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Shinigami (parts 3 & 4)

Lady Shinigami

   "Heero, look out!" Duo yelled over the comm as an Aries suit blasted at Heero from behind.
   "I got him!"
   Quatre and Duo both turned as Kestra came flying up from behind, slicing the suit with her fanblade, cackling as she did so.  Trowa allowed a small smile at her antics, Wufei just shook his head in disgust.  Heero was grateful, though he would never admit it.  The mission went swiftly with Kestra's help.  The boys had to admit that she was a very competent pilot.  They returned to the safehouse, having only sustained minor damage to their suits.  Quatre set about making dinner with Trowa's help, Wufei stayed with Altron, Heero sat down at his laptop to write his mission report.  Duo and Kestra looked at each other and shrugged, then sat down in front of the TV to play the N64 that Kestra had restored.  Heero gave a very tiny smile at them before returning to his typing.  Pretty soon, the two game players were cussing and cursing at one another.  The other three pilots all shook their heads, continuing with their tasks.  Heero's laptop began to beep, signaling an incoming message.
   "Heero, I wasn't expecting you to complete that mission so fast."
   "It went extremely well, Dr. J."
   "Good.  Unfortunately, you, Trowa, Wufei, and Quatre are needed for another mission."
   "Why not Duo and Kestra?"
   "Stealth is not required on this mission, so their specialties would not be put to use.  I'll send you the information needed for your mission, you need to leave in two days, it shouldn't last longer than a week or two."
   "All right, I'll inform the others, Heero out."
   Heero shut off the laptop and turned to the others, just as Wufei walked in.  Duo and Kestra paused their videogame, then turned to Heero.  Heero cleared his throat before speaking. 
   "It seems that Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and myself have a mission.  The doctors felt that Duo and Kestra were not needed.  We leave in two days."
   The others nodded in agreement.  Duo glanced at Kestra, his eyes widening at the look on her face.  She seemed nervous.  Duo wondered why.  Kestra glanced at Heero, then at Duo.  She knew what she had to do.
   The four boys left for their mission two days later, leaving Duo and Kestra to settle in to their newest safehouse.  Kestra was nervously running her fingers through her hair, not knowing how to approach Duo.
   *How do you tell someone who's like your bestfriend that you slept with their boyfriend?*
   Duo was curious now as to what was bothering Kestra.  Taking matters in to his own hands, he cornered Kestra in her room.
   "All right Kes, I know something is bothering you.  Why don't you just tell me what it is?"
   Kestra looked up, startled, "I,'s not that easy."
   "Come on Kes, you can tell me."
   "All right, " came the soft reply.
   Duo leaned up against the wall, waiting for her to respond.
   "You remember when Heero broke his ribs and couldn't join you on that last mission?"
   "Yeah, why?"
   "I . . .something happened.  I'm not sure what, but we...we ended up sleeping together.  Gomen Duo!  I didn't mean to, I didn't!"
   Duo was stunned.  Heero, HIS Heero had slept with Kestra?  What the fuck.
   "Please Duo, don't be mad at Heero.  I probably shouldn't have tormented him.  If you have to be angry, be angry at me!"
   Duo looked up at her, hurt in his eyes.  Rather than hit her, as was his want, he left the room.  Duo stormed down the hall, then slammed the bedroom door shut.  Kestra lowered her head in shame.  It was going to be a long two weeks.
   The mission had gone well, the four absent pilots returning quickly.  Duo and Kestra acted as though nothing was wrong, but Heero could tell something was amiss between them, what, he couldn't figure out.  Later, after an impromptu party, Heero headed for his and Duo's room, wanting nothing more than to curl up with his koi.  Duo had other plans however, once Heero shut the door.
   "Heero, why the hell did you sleep with Kestra?!"
   Stunned, Heero stumbled over his words, " did you find out?"
   Duo was angry, "So, you WEREN'T going to tell me, huh?  Kestra told me."
   Now Heero was angry, "I told her to keep quiet until I figured out the best way to tell you!  It was nothing more than a moment of weakness, Duo."
   Kestra could hear their angry words from her room.  Tears began to fall down her cheeks.  She was the reason they were fighting, she should never have stayed.  Kestra started packing her things in to a duffel, thinking it was probably best that she leave.  Moving swiftly through the dark house, Kestra made her way to the garage.  She took the motorcycle and rolled out of the garage before climbing on board and gunning the engine, taking off in to the night.
   The occupants in the house heard the engine, all running to a nearby window to see who had left.  An uneasy feeling gripped Duo, causing him to run from his room to Kestra's.  As he opened the door, Duo knew who it was that left in the night.  Heero came up behind him and looked in the room.  Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei came up beside Heero and glanced in to the room.  The normally cheerful room was void of everything that was Kestra, making it cold and unfeeling.  Heero and Duo looked at each other, knowing the cause for her departure.

