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Making Love to Death (Part 3)


It was nearly 0600 when he reached the rear entrance of the Winner Estate. Heero had arrived two hours ahead of schedule. Unlocking the door, he entered and proceeded hastily up the stairs to the room he and Duo had been sharing for the past several months.

Gently opening the door, not wanting to disturb Duo just yet, Heero entered and smiled at finding everything just as he'd recalled. Although the sun had already risen, the room was dark, as all the shades were still drawn. Placing his bags next to the closet, Heero carefully walked over to the foot of their bed. Heero could see Duo's form lying on the bed before him. The mere sight leaving him breathless. 'I'm home Duo.'

Walking over to the other side of the bed, Heero prepared to join Duo, when he observed yet another form lying in the bed 'What ?!??!!' ……in * his* bed !! ……with *his* Duo !!! Absolutely furious, Heero grabbed none too gently at the form before him, forcing them from their slumber…….Heero's eyes nearly bugged out as his eyes recognized the quite surprised………… "WUFEI ?!?!?!" he screamed "WHAT……..WHAT……WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU *DOING* IN HERE !?!??!?!?!"

Startled, Wufei sat up and hearing the venom in Heero's voice, responded defensively "Heero………it's..…it's not what you think !!" Jumping quickly out of the bed, Wufei, grabbed Heero's arm and tried to force him out of the room.

Heero twisted his arm to break Wufei's grip and growled "Let go of me Wufei ! What the hell is going on here ? I want some answers !" Heero turned to wake Duo, but found Wufei once again had grabbed his arm and was now applying an undue amount of pressure to it's upper portion. Keeping his firm grip on Heero's arm, he succeeded in removing the frantic Heero from the room.

Closing the bedroom door, Wufei roughly and hastily released his grip on Heero's arm, sending him off balance and flying , his trembling body, now collapsed in a reckless heap in the corner. Heero was flat-out stunned by Wufei's behavior, and the discovery of finding him in bed with Duo, but nonetheless accepted the offer of his assist in bringing himself to an upright position.

"I'm sorry Heero" Wufei started "You weren't supposed to be home for another few hours."

Heero just stood there with his mouth agape at hearing Wufei's words. "What does that have to do with anything, Wufei ? You were in bed with Duo for Christ sakes !!!!!"

"It's not what it looks like, Heero. If you would just calm down, Heero, I'll explain everything !" Wufei told him

Heero's face softened slightly.

Wufei could see the confusion in Heero's eyes and while he was glad his obvious confusion had the replaced the anger of several seconds ago, he lost no time in trying to straighten things out.

"Come with me" Wufei said, taking Heero's arm, this time exerting much less force.

Heero followed Wufei as if in a trance. 'How could this be happening ? and what *was* this that was happening ?'

Wufei shifted his hold on Heero and now gently grasping his wrist, led him outside the bedroom that Quatre and Trowa shared. Signaling with his eyes for Heero to stay put, Wufei entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Heero slumped against the wall, a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. 'Something is very wrong.'

In less than a minute, the very sleepy and pajama-clad Quatre and Trowa appeared in the hallway. Trowa reached out and putting his arm around Heero's shoulder guided him into their bedroom. Once Heero was seated comfortably on the bed, Quatre began "Heero…….something has happened ……something terrible has happened ……..Duo." He continued, barely able to choke the words out.

Heero stood rapidly, the blood rushing to his head, causing him to lose his balance. He was caught by Trowa's hands, Trowa gently seated him again. "What ? What is it Quatre…..tell me what happened !!"His voice trembling and panic-stricken.

"Heero" Quatre started, his voice was soft with care and compassion, but his face was twisted with pain "Duo …….was….. raped .....and..... badly happened last week" Quatre nearly sobbed, his hand reaching out to hold Heero's hands which he now held in a tight fist in his lap, the skin covering his knuckles pale white.

"We brought him home from the hospital yesterday. He is going to be okay,'s just going to take some time" his voice trailing off "....a long time."

Heero's face was pale. He felt nauseous. 'This can't be happening!'

Heero stood and looking into Quatre's gentle eyes "I…...I….need to go see him…can I go see him ?" Heero didn't mean for it to be a question. Not waiting for the unnecessary reply, Heero hurried out of the room, the other three pilots following closely behind.

Heero entered their room and turning on the light, nervously made his way to the large bed. Sitting on the bed, Heero turned his attention to where Duo lay and gazed gently toward his lovers face. Duo looked thin and pale. Heero's sullen eye's fell to the numerous bruises that graced the left side of Duo's face and bringing his hand up to them, gently stroked over them with the back of his hand. Heero could see that Duo's nose had been broken, the fracture leaving its telltale discoloration under both of his now sunken and hollow eyes.

