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High School Prom Whore (parts 19 - 25)


Part Nineteen


Heero tried to twist his wrists away from Trieze's grip but it didn't seem to do him much good, the grip just got tighter and tighter until it was cutting his blood circulation off. "Stop struggling and it won’t hurt."

"Let go and it won’t hurt." Heero hissed.

Trieze snarled and pressed Heero sharply against a wall. Heero hissed through his teeth in pain.

"Let me go!"

"No I don't think so. Not until I have had my fun any way."

Heero looked wildly round and sow a gang of teenagers appear.

"HELP!" He cried.

Trieze laughed.

"Yes Zechs come help."

Heero shivered as the long blond hair man appeared and looked at Heero with hungry blue eyes.

"Nice Trieze. Can I help play?"

"Indeed my love."

Trieze lifted Heero up with ease and throw him into the corner of a nearby alleyway. Heero stood straight away; ready to fight Trieze as he came nearer.

"Fiery aren't you? That'll make you fun to break but by the end of tonight I will have you begging for me to stop."

Trieze reached into his jacket and pulled out a knife, which he used to slice away the navy suit, which Heero wore. Soon Heero was pressing himself against the wall clad only in a pair of white boxers. He gave a whimper as Trieze ran a hand down his chest and towards the waistband of his boxers. Heero growled in his throat and pushed himself off the wall and on to Trieze. Surprised by his pry’s movement Trieze was caught of guard and was pushed back on to the ground and Heero darted forward straight into Zechs who was ready to grab Heero as he passed by. "Wrong move." Trieze hissed picking himself up off the ground and moving over to the boy now held in Zechs arms. Trieze ripped the boxers from Heero's legs and unbuttoned his own pants and pulled them down. Zechs pushed Heero face down into the dirt and sat next to him a hand on Heero's shoulder so that Heero couldn’t get up. Trieze stared at the virgin ass that was waiting in front of him and the very thought of thrusting into the hole that he knew would be hot and tight made him hard. He knelt behind Heero and said. "I'm not going to lie to you Heero, this is going to hurt." And with that he thrusted himself cruelly into Heero's body.

Pain shot through Heero's body and nothing could stop him from crying out as Trieze penetrated him. Trieze was in bliss; the heaven that surrounded his member was so tight that he could hardly move. Trieze forced himself to move back and then thrusted in again splitting the tight heat up more and more with each thrust. Heero felt ashamed and more tears fell from his face as he watched Zechs moved in front on him and opened his own pants to reveal his own thick hard member. Heero shock his head and croaked "No" out but Zechs didn't listen and within seconds Heero's mouth was forced opened and Zechs’s member was deep in his throat.

Trieze watched as his lover thrusted in and out of Heero's mouth while he kept up a steady pace of thrusting into Heero.

Heero didn't know how long it went on for, he didn't want to know but soon he heard Trieze grunt and drive deep inside of him making Heero scream out loud in pain as Trieze's cum mixed with blood from the muscles that had been torn. Using the wide open mouth to his advantage Zechs thrusted deep into Heero and released his own cum.

Heero felt a hand push him to the ground and laughter and then someone shouted.

"Time to leave." Trieze commented as he moved forward and placed a kiss on Heero's lips thrusting his tongue into Heero's mouth. "Till we meet again Heero Yuy."

And that was the last thing Heero heard before darkness claimed him and took away the pain.

Part Twenty


Duo stood up and wiped the tears from his face. No need to cry over spilt milk all he could do now was clean up the mess he had made and to do that he had to find Heero and tell him the truth and nothing but the truth.

Duo was walking towards the main town centre when he saw Trieze, Zechs and a bunch of other ozzies come out of an alleyway. Trieze was pulling up his pants and wiping blood from his hands on a towel that a member of the gang surrounding them passed him.

