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Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen (part 1)


Heero sighed when he got Dr. J's message. There was another mission, and Heero knew he wouldn't like it by the look on Dr. J's face. The message was recorded, but the scientist spoke as if he was having an actual conversation with the pilot.

"Ah, Heero. My favorite protégé. Well, my only protégé. Anyway, got a new mission for you. It's different, requires a bit of, well, subterfuge. But I know you can do it. The details are attached, with the usual codes. Return message within 5 minutes, accept or reject, the usual. And don't worry, if you don't want to do it, we can get someone else. Maxwell, maybe?" Dr. J chuckled unhealthily as he signed off.

Heero frowned as he downloaded and decrypted the files. What the hell was the old man up to now? He opened the files; his frown deepened. Who the hell did the scientists think they were? Who did they think he was? Growling, Heero finished reading the assignment.

The scientists had discovered that several top-level OZ officials had a bit of a... predilection... for pretty young boys, whom they liked to dress in drag and dance for them. Apparently they met once a month or so, and hired a boy to perform for them. The scientists wanted Heero to infiltrate the party, and get some of the officials in compromising positions. The room would be bugged ahead of time, so there would be evidence of the men's indiscretions with which to blackmail them. The type of indiscretion was not specified.

Heero's anger rose. Did Dr. J think he was a pimp now? To subject Heero to this type of humiliation... Heero was ready to fire back a rejection of the assignment, something he had never done before, when he remembered Dr. J's parting shot. They would get Duo to do it instead. Heero's blood boiled as he thought of those men's hands on his Duo. Not that Duo knew that he was Heero's. Heero wasn't sure just when he had started feeling so possessive of the braided boy. Certainly, there had never been anything between them. Duo confused him. Sometimes he was sure that Duo was coming on to him, then Heero would reject that as ridiculous. Maybe it was just the way the longhaired boy acted. All Heero knew was, the sight of Duo made him long to touch him, run his fingers through that amazing hair, over that lithe body... a body that would look way too good in drag. Heero felt his body react to the thought of Duo in a skirt, or Duo in just about anything. Duo wore a variety of outfits in Heero's dreams. But truthfully, Heero preferred the dreams in which Duo came to him wearing nothing. This was what Duo did to him; made his mind wander, distracted him from his job, made him get inconvenient erections. With a scowl, Heero realized he was doing it again, fantasizing about Duo when he was supposed to be working.

Heero typed in the commands that would send a confirmation message to Dr. J. He wondered if the scientist had deliberately threatened to send Duo on this mission because he knew of Heero's feelings. Heero hoped not, but wouldn't put it past the old man.

Ninmu ryoukai. Heero sighed. How the hell was he supposed to know what to dress in? He would end up looking ridiculous, and the mission would fail. Then they would send Duo in. No, Heero resolved, that wouldn't happen. He would make this work. He needed help. Who could he ask? Not Duo, no. Trowa wouldn't be any help, and Wufei even less. That left Quatre. He had lots of sisters; maybe he knew something about women's clothes, and makeup. At least the little blond wouldn't laugh at him. Too much. He hoped.

The party was set for tomorrow night. Heero decided to go find Quatre.

Surprisingly, once Heero had explained the situation, Quatre had been very helpful. He told Heero that he would get some things from his sisters and would help him get ready tomorrow night. Heero thanked Quatre and asked him to please not say anything to anyone about it. Quatre agreed, and Heero went back to his room and tried to get some sleep.

Duo was off on a mission, not due back for several days, so he was all alone in their shared room. And all alone with his thoughts of Duo. Heero groaned as images of Duo came to him, unbidden. Duo coming out of the shower, only a towel wrapped around his slim body, wet hair cascading down his back. Duo playing basketball, sweaty and clad only in short shorts. And now, Duo in a miniskirt, bending over in front of him, with nothing underneath... Heero buried his head in the pillow, burning with frustration. If only Duo returned his feelings... but that was impossible, it would never happen. Heero had to concentrate on the missions. That was the purpose of his life, the only purpose. Anything else was extraneous. Even if that anything was as beautiful as Duo Maxwell. Eventually, Heero drifted off to sleep.

The next night, the appointed time came and Heero made his way with trepidation to Quatre's room. He knocked tentatively. The door flew open, and Quatre stood there, radiant and nearly bouncing with excitement. Grabbing Heero, the blond pulled him quickly inside.

"Oh, I'm so excited, Heero! And honored that you would ask me for help! I'm going to make you beautiful. Well, more beautiful than you already are," Quatre added.

