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When Duo Gets Bored (part 1 - part 5)


Part One

There were only three of the Gundam pilots in the safe house today. Quatre and Trowa were off together on a little vacation. Heero was busy at the computer, trying to hack into another database. Wufei was outside, practicing some martial arts moves. And Duo... Duo was trying his best to annoy both of them.

Duo was bored, and when Duo was bored, it affected the entire surrounding area. First, he had tried to engage first Wufei, then Heero in conversation. When that failed, he tried to find something on television.

After exhausting all 284 channels, he flopped on the couch and stared mournfully at Heero. "I'm bored!" he wailed. Heero ignored him as usual.

Duo skipped up and draped himself over Heero's shoulders. "Can I play a game on your computer, Heero?" Duo asked.

When Heero didn't respond to this, Duo stomped outside. He stood and stared at Wufei until the dark haired pilot demanded to know what Duo wanted.

"Wanna spar?" Duo said hopefully.

Wufei glared at him. "You're nowhere near my level, Duo. It would be a waste of time."

"Please? Just once?" begged Duo.

"Oh, all right, if you leave me alone afterwards," Wufei gave in.

"I will! I promise!" said Duo.

Duo and Wufei faced each other and bowed, then assumed fighting stances.

They circled one another for a bit, looking for an opening. Wufei threw a roundhouse kick that Duo easily blocked. Duo responded with a punch. Wufei blocked it and ducked under, inside Duo's guard. Before Duo could react, he felt himself flying through the air, the victim of Wufei's judo throw. Duo managed to react fast enough to break his fall, but Wufei followed him down, trying for an elbow lock. Duo squirmed out of the joint lock but Wufei managed to get on top of him and went for a choke. As Duo fought the choke, Wufei managed to get securely on top of Duo, straddling his waist. Duo realized he was lost and surrendered.

"You're too good for me, Wu-man. I give in," he gasped as the other pilot released his neck and he could speak again. Duo grinned. "But I sure like it when you're on top of me!"

Wufei stared at him for a moment, then snorted in disgust. In one fluid motion, he got off Duo and walked away. Duo giggled to himself. The afternoon was looking up.

Unbeknownst to Duo, Heero had been watching the exchange closely. He was still trying to recover from Duo's casual touch earlier, when he noticed the two pilots sparring. He gave up trying to concentrate on his task and turned his chair so he could watch. Usually, Duo brushing up against him in the hall was enough to drive Heero crazy. Heero had thought he was going to explode when he felt Duo behind him, breathing on his neck. Heero had wanted to grab Duo, throw him to the floor and take him right there. But he couldn't let on how he felt about the braided pilot. Duo probably had no idea of the effect he had on Heero, he was just being Duo. Most of the time, he failed to respond to Duo's presence because he couldn't trust his own voice or body not to betray his real feelings for Duo. Heero felt an irrational stab of jealousy when he saw Wufei pin Duo to the ground. Heero wished it was him on top of Duo.

Duo bounced back into the room. "That was fun! You wanna try, Heero?" Duo grinned at him, noticing that Heero had been watching.

"Hn," was all that Heero said as he spun his chair back around to face the computer once again.

Duo couldn't believe his eyes. He was almost certain that Heero had been blushing. He didn't even know Heero was capable of blushing. And why would he be blushing? And why was he watching Duo and Wufei? Unless.... Duo shook his head. Couldn't be. Heero Yuy didn't even HAVE a sexual orientation, let alone one that would cause him to be attracted to Duo. He had certainly never shown any interest in Duo, or anyone, before. Hmm. This was an interesting turn of events. It was a hypothesis that needed testing. Of course, if he was wrong, Heero was going to seriously kick his ass. Maybe even if he was right. Duo had had a serious case of lust for the cobalt-eyed pilot since he had first laid eyes on him in those spandex shorts. Heero starred in his wet dreams most nights. And if there was a chance those feelings were returned, well, Duo wasn't one to waste any more time thinking.

Heero glared furiously into the computer as if it could save him. He was afraid he'd blown it. Had Duo seen him watching? He hoped not. He fought for control of his rebellious body. He had almost stopped his hands from trembling when he felt Duo's hot breath on his neck.

Duo decided to have some fun. He would try teasing Heero and see if he could get a reaction. If it didn't work, Heero would just beat the shit out of him. He'd survive. If it did work... Duo's face was split by a grin that promised mayhem.

"Whatcha workin' on, Heeeero?" Duo murmured in Heero's ear. Duo casually draped his arms over Heero's shoulders and rested his chin on Heero's shoulder.

Heero held his breath, trying not to let his body react. He was already half-hard, and rising fast. Did Duo have any idea what he was doing to him?

"Nothing important," Heero managed to say in what he hoped was a normal voice.

