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Wild Little Wu-Chan


Air burned with the smell of carbon, sulfur, heat and oil as the Gundams sliced through the OZ mobile suits and the Torus Dolls as if they were only air.

 "Hahahahahahahaha! Those who see me must die! Shinigami lives! Take that!"

 "Maxwell desist your endless chatter."

 "Nope, and I wont shut up either!" Duo's face
grinned at him from the vid screen.

 "Duo! Behind you!"

 Duo's Gundam spun with the grace of the pilot
himself as he cut strait up through the unfortunate

 "Damn it Duo! Pay attention!" Heero barked.

 "Oi Hee-chan! I didn't know you cared."



 "Duo. . . I. . ."

 "No Time for this!" Wufei defended the two
motionless allies and growled, "Later, we're in

 Duo's violet eyes opened wide when he saw the
dolls coming toward them, "We can't fight that many!"

 Quatre and Trowa came speeding out of the base
before it exploded. "The mission is accomplished."

 Duo nodded and all five began a retreat.

 Two miles passed when Quatre felt something
wrong, "Heero? Duo? Where is Wufei?"

 They stopped and stared back toward the base,
"You think they. . ."

 Heero nodded and punched some quick orders
into his console.


 "Pilot 005. Captured."



 "Well we have to rescue him!"

 "Get back to the safe house. Everyone." Heero
ordered then looked back toward the battlefield one
more time. "We will formulate our plan there."

 Duo nodded and gunned off after Heero.

 Trowa and Quatre followed close behind. The
little blond shaking with fear.


 "They aren't acting like they should. OZ has
plans for him Trowa. Wufei is afraid."

 "We'll find him."

 "We have to. Soon."

 "We will."

 Wufei was cuffed down to a med table in the
latest OZ facility. When Lady Une walked in he
redoubled his efforts to get away, "Kisama! Onna! I
demand justice!"

 "You've had your victory." Une smiled and
filled a sirynge with some gold colored fluid, "Now
let us have a shot at ours."

 "What is that?"

 "Your doctors call it a youth serum I believe.
We've adjusted it since the test on 003. Now be a good
little boy and maybe you'll get a lollypop."

 "Kisama!!! Let me go!"

 Une chuckled and injected the serum into his

 "Usura baka! Ahou! Ohhhh," Wufei swayed his
head unsteadily.

 "It's starting!"

 "Lady Une!"

 The woman spun to face Trieze Kushranada.

 He wasn't looking at her, the commander's eyes
were glued to the boy on the table, "What have you

 "We needed a new test subject for the youth

 Trieze all but snapped the bindings off of the
Chinese boy and helped him to sit up. "Wufei. Can you
hear me?"

 "Injustice." He said, his voice no larger than
a whisper. "Trieze?"


 He swayed and caught himself on the OZ
leader's cape, "I feel. . . ohhh!"

 "Une!" Trieze glared up at his assistant
without letting go of the swaying pilot, "This is NOT
how we run things here!"

 "But Lord Trieze. . ."


 "Yes sir."

 "Trieze. . ."

 The man's mouth fell open as the boy shrank in
his embrace until a tiny baby sat in his place,
clutching at the oversized flight suit around it.

 Une frowned, "Damn, still not right!"

 "Lady Une!" Trieze growled and lifted the
child from the suit and into his arms.


 "Since you felt this necessary You will be
this boy's nurse until he grows back again."

 "But that could take anywhere from weeks to

 "Yes it could."


 "Go purchase the necessary items. Use OZ's
account. And tell no one what happened."

 "Then how will I explain. . ."

 Trieze got a gleam to him eyes and smiled,
"Tell them that they are for you."

 "Diapers sir?"

 "You have a little problem." Trieze grinned.

 Une blushed and tried to reply but Trieze held
the baby out to her.

 "Look at what you have done. This punishment
is more than fair."

 The baby cooed and his little legs kicked in
the air as he urinated all down the front of the
colonel's jacket.


