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Tiny Little Trowa-Chan


Trowa was brought out of his sleep by an uneasy feeling . He couldn't sleep so he slid from his place by Quatre's side and sat on the window seat gazing out into the desert that was their new location. His eyes slid to the blond laying on the bed, bathed in moonlight and he let a slight smile form. Quatre, his own guardian angel. Whenever Trowa was hurting inside or out Quatre was always there to help him heal.

 The silent boy thanked whatever Gods watched over them, each day, for bringing the blond to him.
The war would have been so much harder without him. Sweet Quatre who was always smiling for
them all. The silent strength of their group, just as Duo was their constant reminder of what they were
fighting for.

 With a sigh the boy walked to the bedside and smoothed his beloved's bangs from his eyes. Pressing
a butterfly light kiss on his forehead.

 "Mmm, Trowa." Quatre smiled and rolled into Trowa's touch, causing him to smile freely.

 "Quatre." He sighed. "Mon petit bella.[1]" Unbidden, thoughts of life with the blond by his side crept
through his head and heart. "Quatre."

 Trowa slipped into his clothes and out into the desert night to clear his head. //Something is wrong! I
don't know what. . . but I feel it.//

 Just then Quatre's scream broke the silence of the evening and Trowa felt chilled to the bone. He ran
back into the house and up to their room, to his love's side.

 Quatre fought a figure leaning over him, kicking and punching, trying to get away, his cried out again,
"Trowa! Trowa run he's got. . ."

 Too late, Trowa realized that it wasn't a gun the man was holding, The dart pierced his skin and the
world blurred, fuzzed, and blanked out.
  Quatre slammed his fist into the distracted man's jaw and stabbed the intruder through the heart with
his own blade. "Trowa!" He knelt by his friend and hugged him close. "Trowa wake up! Trowa!"

 Heero and Wufei  ran into the room followed closely by Duo. "What happened?"

 "An intruder, and he. . . Trowa. . . by Allah, Trowa." He held the boy closer.

 Duo checked the intruder. "He's from Oz, we have to move."

 Heero nodded. They all stared at the wicked looking flaming style blade sticking from the body of
the man but said nothing, Quatre had been through enough.

 After a quick change of location, Heero contacted Doctor J.  "Heero! I am glad you called! My
youth formula is ready for another try. I think I have it this time. . ."

 "Trowa was attacked tonight."

 "Yes, I predicted this. I forgot to warn you, Oz has realized what happened with Duo."


 "They know about the youth formula, in fact, they have been trying to repeat it. Their only problem is
that their doctors' version is very unstable. They don't want to test it on their own men so. . ."



 "The intruder injected something through a dart into Trowa."

 "I would not have thought it ready for such a test, has he shown any signs of shrinking or growing


 The doctor sighed in relief, "Then they haven't beaten me to it."

 Wufei stepped into the room as Heero closed his laptop. "Heero, there has been a new development
with Trowa. Has he been to see one of the scientists lately?

 "No." Heero walked passed him into Trowa's room.

 "Then could you kindly explain that." Wufei pointed to the bed.


[1] My little beauty (Trowa's European right? He's bound to know a few of the languages there)
     Unfortunately I'm no expert if I got the spelling wrong, gomen. onegai tell me. ^_^

<Part 2>

 On the bed amongst a pile that used to be Trowa's clothes, lay a wide eyed infant with deep brown wisps of baby hair falling over one of the bright green orbs.

 "T. . . Trowa?" Quatre asked in a small voice.

 The baby smiled brightly and chattered nonsensical baby words, reaching his hands and feet up to
the blond as if he wanted to be picked up.

 Quatre's bright eyes were slowly beginning to tear and he lifted the infant into his arms.

 The child cooed and gurgled and little spit bubbles formed over his mouth. When Duo popped them,
Trowa-chan's eyes went wide and quivered.

 "Duo no baka!" Wufei hissed as Tro-chan began to cry.

 "Shh, hush now Tro-chan, I have you." Quatre hugged the baby closer and rocked him back and

 Trowa gazed up at the Arab with wide, clear eyes and sniffled once more before he cuddled into the
boy's shirt.