"Don't make fun of me," mumbled Heero unhappily. "I don't want to do this."

Quatre paused. Did the cobalt-eyed boy not know how gorgeous he was? Well, Quatre would have to show him.

"Cheer up, Heero," Quatre chirped. "Let's get started!" With that, the blond boy started pulling out clothes, lots of them, endless amounts of them. To Heero, who only owned about 3 outfits, all of them identical, it was overwhelming. He remained silent as Quatre threw clothes around, muttering about complementary colors and holding various things up in front of Heero. Finally, Quatre had separated a smaller pile of clothes from the rest and said to Heero, "Ok! Time to try on a few! Clothes off! Oh, leave your underwear on for now."

Heero didn't move. "Quatre," he began. "I don't, um, wear, underwear."

Quatre blushed bright pink. "Oh, Heero, you have to, under a skirt, or, well, you know... these skirts are pretty short, and..." The blond boy trailed off. Then he brightened. "Oh, I know!" He bounced off, and returned with a very small piece of black silk. He handed it to Heero. "Here, wear this!"

Heero held it up, trying to figure out what it was, and how he was supposed to put it on. Finally, he looked at Quatre in frustration. "What is it?"

Quatre giggled. "It's a g-string. It's underwear."

"It's too small."

"No, it's supposed to be like that. It stretches."


Finally, Quatre convinced Heero that he needed to wear the g-string, and explained how to put it on. Then Quatre turned his back to let Heero strip and put on the tiny garment. Quatre really couldn't wait to see Heero in it, and was sorely tempted to sneak a peek. He loved Trowa with all his heart, but Heero was one gorgeous hunk of Gundam pilot.

Finally, after various muttered curses that despite Quatre's fluency in languages he didn't understand, Heero announced, "It's on."

Quatre turned around, and despite himself, his body reacted to the sight of a nearly nude Heero, barely covered by a small string of black silk, the rest of him gloriously on view. Heero was right, the g-string was too small. Quatre giggled as he wondered if Duo knew how well-endowed the oblivious object of his lust was.

Words failed him, then he finally stammered, "Well, that will do for now." Heero glared.

Quatre tried to ignore the expanse of uncovered, chiseled Heero and his own growing erection as he chose several items for Heero to try on. Holding them out to the brown-haired boy, Quatre tried to reassure him, "They're spandex! Very comfortable!"

Wordlessly, Heero grabbed the clothes and put them on. Quatre closed his eyes because the sight of Heero getting dressed was nearly as sexy as him getting undressed.

"Well?" demanded Heero. Quatre opened his eyes. And nearly gasped.

There Heero stood, in a black mesh t-shirt and a zebra striped spandex miniskirt that rode low on his hips. Heero felt ridiculous.

Quatre thought otherwise. The blond boy had thought Heero looked good in the g-string; but the slight covering the skimpy clothes afforded only served to enhance the sheer eroticism of the boy. The clothes clung to his lean form like a second skin, and the partial covering of the see-through shirt made his smooth chest even more appealing. The skirt came to just below his bellybutton and only covered him to mid thigh. As Quatre walked around behind him, he could see that the rear view was just as nice; Heero's spectacular ass looked even more luscious in the skirt.

Quatre tried to hide the fact that the sight of Heero in those clothes had made him instantly rock hard. He had to try several times before he could speak, and he could see Heero getting more and more impatient.

"That looks great, Heero!" Quatre squeaked, trying not to drool. Quatre almost started to say that he should wear that and not worry about trying any of the rest of them on, when the blond boy got an evil thought. "But maybe you should try a few more..." Quatre couldn't help himself. When else would he get the chance to openly stare at Heero's gorgeous body without risking sudden death?

Heero grumbled, but eventually he was treated to the sight of Heero wiggling in and out of several provocative outfits. Several times Heero even needed Quatre's help zipping things up. The blond boy took extreme delight in this. He had never gotten to touch Heero before, and up close the Wing pilot smelled incredibly good, musky and masculine, which contrasted deliciously with his feminine attire.

Heero was currently wearing a black leather micro-miniskirt, and Quatre had suggested accessorizing with black seamed stockings. Unfortunately, the seams wouldn't lie straight, and Quatre was currently on his knees in front of Heero, running his hands up Heero's legs, ostensibly trying to straighten the seam but actually trying to look up Heero's skirt to see if he was aroused.

That was when Trowa walked in.


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