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Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen (part 5)


Heero reached the door and fumbled with the key, his passion making his fingers less than nimble. All he could think about was getting inside the apartment, and inside Duo. Teasing Duo on the bus had been nearly as frustrating for Heero as for Duo. Nearly.

Finally, the door opened. He kicked it open, shoving it against the far wall, uncaring. Reaching behind him, he grabbed Duo by the jacket and pulled him in after him. With one hand, he held Duo, and with the other, he slammed and locked the door. When they were finally inside, he turned his full attention to the longhaired boy.

Gazing deep into Duo's violet eyes, Heero pushed him against the wall next to the door, pressing him hard against the wall with his body. Heero claimed Duo's mouth in a savage kiss as he ground his slim hips against Duo's. Heero kissed Duo long and hard; when they both finally ran out of breath, Heero pulled back slightly and said, "Alone at last."

Duo could only moan in answer as Heero stripped him of his coat with one hand and used the other to pin both his hands to the wall above his head. Almost frantically, they kissed again, as Heero's free hand roamed over Duo's barely clothed body as if to memorize it.

Duo reveled in his vulnerability under Heero's powerful hands. This was what he wanted, craved: complete surrender to the cobalt-eyed boy. And he gave it more than willingly. He thrust his hips against Heero, and the other boy met him thrust for thrust. Friction built up, and both frustrated boys were very close to release.

Panting, Heero pulled back slightly and said, "Shoes. Off."

They both scrambled to remove their shoes as quickly as possible, then Heero rammed Duo against the wall again, unable to keep his hands off the longhaired boy even for a minute. He had been denied too long.

Duo kissed back, trying to drown in Heero. He brought his hands up and started tugging on Heero's shirt, wanting to feel skin on skin. Heero pulled back enough to let Duo remove his shirt, then looked at Duo hungrily. Duo eagerly pulled his shirt over his head, but Heero caught his hands, tangling them in the shirt and trapping Duo's hands again. Duo moaned as Heero ran his free hand all over his bared skin, teasing both his nipples. Heero pulled Duo toward the stairs by his hands.

As they reached the couch, Heero stopped Duo and released his hands, discarding the shirt. He kissed Duo again, then turned him around and bent him forward over the back of the couch, leaving his ass raised enticingly in the air, long hair spread around him. This also trapped Duo's aching arousal and Duo rubbed against the couch, wanting the friction.

Heero growled possessively as he gazed at Duo, and ran his hands up the back of his thighs, exposing his firm ass. Heero pushed up the small skirt, the only thing Duo was still wearing, and caressed his smooth skin. Duo moaned as he was exposed. Heero stepped closer, and pushed his knee between Duo's legs from behind, using his leg to spread Duo's legs apart. Duo moaned louder and spread his legs farther, pushing back against Heero, wanting to feel the other boy against him.

Duo shivered as Heero said, "Don't move." Duo looked over his shoulder to see Heero wiggling out of the leather skirt and stockings. He was now clad only in the silk g-string, and his huge arousal was not contained by the small garment. Then Heero was behind him again, and Duo could feel Heero's rock hard erection pressing insistently against him.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, you feel so good," Duo moaned, rocking back against the cobalt-eyed boy, rubbing against the silk-clad hardness he wanted so badly. The vulnerability of being bent over the couch back, ass bare, was almost too much for him. This was better than any of his fantasies. It was real.

Heero was slowly going insane from holding himself back. All he wanted was to bury himself deep inside Duo, and hear the longhaired boy scream his name. He slid a hand between then, between Duo's spread legs, and brushed a finger lightly against Duo's entrance. He hoped he wasn't going to fast for the violet-eyed boy. Lust was beginning to cloud his judgment, but he would die before he hurt Duo.

Duo lost the last shreds of his control as he felt Heero's hand touch him. He wanted nothing more than to give himself completely to Heero, body and soul. He craved this, wanted Heero to claim him, take him, fill him; sweet surrender.

"Heero..." moaned Duo. "We need... lube... my room... god, I want you," he managed to gasp out.

Heero didn't hesitate; he scooped Duo up into his arms and effortlessly carried him up the stairs, kicking open the door to Duo's room and pushing it closed quickly. Duo clung to Heero, even as he put him gently on the bed, pulling the other boy down with him.

Heero lowered himself over Duo, and kissed him deeply once again. Heero couldn't get enough of Duo; it was like he was drowning, and Duo was the only one who could save him. But he needed more contact. Reluctantly, he released Duo's mouth and stood up. Duo eyed him hungrily as he removed the last of his clothes, Heero finally standing in front of him all his naked glory, more gorgeous than Duo could have ever imagined. Seeing Heero like that reminded Duo that he still had one article of clothing left, and as quickly as his aching arousal would allow, he wriggled out of it. Only pausing to grab a small tube from the bedside table, he lay back on the bed, spreading his hair and legs in obvious invitation.

Heero watched as Duo offered himself completely. Heero growled low in his throat as he watched Duo run a hand slowly down his chest, and then slowly stroke his own arousal, spreading his legs even more. This was more than Heero could take, and in a flash he was on top of Duo, pressing the length of his body against the longhaired boy, flesh against naked flesh at last.

