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Making Love to Death (Part 13)



Heero tossed and turned a great deal that evening, sleep evading him for most of the night. Duo's decision to go back to the mansion disappointed him, but he understood and accepted it without reservation. They had made plans to see each other the next afternoon, Heero going to the estate to join the others for some tennis, swimming and general relaxation.


Heero woke at sunrise, finally getting out of bed at 6:30 to shower. Thinking back over last evening's events, Heero smiled. He was overjoyed with Duo's eagerness to talk, allowing himself to become liberated from the guilt, Heero's support all he needed to recommence their relationship.


At 7:15, Heero made his way back into the bedroom, a small black towel wrapped around the lower half of his body. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Heero dialed room service and ordered his breakfast, more importantly, his coffee. Hanging up the phone, Heero was surprised when it rang as it hit the receiver, Heero answered.


"Good morning, lover !" came the cheerful reply from the other end of the phone.


"Good morning, Duo." Heero answered, enjoying the sound of Duo's voice. "Did you sleep well last night ?"


"Mmmmm.......probably would have slept better if you were here. And you ?" Duo asked


"Hmmmmm.......same." replied Heero, smiling into the phone.


"So you missed me last night eh, Heero ?" Duo asked, already knowing the answer.


" miss me, lover ?" Heero asked sexily.


Heero could hear Duo's increased breathing through the phone.


Hearing no immediate response, Heero continued, "I can't hear you, Duo. You still there ?" knowing full well that Duo was there.


"Yes....I missed you." Duo paused "What are you wearing, Heero ?" Duo asked him.


Heero gasped slightly, knowing where Duo was going with his current line of questioning.


"Nothing but a small black towel,'s wrapped around my waist, I just got out of the shower." Heero answered, deciding to relax and enjoy Duo's kinky little game.


Heero could hear Duo gasp on the other end of the line.


Heero continued, his voice raspy. "My body is still damp, Duo......and I'm thinking about you."


"Take off your towel, Heero....." Duo ordered, his voice low and sensual.


Obediently, Heero removed his towel, now naked on his bed, his body already feeling the effects of Duo's insinuations.


"What do you want me to do now, Duo ?" Heero questioned.


Duo was fascinated by the thought of Heero sitting there naked, waiting for him to tell him what to do.


Wanting more than anything to be able to touch his obedient lover, Duo continued.


"I want you run your hands over your chest, Heero." Duo told him.


Heero complied, "Mmmmmm.............. Duo...." Heero moaned.


"I wish I could touch you....I want to touch you, Heero. I want to make you moan." Duo told Heero, he could hear the heavy breathing through the phone. "Keep touching yourself lover. Does it feel good ?"


Heero complied with Duo's wishes, imagining that Duo's hands were caressing his naked form. "Mmmmmm..........yes, Duo, it does. !!" Heero growled, his hand gliding gently down his chest, his fingers grasping at his erect nipples.


Duo moaned into the phone "Ohhhh, Heero, I wish you were here....I want you to touch me, Heero........I want to take you." Duo cried.


Duo could only hear Heero's breath through the phone.


Duo continued "I'm waiting for you.....waiting for you to touch me, you want to touch me, Heero ?" Duo breathless voice sending shivers down Heero's spine.


Heero was amazed by the effect Duo could have on him.......over the phone...his voice....his words....the image of Duo's body.......his own desire to be taken.......


"Duo.......take off your clothes....." Heero moaned into the phone.


"Mmmmm......... I'm already naked Heero...I thought you'd want me that way." Duo told him.


"Duo...." Heero sighed "What are you doing to me ?... Mmmmm."


"Please touch me Heero.......tell me how you want to touch me !" the sexy voice told him.


Heero closed his eyes "I want to slide my tongue over every inch of your body, Duo. I want to kiss mouth is hungry for you lover."


"Heero..." Duo's body writhed at the thought of what Heero would do with very talented tongue.


Heero lay on the bed, his hand grasping at his incredibly hard member "I'm so hard for you Duo. I wish you were here.......I miss you.......I miss you inside of me."


Duo gasped "Oh God, Heero....." his desire spilling over, his thumb and index finger gliding over the glistening tip of his aching member. Duo's hand firmly grasped his throbbing erection, his hips rising up off his bed.


"Tell me what you want me to do to you, Heero " Duo begged.


"I want you to fuck me, Duo ! I need to feel you inside me." Heero whispered.


Duo moaned, the long low sound finally making its way into Heero's ear. "Ohhh...Heero...I would give anything to be buried inside of you right now." Duo whispered.


Heero groaned, his slender fingers poised at his entrance, "Mmmmm.....Duo.....I love the way I feel when you touch me !!" Heero now sliding them into his craving opening " feel so good inside me.....harder Duo....please…..touch me harder !! Make me come !"


