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Shinigami (parts 1 & 2)

Lady Shinigami

   "Maxwell!  What the hell do you think you're doing?"  Wufei yelled over the open comm.
  Duo's response was to cackle in delight as the five suits went down in front of him.  Heero watched his lover's every move, afraid at any moment the crazy American was going to meet his death.  Quatre and Trowa just sighed at the American's antics.  Before long, the battle was over and the five pilots returned to their current safehouse.  Wufei was still agitated over Duo's stunt.
   "Maxwell, I want to know what was going on in that sorry excuse of a brain when you decided to pull that little stunt?"
   Duo looked at Wufei, confused, "What stunt, Wufei?"
   Wufei looked at him, his jaw nearly hitting the floor.  Heero looked up at Duo, concerned.
   *Could he possibly have forgotten, or is there something else?*
   Yawning, Duo looked around at the others, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm off for some serious R and R, see ya later!"
   The four of them watched the swinging braid disappear down the hall and heard a door close.  Heero could tell from the looks on the others faces that they were concerned for Duo as well.  Heero decided he'll have a little talk with Duo later, after some sleep of course.

   Duo closed his bedroom door quietly, but rather than fall in to the bed, he walked over to the full length mirror and stared at his reflection.  He sighed quietly, then said one word:
   Duo watched as his image swam out of view and was replaced by that of a longhaired, bat-winged youth.  The slender figure smiled at Duo, merriment evident in the almond-shaped eyes.  Tossing the midnight hair over a shoulder, Shinigami spoke.
   "So why have you called me, Duo?"
   Duo grinned slightly at Shinigami before resuming his serious attitude, "When we were battling earlier, did you do some weird stunt after you took over?"
   Shinigami's grin got bigger, "Yeah, there were five suits ganging up on me, so I pretended to be injured, then when they were close enough, well, you know the rest!"  Shinigami laughed.
   Duo didn't join in, "The others didn't like it Shi, they thought it was a stupid stunt and that I've could've been killed."
   Shinigami stopped laughing, "Like I would risk your life, I knew what I was doing, my reflexes are a bit faster than yours.  That's why I'm not teaching you that particular trick." [1]
   Duo sighed, "All right, I see your point.  But try to be more careful, after all, the guys don't know about you and what you do for me."
   "Gomen Duo, I didn't mean to scare them.  It was the only way I could see clear of the situation.  Besides, you KNOW how I am when I battle."
   Duo laughed, "Yeah, I know.  You are a complete maniac."
   Shinigami laughed as well, "Yes I am," looking at him, Shinigami got serious.  "However, I do think it's time you found your way to the bed, Duo."
   Stifling a yawn, Duo agreed, "I can't argue with that, good night Shi."
   Watching Duo as he approached the bed, Shinigami started fading from view.
   "Good night Duo."

   Heero walked down the hall to Duo's room, hoping the braided baka was awake.  He knocked softly on the door and heard a muffled come in.  Heero walked in to see nothing, but Duo's black clad legs sticking out from under the bed.  He bit back a laugh when Duo crawled out from under the bed, a pair of boxers on his head.
   "Oy, you think it's really funny, huh?"  Duo threw the boxers at Heero.
   Heero caught them and tossed them in to the closet, then closed the bedroom door.  Duo sat down on his bed and gave him a curious look.
   "So Heero, what brings you to my humble abode?"
   Sighing, Heero sat down next to him, "I want to know if everything is all right Duo."
   Duo looked at him, puzzled, "Sure everything is all right, why wouldn't it...oh, this is about our mission earlier isn't it?"
   Duo smiled at him, "Don't worry koibito, I won't pull something like that again!  I didn't mean to scare you."