   Duo stared at the ground, feeling suddenly very alone, "We have to find her."



    The OZ soldier stared down at his unconscious prisoner, a cruel smile spreading across his face.  He gaze raked along the slim, muscular body of the young woman at his feet.  He was going to have a lot of fun with her....


Part 4
  Kestra woke slowly, the pain in her head almost unbearable.  She tried to move a hand up to her forehead when she realized she couldn't move.
   *What?  I'm strapped down?  But how?  Where am I?*
   Footsteps sounded in the hall, making their way closer to the room she was in.  The door opened slowly, a slightly sinister-looking man stepping in to the darkened room.  Kestra flinched slightly at the look in his eyes.
   "Well, it would seem my new pet has awaken."
   *New pet?  What the hell was he talking about?*
   He walked over to the bed where she was strapped down, his eyes becoming glazed with lust.  Kestra realized then that she wore nothing, but a thin sheet, that she was helpless as he began to remove the sheet slowly.  The look on his face was one that Kestra would never forget.
   *Duo, help me!.....*
   Duo paced their current safehouse, restless.  He had been waiting for Kestra to call once she found someplace to spend the night.  She had said so in the note she left.  Duo reread the note again, knowing each word by heart now.


   I don't want to come between you and Heero.  What we did was wrong.  I am truly sorry for what I did.  Maybe my absence will allow you and him the time you need to work things out.  I hope so.  You need one another.  I will be calling in about two or three hours to let you know that I'm ok.  I hope to see you again.

                                               your eternal friend,


    Duo sighed, placing the note back on the table.  He realized after Kestra had left why he had been so angry with her and Heero.  He was jealous.  Jealous of the fact that she had slept with Heero and not him.  Duo stared out the window, his thoughts on Kestra.

