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Making Love to Death (Part 7)



Quatre had arranged for an ambulette to take Duo and Heero into town

for Duo's checkup. Duo had refused the wheel chair and hobbled up

the ramp and into the rear of the van using Heero's shoulder as his

crutch, dismissing the ambulette driver. As soon as Heero had buckled

both of them into their seatbelts, Duo announced his apprehension at

the idea of having his cast replaced.


"Heero, I don't know how much the guys told you about my leg." Duo



"I didn't really ask them anything, Duo and they didn't volunteer."

Heero told him.


Duo let his eye's drop to the floor.


"The bones in my upper leg were pretty much shattered." Duo stated



"A few pins and couple of dozen stitches and it should be good as new

!" he finished in an out of place upbeat tone.


Heero could hear the tone of Duo's voice, but Duo's face told the real



"Duo......" Heero started


Duo cut him off, an angry look crossed his face "It wasn't bad enough

they raped me, Heero, robbing me of my dignity and my self-esteem !

NO !!! That wasn't enough !!!!" He screamed


Heero moved toward him.


"They had to leave my body torn and scarred....a constant reminder of

their perversions...... every time I look at myself......every time I

get dressed.......I am forced to think about it !! Do you understand

that, Heero ?!?" his voice softer now, looking into Heero's eyes. "I

can move on with the rape.....I've done it before Heero, but......the

physical scars." Duo shook his head "I don't expect you to understand,

but I just can't, Heero."


Unsure of what to say to comfort his distraught lover, Heero reached

for Duo's hand, and holding it in his own, rubbed his thumb gently

over the back of it.




Duo wouldn't allow Heero to stay in the room during the cast removal

and replacement, he was, however, invited to return afterward to hear

what the doctor had to say regarding Duo's condition.


The new cast was considerably smaller, reaching only to Duo's knee and

would only remain on for only another two weeks. This outwardly

pleased Duo. The stitches in his upper arm were removed and the small

red scar was fading nicely. His ribs were healing and no longer

needed to be wrapped unless he felt unusual discomfort. The gash in

his forehead was the most prominent of the remaining scars, and while

he was still unsure, the doctor thought that it could be further

reduced in the future by minor plastic surgery. The doctor was pleased

with his body's recuperative powers in general and attributed it to

Duo's young age.


Leaving the Doctor's office in the company of the ambulette driver,

Heero felt a sense of relief at Duo's now more upbeat attitude. He

didn't seem to be overly upset having finally being able to see his

leg, but Heero knew that Duo was able to hide behind his mask when it

served his purpose. Heero was too accustomed to Duo's cunning

abilities and knew the mask he now wore wasn't intended for him, but

rather the stranger beside them.




Duo was silent and seemed to be lost in thought nearly all the way

home. Heero glanced over at Duo occasionally, noting that although

his hands were clenched tightly into fists, his face failed to

register any emotion at all.


'Perhaps he is just tired.' thought Heero, but he knew better. There

was a storm brewing of the worse kind.......the 'Duo' kind.


"Duo ?" Heero questioned, breaking the nearly 45 minute silence.

Sliding himself closer to Duo, his spandex gliding effortlessly over

the vinyl bench seat, he continued "Is there something you want to

talk about ? You seem pretty upset despite the Doctor's good news.

Is there anything the Doctor didn't tell me ?"


Duo looked toward him and shook his head "No, Heero, everything is



"Everything is *not* fine, Duo. This is me you are talking to !"

Heero replied, slightly annoyed at Duo's attempt to slight him.


"Everything is fine, Heero. I'm just tired and I don't want to talk.

Ok ?!" Duo's tone more than a little indignant.


The rest of the ride was as silent as the first 45 minutes. Heero

stared out the window until they pulled into the driveway. Heero

exited the vehicle and made his way around to assist Duo from the van.

Heero's heart sank at finding Duo already out of the ambulette. His

arm was thrown around the shoulder of the ambulette driver and they

were making their way toward the front entrance.





Trowa opened the door, allowing Duo to be assisted inside, Trowa's

face showing more than mild disbelief as Heero's very pissed off face

entered the house moments later. The driver sat Duo down on the couch

in the living room where Trowa has motioned them to go, and promptly

left. Heero made his way past the three and headed up the stairs,

pausing briefly to turn and watch the exchange.


