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*If you don't know what this means, well, you should have paid attention! 

Oh, and all lemon unless otherwise stated.*

Talya FireDancer (visit Talya)


Damn boy's got good aim!

Well, let's just say one of Duo's sex-plots goes a rye, and leave it at that. (1x2/4x3, OOC)


That Same Old Song

Um, Heero, seriously, could you *be* a bigger bastard sometimes?

S'okay, Heero makes up for being, uh, Heero, in a most satisfying zero-G! (1x2)



Gomen, no personal note for this one ;_; Why do you look relieved?

Our pals are blown (not *that*, you hentai!...not yet) off course and end up all alone - with each other - in their cruiser cabin. Oh, so unfortunate. (2x1) <-- Duo gets to be on top!! 

Enigma (GW Addiction)

Liquor Lemmon #1: Southern Comfort

You know, I live in New Orleans...that's Southern.

Heero gets beat up in battle, and Duo comforts him. (1x2)


Liquor Lemmon #2: Sloe Comfortable Screw

Now *this* sounds interesting...

Remember how Duo was getting sick in LL#1? Well, now it's time for Heero to make *him* comfortable. (2x1)


School Sucks

FYI: so does Duo *snickers*

My favorite little couple is at school, and Duo doesn't want to go to class. What's more, is that Duo's also injured and didn't tell Heero. Geez, it's painful having Heero for a lover... (1x2)

Shi-chan (GW Addiction)

A Day Among the Muck

Baths are wonderful, wonderful things.

Heero tosses Duo into a puddle, and then graciously helps him get out of his dirty clothes. (1x2/3+4)


Thinking of You

Damn alarm clock!

Um, well, Heero does a little 'self-exploration,' and has a few dirty dreams. Demo, was that a dream? (1x1/1x2)


In My Dream

And the alarm clock strikes again!

Apparently, the wet spot has another purpose in life: to ruin Duo's sheets. Then again, since they're already ruined... (1x2)


1/3 True Feelings

Now, why would Duo say that?

Duo-kun, are you afraid of Hee-chan? According to what he yells out in his sleep, he is. Whatcha' think Heero can do to make him feel better? (1x2, some sap maybe)


Never Die

This is kinda' dark.

Duo is at a club, but his new dance partner is no one he ever expected to see here. (1x2, bit dark)


Snowed In (a New Year's Eve Story)

New Year's! Um, yea? ::pops firecracker::

Duo and Heero are stuck in a safehouse (snowed in) for New Year's. What ever will they do? (2x1)

Kirei (GW Addiction)

Apology Accepted

Tsk, tsk, and to think people say Heero has trouble saying he's sorry.

You know that cross Duo wears? Guess who broke it! (2x1)

Lys ap Adin (GW Addiction)

Blanket Fic

Small blankets are great, ne?

It's freezing, Heero's unconscious, and Duo has to warm him up. Well, he has to keep away hypothermia, right?? It's totally innocent! *snickers* Yeah, right. (2x1)


In the Freezer

I've actually been in one of the freezers featured in this story, and good lord, are those two insane?

Well, just like it says 'In the Freezer.' What do you think is going on in there? (2x1)


Pass the Conditioner

Oi, Heero, wanna' help me wash *my* hair?

Duo's got a bo-bo, and can't wash his himself. (2x1)


Beat the Heat

Sometimes, no AC is a good thing. A really good thing.

No air, two sweaty pilots . . .oh, my, what to do? (2x1)

RavynFyre (GW Addiction)


I simply don't know what to say...

Kind of drawn out lemon. You may even have to have developed a  taste for this sort of thing, so to speak. (2x1, BDSM)


Captive Heart (sequel to 'Bound')

Payback is maybe not always a bitch.

Basically, what I just said. Heero turns the tables on our little Shinigami. (1x2, BDSM-ish)


Rules of Engagement

*heehee* Sneaky Hee-chan!

Ever play one of those RPGs on-line and read their 'rules of engagement'? Well, Heero takes it to a new level. (1x2)


The Hunt

A little bit of AU never hurt anybody.

Heero is a hunter chasing an elusive panther, but he finally catches him - or does he? (1x2, AU)

Jade (GW Addiction)

Desires Fulfilled

Duo's NAKED!!!...never mind that he's in the shower...

Ok, so Duo's in the shower and his hands start to wander. He calls out a certain someone's name, and that CS hears him. Now, I wonder what they're gonna do? (1x2)


Forbidden Confessions

Um, you don't have religious hang-ups, do you?

