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No Way! (part 3)

Silverblade Shi-fox

Heero looked at the boy that held his arm. Duo was looking positively gleeful and he wondered why. There had been nothing that had happened to bring that sparkle to his eyes that Heero could see... But if Chari was right, the fact that Heero was going with him of his volition would be enough to have that effect on the boy. It gave him a feeling of power...and of responsibility. Heero vowed to himself that he wouldn’t spoil Duo’s happiness, no matter what he had to put up with. This dance thing meant more to the American than he had let on, there was no way that Heero was going to do anything to ruin it for the boy.



"I do have an ulterior motive for accompanying you today."

"What’s that?"

"I need something to wear to the dance."

"You should have told me! I could have made it up and-"

"What do you mean?"


"Did you make that dress?"


Heero stared at Duo, who was blushing. He had made the dress? But how? Heero knew the basics of sewing in case he absolutely needed to repair clothing in case of an emergency, but he found no pleasure in it and anything more intricate was beyond him. Where had Duo gotten the skill to make something as complicated as a medieval style dress?

"How did you...?"

Duo looked down at his feet, blushing deeper. "Well, you see...It’s awfully hard to find the clothes I like so I learned to make them. The dress included a lot of elements from the sisters’ habits and stuff, which I learned how to make when I was at the church."

Heero placed a hand on Duo’s shoulder, knowing how much those memories pained him. Then he realized that since Duo was in his Hellan guise, he could give into the urge to hold him. So he drew the other boy into his arms, tucking Duo’s head underneath his chin. Heero felt Duo’s hands sliding around him to cling to him while he fought his tears. He just held the shaking boy close, stroking his back soothingly and letting Duo get himself calmed down. They stood like that for close on twenty minutes; even though Duo’s shaking had stopped, he seemed loathe to leave the circle of Heero’s arms. Not that Heero had any problem with this... He was reveling in the feel of Duo’s lithely muscled body so close to his own...those sensuous lips brushing against his neck...the hot wash of Duo’s breath against his skin...

‘You could kiss him, you know...’

‘Not you again! I don’t want to take advantage of him. He needs comfort now.’

‘You’re lying. You do want to take advantage of him, just not in such a public area.’

‘Oh, shut up.’

‘We’re wearing you down! But doesn’t it feel nice to have him in your arms like this?’

‘Yes.’ ‘Don’t you wish you had done it sooner?’


‘Aren’t you glad that you’re going to the dance with him?’


‘Aren’t you glad that Chari’s probably rigged the votes?’


‘It’s no fun when you agree all the time!’

Heero smirked.

Duo sighed. He was in heaven...Heero was holding him and he didn’t want it ever to end. Just the feel of that strong body pressed tightly against his was enough to make him giddy. Add to that the sensation of strong hands stroking his back and the beat of Heero’s pulse beneath his lips and you had a recipe for pure bliss. He had the feeling that they had been standing together for an awfully long time and very reluctantly pulled away. Heero seemed loathe to break their embrace as well...

‘You’re just imagining things, Maxwell...’

"Okedokey! Now to find an outfit for you and jewelry for me! Here mappy, mappy, mappy..."

Heero was giving him an odd look, but Duo just grinned. There was no spoiling his mood now! Duo prowled through the mall until he found a map. "Aha! Here’s a map! Now, let’s see... jewelry... mmm... A14 looks like the best bet. Now for your outfit, my dear Heero-chan...lessee...nope, nope, umm... there! B10! Ok! Let’s go!"

He grabbed Heero’s arm and literally dragged the boy through the mall until they reached their destination. The first was the store wherein he hoped to find a suitable outfit for his Heero. Duo snickered at the thought as he pulled the boy’s unresisting form past the doors. Inwardly, he was somewhat amazed that Heero hadn’t decked him, girl disguise or no, but figured that the Japanese pilot had his own reasons for everything. Heero was just probably plotting revenge for when they were alone. He decided to concentrate on the task at hand; namely, getting Heero an outfit to go to the dance. The store was almost a costume store, apparently the medieval look was really in for the proms and such that were all going on. He spotted a flash of midnight blue and once more dragged Heero after him. Duo stopped in front of the tunic. It was midnight blue with accents of silver. His mind began working on the coordinating shirt and hose that would match...a light blue shirt and matching midnight blue hose... He was gleefully imagining just how nice Heero’s legs would look... Then he saw the price.