Duo ducked behind into another alleyway as they passed by. All of them laughing part from Trieze and Zechs. Duo's eyes narrowed and thoughts of finding Heero left him mind, he wanted to know what Trieze had been doing and why everyone thought it was so funny. Then he heard the word 'Whore' and Duo wondered whom Trieze had raped this time... "HEERO!" Duo hissed and raced from his hiding place and down towards the alleyway he had seen Trieze come from. Duo darted down and tripped over something about half way down. Blinking in the near black, Duo could see the body of someone, who was moaning in pain and seemed to be coming out of unconsciousness.

"Heero?" Duo asked as he reached out to touch the boy beside him.

Prussian eyes opened and looked at Duo puzzled for a brief second and then turned to a look of hated and self-pity.

"Heero? Please answer me? Shit why did I let this happen? I should have known! Please Heero answer me?"

The Prussian eyes blinked at him before shutting.

"No don't go to sleep! Heero wake up! Heero! Oh shit!"

Taking off his black jacket he wrapped it round Heero's shivering form and picked Heero up.

"I'll get you home trust me Heero."


Odin stood up as he heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. What he didn't accept to see was Duo Maxwell holding his son in his arms that happened to be naked, wrapped in Duo’s coat and covered in blood. He stepped away from the door quickly and let Duo carry Heero upstairs to his room. Odin followed quickly.

"What happened?"

"I found him like this in a alleyway. This was done by a Trieze Kushrenada!" Duo hissed the name like it was poison.


“Because of me.”

Duo laid Heero down on to the bed, mindful of every whimper of pain that pasted Heero’s lips.

“What are YOU doing here?!” A female voice squeaked. Duo looked towards the door to see the pink bitch standing there in a pink gown.

“Sorting out the mess I have made.” Duo replied turning back to Heero who was tossing on the bed.

“Get some warm water Relena.” Odin snapped at Une’s daughter. Relena disappeared. “The mess you made?” Odin asked Duo.

“This is my fault. Everything that has happened this year has been my fault!”

Relena walked in carrying a bowl of water and a washcloth. She gave it to Odin who put it on the bedside table.

“Would you?” Odin asked pointing at the bowl. Duo nodded and gently began to wash the blood from Heero’s beaten body. “How is this your fault?”

Duo sighed and began the whole story. Right from the first time he saw Heero.

“It was the day you moved in when I first met Heero. I was with Quatre at the time and we were talking about your family and wondering what he would be like when Trieze over heard us. He got the wrong idea from it all and has been after Heero ever since though he always acts like he wants me.” And Duo continued with his story. “I didn’t see it clearly, not until today when I saw him laying there in the alleyway what was going on. It’s all to do with me and my past with Trieze that has caused this. I’m so sorry Heero.”

All the time, in which Duo told Odin about him and Heero and the bet, his hands worked over Heero’s body, cleansing and cleaning it.

Odin didn’t look angry about what Duo had just told him about how he had toyed with Heero and used him.

“It would seem Duo, that your love is true.”

Duo blinked at Odin, his hand paused over Heero’s mouth with the cloth still in hand making the water drip onto the sensitive lips.


“Your love for each other is true and pure.” Odin stated.


“No buts. You say you never lie? Then your love is true.”

Odin stood up and walked towards the door.

“Watch him tonight will you Duo? We’ll talk more when he wakes. Night.”

“Good Night Sir.”

And Duo fell asleep, half across Heero and half on the floor that night, pondering over what Odin had said and trying to make sense of it.

Part Twenty One


Heero groaned in pain as he rolled over. Every bone and muscle in his body ached and his ass felt like it was on fire. Heero gritted his teeth together as he tried to sit up, a wave of nausea washed over him and he dropped back to the bed, panting heavy. It was then that Heero realized that he wasn't alone.

Asleep next to him was Duo.

Heero's eyes narrowed at the boy who had betrayed him and Heero ignoring the pain that racked his body, pushed Duo off the bed and on to the floor.

Duo woke with a start and a yelp, his violet eyes danced round the room to see what was going on and also checked Heero over.