   Heero looked a bit relieved at Duo's words and pulled him closer to him, nuzzling Duo's neck with his lips.  Duo sighed at the feel of Heero's lips moving swiftly over his exposed throat and put his arms around Heero's waist.  Heero started unbuttoning the front of Duo's shirt and slipped his hand inside to tease at the nipples.  Duo moaned softly at the feel of Heero's fingers teasing his nipples in to tiny nubs.  Heero planted his lips over Duo's and pushed his way in to his mouth, feeling Duo's tongue against his.  Duo in turn had worked his hands under the green tank top and was paying Heero back.  Breaking off the kiss, Heero pushed Duo down on to the bed, pulling off Duo's clothes and his own before straddling his lover.  Duo moaned at the feel of Heero's erection grinding against his own and looked up in to those cobalt blue eyes.  Heero smiled mischievously, kissing Duo's jaw and then nibbling on his ear.  Following his neck down to the erect nipples, Heero used his tongue to
tease Duo even further, licking them gently before blowing on them.  Duo whimpered in pleasure, wanting to be taken now.  Heero moved further down the delicious body, following the lines of muscle before dipping his tongue in to Duo's navel.  Duo bucked his hips a little, growing impatient.  Heero chuckled.
   "Growing tired of this game, koiishi?" [2]
   "I want you in me NOW, koi."
   Heero chuckled again, "Very soon, Duo, just wait."
   Continuing where he left off, Heero made his way down to Duo's legs, completely ignoring Duo's erection.  Duo started to protest when Heero started kissing his way up his inner thighs.  Duo moaned in pleasure at the feel of those soft lips.  Heero decided to take pity on his lover and flicked his tongue across Duo's arousal.  Duo closed his eyes in pleasure, head thrown back on the pillows, tiny gasps escaping his lips.  Heero teased at the opening before taking Duo in to his mouth.  Bucking his hips, Duo started crying out Heero's name, urging his lover on.  Heero inserted a finger in to Duo's tight opening, while distracting him with his tongue.  Duo tried to focus on the pleasure as Heero inserted another finger, then a third.  Moaning loudly, Duo pushed against Heero's mouth when his digits pressed against the magic spot.  Heero released him before Duo could come and removed his fingers, leaving Duo feeling empty.  Reaching in to the nightstand, Heero pulled out a bottle and prepared himself before wrapping Duo's legs around his waist, pushing his erection in to that tight opening.  Duo gritted his teeth against the slight pain, then tried to relax once Heero was completely buried within him, letting his body adjust to the sensation.  Heero began to move then and Duo forgot all about the pain, lost to the feeling of Heero moving inside of him.  Duo began chanting Heero's name in time to his thrusts, feeling himself coming closer to the edge.  Heero grabbed Duo's arousal and began pumping it.  Heero felt Duo tighten around him, then spill his seed out over the two of them.  Then Heero released himself inside of Duo, unable to hold off anymore.  Heero laid down beside his koi, exhausted, but content.  Duo wrapped one arm around Heero and muttered a sleepy 'I love you' before drifting off.  Heero smiled and joined him.

   Duo woke first, the need to take a shower the first thing on his mind.  Though he was silent as he slipped out of bed, Heero still woke up.
   "Where are you going?"
   Duo looked down at him and smiled, "I'm just going to take a shower, why don't you sleep some more, then you can take one after me?"
   "Sounds good," came the sleepy reply.
   Duo chuckled, then turned to go in to the bathroom, glad this safehouse had a bathroom for each bedroom.  Turning on the water, Duo stepped in to the warm spray, letting it wash over his body.  He was so engrossed in the sensation that he was startled when he heard a familiar voice in his head.
   :So, did you have fun?:
   :Shinigami!  You weren't eavesdropping again, were you?:
   :If I was, do you think I would be asking if you enjoyed yourself?:
   Duo chuckled at this, :I suppose not.  But damn it Shi, this is personal!:
   :Personal my ass!  You and I share the same body!  I need to know.:
   Duo sighed, giving in, :Yes I enjoyed myself, are you satisfied now?:
   :No, since I want details.:
   Duo started to sputter, shocked by the response.