"Are you alright, Hellan-chan?"

"Um...yeah. How the Hell do they expect high school students to be able to afford these things!"

"Most get their parents to pay for it."

"Oh yeah. Well, we’re SOL here...I know I don’t have this kinda money and I can’t imagine that you do either."

"So what do we do?"

Duo thought for a moment. An idea occurred to him...but would Heero let him...? "I could make you an outfit..."

Heero stared at Duo for a few long minutes. Was he serious?

"How long would it take you?"

"Um...not that long..."

"I’ll let you get away with putting yourself out this time...but just this once. So what do you need?"

"Well, I need your measurements...[3] I know the patterns, so I just need the fabric."

"Alright, let’s do it.[4] We’ll stop at a fabric shop after we get your jewelry."

"Ok!" Duo skipped out of the store, once again dragging Heero with him. Heero didn’t mind in the slightest, he enjoyed seeing the other boy in such high spirits. He frowned, there had to be some way he could make it up to Duo. Perhaps Duo would let him buy him something... They entered the jewelry shop and Duo bounced over to the gold section. Heero saw him eye a few things wistfully before turning away and decided then and there that he would buy Duo the perfect set of jewelry for the dress. He wandered over to a smaller section of the store and spotted the very thing. A necklace and matching earrings of gold and bright red garnet, they were even in the old style that would match the dress. He smiled slightly and bought the set, returning to Duo after the purchase was made.

"Hellan-chan, I think we’ve finished here."

"Wha? Oh, you mean you’re sick of looking at jewelry, huh?"

"No, I think we’ve found what we were looking for. Let’s get some lunch."

Duo looked confused, but followed him out and to the food court. Heero grinned and dragged the boy the same as he’d been dragged before.

"So, what do you want to eat?"

"Huh? Oh, um...a burger and some fries."

"Typical American."

"You know it! Grease and salt and some more grease!"

Heero shook his head and left Duo to get his burger while he found some more nutritious and better tasting food. They met back up at the condiments stand [5], which also had napkins and straws. Duo grinned and moved at almost super speed to snag a table just before another couple. He turned to Heero, his grin assuming its usual proportions. Heero was just glad to see that Duo was acting more like himself for the first time during this entire mission. Duo made a face at Heero’s choice of lunch.

"Don’t you ever get sick of rice?"

"Don’t you ever get sick of burgers?"


"Hellan-chan, you are incorrigible."

"So don’t incorrige me!"

Heero groaned at the old pun and made as if to deck the boy. Duo laughingly ducked. "Just for that, I might not give you your present."

"You got me a present?!"

Heero handed him the bag and Duo’s eyes widened as he saw what it contained. "Oh...Heero! They’re perfect! Oh...THANK YOU!"

Heero suddenly found himself holding the ecstatic boy in his arms. Duo was scattering small kisses all over his face, finally stopping at his nose. Heero blinked. Those tempting lips were so close...

"Thank you, Heero. No one’s ever..." he buried his head against Heero’s shoulder, "Arigato, my dear, dear Heero-chan."

Heero was blushing and he knew it. He wanted nothing more than to hold Duo forever like this, he now knew that Duo hadn’t just been playing around. Duo really did care for him, perhaps even loved him as Chari had said. Heero felt the need to laugh or do something crazy just to get rid of this tingling sensation, this energy. He let his fingers stroke along the line of Duo’s neck and tickled his ears. There was an indignant squawk and Duo looked at him accusingly.

"Your burger’s getting cold."