 "Go." Trieze smiled.

 "I need to change."

 "You will go just as you are." He tucked the
child into the crook of his arm and tickled his
kicking feet. "Hurry back Une."

 "Y. . . yes sir."

 Trieze waited until she was gone and then
sighed, "Wufei I am so sorry my little dragon. I will
keep you safe until you are back to normal. And then I
will return you safely home. This was not supposed to

 The baby hiccupped and began to cry, and Trieze
hugged his close, "Shh, Shh, don't cry little dragon.
We'll have you back to normal soon. Don't cry."

 The door opened and three privates walked inside, "Sir, we were told to report s. . ."

 Trieze nodded, "Continue."

 "Sir is that a. . . a . . ."

 "A baby. This is my ward, Wufei."

 "I. . . you have a ward?"

 "It seems I do now."

<Part 2>

 Duo paced behind Heero as the perfect soldier hacked into every oz base he could find. "Oi this is boring! Any luck Hee-chan?"

 "I can not locate the base he is held in."

 Quatre studied the print outs and frowned, "It's like after that one transmission of his capture, He just

 Trowa walked in the door, "I found Une."

 All of them looked up and the boy shrugged, "She was at the store purchasing diapers."


 "She told the checker that they were for her, she smelled like urine."

 Duo snickered, "Classic."

 Heero shook his head and turned back to the computer, "this makes no sense. Where IS he?!"

 Wufei was cuddled in Trieze's lap as the OZ leader brushed his long black hair lovingly.

 Over the first night Wufei had grown from a baby to a toddler of three or four years but after that he
showed no more signs of ageing. Then serum was holding firm. Still, he didn't seem to mind. And
Trieze, though he missed his dragon, was quite fond of the little one he had become.

 "Trieze papa?"

 "What is it Wu-chan?"

 "Why do you like to brush my hair so much?"

 "Because once, you wouldn't let me touch you like this."

 "When I was big?"


 "Why not?"

 "We are enemies Wu-chan. When you are big we fight and one day one of us will kill the other."

 Wu-chan's eyes were bright with childish question. "Kill?"

 "Let's not talk about that now."


 "What do you want to do today?"


 "Play where?"

 "In the garden! I love the garden!"

 Trieze smiled and nodded, "I have a meeting today though, so Une will have to play with you until it's

 Wu-chan wrinkled his little nose, "I don't like Une-san."

 "Why not?"

 "She's a crazy lady."

 Trieze smiled, "That crazy lady used to change your diapers."

 "Maybe that is why she went crazy."

 Both of them looked up and Wu-chan squealed with delight and wiggled his way off of Trieze's lap,

 Zech lifted the bouncing child in his arms, "Hello. What have you been up to Trieze? Who is this?"

 "Look into his eyes." Trieze sighed.

 Zech looked and gasped, "Wu. . . Wufei?"

 "Une tried out the latest youth drug on him without telling me."

 "How long has he been like this?"

 "A week now."

 Zech shook his head and lowered Wu-chan to the floor, "So you have a baby."

 Wu-chan plucked Zech's mask from his head and slipped it on his own.

 "Wufei, give me that."


 "Wufei. . ." Zech approached slowly and Wufei took off out the door and down the hall. Still naked
as the day he was born except for the huge mask.

 Trieze and Zech both hurried after him. "Wu-chan! Wu-chan!"

 "Wufei you little weasel! Give me my mask!"

 The child giggled and dodged through another door, entering the mess hall. All of the soldiers
stopped their conversations to stare at the little legs sticking out of their Lieutenant's mask. "Anou. . ."

 "WuFei!" Zech barreled in followed closely by Trieze.

 "Wu-chan please, come here, you need to get dressed."

 "And give me back my mask!"

 The baby slipped off somewhere and the two of them looked around, noticing their audience.

 Zechs was the first to recover from his shock, "Well? find him!"

 A private stood and raised his hand, "Sirs."


