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Blood Hound (parts 4 - Epilogue 2)

Silverblade Shi-fox

Part 4

 A shadowy form flitted through the countryside, following a trail only he could sense.

'Hold on, love... I'm coming... And if he harms you in ANY way...'

'Death will be the LEAST of his worries...'

There was pain.....

All around him was pure, unadulterated Pain.

He could barely remember what it was like to be without the Pain...he could remember his name...Duo...

He could also remember the name of the boy that meant more to him than his own life...Heero...

"NO!!!!!!!" a hollow voice screeched.

And then there was nothing more than darkness...and the Pain....

Taklos snarled in fury at the boy he held in his grasp. What was it with him that made the spells and bindings fail like this!?!?!? He would have given much of his power to know why...and how....

And what...

Yes, /what/ was this boy?! He was no ordinary mortal, that much was certain, but anything further eluded the master vampire. There was something almost....familiar about the child....but nothing he could place his finger on...

It was most frustrating.

'Ah, well...' the shadowy figure sighed before his mouth thinned in what could have been called a smile, if the observer was feeling generous and drunk and had a very twisted sense of what a smile was supposed to look like.

'I may as well have my fun...'

With that, the vampire turned towards the boy in the bed, the sort-of-smile-but-not-really growing even nastier as he decided to wait until the boy's next semi-lucid moment.

'This should get....interesting....'

And a chilling laugh echoed throughout the room.

Heero felt his heart chill for some inexplicable reason....and he knew that he had very little time left to find his beloved Shinigami...before it was too late...

A leafless skeleton of a tree suddenly burst into hot blue flames as it was passed by a wind colder than Nature could ever generate....

Taklos chuckled softly as he sent another bolt of fiery pain to lance the braided boy's body. He was so beautiful in his pain, this Duo... The way his body had begun writhing to avoid the fire was most...intriguing...and only added to the vampire's lust for him. Which had been of quite considerable amounts before this kidnapping.

He'd been watching for someone like Duo for most of his lifetime, several hundred years, to be exact. A person who was so...alive that they glowed with vitality. A person who was beautiful enough to make a full possession worthwhile. And most of all, a person whom it would be a pleasure to break.

Now he had such a person, and it was all thanks to a bastard vampire, not even a full convert, that he had this delicious morsel.

Taklos' lips twisted into a sneer. Heero Yuy...the so-called 'Perfect Soldier.' How pathetic. He couldn't even claim his kill properly! A vampire must strike fear into the hearts of his victims or at least claim their homage and obedience. But as much as Duo respected Heero, he did not obey him unquestioningly nor did he regard him as his lord.

Duo regarded the boy as his best friend and beloved.

Pah! What need have vampires of friends...or love!?

There was a whisper of cloth from the bed where his victim lay. The vampire lord sent another lance across the boy's chest, watching his futile attempts to avoid the pain, before going back to his thoughts, disgusting as they were.

Love is just another word for weakness...and friendship is just another form of love. Friendships are weaknesses that enemies can exploit, therefore it is best to avoid them.

All this information he had gleaned from watching Duo for the last couple of months. The last few weeks had been easier with Heero's growing fascination to focus on. Then the last few nights when he'd given up fighting his hunger had brought Duo to Taklos' full attention. After the third night of Heero drinking the lovely child's blood, Duo had been ready for Taklos to take for himself. Had Heero been able to pull off what Taklos was quickly growing to suspect he had been trying, there would have been no way in any hell that the master vampire could have gotten Duo away from the other boy, short of waging an all-out war against him. And even then, it mayn't have worked if Duo truly wished the binding.

Though with the power of resistance he was showing, it made Taklos wonder just what he'd gotten himself into.

Taklos felt powerless against it...and if there was anything that he hated more than feeling helpless and - yes, afraid - he hadn't found it yet. The ancient vampire felt his anger rising until he could see little that was not in shades of red. He would find out what it was about this boy that thwarted him at every turn!

