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Mercury Rising (parts 13 - 18)


part 13

Nearly a week had passed since the apparent lesson in behavior Duo had given me in the kitchen and not much had really changed since then. We continued what had now become our almost daily sexual explorations. Though they didn't take us beyond where we'd ventured before; I did notice that Duo seemed more anxious for things to move forward. His subtle hints didn't go unnoticed and while I tried to be impassive, I was certain that I revealed my nearing readiness to him.

I hadn't given much thought to how I'd know when I would be ready; nor did I try to discern what it was that was keeping me from taking the next step. Duo had pretty much left the decision in my hands and somehow I just figured that when the time was right.... I would know. It was not an inaccurate assumption.


I'd turned out the light about 1:00 A.M. but sleep escaped me that night as it had so many others of late. I tossed and turned; finally rolling over onto my side and looking out the window toward the guest house.

I could see the light on in the kitchen through the slim blinds and couldn't help but wonder what he was doing in there; getting a drink.. having a snack. As my mind supplied me with images of him in the small room, my thoughts turned to what he might be wearing as he was doing whatever it was he was doing. I was venturing into dangerous territory here but as always; unwilling to stop. It wouldn't surprise me if he slept naked; that thought giving me a crystal clear picture of him stretched out and unadorned on the king sized bed. I took it one step further, envisioning him aroused as well and felt my own cock rising to the occasion.

I don't know how long I lay there filling my time with sexy thoughts of him; it could have been hours. I never tired of the endless fantasies having Duo as a lover invoked and I indulged myself fully in each and every one; masturbating to relieve the ever present ache he roused in me. I was lost in one such scenario when I saw the light come on in the pool. I propped myself up to take a closer look and set my sights on Duo exiting the front door and making his way toward the pool. It didn't take me very long to decide that I was going to join him.


I stood in my bathing suit right outside the white gate that separated the yard from the pool area and watched him for several minutes. The area was well guarded by darkness and I approached quietly so that I could take in his activities unnoticed. He was swimming laps, his body no more than just a darkened shadow as it moved through the glowing blue water; his hair pulled back into a ponytail and trailing behind him as if an entity of its own. I watched as he resurfaced near the ladder at the deep end of the pool and cleared my throat to announce my presence.

He looked in my direction as the sound reached his ears, but I knew that he was unable to see me. "That you, Heero?"

I smiled but remained still.

He swam across the pool; bringing himself closer to the gate where I stood. "If you want to play games, Heero.... I'm sure we can come up with something better than hide and seek."

I stepped out of the darkness; opening the metal latch and walking toward where he was leaning against the side of the pool. "What did you have in mind?"

He reached up and tugged playfully at the leg of my trunks. "Whatever it is, it involves the water. Get in."

I seated myself near him and set my towel down behind me; letting my legs dangle over the edge. "It's cold."

"Warm once you get in. Don't be a wuss."

"A wuss?"

He laughed and I dove in from my seated position, making sure I kicked up enough water in his direction as I started to swim the length of the pool.

I'd reached the far side and gripped the coping as I came up for air, startled as he swam up behind me and burst up from under the water. "Wanna race?"

I looked at him for a moment and watched him push aside the curtain of hair that covered his face before nodding. "Three laps, freestyle."

"Cool. And what does the winner get?"

I raised one eyebrow in response to his unexpected question. "Winner gets the loser." I shot back.

He looked fairly stunned; I stifled my smirk. "No good?" They were pretty high stakes; especially for him.

"Gets in what way?"

"Afraid you're going to lose?"

He smirked. "No."

Cocky is the word that came to mind. "Then on the count of three."

We kicked off simultaneously and I'd reached the other side of the pool first, with him trailing me by only a second or two. I tried to pace myself so that I'd have enough energy for a sprint at the final leg of the last lap. I considered myself a fairly fast swimmer and that he was able to keep up with me surprised me a bit.

I turned as I hit the edge and pushed off the side with as much power as I could; noting he was still within inches of me. Halfway through the last length I quickened my pace and turned to see him moving out in front of me. I gave it my all; but had apparently underestimated his abilities and his hand gripped the coping a full second or two before mine did.

I brought myself into an upright position and caught my breath, watching him as he did the same, pushing his hair back over his shoulders. "Good race." he smiled.

"You're fast."

"Thanks." he winked. " You gave me a pretty good run for my money."

I leaned back against the edge of the pool and he positioned himself in front of me, moving his head forward to kiss me hard; thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I responded by pushing my hips off the side of the pool and grinding them into his. We were both well on our way to being fully aroused. He moved back from the kiss for a second. "You make a great prize." he moaned, slipping his hand into the front of my bathing suit and recommencing his attack on my mouth.

I moaned as he formed a fist around my cock with one hand, the other moving down my back and into my bathing suit as well; his fingers immediately finding their target. He pulled back again; questioning me in deep lusty voice. "Is this what you had in mind, Heero?" he asked, pushing one more finger up inside me. I nodded and tossed my head back. His mouth seemed drawn to my now exposed neck and he sucked roughly on it; concentrating his efforts in one place.

"I'm willing to give you just about anything you want."

I shivered as he whispered those words in my ear.

"You know that. Don't you?" he asked softly, accentuating his words with sharpened movements of both his hands.

I did know. I also knew that he wanted it too; perhaps even more than I did and I whispered my response. "MmHm. Let's go inside"

He nodded and I hoisted myself up to sit on the edge of the pool once he'd released me; immediately taking my towel in hand and drying myself off. I watched as he climbed up the ladder and seated himself at the bottom the chaise lounge. He grabbed his towel and ignored his body, removing what water he could from his hair first instead. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was watching him as I blindly toweled myself off in the distance.

He rose and bent to run the towel up and down the length of his legs; standing to face me once he'd finished. "Ready?"

There was only a minimal amount of hesitation as I followed him inside; despite the fact that I knew what was about to happen.


I closed the door and walked behind him as he entered the kitchen. "Something to drink?"

"A beer?"

I was waiting for him to make some sort of a comment... or give me a look; but neither came as he handed me one. I twisted the cap off and lifted the bottle to my lips. He took a swig of his beer and sat it down on the counter before moving to stand behind me. He brought his mouth down to my ear and whispered his question. "Do you want me to fuck you, Heero?"

I moaned as he pushed his hips forward and leaned back against his chest. "I think you do." he continued. "I think that's why you came out here tonight.... and why you intentionally lost the race."

It was why I'd come. I hadn't let him win the race though, but there was no point in mentioning that; it had little to do with what was about to happen. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressed against my rear through the thin fabric of his Speedo.

"You have to tell me what you want."

I recalled him telling me that before. I struggled to formulate a coherent response.

"Do you want me inside you, Heero?"

Yes. That was exactly what I wanted. My breathing grew more labored and I nodded.

He grit his teeth and ground his hips into me. "Words, Yuy. I want to hear you say the words."

I swallowed hard and tried to disguise my rising desperation. "I need you, Duo... I... need you to fuck me, Duo... please....."


Those were apparently the words he was waiting for and we somehow ended up in the bedroom; though I don't recall physically walking there.

He was kissing me again and I felt the back of my knees hit the mattress before falling backward and landing on the bed; with him on top of me. He pressed his hips downward and shifted them against mine. I probably didn't need to tell him the effect it was having on me, but I pushed him away and did anyway. "Duo.... don't..... I'm too close...."