Duo looked at him for a moment then grinned again. Then the American kissed him on the nose once more before returning to the decimation of his lunch. Heero was still fighting the urge to grin idiotically, there had been real emotion in those whispered words. Duo had meant it when he’d called him ‘my dear, dear Heero-chan’ and Heero had never thought that anything would ever stir this feeling inside of him [6]. It was only now that he realized that he cared for Duo much more than he’d thought, perhaps even...but that was best left until later, when he and Duo could talk...among other things... He finished his lunch without really tasting it and grinned at Duo’s wistful glance towards the ice cream stand.

"You want some ice cream, Hellan-chan?"


Heero nodded.

Duo’s eyes shone. "I’d like a scoop of double chocolate fudge on a waffle cone!"

"Only one?"

"Well...and a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough?"

"That’s more like it. I’ll be right back."

Duo was nearly wriggling with glee. Heero had bought him a present! He knew that his response had been a little strong, but Heero hadn’t seemed to mind. He had even offered to buy Duo ice cream! Duo was happy. Now they would get some fabric and he would take Heero’s measurements and then sew him up the best outfit he could! He vowed to himself that Heero’s outfit would be the best at the dance. Heero returned with the ice cream and they set off for the fabric store, both having little problem with finishing before the store was reached. Heero had managed to get ice cream on his nose and Duo couldn’t resist the urge to lick it off. Heero blinked, then ran a finger along Duo’s lips to wipe away the remaining chocolate ice cream. Duo caught his breath and turned quickly before he gave in and kissed the other pilot. He tried to distract himself with choosing fabric for Heero’s outfit. The tunic at the store was his basis and he gathered the materials needed for his vision. Heero just followed him silently, seeming to be amused by his running commentary.

"Nope...bleah! Who’d ever wear a color like that! No, no...maybe...(etc.)"

They returned to the school and Duo’s room with the purchases. Duo pulled out his measuring tape and motioned for Heero to stand still. He found it difficult to refrain from unnecessary touching, but somehow managed...

‘I’m really gonna need a cold shower after this...’

"Alright, you’re all measured. I’ll get started on this right away."

"Duo," he looked up when Heero touched his shoulder, "don’t stay up too late."

"Hai! G’night, Heero-chan!"

"Oyasumi, Hellan-chan."

Duo sighed as Heero left the room, then turned to the fabric. He began cutting it and reflected that this was probably the only chance that he would ever have to do such a thing for his beloved. Duo then concentrated on the task of putting together the best outfit at the dance. ‘Gods, I love him so much...I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.’

Heero left Duo’s rooms and headed towards his own. He had a feeling that Duo would be up most of the night, but there was no way that Heero could stop him so he didn’t even try. He smiled a little as he remembered the scene outside the fabric shop. Duo had licked the ice cream off his nose and - though he had been sorely tempted to lick the chocolate off the other boy’s lips - he had restrained himself to just wipe it off with a finger. Duo’s eyes had widened and a blush had risen on those fair cheeks. When Duo had turned around, Heero had licked the ice cream off his finger, it was the closest he figured he would get to those soft lips any time soon. Heero found it somewhat amusing that Duo seemed as wary of making a wrong move as he was. Now that Heero was sure of the American’s feelings, he was unsure how to proceed. He was so lost in thought that he bumped into someone in the hallway. It was Chari.

"Heero-kun! You look like you’re thinking very deeply on something."

"I am."

He looked around and seeing that no one was around, dragged the girl into the study room closest to them. Chari looked very startled.

"Heero-kun, what the Hell-"

"I need your advice."

She looked at him narrowly then smiled. "So, you found out that I was right after all."

"Yes. Now I don’t know what to do. I know that Hellan loves me and I care for her, but I’m not sure how to let her know. I don’t want her to think that I’m just humoring her or something like that."

"Well, I have an idea. But I can’t tell you the specifics."

"I know that you’re rigging the voting."

"To be honest, it didn’t take much to rig. Hellan’s a big favorite."

"I’ve noticed."

"Look, just show up at the dance and I’ll take care of the rest."

"Alright." She grinned and left the room. Heero returned to his rooms deep in thought again. What could the girl be planning?