His forehead was wrapped with several layers of thin white gauze, blood staining it in several places. Even his beautiful hair was soaked with blood. He brought his hand up to lovingly embrace the side of Duo's face. Choking back the tears and allowing his gaze to leave his injured Duo, Heero put his feet down on the floor and bringing his hands up to cover his face, sat motionless. Heero could feel his heart in his throat, as he lifted his head up and glanced over at the other three pilots whose silhouettes he could still see in the doorway.

Quatre leaned over Heero's bent and solemn form and placing his hands on Heero's upper arms, pulled him into a standing position, then guided him to a sitting position in the armchair across the room.

"Is he conscious, Quatre?" asked Heero nervously as he sat.

"Yeah Heero, he is. He is just .....very heavily's for his own good, Heero." Quatre continued "Duo is in a considerable amount of pain, Heero.....physically .......and mentally."

It wasn't until that moment, hearing those words tumble so painfully from Quatre's mouth, *understanding* those words that Quatre had to force himself to utter, that Heero fully grasped the intense gravity of the situation. It hit Heero like a ton of bricks.

Standing immediately and pointing his finger toward the door, Heero barked his order to the three pilots. His voice calm and monotone "Please leave.....I want to be alone with Duo." Without a sound or hesitation the three pilots exited and closed the door softly behind them.

Heero stood for a moment in the middle of the room, his eyes fixed on nothing in particular. Moving toward the chair, he slowly sunk into it and gave in to his emotions, allowing himself to cry.

Some unnamed emotion now found it's way to every inch of his now trembling body. It gripped at his heart first and then radiated outward to touch every fiber of his being. His body was suddenly taken over by a massive amount of pain, not the type of pain Heero had become accustomed to dealing with in battle, and it was pain from deep within his soul. He shuddered uncontrollably, eventually sobbing loudly as a non-stop stream of tears rolled down his contorted face.

Slowly regaining his composure, Heero rose and grabbed a blanket from the closet. Covering himself he slid back down into the chair and allowing himself to relax, fell into a long needed sleep.


A gentle knock on the door roused Heero from his sleep.

Looking over, Heero found Duo still asleep, the covers partially thrown from his body. Duo's pajama top was unbuttoned and his torso was naked save for the yards of white gauze that encircled his mid-section. His right arm was carelessly tossed above his head. Heero could see a long black line......stitches in Duo's forearm and gauged there were at least 30 of them. 'My poor Duo.'

The knock came again, more firmly this time.

"Come in" Heero responded, somewhat absent mindedly, still distracted, accessing his lover's battered form lying almost lifeless on the bed.

Wufei opened the door and seeing Heero's eye's taking in Duo's injuries, slowly moved toward Heero and spoke "A couple of his ribs are cracked." Wufei volunteered, noticing Heero's eyes sharply focused on Duo's bandaged chest.


"You want me to give you the whole score here, Heero ?" Wufei asked caringly, placing his hand on Heero's shoulder.

Heero only nodded his dissent, still unable to pull his gaze away from Duo.

Finally turning to meet Wufei's eyes, Heero spoke "I'm genuinely sorry about this morning Wufei...I....."

Wufei cut him off "It's not a problem, Heero.......there is nothing to apologize for."

"I never should have jumped to such a ridiculous conclusion....." Heero stated flatly, his eyes unable to look at Wufei.

Wufei turned to Heero, surprising the boy as he put his arms around him, Heero's arms instinctively surrounding Wufei, accepting his uncharacteristic but appropriate tenderness. "What have they done Wufei ? What have they done to my poor Duo ?" he whispered, voice cracking into Wufei's ear. Wufei tightened his embrace, feeling the sudden warmth of Heero's tears hitting his shoulder.

Stepping back several minutes later, Heero looked slightly embarrassed having let Wufei witness his momentary weakness. Sensing  Heero's uncomfortable predicament, Wufei offered his acceptance "It's okay. We all cried, Heero."

"Is he going to wake anytime soon, Wufei ?" Heero continued, now feeling ready to digest more information. "You have been staying with him, right ? How are his spirits when he's awake ?"

Wufei glanced down at his watch "I imagine he will up in about an hour or so, when the medication starts to wear off. "Heero, Duo isn't  umm......."

'How do I say this......*THINK* Wufei *THINK*' he continued "Duo isn't his normal cheerful self. Heero, he isn't even his *wounded* normal cheerful self."

Heero nodded believing he somewhat understood what Wufei was telling him, but Wufei hadn't made it as evident as perhaps he should have exactly *how* Duo was.