 "I guess he's picked his baby sitter." Duo chuckled.

 "Who? Me!?!" Quatre gasped, "But I. . ."

 Duo thought back to how Doctor J had talked him into taking care of Heero and grinned, "But
Quatre, he loves you."

 That silenced the worried blond more than anything else they could have said. He bit his lip and
looked down at Trowa-chan, napping in his arms. //I'd do anything for Trowa.// "Well. . ." He looked
up but the others had already left, "They know me too well." Quatre sighed and looked down at the
baby. Alright, bed time."

  When he woke up Quatre found a fully grown Trowa sleeping comfortably beside him. "Trowa?" He
touched the boy's soft skin and smiled, "All a dream."

 Trowa opened his eyes slowly and looked at his lover, "Quatre?"

 "Hm?" He curled into Trowa's embrace, "I had the strangest dream last night!"


 The little blond smiled and ran his tongue over Trowa's lips, "Do me a favor ne?"


 "Stay away from Doctor J ok?"

 Trowa chuckled deep in his chest and kissed Quatre back soundly. Their lips crushed together and
they gripped each other closer. "Quatre." Trowa groaned as the little blond teased his throbbing
member. "Nnnnn Quatre!" He was taken into his lover, surrounded by his little love's heat and
cradled there. As Quatre started to rock back and forth, uttering little mewing sounds and moans,
Trowa felt himself losing what little control he still had. "Quatre!!! Oh God Quatre! Faster! Ha. . .
Harder! I need. . . I need. . ."

 Quatre giggled, this was the most Trowa had ever said in a single moment. His laughter was like an
aphrodisiac, pushing Trowa over the edge and into the mindless oblivion of forever. His seed shot
forth into Quatre and the Blond Arab cried out, rocking faster. Suddenly though, Trowa began to
shrink inside him! He could feel his lover leaving his warmth. He sat there shivering with unfulfilled
passion and looked down before him.

 On the pillow where Trowa's head had rested lay Tro-chan, frowning as if he realized what had
happened. Then he started to cry.

 Quatre moaned and picked the child up, rocking him gently and murmuring to him that everything
would be alright. //Allah what is happening to Trowa! God's what did I do to deserve this?!// He
stood, the sobbing child still in his arms, wrapped a sheet around his naked form and walked to Duo
and Heero's room.

 When he opened the door he found Heero watching Duo as he slept and couldn't help a small smile,
They were so in love and each so oblivious to the others love. Then Tro-chan shifted in his arms and
he remembered his reason for coming to the room. "Heero." He said quietly.

 Heero jumped and spun around reaching for his gun. When he saw it was Quatre, he only eased up
slightly. "Nani?"

 "Get Doctor J on the computer please."


 Right as he said that, Tro-chan started to change again and Quatre found himself laying back on the
floor, a full sized, very naked and very confused Trowa sitting on his stomach.

 Heero's eyes widened a slight bit and he looked like he was bitting back a smile. "Oh."

<Part 3>

 "How dare those bastards steel my formula?!!" Doctor J ranted when they brought Trowa in. "Damn rookies who have to stand on the shoulders of the greats to get a useful idea!"

 "This is useful?" Duo gestured to his friend who was once again a baby.

 "If used right anything can be useful."

 Duo started to comment and Heero slapped his palm over the boy's lips. If Duo and J got in a
discussion about J's inventions they would never get help for Trowa.

 The braided pilot grinned behind Heero's hand and snaked his tongue out to plant a wet kiss upon
the palm. Heero jumped and fought the urge to blush.

 "Heero?" J asked glancing at him oddly.

 "I just remembered something I have to finish." He said in his usual monotone. "An adjustment to
Wing. Excuse me."

 They all watched him go with surprised faces until Duo broke down laughing.

 "Duo what did you do?" Wufei asked quietly.

 Duo just smiled.

 "Ahem." Quatre hinted, "Trowa. . .?"

 "Oh yes!" J nodded and filled a syringe. "This is my own stuff. I will inject it into Trowa and let it run
it's course. It will cancel the other formula."