   *When did I start feeling this way about her?  Was it when we started getting older?  She was pretty when she was younger, but now, now she is absolutely beautiful.  Both inside and out.  I never thought I would meet anyone like Heero, that it would always be me and her.  Maybe, maybe that's why she's left, because she feels I shouldn't love her.  Kes always told me that's it's one thing to care, another thing to love.*
   Heero walked in to the living room and stared at his lover's back, then glanced at the slightly crumpled note lying on the table.  Heero walked over to Duo and placed his arms around his waist hugging him close.  They had apologized earlier after realizing Kestra had left.
   "You're worried about her, aren't you Duo?"
   "Duo, she can take care of herself.  She's not exactly human.."
   Duo spun around in his lover's embrace, his eyes blazing, "Perhaps she can't die Heero, but she is just as vulnerable as we are in her current form.  She has no real powers yet, not until she is much older.  If she gets in to a situation, she has to rely on the same things we do.  She can be tortured or hurt, broken or controlled.  She is in a way, very much human. "
   Heero stared at his koibito, stunned.  The other three pilots stood in the doorway, having heard every word of Duo's impassioned speech.  Duo pulled himself out of Heero's embraced and looked at the clock.  Four am.  Four hours since she had left.  As he turned to the others to speak, Duo felt a chill of fear coming up his spine.  He tried to shake it off, but it wouldn't leave him, instead it got stronger and more panicked.
   "Duo, are you ok?  You look as though you're afraid of something, " Quatre asked gently.
   He didn't respond.  The fear was getting even stronger, now accompanied by pain.  Duo realized then that it wasn't HIS fear, but Kestra's.
   Somehow, he managed to speak around that knot of terror, "Kes . . .it's Kestra.  She's. . .afraid and . . .and in pain.  I ca . . .can feel it . . ."
   The others looked at him, their faces expressing disbelief.  Quatre stepped forward and placed a hand on Duo.  Quatre's face went from disbelief to shock.  Trowa watched his lover with worry on his face.
   Quatre removed his hand, then spoke, "It's true, I felt it.  There must still be some sort of bond between them and Kestra is broadcasting to Duo."
   Heero's eyes narrowed, suddenly growing cold.  He looked at Duo, his whole posture tight.
   "Duo, can you find her?"
   Kestra held back her tears of pain as the man cruelly punched her repeatedly.  She continued to silently call for Duo's help, not knowing what else to do, wishing he could hear her.  The man smiled down at her, his eyes vicious in the dim light, looking down her body with a predatory gaze.  He shed his clothes quickly, then latched his mouth on to hers, making her gag.  He pulled back and laughed, then brought his mouth down on her shoulder and bit her hard.  Kestra cried out in pain.  He began kissing her neck, making his way down to her breasts, his slithering tongue leaving a trail down her body.  Kestra prayed, prayed that anyone would come......

   Heero drove the car at a break neck speed, taking directions from Quatre who was acting as Duo's interpreter.  Wufei and Trowa held on to Duo as he experienced Kestra's feelings.  They knew that the more Duo felt coming from Kestra, the closer they would be to finding her.  Duo suddenly cried out, grabbing his left shoulder.
   "Duo, what's wrong?"  Trowa asked.
   "My shoulder...feels like...something"
   Wufei's eyes narrowed, "We'd better hurry, this sounds like it's getting serious."
   Quatre nodded in agreement.  Wufei was empathic, but not like Quatre.  Quatre knew they must be getting closer if Wufei was now picking up on Kestra's pain.  Pointing to a road on the right, Quatre hung on for dear life as Heero whipped the car around the turn, never slowing down once.  His eyes were grim.
   *I'll never forgive myself if something happens to her.*
   Kestra wished she could die.  The man was biting, licking and pawing his way over her body, cruelly inflicting as much harm as he could.  There were numerous bite marks along her breasts and abdomen, many of which were bleeding.  He pushed his knee up between her legs, spreading them apart.  Kestra couldn't help but whimper, knowing what he intended to do.  His laughter was malicious as he quickly thrust himself in to her.  Kestra cried out in pain, tears coming to her eyes as he began to repeatedly pound in to her.  She wished it would end, both the rape and her life.

   Heero swerved as Duo yelled out, stopping on the side of the road.  Duo was shaking, his eyes glassy as tears silently made their way down his cheeks.  Heero was surprised.  Duo didn't cry, so why now?
   "Duo, what happened?"  Quatre asked, worried.
   "We gotta hurry, he's hurting her!"
   Wufei looked at Heero sharply, "You heard him, get going!  We're almost there."
   Heero spun around in his seat and gunned the engine.  Wufei glanced at Trowa.  Trowa nodded once, his green eye sad and knowing.  Wufei knew the Frenchman knew exactly what Duo meant when he said 'he's hurting her.'
   *I just hope we're not too late to help her.*
   Kestra screamed.  The man's laughter was harsh and cruel as he slammed in to her backside, tearing the membrane of her anus.  He continued to rip in to her, despite the blood.  Finally sated, he left her in the mess on the bed, casually throwing the soiled sheet over the girl.  Kestra had lost consciousness again just before he finished.  Leaving the room, he decided he would play again later.