 "He's sitting in my breakfast Sir."

 The rest of the mess hall started to snicker and Trieze walked over to lift the food covered infant
from the poor man's plate. Zech snatched the mask from him and slammed it on angrily. A squishing
sound stopped him.

 "Anou. . . sir. . . my um. . . my eggs are missing."

 Zech lifted the mask and peeled as much as he could out of his hair, "I found them."

 Trieze slipped away before Zech caught him snickering at him and returned to his chambers to bathe
the sticky child. "You are a little trouble maker."

 "Uhuh." He agreed happily.

 "But I love you for it."

 The child grinned and Trieze lowered him into the warm bath he had drawn, "I am going to be late
for my meeting."


 Trieze smiled and kissed the upset child on the forehead, "Hush now. I'm not mad at you."

 "How come?"

 Trieze chuckled, "Because the look on Zech's face was priceless."

 Wu-chan giggled and soon their laughter filled the base.

<Part 3>

 Heero slammed his laptop shut, "He must be in a new base."

 "So how do we find him?"

 "We don't for now. If OZ kills him they will make it a public execution, like they were
going to make yours."

 "So we wait until they bring him to us?"


 "Awe Maaaaan!" Duo slumped then straitened, "Wait!"


 "Trowa saw Une buying diapers."

 Quatre nodded and Heero just waited for him to get to the point.

 "Well don't you see?! OZ has a youth formula they're testing too."

 "So. . ."

 "Right! What if they used it on Wufei! We've been looking for a pilot! Try looking for a

 Heero nodded and began to work again.
  Trieze awoke to a motion at the foot of his bed, "Wha. . .?" He glanced down and saw
Wu-chan, sitting there in his footsie PJs with one of his fingers in his mouth. "Wu-chan? Are you

 "I'm scared."

 "Of what?" Trieze opened his arms and the child crawled up into his embrace.

 "Of Une lady. She keeps watching me. I don't want to sleep alone."

 Trieze lifted his blankets and the little boy curled up under them, snuggling under the
soldier's chin. "Sleep tight little one. I won't let anyone harm you."

 "Not even the Boogie man?!"

 Trieze chuckled, "Who told you about the Boogie man?"

 "Zech-san said if I ever touched his mask again he would feed me to the Boogie man."

 The commander groaned and cuddled the child closer, "I will have a talk with Zech in the
morning. And yes. I will even protect you from the Boogie man."

 "I love you Trieze papa."

 "Hush. Don't promise something you don't understand." His voice was slightly rough,
"Go to sleep my little dragon."

 "Well I do." Wu-chan sniffled and closed his eyes.

 When the child was breathing deep and easy, Trieze smiled through the dark at him. "I
love you too Chang Wufei."
  The next day Une took Wu-chan to the garden while Trieze attended a meeting with the
colony leaders.

 "Don't wander off." She ordered.

 Wu-chan stuck his tongue out at her and ran into the bushes.

 "Wufei! Come back here!"

 He kept running until he heard a loud chirp. Then he stopped and looked up to watch a
beautiful bird circle around above him.

 The bird's arch through the sky was glorious. Sun sparkled off of it's raven wings and
Wufei followed it's flight with a peaceful awe that only children know. With a softer chir it came
to land on one of the garden posts. The child crept closer, careful not to startle it. "Yosh." He
whispered urgently, "Une lady. Come see."

 Just as the boy turned a cat pounced out of the tall grass and the bird didn't have time to
get away.

 "NO!" Wu-chan grabbed the cat and tore it from it's prey but the damage was already
done. The beautiful bird lay unmoving on the ground.

 Careful little hands scooped it up and Wu-chan's tears fell on the little body. "Bird?"
When it didn't move he did the only thing he knew to do. He went to Trieze.

 "Wufei!" Une chased after the child, "Wait! Wufei! Trieze-sama is in a meeting!!! Wufei
you brat get back here!!!"