 "But he'll be a baby!"

 "Yes but a stable one." J sighed, "And then when I get the antidote ready, he will be a stable teen
again. Better than a little bit of each isn't it?"

 Quatre thought back to the embarrassing and frustrating happenings of the night before, "Yes I
suppose so."

 "Alright then I'll just inject this and. . ." Tro-chan cried out and ducked into Quatre's arms as the
doctor grabbed his arm. "Now this wont hurt a bit." J chuckled.

 After the shot they left doctor J's lab and went back to their new safe house.

 "Quatre are you going to give him to Rashid to care for?" Wufei asked.

 "Never!" Quatre held the baby protectively, "I would never trust anyone but myself with Trowa's

 Duo snickered as he thought back to Hee-chan, unaware that Heero was thinking of Shi- chan.
They both said at the same time, "Good luck." Then each turned to the other and Duo snickered

 When they were alone, Quatre bounced Tro-chan gently in his arms and soothed the frazzled infant,
"Shh, I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise. I'm here." He smiled as warmth filled his heart. "I'm
here, I love you."

 Tro-chan looked up at Quatre with big and bright eyes and smiled a tiny, unsure smile.

 "You can smile, it's ok."

 The baby sucked on his finger at little as if debating this and then gave Quatre the biggest and
brightest smile the blond had ever seen. Quatre fell in love all over again.

 The first thing Tro-chan needed was a bath. Babies, Quatre observed, got very dirty very fast. //I
wonder if I was that way too. No, father wouldn't have let me get dirty. I am going to make sure his
second childhood is better than my first was.// "Come on baby Tro-chan, bath time." Quatre readied
the sink in a makeshift bath for the child.

 Trowa was too young to know the merits of splashing, he only knew he didn't like being on his back
in the water like he was. Quatre soothed him gently and drew the baby washcloth over Trowa's
round little tummy. The baby tried to grab the cloth and Quatre's hand and a game of baby tag
ensued. Tro-chan awkwardly grabbed for the cloth and Quatre slowly moved at so that his little
hands barely missed it. Tro-chan giggled and splashed and reached for the cloth again and Quatre
was showered in water, making the baby laugh even harder.

 "Oh so that's how you want to play." Quatre laughed and began to tickle him.

 Trowa giggled and squirmed and finally after a huge mess was made of the bathroom, Quatre and a
clean little Tro-chan stepped out. The Arab turned to Duo and sighed, "I forgive you every mess you
and Hee-chan made." He said in a tired tone and took Tro-chan to bed.

 Heero turned to Duo with a glare, "What messes were these?"

 Duo grinned and made a run for the door, Heero close behind yelling at him, "Duo?! Duo! What did
you do with me when I was Hee-chan??! DUO! OMAE WA KURUSO!!!!!"


<Part 4>

 J's formula had worn off a little bit after the first week. Trowa progressed to three years. Quatre was at his wits end!

 He stumbled sleepily into the kitchen for breakfast and Duo smiled at him, "What was it this time?"

 "A stray cat." Quatre sighed.

 "That's not too bad." Duo reasoned.

 "It had five kittens under my bed." Quatre growled.

 Duo was amazed Quatre -could- growl but had to snicker at the picture he presented. "Still it's not
too. . ."

 "He had me get them out for him and put them on the bed." Quatre groaned and showed Duo his
scratch covered arms, "Mother cats are very protective of their kittens."

 Just then Tro-chan toddled in with the most angelic face any of them had seen, his little hands
cupped in front of him.

 Quatre sighed, "Alright Tro-chan, what do you have there?"

 The little boy smiled like a cherub and opened his hands.

 A huge brown toad jumped onto the table and into Quatre's cereal, splashing him with milk. Duo
broke down laughing until the frog jumped onto the butter and sent it flying into his lap, "Awe man!"

 Heero ran in, "What happened?"

 The butter and milk covered frog leapt into the startled boy's hair. Heero made a grab for it but it
jumped into the jam.

 Wufei chose that time to walk in, perfectly immaculate in his white attire.

 "Wu-man! Watch out!"

