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Duo's Lesson (part 2)


Heero sat motionless at the keyboard for several minutes before eyeing the door Duo had just passed through.

He had to admit it was a tempting offer Duo had just made him, although he now wondered if Duo realized exactly what he had said. Heero was certain that Duo had no idea of his feelings for him, as Heero barely admitted them to himself. There was no place in Heero's life for such trivial matters as emotions, Heero habitually pushed all thoughts of them aside, especially the ones concerning his roommate.

Heero nevertheless decided he was going to take Duo up on his offer, regardless of the possible consequences, although, all of the many repercussions he now imagined seemed quite pleasant.

Heero sat typing his mission report to Dr. J for quite some time, eyeing the bathroom door nervously, waiting for Duo finish his shower.

Almost an hour later Duo emerged dressed in a pair of skintight blue jeans and a black dress shirt, which was still unbuttoned. His hair was lying on a huge white shower towel he had draped over his shoulders.

Crossing the room, Duo grabbed his brush and sat down on the edge of his bed, his one knee folded under him, the other leg dangled off the edge of the high bed. Reaching behind him, Duo brought a thick portion of his hair in front of himself and started running the brush through it.

Looking up to see Heero still typing away, Duo asked "You want to do something today, Heero ? Maybe the movies ?"

Heero kept typing, giving the matter some thought before responding. "Maybe later. I'm still kind of tired from last night."

Duo smiled "I'm really sorry about that Heero, but it was *such* a good dream !"

Heero hmph'd.

Duo laughed, still working the brush through his tangled hair.

Heero turned to face Duo. "I'm almost done with my report. Maybe you could go out for a while, so I can take a nap in silence."

Duo frowned. "Fine."

Heero stared at Duo's frown, feeling guilty about his uncalled for harsh words. "Duo…..."

"Don't worry about it, Heero. I'm used to it. Just let me finish my hair." Duo told him, Heero frowning at the dejected look on Duo's face.

Heero returned to typing his report while Duo quietly sat brushing the last of his hair. Braiding it tightly, Duo tied the end off with a small white ribbon and stood up to exit the room, buttoning his shirt as he made his way toward the door.

"I'll be back in a few hours." he smiled, closing the door behind him.


Heero breathed a sigh of relief as Duo left the room, although mildly annoyed at his inability to ask Duo what he had intended to ask him, blushing slightly the more thought he gave it, his body reacting to the idea as would be expected.

Finishing the mission report, Heero clicked the send button and crossed the room to crawl up in his bed, not even taking the time to cover himself.

Several minutes later, Duo re-entered the room "I brought you something to eat. I'll just leave it on the dresser." he smiled, turning to leave.

"Duo." Heero called, sitting up in the center of the bed. "Thank you."

"Hungry now ?" Duo asked, his usual wide smile in place.

Heero nodded.

Duo smiled at the sleepy boy on the bed and carried the tray over to where he sat and gently placed it down on the bed next to him, sitting on the edge of the bed, some distance from Heero.

"I figured you might be hungry since you got in late last night and didn't eat breakfast this morning." Duo smiled. "Mission go okay ?"

"Yes, Everything went fine, Duo." Heero responded.

"Okay, I'm outta here. See you later." Duo said standing.

"Duo." Heero called, then paused as Duo turned to face him.

"Yes ?" Duo asked.

"About those lessons...." Heero started.

"Lessons ?" Duo asked, thinking momentarily before continuing "OOhh......*those* lessons." smiling widely at Heero, whose face was now quite an interesting shade of red.

"What about em ?" Duo winked.

"I've been giving the matter some thought and I think you might be right. So if you don't mind......" Heero told the smiling boy, his face flushed at the topic of conversation.

"Let me get this straight, Heero. You want me to teach you how to....touch yourself ?" Duo asked, still not believing that Heero just said what he said, though he did recall making the offer, Heero taking it seriously was *definitely* not something he counted on.

Heero looked down at the tray of food before him.

Duo grinned. "No problem Heero, we'll have our first lesson after your nap."

Heero blushed further as he looked up at Duo, the violet-eyed boy smiling down at him. "Fine."

"Sweet dreams, Heero !" Duo winked, exiting the room.


Duo closed the bedroom door behind him. "ohmygodohmygod." he giggled. Covering his mouth so no sound would escape, a very stunned Duo made his way down the hall.


Heero was still sitting on the shock, it was a delightful shock, but shock nonetheless. Shaking his head from side to side, Heero smiled, his smile quickly turning to an outright laugh at the thought of his recent exchange with Duo. Eating most of what Duo had brought him, Heero sat the tray on the floor by the bed and laid back down, falling asleep several minutes after his head hit the pillow.


Duo returned to the room several hours later, opening the door quietly to peek his head inside, not wanting to wake Heero up prematurely, still feeling quite guilty about last night's episode.

Heero was sitting on the edge of the bed and turned upon hearing the door open. "I'm awake." Heero told him.

Duo entered the room and closed the door behind him. "Sleep well ?" he asked.

"Yeah. Thanks. I feel much better." Heero replied, standing and heading for the bathroom.

Returning several minutes later, Heero sat in the chair in front of his computer, and slowly rotated the chair around until he was facing Duo, as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"Okay. I'm ready." Heero told Duo, eliciting a wide smile from the deathscythe pilot.

Duo stood and grabbed the chair from his desk, carrying it across the room to where Heero sat. Placing it down several feet away from Heero, with it's back to him, Duo sat, his arms folded and resting on the back of the chair.

"Lesson Number One." Duo started, smiling at the somewhat tense and stone faced boy across from him. "Just relax, Heero, this is going to be fun." he winked.

Heero relaxed himself a bit further in the chair. "I'm listening."

"Don't ignore your bodies needs. Just give in to them....when you can that is." he finished, smiling at Heero.

Heero looked at him, his hand motioning for Duo to continue.

"First thing you should do is figure out what turns you on." Duo smiled.

"What turns you on, Duo ?" Heero asked, catching Duo completely off-guard.

"Ummm....Lots of things." Duo laughed, "Some of them pretty basic, others a little more on the kinky side." he winked "All of them involving guys."

Heero eyes widened as he looked at Duo "I didn't know."

That I liked guys ? Well, now you do." Duo winked. "Anyway, find something that turns you on and just go with the flow." Duo told him flatly, his tone signaling the end of his thought.

"Go with the flow ?" Heero questioned, never recalling having heard the expression.

Duo chuckled, "Yeah, you know.....touch yourself in a way that makes you feel good......*really* good." Duo smiled.

"Hn. Sounds easy enough." Heero told him, rising from the chair.

"Where are you going, Heero ?" Duo asked, his eyes following Heero across the small room.

"To try it out." Heero smiled, noting the look of shock on Duo's face.

Pausing at the bathroom door, Heero turned to Duo "How will I know when I'm done ?"

"Oh, you'll know, Heero !" Duo laughed. "You'll know."

Heero nodded and entered the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him.

Duo shook his head from side to side before bringing his chin to rest on his folded arms. Silently laughing for a few moments, it then dawned on Duo that Heero was in the bathroom.......masturbating, the thought making him instantly hard.

"What did I get myself into here ?" he smiled, trying to no avail to *will* his erection away. "Perhaps I need to ask Heero for lessons." he told himself, laughing at the idea, but still considering it........seriously.


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