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The Bet



The situation looked grim, really grim. Mobile Dolls littered the sky and the objective was behind all of them. As usual, Heero didn't seem worried.

"Damn it Heero, there's NO way you're getting through all those to get at ONE space station!" Duo said with disbelief. "I don't care what you say you're
not going in there alone!"

"This is my mission" Heero stated. "It's your job to keep them occupied," pointing at the nearby Virgos.

"I said you're not going in there alone!" a strained note shook Duo's voice. "I'll be damned if I let you!"

"Hn. I bet I can go through them and be back in time for dinner. In fact,  I bet you a week's slavery I can destroy the station before you've finished
with the Virgos. I am the ultimate soldier if you'll remember." Heero smugly asserted.

Duo looked as if he might object, then a thoughtful tone entered his voice. "A week's slavery huh? Complete and utter slavery?"


"Mission Accepted" Duo said with a wicked grin. "You take care of the station, I'll get the Virgos."

Heero blasted off in an amazing display of speed, blasting through the mobile dolls like they were nothing  Impressive as that was, it didn't even
compare with the fury that Duo displayed. The Virgo pilots didn't stand a chance. Agonized screams rang out and many retreated as fast as they could. As Heero destroyed the station, Duo had finished all the Virgos and had cut wide swaths through the mobile dolls. As the dolls went lifeless from lack of a commander, Heero blasted back to where Duo was waiting.

As Heero looked on in absolute disbelief a voice suddenly came through his Gundam's speakers. " Hey Heero, when you get back to the base, pick up some
whipped cream, strawberries, and go into the back of the closet in my room and get the chest out you'll find in the very back."

Looking alarmed Heero suddenly started blushing. "Yes Master."

Part 2:

"Hey Heero, what's wrong with you? I've been trying to get your attention for the past 5 minutes!" Quatre said, sounding worried.

"It's nothing" Heero said, carrying two cans of whipped cream and some strawberries. "I'm taking some culinary classes." (This sounded lame even in a monotone.)


"You're learning how to cook?" Quatre whispered in disbelief. "Are you sure you're feeling okay?" Suddenly Quatre brightens "I can help you, I have lots of cookbooks! They're in the library near the section on interior design," a sudden dreamy look comes over him "Did you see the new curtains I bought? Heero???" As he speaks to Heero's retreating back.  "Boy, he must have a lot on his mind."

Heero stole silently into Duo's room with plastic bag in hand. Seeing that Duo wasn't back yet, he slowly went into the closet. There, buried underneath a huge pile of dirty magazines was a large black chest. Grunting with effort, Heero dragged the chest into a relatively uncluttered section of the room.

"What the hell has he got in there, his Gundam?" Heero grunted under his breath.  He slowly undid the latch and lifted the lid. "Hn old newspapers, dirty socks, Oh no. I am not seeing this." Heero looked in disbelief. A gigantic collection of crazy music littered the bottom of the trunk. "I almost think I would have preferred handcuffs and a  whip"

"There's some of those in there too," Duo's voice came from directly behind him. "I thought some music might come first though, you know, set the mood and all that." Heero spun around to meet Duo's evil grin. "But if you'd rather skip to that part." Duo pounced on the startled Heero and  kissed him savagely.

"Mfffffffff mmmmfff!" Heero didn't struggle, but was trying to say something, which Duo completely ignored. "I guess I did say anything" Heero said with a shocked but not displeased look on his face. "I have to admit, I wasn't expecting mmmmmmmmmfffff!!!"


"You're only response should be 'Yes Master'," Duo said with a wicked gleam in his eye. Slowly stripping Heero with gentle hands he nibbled gently on Heero's neck, stopping when he heard a soft sigh of pleasure escape Heero's lips." Oh don't tell me Mr. Perfect Soldier has a soft spot!" and Duo covered his neck with kisses and nibbles until Heero could barely stand it.

Duo reached up and turned off the light, then slowly rose and carried a still-squirming Heero to the bed..

As Heero lay there gasping, Duo sat next to him and just sat there looking at him.. like he couldn't believe Heero was really there. Suddenly, he dropped his gaze to the floor next to the bed, and sighed. "Heero, I have wanted to be with you for a long time. and I just couldn't let this opportunity pass.  Just seeing you like this has been a dream; but dream or no, if you don't want this, if you think I'm just crazy and don't want to even be near me, I'll understand.. Heck, I know I'm always playing, but I don't think I've ever felt more serious in my life. I.. I..."

Heero suddenly leaped up and pinned Duo to the bed. "Why do you think I made that bet in the first place.. either way I win" Heero said with uncharacteristic warmth. "I never make a bet I can't win," kissing him fiercely "And think, this is only the first day."

And Duo screamed throughout the night.

Part 3

Heero woke up in the morning being strangled. Thrashing and fighting, he automatically  grabbed the rope around his neck. to find a braid. Suddenly still, he started making the oddest sound.. Heero was laughing.

"What's wrong?" The sleepy Duo chirped from the other side of the bed. Suddenly Duo was wide awake. "You're laughing." He said in disbelief. "You're actually laughing." Heero didn't make a reply, probably due to the fact that he was busy rolling around on the floor.

"You know Duo, that braid of yours has a life of it's own" Heero chuckled. "It's going to take a while to get used to me, I think."  Duo just continued to give Heero the strangest look.