 "How many times must I tell you Maxwell, my name is Wu. . ." The frog leapt again and Wufei's
white was covered in frog prints of raspberry jam. ". . .Fei."

 Tro-chan caught the frog again and shoved it, breakfast and all, into his pocket.

 "Tro-chan. . ." Quatre started.

 The boy looked like he would cry.

 "No! No don't. . ."

 The tears started to flow.

 "Oh Trowa, don't cry!" Quatre knelt by the grubby child, "Please. I'm not upset Trowa, I'm not mad
at you."

 "I am! Damn it Quatre this will never come out! You need to discipline the boy once in a while!"

 Tro-chan started to cry out load.

 "Wufei!" Quatre scolded, "He doesn't know any better! He's just a baby!" Th blond pulled the baby
into his safe embrace and snuggled him close, "Shh, I'm here, no one will hurt you, I'm here."

 The frog escaped from Tro-chan's pocket and hopped out the open door, leaving milk, butter, and
jam tracks all the way out.

 "Quatre. . ." Wufei warned.

 "I'll clean it." He promised. Then he sighed and hugged Tro-chan closer, "What'll I do with you

 Tro-chan blinked up at him with wide eyes, one finger in his mouth.

 Quatre kissed his forehead, "Ok, I'll love you. That's what I'll do."

<Part 5>

 Soon, Tro-chan had aged enough to be out of diapers, and to outgrow all of the clothes that Duo and Heero had saved from their transformations. He was aged now to nine years. Quatre was having a hard time of it. Trowa was going through the stage Hee-chan had, he wanted no one to touch him or cuddle him. Not even Quatre. The blond had the assurance that Trowa loved him in his grown form, but still it hurt to watch his touches being avoided.

 Quatre prepared for a mission that had come in. It was a solo, only for him. Trowa would be
without him for a few days. He sat down on the bed next to Tro-chan's sleeping form and smiled
sadly. "Don't worry my little love. I'll be home soon." He kissed the sleeping boy's lips gently and
then left.

 After the door was closed Trowa gave up his sleeping act and curled up into himself. The little boy
knew Quatre loved him, and he knew that he loved Quatre too, but something wasn't right. He
wasn't right. //I'm supposed to be older. Bigger. I'm not right.//

 Tro-chan cried himself to sleep that night. He wanted so badly to be perfect for Quatre. Quatre was
perfect. He got out of bed and pulled on the little turtleneck and jeans that Quatre had given him, then
went outside to wait for his angel to come back.

 Wufei found the child outside the next morning, cuddled up on the steps to the safe house,
surrounded by the various strays he had befriended. "Trowa?"

 The child looked up and frowned, then looked away.

 Wufei sat down beside him, "What is wrong Trowa."

 "I am."


 "What is wrong with me Wufei?" He sniffled and stroked one of the kittens he held. "I make Quatre
sad. Something about me is wrong. What is it?"

 The Chinese boy closed his eyes and sighed, "You are not a child."

 "I'm not?"

 "No." He took the boy onto his lap and fought to find the right words. "You are a Gundam pilot the
same age as all of the rest of us."

 "That's stupid." He dead-panned.

 Again Wufei fought for words, "You were injected with an experimental drug that reduces your age.
First you were a baby, then each few days, you age a little, but you don't seem to recall the other


 "Think back Trowa. Do you remember anything hat happened last month? Anything that happened
last week?"

 A lost look came into the boy's eyes. "I. . . no."

 "Soon now you will age fully back to yourself."

 "Is that what Quatre wants?"

 Wufei thought a moment then told him, "You and Quatre were lovers, I think he misses that. He will
be glad to have you back to normal, but he loves you now as well. He will always love you no matter
what form you take or how many times you push him away."

 "Push him away?"

 "You don't allow his touch anymore."

 "He wants to touch me?"

 The Chinese pilot frowned, "You were much more observant as a teenager. Of course he wants to
touch you. He loves you and you won't even allow him to hug you."

 "I. . . I don't want to hurt Quatre, Wufei."

 He smiled and ruffled the boy's hair, "I know you don't Trowa, but sometimes, you can't take away
the hurt, only time can do that."

