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The Eyes Have it . . .Cobalt Takes Amethyst 


Heero Yuy had a thing for hot sweaty sex, though his lover could never figure out why.

The hotter the weather, the more time they spent under the sheets, on the floor, atop the kitchen table, in the shower ....well get the picture.

It wasn't exactly as if Duo really cared why his lover liked it, more sex was a definitely a good thing. The unrelenting heat of the summer months assured satisfaction of his enormously high libido.

Duo had suggested several times that they relocate to a more tropical climate, always drawing a sinister grin from his cobalt-eyed lover. But their work was here, too far north of the Equator for his liking, thanking several deities they weren't stationed in Alaska.


Duo shivered as Heero whispered his intentions, though the fact that his lover's arousal was brushing his entrance could be considered a contributing factor.

Eyes washing over their forms, Heero smiled and took his lovers hands into his, standing to pull Duo to his feet.

Kissing him briefly, Heero sharply smacked his bottom, "Hit the showers." he smirked, breaking out into an outright laugh at the expression on his amethyst-eyed lovers face.

Duo shook his head and chuckled, making his way to the bathroom, pulling Heero across the room with him.

"Nani ?" he questioned, Heero standing steadfast in the middle of their bedroom.

"Not going to join me ?" he asked, puzzled by his lover's bizarre behavior.

Heero shook his head.

There was no way he could tolerate standing behind his long haired lover in the small shower stall and not give in to his desires. It was a torture he decided he could live without. He wanted to take Duo as Duo had taken him, the thought making him fully erect.

As if able to read his lovers mind, Duo winked and releasing Heero's hand, headed into the bathroom.

He was completely unaware of his lovers wide smile as Heero's eyes met with the red handprint he had seen fit to grace his lovers beautiful bottom with.

Heero didn't need to think for long before deciding how he planned on taking his koi. His lover was very vocal about his preferences and hearing the water running, he began preparing for the rest of their little adventure.


Exiting the bathroom some 30 minutes later, Duo found Heero seated on the edge of their bed with brush in hand. Smiling, Duo sat in the space between his lover's open legs.

"You're spoiling me, koi." he whispered, closing his eyes as Heero ran the brush through his hair.

"Spoiling you, huh ? Heero mused, "I thought I already did that.", tenderly kissing the pale skin of his lover's shoulder.

Duo leaned back onto his chest, "I stand corrected ......spoiling me *further*."

Heero nodded and eased him forward, working the brush through his tangled tresses.

"Leave it down ?", Heero questioned as he set the brush on the bed, pulling Duo into his arms.

"MmmHmm." he replied, snuggling further into his lovers gentle embrace.

"Shower ?", Duo asked, sitting up as Heero released him.

Heero's open fingers trailed through a lock of chestnut silk as he stood. "Hai."

Duo lay back on the bed and parted his legs suggestively. "I'll be waiting."


And wait he did …….. impatiently at that.

Frustrated, Duo swore that Heero was deliberately taking a lengthier than normal shower with the sole intent of driving him crazy.

Duo was not being paranoid.

It was typical of his lover. Heero loved to torment Duo, doing it often given how easy it was.

Duo lie face down across their bed and let his thoughts wander to the upcoming events, curious as to what his inventive koi had planned for him.

He had only exhausted one possible scenario before he found himself rock hard, his hips almost involuntarily rocking against the mattress seeking friction.

Duo laughed out loud at his actions, failing to note his lover has re-entered the room.

"Duo ?" Heero asked, "What are you doing ?", apparently not amused by Duo's antics.

Duo turned, his face red and grinned at his lover. "Ummm...thinking about you." he replied, the inflection at the end of his response making it sound more like a question.

Recognizing the guilt on Duo's face, Heero pulled him to stand. "You weren't going to …..were you ?" he asked, one eyebrow raised.

Giggling at his lover's expression, Duo pulled Heero close enough for their arousals to touch. "What do *you* think ?"

"You are insatiable, Duo Maxwell, that's what I think." he smiled, guiding him to stand before the mirror.

"I also think we need to take care of this.", his finger trailing the length of Duo's erection. "I have no intention of rushing."

Duo's hands moved down the wet skin of Heero's back and into the waistband of his shorts. "Course not, koi. Any suggestions ?"

Reaching behind himself, Heero removed Duo's hands from inside his shorts.

"Suggestions, no. Demands, yes."

Removing a pair of handcuffs from the front pocket of his shorts, Heero leaned close to his lover.

"Hands behind your back, Duo."

Every inch of Duo's body quivered with anticipation as the cold steel bands snapped closed around his wrists.

Wrapping his arms around him, Heero's hands wandered over his lover's chest, teasing Duo's nipples with feather light grazes.

Licking at his lover's earlobe, Heero pressed his denim-clad arousal against Duo's bottom "What am I going to do with you, koi ?" he whispered, pinching the hardened flesh he held, twisting the nubs between his thumb and forefinger.