Whether the boy lived through it...or not!

Heero could feel the echoes of pain throughout his body that he knew weren't his.

He could feel Duo's rising panic and fear as Taklos seemed to turn his attention away for a few moments and a small part of him wondered just how Duo could feel the rise in Power...

That was before the paralyzing mental scream tore through his mind.

Heero could see nothing but red as he slipped into the Shadowlands to travel faster.

When the pilot of Wing Zero was through with him, Taklos was going to BEG to die!

Duo screamed silently, not willing to give the vampire the satisfaction of hearing him. He was so close to his breaking point...he wasn't sure he could take any more!

He felt Taklos' mental fingers clawing through his mind. Nothing had ever felt so painful before. Normal torture was one thing, but psychic torture was quite another! He cringed and whimpered, trying to avoid those grasping fingers...but to no avail.

He could feel Taklos getting closer and closer to his core...the very being that was HIM...and DAMNED if Duo was gonna let him get there! But there was nowhere to run...and nowhere to hide...anymore...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt another shadowy more familiar to him than anything else in his world. And it opened warm, welcoming arms to him, offering haven and sanctuary from the torture that was too much...

'Come, my child...Be free of this...Take refuge in my wings...'

Duo smiled when he felt soft wings enfold his battered, bloody spirit, gentle hands caressing his wounded soul, soothing warmth healing his almost shattered mind, as Darkness took him into its calm waters.

Heero felt the sudden lack of pain as an almost physical shock. He could no longer feel where his love was...

It was a shriek of rage, a shout of defiance, and a keening wail of loss all at once....


Taklos stared at the body of the braided boy...and blinked...once...twice...three times.

Nothing like that had ever happened to him in all his years of 'life.'

One minute he'd been almost to that bright indigo center of light...and then the next, he was slammed up against a black wall of pure Shadow such as he had never seen before. Nothing alive could make a wall like that! Especially under these circumstances! And Duo was most definitely alive...

Then the conclusion to be drawn from this was that there was an outside force that just happened to be dead and also just happened to have an interest in Duo.

Which was impossible...of course...right?

What bothered the vampire lord the most was that the wall and the power the boy had had been so...familiar, yet not quite something he could put his finger on... The only experience that had any resemblance to this at all was when Taklos had first been reborn. But that was an experience with Death, and this was really not...

Taklos felt his throat go dry as a new possibility presented itself to him...

The power felt like Death. The wall protecting the boy could not have been created by anything mortal and/or alive. This power had an interest in the boy. couldn't be!!!!

Taklos found himself staring at the chestnut haired boy, sleeping with an almost angelic smile on his face, with something closely akin to terrified horror.

What had he gotten himself involved in!?!?!?

Heero raced on towards Taklos with only one thought burning in his mind.

"That bastard will PAY!!!!!!!!"

Part 5 

Taklos was still staring at Duo's prone form when he heard the sound of his outer defenses being breached. 'What in the seven blazing hells?!?!'

Heero smiled grimly as he cut through another line of defenses. Mere child's play, these were...positively infantile compared with what OZ had these days. Taklos was falling behind the times... More's the pity.... This was going to be too easy... 'Hold on, Duo... I'm almost there...'

The vampire lord turned away from the entrance to the room, trying to figure out if his suspicions were correct. The intruder could be taken care of easily, that was assuming that he made it past Taklos' many defenses, which was highly unlikely. Now...back to the increasingly disturbing enigma of Duo Maxwell... This time, his thoughts were interrupted by a crash as the doors to the chamber were blown off their hinges. Taklos whirled in fury.

"Who DARES---!?!?!?!"

He stopped short as his eyes disbelievingly took in the door's occupant. Heero Yuy stood there, his dark hair moving in an unseen wind, his face contorted into a snarl of pure fury. His hands were curled into claws and they glowed with the same power that filled the air around him and was echoed in the glowing blue eyes shot with red.