When Heero heard Duo yelp at the rude awaking he closed his eyes and pretending to be asleep, every fibre in his body praying that the boy would go and never come back.

"What's going on here?"

Duo looked up over the bed at Relena who stood staring down at him. Duo gave a nervous laugh and then remembered that it was Relena's fault as well.

"None of your business." Duo snapped.

"HE is my business. What happened to him is MY business."

Heero could hear movement around the room as Relena and Duo fought.

Duo stood up and hissed.

"What happened to him is YOUR fault."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"If you hadn't opened your big mouth and told him about a bet which didn't count any more he wouldn't of run off. He wouldn't of fought Trowa or me and he wouldn't of run into Trieze and Zechs."

Relena stared speechless at Duo.


"You mean he didn't tell you? That's typical of Trieze; keep things a secret from those who are working for him. Trieze was the one who did this to Heero and we are both to blame!"

Relena shock her head.


"No? Yes Relena. I shouldn't have agreed to the stupid fucked up bet and you shouldn't have agreed to helping Trieze!"

Duo watched as tears began to fall down Relena's cheeks but she still denied it.

"I'm NOT to blame!" She shouted and lashed out, her nails headed straight for Duo's eyes.

Duo caught her fraying arms and he held her tight to him, her back pressed against his chest.

"Listen to me Relena. No matter what I did, I couldn't break that bet off. The reason that bet was set was because I believed that I could never fall in love with any one and everyone else believed that I liked Heero.... I was wrong."

Relena tried to look round and into Duo's eyes but she found that she couldn't move.

"Damn it Relena! Why did you have to go and ruin it? For once in my fucking life I was happy."

"I'm sorry Duo. I thought I was doing the right thing."

Heero breathed slowly, he could still hear them even if he didn't know what was going on outside his world of black and pain.

Suddenly Relena felt something wet touch her bare neck. The arms around her loosen and the feel of Duo disappeared. She looked round to see Duo leaning against the window.


The face turned towards her, violet eyes shone with tears and Relena felt her heart break.

"What have I done?" Duo whispered as he turned back to the window. His forehead rested on the glass.


Relena looked over at the bed, she smiled as Prussian eyes opened and looked back at her and then onto Duo.


Duo could hear the whisper but he didn't know where it was coming from.

"Duo?" Relena spoke loudly from the doorway. Duo turned to look at her but instead of meeting her blue eyes he met Prussian eyes.

The door clicked shut and Duo stood there looking at Heero with nothing to say.


Quatre pulled a face at Relena.

"What do you mean?"

"I said I'm sorry and I want to help you get Trieze back for what he did to Heero."

"What did Trieze do to Heero?" Hilde asked puzzled.

"I thought you knew."

Quatre shock his head. "No. I haven't heard from Duo or Heero since last night."

"Duo is round my at the moment, talking to Heero. Trieze raped Heero and it's my fault."

"We're all to blame. Don't kill yourself over it Relena."

"Can I help?"

"The more the better."


"Heero? I..."

"I heard." Heero whispered before bursting in to a coughing fit.

"Are you alright?" Duo raced forward and grabbed the glass of water from the bedside table and held it to Heero's lips.

"My throat hurts." Heero croaked out.

"Drink. Don't speak. I'll go get your father." Heero did what he was told and Duo put the empty glass on the bedside table.

Duo was moving away from the bed when a hand enclosed round his wrist.

"Don't go."

Duo's breath caught.

"I love you Duo. Please don't leave me."

"Oh Heero."

Duo sat down on to the bed and Heero straight away snuggled up against his form.

"I'm so sorry Heero. This is my entire fault. I should of know that Trieze..."

Heero, not wanting to hurt his voice any more, placed a finger on Duo's lips.

Duo smiled and kissed the finger gently.

"I'm not going to leave you Heero. Not now, not ever. I'm going to make this up to you. I promise."

Heero nodded thanks and closed his eyes.