   :However, I know you won't give it so I won't bother to ask.  Just enjoy your shower, you need it!:
   Shinigami's laughter echoed in Duo's mind, making him sigh.  Shi was the most maniacal person he ever met, but Shi had some good points.  Like being there when Duo was in need.  Duo finished his shower, then walked in to the bedroom.
   "All right sleepy!  Time for you to get squeaky clean!"
   Heero just groaned in response.  Nothing worse than an upbeat lover.
One week later...
   Duo was bored.  Heero and Wufei were away on a mission.  Quatre and Trowa were visiting one of Quatre's many sisters, leaving Duo to fend for himself.  Sitting in his room on the floor, Duo groaned in annoyance.
   "I am so majorly bored!"
   The image in the mirror changed, revealing Shinigami.
   "If you're that bored, then let me out and we can have some fun!"
   Duo looked over at Shi, "The last time you decided to have some 'fun' Wufei wouldn't speak to me for a week because you painted his sword collection hot pink!"
   "Hey!  It was washable!  No, I mean let's go out or something.  I can make my wings disappear and look human, remember?"
   "Yeah, but people might think we're a couple."
   "So?  Let them, I'm bored too!"
   Duo laughed, then stood up and walked over to the mirror.  Shinigami placed one hand on the glass, while Duo placed a hand on Shi's.  Folding his fingers inwards, Duo's hand seemed to go through the glass and grab Shi's, pulling the bat-winged figure through the glass.  Shinigami stood before Duo, then hugged him.
   "Thanks Duo, I don't mind sharing a body with you, but I prefer my own!"
   Duo chuckled, "That's because you have full control over it."
   "Damn straight!  Let's go," Shinigami grabbed Duo's hand and practically dragged him out of the house.
   *This is going to be a long day!*

   Duo and Shi were enjoying some ice cream when Duo spotted a familiar figure.  Relena Peacecraft was heading their way, determination in her eyes.
   "Duo, do you know where Heero is?"
   Duo sighed, then looked at her, "He's on a mission with Wufei."
   "Oh, I really must see him."
   Duo saw the lust in her eyes and got angry.  No matter how many times he or Heero told her, she would never believe that Heero didn't love her.  Shinigami looked amused by the whole situation.
   Relena suddenly noticed that Duo wasn't alone, "And who is your friend, Duo?"
   Shinigami smiled and decided to answer.
   "My name is Kestra Blade, but you may call me Kes." [3]

Two weeks meeting with Relena...
   The five pilots wee sitting around the safehouse, playing a game of cards, when there was a knock on the door.  Quatre got up to answer it, returning quickly with Relena in tow.  Heero glared at the girl, not at all happy at seeing her.  Relena's eyes lit up the moment she saw him.
   All of the pilot's covered their ears at the ear-piercing screech that was Relena's voice.  Relena ran over and attached herself to Heero's arm.  Heero's eyes grew even colder.  He looked down at Relena, murder on his mind.
   "What do you think you're doing?"
   Relena looked up, "Heero, stop playing hard to get, you know we were made for each other."
   "Hn, I don't love you Relena, I don't even like you.  I love Duo."
   Relena looked hurt, "But I saw Duo with some girl when you were on a mission, they were sharing ice cream."
   Heero looked over at Duo, his eyes like daggers.  Duo backed up a bit.  The other three pilots looked at Duo, noticing his discomfort.
   "Who is she, Duo?"
   Duo looked up, "She's a friend, nothing more."
   "Hn, then why haven't we met her?"
   *Actually you have, you just don't know it*
  :Maybe it's time they do.:
   :What are you saying?!:
   :I've taught you everything you need to be the best.  Now I want my own suit and body.:
   Duo sighed in agreement, then looked at his friends, "You really want to meet her?"
   Everyone nodded in agreement.  Duo walked up to the sliding glass door and stared at his reflection.  He knew the others couldn't see Shinigami staring back, only he could.  Duo put his hand to the glass, once more pulling Shinigami through.  He heard the gasps behind him as Shinigami stood before them, wings spread wide.