"WHERE IS HE!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Heero watched as Taklos fought to find the words to answer him with. As the master vampire floundered, he sent his gaze around the room. It was abruptly fixed on the bed behind the other vampire. Duo lay there, on the ancient mahogany canopy bed, the wood only a few shades darker than his hair. He was still clad in the ratty T-shirt and shorts he'd had on earlier, his wrists were tied above him to the headboard, and his ankles were secured to the foot of the bed. The beautiful gamin face was resting in an angelic smile. He was beautiful...he was desirable...he belonged to Heero! And damned if he was going to let Taklos take what was rightfully his!

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?!?!?!?" he snarled at the older man, barely keeping himself from leaping to the smirking bastard's throat.

"Merely...some experimentation..." Taklos answered, sounding insufferably smug.

"What type of...'experimentation'? I swear to you, Taklos...if you've harmed him in any way, you will BEG me for death!"

Taklos looked at him for a long moment.

"How ironic...can it be that you don't know about him? How deliciously intriguing..." Heero narrowed his eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

Taklos smiled nastily at him. "Why, only the fact that your little friend there is about as human as you or I."

Heero blinked. "I don't see what you're trying to do, but it doesn't matter. You are going to die NOW!"

And with that, the duel began.

Taklos stared for a moment, uncomprehending. Heero hadn't even been unnerved! How could....?! His train of thought was cut off as a fist with the power of rage slammed into his gut. In blind panic, he responded with a rake of nails across his opponent's arm, quickly followed by a fist to the knee. Both stopped for a moment to recoup. The vampire lord stared at the boy. No one should have been able to pull a move too fast for him to follow! Yet, this bastard upstart had! Taklos was very slowly starting to realize that he may just have bitten off more than he could chew this time.... But there was one thing that he hadn't tried...a psychic attack. The boy could not be prepared for that, having no knowledge of such things. Taklos began to gather the power he needed and Heero was poised for another attack when a noise from the other side of the room claimed both vampires' attentions....

Duo felt a beloved presence soon after being given refuge by his long-time friend. 'Heero!' his mind exulted. But Duo could sense the power in the room rising as Taklos gathered himself for another attack...this time, on Heero's mind. There was no way the Japanese pilot would be prepared for that. Had this only been a contest of physical strength, Duo could have left it up to Heero without any problem. But as it was not...

'I have to help him!' he cried frantically, searching for the way out.

'You cannot.' his friend's shadowy voice interjected.

'WHAT?!?!? But---- I have to!!!!'

'You cannot help him....but I can.'


'Let me take control for a little while...'

'Hai...' he sighed tiredly.

'It's not like I'm not used to it....'

A dark chuckle and then Duo was pushed to the back of his body's awareness as Death took over.


Heero turned. He couldn't help it, had his life depended on it, he could not have resisted the call of his name from that voice. It was the sound of mourning, the sound of a death knell, the sound of the Wild Hunt....but it was also the sound of laughter in springtime, of whispered secrets never to be told to another, of pillow-talk late at night to a beloved. It was all things at once and yet nothing at all. It was the Voice of Death. And Death was calling him. And Death wore Duo's face and called Heero with Duo's voice. The Perfect Soldier knew what he would see once he had completely turned around, but it still took his breath away. There stood Duo....the T-shirt and shorts he had been wearing slowly melting into a robe of shadows, the chestnut hair almost completely black with the same, those brilliant indigo eyes glowing, and the faint impression of shadowy wings.

"Heero..." Death called again.

Taklos stared in growing horror at the apparition before him. It was that delicious morsel that he had planned to make his slave....yet so much more... The figure of Shadow turned blazing indigo eyes towards him and the vampire lord fought for control of the urge to cringe away or cower. Control that he promptly lost as the air around Death began to glow with violet-blue incandescence. The rising level of Power in the room would have been tangible even to one who had not the senses to feel it. Taklos froze, a whimper dying an unnatural death in his throat as those glowing orbs of pure Power focused on him.