Duo pressed closer against Heero, slowly letting his hands drop so one hand brushed "accidentally" against Heero's nipple. Duo searched intently for a reaction from the other pilot. Damn, Heero was good. If this was affecting him Duo certainly couldn't tell from his breathing. Of course, there was one thing even Heero couldn't hide... Duo tried to casually lean farther forward so he could see down into Heero's lap, looking for a telltale bulge.

Heero was using all his training in controlling his body just to keep from panting as Duo touched him. When Duo brushed against his nipple, Heero nearly screamed. He was so hard that it hurt. He hunched forward to hide this fact. He could feel and smell Duo, and it was driving him crazy. Duo had to notice. Suddenly Duo was gone. Heero breathed a silent sigh of relief, then felt suddenly sad that Duo was no longer touching him.

Heero chanced a glance over his shoulder. Duo was standing a few feet behind him with a funny look on his face.

Duo was considering what to try next. He thought he had gotten a reaction from Heero, but he wasn't sure. He could only push it so far without giving himself away. The last few minutes had given him a serious hard-on too. It was a good thing he was wearing loose pants. Duo's eyes lit up as he had an idea. Heero turned around and looked at him. He looked worried.

"Well, Heero, if what you're doing isn't that important, why don't you take a break? Get out a little," Duo suggested gleefully.

Unable to help himself, Heero asked, "And do what?" Why am I going along with this? I should just ignore him, but I can't...

"Well, it's hot outside. We could go for a swim!" Duo exclaimed. The safe house was out in the country, and there was a small lake nearby. "We could cool off and get some exercise at the same time!" And I get to stare at you with less clothes on, Duo added to himself.

Oh god, Heero thought. I can't do this... "Hn. Ok." He found himself agreeing.

Duo was shocked into speechlessness - briefly -- by Heero's quick agreement. He gaped for a moment, then regained his composure. "Let's go, then!"

Duo grabbed Heero by the arm and tried to drag him out of the chair, but Heero refused to be moved, for good reason. He was still visibly aroused.

"Duo. I don't have a bathing suit," Heero realized.

"That's ok, I don't have one either. Just swim in your underwear!" Duo answered happily. This was going to be fun ...

Duo paused at the look on Heero's face. Heero said, "There's a bit of a problem with that..."

Duo looked at him expectantly.

Heero began to turn an interesting shade of pink. "I..." he tried.

"Yes, Heero?" Duo replied innocently, suspecting where this was going but playing dumb because he wanted to hear the words from Heero's gorgeous mouth.

"I don't... wear underwear," Heero finished. "It... um... shows under the spandex."

Duo had to forcibly restrain himself from giggling at Heero's discomfiture. "That's cool, Heero! You can just swim in the spandex! Or nothing at all! I don't mind. We're all guys around here, after all." I can't believe I just said that, thought Duo.

Yeah, that's the problem, Duo, Heero thought to himself. Fuck it, maybe the water will be cold... He allowed himself to be dragged out of the chair by Duo. After a quick stop for some towels, they were on their way.


Part Two

The lake was deserted, thankfully. Duo went bounding ahead and started stripping off his clothes. He had removed his shirt and had started to undo his braid when Heero caught up.

Heero stared. He had never seen Duo with his hair loose, though he had dreamed of it numerous times.

Duo noticed Heero's attention. He decided to milk it. He slowly unwound the braid, pretending to be oblivious to Heero's look. He shook his hair loose until it cascaded around his bare shoulders and smooth stomach. He then looked up though the shining chestnut mass at Heero innocently. Heero's mouth was hanging open.

"Gotta undo it to swim, ya know," Duo said in explanation as Heero finally shut his mouth, "Otherwise the braid will never come out!"

Heero was stunned. He had never realized just how much hair Duo had. The mass of gorgeous chestnut locks cascading around him only served to make Duo look even more beautiful than before. Heero forgot to breathe as he tried not to drool. Duo was even more sexy than in his dreams.

Duo realized that his plan was working. Heero looked like he was ready to jump him right there, and as he chanced a look down, he could clearly see a VERY large bulge in those spandex pants. Gotcha, Heero.

Duo, being Duo, decided to have a bit more fun.

Heero remembered to breathe as he realized he was staring at the longhaired boy.

"Well, Heero, aren't you gonna take your shirt off?" Duo asked innocently, dropping his hands to unbutton his pants. Heero didn't answer, but watched mesmerized as Duo wiggled out of his pants. Damn, he's wearing underwear, thought Heero. Black boxers.

Heero snapped out of his reverie and quickly stripped off his tank top. At least Duo isn't commenting on my odd behavior, he thought.

"Ooh, Heero, you been workin' out?" Duo cooed as he looked at Heero's muscled chest.

"Shut up, Duo," Heero growled and stalked off toward the water.

Duo followed closely behind, giggling to himself.

Heero waded into the lake. Unfortunately for his condition, the water wasn't as cold as he'd hoped. At least the water covered his problem, though. He could hear Duo splashing in behind him. The braided pilot couldn't do anything quietly! Heero could just imagine how loud Duo would be in bed... Heero tried in vain to stifle those thoughts, as Duo came up behind him and said, "Mmmmmm this feels SO good!" Duo seemed to be echoing Heero's thoughts. Damn.