Duo smiled at Trowa, who was now joined by Quatre in the living room

"This cast is a lot smaller than the last one. It's going to be a lot

easier for me to get around now. Feels like I've lost 20 pounds !"

Duo stated happily.


"Ohh....GOOD !" Quatre smiled "How long till this cast comes off ?"


"Two more weeks ! Doc said I was a fast healer." Duo winked.


Trowa smiled, putting his hand on Duo's shoulder "That's great news

Duo. And the ribs ?"


"The Doc said everything is just fine !! Don't have to wrap my ribs

anymore and all my stitches are out too. See ?" Duo announced

cheerfully, showing them his upper arm, his friends more than

welcoming the usual Duo chatter.


Heero turned to continue up the stairs 'It's just a mask' Heero

frowned 'Can't they see that it's just a mask.'




Heero made his way into the room and closing the blinds, threw himself

face down on the bed and thought. He thought about Duo

mostly......okay.....Duo was *all* he thought about. Heero wasn't

convinced that he was able to see through all of Duo's masks, as

evidenced by the ambulette episode. 'Everything was fine this

afternoon when we left......*more* than fine, in fact !!' thought



Heero wondered momentarily if it were possible that Duo was just going

through a small set back. 'He *was* nervous about the doctor visit',

perhaps Heero was just making too much out of this. He would wait

until he talked to Duo before coming to any conclusions. Satisfied

with this temporary solution to the situation, Heero fell asleep.




"Where did Heero go, Duo ?" Quatre asked


"And why wasn't he the one who helped you into the house ?" Trowa

continued, still curious about the obvious glitch.


"Ah.....I prolly pissed him off with something I said." Duo replied

casually "You know Heero." he winked at the two.


As the three sat chatting, Duo began showing signs of fatigue,

eventually almost nodding off.


Trowa and Quatre gently brought his to his feet and helped him up the

stairs to his room.


"Thank you both." Duo smiled as they reached the bedroom door. "I

think I can manage from here. Don't forget to wake me for dinner !"

Duo smiled.


Retracing their footsteps of barely moments ago, Quatre and Trowa made

their way back down the hallway, totally oblivious of the sound of

shattering glass as Duo opened the bedroom door, his mask crashing to

the floor.




Duo closed the door behind him and allowing several seconds for his

eye's to get used to the darkness, made his way across the room and

turning on the bathroom light, closed the door.


Heero jumped at the sound and sat up hastily. He could see the light

peeking from under the bathroom door and laid back down to relax,

realizing it was just Duo. He could hear the water running in the

sink and Duo was mumbling something.......or mebbe it was singing.


It was neither.


Heero knocked on the door lightly "Duo ?" he called. Hearing no

response, Heero, knocked again and opened the door. There seated in

the middle of the small white room was Duo, elbows on his knees, his

head held in his hands, the water running on full force to muffle the

sound of his pain. Duo was crying.


His face never looking up, Duo told him as firmly as he could through

his tears, "Please leave, Heero."


Heero bent down and placed his hand gently on Duo's upper back, gently

stoking it. "Duo, tell me what is the matter ?" Heero pleaded softly.


"Heero, I asked you to will you please just leave !"

He practically screamed, putting his hand on Heero's, still rubbing

his back, and forcefully removing it. "JUST GO !!"




Heero slowly sank in the padded chair across the bedroom. Sighing

heavily, he ran his hands through his hair, pausing to let them grip

tightly at the handful he held. 'What the hell is going on Duo ?!?

Why are you shutting me out ?' Releasing the hair from his

ever-tightening grip, Heero let his hands fall to his sides in

frustration. Heero sat motionless for a few more minutes, his head

was filled with dozens of fragmented, jumbled and incoherent thoughts.

Heero rose quickly and making his way across the still darkened room

and grabbing a his black leather jacket, Heero exited, slamming the

door behind him.


Making his was quietly down the hallway, turning back to glance

several times at the door he had just moments ago abruptly exited,

Heero made his way from the house via the servants entrance completely







Duo was quite pleased with himself, having made his way downstairs

unassisted. Making his way slowly into the kitchen, Duo was greeting

by three smiling faces.