He brought himself to a seated position on my thighs and laid both his hands on my stomach, moving them slowly upward toward my chest. "So very responsive." he whispered; teasing both of my nipples with too light touches. I shuddered and lifted my hips up off the bed in a show of impatience.

He climbed off me and reached into the nightstand drawer, producing the same small bottle as he did last time. He motioned with his eyes that I should take my bathing suit off and I did, dropping it to the floor beside the bed before I looked over at him. "What now?"

He smirked. "Up onto your knees." He seated himself on the bed and thoroughly coated the fingers of his right hand with lube; then brought himself up to his knees in front of me. He laid his hand on my chest and applied a gentle pressure until I'd seated myself back onto my folded thighs. "You have a little work to do first." he informed me.

I wasn't quite sure what he meant; but my confusion didn't last too long. He took my right hand in his; transferring much of the slippery gel onto it and moving our hands down and in between my legs. He held onto the palm of my hand while he rubbed my fingers against my entrance; teasing the sensitive area for a minute before pushing one deep inside. "I want you to prepare yourself for me." he whispered.

I closed my eyes and nodded, enjoying the feel as he worked that one digit in and out of me; my eyes opening when the movement suddenly stopped as he released my hand.

"Keep going, Heero." He was in the process of climbing off the bed... leaving me here... to go and do what? My question was soon answered as I watched him pull the chair in the corner closer to the bed and he seated himself in it; looking over at me. "I want you to do this by yourself, Heero and I want to watch you." His eyes were directly focused on mine as mine were on his; I didn't notice that he was touching himself until he'd finished speaking. I started up the motion of my hand again not taking my eyes from him as I worked to find a pleasurable rhythm. He buried his hand even deeper inside his small suit and shifted his hips forward. "Someone's had a little practice doing this."

I nodded. Since the time I'd let Duo play with me like this, I had added it to my masturbation routine; wondering how close to actually having him inside me it was. "I like doing it."

My confession caused him to moan and his hand shifted as he began stroking his cock. I added a second finger and gasped as my muscles stretched to allow it. "I can handle three." I told him.

"It's gonna take four before I fuck you."

I swiftly added the third and took a minute to adjust to it, wondering just how much pain would be involved with a fourth; the discomfort had always stopped me before. I pushed them as far up inside me as I could, lifting my hips and lowering myself back down onto them.

He paused his touch to slide the small black fabric down and over his knees; spreading his legs wide as it dropped to the floor around his ankles. "Fuck yourself harder, Heero."

I did and watched as his both hands moved over his chest and settled in between his legs. "Were you able to find your prostate?"

I nodded.

"Touch it now."

I bent over a bit more and curled my fingers slightly, shuddering as they pushed against the small bundle of nerves. "Nnn..... Duo..." I was fast reaching the point of no return; striking that place inside me again and again.

"Add another finger, Heero."

I looked up at him. His hand was moving more rapidly up and down his length; the other alternately cupping and kneading his balls

"Do it."

I slid the three nearly all the way out, adding my pinky to the sticky group and pushed them upward; hissing at the sharp burning sensation the additional stretch caused. I closed my eyes and completely stilled; giving my body time to adjust. He waited not even a minute before continuing to encourage me. "Mmm.. let's go, Heero."

I opened my eyes to find him spitting in the palm of his hand and wrapping his fingers around his cock. I raised my hips up off the bed and lowered myself back down; watching as he began pumping himself. I took it from his actions that he intended for us to climax like this. I mentally reasoned that it was a good idea; I'd waited long enough to do this and wanted it to last; this would relieve the immediacy I think we were both feeling. I took my erection in hand and easily found a nice rhythm; pushing my fingers up into myself as I thrust my hips up into my hand.

The pleasure built at an alarming rate and within seconds I found myself on the edge; I looked up to find Duo in nearly the same state. "Do it, Heero." he groaned. "Come on..." He leaned back into the chair and hooked both his legs over the arms of it, giving me an unobstructed view of his finger sliding into his entrance.

That was it; I let out a strangled cry and orgasm rocked its way through me at an unparalleled speed and intensity. I managed to keep my eyes open watching as Duo brought himself to climax, his back arched and hips thrown forward between wide spread legs . His features were twisted in what I'm sure were a mirror image of my own; thick jets of his release shooting upward to cover his chest as I felt my own doing the same.

Easing myself down onto the bed, I groaned as I removed my fingers; letting both arms fall to my sides before looking over at Duo. He appeared to be as spent as I was. I let the silence reign for several more minutes before speaking. "And we're supposed to have sex after that?"

His eyelids slowly raised to half mast; revealing the void of light they usually held. It was definitely a yes.

part 14

I'm not sure if I'd actually fallen asleep but I was definitely on the precipice. The movement of the bed startled me and I opened my eyes to find Duo seated beside me. "That was great, Heero." His unexpected praise was spoken almost reverently. He reached forward and placed his hand on my knee, separating my legs which had fallen to my side and ran his hand upward on the inside of my thigh; stopping just short of where I thought it was headed.

He took my hand in his and brought it to his reawakened arousal; making me question how long I'd been lying there. "Mmm..... I'm hard again." he whispered, wrapping my fingers around his erection. I grasped it more firmly and he removed his hand; climbing over my one leg to seat himself between the two and spreading them further apart. I watched as he leaned forward to slide his fingers over my chest and through the evidence of my orgasm; guiding them downward and slipping two of them inside me. My cock responded favorably to his touch and I pushed down to allow his fingers fully to penetrate me. "More...." I moaned loudly.

He added another, but what I really wanted was him inside of me. I decided to tell him. "Duo... please..."

Well... almost tell him.

He looked up at me; twisting and driving his fingers still deeper. "Please what, Heero? Please fuck you?"

I nodded and he slid his digits out; removing my hand from his erection before bringing himself up onto his knees. "You know how much I want to."

I was ready, he was ready; I didn't understand what the problem was. "Then what are you waiting for?" It came out as almost a growl.

"I'm trying to decide how I want to take you." His eyes focused on mine as his hand moved slowly over his abdomen, gathering his cum then dropped down to coat his cock with it.

I hadn't given much thought to this particular aspect of having sex with Duo. I was aware from exploring the net since we'd become lovers that there were seemingly endless possibilities. For some reason, I'd just figured we'd do it missionary style our first time. I don't know why I assumed that; but I did... I should have known better.

"Get up onto your hands and knees."

I moved toward the center of the bed and into position quickly, feeling his warmth and hardness behind me almost immediately. He nudged my legs further apart with his knee and placed the palm of his hand in the center of my back, forcing my upper body down into the mattress. "Ass nice and high, Heero."

He moaned as I lifted my hips up; kneading the both cheeks roughly. He placed his cock at my entrance and moved forward to let just the head enter me; much too slowly for my liking. I pushed back; taking another inch or two of him inside. He slid his hands upward, taking firm hold of my hips. I could feel myself opening; stretching taut to admit him, but it wasn't exactly pain... or maybe it was; just pleasurable pain. All I could think of was how good it must feel to have him fully buried in me. "Nnnn... All the way in, Duo. I can handle it."

I heard him let out a hiss behind me and his hands tightened their already rough grip. "You are so fucking tight.", he ground out.

I think he thought that tight was a good thing; I think I would have if the situation were reversed. I toyed with the idea of making some reference to the size of his cock, but thought better of it. "Is that a complaint?"

