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Lemon Treat




Part One

 <B> From the ending of "10.31.195, Trick-or-Treat" </B>

Shaking his head at what his two friends considered the perfect relationship, Quatre remarked, "Well, Heero, just don't hit him again. 'Trick or treat' is just an idea for Halloween not an excuse to beat each other up!"

Laughing, they were both relieved Duo had even survived; the odd jokes would never have made sense to outsiders, but it was a way to control the cold fear this wasn't over just yet. Heero's last comment was, "Hell, if he wants a 'treat', he'll just have to get better quickly, now wont he?"

"Yeah, right." Quatre's smile was grim once more. "Wonder if that'll be before too awfully long or not? That is, assuming he lasts the night."

Heero, scowling his displeasure at the very thought of losing his violet-eyed lover, kicked Wing Gundam into full speed and headed back to their base.


<B> Now Begin Second TREAT Ending---LEMON! </B>

It had been a little over ten days since the disastrous battle that nearly cost Duo Maxwell his life.

The concussion he had suffered had indeed been a "bitch", as Heero so delicately put it and there had been recurring occasions of double vision during his recovery. The bullet wounds and broken arm, however, had caused much greater difficulty. Infection had set in and without sufficient antibiotics and no way to obtain them easily, Duo had experienced severe fevers and hallucinations because of them.

Finally in frustration and fear of losing Duo entirely, Heero had thrown caution to the wind and had executed a daylight raid on a nearby town to obtain the broad spectrum antibiotics they needed. Quatre had even backed him up, standing as an armed guard over the unfortunate nurses who were present in the clinic they'd attacked. After obtaining enough drugs for the infection as well as the pain Duo suffered from, Heero collected fresh bandages and leapt back out the window to where their getaway vehicle, a stolen jeep, waited for them.

"Sorry for the inconvenience!" Quatre called over his shoulder as he dove through the window as well and the pair vanished down a dusty road. Even with the new drugs, it took another 48 hours for the fever to break leaving the Deathscythe pilot weak and feeling more than a little useless.



"Oi, Heero!" Duo called from his room late in the day on the eleventh of November, AC 195. "What's going on out there? I'm bored out of my mind in here!"

Growling unconvincingly, Heero called back, "Cool it, baka, I'm working!"

Quatre laughed at his friends. "You know, Heero, you aren't really all that busy. Why don't you go keep Duo company for awhile. After all, he's well enough for a little *attention* finally." There was nothing innocent in the smirk the blond leveled straight at his blue eyed friend. "You didn't work that hard to keep him alive just to ignore him, did you?"

"What if I did?" Heero demanded, annoyed. The relationship between himself and the American was certainly no secret, but he didn't need advice on his love life from Quatre right then. Saving Duo from certain death had indeed been draining and he felt too tired right then to take advantage of his lover's returning health. If he'd dropped the perfect soldier routine long enough to be honest with his friend, the simple fact was he was tired and probably needed about two days' sleep himself.

Annoyed, aquamarine eyes simply rolled in disgust. "Well, whatever, Heero. I'm going to go get dinner started. You do what you want to then. Hey, Duo!" He called slightly more jovially for the sake of his suffering friend as he walked into the bedroom, "How are you feeling? I think I'll fix some food, hungry?"

Duo tried to smile reassuringly for Quatre, but failed miserably. "Oh, hey, Q! No, I'm not really hungry, it still hurts to even get out of bed, so I guess I wont be joining you for dinner, sorry." Duo really was still in pain, but it would've helped if Heero would at least come in to see him for awhile. "Otherwise, you doing okay?"

"No, not really, I'm worried about Trowa. There's still no word from him or Wufei."

"Sorry, man." Duo felt ill at ease watching his friend worry over his own lover, but even Quatre couldn't sense anything wrong with Trowa. "Listen, just blow off making dinner, sounds like no one's terribly hungry tonight, just go get some rest, you look tired."

"Thanks, Duo, that's a good idea." He hugged his friend and left the room.

Angry, Quatre stormed back into the living room. "Yo, Yuy! You heartless bastard, if you're hungry find something yourself!" Heero looked up sharply at the caustic remark. "Yeah, you heard me, Heero! Duo's miserable and so am I. I'm going to go crash for awhile, if you want anything, deal with it!" Spinning, he left the room and slammed the door behind him as he collapsed on his bed.



Baffled, Heero was more confused than ever. Realizing he had no choice, he shut down the laptop he was using and headed back to where Duo lay, tossing in a light sleep. Heero, yawning a little, decided to lay down next to him until the other boy woke up. Not surprisingly, it was dark when Heero's slumber was interrupted.

"NO!!! Damn it, I said NO!!!" Duo was screaming in his sleep, sweat pouring down his face as a nightmare controlled him.

Shocked, Heero immediately dropped the gun from his hand as he leaned over his lover trying to wake him. "Duo! Duo, wake up, you're dreaming!" He gently shook the boy beside him awake.

