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Making Love to Death (Part 5)



Heero woke at daybreak, the sunlight streaming in through the window

across the room, Duo still clenched firmly in his grip. Duo's face

was more serene this morning, so much more gentle and Heero took the

time to study it, noticing the scars and bruises were beginning to

fade. He reached up to Duo's forehead and gently brushed Duo's bangs

away, allowing nothing to obstruct the amazing view of his lover's

magnificent face.


Smiling down at Duo, Heero leaned to Duo's forehead and gently touched

it with his lips, leaving them there momentarily, a small sound of

pleasure escaping his lips, as he hesitantly withdrew his mouth.


Duo stirred lightly in his arms, Heero loosening his grip slightly to

allow his movement.


"Mmmmm......Heero, don't let go." Duo whispered


"I have no intention of letting you go, Duo....ever." Heero responded,

tightening his grip even further.


They lay that way for some time, enjoying the warmth of the morning

sun that fell across them. Silent and smiling, tangled in the sheets,

their bodies making contact, the two lovers more than grateful to be

back in each other's arms.


Some time later, reluctantly getting out of bed, Heero assisted Duo in

making his way to the bathroom, this time, following him inside the

small room.


Duo stood in front of the small white sink, his hands grasping its

cold, hard edge for support and looked into the mirror, a distance in

his eyes that Heero found unsettling. Duo's gaze was empty as his

eyes searched his reflection. Heero could see the displeasure on his



"Hmmmmm..........I see a bath in your future, Duo......your near

future." Heero said playfully, as he stood behind Duo, still intently

gazing into the mirror, not exactly smiling at his very grungy and

bruised reflection. Heero's arms lovingly encircled his small waist,

"You feeling up to it now, Duo ?"


"Yeah" Duo replied, somewhat absent mindedly as he continued to study

his reflection, turning his head slightly from side to side, gazing

intently at his battered face, his hand coming up to touch any of the

numerous now-forming scars, his attention focusing mostly on the

enormous gash across his forehead extending downward to his right

temple. "Yeah, Heero, sounds great." he smiled.


Heero started running the bath water and left Duo alone to finish his

morning routine in privacy.


Heero returned shortly with a fresh pair of pajamas, a bottle of

shampoo, a washcloth and a towel to find Duo standing naked in the

middle of the tiny bathroom, his hair unbound, the yards of gauze lay

in a loose pile at his feet. "I'm ready, Heero." he grinned.


Heero couldn't contain his laugh. Even though Duo looked amazingly

gorgeous standing naked before him, his hair tumbling gently down his

lanky frame, he had that all too familiar mischievous twinkle in his

eye and that evil Duo grin on his face.




It was no simple task getting Duo into the large, old, claw-footed

bathtub. It was high and Duo's cast had to remain dry. Heero lifted

Duo up and put his good leg into the tub, then gently lowered him down

to an almost seated position, his cast-laden leg, coming to rest on

the edge of the tub. Duo lowered himself into a fully seated position.

Heero grabbed the bath towel and folding it twice, placed it under

Duo's injured leg.


"There....How does that feel ?" Heero asked.


"It's great Heero, thanks !" Duo smiled weakly.


The water was very warm and Duo laid back, closing his eyes to revel

in it. Heero grabbed a cup and began wetting Duo's hair, his hand

resting on Duo's forehead assuring no water dripped onto his face.

Pouring a large puddle of coconut shampoo into the palm of his hand,

Heero began slowly massaging it into Duo's thick hair, mindful of the

cuts on his forehead. Heero was in no rush to finish this task, he

was lost in the feel of Duo's hair sliding between his fingers.


"Mmmmmmmmm.......that feels *so* good, Heero !"


"I'm glad, Duo" said Heero "It's going to take me a while to get all

of this blood out."


Duo closed his eyes, almost falling asleep, totally engulfed in the

sensation of Heero washing his hair. His fingers lightly massaging

Duo's scalp, every few minutes Heero grabbing a handful of his hair,

rubbing it between the palms of his hand. Duo opened his eyes only

briefly as Heero began rinsing out the shampoo. "Done already, Heero?   

I was hoping that it would take a bit longer." he smiled.


"I can condition it if you want, Duo." Heero winked at him.


"Maybe tomorrow, Heero." Duo smirked.


Heero handed Duo the soap and the washcloth, not wanting to be *too*

presumptuous, and sat back on the tile floor, his arms grasping his

knees, now drawn up to his chest, his eye's fixed on Duo. Rubbing the

smooth white bar against the washcloth, then putting the soap into the

holder on the tile wall, Duo brought the cloth up and guided it

cautiously over his neck and shoulders, wincing slightly as he grazed

over some of the still sensitive areas.