  Trieze and all of the leaders he was meeting with looked up when the dark haired little
angel slid inside and ran to scurry onto the OZ leader's lap.

 A very flustered lady Une slammed inside after him, "WU. . . fei. . . anou, Trieze-sama, I
tried to stop him. . ."

 "That will be all Lady Une."

 "Hai sir." She bowed quickly out.

 "Now Wu-chan, I told you I had to talk to these nice people. Why did you need to see me
so badly?"

 The child sniffled and Trieze looked closer under the curtain of his silky hair.

 "Wu-chan." He spoke softly and sat his little ward up on the table, "Are you crying?"

 The Chinese boy held up the dead bird to Trieze's startled gaze and sniffled again, "The
kitty got it and now it won't fly anymore. Make it better Trieze papa. Please."

 Trieze got tears in his eyes. He took the bird from Wufei and handed it to one of the
soldiers, "Give this bird a proper burial."


 "Don't question me."

 "Hai." The man nodded and left.

 Trieze then pulled Wu-chan tightly into his arms and the boy hugged him tighter and
sobbed, "Oh Wu-chan." The OZ leader said sadly, "I can't do anything. I am only a man."

 "No you're not! You're my Trieze papa! You can make it well I know you can!"

 A tear fell to Wufei's head and Trieze bit his lip to squelch them, "Ah little dragon, if
only that were true."

 "Trieze papa."

 "I can't bring that bird back to life Wu-chan. Once something is dead, it stays that way.
No one can change that."

 The child balled up his little fist and scrunched his face up in grief filled rage. "Injustice! Unfair!" Trieze cuddled him closer and Wufei-chan shivered with hurt and anger. "Injustice."

 Trieze looked up at the colony leaders and smiled apologetically.

 "It's all right." One of the younger men smiled, "We weren't aware that you had a son."

 Trieze smooth Wu-chan's hair and soothed him, "He is my ward for the time being."

 "He loves you very much." A woman smiled.

 Trieze nodded and wiped a tear from his eye. He settled the now sleeping child onto his
lap and looked lovingly at the caramel features of his ‘very' little dragon, "And I him."

 "With such a sense of justice, he should make a fine soldier."

 Trieze frowned and closed his eyes, "I wish he would never have to know war. It would
please me if he never even knew what a mobile doll was. But I fear it is not to be."

<Part 4>

 After what happened to the bird, Wufei refused to go anywhere near Lady Une. He stayed with Trieze all of the time, never letting him out of his sight.

 "Wu-chan. I need to meet with. . ."


 "Little one, please let go of my leg."

 "No." His determined little face gazed up at his surrogate papa with tear filled eyes.

 "Wufei lady Une didn't mean to laugh at you about the bird. She was raised to be hard."

 "I don't care."

 "What if a private. . ."


 Trieze picked the teary eyed bundle from his leg and looked at him carefully, "If you let
private Rowan watch you while I attend this meeting, I will play in the garden with you."

 The child perked up, "Can we make mud pies?!"

 "Of course."

 "And have a picnic?"


 The little Chinese child thought this over then looked carefully back to Trieze, "But what
will I do with Ro'an?"

 "You could play with his hair. He has very thick hair."

 "Could I use Zech's stuff?"

 Trieze nodded and Wu-chan leapt down and ran to Rowan, "Trieze papa said I can do
your hair!"

 Rowan looked up helplessly.

 "I need to go to this meeting. Keep him happy."

 "But Une. . ."

 "He doesn't like Une."

 Rowan paused and looked at the child in his arm's, "Well at least you have good taste little man. Ok. Lead the way."

 An hour later Trieze took a break and went to check on the two of them. He found Rowan's Red hair bleached until it looked nearly pink. Tied up with a thousand little ribbons and spiking out all over his head.


 "Trieze-sama!" Rowan jumped up, "Thank God! May I go now?!"

 Trieze tried very hard to keep from smiling. "I knew Zech wasn't a natural blond."

 "Trieze samaaaa!"