"Heero? Is that you, Heero? I can't see!" Duo sounded distressed, he couldn't separate dreams from reality in the darkness. Heero flipped the light beside the bed on and immediately realized half the problem, once again the broken bone in Duo's upper arm had shifted loose causing pain to lance through the boy's mind and interfere with his thinking.

Heero gently caressed the careworn face beside him. "Easy, Duo, you were dreaming and your arm is out of alignment again. Let me fix it."

"God, Heero, not again!" Duo moaned in pain at the prospect of having Heero twist the bone back into position. "Why the Hell isn't it healing?" He moaned loudly as Heero firmly grasped the bone and pushed it back to its proper location.

"I'm not sure, but this isn't good, Duo. You usually heal a lot more quickly than this. Let me reset it." Without waiting for an acknowledgement, Heero reset the splint in place tightening the straps painfully.

A small whimper escaped Duo's lips and Heero felt moved to somehow apologize for causing him additional pain. Gently, the same fingers which had so casually reset the bone now settled into place on either side of the heart-shaped face he adored so much, lifting Duo's lips to his own for a warm kiss of reassurance. "Easy, koi, I didn't mean to hurt you like that." Heero's thumb brushed away a few escaped tears of pain from Duo's cheek. He finally got Duo to look him in the eye and it was clear the violet-eyed American was really hurting.

"Sorry for being a wimp here, Heero." Duo apologized for not living up to his own standards as God of Death. "Guess I'm not handling this well, ne?"

Heero almost didn't answer, but decided he should. "No, koibito, you're not a wimp, you just aren't healing worth a damn, that's all. Maybe you just need to take your mind off of it for awhile."

"Yeah, right," Duo remarked sarcastically. "And just how do you propose I take my mind off this pain? Got anything besides Tylenol to numb it?"

Smiling devilishly, Heero answered, "No drugs, Duo, that's probably what's slowing down the healing. Any chance *I* can distract you from the pain?"

Part Two

 "Nani?" Duo was shocked. Sex? Now?

"Saa----EEP!!!" He proclaimed as Heero rapidly attacked his mouth and allowed his fingers free run down his chest through the thin t-shirt he was wearing. A moan grew deep in his throat as Heero mercilessly forced his mouth open deepening the kiss quickly, taking his breath away. Nimble fingers caressed and teased his nipples to hard little nubbins beneath the fabric and he groaned wishing for more.

Heero took the hint and slipped his hands under Duo's shirt, firmly rubbing his chest and moving quickly lower. One hand stroked his abdomen as the second sought entry to his waistband. Groaning in pleasure, Duo leaned back into the pillows and lifted his hips allowing Heero to slide off the running shorts he had been wearing and Heero took the opportunity to remove them as well as his boxers in one swift movement. Before Duo could even attempt to even the score, Heero went down on his lover, gently licking and nipping the tip of his awakening erection. Realizing that resistance was futile, as well as undesirable, Duo simply laid back allowing Heero to pleasure him as he wished.

Feeling the surrender of the fey beauty beneath his assault, Heero grinned in the dark and took things to the next level.

Reaching to the table beside the bed, Heero found a tube of lubricant and squeezed some out onto his fingers. Kissing Duo deeply, he slid a single finger down the boy's arousal trailing to the base then moved beyond the sensitive skin covering his balls to the puckered entrance awaiting him. He pulled two silken cheeks apart a bit farther to the happy groans of his lover and eased first one finger and then quickly two into the welcoming warmth of Duo's opening. He thrust into his lover gently then waited to give the spasming muscles a chance to relax as Duo moaned loudly into his ear, exciting him further. "Do you like this, koi?" He asked playfully as he began to stroke his lover from the inside. Duo's only answer was to writhe in place as he attempted to spread his legs farther apart giving him deeper access.

Chuckling darkly, Heero stopped just long enough to strip himself and place more lubricant onto his talented fingers. Sliding three fingers in deeply, he began to quest about for the one special spot that would make Duo completely forget any pain from his battle injuries and found it.

"Ahhh! Heero!" Duo gasped as his body arched off the bed, jarring his broken arm again but this time he just flat didn't care.

With his free hand, Heero pushed the t-shirt up and out of his way to resume licking and teasing Duo's nipples as he thrust deeper, preparing his love for penetration. When he felt Duo was ready, he slipped his fingers free leaving the boy beneath him to moan at the sudden emptiness.

Moving into position between his injured lover's legs, Heero positioned himself and began slowly and inexorably penetrating his lover with his thick shaft. Duo felt wonderfully overtaken as Heero impaled him in the slow torturous way that left him gasping for breath. Both boys loved this yet there was often not enough time for such slow love making. Finally fully sheathed, Heero paused trying to catch his breath and avoid coming when Duo's muscles began clamping down on him unexpectedly. "Duo you okay?" he gasped out.