His name was spoken in a hiss of hatred. The master vampire gulped and frantically sought escape from the room, only to be pulled up short in Heero Yuy's grip of steel.

"You have sought to control what you have no right to... You have meddled with a Power the like of which you cannot understand... And you shall pay for your transgressions..."

Taklos heard his own voice as if from a great distance.

" cannot...there can be no must be impossible...!" he whimpered, unable to form a coherent line of thought. Heero smirked slightly.

"You should have researched your victim more, Taklos.... If you had, you might not have gotten involved."

The vampire lord glared at the pilot.

"And what are you talking about!?!" he snapped.

Heero's smirk grew even more smug and malicious...something Taklos had not thought possible from anyone but himself. "He runs, he hides, but he never lies..."

"I am Shinigami...Death..." the shadowed form completed.

Taklos felt his eyes widening as the implications of his rash and, he now realized, foolhardy kidnapping hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Please..." he whimpered, hating himself for the sound. "Please...let me live...."

Shinigami chuckled and the vampire lord felt pure terror. "Don't will live..."

Heero's head shot up, his face incredulous. "Nani!?!?! What do you----!?!?!?"

The chuckle grew more sinister. "But you may wish you hadn't...."

Taklos then learned the meaning of true pain as his body twisted and his soul was ripped to shreds. He could feel his mind being turned inside out and his spirit examined and felt lacking. His body was crisscrossed with fiery streaks of agony and his throat was so raw with screaming that he didn't think he could ever talk again. And then it was all over.

Heero watched as the vampire went through his torture, feeling a justifiable edge of satisfaction at hearing his screams and pleas for mercy. When it was all over, Heero turned to Shinigami, a raised eyebrow conveying his question. Shinigami smiled coldly as Taklos pulled himself off the floor to his hands and knees.

"What---" his voice was hoarse and raw, "what have you done?"

"You will remain immortal....but with no more power or abilities than any of the humans you preyed upon. I think it is a fitting end to this fiasco, ne?"

Taklos stared at Shinigami, uncomprehending. His powers...gone? Nothing more than a human....? Immortal...? Immortal like THIS?!?!?!?!? "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shinigami merely smiled even more coldly.

"Enjoy the rest of your life...." was all he said as Taklos felt himself being thrown into the void to end up only gods know where. He had only time for a few last thoughts before his brain was completely overwhelmed by fiery madness.

'I will get you, Heero Yuy! I will have my revenge! On you AND your little boyfriend too!'[1] 'One day...Duo Maxwell will be MINE!'

Heero looked at his beloved, smiling slightly. "That was....justice...."

The unearthly light faded from Duo's eyes and aura as he started snickering.

"I would have expected Wu to say that...."

Heero felt his mouth twitch in response. The rest of the glow had dispersed when he saw Duo falter and start to slide to the floor. The Japanese pilot was at his side immediately, so Duo landed in his arms instead of the floor. Duo blinked and grinned.

"Déjà vu all over again...."

Heero gave his somewhat psychotic lover a strange look before saying anything else. "Duo, daijoubu desu ka?"

Duo's grin widened. "Hai....daijoubu...just tired...."

The last was followed by a yawn and a kittenish blink of sleepy eyes. Heero let his smile grow and gentle as he picked the beautiful American up to take him away from the dark place he had been forced to.

"Heero...?" the sleepy voice queried.


"Let's go home now..."


'Whatever you want, my love..... If it is in my power, I shall give it to you....Anything...' And with that, Heero slipped into the Shadowlands to journey home.

notes: [1] forgive me, I was on nyquil....and the opportunity to use that line was just too perfect. I had psychotic beanie babies told me to...reinforced by my plethora of even more psychotic muses...and skippy wasn't helping much either....*grin* I'm just so repentant, aren't i? *snicker*

Epilogue 1

"Do you think that Heero really is....?"