Duo splashed past Heero, getting him wet.

"Watch it!" growled Heero.

"What's the matter, Heero? Afraid of getting your hair wet?" teased Duo.

Heero scowled at Duo. "I prefer to proceed at my own pace," he stated flatly.

"I like to do everything fast," Duo answered suggestively.

Heero tried to ignore the braided boy as Duo sensuously enjoyed the warm water. He spotted a small island in the middle of the lake. "Let's swim out to there, Heero!" Without waiting for a reply, Duo took off swimming. Heero reluctantly followed.

The island was farther than it looked, and Duo was getting tired when he reached it. Heero, of course, looked as if he could go on for hours at this pace. Duo dragged himself up on the shore and collapsed onto the sand. He watched Heero emerge from the water, water dripping from his gorgeous body. He looked like a walking wet dream. A wet wet dream, Duo giggled to himself.

"What are you laughing at?" demanded Heero as he sat next to Duo, admiring the way the material of the boxers clung to him.

"Nothing," Duo replied innocently, deliberately stretching to show his lithe body to its best advantage. "Mmmm isn't this great?" Duo settled back to enjoy the warm sun on his wet body.

With Duo's eyes closed, Heero felt free to drink in the longhaired vision next to him. He was filled with a mixture of longing and lust as he gazed at Duo. Was it possible that Duo would return his feelings? Was Duo teasing him or was that just Heero's wishful thinking? Here they were, alone on an island, just the two of them. Heero cursed himself. Even now, he couldn't get the courage up to express his feelings to Duo. What if he was wrong? Heero had never been trained to handle this sort of situation.

Duo sighed to himself. Heero just wasn't going to make the first move, no matter how horny he made him. I guess it's up to me, he thought.

Heero was startled out of his worshipful gaze when the object of said gaze suddenly opened his amethyst eyes and looked back at him. Duo rolled onto his side facing Heero, propping his head up on a hand.

"Whatcha thinkin' about, Heero?" Duo murmured.

Heero looked startled. I can't tell him that, he thought. "Nothing."

"Doesn't look like you're thinking about nothing, Heero," Duo replied, looking significantly at the bulging spandex.

Heero swallowed. He was caught. Of course, Duo's scrutiny was making him even harder. Heero couldn't think of a thing to say.

Duo edged closer to the other boy. Slowly, he extended a hand toward Heero. Smiling, Duo let just his fingertips graze down Heero's chest, just to his bellybutton. "Heero?"

Heero gasped, but still didn't speak. He couldn't believe this was happening. Was Duo teasing him?

Duo allowed himself a smirk as he saw the emotions warring on Heero's usually impassive face. He moved even closer to Heero, still lying back on the ground. Duo slowly reached out again, but this time he put a hand on Heero's strong shoulder and pulled. Heero was taken off guard and Duo was able to pull him down nearly on top of him. Both boys gasped at the feeling of hot bare skin touching. Their mouths were inches apart.

"Duo?" Heero said hesitantly.

"Yes, Heero?" Duo breathed, moving even closer. Heero smelled wonderful.

"What are you doing?" Heero managed.

"What do you think?" Duo smiled.

"I don't know," Heero answered honestly.

"I'm waiting for you to kiss me, Heero. I've been waiting a long time," Duo answered honestly.

"I..." Heero seemed at a loss for words.

"Please kiss me, Heero," Duo entreated him. "Please." The last word was almost a moan. Heero felt himself harden even more at Duo's words.

Duo thought he had never seen the Perfect Soldier look so unsure of himself. Heero's vulnerable expression made Duo want him all the more. But Heero had to take the initiative and kiss him first, Duo decided.

Hesitantly, Heero moved so his lips were just touching Duo's. Heero reveled in the feel of Duo's soft lips against his, as sweet as he imagined them to be. Then, finally, he moved the final millimeter to turn the movement into a kiss. Heero felt Duo sigh underneath him as he finally felt what he had desired for months: Heero's mouth on his. Duo melted into the kiss, opening his mouth for Heero.


Part Three

As Heero felt Duo open to him, he felt a shock go from his mouth directly to his aching arousal. Suddenly, all doubts disappeared as the entire universe narrowed to include only him and the violet-eyed boy beneath him. Heero began to kiss Duo more insistently, tongue exploring the other boy's mouth.

Duo was overjoyed as he finally had everything he wanted: Heero, on top of him, kissing him. The world was perfect: nothing else mattered.

Heero had never dared to dream further than this moment. All he could think of was Duo's lips on his, Duo's skin against his, the smell that was uniquely Duo.

When they finally parted, both boys felt dizzy. "Oh, Heero, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," sighed Duo, touching Heero's face in wonderment.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" Heero wondered softly.