"This isn't as easy as it looks, smartass." he replied, seeing Heero

covering his mouth, stifling a giggle.


"My ribs are still *really* sore, ya know." Duo reminded him



"Ai" replied Heero "I almost forgot Duo....sorry." he apologized.


"Heero.....?" not waiting for a response, Duo continued "Would you

mind ?" offering the washcloth toward Heero's direction. "It would be

a lot more enjoyable if lifting my arms and moving wasn't so painfully

difficult." Duo commented, quite seriously too, Heero noted.


"Mission Accepted" Heero responded, standard monotone intended, then



Heero took the washcloth as Duo stretched his arm to offer it to him

and reaching for the soap, began his *ahem* mission.


Heero ran the soapy washcloth over Duo's bruised chest, careful not

too press to firmly, then pushing him forward slightly, Heero gathered

Duo's mass of hair and placed it over his shoulder to lie on his

chest. Heero continued sliding the soapy cloth over Duo's back,

eliciting a low moan from a very happy Duo.


Reaching over for the soap again, Heero was now face to face with Duo,

who had leaned forward. Their faces only inches apart, their eye's

locked. Duo leaned forward further and pressed his lips against

Heero's very surprised, but not unappreciative mouth. Grabbing

Heero's face, Duo slipped his tongue into Heero's open receptive

mouth. Heero responded in kind, his hands reaching upward to softly

caress Duo's face, his tongue responding hungrily to Duo's. Heero

felt his body go limp as Duo forced his tongue further and further

into his mouth. Heero's hands now abandoned Duo's face as he reached

behind Duo's head, possessively pulling Duo's delicious mouth as close

as he dared, the movement of their tongues quickening.


Moaning lowly into Heero's mouth, Duo broke the kiss, coming up for

much needed air. Never taking his eye's off from Heero's sensuous

gaze, Duo roughly slid has hand up the back of Heero's shirt, stroking

his back, then kneading the soft flesh below his ribs, Heero falling

forcefully into Duo's touch.


Now more forcibly pulling Heero, toward him, Duo vocalized his body's

need "Please touch me, Heero." he breathed into Heero's ear. Heero

shuddered with anticipation and placing a sloppy wet kiss on Duo's

neck, slid his hand into the warm water, seeking out and capturing

Duo's now fully hard erection. Wrapping his hand firmly around Duo's

hardness, Heero stroked him gently at first, his grasp tightening as

Duo suddenly thrust his hips upward, insisting on more, his head

thrown back and upward, his mouth open.


"Ahhhhh......Heero" Duo moaned "Ohhh......Harder Heero, please touch

me harder." his voice throaty with longing.


Unable to resist his lovers demand, Heero tightened his grip and

increased the pace at which his hand was seeking friction from Duo's

throbbing member, now finding a steady rhythm. Duo's hips matched the

rhythm, causing him to cry out Heero's name, his voice sensuously

deep. Feeling his own need and totally lost in Duo's heavy breathing

and cries of pleasure, Heero leaned forward and covered Duo's mouth

with his own, squeezing his fist tightly, pumping Duo's cock with

renewed urgency, sending Duo nearly over the edge.


Arching his back, his hands gripping the edges of the tub, Duo forced

his hips completely out of the water, allowing Heero the extremely

erotic pleasure of watching his hand stroke Duo's rock hard member.

Duo's eyes were closed tight, his mouth moved, but there were no

words. Now totally immersed in the sensation, Duo called out his

lover's name over and over with intensity. Heero's body was no longer

able to control itself, as his free hand slipped inside his spandex

shorts, seeking out his own erection, stroking it roughly.



Heero watched intently as his lover's body convulsed in pleasure and

Heero soon felt Duo's thick warmth surround his hand as Heero found

himself dangerously close to taking the that same leap into mindless

oblivion. Never allowing his eye's to stray from Duo's now flushed

face, Heero tightened his grip and pumped his own hardness twice more,

Heero threw his head back, bringing himself to a shuddering climax,

calling out Duo's name as he covered his own hand and stomach with his



Heero collapsed breathlessly onto the edge of the tub, his arms

hanging loosely at his sides.


Finally opening his eyes, Heero saw that Duo was leaning over the

tub's edge, his hand lightly trailing down Heero's chest in search of

Heero's hand. Bringing it slowly to his lips, violet and cobalt

locked into a stare, Duo licked Heero's salty fingers, tasting his

lover, his tongue seductively licking his lips, savoring every last



"Mmmmmmmmm......that was nice, Heero." Duo purred "*Very* nice."