As soon as Duo was sure that Heero was asleep, he laid Heero gently onto the bed and stood up. Immediately a Prussian eye opened and stared worryingly at him.

"Don't worry I'll be back. I'm just going to get you some pain killers k?"

Heero nodded and closed his eyes. Duo stole quickly from the room and downstairs. Odin looked up as Duo entered the kitchen.

"Morning Mr Lowe. Heero's just woken up. Do you have any pain killers he could take?"

Odin nodded and pointed to the cupboard over the sink. Duo pulled it opened and looked it. He grabbed the small bottle. Got a new clean glass of water and disappeared back upstairs.

Heero was sitting up in bed when Duo arrived back.

"Here take these. It should help with the pain."

Heero took the two small white tablets held out to him. As Duo leaned across to pick up the old glass of water, his hand slipped onto Heero's legs.

With strength that Heero didn't know he had, he pushed Duo away, unmindful of the water that soaked the bedcovers. Duo landed with a thump of the bedroom floor.

He looked up at Heero who pulled away in fear. Duo blinked confused and only then did he realise where his hand had been. He jumped up and walked slowly back to the bed.

"God Heero. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Please I'm not going to hurt you."

Duo held out his hand and waiting to see if Heero would take it.

Part Twenty-Two


"God Heero. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Please I'm not going to hurt you."

Duo held out his hand and waiting to see if Heero would take it.


Heero stared long and hard at the hand held out to him. He bit his tongue and closed his eyes, hands crawled over his body and a voice whispered in his ear.

Duo watched Heero, his eyes were wide with fright as Heero closed his own eyes and began to whimper. Duo didn't have a clue what was going on but he knew that he couldn't touch Heero with out his permission, that would only scared the boy even more.

"Heero?" He made his voice as loud and as clear as he could without shouting. It made no difference. "Please Heero! Listen to me. Trieze isn't here, it's just me and I'm not going to hurt you. Open your eyes please love. Open your eyes."

Slowly a Prussian eye opened and Duo sighed in relief.

Heero reached out slowly and placed his hand on Duo.

"See I'm not going to hurt you."

Duo sat slowly beside Heero on the bed.

"Tell me what happened."


Relena stared angrily at Trieze.

"Why?" She asked.

Trieze shrugged. "Duo needs to know what it feels like."


"Duo took away the most precious thing from me and I needed to get back at him for it. (1)"

"Why Heero?"

"You can't be that blind can you? Duo fell in love and by hurting the most precious thing to him I hurt him."

"Duo isn't going to let this pass."

"I don't want him too."

"Trieze you're a bastard."

Trieze looked round to see Trowa, Quatre, Dorothy and Hilde standing there.

"Thank you my dear Quatre."

Trowa growled low in his throat and stepped in front of Quatre.

"It ends here Trieze."


Duo's mobile went off and he grabbed it quickly.

The boy beside him woke up and listened.

"Sally? What's happening? Quatre has done WHAT? Holy fuck."

Heero looked puzzled at Duo who stood from the bed and began to pace the room.

"I'll be there Sally. Get down there with Wu as fast as you can. I'll be there shortly."

Duo hung up the small mobile and slapped a hand to his forehead.

"What is it?" Heero asked pulling the covers round him.

"Relena and Quatre have gone after Trieze."


"I'm sorry Heero but I've got to go."

"You're going after Trieze." Heero stated, standing up and pulling his covers even tighter round him.

Duo nodded.

"I'm coming too."

"What?" Duo spun round as Heero pulled on spandex and a tank top. "No."

"You can't order me about. This is my fault. I have to go as well."

Duo grabbed Heero by the shoulders.

"This ISN'T your fault. Don't ever say that! You got me? You're staying here, A) You're haven’t recovered fully yet and B) You aren't..."

"I am and I'm coming."

Heero pushed Duo away and pulled on a pair of trainers and then headed out the door.


Duo raced down the stairs.

"What's going on? Where did Heero run off to?"

"I can't say but I'm going to get him back."