Duo gasped, leaning back onto Heero as his knees weakened. "Nnnn …..make me come, Heero ...I need to."

Heero looked over Duo's shoulder and into the mirror, "I can see that." Wrapping his fist around his lover's stiffness, the fingers of his other hand found their way into his lover's mouth. Duo moaned as he licked and sucked the digits, wetting them thoroughly.

The two lovers watched enthralled as Heero fingers moved within Duo's sweet mouth, both acknowledging the more erotic undertones of the simple act.

"Please, Heero." Duo moaned, growling as Heero teased him, suddenly burying one finger inside of him. "Nnn ….. more." he cried. Heero grunted and thrust against him, burying two more fingers before moving the three roughly in and out of Duo's entrance.

Still pumping his erection, Heero drove his fingers hard and deep into him, "Like that ?", he groaned, pleased with Duo's reaction as he moaned loudly, squirming in Heero's grasp. "Oh, God......"

Heero's control was waning. His cock was aching and all he could think about was ramming it into Duo's tight little ass. He stepped back, releasing his disappointed lover.

Kneeling before him, Heero took Duo's stiffness into his mouth, anxious to bring his lover to completion.

"Oh Yesss..." Duo hissed, driving himself further into the heat of Heero's mouth. Struggling with the handcuffs, Duo groaned his displeasure. Heero smiled inwardly, knowing how frustrated his lover was. "Dammit, Heero ......please.", his voice reduced to a nothing more than a whimper.

Heero closed his lips tightly around the base of Duo's cock and remaining still, allowed his koi to thrust deeply into his waiting mouth and attain climax.

His lovers taste filled his mouth and Heero swallowed hungrily, moaning as Duo continued his sweet release.

Standing to share the flavor in a passionate kiss, Heero reached back and freed his lover's wrists, bringing him down to the floor. "Love you, koi .....even if you are a sadist." Duo winked, pulling Heero down to lie on top of him.

Breaking free of his lovers grasp, Heero stood to remove his shorts. He slid the zipper down slowly, letting out a low moan as he released his erection.

There was nothing more erotic and sensual to Duo than Heero Yuy standing before him aroused and in all his glory. The vision simply took his breath away.

Heero tossed two pillows onto the floor at his feet, "On your hands and knees, Duo."

Duo took in a sharp breath through his teeth as he looked up at his seraphic lover.

Heero hated taking him this way.

His cobalt-eyed partner was reluctant to take him or let himself be taken in any position that didn't allow the two any eye contact, but his objections to this particular one went well beyond that.

"Heero..." he started, his eyes pleading to his lover, offering him a chance to change his mind.

"Do it, Duo." Heero ordered, cold icy glare in place.

Duo thoroughly enjoyed sex ….he liked to have it often .........rough, hard and preferably kinky.

The more forceful his lover was when he took him, the more vocal he became.

His preferences were reflected in the intensity of the resulting orgasm . .…..and Heero loved the verbal applause.

This was Duo's preferred position.

Turning to face the mirror and climbing onto all fours, Duo placed one pillow under each of his knees.

He smiled at his koi's thoughtfulness.

Polished wood floors left damned painful bruises on one's knees.

Heero knelt behind Duo and looked at his lovers face in the mirror. "Tell me what you want."

Duo was gathering his composure.

The vision of Heero poised behind him and what he was asking ……stunning him.

Heero moved forward, "Well, Duo ?" he asked firmly, pushing his dripping arousal into the crevice of his bottom.

Duo looked up at Heero's reflection, his beautiful face covered with pure lust, his hard body glistening with sweat. "I want you inside me." he moaned.

Heero might have loathed taking his koi like this, but there was no denying he loved this wicked little game.

Grabbing the lube from the edge of the bed, Heero covered three of his fingers. Giving no notice, he buried them inside of his lover, Duo's back arching upon impact. "UGHHH !!!!"

Heero was unable to determine if it was a cry of pain or pleasure, but there was no doubting that his lover liked it.

Backing his fingers out slowly, he drove them in again with nearly the same result. "Is that what you wanted, Duo ?" he asked, his eyes meeting with Duo's in the mirror before them.

"Nnnn......" Duo moaned, shaking his head.

"No ?" Heero asked, slipping his fingers out.

Heero let his hands roam lightly over the smooth skin of his lover's soft bottom. "What then ?, he whispered.

Shifting his hips back, Duo met with Heero's erection, "Nnnn ....that is what I want."

Heero worked the slick gel over his length and moved forward to rub his swollen head against Duo's puckered opening. "This ?" he questioned, barely allowing the tip to enter his lover.

Heero could feel he blood pulsing through his rigid flesh as he held it just outside Duo's threshold. He needed to remain in control if he was to continue the game and bring about the desired effect.

"Yes, Heero .....please." he begged, rocking back to take more of his lover's exquisite hardness in.

Grabbing roughly at Duo's hips, Heero held him motionless. "I'll decide when you move."