"Nnn.... No!" He pushed forward and in one swift movement entered me fully. I gasped as he did so, almost loud enough to drown out his moan. "Stay still, Heero.", he warned.

I was too busy processing the myriad of new sensations to even think about moving. I lowered my head and began to pant; trying to slow down my accelerated heart rate. His hand moved lightly over the soft flesh of my hips and traveled inward from there, gently caressing my lower back. "Tell me when you're ready."

As soon as he'd finished speaking I replied. "I've been ready. Just do it."

I could almost see the smirk on his face as I felt him pull almost all the way out. I shivered in that one second I waited for him to enter me again. The force of the impact took me by surprise and I braced myself this time as I felt him slide out; crying out as he slammed into me once more. "Unhh....... jeezus, Duo!!!!"

"Jeezus, Duo what?" he growled.

I hoped he didn't expect me to answer him; especially since I wasn't sure if I was asking him to stop or asking for more.

He slowed his movements. "What, Heero? More? Or do you want me to stop?"

I added mind reading to his already impressive, yet still growing resume. He'd almost completely stilled now, making it easier for me to clarify exactly what it was that I wanted from him. "More, Duo..." I whimpered; sighing in relief as he began thrusting into me again. I pushed back against him now each time he entered me, needing every inch of his thick length inside me.

"Mmm..... that's perfect, Heero." he whispered, "Feels good, doesn't it?"

Good was a gross understatement. It was unlike anything I'd experienced up until now and even surpassed the intensity of my fantasies. I did the only thing I was capable of doing well at the moment; pleading with him to give me what my body craved. "Harder, Duo!!!"

"Oh yeah... as hard as you want it." The words came out as a low growl as he made his words reality.

Each time his body slammed against mine, I could feel myself climbing higher. I never wanted it to end; at the same time needing to find what I was certain was going to be a mind-blowing orgasm. I reached down in between my legs and began stroking my cock in time with his thrusts. "Unh....... any second now!" I screamed.

Duo changed the angle of my hips and rammed into me with a grunt; striking my prostate. "Oh God.. DUO!!" His breathing indicated that he was nearly ready to come. His voice was loud, but incoherent; I think he was urging me to climax with each forceful thrust he made into me. Whether he was or he wasn't; I was unable to delay the onset of my orgasm and I stroked myself faster with one hand while the other tightly gripped the sheets.

I felt all ten of his fingers gouging the flesh at either side of my hips as I screamed out his name in a voice I didn't recognize as my own. My entire body shuddered and I lowered my head to watch my cock twitch and christen the bed linens as Duo continued pounding me from behind in search of his release. It wasn't long before he found it and sealed himself against me as he climaxed inside me, nearly howling as the pleasure took him.


I vaguely recall the discomfort as he withdrew; collapsing and then feeling Duo tumble down on top of me. I don't know how long we remained like that before he rolled off of me and onto the bed beside me. His hand caressed the side of my face. "You are going to be very sore, Heero." He said it with almost a chuckle. I groaned into the mattress; he was right. I remember feeling his weight leaving the bed and heard him humming as he crossed the room. I don't recall much after that until I felt his hand on my shoulder and his voice calling my name. "Heero...."

I rolled over and looked up at him as he stood beside the bed.

"Go get cleaned up." I glanced down at myself and back up at Duo. "Yeah."

He assisted me in standing; which was a good thing as my body had yet to fully wake. He followed me into the bathroom. "I ran you a hot bath. It'll help."

He didn't need to explain it any further. "Thanks."

He winked at me and exited the room; closing the door behind him.

I wasted no time sinking into the hot water; letting out a huge moan as the warmth instantly began its task of soothing my aching body. I couldn't help but smile as I thought about what had just happened. I settled back against the warmed porcelain and closed my eyes; sex with Duo was certainly not a disappointment.... though my body might have otherwise disagreed.


I remained in the tub until the temperature of the water dropped and no longer provided me any additional relief. I dried myself off after soaking for what I'm guessing was about 20 minutes and returned to the bedroom with only a small towel wrapped around my waist.

Duo was already in bed and had just a sheet drawn over what I could easily see was his curled up form. He was facing the opposite wall and I was unable to tell whether he was still awake or had fallen asleep.

I let the towel drop to the floor and reached down for my bathing suit and was stepping into it when I felt Duo's hand on mine. I looked up at him in surprise. Although he didn't speak, I understood the question in his eyes and let my trunks fall to the floor; climbing into bed beside him and sliding my body beneath the sheet. I lay there for a second or two; finding this to be more awkward than anything that had taken place between us so far.

I remained on my back with my hands tucked under my head and as far from him as I could get; watching as he reached to turn out the light before redirecting my attention back up at the ceiling.

Propping himself up one elbow, he looked over at the clock on the nightstand beside me and groaned. "Man, I'm going to be a ficking zimbie tomorrow." [10]

I turned sharply to face him. I couldn't have heard that right. "What?"

He looked at me and flashed me a grin. "I said its almost 4:00. We should get some sleep."

I shook my head. "That's not what you said."

"It's close enough." He rolled over onto his side to face me; reaching up under my head to take my hand in his and brought them down with fingers entwined to lie on the mattress between us. "Night, Heero."


I closed my eyes; knowing that sleep wasn't coming anytime soon.

[10] *giggles insanely and collapses down onto to the floor; dragging a gasping steel down with her*

part 15

Morning came, it seemed, rather quickly and it took my brain a minute or two to register exactly where I was. Once realization hit me, I looked hesitantly over toward the other side of the bed and was relieved to find Duo not in it. I sat up, immediately regretting the action with a low moan.

"Still sore, huh?"

I looked up to find Duo still in only his silk boxers leaning against the wooden doorframe. I was expecting to see a smirk on his face, but there was none to be found. "Just a bit."

"I made breakfast. You hungry?"

I glanced over at the clock and noted it was only 6:30; alerting him to my findings. "It's only 6:30."

"Yeah, but that doesn't answer my question."

I nodded and swung my legs over the side of the bed, pushing my hair from my eyes before reaching down to retrieve my shorts. Duo watched me from the room's entrance as I dressed. "What?"

He smiled. "Nothing. Meet me in the kitchen." he directed and turned to leave.

I entered the bathroom and took care of things, looking at my still sleepy reflection in the mirror above the sink as I washed my hands. I ran both hands through my more than slightly messy hair; suddenly focusing my attention on the huge red mark on the right side of my neck; the sight of it making me blush. I turned my head to get a better look, running my fingers over it and shaking my head in amusement.


Duo handed me a cup of coffee as I entered the kitchen. I thanked him with a nod and seated myself at the table. I took several sips before focusing my attention on Duo and sharing with him what it was I was thinking about. "Cynthia is going to know something's up if we don't show up for breakfast." I started.

He brought the black mug to his lips with both hands and looked at me over it. "She probably already knows that you didn't sleep at home last night."

I eyed him as he took a sip from it and sat it back down on the table in front of him. His assessment was more than likely correct.

"Does it bother you?"

I wasn't really sure of the answer to that question, so I shrugged; virtually letting the subject drop and switching my attention back to breakfast. "Looks good."

He smiled in return and we both started to eat; me waiting several minutes before bringing up another topic I wished to discuss or at least inform Duo of. "I didn't let you win the race yanno."