"MmmmmHmm" Heero agreed, his body still spent, now sprawled across the

bathroom floor, a very satiated look in his cobalt eyes.




Feeling somewhat renewed in body and spirit, Duo had decided against

wearing another pair of pajamas.


Heero sat on the edge of the bed, cutting off one of the legs of Duo's

pair of jeans.


"Duo !" Heero almost yelled, "You have to work with me here !"


Duo lay nearly naked in the center of the bed, clad only a pair of

black silken boxers and his mass of wet and tangled hair. Heero,

wearing only his black spandex shorts, was carefully straddling Duo's

shirtless torso, facing his feet, his hands clutching the waistband of

Duo's black jeans. Duo was unsuccessfully attempting to wriggle

himself into the jeans that Heero held out before him.


"Ahhhhhhh.....They're just too tight dammit !" Duo screamed "I

can't get them on !!"


"If you would just stop wiggling your cute little ass around for a



Duo giggled, wiggling even more. "Heero....... I thought you *liked*

my cute little ass ?" Duo asked, his voice dripping with faked



"I do like it, Duo, but right now it's being

counter-productive......Now hold still !" Heero reprimanded him "I've

almost got them on."


Heero climbed off the bed as Duo buttoned and zipped the jeans.

"Thanks a lot, Heero !"


"Hm. I hope you realize that you are sleeping in those jeans tonight,

Duo " Heero winked.




Making his way back over to the bed, Heero reached into the nightstand

drawer and pulling out Duo's brush, turned to Duo "Ready ?"


Duo was all smiles.


Heero sat behind him and started working through the tangled mess

"Hmmmmmm....perhaps I *should* have used conditioner."


Duo sighed "Sorry, Heero. I can brush some of it out." he added,

reaching his hand back to grab the brush from Heero.


Heero jerked his hand away "Nn.......S'ok Duo, I really miss doing

this." Heero replied softly.


"Heero...I'd like to leave my hair down today." Duo said softly, his

eyes closed, his body totally relaxed as Heero ran his fingers

through his hair.


"Ai" Heero responded lightly, the vision causing him to smile.




Heero casually tossed a white t-shirt on the bed in Duo's direction,

before heading for the door. "I'll be right back...gotta get some



Returning several minutes later and plopping himself down on the bed,

Heero turned to Duo "Okay, arms up !"


Duo obeyed, lifting his arms as high as he could.


Heero's left hand held one end of the gauze on Duo's chest, as his

right hand brought the roll of white fabric behind Duo's back, pulling

the roll and tightening the strip.


Duo giggled. "That tickles, Heero."


Heero wrapped the roll around his chest again, this time lower.


"Heero...." Duo giggled. This time, his body moved slightly with his



"Duo, sit still." Heero ordered


"I'm trying to Heeeero, but you know how ticklish I am !" Duo reminded



Heero nodded in agreement


Heero continued wrapping his ribs tightly, smiling to himself as Duo

continued his giggling softly, almost under his breath.


Grabbing the white t-shirt, Heero held it out toward Duo as Duo slid

his arms in, Heero pulling it down over Duo's head, smiling at the

glowing face of the boy before him.


Duo looked down at his neatly dressed self and leaned forward to hug

Heero. His arms tightly locked around Heero's neck. "Thanks, Heero,

feels really good to be clean and dressed and *not* wearing pajamas."


"Duo ?" Heero called several minutes from across the room, waiting

till Duo turned to face him "I noticed you aren't wearing your



Duo lowered his head.


"They took it off in the hospital." Duo told him. "It's in the

nightstand drawer."


Seeing Heero cross the room, his hand reaching to open the nightstand

drawer, Duo called "No, Heero. Leave it there please."


Heero nodded.




Downstairs, Heero could hear the other three pilots. From what he

could gather, they were in the kitchen. Glancing over at the clock on

the dresser, Heero noticed that it was only 9:00.


"Hey, Duo ?" Heero questioned "Are you feeling up to going down to

join the others for breakfast this morning ?" Not wanting to push Duo

into anything he wasn't ready for, yet thinking it a good idea, Heero

continued "Might be a nice change of pace from breakfast in bed."


The look on Duo's face let Heero know he was a little hesitant, but

nonetheless, he replied smiling "Sure, Heero." which he immediately

followed with a small frown, then continued "How am I going to get

down the stairs ?"

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