The feeling of Duo's hot skin against Heero's was incredible. Then their tortured erections touched, no barriers any longer, and the rest of the world ceased to exist. Duo gasped as a nearly electric shock ran through his body, setting every nerve in his body on fire. Then he felt Heero's mouth on him, kissing his neck, and moving downward.

Heero kneeled between Duo's smooth thighs, and kissed his way down. At the same time, he opened the lube and coated his fingers. Heero gently brushed against Duo's entrance again, and carefully slid a finger inside him as he flicked his tongue against Duo's nipple. The combined feeling of Heero teasing his nipple and his finger inside him made Duo moan desperately, as Heero continued to prepare Duo, much too slowly for Duo.

Heero had to restrain himself; Duo kept trying to make him hurry by impaling himself on his fingers and begging for more, now. But Heero wanted there to no pain at all for the boy of his dreams; only pure pleasure, so he would not be rushed.

Finally, Heero was satisfied that Duo was ready, and Duo was nearly sobbing with need. He had been turned on for so long that he thought he would surely die if Heero didn't take him hard and fast.

"Please, Heero," pleaded Duo.

Heero kneeled between Duo's legs, pushing them apart and up, then positioning his lubricated arousal at Duo's entrance.

"Oh, god," moaned Duo as he felt Heero's hot length pressing against him. "Do it, take me, please!"

Heero intended to do just that, and pushed, and eased himself inside Duo for the first time. Duo's muscles gripped him, and he bit his lip to keep from ramming himself deep inside with one thrust. Duo was so tight, and hot, that Heero could barely think as he slowly pushed his aching erection inch by inch into the violet eyed boy. Duo had begun moaning continuously the moment that Heero had entered him, and as he was filled he got louder and louder.

"Heeeeeero," moaned Duo as Heero paused, fully inside him now. The sound of his name from the longhaired boy's lips, full of need, made Heero's passion rise even higher, and he began to thrust into Duo. Slowly, he built the pace, wanting to savor the heat of Duo and not climax right away. Every time he buried himself in Duo's body was better than the last; the ecstasy built up to excruciating levels until Heero was moaning Duo's name uncontrollably.

Duo raised his hips, wrapping his legs around Heero's back, and gripped his lover's arms as he slowly lost his mind. Heero was pounding into him now, each thrust making him see stars. The change of angle made Heero hit his magic spot with every thrust, and Duo lost what was left of his control. He screamed and dug his nails into Heero.

Heero felt no pain; what he did feel was Duo's muscles contract even tighter around him, and he knew they were both close. Heero wrapped his hand around Duo's stiff arousal, lubricated with his own excitement, and pumped quickly.

Duo felt his body contract, all feeling coming from a single point where Heero was stroking him. The pressure built up and up, until Duo thought his arousal might explode. Then he did explode; Duo threw his head back and screamed at the top of his lungs, "HEERO!" and climaxed violently all over both of them, completely mindless with passion. The excruciating sensation went on and on, as Heero kept driving into him as he came.

Heero thought Duo was tight before; when the longhaired boy climaxed, his muscles clamped down even more, and Heero's world became pure pleasure. He drove in and out, Duo's muscles driving him over the edge of release. Throwing his head back, he screamed Duo's name as he thrust into him one more time; then he pumped him full of his hot seed. On and on he pulsed; hot ecstasy pouring out of him and into Duo.

Finally, the ecstasy receded; Heero collapsed on the bed next to Duo, careful not to hurt his lover. The two sweaty boys lay panting next to each other, and Duo looked up at Heero.

"Heero?" he said tentatively.

Heero gathered Duo into his arms gently. "Yes, Duo?"

Duo looked down, afraid to meet the cobalt gaze. "That was amazing, and incredible, and everything I imagined it would be. But... do you regret it?"

Heero looked at Duo, amazed. "Regret it? Why would I regret it?"

Duo still wouldn't meet his eyes. The longhaired boy shrugged self-consciously. "Well, sometimes you do things in the heat of the moment, you know, and think better of it later..."

Heero put a finger under Duo's chin and gently forced Duo to look in his eyes. "That was the single most amazing experience I have ever had. Not because you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen, which you are. But because..." Heero paused, and took a deep breath. "Because, Duo Maxwell, ai shiteru. I love you."

Duo stared at Heero, stunned. He had to try several times before he could speak clearly. He wanted to say something eloquent and moving, but all that came out was, "You do?"

Heero smiled shyly and nodded. "You don't have to say it back, Duo. It's ok."

Duo realized what Heero thought from his lack of response. "Oh, Heero! I was just surprised. I love you too. I love you! I've loved you since the first time I saw, uh, shot you! I'll shout it from the top of a mountain if you'll let me!"

It was Heero's turn to be stunned. Then he hugged Duo tightly. "After all the screaming you did, I think they know already."

Duo smiled and snuggled into Heero's chest. "Good."

Heero said, as they drifted off to sleep, "Tomorrow, I want to tell you about an offer from Quatre and Trowa ..."


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