   "Let me introduce myself.  I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie, I am Shinigami.  But to my friends, I'm Kestra."
   Kestra smiled as Relena fainted.  The four pilots stared at her in awe.  Long, midnight hair confined in a ponytail, then braided reached to her waist, though when loose, it nearly touched her ankles.  Large almond-shaped seagreen eyes stared at them from a heart-shaped face.  A slender, yet muscular body was revealed through the tight clothing, also heightening her long legs and creamy complexion.  Heero had only one thought:
   *I never knew Death could look this good*
1- Duo met G rather late, but since Shinigami was a part of Duo, she convinced G that Duo knew what he was doing.  During battles, Shinigami would take over Duo's body while Duo "watched" teaching him the techniques since she learns faster than humans.
2- koiishi means beloved
3- my own character
Part 2
Kestra smiled at the four boys, loving nothing more than to surprise people.  She glanced down at Relena sprawled on the floor.  Too bad it was a bit much for her.  Kestra gave a slightly lopsided grin, thinking about what was going on in Relena's head when she fainted.  Heero's eyes narrowed when he saw the grin on her face.  He knew that grin, it was the one Duo wore when he was on a mission.  Heero wanted some answers now.
   "Duo, I think you and Shin. . .Kestra should explain how this came about," Heero stated, uncomfortable about saying 'Shinigami' out loud.
   Duo sighed, then looked at Kestra.  She shrugged, then sat down on a nearby chair, making herself comfortable.  The others followed her example, leaving Relena on the floor.  The four pilots looked at Kestra and Duo, waiting for one of them to start.  Duo sighed again, then took a deep breath.
   "The first time I met Kestra was just before I got taken in by the Maxwell Church..."
   A young Duo weaves his way through the crowds, taking what he needed from the careless people.  He didn't realize that someone with seagreen eyes was watching him.  Duo used his meager findings to buy food for the other orphans in his "gang" making sure they were fed before going to his room.  Duo tensed immediately upon entering, sensing he wasn't alone.  He lunged at a shadow that moved, bringing down a very startled young girl.
   "Hey, get off of me!"
   "A girl?!"
   Duo sat back and stared at the cloaked figure in front of him.  From what he could see of her face, she looked to be about his age, but there was something not right about her.  She in turn, stared at him, disbelief clearly in her eyes.  She got to her knees warily, keeping an eye on him the whole time.  Duo couldn't stand the suspense.
  "Who are you?"
   Again, shock in those almond-shaped eyes, "You can see me?!"
   "Of course I can see you, why shouldn't I?"
   The girl swallowed, "Because right now, I should be invisible to everyone, because I'm . . .not really . . .human.."
   Duo looked at her, there was something about her back that was bothering him.  Rather than ask, Duo simply ripped the cloak away, then gasped in awe.  On the girl's back were two large, black wings, somewhat like a bat.  The girl looked away from Duo.
   Duo placed a hand under her chin and turned her head towards him, asking in a quiet voice, "What are you?  And who are you?"
   She swallowed again, then said softly, "I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie.  I am Shinigami, God of Death."
   Duo looked at her, surprised.  He had expected Death to be a skeleton or some old, mean-looking man, not a young, slender, beautiful girl.  But she still hadn't answered all his questions.
   "Do you have a name?"
   Shinigami looked surprised, no one had ever asked her that before, "I . . .you . . .you can call me Kestra, Kestra Blade, that's the name I was given at birth."
   Duo smiled, causing Kestra to smile back shyly.  Now it was Kestra's turn for some answers.
   "Who are you?  And why can you see me?"
   Duo looked puzzled, but answered honestly, "I call myself Duo, but I don't know why I can see you.  Maybe it's some special ability or something."