All right, well, this never happened at MY church, and you're in the PWP section. Do I *really* have to give summaries? (1x2)


Gundam With Lemon Filling

Gundam boys - well, just two, really - getting all hot and sweaty! 

OK, so they started out working on their Gundams...there's other sweat, too! (1x2)


I Touch Myself

Geez, Duo, can't you come *quietly*?

Um, masturbation, voyeurism, Heero peeping at Duo, etc. (2x2/1+2)


Touch Me - sequel to ITM *the PWP-ness overrides the sequel aspect*

I suppose a little embarrassment goes a long way...*very* long.

Heero busts himself!...then he busts Duo. *snickers* (1x2)


Mirror, Mirror

Did you ever wonder what the inside of a kaleidoscope looks like? Ever wonder what it looks like while having sex?

OK, so the guys are at this circus watching Trowa, but Heero and Duo may take Trowa-watching a bit too far. (1x2/3x4, voyeurism, exhibitionism, yadda, yadda)


Naked Sushi

Sushi is not typically one of my favorite foods, but for this I'd make an exception.

It's Hee-chan's birthday! Guess what he got?? (1x2)


Relena's Worst Nightmare

I had no idea people could be this monumentally stupid.

Ahem, what more can I say? *RFO* (1x2, exhibitionism, the wet spotTM finds a purpose in life)


Sex by Chocolate

This never happens when I feed *my* boyfriend chocolate ¨_¨;

Post-Halloween fic; now what will Duo do with all that leftover chocolate? Feed it to Heero, what else!? (1x2)


Traffic Jam 

I *love* traffic.

Hmmm, what do you expect is gonna happen in a PWP story entitled 'Traffic Jam'? (1x2, exhibitionism, etc.)


Chance Meeting: Amateur Night

I think I have other 'Chance Meeting' stories in the series section . . .or maybe just the one . . .ano, I've confused myself -_-

Anyway, Heero's mission involves working at a Chipendale-esque club, where they have an amateur night for dancers. Well, Quatre and Trowa try to cheer Duo up by taking him to a club, which happens to be where Heero is. (1x2)


Dangerous Games

Just one more reason to follow the 'buddy system' when using public restrooms -_-

The guys go clubbing, and Duo teases the wrong guy . . . (1x2/3+4, attempted NCS, violence, exhibitionism)


Easy Rider

Gakt. Nuf' said.

Heero actually does something nice by buying Duo tickets to see Gakt, and Heero goes with him to keep him out of trouble. Uh-huh, yeah, keep telling yourself that, Heero. (1x2, exhibitionism)


Special Delivery

Part of Jade's Bad Porn Series, which you can check out via the link, k?

Heero orders a pizza, and Duo shows up instead. Nice, ne? (1x2, AU)


Talk Dirty to Me

Oh, yeah, you read that right ::leers:: or ::cheers::, whichever.

Do you *really* want me to go there? I didn't think so. (1x2, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, um, dirty talk?)


The Traveling Salesman

Part of Jade's Bad Porn Series, which you can check out via the link, k?

Duo's married to Wufei (poor guy -_-), but both are unhappy in the marriage, and seek attention elsewhere. (5+2, 1x2, 13x5, AU)


Thrill My Gorilla

I am *so* out of ideas ¨_¨;

Heero and Duo get sent back in time to observe the past, but just sort of end up 'observing' each other instead. (1x2, some violence)



How much wood can Hee-chan chuck . . .

I could finish that little ditty, but I think I'll just contain myself. Two guys in a cabin, winter, and Heero chopping wood. Oh, and Duo jerking off - can't leave that part out, ne? (1x2, masturbation)



I think this was written for Valentine's Day, a holiday that I couldn't possibly hate any more >:-\

But, this sort of makes up for it. Duo the standard uke comes home to find something a bit unexpected, though no less yummy ^_~ (2x1)


Boy Next Door

This must be the only fic by Jade that I only skimmed. I guess having a bunch of exams to study for will do that to you -_- Oh, and 'the group files' refers to the files on Jade's ML, which you can find via GWA or my author links page.

This is a fic I promised to the Fablespinner way back at YaoiCon! Then I got consumed by Little Boy Blue... but I finally finished it! This was inspired by her gorgeous picture... please look in the group files to check it out! Enjoy! (3x4, AU) 

  Miko no da

Cherries and Cream

Like cherries much? 

No? How about cherries and whipped cream and Heero? Hn. Maybe we can ask Duo about that... (2x1)


Dancing Lessons

Dirty Dancing! Well, the dancing's not dirty...