 "Time to make me a grownup again?"

 He nodded. "It will come. Don't worry."

 "I'm -not- worried!"

 "Of course not." Wufei smiled and went back inside.

 Trowa looked off in the direction Quatre had left in. "Come home soon."


<Part 6>

 When Quatre returned he was exhausted. The whole mission had been nothing but error after error and when it was finally through he still had a five hour flight back. Finally though, he was home.

 Tro-chan was sitting on the front steps when he walked up to the house, sound asleep. The blond smiled and picked the sleeping child up in his arms. "Bakara, you could catch a cold sitting out here in the middle of the night."

 "Quatre?" He asked with a yawn.

 "Hai." He smiled, "I'm home."

 Tro-chan wrinkled his little nose, "You need a bath!"

 Quatre chuckled, "So do you."

 "Wanna take a bath?" He asked hopefully.

 Quatre stared at the boy child in his arms. "You want to take a bath together?"

 "Hai." Tro-chan smiled brightly.

 "Anou. . . I suppose we could. . ." Before Quatre could finish, Trowa had leapt to the floor and
started dragging him to the bathroom.

 "Trowa are you ok?" Quatre asked while they ran the bath and undressed.

 "Uhuh." He smiled.

 Quatre still looked worried and Trowa frowned. "Trowa?"

 "I did it again."

 "What did you do?"

 "I made you sad."

 The blond set the boy into the water and smiled down at him, "I'm not sad." He assured him.
"Nothing you could do would ever make me sad."

 "But I'm not big anymore."

 That gave the Arab pause, "Who told you?"


 "Listen to me Trowa." Quatre took his little hands as he climbed into the water beside his little love.
"I love you. -You-. Not your age or your height or your health. You. I will never be saddened by
you. Ok?"

 "But. . ."


 Tro-cha looked into Quatre's eyes and nodded solemnly, "ok."

 Quatre watched while Trowa picked up a washcloth and the soap, "What are you doing now?"

 "Washing you off. You're all oily and muddy."

 Quatre smiled nervously, "It happens when you're running through a muddy war field and repairing a
Gundam." When Trowa's little hands touched his nether regions, Quatre shot out of the tub. "I. . . ah.
. . I'm too dirty for a bath, I'll shower today."

 Trowa held back his tears and quickly washed himself then went to sit on the bed. //What did I do
wrong -this- time?// When Quatre came out he looked up at the blond and nibbled on his lip.

 "Nani?" The boy asked as he slipped into his night clothes.

 "I love you."

 Quatre smiled and hugged the little boy, "I love you too Trow. . . ah!!" He was cut short when the
child's lips captured his own. //oh Allah! Allah! This is. . . this is wrong. . .// He closed his eyes as the
kiss deepened. //I can't. . . he is a child! He is Trowa. . . no! He is a child!//

 Tro-chan let his hands move to Quatre's pants and slid them inside, to free to thing that makes a
man, a man. He broke from their kiss and moved his little mouth to the blonde's member. His little
tongue sliding roughly over it's hard length.

 Quatre moaned and threw his head back. //Allah he hasn't lost any of his skill! I need to stop! I
need. . . ahhh!//

 Tro-chan swallowed as much of his angel's seed as he could, the rest splashed over his face and
chest. When he looked up though, his angel wasn't smiling, he was crying! "Quatre? Quatre what's
wrong? What did I do wrong?"

 The blond didn't answer. His eyes were wide at what had just happened. //I feel like I just raped a
child! But I didn't, Tro-chan raped -me-! Oh Allah forgive me! Trowa forgive me. I was too weak. I.
. .//

 "Quatre!" Tro-chan frowned and hugged the boy/angel close. "Please, what did I do wrong? I only
wanted to make you happy."

 "Trowa." Quatre sniffled and hugged the child to him, "Trowa you didn't need to do that."

 "I wanted to."

 "It isn't right though. You're a child right now and. . ."

 "You said you loved me no matter what."