"Of course! You saw it!"


"No 'buts' about it!"

Quatre looked pleadingly at Trowa. Trowa looked back.

"You /did/ see it yourself."

"But....he didn't feel..."

"Like he was Evil?"

"No.....he was angry, but not Evil."

Wufei glared at both of them. "Yuy is a /VAMPIRE/! And you're discussing whether or not he's Evil?!?!?!? I think we should be thinking on what we should do to protect ourselves! Who knows who might be his next victim!?!"

Trowa and Quatre stared at the ranting pilot. "Wufei....I think you're completely missing something...."


"Heero was angry that Duo was kidnapped...."

"/I'd/ be angry if someone stole /my/ dinner....!"

"But he wasn't acting like Duo just meant a meal to him."

"Nonsense! He-"

"He was acting like he was in love." Trowa's calm statement stopped the Chinese boy like a brick wall. If the situation hadn't been so serious, Quatre would have broken out into laughter at the completely flabbergasted look at Wufei's face.


Quatre and Trowa were saved the necessity of further comments by the sound of something heavy landing upstairs. The boys looked at each other before grabbing what came to hand and heading up the stairs, all automatically heading for Duo's disaster area - er, room. The sight that met their eyes was not exactly what they had expected.... In the room, where they had hoped to find Duo and Heero, they DID find the other two pilots....but they hadn't anticipated the scene they now saw. The American pilot looked like he'd gotten pretty badly beaten up, bruises and a swollen split lip, and Heero's clothes definitely looked like he'd been through a fight. This was to be expected. However, the rest of the picture was very much out of kilter.... Heero was sitting on the bed with Duo in his lap, leaning against him, eyes closed, and the Japanese boy was stroking the hair away from his face. Duo was smiling. So was Heero. Quatre could barely hear him murmuring something and his eyes widened as he made out the words.

"Shhh....don't worry, koibito. I won't let anyone ever hurt you again.... Rest now, love...."

Wufei hit the floor with a *thud* and Heero turned to glare at them, eyes hard and arms curled possessively around the boy in his lap.

"What?" the cold voice demanded.

Quatre gulped. "Um...Heero...?"

Heero's eyes narrowed and Trowa continued the question.

"Would you mind giving us an explanation?" 

Quatre felt his eyes bulging slightly out of their sockets as Heero gave them a synopsis of the recent events. The Japanese pilot was telling them as if reporting after a mission. It would have been funny if not so shocking. The blond boy shook his head to clear these vague thoughts as Heero continued with the fight against Taklos.

"....and then Duo..."

Heero blinked, his eyes widening. The other pilots blinked and leaned forward.

"And then Duo...what?" asked Trowa calmly.

Heero's eyes had widened to an impossible size. "....Duo...he....oh my....."

With that, Heero fell to the floor in what appeared to be a faint.... The other four pilots stared at his prone form.

"Did Heero actually say, 'oh my'?" Wufei squeaked.

Trowa nodded, as hugely affected as the Chinese boy. Duo's mind seemed to be far away as he looked on the fallen pilot. Quatre stared at him as the American began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Duo's eyes sparkled.

"Oh...nothing....." He snickered some more, then said quietly, as if to himself, "I guess it just finally hit him....."

"What finally hit him?"


"You said something about 'it finally hit him.' What are you talking about?"

Duo sweatdropped. ", really....."

The three pilots glared at him.

"If it causes Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier, to say 'oh my'...." Wufei began.

"And fall over in a faint...." continued Trowa.

"Then it is hardly /nothing!/" Quatre concluded.

"So /spill!/" came the triple stereo demand.




"We're waiting......"

"Think you guys could cut out the triple stereo effect...?" Duo sweatdropped massively as he became the focus of a triple strength glare.


The glare intensified.

"'see, it's sort of a long story....."

"We've got time....."