He looked up from his plate at my words. "Really? Hmmm... wonder what would have happened had you won."

I smiled. "I think you'd be the one sitting here with a sore ass this morning."

His expression turned rather serious. "You do? Then you still have a lot to learn about me, Heero. I don't do bottom."

I wasn't surprised by his response; I think I had figured that out already... I just needed for him to confirm it.


I made my way into the kitchen a few minutes before 8:00, successfully shielding the large hickey on my neck with my right hand. Cynthia was uncharacteristically without comment; barely pausing her activities as I informed her that Duo and I had already had breakfast. Duo suggested that we could work on my RPG this morning after he performed standard morning maintenance on the pool. I had readily agreed and headed upstairs to my room, taking a quick shower before seating myself at my computer.

It was nearly an hour before he knocked on my bedroom door. "Come in."

He did and immediately pulled a chair from across the room over and placed it next to mine. He sat, setting the sketchpad, pencils and markers he'd brought with him down on his lap. "You said you had some ideas for the graphics?"

I nodded and reached down; taking a hard copy of my notes from the printer tray and handing it to him. He smiled and I watched him as he looked it over. "Cool. I'll get started on the pilots first." With that he rose and crossed the room. "Okay if I use your bed?"

I nodded again and watched as he toed off his shoes and lay face down on my bed; flipping his pad open and started drawing. It took me a few minutes to pull my eyes away and direct my attention back toward the computer screen.


I'm guessing that it was nearly two hours later when he seated himself in the chair beside mine again. "How's it going?"

"Good." I told him, looking down at the papers he held in his hand. "You got something?"

"Yeah. Ready to scan them in?"

I opened GIMP and he slipped the first paper into the scanner and we watched as the images appeared on the screen. "Those are the last three of the five pilots," he informed me. I looked at the 3 characters he'd designed, each one fairly unique in stance, dress and appearance; sharing only one common factor. "They're quite attractive." I told him with a grin.



"They are bishounen. Literally translated as 'pretty boys'."

"Ahh... " They were.

I cut and saved each one individually; labeling the three files as 03, 04 and 05 respectively while he readied the next page to be scanned. "The mecha are going to take me a while longer to draw."

"No rush." I told him. "It's going to take me a while to work these into the program."

He watched intently as the newly scanned image showed up on the screen; looking over at me with a sly grin once it finished.

I was fairly shocked by it and felt my face flush; noting not only the striking resemblance the final two characters bore to him and me.... but the position they were in as well. It brought last nights activities back into the forefront of my thoughts.

"Seems that pilot number 2 has the hots for pilot number 1." He chuckled.

I turned to face him and the cheeky grin he wore. "Doesn't seem like number 1 has any complaints." he added with a wink.

"No it doesn't. I don't either." I returned with a smile; taking in the image on the screen once again.

"Next one is ready to go."

I nodded and saved the image then prepared to scan in the new one. An infinitely more innocent image of pilots 1 and 2 filled the screen. "I figured you should be number 1 since it's your program."

"I like the idea." I told him. "And they really do look like us."

He nodded and seated himself behind me on my chair and wrapped his both arms around my waist. "Mmmm... especially that first one."

I felt myself shiver as he made reference to the picture again. I was unable to ignore my body's reaction to the flashback of me on my hands and knees and Duo inside me..... and to having him pressed up so tight against me. I tried in vain to focus on the screen as my trembling fingers hovered over the keyboard.

"I can't work with you sitting behind me like this."

"I know." His one hand drifted down off my waist and settled in between my legs.

I removed my hands from the keyboard and let them fall down onto my knees. "That didn't help."

"It wasn't supposed to."

I moaned as he teased me through the denim of my jeans and leaned back against his chest. "I've fantasized about this you know." I admitted.

"Have you?" His voice held no surprise.

"MmHmm." I rested my head on his shoulder; feeling more comfortable sharing my previously secret thoughts with him than I would have imagined.

"Tell me about it, Heero... about your fantasy." His other hand moved across my abdomen to unfasten the snap and lower the zipper of my pants. "What happens in it?"

"You're headed in the right direction." I told him, folding down the thick fabric and guiding his hand inside.

It didn't take him long to bring me to climax; I really needed to work on my stamina. I might have lasted longer if I hadn't watched him touch me, hadn't seen his wiry fingers wrapping themselves around my rock hard length; his thumb sliding through the slickness at its tip... damn the visuals. He laughed when I told him.

"So, is that where your fantasy ends?" he asked. His tone led me to believe he suspected otherwise.

"Mmm... there's more." I stood and brought myself onto my knees on the floor in front of the chair; looking up at him as I reached for and unfastened his shorts. He let out a low moan as I freed his erection. "I think you should lock the door, Heero."

I rose to lock it; immediately returning to the floor and turned my attention back to Duo's arousal; lightly running my tongue over its tip while my eyes focused on his. I allowed myself a moment to savor his taste before lowering my head to fully engulf his length. Within seconds, his hips raised up off the wooden chair; thrusting up into my mouth as he filled the room with his soft cries.

I was battling internally whether or not I should tell him about the rest of my fantasy; finally deciding that the worst he could do was say no. It was worth the risk.

Sliding my mouth up and off his cock, I looked up at him as my one hand moved up his thigh and settled in between his legs. "There is something else I want to do." He looked down at me questionably, but allowed me to guide him to the floor. I pushed the two chairs aside and opened the bottom left drawer of my desk to remove the bottle of lube I kept there.

He kept his eyes on me, though not saying a word; I think he knew where this was headed. "Do you want me to take my shorts off?"

I nodded and he did; lowering my head to take his cock back into my mouth once he'd reclined back onto bent elbows. He watched intently while I sucked his length, moaning softly as my one hand reached up to rub his balls. "Are you nervous?"

I wasn't; certainly not about giving him a blowjob. I hadn't yet committed myself to anything else; I wasn't entirely sure how he'd react to it. I let him slide from my mouth just long enough to reply. "No."

He laid all the way back and spread his legs still wider; recreating an image I'd envisioned countless times. I felt his hand moving though my hair, gently at first, more roughly as the pleasure I was giving him built. I snapped open the bottle with my free hand and coated the fingers of my other; moving them to his entrance and teasing it. I gave him plenty of time to refuse my intentions and then slid my one finger up inside of him. He moaned and pushed back against it. "It's about time..." he groaned. ".. more, Heero." I added a second; working them in and out as my mouth moved faster up and down his length.

There was something so much more intense about sucking him off with my fingers buried inside of him. Part of it was the way his body reacted; the way his back arched up off the floor asking for more, the rest the way his muscles held my fingers tightly within him; the very idea of it made my cock ache.

I searched for only a second before finding and stimulating his prostate. "Oh yeah... that's it, Heero." Each thrust drove him deep into my mouth; both hands gripping my hair as he hissed and moaned in pleasure. His cock pulsated against my tongue and his muscles squeezed my fingers as I took in every inch of his length. "Just like that..... and don't stop!" he cried out.

I found myself nearly chuckling at his request; stopping was not something I was even remotely entertaining. I swallowed each thick stream, hungrily awaiting the next; not releasing him from my mouth until his body stilled, slipping my fingers from inside him then as well.