Chari headed to her rooms nearly skipping. Heero had gotten a clue! She didn’t know how it had happened and she really didn’t care, but now she knew that Hellan had a real chance. As she passed her friend’s door, she saw the light on and heard the sound of the sewing well as a few muttered curses. Chari decided that now was not the time to chat with Hellan. She grinned to herself; everything was set up. She had rigged it so that Hellan and Heero would be voted the spring queen and king. She had also rigged a surprise that would fit the bill of letting Hellan know that Heero really cared for her. She couldn’t wait to see her face tomorrow night!

The morning of the dance dawned bright and cheerful. Classes seemed to zoom by and everyone was buzzing with nervous energy. Finally it was time. Duo had given Heero the finished outfit during lunch and had left before the Japanese pilot could look at it. He hoped Heero liked it... He was finished with his own preparations, including jewelry and makeup, and was nervously awaiting Heero’s appearance. A knock on the door had him running to answer it before he even registered the sound. Duo opened the door and was quite pleased to see that Heero looked as good in the medieval wear as he’d thought. Heero seemed impressed with his appearance as well. There was a moment of silence before Heero took his hand and raised to his lips in a courtly gesture. Duo blushed.

"You look beautiful, Hellan-chan."

"Thank you. You don’t look half-bad yourself."

Heero’s mouth quirked and he held out his arm to Duo. He somewhat dazedly took it and they headed to the converted gym. Duo barely noticed the stares they were getting, he was too shocked by the appreciative gleam in Heero’s eyes when he looked at him. This was the best night of his life...!

The next hour passed in a blur to Heero. Nothing mattered except the lovely boy in his arms. He remembered the blush on Duo’s cheeks when he’d kissed his hand and the surprise when he’d asked him to dance. Duo was an excellent dancer and Heero silently reveled in the slim waist under his hands and the grace with which his friend moved. He almost chuckled when the winners of the crowns were announced and Duo looked shocked. Chari winked at him and Heero nodded back. The principle had just finished placing the crowns on his and Duo’s heads when a murmur went through the crowd of students. It was unintelligible at first, but slowly gained in volume. Heero nearly laughed at Chari’s ‘surprise.’

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" was the chant.

Heero turned to Duo - who was blushing furiously - and tilted that gamin face up to meet his eyes. He very deliberately lowered his lips to the other’s and slid his arms around that lithe body. Duo seemed to melt into it and slid his arms around Heero’s shoulders, linking his hands behind his neck and intertwining his fingers in Heero’s hair. The catcalls and whistles disappeared as Heero slipped his tongue into Duo’s willing mouth and they told each other, without words, of their need and of their love [7]. The kiss grew deeper as their tongues sparred with one another and neither noticed when the crowd went silent. Heero broke away reluctantly - there was only so long one could go without oxygen - and stared into Duo’s flushed face and sparkling eyes. Those eyes asked a question and he nodded. A smile of sunny radiance spread on Duo’s face.

"Why don’t we discuss this without an audience?"

"Hai, Heero-chan."

Heero led Duo off the platform and out of the gym. Behind them, he could hear the cheers of Chari and her confederates. He took Duo to his room and pulled him into his lap, Duo was quite willing.

"So, what do you want to discuss?" Heero just kissed him again, letting his hands roam over Duo’s face and neck, pulling him tightly against him.

"How about how soon we can get out of here?"

"Everyone is at the dance, we just have the last section to download."

"Hai. Let’s go."

"Right, meet me at my room."

Heero watched Duo leave his room and smiled. He got packed in record time and dressed in his preferred skulking outfit. He slung the carisack over his shoulder and slunk over to Duo’s room. The boy was just finishing packing when he arrived. Duo was back in his traditional priest’s smock and black pants. Heero had never realized before just how good he looked in them...

‘Later...’ he told his hormones.

Duo left a note on the table as they left. Heero figured it was probably for Chari. They headed for the principle’s office to download the last part of the virus and erase their files from the school’s computer. It went off without a hitch and Heero was thankful. They snuck out to the parking lot and Duo hot-wired a motorcycle for their getaway. They would have to stop once during the night, it was too far to the base to take it all in one go. Heero grinned as he realized that this left him and Duo alone in a hotel room for the night...


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