"I thought you would kill me," Duo admitted.

"Kill you? Duo, I could never hurt you. I never told you how I felt about you because I didn't want to disgust you," Heero answered, eyes downcast.

"You didn't know how I felt about you?" Duo asked in amazement.

Heero shook his head.

"How could you not know? I was practically throwing myself at you!" Duo exclaimed.

"I thought that was just the way you are," Heero said. "You confuse me. I'm not supposed to feel like this. Especially not about another boy."

"Who told you that?" Duo demanded.

"My trainers. They told me that feelings, especially sexual ones, were wrong," Heero answered.

"Does this feel wrong?" Duo asked as he looked deep into Heero's eyes and traced his jaw with a trembling finger. Duo pulled Heero's head closer and kissed him, slowly and deeply. When they parted, Duo asked again, "Did that feel wrong?"

Heero shook his head. "I'm just not used to feeling so much," he admitted. "It feels right, though. Better than anything else I've ever felt."

Duo smiled. "Then it's not wrong. Trust your feelings for once, Heero. What are you feeling right now?"

"I'm feeling..." Heero paused to consider. "I'm feeling like I want to do all kinds of things with you but I don't know what those things are!" Heero finished in frustration.

Duo smiled more widely. "Mmm. Now there's where we're different. I want to do things with you and I know exactly what they are!"

Heero blushed at this. He didn't like the unknown. It made him uncomfortable. Duo saw this and said soothingly, "But we won't do anything you don't want to do, or don't like. Although I can pretty much guarantee you'll like all of it!" Duo finished gleefully.

Heero looked at Duo. Duo looked like a kid with a shiny, new toy that he'd been wanting for a long time. Which was true, Duo thought to himself. A shiny, new, muscled, tight, responsive toy... Duo shivered with anticipation. "I'm going to make you feel really good, Heero," murmured Duo as he ran his hands over Heero's chiseled chest. Duo nearly came in his boxer shorts at the thought. This was so many wet dreams come true. "Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are, Heero?" Duo said, gazing at the cobalt-eyed vision in front of him.

Heero shook his head. "You're so beautiful, Duo, how could you want me?" Heero asked, drinking in the sight of the long-haired boy stretched deliciously beneath him, the very definition of sensuousness.

"Heero?" Duo smiled.

"Yes, Duo?" Heero answered, afraid the braided boy had changed his mind.

"Shut up and kiss me," Duo continued. Heero complied.

The kiss seemed to go on for an eternity, Heero tentatively exploring Duo's mouth with his tongue, Duo yielding to Heero's tongue with abandon. When they finally broke the kiss, both boys were panting.

Rolling fully on top of Duo, Heero gasped as his aching arousal came into contact with Duo's. Duo thrust his hips upwards, wanting more friction. Heero thrust in answer, his stronger arms pinning Duo to the ground.

Heero couldn't get enough of kissing Duo. It felt so right to entwine tongues with his partner, and Duo tasted delicious. The feel of Duo beneath him, Heero's hands entwined in his hair, the smell of his skin... Heero was drunk on Duo.

They began to explore each other with hands and tongues. Heero found a spot on Duo's neck that, when licked, drove the braided boy wild. Duo found that Heero's back was one big erogenous zone. And who would have thought the Perfect Soldier would be ticklish?

Heero suddenly realized that it was getting dark. He and Duo must have been on this beach for hours, just kissing and touching each other. Heero never wanted to stop touching Duo, but...

"Duo? It's getting late. We should get back to the house," Heero said regretfully.

Duo pouted. He didn't want to get back to the real world, either. But Heero was right. It was getting cold, and Duo was never one to rough it when there was a real bed available. His eyes lit up. "Hey, Heero! It's sure convenient that we're sharing a room, huh?"

Heero just looked at him. "I've never been more glad of our sleeping arrangements, Duo."

Duo grinned and threw himself at Heero, pinning the other pilot to the ground. Briefly. "I love you, Heero!" Duo blurted out. Then Duo realized what he had said. Duo scrambled back. His violet eyes grew wide and his mouth hung open. He clapped his hand to his mouth in horror. He hadn't meant to say that! Not that it wasn't absolutely true, but...He couldn't look at Heero. It was too soon! Duo cursed his big mouth. That would scare off Heero for sure. Duo stared at the ground, hoping it would swallow him.


Part Four

Heero looked stunned. The whole day had been filled with one surprise after another. First, that Duo returned the attraction Heero had felt for the braided pilot since they met. Then, their heated explorations on the beach. Now, this. Heero looked at the miserable boy hunched in front of him, who had just said something to him that no one in the world had ever said to him. Duo loved him? No one had ever loved him, that he knew of. Heero definitely did not know what to do with this situation. He did know that Duo would take his silence as displeasure with the announcement, which Heero could tell was unintentional. But Heero didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure he knew what love was. He did know he had feelings beyond camaraderie, and even beyond lust, for the braided boy. And he also knew that, as much as he didn't want to say anything, if he didn't say something fast, he might lose Duo forever. Heero knew one thing for sure: now that he had held Duo in his arms and tasted the violet-eyed boy's sweet lips, he would not let him go. So Heero spoke.

