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Pocket Lint

Pockotaku™ - The J-Snack Fanatics™ bring you!

Bwahahaha! Yes, I perpetually have Pocky ^_^V



I think this is pretty much a requirement for repeat visitors.



Yaoi Rocks!

Well, duh.


Just some places I thought You'd like to visit. . .

Mwahahah! They have translated manga and a few doujinshi, too ^_^


For official Gundam Wing & Endless Waltz information go here.


 ::wails:: I bought Heero and Duo UFO catcher dolls from her ^_^V


Try their FREE pop-up stopper and lots of other great products!


Saa!! I'm Part of The Omae O Korosu Club!! 

*sighs* Well, I use it as a multipurpose phrase...

Want to join the psychos of the world?

Ooh, the origins of the club, and lots of other neat stuff ^_^


I really have no explanation for this whatsoever. 

Seriously, I don't.


Yes, I am an orthodox GW yaoi supporter... 

but I take other pairings, too!

You just HAVE to support them, too! Why else would you be here?



My favorite couple approved me! Sugoi!! 

Think you can get approved, too? Just ask...uh, you have to click on them ¬_¬;

You want to ask for Duo's approval, too, huh? Go ahead!

Ask for Heero's approval, too, but approach slowly...very slowly.


And to think my mom says anime knowledge is useless... 

Apparently, it's *very* useful. Can't you tell?

Test your GW knowledge!      



Now, why I didn't do this sooner, I don't know ¬_¬;  

I have so many banners because theses are all my favorite couples from the different anime I watch, and I couldn't choose ^_^V




Anti-discrimination, not just in GW fandom

It is evil enough when good people do nothing, right?

GW Fans Against Discrimination   


Oi, lookie what I found! 

Seriously, they are *so* naked.


Not the same as ' . . .whatever' people, but similar. Too bad the banners are *so* small, though -_-


Hentai-osity is about choice, people, not perversion . . .per se

Or something like that ¬_¬; 


I've actually never read Harry Potter -_-


Ok, didn't you know this was coming?

Evil ppl are taking over the Internet...apparently. Go see if you're one of them!

You can be evil, too!

Come on, you know you want to...


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