 "You may go."

 Rowan hurried out like the hounds of Hell were after him.

 "Wu-chan. . . You bleached Rowan's hair?"

 "Uhuh. Wasn' it pretty Papa?"

 He chuckled and lifted the child into his arms, "Let's get out of here before Zech gets back."

 A couple minuet's later the base was rocked with a scream, "WUFEI!!!!!"

 Wu-chan looked up at Trieze, "Trieze papa?"

 "What is it Wu-chan?"

 "Zech is home."

 The masked Lieutenant rounded the corner and glared at the child who hid behind
Trieze's cape. "You little monster! What did you do to my room?!"

 "He was only playing Zech." Trieze reasoned.

 "Trieze he used a whole bottle of bleach and the floor is covered in. . ."

 "That reminds me, what is your natural color?"

 "W. . . what?"

 "What is your natural hair color?"

 Zech looked down at the raven haired child, "You are a pest."

 "Pest!" Wu-chan repeated.

 "Yes Pest!"

 "Yes Pest!"

 "Are you copying me?"

 "Are you copying me?"

 "Stop it!"

 "Stop it!"

 "Why you. . . !"

 "Zech." Trieze caught his arm before he caught the child, "You need a vacation."

 "V. . . Vacation?"

 He nodded, "A week to relax I think."


 "Go on. Take a week off."

 Zech nodded slowly and turned on his heel.

 Trieze looked down at Wu-chan with a big smile. "I think he likes you."

 Wufei smiled and tugged at the commander's sleeve, "Can we have our picnic now? Can
we huh?"

 "I had the cook pack it before I came to find you. Come on, lets go before the sun goes
down. We can see the sun set."


 Trieze squeezed the child's hand and led him to the garden where a cloth was already
spread and covered with food.

 Wu-chan curled up in Trieze's lap and let the man feed him. Content to be near the familiar warmth.  As the sun went down the OZ commander sighed, "It has been a long time since I just took time to enjoy a sunset."


 "I have been very busy."

 "You're always busy."


 "You don't even give me my baths any more, you have Rowan or Une lady do it."

 "Well I. . ."

 "I miss you."

 Trieze smiled, "Would you like to take a bath Wu-chan?"

 "With bubbles?"


 "The smelly rose bubbles." He grinned.

 Trieze laughed, "Alright."

 "But first. I made you a mud pie." Wu-chan smiled and shove it up right into Trieze's
face accidentally.

 "Wu-chan. . ."



 The boy squealed and jumped up, running across the garden until Trieze caught p to him.
Both of them went down into the mud and soon not a clean spot was left on either of them. Both
were smiling at their game.


 Trieze looked up and wiped the mud from his face. "What is it Rowan?"

 "I. . . sir?"


 "The ah . . . the Gundam pilots have been searching for the pilot of 005. They are getting to close."

 "It's all right Rowan. We will be fine."

 Wu-chan looked up at Trieze fearfully, "Who is Gungam pilots?"

 "Who -are- Gundam pilots, Wu-chan." Trieze corrected softly. "They are five boys who
have dedicated their lives to crushing OZ."

 "But you -are- OZ! Will they hurt you?"

 Trieze got a far off look in his eyes, "One day. . . Mmm, let us go inside Wu-chan."

 "But. . ."

 "It's ok. We have a bath to take remember?"

 The child looked unsure but nodded and took the hand offered him, "Hai."

 Rowan looked after his commander with sad eyes. //He loves that kid. And that kid will be a Gundam pilot again any day now. Lord Trieze, you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain.//

<Part 5>


  Heero finally closed his computer and stood, "Got him."
  Wu-chan splashed in the bubble filled water. Trieze scrubbed his hair and spiked it up, bringing
giggles of pleasure from the child.

 "Rinse." Trieze ordered and Wu-chan leaned his head back to let the water cascade over his face.
Trieze smiled and nodded, "Good."