"Duo," Heero began. When Duo didn't look up, Heero lifted Duo's chin gently. The longhaired boy still wouldn't meet the cobalt eyes. "Duo," Heero pleaded. "Look at me."

Duo reluctantly dragged his eyes up to meet Heero's. Duo was scared of what he would see in those eyes. "I'm sorry, Heero."

"What are you sorry for?" Heero asked.

Duo looked at him uncomprehendingly. Heero asked, "Did you lie to me?"

Duo shook his head no.

Heero asked, "Have you changed your mind about how you feel?"

Duo indicated no again.

"Then you have nothing to apologize for. You told me your true feelings. There is nothing dishonorable about that," Heero answered.

Duo started to say, "But..."

"Shh, Duo, let me finish for once," Heero smiled. Carefully, he went on. "Duo, no one has ever said that to me. I was never trained for this. I'm not sure I even know what love is. If I said I love you, it wouldn't mean anything," At this, Duo started to look forlorn. Heero quickly went on, "But I can say this: I feel something I can't explain when I look at you. When I'm with you I'm happier than when I'm not with you. And you confuse the hell out of me. I'm not sure what all that means. Maybe someday I will."

Duo looked stunned at Heero's uncharacteristically long speech. Then he grinned and threw his arms around Heero. "That's good enough for now!"

Quickly, the two boys swam back to the shore. Laughing, Duo dragged Heero from the water and plastered himself to the unresisting pilot. Anticipating the long, delicious night to come, he kissed Heero passionately, unmindful of Wufei watching astonished at the window. In fact, Duo quite deliberately ground his hips against Heero's, knowing Wufei was watching.

"Duo," Heero admonished gently, knowing what the braided boy was up to. "Don't tease Wufei. You'll give him a nosebleed."

"Good," giggled Duo, but reluctantly he released Heero. They went inside, hand in hand. Wufei was nowhere to be seen.

They made their way to the small bedroom they shared. Once inside, they stood looking at each other slightly awkwardly. Then they both started talking at once. They both stopped, then started again.

Laughing, Duo said, "You first, Heero."

Heero gazed into violet eyes. "Are you sure about this, Duo?"

"I've never been so sure of anything in my life," Duo answered seriously and pressed his lithe body against the object of his lust. "Can't you tell how sure I am?"

Heero groaned as his body reacted to Duo's arousal pressed against him. "Yes," he managed to say before Duo covered his mouth with his own. Doubts fled as they both gave in to long-suppressed feelings. Hardness rubbed against hardness as velvet tongues explored with abandon. Hands roamed and remaining clothes disappeared. Finally nothing stood between two highly aroused pilots. Duo ran his hands admiringly over Heero's chiseled frame. Heero grabbed handfuls of chestnut silk he'd only dreamt of touching before.

Duo pulled Heero toward the bed. Duo lay down on the bed, stretching enticingly. Heero paused to admire Duo's creamy perfection. Duo's slim body lay framed by waves of spun gold. From Duo's enchanting eyes, to his smooth neck, to his hard pink nipples, to his taut stomach, to his straining manhood, to his long legs, Heero's eyes roved greedily.

Duo's eyes were feasting similarly. He shivered as he gazed upon Heero's tight body, knowing the superhuman strength he held in that frame. Knowing how easily those hands could kill, Duo relished the thought of those same hands caressing him, and only him. Duo knew Heero had never touched anyone before. In truth, Duo had been saving himself since he had first met the Wing pilot, in the seemingly vain hope that somehow he could be the one to unlock his cobalt heart.

Now the owner of those cobalt eyes was approaching him with evil intent, and Duo couldn't have been happier.

Heero crawled onto the bed, right over Duo until they were face to face again. Heero was on his hands and knees, straddling the longhaired boy. Heero then gently eased his body down onto Duo's until they were pressed together from chest to knees. Duo moaned and opened his mouth. Heero bent his head to plunder that willing mouth.

When they finally remembered to breathe, Duo decided to take charge. Rolling the two of them over, Duo now climbed on top of Heero. Heero leaned back as Duo started to blaze a trail of hot kisses down his neck, then down his chest. Heero moaned as he realized where Duo's mouth was heading.

Duo eagerly kissed his way downward. He had wanted to do this for so long. He ached to taste Heero's hardness, to lick it and suck it and to bring the stoic pilot to levels of ecstasy he had only dreamed of.

Duo paused when he had kissed his way to Heero's lower stomach. Duo looked up to make sure Heero was watching as he opened his mouth to taste Heero for the first time. He shouldn't have worried; Heero couldn't have torn his eyes away from the sight of his arousal disappearing into Duo's sensuous mouth if he had tried.