Duo threw open the door and headed out into the street and raced after Heero.


Heero glared back at Duo.

"I'm coming with you."

"Fine but first I need to pop home."


"What ends here Trowa?" Trieze asked as other members of oz appeared out of nowhere.


"I really don't think so."

Zechs stepped forward and swung a punch at Trowa who ducked and kicked out. Zechs dogged.

"Stop it!" Relena shouted.

"Come on Trieze. Do you always hide behind other people?" Quatre hissed.

"I never hide Quatre Raberba Winner. Do you challenge me?"

"No I do."


"Me and you Trieze?"

Trieze nodded and Wufei fell into a fight.


Duo grabbed the black pistol from its hiding place under his bed.

"What's that for?" Heero asked.

Duo pulled another one out.


He checked both guns making sure both are fully loaded. He handed one to Heero who just looked at it.

"Take it."

Heero shook his head.

"If you're coming you will need it."


Duo tucked one gun into the back on his jeans, the other into the side.

"Follow me and don't do anything stupid."

"Same for you."


Sally was watching the fights. Zechs and Trowa were even. Trieze was winning over Wufei.

Suddenly she heard Duo.


"Over here."

Duo nodded in her direction and she caught the gun.

"Say with Sally."

Heero met Sally; he could see the two fights as well.

As Duo entered the warehouse he saw Trieze knock Wufei to the floor.

"Leave him Trieze. Your fight is with me."


Heero is getting a bit more into character but is still ooc. Oh well. I hope you like.

(1) I'm going to do a sequel to this fic and when I do the reason why Trieze and Duo hate each other so much will be revealed!

Part Twenty Three


"Leave him Trieze. Your fight is with me."


"Why do they fight each other?" Relena asked Dorothy as Duo and Trieze exchanged kick for kick and punch for punch.

"It's a really long story. Some day I might tell it to you."


Duo growled low and caught the high swing kick and twisted the ankle in his gasp.

Trieze, for his dignity, didn't cry out but the pain that Duo had caused him was written all over his face. Trieze tugged his swollen ankle from Duo's grip and landed painfully on his back. A grunt of pain escaped his lips and everyone heard it.

Zechs stepped away from Trowa to hit Duo. The blow sounded across the room as Zech’s fist stuck the back of Duo's neck and Duo fell into the floor.

A gunshot rang out and everyone looked round to see Heero holding a smoking gun. Zechs clutched at his bleeding arm but stepped away getting the message clear.

"I take it that whores go well together." Zechs hissed at Heero, who swung onto the floor of the warehouse tossing the gun aside.

"Heero!" Relena shouted as Zechs and Heero began their own fight.

Duo shook his head trying to get rid of the yellow haze that fogged up his vision. He groaned in pain as he stood up from the floor, his head pounding painfully.

"Duo can't fight like that." Hilde said trying to help her friend but Wufei's grip on her arm stopped her from moving.

"He will."

Heero ducked a blow to his head and swung a foot low tripping Zechs up. Heero then collapsed on to the floor.

"HEERO!" Duo pushed away from Trieze and raced to Heero's side.

Trieze smirked and bent to pick up something on the floor.

Heero looked into worried violet eyes.

"Don't worry Koi. I'll be fine."

"DUO! Watch out!"

Duo felt the cold steel of a gun pressed against his exposed neck.

"Trieze." He said. "You have me. Pull the trigger."

Trieze smirked even more and his finger tighten round the barrel of the gun.



- - - - - -


Duo looked round to see two figures standing in the doorway.

Sally stood there smiling and Noin also stood there, a gun held out straight in her hand.

Looking behind him, Trieze had staggered backwards and was holding onto a bleeding hand. The gun that he had held to Duo's head was on the floor right behind Duo.

Reaching behind him Duo grabbed the gun and placed a kiss to Heero's forehead before moving to stand in front of Trieze.

"It ends here."

