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Regret (part 6)



Quatre gazed about the kitchen with a smug smile playing on his face, "Anyone see Heero last night?" he asked, drawing a conclusion from all the blank stairs he got in response, "I think you got through to him, Wufei. I really think you did."

Wufei nodded his head, "For his sake I hope so."

"Heero's always instructed us to live our lives according to our emotions. I had hoped he would have understood thing before now," Trowa added into the conversation, refilling his black coffee mug, "If I didn't have so much trust in the guy, I would have spoken up before you had too."

"It wasn't a matter of trust. Not to be predictable, but it would be unjust to allow the two of them to carry on as they were. I don't condone any action they may have taken, but I am relieved that this has transpired."

Trowa raised a brow and slipped one hand under the table to squeeze Quatre's knee. The said boy squeaked and blushed deeply, "Uh, coffee anyone?"

The Chinese boy shook his head, "Oh, Nataku, please remind me why I involve myself."

"Because you can't abandon us and not feel guilty." Trowa noted, his face masked both by his hair and the black mug in his hands. The smell of his beverage filled his senses, awakening them more with each whiff.


Heavy steps entered the kitchen before the tired body of the missing member did. Heero went immediately for the cupboard, taking out a pouch of hot chocolate rather then helping himself to the coffeepot before him.

Quatre smiled bright, "Good morning, Heero. I trust you slept well."

Heero was silent, his only noise the spoon in hand as it scraped across the bottom of the mug to stir in the powdery contents of his drink.

Trowa chuckled softly, "Taking up on some of Duo's taste, ne?" he asked, nodding towards the chocolate box.

Heero remained silent.

"Well, seeing as though your awake now, I guess I should get breakfast started. Do eggs sound alright to you?" Quatre didn't wait for an answer as he took down five plates from the shelves and set four of them down around the square table. A fifth one was laid on a tray to be carried in to Duo in his bed. Heero's gaze narrowed and his hand swiped down to grab the plate, raising it high into the air and throwing it to the floor. The plate shattered into a hundred shards, each streaming out and littering the floor with porcelain pieces. All eyes watched in horror and confusion as a thick silence fell over them.

"There is no longer any need to set out a fifth plate."

Quatre's large crystal eyes filled with tears from unspoken words and his legs carried him quickly towards the room from which Heero had come from. Trowa followed. The sharp edges of porcelain shards pressed painfully into the skin of Heero's feet as he walked to his seat at the table but he paid it no mind. His eyes were down cast and seemed to watch the steam rise from his cup with feigned interest. Quatre's enraged and mournful cry rang out threw the pregnant silence.

At this, Wufei cringed. His black eyes focused on Heero, digressing his calm yet disturbed attitude, "Well?"

I wish I could cry…… that I could let this emptiness out. It's suffocating me. Yet still… Heero's head raised just high enough to see the ebony eyes staring into his, "No regrets."

!FLASH! (yea yea.... corney....)


Heero stroked the velvet hair that fell like rays of honey upon his chest where Duo lay his head. With every breath that caressed his naked skin he felt life, beautiful and welcoming as the days first light. He felt invincible, as though the heavens had opened wide and blessed upon him the gift of a thousand lifetimes. And each one was full of the sights, sounds, and presence of the ex-pilot he held so tightly to in these morning hours. He never wanted to move, to be torn away from the present warmth that filled him in entirety. He no longer cared that it had taken him so long to tell Duo the truth, the fact that he had done so at all was more then enough to fulfill every desire his heart had requested from him these past five years. Heero smiled to himself, Now… I've found my peace.

He bent his head and kissed the chestnut covered head before him, "Ai shiteiru, Duo. I'll never leave you again."

The boy moaned and snuggled his cheek against Heero's chest, "Ai shiteiru," he embraced the gentle flesh beneath him, "Will you always remember me this way?"

Heero brushed aside the jagged bangs from the heart shaped face, "I'll never know you to be otherwise."

Duo smiled but his eyes held a sorrow, "I don't want to say goodbye."

Heero understood and drew Duo's warmth closer to him, his face nearer his own, "You don't have to go. Fight it, Duo. You're stronger than this. You can beat death. You are Death."

Duo shook his head, resting his soul in Heero's eyes, "I want you to have my cross, Heero. To remember me by."

"Memories like these don't fade." Heero kissed him gently, unwilling to accept fate as it swept upon the scene with a cold shadow.

Duo's lids became heavy but he smiled despite the cold and approaching rest, "You were always my dream, Heero. Even before we made our promise. Ai shiteiru, Heero. Even in death." His eyes closed fully as his lips whispered his last words.

Heero's hand fell to the boy's chest, awaiting the steady beat of reassurance. Only disappointment lay beneath his gentle touch. He wanted to cry but he couldn't, his body and soul seemed numb to reality, cruel and plain as it was. His fingers traced the lifeless lips, wishing to feel the breath that had been stolen from them. Nothing but cold stillness. His eyes clamped shut, not wishing to see that loving face without it's devil-may-care smile. The morning light continued to spill threw the windows, the brightness proclaiming new life and hope. Lies. There was no mercy given on his soul this day and no amount of lies could shield him from the pain.

"Ai shiteiru, Duo. Goodbye."

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