We'd gotten very little more accomplished on my project before we parted company at around noon. I'd given Duo a fairly vague written description of what I envisioned the 5 Gundams to look like. I might have attempted to go into more detail if he wasn't so obviously talented and enthusiastic. I was sure he would come up with something that would surpass my original intentions.


I made my way down into the kitchen at 12:30; hungrier than usual after having eaten breakfast at 6:30. Cynthia was already there and was busy assembling a salad. I seated myself and waited for her to do the same before speaking. Our conversation was typically kept to a minimum and no mention was made about the deviation in my morning routine. I suspected that she was curious about it and found it odd that she didn't bring it up; dismissing my own urges to say something regarding it.

I set my plate aside and reached for the newspaper after I'd finished eating. Several minutes later, her words seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Are you sleeping with him?"

I knew that she knew something was up; but didn't think she'd jump to that particular conclusion... as accurate as it was.

Maybe she sensed that there was something unusual about my behavior this afternoon.

Maybe she could smell the sex on me.

I couldn't tell from her inflection whether she thought that it was a good thing or a bad thing; and I didn't care. Nor did I care whom he'd slept with or if in fact he'd fucked or was currently fucking half of New York City. I looked up from my paper to glance at her. "Uh huh."

I thought I saw the corner of her mouth turn upward as she carried the dishes from the table.

part 16

I'd waited several days before informing Duo that Cynthia had figured out what was going on between us; at the same time alerting him to the fact that my parents were due back in a few days. We were in total agreement that her new found knowledge would have no affect on our situation. The same could not be said of my parents return home. I sensed Duo understood the reluctance I was feeling over their homecoming. I attributed his sympathy to the small amount of insight he'd gained into my childhood from the one short conversation we'd had about it.


Duo's knowledge that our previously enjoyed freedom was now on somewhat of a timer, brought his penchant for the kinky out into the open once more; not that it was ever really concealed. He'd approached me after my morning swim and invited me to join him in the guesthouse. The occurrence itself was not out of the ordinary, his demeanor, however, seemed more guarded than usual.

I followed him into the bedroom once inside. Again this was all fairly typical; the camera set atop a tripod at the foot of the king size bed was anything but. "You game?"

I am pleased to say that what little surprise I felt, I kept hidden and offered no protest as Duo removed my clothes and eased me down onto the bed. He moved quickly to settle himself on all fours above me and filled me in on what it was he wanted to do.

I hadn't objected to the idea at first but became reluctant at his admission that he had minimal knowledge of the process and that a friend of his would be doing most of the actual developing and printing. It was one thing for him to see the pictures; quite another for someone else to. I found myself searching for a way to give Duo what he wanted; pleased that I had come up with one.

"My dad has a darkroom set up in the basement... hasn't been used in years though."

He smiled. "You have any idea how to develop and make prints? It's black and white."

I shook my head no. "Not exactly, but I've seen it done. How hard can it be?"

That double entendre unintentionally set things in motion and I found Duo's hand between my legs. "Are you sure you're okay with this?"

I'm not sure why he asked me, but I was pleased that he offered me a way out.. even if I had no intention of taking it. "Mmm... I'm sure."

I was glad he made no motion to abandon his touch just yet. I was enjoying the roughness of his hand on me and I moaned in appreciation. "Nnn... that's good." He continued for a few moments before replacing his hand with my own. "Let's see what you can do, Heero."

I've always responded well to a challenge. I waited and watched as Duo climbed off the bed to stand behind the camera before beginning. I had more practice at doing this of late than I cared to admit and was pleased that I could perform without hesitation for my attentive audience of one. I was also very much in tune with what it was that Duo expected of me and precisely how he liked to see me touch myself.

I moved toward the center of the bed and got up onto my knees, spreading my legs and lowering myself down onto my calves. I brought both hands up to my chest then moved them over it slowly; closing my eyes as I stopped to tease my nipples before letting them settle in between my legs. Both hands wrapped around my cock; one at the head, the other grasping it firmly at the base.

I heard the shutter open and close several times, but kept my eyes shut as I lost myself in the increasing enjoyment my hands wrought. I kept the movements of my right hand at an even pace, passing my thumb through the wet slickness at the tip every few strokes.

Moments later I felt something fall onto the bed and opened my eyes to find a bottle of Astroglide and looked up to see Duo making his way back behind the camera. Releasing my erection, I reached forward for the bottle and covered my fingers with it; tossing the container aside and keeping my eyes focused on Duo's as I slid two of them inside myself.

"Is that what you wanted?"

He nodded. "Throw your hips forward a little more."

I watched him duck back down to look through the viewfinder as I complied; hearing the dull click of the shutter seconds later. It was hard to tell from his expression if this was what he'd envisioned when he'd requested I do this. The fact that he remained silent for a good duration of the time indicated that I was probably on the right track.

"I've five more shots left."

I interpreted this to mean he was ready for me to come. I needed only close my eyes and recall the first and only time he'd taken me. The memory of those sensations assaulted me with an intensity I was unable to ignore. I wondered if that knowledge would render him something other than his current impassive state. I wanted him to know what it was that set me off. "God, I can almost feel you inside me." I moaned. "So good...."

He peered over the camera at me. I could tell by his expression that I'd succeeded; that his thoughts were now aligned with mine. It was enough to send me over the top. His name and a series on unintelligible grunts accompanied my violent release; Duo catching it all on film.


Several minutes later, Duo was seated beside me on the bed. "I'm going to run into town to get the chemicals and stuff. Why don't you go take a shower?" I nodded and watched him leave the room; rolling over and allowing my body to recover for a while longer before taking his advice.

I wasn't out of the shower for more than 5 minutes when I heard Duo reenter the guest house. "All set?" he asked from the bedroom doorway. I nodded and finished tying my shoes before following him into the kitchen. "I picked this up while I was there too."

A thin book slid across the table and I caught it just before if fell off the edge. I chuckled as I read the title."Black and White Film Processing for Dummies?" [11]

"Yeah.. seems they have one of those for everything these days." He winked.

We sat and read through a good portion of it together; one or the other of us recalling some familiarity with most stages of the process. Once fairly comfortable with what needed to be done; we gathered the supplies Duo had purchased and headed toward the main house and straight into the basement.


This area of the house got very little use. It served primarily as storage and even then only minimally. Duo walked behind me and we entered the small makeshift room at the very back of the otherwise open space. Despite the fact that it had been years since it was used, a heavy metallic scent still hung in the air.

I flipped the light switch on and looked around; finding and rinsing out 3 shallow pans while Duo removed the chemicals and paper from the bag and set them on the counter. Once everything we needed had been located, I turned off the light and Duo removed the film from its magazine and loaded it onto the film development spool. [12]

I crossed the room to turn the safelight on once he'd finished; checking the book before I proceeded. I filled the developing tank and Duo set the film into it. "So far so good."

I nodded and he moved to stand behind me as I covered and began agitating the tray. "You really get off on this, don't you?"

I was pretty sure he wasn't referring to film developing. He moved even closer, drawing me to him with both arms wound around my waist. "Hm, Heero?"

I saw no sense in withholding the truth. "I get off on the fact that you get off on it."

His one hand moved downward, just passing lightly over the front of my jeans. I could feel his arousal pressed against me and figured he was seeing what effect, if any, our conversation and his close proximity was having on me. It was minimal, but on the rise.

"I'm glad it doesn't bother you."

"Not in the least." I assured him, returning my attention to the chore at hand. "I have to empty this."