   The five boys crept quietly along the side of the OZ building, avoiding the cameras and guards.  They made their way in to the building and stayed to the shadows, using the barest of whispers.
   "Duo, can you sense where she is?"
   "No Heero, I think she lost consciousness."
   "Damn it.  All right, here's what we'll do.  Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei, the three of you check the North and East ends of the building while Duo and I check the South and West.  Use the pagers on vibrate, if you find her, contact us, agreed?"
   They all nodded in agreement, then separated.  Heero and Duo followed the corridor along the west wing, checking each door they came upon.  They both agreed that Kestra would not be here, since the rooms were obviously offices.  They silently made their way to the south wing, noting that the doors had names on them, marking these rooms as some of the personal quarters of the higher officers.  As Duo rounded the corner, he felt something like a tug on his mind, drawing past the other doors.  Heero followed, puzzled.  They stopped in front of the last door, listening carefully for any signs of activity before opening it.  Stopping dead in their tracks, they stared at the bed.  Kestra way laying on her stomach, blood soaking the sheet covering her and the bed she lay on.  Duo ran over to the bed, gathering the unconscious girl in his arms.  Heero closed the door, then contacted the others, watching Duo rock Kestra gently.  His eyes softened at the sight.
   "Kestra, come on.  Please wake up.  Kestra no baka, wake up, please."
   Opening one eye, Kestra looked up at Duo, "Call me an idiot again and you'll be sorry."
   Duo smiled at Kestra, glad to see she was awake, but inside he was seething.  What voice she had was harsh, from what he could see of her body their were cuts and bruises, and way too much blood.
   "Kestra, who did this?"  Heero asked softly.
   Glancing at him, Kestra croaked, "I don't know, he didn't give me his name."
   "Kes, you can show me who it was."
   She looked at Duo, puzzled, "What do you mean?"
   "You and I share a bond, that's how I found you.  I felt everything you did."
   Kestra's eyes widened in surprise, but she did as Duo asked.  Duo received an image of a very nondescript man, mousy brown hair, pasty skin, brown eyes.  But his eyes, despite the color, held such malicious cruelty that Duo knew he would not mistake him.
  "Heero, why don't you take Kes in to the bathroom over there and get her cleaned up, I'll wait for the guys."
   Heero nodded, then gathered up Kestra's clothes and the girl herself before entering the bathroom, closing the door quietly.  Duo heard footsteps in the hallway, ones that didn't belong to his friends, heading for the room.  Duo's smile turned deadly as he shut off the lights and released his long hair from it's braided prison.  In the soft light, he could easily be mistaken for a girl.  He sat on the bed, ignoring the dry blood and semen that soiled the sheets, waiting for his prey.
   The man opened the door, closing it quietly behind himself.  He gazed at his pet.  As he had expected, she was awake.  He walked with a slight swagger towards his captive, leaning down to claim those delectable lips again.  Something slashed at his throat, sending him backwards on to the floor, blood running down his neck.   Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei came in to the room then, turning on the lights.  The man looked up at his attacker.  Instead of his darkhaired beauty, there stood an equally beautiful chestnut haired young man, one with pure hell in his eyes.  The bathroom door opened up, Heero walked out to see Kestra's rapist lying on the floor, his blood slowly seeping in to his shirt and running down to stain the floor crimson.  Kestra looked at him impassively, her eyes showing no emotion at all.
   "He's the man that raped Kestra," Duo told the others, gesturing towards the bed.
   Quatre gasped quietly while Wufei and Trowa snarled in anger.  Duo walked over to Kestra and placed the dagger he held in her hand.  She looked up at him, confused.
   "You have the right to say no, Kestra.  He took away that right.  Do to him what you want, you are Death."
   The man's eyes widened in fear as the wings rose from Kestra's back, her eyes taking on an unholy delight as she advanced on him.  The five boys turned away as she began to hack in to him, his gurgling the only indication of his pain.  Satisfied, they left him there to die, slipping out as quietly as they entered.  Kestra was quiet the whole trip back, a fact that had the others wondering how much he had hurt her.

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