"Nnnnn---No! But don't stop!" Duo was breathless and Heero was surprised to find his lover had climaxed without so much as an additional touch. Waiting a bit, Heero tried to think if they should stop since something was wrong, but Duo was insistent. The American had grasped his lover's hips and was trying to get him to move within him. The very feeling of the erotic demand sent Heero's mind spiraling down into a single thought, that of giving and receiving pleasure.

Slowly, Heero withdrew until only the tip of his erection remained within that moist heat then he slammed back in going deeper than he had before. Duo moaned, joyfully helpless beneath the sensations as Heero sped up sliding into him over and over, increasing pressure and speed each time as he found his lover's prostate with virtually every thrust. Duo was screaming when Heero reached between their bodies and found the renewed erection and began pumping him in time with the thrusts taking both of them up to and then over the abyss.

"HEERO!" Duo screamed in pleasure and pain as he came violently into Heero's grasp shuddering as he felt his own muscles tighten even further on Heero's manhood.

Heero plunged as deeply as possible twice more before joining him shouting, "DUO!" As he filled his lover with his hot seed.

Exhausted, Heero nearly collapsed onto Duo but caught himself before he could do more harm to his injured lover. Groaning, he withdrew and settled next to him on the bed, almost oblivious to the look on Duo's face. As his mind grew a little less foggy, he realized the grimace was not a belated expression from the intimacy they had just shared. "Koi? What's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

Surprisingly, Duo tried to smile through teeth clamped tightly shut, "Afraid so, Heero." Duo tried to laugh but it came out a strangled cry of pain instead. "You don't know your own strength, koibito, you knocked my arm out again."

"Kuso! Why didn't you stop me?" Heero, who preferred to act as if such things shouldn't matter, actually found this disturbing.

Duo laughed weakly as his lover once more removed the splint and reset the bone. "ITAE! Geez, Heero, we were busy, for crying out loud! Did you think I was going to pass up finishing what we were doing just because of a lousy broken arm?" He glanced down as Heero rummaged through a first aid kit looking for an alternative to the nonfunctional splint they'd been using.

"Hold on," Heero left the room briefly then returned. "This is probably going to hurt like Hell, Duo, so just close your eyes."

"Nani?!?IEEEEEEEEEE!" Duo's strangled cry cut off abruptly as the pain sent him back into unconsciousness. When all else fails, Heero believed, go back to basics. In other words, the arm wasn't healing for several reasons, not the least of which was that it needed to be rebroken and then set against a wooden splint, one of the most painful options, but also the most reliable.

"What the Hell's going on in here? Are you screwing him or killing him?" Quatre had thrown open the door and angrily shouted at Heero who calmly proceeded to finish tying the arm, now broken in several places, to the wooden splint.

"Put the gun down, Quatre," he remarked without looking or apologizing for the fact that he was siting there stark naked with Duo, nearly naked as well, clearly unconscious beside him. "Apparently, he was too stubborn to tell me when the arm went out in the middle of things. Yes, I was, as you put it, 'screwing' him, but killing him is not on my agenda."

"Oh," Quatre commented putting the safety back into place on his pistol sheepishly. "I was hoping you'd get around to the sex part, but what's the deal with his arm?"

"Too many drugs, too high a fever, too much time passed without healing properly. I've broken it in several places and reset it. Granted, it'll be about six weeks before he can pilot Deathscythe easily, but it's better than where he was at."

Quatre sighed shaking his head. "I swear, Heero, if you were my lover instead of Trowa I'd probably lose my mind! How Duo deals with this is beyond me."

Heero shrugged, "What does it matter, Quatre? We get along just fine. When he comes out of it he'll bitch me out for not asking him, I'll bitch him out for not telling me it was a problem sooner, and given the opportunity, we'd do it all over again just the same."

Shaking his head in disbelief, Quatre just remarked, "And he calls you a 'treat'? Geez, Yuy, you are definitely a 'trick' in my book!"

Heero grinned evilly but the effect was ruined when a huge yawn broke through. "Well, Winner, I can't see what you're complaining about. He was happy and I'm happy, so tricks and treats are irrelevant. Close the door behind you, I'm going to sleep unless we have a mission."

Disgusted, the Sandrock pilot closed the door behind him and walked away.

"Halloween. Stupid American tradition! The battle was necessary but the rest of this bullshit is just an enigma to me!" He paused then looked thoughtfully as if the last statement meant more than he had intended.

"Wait just a damned minute! That's it! No wonder this makes no sense!" He was furious. "I should have realized! Angst, blood, pain, and sex, only mean one thing. Someone's been messing with our lives again! Damnit, Enigma! Leave us alone!!!" He shouted at the proverbial fourth wall.

The only answer he got was the sound of a breeze whistling through carrying distant laughter, "Bwahahahahahah... "



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