He stepped off to the side and I slid the tray across the counter; tipping it slightly so that the liquid contents could drain into the sink. "Get the stop bath ready."

He filled the tray and moved behind me again once I had begun shaking it. "I can't wait to see how they came out."

I shifted to empty the tray again and he added the fixer. "I hope I didn't move too much." I had tried to stay still.

"Mmm..... just your hands." He moaned; obviously giving thought to my earlier actions.

I removed the cover from the pan and set the bottom of it in the sink, letting the warm water run on high into it. I reached for and set the small timer then sat it back down on the counter. "We have about 20 minutes." I told him. "Any thing in particular you wanna do while we wait?"

Though he couldn't see it, I smirked as I said it, pushing my hips back against him. He hadn't come earlier and I could easily tell that he wanted to now.

"How about I leave that up to you?"

I was more than a little aroused by this point and Duo was aware of the thoughts I was having earlier. He knew what I wanted. He wanted me to ask. I would... in due time. "We could go have a quick lunch."


I brought his hand down from my waist, inhaled and guided it inside my jeans to my erection. "MmHm. Very."

"Me too." He began stroking me in a lazy fashion, pushing his hips forward; shifting and rubbing against me to further tease himself.. and me.

"Do you want to fuck me, Duo?"

He brought his mouth to my ear and hissed. "Do you want me to, Heero?" I'd expected my attempt to fail; I nearly laughed out loud at his comeback. I held my silence and laid back on his chest as his hand continued to pleasure me; I'd already climaxed earlier.

"You know I love to hear you say it."

I did know. "What makes you think I wouldn't like to hear you say it?"

"Afraid it doesn't work that way, Baby." He ground out; rocking his hips up into me with each firm stroke of his hand.

I'm not sure who was more frustrated by his motions, but I knew that it was me who was going to be giving in... or going without. Wasn't much of an option really; I decided to have some fun with it. "Would you prefer it if I just asked.... " I questioned him. ".. or would you rather I begged?"

I could hear him moan deep in his throat. He succeeded in not letting the sound pass his lips.

He used his free hand to unbutton and release the zipper on his shorts. "I'm waiting." he warned.

Reaching around me, he lowered my shorts on one side then switched to the other, loosening them until they slid down my legs and fell to the floor at my feet. I could hear the rustling of fabric behind me and assumed he was removing his own. He thrust against me again; this time the thin barrier of my cotton boxers leaving little to the imagination and all to the sensation.

"I want you to fuck me."

"Want me to or need me to?"


He let go of me and I removed my boxers, stepping out of them and my shorts; laying my both hands on the countertop as I stepped back and bent forward at the waist.

Either Duo carried lube with him everywhere he went or he planned this; my bet was on the latter. In a matter of seconds his two slick fingers entered me roughly, immediately striking my prostate and sending a rush of pleasure coursing though me. "No more games." He ground out, working both digits deeply inside for just seconds before removing them.

I was extremely relaxed and filled with tremendous anticipation; I had been looking forward to this replay for more than a week. I heard him click the cap of the lube closed and braced myself with both hands against the edge of the counter; gasping loudly as he took hold of my hips and drove the full length of his cock inside me.

It was glorious; all of it.... the stretch, the burn, the pressure... the fullness. I pushed back against him and shifted my hips to urge him to move. He did, slowly; withdrawing nearly all his length and easing it back inside. He continued at the frustrating pace for another minute or two before my patience had finally worn itself thin. "Faster, Duo!!" I cried out.

His fingers tightened their grip on my hips and the pace of his movements increased; sliding out and ramming into me with more fervor. "Is that better?" he asked with a groan.

It was and I told him so. "Yes!!" But it wasn't enough and I clued him in to that as well. "I want it fast.. hard and fast!" I swear I could hear him chuckling behind me, also noting that he apparently had no objections to my request; his body literally slamming against mine and driving every last inch of his cock into me. "Is that how you want it, Heero? Hard?" he moaned. "Cause I can do hard."

"Nnn.. just like that. God!!" I was losing it... and fast. I could hear his breathing grow more labored as we kept up the frantic rhythm; grunting as I pushed back against each of his inward thrusts. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around my arousal; stroking it roughly. "Let's go, Heero." he cried out. I did just that; shuddering as my climax began and increased in its intensity as I felt his cock twitch and the warmth of his thick release filled me. He held himself tight against me as he came, moaning my name in that deep sexy voice that seemed to be reserved for times such as these. I loved hearing it.


The timer buzzed loudly shortly after we'd redressed and cleaned up the mess we'd made. It was nearly 1:00 and we hung the negatives up; deciding to break for lunch while waiting for them to dry.

We made our way upstairs and into the kitchen, but Cynthia was no where to be found; she had however left lunch out on the table for us. We ate quickly and returned to the basement and to the task of making the prints.

Duo seemed pleased with the outcome of our efforts. I was more than a little embarrassed as one by one the photos began to emerge from the solution. I made him swear they were to remain for his eyes only. He did so without hesitation, but even that left me slightly uncomfortable.


On the morning my parents expected arrival, I suggested to Duo over breakfast that he try to avoid being present during dinner at the house tonight. The ensuing discussion lasted through much of our meal and Cynthia was kind enough to share her thoughts quite candidly with the two of us on the subject.

"Why do you work for them if you don't like them?"

Duo's question took me by surprise even though it shouldn't have. I turned my attention to Cynthia and like Duo, anxiously awaited her response. "I never said I had ill feelings towards them. They can be trying at times. Heero will back me up on that one." She turned toward me and I merely nodded in return; not feeling inclined to add anything further.

As expected Duo wasn't going to be intimidated and assured us that he would be joining us for dinner. I wish I had the option.


The balance of early morning continued as most had of late and I found Duo waiting for me at poolside at 9:30. This morning he had his sketchbook with him and looked to be in thought as I approached him.

"I did some rough sketches of the 5 Gundams last night."

I pulled a chair over next to his and seated myself, taking the sprialbound book from his hand as he offered it. I had not been incorrect in my thinking; I was amazed by the intricacy of the 5 huge battle machines he'd drawn. "Heck of a lot more detailed than I thought. I like them a lot."

He smiled, taking the pad back from me. "The one with the feathered wings is yours."

I looked down as he worked to redefine some of the lines on the Gundam he spoke of. "Innocence."

I let out a small laugh. "Not any more." I pointed at the somewhat ominous looking machine at the top of the page. "Then that one would be yours?"

He nodded; moving to sharpen the points at the tips of its solid dark wings.

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. This was all getting a little more personal than I'd intended.


At precisely 3:30 P.M. I heard the car pull into the driveway and watched from my bedroom window as my parents exited the vehicle and made their way into the house; signaling the unofficial close of summer.

It wasn't as if I wasn't used to all of it; their jaunts might have become extended in the recent past, but they were a summertime standard as far back as I was able recall. My memories were unable to supply me with another instance when I harbored so much apprehension regarding their return.

Perhaps I was just blowing things out of proportion; or maybe their arrival was the beginning of the end of whatever it was this summer and Duo had awakened in me.

[11] umm... i really have no idea if such a thing really exists... prolly does tho

[12] please forgive any errors/omissions here.. im aware that the timing is way off. im not trying to get technical. its really not a very exciting thing to do... unless you are heero and duo and are in my fic... or are otherwise inclined to make it such

part 17

Little withstood the upheaval of my parents arrival home. I attempted to make some sense of it all before coming to the conclusion that none of it mattered.