Heero's back arched and he nearly tore the sheets with his hands as the feeling of Duo's talented mouth enveloping him raced up his spine. Helplessly, the powerful pilot thrust upwards into that willing mouth. Duo smiled to himself as he worked his magic on Heero. After this afternoon's activities, Duo knew even Heero's iron control would be no match for him. Duo prepared himself for Heero's inevitable climax.

Heero thought he would either explode or lose his mind as incredible, unimagined pleasure washed over him again and again, each wave more intense that the last. He wanted release, but he also didn't want this feeling to ever end. A scream welled up in his throat.

A scream that was interrupted by the harsh shrill of the urgent message warning from Heero's laptop. The message scrolling across the screen read: URGENT MISSION. REPLY IMMEDIATELY.

"No, no, not now," Duo almost sobbed. "Ignore it, Heero!"

Heero could no more ignore that summons than cease breathing. Apologetically, he untangled himself from Duo and went to answer the message. Duo buried his face in the sheets in despair. "I have a bad feeling about this, Heero."

A few moments later, Heero sighed and acknowledged the mission. He turned to Duo and said, "I have to go."

"NOW?" Duo yelled incredulously.

Heero nodded.

"We can't finish?" Duo said mournfully. Heero shook his head, no. Duo once again buried his face in the sheets, and loudly lamented his luck with a string of very colorful language.

"IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" Duo's cries rang out across the house.


Part Five

The day after Heero had left on his mission, Duo had been assigned one as well. The days turned into weeks, as Heero and Duo crossed in the night, never seeing each other except for video messages. One mission after another split them apart, as if the scientists had found out about their activities and were deliberately keeping them apart.

Even their messages had to be neutral, in case someone was intercepting them. Even through a video uplink that had crossed thousands of miles of space, Heero could read Duo's mounting frustration. All they could really say was that they were well, but Duo managed to convey his feelings nonetheless. Occasionally, Duo would deliberately tease Heero by sending a message with his hair down. Heero would groan at the sight, and replay the messages several times before erasing them as was required. For his part, Heero tried to be as reassuring as possible, so Duo wouldn't worry about him. Not that Heero wasn't incredibly frustrated as well, but since he didn't really know what he was missing, it was easier to be philosophical. That is, until he woke in the middle of the night, aroused and sweaty from yet another dream about the violet-eyed boy. Then, it was extremely difficult to bear. He satisfied himself by more fantasies of the day he and Duo would finally be alone together. He shivered as he contemplated the unknown wealth of pleasure that awaited him in the arms of the braided boy. And tried to ignore yet another erection.

Duo, on the other hand, wasn't feeling philosophical at all. In fact, he was feeling downright homicidal. He finally got where he wanted with Heero, only to have him torn away. So damn close, and now so far... Duo cursed the scientists, every one of them, who were involved in this diabolical plan to keep him horny and unsatisfied. Duo tried to keep his mind off his frustration by thinking up new and interesting ways to kill Dr. J and the others. Night after night, ruined sheets after ruined boxers, Duo's desire for Heero grew.

Then, finally, fate or the scientists had mercy on them. Just when Duo was ready to self-destruct and Heero was sure he would die a virgin, the day came when their paths finally crossed.

True to form, the fact that they would be together on this mission remained a secret until they saw each other in the departure lounge of the spaceport. This was to be a surveillance mission only, so the Gundams were hidden away. They were to take a 2-hour shuttle ride to the colony.

Heero arrived at the gate early, of course, and stationed himself with his back to a wall, so he could keep an eye on his surroundings. He sensed rather than heard Duo's arrival. The longhaired boy knew how to be quiet when he needed to be. But Heero saw him as soon as Duo entered the room. Heero had time to observe Duo for several minutes before the other boy spotted him. Heero surprised himself by his reaction to the sight of Duo. There was immediate lust, of course, and longing, but there was another, almost painful feeling, as if he was already mourning having to inevitably leave Duo again. Pushing the confusing thoughts aside, Heero stood up so Duo would see him. He almost smiled at the comically happy look that washed over Duo's expressive features at the sight of Heero.

Duo had entered the lounge with his joker's mask firmly in place, so the other pilot wouldn't ever see his disappointment if it wasn't Heero. But as his eyes swept the room, they settled incredulously on a brown-haired boy whom he had obsessed about in every free moment for weeks. Duo couldn't believe his luck, and a real smile crossed his face for the first time. Duo wanted nothing more than to run across the room and throw himself into Heero's strong arms and make love to him right there, but that probably wasn't a good idea. So he satisfied himself with sauntering across the room, putting as much seductive wiggle in his walk as possible, and locking eyes with Heero.

As Duo walked toward him, Heero's heart started to pound and his mouth went dry. All the blood left his brain and relocated to his groin. Heero had never seen Duo look more gorgeous than he did right then, swaying across the crowded lounge toward him. Instantly rock hard, the Perfect Soldier nearly forgot about the mission and drowned in violet eyes and long chestnut hair.