"Hey, Duo" Wufei called "I see you are able to get around pretty well

with that little cast'"


"Yeah" said Duo "Makes things much easier."


Sitting in the chair facing Trowa, Duo began serving himself.

"Everything looks great as usual, Quatre" he smiled at the blonde.


"Thanks Duo. Enjoy !" Quatre chided.


"Where's Heero ?" Quatre asked moments later "Isn't he going to join

us for dinner ?"


"He wasn't in the room. I just figured he was here already." Duo

added casually.


"Hmmmmmm.....Wonder where he is then ?" Quatre continued.


"No idea" Duo shrugged, as he continued filling his plate.


Quatre looked toward Trowa, a worried look on his face that only Trowa

would recognize.






The balance of the evening was spent in front of the television.

Quatre had a wonderful library of old movies and they had a hard time

all agreeing on one. Wufei finally suggested "The Good, The Bad and

The Ugly", and they settled themselves in to watch.


Heero's absence was felt by all of them, save Duo, who was

uncharacteristically quiet, never once taking his eyes from the huge

screen television. It unnerved Quatre that Heero said nothing to

anyone...especially Duo...about his apparent departure.


At 11:30, when the movie was over, Quatre stood to stretch "I wonder

where Heero is ? It's not like him to be out this late without

calling or something. I'm starting to get worried." Quatre frowned.


Trowa rose and wandered over to Quatre, who was now looking out the

huge picture window to the front lawn of the estate, his brow wrinkled

in thought. Standing behind him, Trowa put his arms around Quatre's

waist and rested his chin on the blonde's shoulder. "I'm sure he's

just fine." he started matter of factly. "Heero's a big boy, Quatre,

he can take care of himself." he added lightly, reaching his hand up

to run his hand through Quatre's hair.


Quatre turned to Duo, who was now almost laying on the large leather

couch, his head coming to rest on the arm of the soft sofa. "Duo,

Heero must have said *something* to you before he left......or told

you he was going……somewhere....maybe you just forgot......try to

think, Duo !" Quatre's voice was becoming more urgent.


Duo stood, "Look..... !!" his voice showing annoyance at the inquiry

"I have no idea where Heero is....get it ? Why does everyone think I

should know his whereabouts every second of the day ?" The expression

on Duo's face now shifting into something the other three boys had

never witnessed from their normally cheerful friend, Unsure if it was

fear or anger....or something else entirely, Quatre apologized "Sorry,

Duo....I didn't mean to ....."


"Whatever..." Duo replied snidely, cutting him off and left the room,

slowly making his way up the long staircase.




"Well *that* was an interesting display !" said Trowa to Wufei and

Quatre after Duo had disappeared well into the upper hallway.


"I have never seen Duo dunno......angry, he was

so...cold and ......emotionless." stated Quatre , hardly believing he

was using those words to describe Duo.


Trowa put his hand on Quatre's knee and rubbed it softly up and down

his thigh in consolation.


Wufei rose "I'm going to go talk to him....something is apparently

very wrong." and left the room, bounding up the enormous staircase,

two steps at a time.




Hearing the knock on the door, Duo responded "Who is it ?"


Wufei could hear the annoyance in his voice. "It's Wufei....Duo, may I

come in ?"


"What for ?" Duo asked flatly.


"Duo, just open the door !" Wufei almost yelled.


Duo flung the door open, and looking into Wufei's eye's motioned him

inside with his a sweep of his arm, the expression on Duo's face less

than pleased at Wufei's interruption.


Crossing the room to sit on the edge of the bed, Wufei still standing

near the door, looking in Duo's general direction, Duo started

"Well......what is just came to stare at me ?!"


"Duo" Wufei answered, making his way across the room to where Duo sat

"What the hell is going on ? And don't try to tell me nothing !"


"I appreciate your concern, Wufei" started Duo, staring straight into

Wufei's jet black eyes, his voice dripping with disdain "However,

please mind your own damn business.....and while you're at it, please

tell the others to do the same."


Slowly standing, Duo made his way across the room, opened the door and

gestured for Wufei to leave, closing the door swiftly behind him.


Wufei stood stunned on the other side.