Suddenly Duo felt the presence of four more people beside him. On one side Quatre and Trowa stood and on the other was Heero and Wufei.

"Everything ends here Trieze. Time for you to leave." Trowa said.

"You have been beaten. If you wish to live, leave."

Trieze nodded at Duo's words.

"I hear your warning."

"Take note of it." Wufei warned.

"I will. Heero, Quatre, it is with my..."

"Spare us Trieze. Fuck off and you better do it quickly."

Duo slide a hand round Heero's waist and Heero rested his weight onto Duo. The five boys, and five girls turned to walk away and out of the building.

"Fuck you Maxwell."

A bang rented the air and Duo collapsed on to Heero. Bleeding heavily from his side.

Part Twenty-Four


Heero was walking through the city center. There wasn't anything to do. Duo hadn't been seen in two weeks and Relena had been helping Heero recover from the shock of prom two weeks before. He sighed as he looked round the shops and at the people walking by with no idea about how horrible life could be.


Heero turned round and sow Noin and Sally walking towards him. He paused long enough for them to catch up with him before he continued to walk, one girl on each side.

"It's been a while. How are you?"


"That's good to hear."

"How's Duo?" Heero asked Sally, knowing that she had been to see him in hospital. Heero hadn’t, he had stayed away from Duo still in fear of Trieze and what Duo thought of him.

As if she felt his pain Sally smiled at him. “He wants to see you. He’s been asking none stop for you.”

"He's back at home now. Still in bed and complaining loudly. Poor Quatre has to put up with a bed ridden Duo."

Heero nearly laughed at the news.

"Pay him a visit. He could do with seeing you." Sally said.

"And I have news for him, which you can deliver for me." Noin said putting her own nose in.

"I'll go see him now. I have nothing better to do."

"Great. Say hi from me and tell him, Trieze is gone. Disappeared without trace. Bye!"

"See ya round Yuy."

Heero watched the two girls disappear in to Top Shop before he continued down the street heading towards the bus stop.

It was weight off his shoulders that Trieze had gone. Now maybe he could sleep at night.

"Green Terrance Lane." He told the bus driver handing out money.

"75 pence please."

Heero handed the money over and headed to sit at the back of the bus.

About ten minutes the bus pulled to a stop at the end of Duo's road and Heero climbed out, thanked the driver and headed up the road to the large white house.

Heero stared at the family playing on the large front lawn.

"Heero! Nice to see you. How are you?"

Heero glared at Quatre before relaxing.


Quatre nodded and then looked back at the lawn.

"Don't know what's worst helping Jackel look after these three or listening to Duo moan about laying in bed."

Heero gave a weak chuckle.

"Any news?" Quatre asked quietly.

"He's gone."


"She told me."

"She has inside cover on that sort of thing. Well Duo's in his room. Good luck."

Heero blinked.

"Good luck?"

"You're never seen Duo ill. This is ten times worst then the flu he had when he was 13. You need luck, and lots of it."

Heero nodded and headed indoors and up towards Duo's bedroom.

He knocked on the door.

No answer.

He knocked a bit louder.

But didn't get any answer.

Then he just pushed open the door to reveal Duo laid out on the bed, headphones in, eyes closed and head moving softly in time to the beat. The long strands of chestnut hair laid over the bed in all directions.

Heero walked forward quietly and turned the music up to max.

Duo yelped and pulled the plugs out of his ears very quickly. He glared round the room until his eyes rested on Heero who was fighting not to laugh.

"Bastard." He hissed, tossing the head phones away. Heero turned the music off and walked to the chair by the desk and sat down.

"Good Morning."

"What you want?" Duo grumbled, moving under the covers so that only his head pocked out.

"Trieze has left town."

Duo sat up.


Heero shrugged.

"Noin told me this morning. She didn't say. Her and Sally were shopping."

"K. Thanks."

Duo snuggled back under the covers and closed his eyes.

"Any thing else?"

"No." Heero said. "Just came to see how you are."