Duo walked towards Heero, trying not to drool at the sight of that hard body in those revealing spandex shorts, muscles bulging in the tank top. Dragging his eyes back up to Heero's gorgeous face, he beheld cobalt eyes gone dark with passion. For him. Maybe there was a god.

They stood facing each other, silently, for a brief moment. Heero couldn't find any words, and Duo was afraid to say anything to break the spell. The moment was interrupted by a boarding call. They gathered up their things and boarded the shuttle. Duo couldn't believe that no one else could sense the unresolved sexual tension between the two boys. It crackled like electricity between them. Duo deliberately brushed against Heero as they boarded, and he thought he could hear a small moan. Then Heero "accidentally" bumped into Duo from behind, and the feel of Heero's arousal against him, albeit briefly, was enough to make him weak in the knees. The delicious teasing went on as they settled themselves into their seats, Duo claiming the window seat, of course.

So there they sat, two boys with aching erections, and tried to discuss the mission. They kept getting distracted, however, and ended up staring deep into each other's eyes as conversation faltered.

Duo toyed with the idea of getting a couple of blankets and playing with Heero underneath them, but that would probably make a big mess and leave them more frustrated. Duo needed to touch Heero, all over. He had another idea.

"Hey, Heero... " Duo began, with definite lascivious intent, once they were at cruising altitude.

Heero said, "Yes, Duo?" with as much restraint as he could manage.

"It would sure be nice if we could go someplace to... talk... more privately, huh?" Duo asked.

Heero nodded in answer. He thought he knew where this was going.

Duo whispered in Heero's ear, sending shivers down his spine, "I'm going to the bathroom. Follow me in one minute."

Duo disappeared. It was the longest minute of Heero's life as he waited to follow. Finally, he stood and made his way to the small bathroom at the back of the shuttle. Heero automatically noted that there was only one other bathroom for the approximately 100 people on the shuttle. Then he forgot his concerns as the long-haired boy opened the door and pulled him in.

Quickly locking the door behind them, Duo turned to Heero. Throwing his arms around the short-haired boy, Duo pressed his lips against Heero's and the two of them melted into a torrid kiss that seemed to last forever. Pressed against each other in the tiny bathroom, the two boys lost themselves in each other's bodies, desperately exploring, tongues entwined.

Breaking for breath, Heero managed to pant, "I thought you wanted to talk."

Duo smiled and moaned, "But it's been so long... " As if to punctuate his sentence, Duo thrust his hips against Heero's, and their painfully hard erections made contact. Both boys moaned.

"Duo," Heero groaned, "There are people outside."

"I know," Duo grinned. "Makes it that much more fun."

"Hentai," whispered Heero, not sounding angry at all.

"Want you so bad... " pleaded Duo, slipping a hand into Heero's tank top and finding a nipple.

Heero bit his lip, "I want you too... "

"I don't think I can last any longer," continued Duo in a sultry voice.

"Nor can I," agreed Heero, knowing that he couldn't resist the long-haired boy.

"Need you inside me," purred Duo. "Fuck me, please?"

Heero moaned as Duo's words struck like a lightning bolt to his stiff arousal. "How?" He indicated the less-than-ideal surroundings.

Duo looked around. "Oh, I think we can manage somehow," he said. Then he kissed Heero again, driving any doubts from the other pilot's head. "I've wanted you for so long, I'm not waiting a minute longer." With that, he reached back and unraveled his braid, knowing how much Heero loved his hair loose.

With a growl, Heero buried his hands in Duo's hair and ground his hips against the other boy. Duo moaned at Heero's aggressiveness and melted against him.

Duo dropped his hand down and toyed with the waistband of Heero's spandex, then slipped his hand inside to find the hot erection waiting there. Heero gasped at Duo's touch and let his own hand drop to Duo's ass, pulling the other boy even closer. Duo moaned; he loved the feel of Heero's strong hands handling him roughly.

Heero transferred his hands to the front of Duo's pants, fumbling with the button. He gave up and growled, "Off," and Duo happily complied. Duo managed to wiggle out of his shirt, boots, pants and boxers in less than 10 seconds. Then he leaned his gorgeous naked body back against the sink so Heero could feast his hungry eyes on a nude, very aroused Duo, surrounded only by his hair. Duo looked at Heero and smiled. "Your turn."

Heero dragged his eyes away from Duo's body long enough to quickly divest himself of his clothes. Now the two boys stood completely naked, painfully hard and separated by only inches. Then, as if a signal had been given, they were all over each other. Hands roamed, tongues explored and hardness met hardness with no barriers.

Finally, Duo came up for air. "Heero," he said, bending over the toilet with his back toward Heero. He rubbed his ass against Heero invitingly. "Please?"

Heero nodded and reached for his clothes, retrieving a small tube. He grinned at Duo's confused look.