"Will you please cut that out! Oi...."

There was a slight moan from the floor. Duo was immediately at Heero's side, looking concerned.

"Heero! Are you alright?"

Heero nodded, looking rather pale. "Duo....?"


"That really was you, wasn't it? Not just some weird hallucination cooked up by Taklos?"

Duo nodded nervously. " was the only way I could help you...."

Heero nodded.


The two on the floor looked up to see an annoyed Quatre.

"Are you going to explain or what?"

Heero gave the Arabian a measured look. "You don't want to know," he stated simply.


Duo gave the Wing pilot a reproving look. "Heero, that wasn't very nice."

Heero raised an eyebrow. "Ok....accurate, but still not very nice...."

"Ex/cuse/ me! Will you at least give us a hint?" Quatre pleaded.

Duo gave him a very long look. "Alright....let's just say that an old friend helped out...."

Trowa blinked. "An old friend?"

Duo nodded with the beginnings of one of the Shinigami grins. "A very good friend who helps me out a lot...."

Wufei's look grew uneasy. Duo continued, the grin growing. "You could say that this friend is my best and closest friend...he's always there....constantly helping me out of...sticky situations...."

Quatre's face paled. "'re not saying what I think you're saying...are you?"

Duo's smile firmed, a full Shinigami grin, his eyes glowing faintly. "I don't I?"

The silence was absolute as three bodies fell to the ground in faints. Heero gave Duo a reproving look.

"That wasn't very nice."

Duo snickered. "Just how else was I supposed to tell them? I'm really Death's partner? Jeez..... Best to let them figure it out....."

Heero shrugged then shot Duo a narrow look. The braided boy blinked.


Heero smirked. "Nothing.... C'mere."

Duo did as he was bid. Once within arm's reach, Heero drew him into a fierce embrace. "/MY/ Shinigami!"

Duo sighed happily as he melted into Heero's kiss.

'Yes, koibito.....yours....forever....and you are mine.......'


'ACK! You heard that?!'

'Yes....we /are/ rather close right now.....'

'There is that.....'

'Do you mean that, Duo?'

'Yes....I mean it with all my heart and soul.'

'Will you let me mark you, claim you as mine?' Duo frowned a little at the desperate edge in Heero's mind voice.

'Yes....why are you so worried about it?'

'Thank you, love....'

'You didn't answer my question......'

'I need you...I cannot live without you.....You are my other soul's one and only true love....and I need you to be there for eternity.....'

'Are you talking about making me a vampire too?'

'I might not need to.....but if it comes to it, yes.'

Duo stood for a long moment, completely silent.


He looked into those bright cobalt eyes, eyes that were looking distinctly worried.

'Duo....answer me!'

Duo smiled and kissed his love. Heero blinked and looked stunned for a moment before sweeping the American pilot up into his arms and starting up the stairs.

"So...I guess it's time for the vampiric bonding ritual, huh?"

The usually stoic pilot gazed at his cheekily grinning soon-to-be bonded. And grinned back in a distinctly lecherous manner. "Oh, my love...." he purred in a bedroom voice, making Duo blush more than faintly, "this will be a bonding ceremony the worlds will not soon forget!"

Wufei, who had been fighting his way to consciousness, heard these words....and promptly fell back into the comforting darkness while blood dripped from his nose. Trowa and Quatre looked at each other, then back up the stairs at the retreating couple.

"Bonding ritual?!"

Wufei moaned piteously and Quatre hurried to the kitchen for some ice and a towel. He sighed, glad that he'd decided on the burgundy rugs after all.

Epilogue 2 (umm.....LEMON ALERT! and sap! ...oh yeah, vampirism too!)

After navigating his way through the hazardous waste site - a.k.a. Duo's room - Heero lay his burden upon the still unmade bed. Duo grinned up at him and refused to loosen his arms from around Heero's shoulders. Heero grinned back and lay down next to his beloved. Duo sighed happily and curled up against him.

