face very red.

Duo stepped back and broke out into a fit of near hysterical laughter.

Heero snorted and spun his chair back around to face his laptop and placing his fingers on the keyboard, began typing.

"That is just so you, Yuy." Duo mused, shaking his head from side to side. "Can't even let yourself enjoy yourself…sheesh."

"What makes you think I'd enjoy it anyway?" Heero asked, turning to glance over again at Duo.

"Ohhh…I'm pretty sure you would !" Duo smiled at the seriousness on Heero's face.

Heero turned back to face the computer. "Perhaps, I'll try it some time."

"If you need any help, just let me know." Duo giggled as he made his way into the bathroom.


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