"I thought you hadn't ever... " Duo trailed off.

"I did some research," Heero replied cryptically. "Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong."

"But why did you have lube with you?" Duo asked.

"I've been carrying it with me since we first... you know," Heero answered. "Just in case we ran into each other."

"I love a man who's prepared," smiled Duo. Then he began to moan because Heero was touching him again. Duo bent over, so his ass was raised invitingly. He grabbed the back of the toilet and hoped his legs would hold out. He also hoped the bathroom fixtures would hold out.

Heero stood behind Duo and rubbed his arousal against the longhaired boy's ass. Then he pushed his leg between Duo's and used his thigh to spread Duo's legs father apart. Duo moaned at the feeling of vulnerability this position gave him and tried to push back against Heero, but now the other boy had grabbed Duo's hips in an iron grip, holding him still.

Duo gasped as he felt the first of Heero's lubricated fingers enter him. He pushed back against the intrusion, needing more. Another finger joined the first, then a third, pain mixed with pleasure.

"Heero, I'm ready. Just take me," hissed Duo, unable to wait and half expecting someone or something to interrupt them again.

Heero removed his fingers and used more lube on himself. He rubbed the tip of his arousal against Duo's entrance, teasing him a bit more. It was Duo's turn to growl as he nearly shouted, "FUCK ME!" Duo slammed himself back against Heero at the same time, driving Heero's erection deep inside him and Heero against the flimsy door at the same time.

Gasping at the intense sensation, Heero regained his balance and rammed back into Duo, pushing the other boy with equal force against the opposite wall. Luckily, Duo got his hands up in time to brace himself, but not before the lid snapped off the toilet. With a snarl, Heero grabbed the lid and threw it against the wall, and it slid to the floor. Grabbing Duo's hips with both hands now, Heero proceeded to pound into Duo, who only begged for more at the top of his lungs. Looking for something to brace himself on, Duo grabbed at the toilet paper holder, only to have it snap off in his hands. Finally, Duo got his arms braced against the wall and was able to lean back into Heero's thrusts.

At this point, Duo didn't give a damn about what they broke or who heard their violent lovemaking. Because Heero, the boy of his dreams, was currently fucking the hell out of him, ramming his rock hard arousal repeatedly into him. Deep inside him, filling him, opening him, taking him... Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, Heero wrapped his strong hand around Duo's erection, squeezing and pumping it roughly. Oh, yes, Heero, you did your research well, Duo thought as his knees threatened to give out. The rest of the world shrank to only include himself, Heero, and the incredible sex they were having. Waves of ecstasy poured over him as he felt his imminent release approach.

Heero was lost, lost inside the violet-eyed boy and his own feelings. Never had he imagined anything this intense, never. The books told him what to do, but didn't prepare him for the soul-shattering reality of pleasure that came from fucking Shinigami. His body knew what to do; his mind was blown by passion. The sounds coming from Duo drove him higher; Duo's muscles tightened around him until Heero thought he might die from ecstasy.

Duo's scream and warm wetness flowing over his hand told him to brace himself; Duo's muscles did the rest as they clamped down on Heero, as he drove himself one more exquisite time into Duo. Then the world exploded, starting from his groin, and nothing else mattered.

Dimly, Duo could hear pounding. At first, he thought it was his or Heero's heart; but, lifting his head from the small counter where it had happened to rest, Duo realized the sound was coming from the door, and was accompanied by angry shouting.

Duo looked around. The two boys had apparently passed out briefly from the intensity of their act, as Heero was still inside Duo (and still hard, Duo noted with satisfaction) and slumped over him. Heero raised his head and reluctantly withdrew from Duo.

Heero had to try several times before he could speak. "Are you ok, Duo?"

Duo nodded. "Never better, Heero. But I can't say the same for the bathroom."

They surveyed the damage. Toilet lid broken, on floor. Toilet paper holder, broken, whereabouts unknown. Toilet paper roll in toilet. Toilet possibly clogged with aforementioned roll. Paper towel dispenser hanging from one hinge, towels scattered everywhere. Faucet handle cracked and currently spraying a fine mist all over the bathroom. Various bodily fluids, mostly Duo's, decorating the walls. Angry mob gathered outside door, demanding... something. Heero smirked. Duo collapsed into giggles.

"Do we have to go out there, Heero?" Duo asked, snickering. "They sound pissed."

Heero gathered Duo into his arms and kissed him one more time. "I'll protect you, Duo. I... love you."

Duo looked up at Heero, shocked. "You do? I mean, I love you too!" Duo hugged Heero tightly, and the rest of the world no longer mattered.

They dressed quickly, and forced the door open that had become jammed when Heero fell against it. Multiple angry sets of eyes fell back before the frighteningly protective cobalt glare of Heero Yuy, and no one dared to say a word to the two disheveled boys as they made their way back to their seats.

The rest of the flight went uneventfully, except for the long line of waiting people in front of the other bathroom.

The End

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