Heero had been walking for the past few hours and was unsure of where

he was, although he was relatively sure he had headed due north since

leaving the estate. Still not ready to head back home, Heero found a

soft grassy patch next to a small pond at sat, his back coming to rest

on a huge boulder. Picking up a small stone, Heero tossed it lightly

into the pond before him, watching the ripples spread out around it,

eventually the whole pond was alive with movement, the light from the

moon catching each tiny shimmering wave.


Heero hadn't thought about the situation with Duo for the past hour,

as the first several hours of his journey tired him of the endless

circles of thought and the subject had now worn itself thin. Duo was

in control and Heero was at his miserable mercy. If Duo would just

tell him *why* he was behaving like this.....or even tell him he

didn't know why.....that he was confused......or in pain......or

something...*anything* Heero was sure he could deal with it

appropriately, but keeping Heero in the dark was something Duo had

obviously reconciled himself to do and there was nothing Heero could

do but stay out of the way of his temperamental lover and wait

patiently until Duo was ready to talk.


Confident that his logic had once again made sense of nonsense, Heero

began tracing his footsteps back toward home.


Reaching the top of the hill that lie just beyond the estate's

boundary at nearly sunrise, Heero paused. He lay down amongst the

tall grass, and placing his hands behind his head, concentrated his

gaze upward and smiling, waited patiently for the huge orange ball to

regain it's rightful place in the colorful morning sky.




At breakfast, Wufei recounted his very brief and alarming encounter

with Duo the night before to the other two pilots, whose faces looked

not to dissimilar to how Wufei had looked the night before.


"Apparently" Wufei surmised, "They had some type of argument,

instigated, by the look of things, by Duo"


"Then why would he be angry with all of us ?" Quatre asked


"I dunno, Quatre. I say we just stay out of it." Trowa added "Duo is

right, it really isn't any of our business."




Heero woke, and judging by the sun's position in the sky, Heero

speculated it was around noontime. Removing his now unneeded leather

jacket and tossing it over his shoulder, Heero made his way down the

hill and back onto the estate's well-manicured property. Making his

was through the pool area, he felt invigorated, pleased with his

decision of taking the time to rest. Rapidly approaching the rear

entrance, Heero's stomach began to growl and realizing he had missed

dinner last night and breakfast this morning, headed straight for the





Duo sat alone in the large kitchen. His two hands surrounded a large

empty glass. He was oblivious to Heero's entrance into the kitchen,

as he sat staring off into nowhere.


Heero headed for the fridge and opening it, searched it contents for

something to eat. Finally deciding to have large bowl of cereal,

Heero removed the gallon of milk and placed it gently on end the

table furthest from Duo. Crossing the large room, Heero got a bowl, a

spoon and a box of cereal. Placing them down beside the milk, Heero

sat down and poured the cereal and milk into the bowl, glancing over

towards Duo every now and then, finding him still locked into his now

familiar heavy stare.


It was Quatre's voice that snapped Duo out of his thought "HEERO !" he

practically screamed "You're back !" Quatre's eyes showing much



Duo turned with a start to see Heero sitting at the other end of the

table, then quickly turned his focus to his now empty glass.


"Where were you Heero ? I was worried sick, we all were !" Quatre



"I went for a walk.....sorry if I worried you." Heero told the

obviously very relieved blonde.


Quatre's eyes turned toward Duo, whose lack of emotion prompted him to

add "At least *most* of us were worried" his face slightly frowning in

Duo's direction. Duo never looking upward, but acknowledged Quatre's

nasty words with his somewhat hasty departure from the room.


Turning towards Heero, Quatre's eyes asking the question for him.


"No idea, idea" Heero simply stated.




Heero eventually made his way upstairs and knocking gently, entered

the room.


Duo was sprawled out on the bed, face down.


Heero made his way into the bathroom, and turning on the shower, came

back into the bedroom to get some fresh clothes, before turning to

re-enter the bathroom, he briefly glancing over toward the bed. Heero

watched as Duo stared at him, his body now lying on his side, his

elbow bent, his head resting on his hand. There was nothing

comforting in Duo's stare and Heero withdrew his eyes and continued

into the bathroom.


Exiting the bathroom sometime later, Heero made his way into the large

room, depositing his dirty clothes into the small basket beside the

closet. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Duo sitting in the

large chair, but made a point of not letting Duo know he saw him.


"Heero" Duo said calmly "We need to talk."

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