   Kestra nodded her head in agreement.  The conversation turned to different topics, letting the two of them get to know one another pretty well.  They talked all night about everything that was important to them and then some.  When the sky started to lighten, Kestra promised Duo she would try to see him again.  Duo looked forward to it.
   One week later...
   Duo grimaced as the nun brushed out his chestnut hair, taking away years of snarls and tangles.  She then braided it for him, since he wouldn't allow her to cut it.  Duo couldn't believe that he and the other orphans had been taken in by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, but he could appreciate it.  While not exactly the best of places, the church was warm and dry, plus it offered real beds and food.  Duo could begin to enjoy this.
   Duo stood in front of the ruined, burned out church, clutching Sister Helen's cross to his chest.  Though his heart ached, he could not cry.  Crying didn't bring back his parents, so it wouldn't bring back them.  Duo felt someone place a hand on his shoulder and turned quickly to see who had snuck up on him.  He was startled to see Kestra standing there, tears in her eyes.
   "Kestra, wha . . .what are you doing here?"
   "I found out what happened Duo, I'm so sorry.  They shouldn't have had to die."
   Duo wipes away a tear that trails down her face, thinking of the irony of that single drop of water.
   *They were the closest thing I had to a family, yet it's Death that cries and not me..*
   Duo feels Kestra pull him in to her arms, holding him close, just a comforting presence.  Duo clung to her, feeling the warmth from her body warm him.  He wanted that warmth, he had to ask.
   "Kestra, you told me that you could merge with someone if they are willing, isn't that right?"
   "Yes, but it means that I'll be sharing a body with them, not many people can handle that."
   "Kestra, I want you to merge with me, I don't want to be alone anymore."
   Kestra sighs, then looks at Duo, "If that is what you wish.."
   Duo felt his skin tingling as Kestra began to merge herself with him.  The process took mere seconds, but he could feel the difference, especially the knowledge that now he wasn't alone..
   Operation Meteor...
   "Do you honestly think you could handle this Gundam Duo?  You haven't even been trained fully yet."
   Duo looked at G, then up at Deathscythe, then opened his mouth to answer, but it wasn't Duo who answered.
   Shinigami, speaking through Duo's vocal cords responded, "I can handle it, after all, I'm the God of Death."
   //End Flashback//
   "So now you know how I met Kestra and what exactly she's been doing for me."
   The four gundam pilots sat in stunned silence, each going over Duo's story in their heads, slowly realizing that it was Kestra, not Duo, who had originally piloted Deathscythe during the missions.  Kestra smiled at them once comprehension dawned on them.
   "Now that Duo is more than capable of piloting Deathscythe, I would like my own Gundam."
   Four heads snapped up at that.  Kestra laughed at the sight of them all sitting there slack jawed.  Apparently, they hadn't figured on her wanting to continue to fight.
   "Why would you want to?"  Quatre asked, quietly.
   Kestra looked at him, then sighed, "Because, unlike my father, Shinto, and my mother, Shinobi, I want to help people.  I don't like standing back and waiting for results."
   "By entering the war, you also cause more people to die, right?"  Wufei shot back at her.
    Kestra winced, "True, but soldiers know when they go to battle that they might not come back. I don't use any special abilities or anything when I fight, just my own skills."
   Wufei nodded once, she had a point.  Heero and Trowa couldn't form any reasons for her not to become a pilot.  After all, she trained Duo, how could they object?  A low moan distracted the six of them as Relena slowly came back to life.  She sat up slowly, then looked over at Kestra.  Relena's eyes grew impossibly wide as she backed up towards Heero.  Kestra raised a single eyebrow, that was enough for Relena.
   Everyone covered their ears, even Kestra, who tried to use her wings to help block the noise.  Finally, Relena ran out of air and everyone checked to make sure they could still hear.
   "Damn!  They should use your voice for ambulances, people would clear off the roads MUCH faster!"  Kestra told her.
   "Don't you come near me you monster!"  Relena clung to Heero.