"'re so tight....mmmmmm......Ohhhhh !!!" Duo groaned into the phone as he nearly lost his grasp on it, his hand increasing its grip on his erection, sensing the onset of his demise.


"Harder, Duo" Heero growled, "....please.....harder." his fingers now buried deep inside himself.


"Oh God, Heero, I'm losing it !" Duo cried.


" feel so good inside perfect…...." Heero moaned.


Duo had gone over the edge.


"Heero.......Mmmmm......Oh.........God.......don't stop." Duo panted, the phone falling from his hand to lie somewhere close to his shuddering body.


"Unhh.......Duo......Uhhhhhhh............" Heero growled, his fingers slamming into himself, hitting that spot that made all of his senses come alive.


"Mmmmm.....Duo......harder lover......Nnnnnn." Heero's moaned, as he impaled himself over and over.


Abandoning the phone, Heero slid his free hand up and down the length of his erection, bringing himself to a thundering climax.


"AaaaaHhhhhh....Duo.........Mnnnnnn.........Ai Shiteru Duo" Heero growled, his voice thick with lust, his body's shuddering finally coming to a halt.


"Mmmmmmm.........Heero, that was ummm......." Duo started.


" sure was Duo." Heero finished.




"I'll take it you haven't forgotten our date this afternoon, Heero ?" Duo giggled into the phone.


"Not a chance, Duo" Heero replied "I may even be early." he told him, his voice filled with longing.


"I'll be waiting with baited breath, Heero" Duo replied sensuously, hanging up the phone.




Now unable to think about anything else, Heero quickly showered again and drinking only half of his coffee, his meal going completely untouched, Heero made his way to the parking garage and hopping in the car, sped off to the Winner Estate, his body still reeling from the effects of Duo's phone call.


Arriving some 3 hours early, Heero rang the bell.


Knowing the effect his phone call had on Heero, Duo was waiting and answered the door all smiles, not at all surprised to find Heero, his hair still damp, on the other side.


"Umm.....I'm really early" he told Duo, looking slightly embarrassed.


Grabbing his hands and pulling Heero into the foyer, Duo took Heero's face into his hands, his mouth finding Heero's open and waiting. Their hands moved impatiently over each other's upper bodies, their mouths locked, their bodies pressed tightly together. Heero's felt his body go limp as Duo's mouth plundered his, Duo's tongue exploring every familiar recess of his warm hungry opening.


"Get a room you two." Wufei giggled as he passed by the oblivious couple.


Breaking the kiss, Heero turned toward the still smiling Wufei, "A very good idea, Wufei." Then turning to Duo, announced, "Shall we ?"


Making their way upstairs, Duo practically dragging Heero through the empty hallway, pausing only briefly to wave at Quatre and Trowa as they stepped outside their room, the two smiling at each other, comforted by the familiar view of the two lovers.


Outside Duo's room, the two stopped. "I've been sharing a room with Wufei since you left. I guess everyone thought it was a good idea if I wasn't alone." Duo winked.


Heero smiled.


Opening the door, the two stepped inside, Duo closing and locking the door behind them. Heero took a moment to look around the room that the two had shared. Noting that the only difference was the double beds that had replaced their king sized one, Heero smiled and turned to Duo, who was still poised just inside the closed door. "Everything is still the same, Duo."


"It is now, Heero." Duo told him softly.


Roughly grabbing both of Duo's hands, Heero raised them above his head and taking one huge step towards his prey, pinned Duo against the door, Duo's hands still high above his head, Heero's hands tightly grasping his wrists. Duo barely had time to notice the lustful look on Heero's face before the Japanese boy thrust his entire body toward Duo's, every inch of them making contact.


"You were such a tease this morning, Duo." Heero whispered huskily into Duo's ear.


Moving his hips to firmly press against Heero's still rising bulge, Duo growled, "That was no tease, my love. I fully intend to make good on it........all of it." Duo told him, his hips darting forward to accentuate the last of his words.


Heero squirmed beneath him "Mmmmm.......I was afraid of that." He told Duo, his eyes full of anticipation.


Staring only momentarily in Duo's violet eyes, Heero brought his mouth the Duo's, his tongue wasting no time invading his warmth, their tongues wrestling wildly, as they swirled inside each others mouths.


Cut short by a loud knock on the door, Duo's body still leaning against it, Heero responded somewhat groggily, his eyes still riveted to the incredibly sensuous look on Duo's face.


"Mmm....what is it ?" Heero asked, his eyes glued to Duo's.


"We're about to have breakfast if you are interested." Quatre called through the door.


"K" replied Duo, enslaved by Heero's hungry stare.


"Breakfast ?" Heero asked absent-mindedly.....his thoughts apparently elsewhere.


"Yeah" replied Duo, smiling at Heero's oblivion "It's a meal you eat the morning, Heero........*before* dessert." he finished, lowering his hands to his sides as Heero released his grip on his wrists.