The pointless thoughts I chose to fill my head with succeeded in distracting me from what should have been my primary focus. In less then two weeks I would be returning to Princeton; back to my apartment and back to school. But nothing beyond that would be the same; ever again.

What was it that had happened to me this summer?

I supposed it was indeed some kind of awakening; I guessed that it was probably something that happened to most during puberty. This whatever had happened was in no way limited to a sexual nature; the effects meeting Duo had on me were so much more far reaching than that. As cliche as it sounds it was like 'finding myself' or at least I was on the track to self-discovery; I hadn't even known I was lost.

My mind drifted back to our third encounter... to our drawing session.

I had admitted to him then that being in his company made me feel comfortable with myself. It seemed a rather simplistic explanation of what I was feeling at the time, but I realize now that it was in actuality the entire gist of it. It wasn't intentional. He wasn't trying to *do* anything... yet he had. He had shown me enough of something that I'd not known existed and even if I had, I doubt I would have suspected that any of it could have applied to me. I couldn't have been more wrong.... or more pleased by my own error.

It was nearly an epiphany.


Though not so many words were used, it was clear that neither one of us felt comfortable indulging in our activities with such fervor now that my parents were in the picture. I had no intention of completely abandoning what we had spent the past 5 weeks enjoying; his company nor the sex and I didn't sense that he did either. There would just be a lot less time spent in each others company. We never spoke of it; it just sort of happened.

It was nearly a week before we found ourselves alone again.

Duo had casually mentioned over dinner that he had rented a movie and asked me if I wanted to watch it with him. While things had cooled down between us, we were still fairly friendly with one another and when in the company of my parents as well. It didn't seem like an odd request for him to make; nor a strange invitation for me to accept. And so I did.

He had left the kitchen right after our evening meal, asking me if 10:00 was a good time for me to come over on his way out the back door. It was a little late, but he was well aware that my folks turned in early; reinforcing what I believed the main purpose of his invite was.

I busied myself until 9:55 and made my way toward the guest house. The door opened before I'd had a chance to lift my hand to knock. I returned Duo's smile and stepped inside. He seated himself on the couch and I followed him into the living area; seating myself in the chair. "What movie did you rent?" I was certain the movie wasn't all that was on his agenda, but figured it would be there.

"Zero Two does Zero One... Part Three."

Okay, so I was wrong. I smirked. "Can't say I've heard of that one. Any good?"

"I think it might be even better than the first two. Third time's a charm." he winked.

"So I've heard."

His gaze met mine and he patted the empty space on the couch beside him. I rose and seated myself beside him. "You into it?"

A small shiver ran up my spine at his words; a tingling sensation centering around my groin as well. I'd been thinking about it since dinner... since he'd invited me here. I turned toward him and brought my one leg over his; seating myself on his upper thighs to face him. "Definitely."

He closed the distance between us and my open mouth accepted his tongue; the two meeting each other with urgent force. His both arms surrounded me, crushing my chest to his. I brought my hands up to thread through his hair and pulled myself back from the kiss. It was clear that we both wanted the same thing. "Take me right here.... right like this." I pushed my hips forward as I made my request, letting him feel my hard excitement against his stomach.

He reached down between us to straighten himself and took hold of my bottom, pulling me toward him so that our erections met. It felt nice, I'd missed it; but I wanted him inside me. "Why don't you go get the lube." I smiled at him; his suggestion confirming he'd offer no objection to my request.

I returned barely a minute later to find that Duo had already removed his clothes and was standing naked in the center of the room; his fingers working to rebraid his nearly disheveled plait. He seated himself back down on the couch as I approached. I tossed the clear bottle down on the couch and removed my shirt, dropping it on the floor at my feet; my shorts quickly following suit. I watched as he coated his erection, climbing back up onto the couch and to leave myself hovering over him once he'd completed the task.

His eyes focused on mine as he slid himself toward the edge of the couch; leaving his cock just inches beneath my entrance. "Go ahead, Heero." he whispered. I reached down and took hold of him, lowering myself until his head pressed against my opening. Both his hands rested on my hips; his grip tightening as I eased my body down to fully impale myself on his slick length. I moaned appreciatively and felt Duo's hands moving over my thighs.

"So good, Heero." he groaned. I nodded in agreement and raised up so that he partially slid from inside me; waiting only seconds before dropping down to take all of him back in. I closed my eyes and continued the motions; increasing the pace as Duo urged me to. His one finger teased the tip of my cock, running it through the wet slit and roughly working the slickness over the head. I looked up to meet his gaze and shook my head. "Nnn.. too soon."

"I want you to come now." he admitted as he jerked his hips upward. "Ride me harder, Heero."

The movements of his hand in combination with his request and my compliance made holding off my release impossible. I gripped the back of the sofa and raised and lowered myself; letting his hard shaft penetrate me over and over again. I shut my eyes tight as I cried out his name in climax; arching my back as he squeezed and stroked my twitching erection.

Even in my daze, it took me only seconds to realize that he had not come and I turned my eyes downward to meet his. He must have read my mind. "I'm not ready yet, Heero." he whispered as both hands worked their way up and down my spine. "But when I am.. you'll come again with me."

I was relatively spent and had never attempted having one orgasm right after another. I didn't doubt that it could be done; nor did I doubt that he was capable of doing it. He immediately begin rotating his hips in small circles beneath me; a slow easy motion that matched the hushed tone of his voice. "Do you have any idea of how good this feels?"

He opened his eyes to smile up at me when I offered no reply. "Of course you don't."

His eyes closed again and he let out a low moan as he rocked his hips upward. The second time he did it, I forced my hips down to take as much of him inside me as I could. "Mmm.... that's it, Heero.... nice and deep."

There was something to be said about the pace we were proceeding at. It was very unlike the first two times we'd had sex. Not necessarily better or worse; just different. I watched the expressions on Duo's face change as I moved above him; easily able to see which of my movements caused him greater pleasure. "You like that?" I asked.

"It's all good." he groaned. I had to agree; it turned me on even further that I could see the effect that being buried inside me had on him. I rose again and eased back down slowly enough to enjoy the friction and heat his entry caused. I moaned as he pushed his hips upward to fully seat himself again. "Oh yeah..... a bit faster, Heero."

I willfully complied, but the faster pace didn't seem to be enough for either one of us. Both hands reached over his shoulders to grip the back of the couch again; giving myself better leverage. He braced himself with both palms down and fingers spread wide on the cushions at his sides and lifted high into each of my thrusts. "Oh Christ... I think that's gonna do it." I was near climax again myself but was enjoying this small bit of control I seemed to have over Duo's release. I slowed my movements and he let out a groan that I was sure was meant to show his displeasure; but said nothing and let me continue the more relaxed pace. "Are you going to come again with me, Heero?"

I nodded.

"Do you know what if feels like to be inside you when you climax?" He reached for the lube and wrapped his slick fingers around my cock, squeezing it tightly while he stroked the entirety of my length. I hissed at the very idea and the sensation and he chuckled. "It's even better than that... so much better." The last of his words were more of a moan and I could feel myself rapidly approaching the point of no return. I began to move again, riding him hard and matching the near frantic rhythm of his hand; trying to imagine how it would feel to have my cock buried inside of him.