"I'm bored out of my mind! I hate being ill and I hate this even more, there is nothing wrong with me but I still have to lie in bed! It's so unfair!"

Heero smiled.

"Same here."

Duo opened his eyes.

"You holding up?"

"Relena is helping."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"


"It wasn't your fault."

"And it wasn't yours."

"Can I still be your boyfriend?"

Duo raised an eyebrow.

"You still want me?"

"I still love you."

"Even after everything I have done?"

"Even after everything you have done."

"I love you too Hee-Chan."

"Don't call me that."

"Okay. I wont, Hee-Koi."

Duo smirked and Heero shook his head.



Relena smiled at Dorothy.

"Don't worry about it. What I did was wrong."

"You thought you were protecting Heero."

"But all I was doing was making it worst. I was such an idiot."

"And a bitch."

"Shut up!"

"Sorry. Relena you aren't that bad you know."


"Really, really."

"Thanks Dot."

"You're welcome."


Part Twenty Five

 Duo shifted in Heero's grip.

"Get off me!"

Heero tickled Duo harder.

"Heero let go!" Duo laughed.

Quatre burst out laughing as Duo pulled both him and Heero off balance and into the swimming pool.

Duo came up first and as soon as Heero made it to the top, Duo splashed him with water.

"What's so funny?" Relena asked coming up to the swimming pool with her hand tight in Dorothy's grip.

Quatre nodded towards the pool and Relena had time to squeak once before she was pulled into the pool herself.

Duo swung himself out of the water and headed away from the edge as Relena jumped on Heero and held him down.

"Hay did you hear about Sally and Noin?" Dorothy asked.

"Yeah. Sally and Noin both told me. That's why they aren't here today."


"Sally and Noin have fallen in love..." Dorothy sighed.

"... With each other." Duo added grabbing a towel and pulled of his tank top in order to dry himself. His swimming trunks cling to his ass and he felt eyes on him. Wiggling his ass a bit Duo disappeared down the large lawn towards the lake in just trunks. The towel and tank top forgotten by the sun chairs.

Quatre smiled as Trowa kissed him on his ear and then laughed as Trowa whispered something in his ear. He turned in time to see Heero walking after Duo.

Heero paused as he saw Duo sitting on the glass bank with his bare feet in the lake. He was half tempted to push Duo in but something about the look in Duo's eyes made him reconsider and he was went and sat down next to him.

The whole summer had come and just gone, Heero was leaving for university in a few days. He was off to WestBridge University. It was 150 miles away from home but he didn't mind much. It was where he wanted to go but half of him was aching because he would have to leave Duo.

Heero and Duo hadn't taken another step in their relationship since Trieze had bluntly taken away Heero's virginity.

Heero looked across at Duo and reached out and placed a hand round Duo's shoulder. Duo acted instantly, his head fell to rest on Heero's shoulder and his own arm slipped round Heero's waist.

"You ok?" Heero asked.

Duo nodded.


"Gonna miss you." Duo whispered.

"I'll miss you too. But I'll be back for Christmas and then Summer."

"Four months then five months." Duo said.

"I'll always love you Duo. No one going to take me away from you."

Duo smiled and leaned more against Heero. Heero brushed his lips against Duo's forehead.

"You'll phone?"

"Yes and write."


Duo snuggled against Heero, his skin now dry and his hair still wet sent shivers running through his body.

"Baka. Lets get you inside."


Heero laid with Duo in his arms. His boyfriend was half asleep, relaxed by the gently breeze in the air and the feel of Heero beneath him.

It was late at night and Heero and Duo laid on the grass beside the lake, with a blanket laid on the both. The lake, over them summer, had became a favourite place for Heero and Duo to talk and sleep.

"Duo?" Heero whispered in Duo's ear.

"Yes Love."

"Can I make love to you?"

Duo smiled and rolled over and kissed Heero on the lips.

"For you Love, anything."

Heero and Duo kissed deeply and slowly, passion building behind the gentle kiss.