   Heero glared at Relena, then saw the look on Kestra's face.  Heero was shocked by the crestfallen look on her face  He didn't think a comment like that would have bothered her.
   *But then again, nobody but Duo could see her unless she wanted them to*
   Heero narrowed his eyes, then stood, taking Relena with him to the door and shoving her out, slamming the door shut.  He was confused.  Why was this girl affecting him this way?  Was it because she was once a part of Duo?  Heero didn't have any answers.

Three weeks later...
  Kestra was going over the final modifications to her new Gundam, Shadowblade, before construction commenced.  Everyone, except for Heero, were out on a mission.  Heero had managed to crack a couple of ribs on the last one.  Even though the ribs were healed now, the others felt he should rest longer, leaving him with Kestra.
   *Lucky me.  He's worse than me and Duo when he's bored*
   Kestra sighed, then went down the hall to Heero and Duo's room.  She knocked once before entering the room.  Heero, as usual, was on the laptop, typing away.  Kestra was beginning to see why Duo wanted to destroy the damn thing.
   "Hey Heero!  Do you wanna go to the store?"
   "Ok, how about something to eat?"
   "Is there anything you want?"
   Kestra was getting annoyed by the one-sided conversation.  Heero was doing all that he could to ignore her, wishing she would go away.
   *How can she affect me the was Duo does?  She don't talk as much as him, nor does she flirt, yet I get the same feeling in my heart that I do from Duo*
   Kestra stalked over to the desk and sat on the edge next to the computer.  Heero was getting on her nerves.  She tries to be nice and he brushes her right off.
   *How can Duo like him?*
   "You know, the idea behind conversations is to talk with someone, not grunt at them."
   No response.
  "What is your problem?  Is there something you can't stand about me?  Why can't you just say something?"
   Heero had enough.  Heero stood up and moved over to Kestra.  Before she could react, Heero had his lips pressed firmly against hers, his tongue seeking entry.  Kestra moaned against him, she never felt anything like this.  Heero wrapped his arms around her slim waist and picked her up, then deposited her on the bed.  Kestra looked up at him, staring in to his cobalt eyes that were now clouded with passion.  In a flash, Heero was on her, his lips tracing her ear, then the outline of her jaw.  Part of her was screaming to stop, not to betray Duo.  Another part was demanding more, wanting to feel those strong hands over her body, exploring, caressing every inch of her.  Heero had worked her shirt off and was slipping one hand under her bra while the other unhooked the clasp.  Once it was removed, Heero brought his lips to her nipples, which were hardening under his touch.  Kestra closed her eyes, unable to watch.  She was startled when she heard Heero whisper in her ear.
   "This is your first time?"
   Kestra opened her eyes and nodded yes. 
   Heero kissed her lightly, his eyes never leaving hers, "I will try to be gentle then."
   He removed his clothing, then proceeded to strip Kestra of hers.  Kestra moaned in pleasure as his tongue and fingers roamed her body.  She gave a cry of surprise when a jolt of pure pleasure started up from her groin.  Heero just chuckled, then nestled his face between her legs.  Kestra felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge of desire, knowing at any moment she could fall in.  She felt Heero move, then open a drawer and remove a small item.  She blushed in embarrassment when she realized what it was.  Heero smiled evilly.
   "This will help make it easier."
   Heero finished preparing, then positioned himself between her legs.  He captured her mouth as he pushed in to her, trying to take her mind away from the pain.  Kestra stifled a cry of pain and wrapped her legs around his waist, while Heero managed to get a rhythm, thrusting in to her.  Kestra held on to him, her cries of pleasure growing louder and louder until she was able to find her release, while Heero too, reached his climax.  Heero laid down next to her, staring up at the ceiling, the realization of what he'd just done dawning on him.  Kestra too, felt guilt creeping up on her, that little voice that had told her to stop now impossibly loud.  Heero turned to her, his eyes telling her of the anguish he felt.
   "What do we do now?"

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