Snapping out of his daydream "Yeah...let's have breakfast first." Heero smiled and taking his dessert by the hand, the two made their way downstairs.




Heero missed the huge meals at the estate, his breakfast on L1 usually consisting of a bowl of cereal or an occasional omelet, if he felt so inclined to cook himself one. The table was once again filled with anything one might possibly consider eating at such an early hour.


Joining the others, who had already began eating, Heero and Duo sat across the table from each other. The conversation mostly centering on their loose plans for the day, everyone deciding to stay put and enjoy the estate's unlimited amenities. Deciding on tennis at 10:00, followed by a dip in the heated pool was as far as they got, the five unable to agree further. Unanimously deciding to play the rest of the day by ear, the five left the table to get ready for their tennis matches.




Back up in Duo's room, Wufei, Duo and Heero got ready, the three of them laughing at each other all decked out in the little white shorts and cropped white t-shirts that Quatre had left in neatly wrapped packages outside the room for them.


"I feel really silly in this getup." Heero was the first to stop laughing long enough to talk, looking into the full-length mirror.


"Ya look good, Heero." Duo commented, adding "Anyway, spandex is much too hot to play tennis in." winking at Heero.


"We are gonna like kind of silly out there dressed like the 5 musketeers." Wufei added. "I'm not wearing this."


"I think this is Quatre's way of showing he is glad we are all reunited." Duo mused, "We look like a team again."


Wufei and Heero nodded at Duo's insightfulness and the three boys made their way outside. Noting that they were 20 minutes early, Heero and Duo set out for a walk, promising Wufei they would be back in 15 minutes.




Walking slowly to the large pond beyond the tennis courts, the two sat on the large wooden bench provided.


"This place is so amazing. There is nothing like this on L1." Heero commented, his voice filled with wonder "And even if there was, it wouldn't be the same." he noted, watching the breeze blowing the brightly colored fall leaves into the pond.


"Mmmm......I don't think I'll ever leave Earth, Heero." Duo noted, his eyes appreciating a similar view.


"Heero......" Duo started, turning towards Heero, who was still taking in nature's beauty "I would like for you to move back into the estate.....when you're ready that is....."


Moving closer to Duo, Heero put his arm around his shoulder, his other hand coming up to push to hair away from Duo's face "I couldn't think of anything I'd like more, Duo." Heero leaned forward kiss Duo gently on the lips. Hand in hand the two made their way back to the tennis courts in silence.




The tennis matches, were as they usually were, fast and furious, Quatre winning every match he played, second place was taken by Trowa, Wufei in third, followed by Heero and last but not least, Duo.


Eager to cool off after several hours of sweaty tennis, the five boys hurried to the pool area, which fortunately wasn't too far from the tennis courts. Entering the pool enclosure, the five stripped off their shirts and dove into the almost too warm water.


"Ohhh....Quatre...this feels soooo good !" Duo called across the pool "It's the perfect temperature."


Quatre smiled half-heartedly at Duo, too busy trying to coax Trowa into a watery kiss, as the two stood in a tight embrace, in the shallow end of the pool.


Duo took off across the pool, doing several laps before taking a break at the pools edge, slightly winded from his vigorous swim.


Duo searched the huge pool for Heero, knowing he dove in, but not having seen him since then. Climbing the metal ladder near the diving board, Duo rose out of the water and smiling, and finding the object of his desire, began to stalk.


On the opposite side of the patio, stretched out on a very comfy looking chaise lounge was Heero. Walking slowly toward him, careful not to make any noise, Duo stood at the foot of the lounge chair. Duo let his eyes wash over Heero's entire form before stopping to take a second glance at certain choice spots. Heero's arms were thrown carelessly up over his head, the muscles of his back taut as he lay face down, apparently either sleeping, or close to it.


As always, and much to Duo's delight, Heero wasn't wearing anything under those very revealing, thin white cotton shorts. Very *wet* cotton shorts, Duo mused. Duo covered his mouth to mute his gasp, as he took in every line of Heero's lean muscular body. Quickly pulling up a chair Duo sat, finding that his own wet shorts were revealing his craving for the enticing vision that lay before him.


Several minutes later, Heero woke to the sound of Quatre screaming as Trowa held him tightly around the waist, threatening playfully to throw him into the water. Now turning over to lie on his back, Heero saw Duo sitting in a chair next to him.


Glancing up at the smiling face staring down at him, "I didn't get much sleep last night." Heero offered.


"I slept like a baby." Duo smiled, "Why don't you go take a nap, Heero ?" Duo asked, adding, "You can use my bed."


"Maybe I should or else I'll be useless the rest of the day." Heero smiled, "Wake me in a hour, Duo ?"


"Uh-huh Sleep tight, Heero." Duo smiled.


Bending down to kiss Duo, Heero smiled "I will."


Watching Heero walk away, Duo's eyes once again shifting to Heero's still clinging shorts "Mmmmm....." he grinned, "One more hour."

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