Heero needs to know how to dance, so guess who's gonna teach him! (1x2)

Jana (visit Jana)


Uh, ahem, yeah...I'm just not gonna say anything.

Duo's apparently got some S&M fetishes...good thing Heero's more than willing to help him out in that department. (1x2, OOC, BDSM)



Hmm, you gotta love storms ^_^

Lesse, thunder go boom, lights go black, boys get horny. You get the gist ::beams:: (1x2, POV)


Fucking the Perfect Soldier

M'kay, this is more limey than anything else, so, I guess, that's all I have to say.

Duo POV 'bout how he finally gets in Heero's pants (1x2, POV)


Passion Directed

Finding direction is a good thing, really.

After another drunken binge, Duo is finally confronted by Heero, who *finally* tells Duo where all his concern is coming from. (That was kinda' sad, but 1x2)


Zero Doesn't Tell

This is such a good twist on the Zero system ^_^

And people wonder why Heero spends so much time in his gundam, which is where Duo finds him when Heero is, um, busy. (1x2/1x2x1, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism)


Over the River and Through the Woods

To Grandmother's house we are definitely not going, unless your grandma is kinda' funny, or something.

Just like Duo says, "It's about us having sex........" (1x2/2x1, AU, OOC, lemon, sap, exhibitionism/voyeurism if you're being picky, masturbation)

[parts 5 - 9] [parts 10 - 14] [parts 15 - 19] [parts 20 - 21]

Tiercel and Galadriel (GW Addiction)

Lemon Joy

You know, hearing Heero sing would creep me out, too.

This is a really good story told from alternating POVs...oh, yeah, and, of course, nekkid bishounen. (1x2)

Lone Wolf (visit Home Page)

Good Cop *PWP-ness is a powerful thing, ne?*

You gotta love a guy in uniform.

Heero's a cop! Let's see how many times he can 'arrest' Duo, ne? (1x2, maybe exhibitionism,...illegal use of a nightstick?)


A Nice Little Vacation - sequel to Good Cop

Duo, you sneaky bastard you!

Gomen, guess I can't tell you *why* he's a sneaky bastard, huh? It would kind of ruin the small semblance of plot. Too bad, so sad. (2x1...uh, continuously)

Kitten Maxwell

The Angel and the Bat Out of Hell

Does anyone else think Duo *might* have sadistic tendencies?

Heero just can't take it anymore! So...Duo takes it instead! (1x2)

hyuy (GW Addiction)

Really Safe Sex

'Practice safe Zechs. Wear a Gundam.' --> Now where did I read that?

Geez, Heero sure can take things seriously, ne? (1x2)


The Ramen is Too Hot

I loo~ve Ramen noodles!!

Apparently so does Duo, but they're too hot! So he goes to bug Heero 'til they cool, but Heero has a different, much more fun, idea. (1x2)

Bianca (GW Addiction)

K'so! (or Tastes Like Chicken)

Remember how I said PWPs were *almost* definitely lemon? Well, this one fits into that small part outside the 'almost definitely.'

Duo plays doctor for Heero - he sure does that a lot - and then plays 'doctor' *with* Heero! (1+2, lime <--just implied, right, so how do I know who got to be top?)

Kimmie (GW Addiction)

The Phone Booth

*heehee* You guys are SO *kinky*!

Did you even know you could do that in a phone booth? (1x2, I guess exhibitionism, too)

Duo no Miko *If you know her E-mail, please tell me!* 

What are Dreams and What are Nightmares...?

Kind of a mix of bath-time fun and 'doctor'.

Let's see, no one actually gets fucked, per se, but it's still ( that right?)


An End and a Beginning

Well this definitely makes up for the lack of, uh, 'per se-edness'

This takes place during episode 49, well, mostly the shower...and on the bed. (2x1 AND 1x2...share the wealth)


Make Me Bad

Leather-clad Duo! Leather-clad Duo! Do I have to repeat it?

Ahem, Duo's got an interesting post-war job, and Quatre sends him an interested (not -ing) client. (1x2)


Worse Than Onnas

Hee-chan always struck me as kinky, but...Trowa?

Heero and Trowa have this interesting bet going and Heero refuses to relent! That's it, Heero, show him what you're made of! (1x2, 3x4 <--implied)

Dena (GW Addiction)

Substitute for the Real Thing

Duo no hentai!!!

Heero, who deserved this, I swear, gets treated to a little torture - Duo style - while away on a Relena-based trip. (1-ishx2)


No Substitute for the Real Thing *SftRT sequel*

It's payback time, get the lube!