 After toweling the smiling child and combing out his long raven lochs, Trieze lay him on the bed still
wrapped in his towel while he got his night cloths on.

 "Trieze papa?"


 The child scrunched his face in question, "What is that thing?"

 "What thing?" Trieze turned and asked.

 Wu-chan pointed to his little rod and looked up in question. "What is it?"

 The Oz leader blushed and cleared his throat, "Ah. . . Wu-chan. . . that is so you can go to the

 "Why is Zechs potty a different color?"

 Trieze did -not- like the direction this was going in, "It isn't."

 "Yes huh! I saw him doing tinkle and his was all white like milk."

 The man almost choked.

 "Why is his different?"

 "Because he wasn't going to the bathroom."

 "But he was holding it like you showed me and shaking it to get it all out."

 Trieze looked red as wing's paint, "Wu-chan. . . it's a grown-up thing."

 "Will mine be that color when I grow up?"

 He turned and busied himself dressing, "If you like."

 "What does yours look like?"

 He froze, "My. . ."

 "Hangy thingy."

 "Wu-chan can we change this topic?"

 "Why can't I see?"

 "It's a private thing."

 "But you saw mine."

 "That is different."


 "Wu- chan. . ."


 "Wufei would you please. . ."



 The child jumped. Trieze papa had never yelled at him before. He sniffled sadly and hid his face in
the towel.

 "Wu-chan. . . Wu-chan please don't cry." He picked the naked child up and wrapped him in the
blankets, nestling him against is strong chest. "I didn't mean to yell at you my love, I'm sorry."

 Little sable eyes blinked up at him and Wufei sniffled again.

 Trieze sighed and relented, "Mine looks just like yours only bigger."


 "Because -I'm- bigger."


 "Because I'm older than you."


 "Because I was born first,"

 "W. . ."

 "And if you say Why again I'm going to tickle you silly."

 "Wh. . . .hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" The child kicked and howled with laughter, "Why?!

 Trieze smiled down at the squirming child, "Had enough?"

 "Yes! YES! Y~E~S~!!!" He giggled and rolled into his Trieze-papa's arms, "You're warm."

 "Are you cold?"


 "Here, cuddle under the blankets with me and we'll make you all cosey again."

 Wu-chan smiled and cuddle closer to his protector. Trieze-papa would make everything all better.
//Accept dead, Trieze papa can't help dead.// His childlike mind remembered. He inched closer and
closed his eyes. "I love you Trieze-papa."

<Part 6>

 The sound of the base alarm woke Trieze and Wu-chan before dawn the next day. Wu-chan began to cry and Trieze worked desperately to calm him as he dressed and slipped footsies onto the  child. Just as he finished Rowan burst into the room, "Trieze-sama! It's the Gundams!"

 Wufei's eyes went wide and he hugged Trieze closer, "No! Trieze-papa!"

 "Hush Wu-chan, I will be alright."

 "But you said. . ."

 "Shh." He smiled softly and kissed a tear away, "They only want to help this time."

 "But you said they were bad people!"

 "No, I said they would kill me someday, that doesn't make them bad."

 "Yes it does! Yes it does!!!"

 "Wu-chan." Trieze said softly, "Calm down."


 "SIR!" Rowan looked panicked.

 "Alert the troops."

 "Sir what about y. . ."

 "I'll be fine."

 "Hai." He ran out just as the window shattered and Duo and Heero burst in.


 "Give us Chang Wufei." Heero ordered, pointing his gun at the man's head.

 Wu-chan stood protectively in front of Trieze, "No! Don't hurt Trieze-papa!"

 Duo looked down and snickered, "W. . . Wufei?"

 "Hn." The child said in his high voice.

 Duo couldn't stand it. He fell to the ground rolling with laughter, "Hahaha, Wu-chan, hehehe."

 "Duo!" Heero tried to glare but he too had a large smirk on his face.

 "As you can see he is. . . relatively unharmed."

 Duo snickered again and knelt in front of the kid, "You remember us Wu-kun?"