"Wufei ?" Heero asked "Would you mind staying with Duo while I go take a quick shower ?"

Wufei nodded and Heero searched the room for everything he needed and took off for the bathroom. Feeling somewhat more relaxed than he did before Wufei's entrance, Heero turned on the water and quickly slipping out of his clothes, climbed into the almost too hot spray. Heero let the water wash over him for several minutes, before covering his body with the soap's lather, totally enjoying his first *real* shower in nearly a month.

A heavy feeling came over him from out of nowhere, disturbing the pleasure of the warm spray against his tired, sweaty body. He instantly recognized the was the soap.....more precisely, the *smell* of the was Duo's ....and Heero's senses were once again full of his braided lover. 'I need you to be okay, Duo.'

Heero ran his hands slowly over his soap-slicked chest feeling a familiar sensation in his groin. "How many times have we made love in the shower, Duo ?' Now leaning back against the showers cold tile wall, his mind running rampant with thoughts of Duo and guiltily unable to ignore his body's month long void, Heero allowed his right hand to move downward in search of his still hardening member.

Closing his eyes, he imagined Duo's hand, gently caressing his cock, sliding his skilled fingers over the tip, where he knew Heero was the most sensitive. 'Oh, Duo' Heero sighed, pumping his hand harder and harder never letting go of the vision he had of Duo standing dripping wet and naked before him in all his glory, surrounded by his curtain of chestnut hair, hungrily handling his hardness the way that only Duo could, knowing just where to touch him and just when to stop. 'You are such a gentle lover, Duo'

It was all too much....his thoughts of Duo, Duo's smell surrounding him.... Heero felt himself on the verge of orgasm, thrusting his hips further into the velvety smoothness of his own five fingers. Heero threw his head upward, opening his mouth to moan, but not allowing the sounds escape. 'Oh..... Mmmmm....Duo.' Heero whispered. Shuddering violently, Heero tightened his grip and pumping his length twice more, finally releasing his seed into his own hand. Standing motionless against the shower wall, Heero allowed himself to catch his breath before finishing his shower and returning to the bedroom.


Wufei sat cross-legged on the bed next to Duo, whose eyes, much to Heero's surprise were partially opened. Heero's eyes met with violet and he wasted no time joining Wufei next to Duo.

"Duo" Heero said softly, allowing the back of his hand to move gently down the left side of Duo's bruised and swollen, yet still beautiful face.

Duo slowly let his eyelids close, breaking the short stare and purposefully turned his head away from Heero's gaze.

Heero was hurt beyond words, Wufei could see it in his eyes.

"Duo, please..." Heero almost pleaded, his voice never losing it's gentle tone "........Why won't you look at me ?"


"Wufei ?" Heero questioned

Not waiting to see if Wufei would respond, Heero continued "Duo, please....please look at me" his tone growing more urgent with every syllable, his voice becoming raspier as he tried fighting back the tears "I love you Duo.......please, why wont you let me in ?"


Heero totally lost it....again.

Leaving the room as quickly as he could, Heero hurried through the house and started running when he reached the outside, finally collapsing against the trunk of a large tree some 500 yards from the house. Severely winded, he took a few moments to catch his breath before allowing himself to reflect on what has just happened.

Only moments later, Quatre and Trowa made their way across the yard to where Heero, sitting to join him.

"Heero, are you okay ?" Trowa's voice was calm and gentle.

Quatre sat down beside Heero "You need to give him some time, Heero."

"He couldn't even look at me, Quatre !!!" Heero almost screamed, though it wasn't out of anger at what Quatre had said.

"I just wanted him to look at tell him I was there for him......but he wouldn't, Quatre....he wouldn't and.........he" Heero's voice now soft and filled with concern.

"Do they know who did this ? Did they get the guy ?" Heero asked moments later.

Trowa looked toward Quatre "Yes Heero, they arrested all of them shortly after it happened. Apparently there were a few eye witnesses." Quatre told him softly.

"All ?" Heero questioned, his face contorted "What do you mean 'ALL'? Heero continued.

Trowa placed his hand on Heero's shoulder "There were 6 of them, Heero" Trowa told him looking downward, unable to face Heero.

Heero's mouth hung open momentarily as a incredibly sick feeling overtook him. Closing his eyes, Heero's subconscious unwillingly supplying him with a barrage of horrific visions. Grasping his temples in hands, Heero lowered his head and tried drive the unwanted images from his mind.

Heero got up and started to walk toward the house, then turned to Quatre and Trowa "I'll be upstairs with Duo if anybody needs me." 'Duo needs me'


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