"So, what do we do now?" he asked, nibbling on Heero's collarbone.

Heero blinked, trying to clear his mind of the fog encompassing it. He gave the exercise up as futile when Duo moved his kisses down along his neck.

"Earth to Heero...I asked a question...."

Heero blinked again. What was he supposed to be doing now? Oh yeah... Bonding ceremony...right... Duo pulled away, a worried look on his face.

"Heero? Are you ok?"

"Yeah... I'm just fine...."

It took a moment for Duo to realize why Wing's pilot sounded so strange.... Then he snickered as the slightly glazed eyes focused on him.

"So...about this bonding ceremony...?" he purred as he cuddled against the other boy once more.

Heero smiled. "The most important part must be unknown until it happens, but you can start with whatever pleases you. It works better in moments of...emotional intensity."

Duo stretched, enjoying the sensation of Heero eyeing him hungrily, mouth curling up into a sensual smile as the Japanese boy licked his lips.

"So basically, what you're saying is that we get all hot and bothered, do the bonding ceremony, then it's playtime?"

"Mmmhmm....basically.... And the act of making love works well with this ritual...uniting as one physically," Heero murmured as he stroked the long, elegant lines of the boy beside him. Duo arched into the caress, sighing and smiling slightly.

"Then by all means," the violet-eyed boy purred, "let us get started..."

Heero smiled again as /his/ Shinigami wound his arms about his shoulders, pulling him down for a deep, hungry kiss. He broke away reluctantly and traced Duo's moist lips with a finger, growling when the other pilot pulled the digit inside his mouth, nibbling and swirling his tongue around the tip. The vampire could only imagine how good that mouth would feel on other areas... Duo smirked as Heero's breath sped up, growing harsher as he continued his teasing. Perhaps he should give the other boy a break...nah! That would take all the fun out of it! Those beautiful cobalt eyes were dilated with pleasure and glowing a pure, bright blue. It seemed that his Power level was rising as well... How intriguing... 'Hmmm....wonder how he'd react if I...'

Heero blinked as he was flipped over, a smugly grinning Duo straddling his hips. He could feel the effect that Duo's teasing had on the both of them and shifted slightly to increase the pressure. His beloved growled and nipped his ear.

"Nuhuh, Hee-chan. Not yet...I wanna make this last..."

The Japanese boy growled in frustration as Duo moved to his knees, no longer in reach of that delicious ache.

'Oh well,' he sighed, 'may as well let him have his fun...but then it's /my/ turn....'

Once Duo was satisfied that Heero would stay still, he rewarded him with another deep kiss, sliding his hands under that omnipresent green tank-top to toy with his nipples. Heero moaned and arched into the caress. The braided boy chuckled as he slid the shirt off so as to better his access.

"You too," came the breathless whisper.

Duo nodded and removed his old T-shirt, thought a moment, then removed his shorts as well. "There, is that better?" he murmured, grinning widely.

Heero opened his eyes a crack to see and caught his breath. Duo, kneeling over him, wearing nothing but that grin, his braid, and a golden crucifix. All he could do was nod.

"Good," was all Duo said, then his grin widened. "I would so hate to disappoint you."

Heero was about to reply to that somewhat ambiguous statement when he felt a light touch on his left nipple and a warm mouth on his right. The response flew out of his mind as he struggled to keep from grabbing Duo, pinning him to the bed, and then....


Duo looked up from his ministrations, continuing to lightly stroke the bulge in the spandex shorts, now surely far too tight, and smirked. Heero's head was thrown back, his breathing harsh, his hands gripping the sheets tightly. Perhaps now he'd take pity on the poor boy.... The sound of a whimper as he nipped the small nub so conveniently in range of his mouth convinced him. Ok, now Heero could lose the shorts. Heero's mind was completely in turmoil, all he could do was ride the wave of pleasure. He dimly felt the confining fabric of his shorts being removed before the sensation of skin against skin sent him reeling again. The only thing that kept him from completely losing control was the thought of the binding...but he had to gain back some control from Duo first - a seemingly impossible endeavor. Especially once he felt that heated mouth moving lower and lower until...