 Quatre sighed, "I do Trowa. I love you here." He placed Tro-chan's hand over his heart. "I love you
always. But that isn't love. Physical release is nice Tro-chan, especially when you love each other; but
it isn't love."

 He frowned. "I'm sorry Quatre."

 The Arabian pilot smiled and kissed the child's head, "Shh, so am I Tro-chan."

 "I still don't understand."

 Quatre smiled softly, "You will." He chuckled then, "When you grow up."

<Part 7>

 After the incident the night before, Quatre had expected Trowa to stay away from him again, but when he woke, Tro-chan had aged to twelve and forgotten all about the stage before. Quatre was both relieved and saddened. But now. . . Trowa would be whole and himself again any day now. Still. . .

 The blond sat on his bed with a small photo book he had started when Trowa first changed. Pictures of Tro-chan filled the album. Each one held a story that Quatre had written on the back, but also held in his heart. //I'll miss my baby.// He realized with a bit of shock. //I am going to miss my little

 Tro-chan sat outside in a tree, a squirrel on his knee and a tree frog on his hand. He watched Quatre through the window, he was sad again. //Now he is sad because I am growing up.// He thought. //I
thought he wanted me to grow up again.// "Will I never understand him?!"

 "You do as yourself."

 Trowa looked down to see Wufei leaning against the tree. "I thought You, Heero and Duo had a mission."

 "It's done."

 "Where are Heero and Duo."

 "Duo tried to debrief Heero and Heero is trying to catch him long enough to carry out his death

 "Debrief. . . why do I have the feeling that isn't used militarily?"

 Wufei chuckled slightly. "Their. . . changes, have really opened them up to each other. They were
driving all of us insane trying to tiptoe around their feelings before."

 "And now?"

 "They'll kill each other or love each other, either way it'll happen soon."

 Trowa hung upside down to look Wufei in the eyes, "How are Quatre and I when I'm big?"

 "You are very private with your love but it's obvious that you do love each other."

 "Do we hurt each other this much?"

 The Chinese man smiled slightly, "Never. And you aren't now, no matter how it seems."

 "He is so sad though."

 "I explained this to you once before."

 "I don't remember."

 //That's the only reason I'll talk like this to you. I'm counting on you forgetting.// Wufei simply

 "Oh." Trowa answered the pilot's silence with a sardonic tone, "Thanks a lot."

 Wufei's smile inched up a little and he shook his head. "Quatre loves you. He will miss the young you but regardless, he will be glad to have the Trowa he knows back. This is new ground for both of

 "I don't want to forget."

 The Chinese man shrugged and smiled, "Some things never leave us, forgotten or not. Look at
Heero and Duo. This experience has changed both of you. It will always stay with you in that regard."

 Trowa nodded and flipped to the ground, but suddenly, he swayed and fell.


 "I. . . it's happening!" He curled into himself in pain. "Get Quatre!"
  When Wufei slammed into the house Quatre looked up in concern. "Trowa?"

 He nodded, "He's changing back."

 They both rushed to the boy's side and Quatre cried out at the sharp cries Trowa was yelling.
"Trowa?! Trowa I'm here."


 "Let it go, it's ok."

 "I. . . Ahhhh!!!!"

 "Trowa! Let it go! Grow up!"

 Wufei glanced at Quatre who had tears streaming over his cheeks, "Trowa, remember what I told
you." Then he stood and left the two of them to their privacy.

 Trowa shivered and cried out one last time before his body stretched out about a foot and a half and
his uni-bang grew to fully cover his eye. He clenched his now developed muscles once in pain and
then went limp.

 "Trowa?!" Quatre pulled the boy up into his arms. "Trowa!"

 The visible green eye opened and Quatre smiled into the emerald depth of it. "Welcome back

 "Where did I go?" He asked looking at his angel's relieved face.

 Quatre shook his head and buried his face in Trowa's chest. "You were a baby."

 "Oz. . . the intruder." His arms tightened around Quatre. "Are you alright?"

 "Hai, now I am."

 ". . .?"

 The Arab only hugged him tighter, "I'll tell you later, for now, just hold me Trowa."

 The Heavyarms pilot was more than happy to oblige.

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