"Nnnn..please, Heero." Duo whispered, wriggling as much as Heero's grasp would allow.

Heero applied more pressure, holding Duo firmly enough to bruise the tender flesh. "Don't fight me, Duo." Heero growled.

Duo looked up at Heero's reflection. Despite his lover's harsh words, his expression on his face remained soft.

"I want to give you what you want. You know that don't you, Duo ?"

Duo slowly nodded, Heero smiling in return "Good."

Loosening his grip on Duo's hips, Heero leaned forward to ever so slowly bury himself inside his lover.

Duo watched Heero's reflection as he entered him and decided he had two choices. He could either thrust himself back and drive them both over the edge, or grin and bear it, knowing the outcome would justify the current torture they were both experiencing.

He bit down hard on his lower lip and closed his eyes tight.

It seemed like an eternity before Duo finally felt the glorious pressure and heat of Heero's body against his.

Fully seated and ready to proceed, Heero spoke. "Eyes open, Duo."

Meeting the lusty amethyst gaze in the mirror, Heero slid himself from the tight enclosure, slowly moving himself back into its warmth. "More ?" he asked, the almost pained look on Duo's face as he nodded making him smile.

Several more slow easy thrusts and Duo could stand the pace no longer. "Harder, Heero ......please." he whimpered, his hips thrusting back to impale himself.

Gasping at the sudden movement, Heero stilled Duo's hips once again. "I told you I'm in no rush." Heero replied, drawing himself out, surprising his lover as he rammed himself back inside.

"Oh God, Heero ....I can't take it ....please." Duo moaned.

This is right where Heero wanted his beautiful lover ....highly aroused, helpless and on his knees ……begging.

Reaching forward, Heero took Duo's arousal into one hand, the other sliding a metal ring down its length, releasing it at the base.

"Too bad you're not in control, koi." Heero replied, the look of shock on his lover's face nearly making him smile.

Duo was speechless as he looked up at Heero's reflection.

So Heero *had* found the page of that magazine he had dog-eared and left inconspicuously open on the den floor.

Duo smirked.

Rubbing his hands down the smooth curves of Duo's back, Heero resumed his motions, slowly grinding himself into the velvety warmth of his lover's hot body. "Mmm........You feel so good, Duo." he moaned, increasing his thrusts. "Is this what you want ?"

Duo tossed his head back and moaned. "Oh God ….Yes …Heero.". Duo concentrated on remaining still at Heero's request but fulfilling his lover's demand was becoming increasingly more difficult. He could feel the ring tighten around his engorged member with each of Heero's powerful thrusts into him.

He needed release and he needed it soon. "Harder, Heero, please ………I need you to fuck me harder !", Heero undeniably noting the desperation of his lover's tone as Duo squirmed beneath him.

The final frayed thread gave way and Heero drove himself deep into his lover's body and back out again, drawing low sexy moans from his appreciative lover. Heero continued his forceful thrusts until he found the perfect rhythm. "Nnnn …….That's it, lover."

"HEERO ! touch me ...please …let me come." Duo groaned, bracing himself as Heero took his arousal in hand, pumping it in time with his frantic thrusts. Each of Heero's strokes was more urgent than the last and Duo moaned, writhing helplessly beneath him. "Geezus Heero …don't stop !! "

The pressure of his release finally pushed past the tight ring and he screamed Heero's name as each stream of ejaculate left him, his body convulsing as it rocked back into Heero's, further impaling himself on Heero's rock hard arousal.

Still furiously pumping his lovers shaft, Heero thrust forward into his lover's mid-orgasmic body. Duo's muscles clamped down on his cock and he rammed himself into the incredible tightness and held there "DUO !!!!! Uhhhhh ………Nnnnn ......", his entire body shuddered in ecstasy as he released his passion, filling his lover with his pent up liquid heat.

"Ai Shiteru." Heero whispered, panting, his voice still raspy with passion.

The tremors began to subside and Heero slid from the comfort of his lover's channel and pulled his satiated koi into his arms. Holding Duo in his arms, Heero sighed. "Duo ?"

"Mmmm ?"


Duo nodded, kissing his lover softly. "Mmmm …….More than fine. That was incredible, Heero."

Heero reached forward, removing the ring from Duo's still erect member. While he tried to be gentle, the discomfort on his lover's face was clear. "Gomen, Duo." He offered, pulling Duo back into his embrace.

"No apologies." Duo whispered. "Love you."

Lifting Duo into his arms, Heero carried his sleepy lover across the room, laying him gently on the bed. Taking his place beside him, Heero kissed his cheek and gathered Duo closer, his lover's head resting on his chest.

Settling into the comfort of the embrace, he gazed up, his cobalt eyes suddenly widening.

Heero Yuy had an epiphany and evil grin found its way onto his face.

He looked up at vast white ceiling and shook his head …….Cleaning all those mirrors sure was going be a bitch.

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