 Sloe eyes narrowed and the child backed Trieze away, "You aren't going to hurt him."

"Fei? We don't -want- to hurt him. You're the one always fighting him."

 "M. . . me?"

 "You're a Gundam pilot. 005 - Chang Wufei." Heero nodded.

 "Me?" Wufei looked at Trieze in sorrow, "It's true?"

 He nodded, "I am sorry Wu-chan. It is my fault you were given the youth formula. You were captured and Une acted without
my orders."

 "So I. . . you. . . you're the bad guy?"

 He smiled and ruffled the little boy's hair, "If only life were so simple. There are no good and bad guys in war Wu-chan. Each
side is doing what they feel is best. But I am your enemy."

 "Why were you so nice to me?"

 "Because enemy or not, you will always be my little dragon."

 Wu-chan hugged the Oz leader and sniffled, "Does this mean I hafta leave?"

 Trieze nodded, "It is for the best. You probably won't remember this once you regain your true age. We will be enemies

 "But I love you Trieze-papa!" Wu-chan gripped him tighter, "I don't want to leave!"

 Trieze wiped away his own tear and lifted the child gently, "Be a strong little soldier for me, ok Wu-chan?"

 "No!" He clung to his neck, "Don' make me go!"

 Duo took Heero's arm, "Come on, they need a second."

 Heero glared at Trize but allowed Duo to lead him away.

 "Wu-chan. . ."

 "I love you Trieze-papa. I don't want to leave."

 "You have a mission to fulfill Wu-chan."

 "To dead you?"


 "But if I dead you, you won't be here to tuck me in, or chase Une lady away, or put Zechs on vacation."

 "When you get big again, you can do those things all by yourself."

 "But I don't want to!" He shook his head vehemently and latch onto Trieze tightly. "No, I won't go!"

 Duo and Heero came running in and slammed he door locked, "Wufei we have to go now! The whole base is on our backs!"

 Trieze handed him over and Wufei kicked and screamed, "No! Trieze-papa! Trieze-Papa!!!"

 "Be strong my dragon." He smiled sadly and opened the door to his guards, "They're gone, let them be."

 Rowan watched the others leave and placed a hand on Trieze's shoulder, "I'm gonna miss that brat."

 The commander nodded, "Yes. As will I. Very much so."

 "He might remember."

 Trieze shook his head, "Let's not hope for miracles."


 "Please, leave me now."

 "Yes sir." He said softly and walked away fingering his still pink hair. "but I'm real going to miss him."
  Doctor J injected Wufei with a neutralizer he had been working on and soon the full grown Chinese warrior stood and pulled his
clothing back on, then left his friends without a word.

 They exchanged worried glances but said nothing.

 Getting into the Oz base was easy for one person. He crept along the shadows and skipped around the night watch until he
was underneath Trieze's window. Then with ease born of years of training, he scaled the wall nd slipped inside.

 The Oz commander was sitting at his desk, watching Vid cards of Wu-chan's time with them. A sad smile in his eyes.

 When a caramel colored hand touched his shoulder he leapt to the defense and froze, "Wu-fei."

 The sloe eyed boy nodded.

 "I'm glad to see you are well."

 "I know you." He said quietly.

 "What did you say?"

 "I know you. . ."



 He swallowed hard  and his nostrils flared, "Wu-chan?"

 Before he could react the startled man had his arms full of Gundam pilot. "I didn't realize. . . Trieze, I am so sorry."

 "Don't be Wu-chan, you gave me a very special gift."

 "I still love you."

 "And I you."

 "If we both live through this war. . . maybe. . ."

 Thrieze nodded, "I will wait with an open heart."

 "I. . . I have to go."

 "I know."

 The boy hesitated then gave Trieze a quick kiss before jumping from the balcony.

 He watched him go with a silent sob. "I like you forever and love you for always." He smiled at the fast retreating shadow,
"And as long as we're living my Wu-chan you'll be."

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