Seriously, I meant that. Heero gets some, uh, 'revenge' on Duo...and his cohort. (1x2...repeatedly)


American Maid

*heehee* Guess who gets to be the maid!

So you guessed the maid, now guess who gets to molest him! Mwahaha! But, the end is kind of sappy, so perhaps 'molest' is the wrong word. How about 'fuck'? ...wait a minute ¨_¨; (1x2)



Jealousy, my friends, is sometimes not so bad.

Duo is sometimes too sexy for his own good, and Heero gets just a tad jealous over the roaming hands of some of Duo's dance partners. (1x2)

Jess-chan (visit Wing & Shinigami)

Oatmeal Cream Pies

Well, I guess it depends on how big a hentai you are as to whether or not you'll like this story.

Duo's making cookies (scary enough) for Heero...very *special,* creamy cookies... (squick!!! 1+2/3+4; no one actually gets any)


You Wash My Back, I'll Wash Yours

Just like you, Jezebel, we're all big 'ol hentais.

Another shower scene!...and not like in Psycho either. (1x2)


Dream Come True

Saa, Heero! I thought you had more control than that!

Heero gets a little touchy-feely (with himself), happens to scream out a secret, and said secret hears him. Oh, the joys of the orgasmic-stupor! (1x1/2x1...oh, uh, masturbation)

Silverblade Shi-fox (GW Addiction)

If You Can't Dance

Heero doesn't seem to get much credit for his dancing abilities.

Have no fear, Hee-chan! Duo will teach you! And, of course, Heero will pay Duo back in kind by teaching him some much more fun stuff. (1x2)


Hidden Secrets

More jealousy, so much jealousy. Good, Heero, very good.

That may not make sense to you just yet, but it's said jealousy, with a healthy dose of possessiveness and concern, which drives our little Hee-chan to save our baka Duo from his own stupidity. Nice. (1x2, some language, some angst, and maybe some more stuff, too ^_^)

Lady Tora

How to Cook Duo

Oi, a sick Duo...scary.

Like I said, a sick Duo. Heero, ever helpful, is going to make him feel better. (1x2)


How to Cook Heero

No, it's not a sequel ¨_¨;

(Duo + Cookie Dough) x Heero = Squicky Lemon. Need you know more? (2x1, light squick)


Dance of Seduction

With this guy, just about everything is seductive. Good.

Heero comes ::coughs:: home from work to find Duo . . .dancing just for him. (1x2)


Do You Want to Touch Me?

Heero actually acting like a teenager. Go figure.

OK, let me see if I remember this correctly: Heero is so caught up in Duo that he can barely speak straight (like that's so noticeable), and Duo calls him on it. (1x2/1x2x1)


The Hentai Zone: Perfect

I *need* a catalog like this . . .

Duo designs a perfect lover. Guess who? (2x1)


Private Lessons

Ooh, some kinkiness *and* role-playing *and* cross dressing. Quite a deal!

What else needs to be said here? (1x2, very mild S&M)


Teach Me With a Cherry On Top!

::sighs:: It's so nice to get new authors with such potential ^_^

Let's see, um, Duo has porn mags of the Playboy-esque ilk, Heero finds said mags, gets an impressive stiffy, is confused about said state of stiffiness, and Duo is more than happy to explain. Results: very good, indeed. (2x2, 1x2, 3+4, lemon, masturbation, yaoi, OOC, slight sap, bisexuality - dun know if I should make that a warning -_-)


Spectacular Spectacular

All right, I am going to read this, but I thought you'd like to, too, so it's a crappy summary, but it's PWP, whatcha' need to know?

Heero is named Wing in the beginning of the story because itís his nickname at the hair salon. Ok? Ok. (1x2, lemon, AU, OOC, sap)


Zestfully Clean

Those were such lame commercials . . .

Infer, people. How off do you think you'll be? (1x2, lemon, slight OOC, sap)



This is part of the duel waging on the 1x2x1ML. You can see some more via Jana's page.

Duo's hungry, Heero feeds him. Also contains sex toys of multiple variation ^_^ (1x2, sex toys, lemon)

Shinigami195 (visit homepage)

Under the Cover of Night

Geez, we never had a rating list based on popularity, just grades. I never minded, though - I was top 10 ^_^

Duo and Heero get locked in a gym together. (1x2, AU, POV, lemon)

???? (*If you know who wrote this, please tell me!*)


And we have lift-off!

Basically, Heero gives an injured Duo a bath, which turns into a nifty 69 run. (so, um, 1x2x1?)

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