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Into the Dreamscape


The lyrics and music to "The Dolphin's Cry" are property of LIVE. They don't really follow the story line, but they give you this warm squishy feeling inside, ne? This short fic contains sap, shounen ai, and a really sexy Duo.

Sometimes I believe you are a dream.

[The way you're bathed in light
Reminds me of that night
God laid me down into
Your rose garden of trust]

I look to the sky to see the minuscule traces of a moon hidden by the trees. The silvery light cascades down through the tree line and onto the tiny droplets of dew that cling to my bare feet. The night is beautiful... any place you are appears to be beautiful to me.

Mere feet ahead of me, you are bent into a comfortable sitting position. Feet wrapped up beneath you and your elbows resting on your knees. It's funny how something that seems so natural to you, seems so sensual to me. These moments take my breath away and leave me speechless. I would gladly give up talking forever if it meant we could stay like this just as long.

[And I was swept away
With nothing left to say
Some helpless fool
Yeah, I was lost in a swoon of peace ]

Your head is hung out over the waterline, as if observing your own features with scrutiny. I wonder if you see the same things I do? Those innocent glances and warming expressions. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyes are the windows to my soul.

The night wind rustles through the trees, blowing your hair gracefully into twists and loops. One solitary cherry blossom falls into the crystal water in front of you, and you reach for it. The soft pinks and whites look offset against your creamy skin. And as you slowly run your fingers over the velvety tips and the water drops trickle onto your palm, I find myself immensely jealous. To be that flower, to be those water beads, to feel your slender fingers running delicately over my skin; the mere thought excites my senses and makes my heart race. If you only knew what you do to me.

[You're all I need to find
So when the time is right
Come to me sweetly
Come to me, come to me...]

Unbidden, I sigh aloud. You barely look over your shoulder and out of the corner of your eye you steal a brief picture of me to store away in your memory. Even though your slightly muscled shoulder is blocking any view I might have of your lips, I can feel your smile burning into me just as strongly as I can feel the wind ruffle my own hair. Both feelings make me shudder, once again, it is unbidden.

You slowly look back to the waterline and gracefully drop the cherry blossom back into the liquid mirror. Underneath the glittering moonlight I can see the tiny ripples crawl out over the surface of the water and far away to uncharted places. This place seems so familiar to me. Even the ripples look so perfect, like I've memorized them before. Do I come here often to look at you? I know one thing, I never want to venture away again. Every moment not spent here with you would be... useless.

[Oh yeah, we meet again
It's like we never left
Time in between was just a dream
Did we leave this place]

I find my eyes drawn back to your prone figure. The wind blows again, harsher than before, and I see something glowing dimly within my peripheral vision. Instinctively I reach out and take hold of it. My palm closes over it loosely, and I can feel soft sensations tickling my skin. The glowing light creeps and seeps through the openings between my fingers, faintly illuminating the darkness of the summer night. When I open my hand to explore this new object of fascination, I find myself gripping one solitary white feather. The fluorescent light it shoots off is enough to light up my whole upper torso. And just as fleeting as before, the wind blows again, carrying the shining feather far out of my grasp.

I hear a soft chuckle escape from your lips. You say it's humorous in itself how you find the little "innocent" things I do so funny. Someday I think I'll understand what you mean by that.

The fog lifts and floats all around us, filling the void of space between you and me. I don't want that fog to take my place. It should be me surrounding and encasing your frame. I want to suffocate in your smell, drown in your hands.

[This crazy fog surrounds me
You wrap your legs around me
All I can do to try and breathe
Let me breathe so that I...
So that we can be together]

I find my eyes once again drawn to the source of that gentle laughter. You look over your shoulder to me again, only this time you draw your chin up slightly so that the ever-present smile is visible. I notice a shimmering gleam in your violet orbs, only to see it twinkle and leave as quickly as it came. But it doesn't matter, because you draw my attention to another part of your body.

