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Unconventional Pairs (not 1x2/3x4)


A Very Gundam Christmas

OK, so I don't have many non-1x2/3x4 fics here. This is the one that started it all . . .for me, anyway. And, so says Arielle: 

This is dedicated to Dana, a.k.a. Iove ender, my Digimon/Gundam/Hanson online gab friend. Well, actually, it's written for her as a holiday present. We were talking about how there aren't many 2x4 or 4x2 fics out there because they're not so popular, even though we both like the coupling a lot. So, I decided to give this 2x4 lemon to her for the holidays. (lemon, 2x4, implied 3x1)


There Must be Something in the Water

There are four titled parts and a title for the whole thing, so, yeah, the title link goes to the first part. And, no, I didn't read this yet, and italics is something the author said about the piece. So, there ya' go.

It's about Duo's realization of the world (in a way), along with the relationship he makes with one of his comrades.  (lime/lemon, goofiness, language, 3+2/3x2, all want 2, 1xOC1, 4+OC2, 5+OC3, Hilde+OC4....perhaps 5+shrimp disaster?)

[Life as the Titanic] [The Shrimp Catastrophe] [Kiss Me] [The Pizza Man]


Sprinkle Me With Ginger

I have no idea what song she's talking about -_- But, sprinkle me with Duo . . .I mean ginger. Yeah.

After the movie theatre, the story takes a different mood.  Suddenly while typing, the song, "That's All" from the movie Tootsie came to me.  I LOVE that that's why it takes a different mood after that.  I've decided to justify it by stating that their relationship takes different moods...hehe. (3x2, PWP, lemon, etc., etc.)


And Then He Smiled

I skimmed it, but I'm going back to read the whole thing, dammit. I don't know, something about holding your infant niece makes reading yaoi very hard . . .uh, difficult. What I did read was very good, though ::nod nod::

It's a remembrance in Duo's POV about the brief time he and Trowa spent together and how something that was so short could impact a life so strongly. (POV, 2x3, death, limey)


Waltz With Me

The song (Waltz With Me) is by Tonic, also a song I don't know O_o Now that that's out of the way, let's review: I am great. Hold onto that ::beams::

Duo and Trowa are both alone, they like each other, Trowa's drunk (he's not that drunk, though...), so why not? Waltz, of course. (3+2, mild language)


Trowa Watch 9.99: Nightclub Dancer

I really have no idea what the title means, but it's a Christmas present for ME! Me, me, me, me! ::beams and huggles Elf::

What Trowa REALLY does on a Friday night . . . (1x2, 4x5, implied 1x2x3x4x5 [oh, my], lime, language)


On a Wing and a Prayer

You should be impressed. This story has . . .heterosexual pairings! ::gasp::

Heero loses himself during a battle and spends a quiet some time trying to make it right and to find what he lost . . .himself.  A visit to his old friends, though, brings him back and he realizes, after all, their tie is so strong; they can never be separated, no matter what. (1xOOC girl, 4+1, 2x3, 2x1, 3x1, Howard+Catherine, yaoi, het, strong language, mild violence, light angst, lime)



Oi, poor Tro-chan . . .

I'm not telling you anything! Gomen!! Not really, I'm just in a bad mood, sorta >_<

(Midii+3, 3+Ralph Kurt, 3+1, 3x4, 3+5, Une+3, 3+Treize, 3+Relena, 3+Hilde, Trowax3, 2x3, implied death, angst, spoilers for Endless Waltz, Blind Target, and Episode Zero)


Kiss the Rain

Yes! I *do* know this song ::beams:: ^_^

Written to Billie Myers's song Kiss the Rain. Um, I think Duo is trying to get through to Trowa while Tro's on a mission so he can tell him he loves him. Maybe. That might be it -_-; (2+3, sap)

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