"Ung!!! DUO!"

Duo smirked some more to himself and concentrated on the burning length inside his mouth. He was gonna make this good for the both of them. He felt Heero's hands in his hair, pulling the band out and undoing the braid, loosing a curtain of chestnut over the both of them. Heero could take this no longer, Duo had to be his, and he had to be his /now/! He pulled the chestnut-haired head up from its thoroughly pleasing attentions to kiss the boy fiercely. Duo seemed to sense his need for he let Heero take control of the kiss. They rolled over so that the long haired boy was now on the bottom. The vampire grinned ferally as he thrust his hips against the lithe body beneath him, eliciting a moan and a half strangled whimper.

"You're /mine/, Duo Maxwell!" he whispered harshly into the Deathscythe pilot's ear before nipping his way down the long neck to the puncture wounds from his earlier drinking. "And /no/ one will ever take you from me!"

Duo's response was another whimper as glazed over indigo eyes met his. Heero bit deeper, feasting on the rich blood that was the essence of the lovely boy. He could feel Duo's nails scoring his back as the other boy writhed under his weight, but he didn't stop.


Almost... Duo had almost reached that point... Aha! There! Heero pulled away just as Duo lunged for his neck, hunger and thirst that the other boy couldn't understand controlling his actions. The vampire almost screamed with the mixture of pleasure and pain as he felt Duo's teeth dig into his skin and break through. Then there was only pleasure as the other boy drank from him, beginning his half of the Bonding. After a few minutes, Heero pushed Duo away only far enough to kiss him fiercely, their mixed blood shared between their mouths as they battled for control of the kiss. Heero won, but only barely. And it was only because Duo was still stunned by his own actions. As he broke the kiss, the cobalt eyed boy whispered the Words of Bonding, the Words that would Bond their souls together for eternity, through Death and After.

"Souls as One, Spirits as One. Mind and Heart in Union. 'Til Death and After, we are One. No sword can part us, no threat can shake us. We are One. Bound by Blood and Bound by Love. Bound by Flesh and Bound by Need. We are One. Destined by Fate, Determined by Power. We are One."

"As we Shared our Blood, so now we Share our Bodies. Joined in Truth and Joined in Love. We are One."

Heero sealed the Words with another fierce kiss, one that burned and streaked across his senses. He could feel the frantic movements of the body under him and knew that Duo was feeling the same fiery need as he was. There was no reason to prolong this torture any longer. He reached into the drawer of the bedside table and retrieved the small bottle of massage oil, coating his fingers and slowly reaching between the tender buttocks of his beloved to push one finger inside while still kissing Duo as if his life depended on it.

There was a catch of breath before Duo pushed his hips back, silently urging him on. Heero's mind was blurred as he quickly readied the beautiful boy, both impatient to complete the Bonding. Finally, it was done. Heero coated his painfully hard member before pushing steadily inside that heavenly heat. He could hear Duo's whimpers as if from far away, the hands on his waist and shoulders pulling him closer, the heated mouth on his neck, and the repeated harsh whispers of, "Heero, I love you," sounding through his mind.

Then all conscious thought fled and there was only the intense wave of pleasure crashing down upon them, the meeting of bodies echoing the meeting of souls, minds, spirits, and hearts. It was as if there were two sets of bodies in the room; the ones of flesh, moving together with moans and whimpers, and the ones of spirit fire above and around them, melding, meeting, and becoming one. The pleasure intensified until, in a final fiery explosion, it broke and slowly faded until merely a glowing sense of satisfaction surrounded the two. Heero looked into Duo's eyes and saw echoed therein the pure, intense love that now filled his heart and soul. They whispered it together.

"We are One."



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