For the time being Heero was happy to let Duo take control, he felt those lips against his cheek moving down towards his neck and suck the sensitive spot he found there, while his hands tugged at the white shirt Heero had on, finding the buttons and undoing it. As soon as the shirt had been removed, Duo continued downwards, his mouth found one hard pebble, while his hand toyed with the other.

Heero moaned quietly as Duo's mouth worked itself over his chest, drawing patterns over it with soft kisses. As his heartbeat quicken Duo's hands slipped down to reveal Heero of his jeans and underwear. Duo’s hands wrapped itself round Heero’s member and he stroked it softly, coxing a meowing noise from the boy he loved.

Duo moved further down, his tongue dipping along Heero's stomach and down on to a thigh missing the large arousal. Heero raised himself up against Duo wanted contact but the braided boy held him down firmly. His hand left Heero and he sat back to stare down and take in the vision before him.

"I don't think so. I'm the one doing this here so we go at my speed!"

Heero moaned at Duo's words and struggling to reach him. Duo took pity. He licked at the top of Heero's tip before taking the very tip into his mouth and sucking gently.

"Duo!" Heero growled trying to push up against Duo's hands.

Duo pulled away completely.

"You want me to or not?"
"Fuck you Duo."

"Come on then."

Heero grabbed Duo and rolled over pinning the boy beneath him.

"Aren't you a little over dressed for this?" Duo nodded. "Well then..." Within a few seconds the clothes were ripped from Duo's body exposing him to the warm night air and Heero's eyes.

Heero's lust filled eyes roamed over Duo's body.

Duo shivered under the intense gaze of his love. Heero had come far from the rape and he had grown stronger.

"You are mine Duo Maxwell."

"As you are mine it only seems fair."

Heero laughed as he kissed Duo gently.

"What do I do?" He asked against Duo's lips.

"Haven't got lube so you'll have to make due with water. Not that it really matters."

Duo grabbed one of Heero's hands and dipped it into the lake before moving it to his anus. He pressed one of his own fingers into it.

Heero watched as Duo's finger disappeared it to him.

Duo couldn’t stop that groan that fell from his won lips and his own finger worked inside of him.

"You do it." Duo said. Heero nodded and took out Duo's finger before placing his own in. "Three." Duo sobbed in pleasure as the finger brushed against his sweet place. Heero nodded and placed in another and then another. He searched for the place that before had made Duo sob. This time it made Duo scream loudly. The muscles clamped down around his fingers.

"God damn Heero. I think I'm more than ready."

Heero nodded again and removed his fingers. Duo sat up so he rested above Heero's lap and then lowed himself on to Heero. Once Heero was fully in, Duo paused to let himself adjust to Heero's size and to let Heero get use to the feeling of being in him.

"Shit Duo." Heero moaned as the muscles clamped down again only this time around his member.

Duo smiled and kissed Heero, “I have wanted this for so long.” Duo moaned against them before kissing them again. Heero nodded his argument.

Duo laid back on to the glass which took Heero nearly out of him and Heero guess what to do.

Duo moaned loudly as Heero slammed into him for the first time. Heero felt Duo’s body jerk under the pressure and passion that Heero was placing on the small body beneath him.

The feel of Heero deep inside of him, slamming again and again into his g-spot made him scream his love's name to the world. Muscles grew tighter as Heero grabbed Duo’s own arousal and pumped it in time to his thrusts.


Heero felt the white milky substance flow over his fingers and felt himself take a long drive of the same cliff that Duo had a minute ago. He threw his head back and pumped himself dry into Duo's body before collapsing on to Duo.

"That was great." Duo purred in his ear, rubbing Heero's back as Heero recovered. “But you’re heavy.” Duo complained and Heero gave a small laugh, still recovering from his first night of lovemaking. Duo moved so that Heero was out of him and then curled up next to his love.

"Love you Heero."

"Love you too Koi."


"Forever and more."

And together they spent the night asleep in each others arms.



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