With maddening slowness, you begin to unwrap your beautiful, white, glowing wings from around your waist. I've never really seen them before, but I never lost faith that they were there on your back, hidden by cumbersome clothing or wonderful cascade of hair. After all, all angels have wings.

A few loose feathers escape only to be carried away by the wind just like the one I held earlier. It's ironic, if I was one of those feathers, I would never yearn to be unattached from you. I wonder if they understand that they're losing a position that many members of the human race would kill to obtain. At least... I know I would.

[Life is like a shooting star
It don't matter who you are
If you only run for cover
It's just a waste of time]

Your wings unfold into their full expansion, the individual feathers slightly shifting in the hands of the breeze. The light they reflect is almost too much for the eyes to behold. Do you know that I see that light reflected in you even when the wings are hidden?

With unintended sexuality, you raise from your sitting position and come to stand on your feet. Right now I behold your nakedness not as something to be ravished, but as something to be cherished and worshipped. In this natural state of yours, I find my skin burning to impossible temperatures. Most people would be aroused if they found themselves staring at the Godly vision before me now, but for all my honesty I can only feel utter awe. Now it's my turn to save a picture to store in my memories and unveil again later.

[We are lost ‘til we are found
This phoenix rises up from the ground
And all these wars are over]

You turn to look at me, innocence and pure bliss alight inside your amethyst eyes and that natural smile full of raw beauty, captivating on your face. Of their own accord, my feet glide me over to be closer to you. It feels like the whole world is stopping for this moment in time. This one brief frame is for me and me alone to experience. And I gladly thank God for holding everything still so that I can fully enjoy it.

There are so many things floating through my head. So many things I want to tell you, want to show you. And then your smile grows wider, and I find coherent thoughts miles and miles away from my reach. I open my mouth to at least speak your name, and before I can form words, you wrap your glittering wings tightly around us, sweeping me into a cocoon of your scent, light, and warmth. This makes me happier than anything I've felt in these last few minutes, and I find myself smiling.

[Love will lead us, all right
Love will lead us, she will lead us
Can you hear the dolphin's cry
See the road rise up to meet us
It's in the air we breathe tonight
Love will lead us, she will lead us]

And then I reach out to touch your face...

And you disappear.

I find myself staring at he bottom of a bed, slightly drenched in sweat and the smell of blood. I hurt. Everything about me aches. I must have been rendered unconscious by my last mission.


I turn my head slightly towards the sound of your voice. Your hair is pouring down onto the edge of my bed and tickling the surface of the hardwood floor. For a moment I am perplexed as to how you are hanging upside down so easily, until I remember that this is a bunk bed. Even in the stuffy darkness of this dorm room, I can see the faint glimmer of worry in your eyes.

"Hai, Duo?"

You raise an eyebrow at me, which in your upside down position looks quite comical. Unable to suppress it any longer, a small smile plays across my face. This does not go unnoticed by you, and your wondrous expression only increases. I think I finally understand what you meant about the "innocent" things I do seeming humorous.

"How are you feeling?"

I shake my head a little to rattle back sensibility.


Your head disappears for a moment, but I am rewarded by your form gracefully jumping down from your higher position to stand on the floor beside my bed. Your movements and those silk boxers make me compare your current state to that of a sleek jungle panther.

"You were mumbling in your sleep. Everything all right?"

You feel my forehead like a mother would do, and if I didn't have a fever before, I'm sure my skin is on fire now.

"I'm fine. It was just a dream."

You simply smile at me and remove your hand. The spot on my forehead feels incomplete now that your closeness is gone. But I make no move to show this to you.

"I'll go get you some painkillers."

As you turn to walk into the tiny bathroom, your waterfall of hair briskly brushes against my arm. And most men spend their whole life trying to determine if a Heaven exists. I don't wonder.

I know.

I can hear my own voice inside my head recalling my words to you... "just a dream"...

Sometimes I believe you are a dream...

...and right now I'm hoping I never wake up.


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