"Let's do it, Heero!" he cried, working my cock roughly with his fist while I rocked securely against his uplifted hips. I shuddered in climax with a scream of praise to the heavens and to Duo; though not necessarily in that order. He continued driving upward as I came and followed me just seconds later with a loud groan of his own as his cock twitched with each stream of his warm release into me.

I relaxed down onto him with my forehead resting on his shoulder after we'd finished, allowing us both a minute or two to recover. I rose to let him slip from inside me and seated myself on the couch next to him; meeting his glance as he looked over at me. "I'm leaving tomorrow."

It came as no great surprise; I was leaving myself in five days. I think I read the question in his eyes. "I can't stay...."

"I know."

He reached forward to the coffee table and grabbed a handful of tissues and passed them to me; watching me as I cleaned myself off. I might have stayed a bit longer if I didn't sense an awkwardness between us. "I should go."

He nodded and I stood to get dressed while he did the same.

"See you at breakfast tomorrow?" he asked as we made our way towards the front door.

"Yeah." I nodded. "Night, Duo."


I exited and walked toward the main house, turning back toward the guest house once I'd reached the half way point. I could see Duo's shadow still framed in the lit backdrop of the doorway.

I knew it was going to be the last time I saw him.

part 18

Cynthia was waiting in the kitchen for me when I arrived the following morning at 8:45 and I could tell by the expression on her face that my thoughts of last evening had not been incorrect. I'd already resigned myself to it. I sat in my usual seat and my eyes fell on a large white envelope in the center of the table. I leaned forward and was able make out my name written on it in small black letters.

"He left at around 5:00. He asked me to give that to you." She motioned with her eyes toward the envelope and I nodded.

I was glad that he'd said goodbye to Cynthia; we'd sort of said ours the night before.

"Did he tell you he was leaving?"

"He told me last night." I omitted the fact that he mentioned he would see me at breakfast.

I sensed relief in her posture at my admission.


I decided to skip my morning swim today; the curiosity of what the envelope contained found me heading back up to my room immediately following breakfast. I locked the door and crossed the room, seating myself on the edge of the bed and pulled the cellophane tape off the flap. Extracting the blue manilla folder that was tucked inside, I set the envelope down beside me on the mattress and opened the folder and began looking through the its contents.

The first ten pages or so were drawings of me that Duo had apparently done. They weren't ones where I'd sat for him, rather moments I guessed he'd captured from his memory based on the numerous times I'd found him watching me. There was a marked difference in the style of these works. They were less sketchy and far more detailed than the others. He'd even incorporated light splashes of watercolor into several of them.

I continued flipping through the stack and smiled as the next image met my eyes. It was all five of the Gundams we'd talked about; each one meticulously detailed and numbered to correspond with the young pilots he'd designed. I was not surprised he'd not forgotten. They were brilliant.

The next few also brought a smile to my face; the first of the group being the one he'd drawn of me masturbating. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I glanced down at it; the next few causing me no small amount of shock as well having a similar face warming effect.

There was a series of them; they were of Duo masturbating. I idly wondered if he'd actually drawn them while he pleasured himself. I let my eyes wander carefully over each one, easily being able to picture him on his knees in front of the mirror in the bedroom of the guest house. I found my body reacting to the images; but more so to the vision my mind willingly supplied me with. As with his drawings of me; they were quite accurate and fairly explicit.

The next to the last thing in the folder were the prints and negatives of the photographs we'd taken; the thick stack neatly paper clipped together. I pondered for a moment why he'd decided not to keep them; quickly recalling my hesitation after seeing the results of our efforts. I felt relieved that they were in my possession; I'm guessing that Duo knew I would.

The final picture I found to be slightly disturbing for a reason I was unable to put my finger on. It was of a twin bed hugging the corner in a darkened room. The sheets were disheveled and three overstuffed pillows lie in its center; a matched set of handcuffs hung from the wrought iron headboard.

At first I'd thought that he'd not meant to include it in his package to me.... but that was before I noticed what he'd written in the lower right hand corner: Summer 2001.

As if I could ever forget.


The next few days passed rather quickly. I spent a better part of each working on my rpg; making fairly good progress on the battle section and incorporating into it all the artwork that Duo had provided me with. Despite the fact that I reveled once again in my solitude; I was more anxious than usual to return to school.

My last full day home, for the most part, was spent packing. Cynthia had offered her assist and I had accepted. Without going into detail, she let me know that she had noted that I'd undergone some changes this summer; her mention of my more readily available smile found me offering her one in return. There was no need for either of us to give credit where credit was due; his name didn't even come up.


I knew that when my celphone rang at 7 AM on a Saturday morning during winter break that it had to be my mother.

There were few people who had the number and even fewer who would think to use it at such an early hour. I stumbled from the warmth of my bed in nothing but a pair of cotton boxers and made my way across the room to answer it. I of course, had been correct.


"Did I wake you?"

I felt no compulsion to lie. My sleep filled voice would have probably given me away anyway. "Yes."

"I'm sorry, Heero. I guess it's a little early."

She paused, but I didn't reply. It was a statement.

"Your father and I were just wondering if you were planning on coming home for Christmas? We haven't heard and you're usually home by now."

I rolled my eyes up into my head and made my way into the living room. I'd never missed Christmas at home; she should have known better.... even if it was four days before the holiday and I was still here.... and not there. "Yes, Mother. I'll be there."

"Wonderful." I could picture the smile on her face. Christmas was the one time of year we were always together... there were no exceptions. "Oh. Just to let you know the Maxwell's will be joining us for dinner this year."

She paused again.

"You remember Duo, right?"

"Yes, of course." I responded dryly. It hadn't even been four months.

"Anyway, he will be joining us too and may be bringing his girlfriend along...."

I felt my stomach drop.

"... and I thought perhaps you might want to invite someone as well."

I ignored her statement. "I'll be home on the 23rd."

We talked for a while longer though not saying much of anything. I'd agreed to stop by the bakery here in town that she was fond of and pick up a lemon meringue pie.


I entered the kitchen after I'd hung up the phone and decided that as long as I was up, I might as well be awake. I rinsed the coffee pot out and filled it with water; adding the grounds to it only after I'd set it on the stove and turned the gas on high. I looked over at the clock on the microwave and groaned, seating myself at the table and pushing my hair from my eyes.

Part of me was glad to be returning home, once again welcoming the change of pace; further reluctance seemed to have set in after my mothers phone call. Of course I knew why that was.

"Come back to bed, Heero."

I found myself smiling as the sleepy voice beckoned me. Standing, I adjusted the flame under the coffee pot to low and padded across the chilly wooden floor; turning up the heat a few degrees as I passed through the living room.

I stood just inside the entrance of the bedroom and looked toward my bed. He'd called two weeks ago out of the blue. "Girlfriend?"

"Those were my mothers words."

"You didn't see fit to correct her?"

"I didn't think she'd fare well with sex toy.

"Who would?"

He smirked. "You would."

I smiled at his comment and approached the bed; seating myself next to him. "Besides, you never said anything about cross dressing." I teased.

"No worries. I'm not into it." He assured me, bringing his hand up to cup the side of my face. His expression turned serious. "But you would if I asked."

I closed my eyes and teased the tip of his thumb with my tongue as it traced my lower lip.... and wondered why he even bothered to question it.


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