"Am I still dreaming? If so I don't think I wanna wake up," Duo continued to stare in disbelief.

Heero snuggled close and started nibbling on Duo. "Do  I feel like a dream?" Heero asked.

"No, but I sure as hell never expected to see you smile, much less laugh."

"I've never had a reason to" Heero grimaced. " I never thought you would ever take me up on my bet. Do you know how long it took me to find a situation to bet on?" Heero got up and started straightening up Duo's room. Duo got up and stretched, completely distracting Heero.

"Heero, how long have you been.. interested in me?" Duo came over and wrapped his arms around him tightly, possessively.

"Ever since I met you."

"Then why didn't you say anything?" Duo held him even tighter. "Do you know how much I hurt watching Relena  hunt you down, thinking that she stood a chance with you?" Heero started making gagging sounds.

"Hn. Well I didn't think you'd be interested. besides, since Quatre has shown a lot of interest in both you and Trowa, I wasn't sure if you were available."

"Quatre is helping me upgrade the Deathscythe.." Duo looked amused. "Of course if my big strong Heeeeeeeeero would like to help me instead.."

Heero smiled over at him "Of course" and started kissing him wildly. Suddenly the sound of a key in the door stopped them dead cold. "Who has a key to your place?" Heero whispered while diving for the gun he had left on Duo's dresser.

"Quatre has a copy of all the keys since this is his place!" Duo scrambled to try to hide the handcuffs, strawberries, lubricant and various used sex toys littered on the floor.

Quatre walks in. "Hey Duo, I need the plans for the thrusters on the Deathscythe, you said I could get them this morning, and you didn't answer the door." He said, looking hurt. "Weren't you expecting me.....oh." Quatre suddenly saw a large lump under the covers on Duo's bed while Duo stood by with a blush on his face, holding an armful of toys. "Maybe I should come back later. Wait a minute, why do you have Heero's jacket in here...and his pants...and his watch.  OH! " Quatre jumped as Heero appeared from underneath the covers. "Oh my.. Oh dear.. " Quatre turned bright red and ran from the room.

Duo tensed and couldn't look at Heero. "You know he'll probably tell the others."

"Hn. Let him. at least now I don't have to worry about him being competition. You're mine now Maxwell." Heero growled and pounced on Duo. "I'm
not letting you get away."

"Hey!" Duo pouted, pretending to be hurt. "Who's supposed to be the master for the week?"

"Hn. Shut up." Heero started kissing Duo all over his body, leaving Duo unable to speak. Slowly Heero pulled off his boxers and slowly trailed his way lower.. and lower...and yet again Duo's screams could be heard throughout to building.

Elsewhere in the building

Trowa looked with Quatre with concern in his eyes. "Hadn't we better go check on Duo?" I mean if he brought some girl home, he wouldn't have kept her here all day, would he?

Quatre turned bright red. "Just don't ask. Don't ever ask" And Quatre fled from the room.

Part 4

Breakfast on Friday was formal, and all 5 pilots were supposed to attend. Duo was actually looking forward to it. Heero had promised he was going to give him a special surprise.  Pulling his hair into a tight braid he whistled his way down to the dining room. Plopping into the nearest seat, Duo looked over at Quatre with an innocent expression. Quatre seemed to have some problems looking at either him or Heero. After everyone had demolished the delicacies presented before them,  everyone looked at Quatre who had called the meeting.

"I have an announcement to make, we have a new assignment from HQ. We All have to upgrade our gundams to the specifications sent from the scientists. They will be coming here soon to help us." Quatre suddenly turned bright red. "We're going to be pairing up to do this, and moving into the base nearby. The new room assignments are in the written instructions that came with the specs. Wufei will be by himself in unit 0, Trowa and I will be in unit one. Duo and Heero will be in unit two." Quatre couldn't seem to look at Duo, Heero or especially Trowa. Eager to get the meeting over with, Quatre handed out everyone's mail, and suddenly bolted from the room.

"What's with him?" Wufei said from around a mouthful of leftover pastry.

Trowa gave a secret smile and said "Don't ask."

Duo leaned over to whisper to Heero "I think Quatre's days of being single and innocent are nearly over." Heero just grunted. "Soooooo Heeeeeeeero, what is my surprise??"

"I hacked the computer to get us a room together" Heero whispered.

"I really like your idea of surprises" Duo grinned. "So, what did you get in the mail?"

Heero started opening letters tossing them over his shoulder as he went. Suddenly he stopped, looking coldly at a bright pink envelope. He motioned Duo to come with him, and went to his room.

"What is it? Duo asked in confusion as Heero started swearing under  his breath.

After opening the envelope and reading the contents, Heero suddenly stood up and grabbed the nearest gun. "Relena, I'm going to kill you" he said in a voice that made outer space seem warm.

Tearing the envelope from his hands Duo started reading:

 You are cordially invited to the Soldier's Ball.
  Special guest of Honor, Heero Yuy.
 Festivities start at 9, and you may bring 1 guest.
 We truly hope to see you there.

   Relena Peacecraft

The letter was doused in perfume and written in purple ink. It was disgusting.

"Heero, you know you don't have to go."

"No, I'm going to go and I'm going to kill her" Heero said in a monotone. "She is not going to act like she owns me. Never again."

"Heero, come on, you can't kill her, not while so many people respect her and look to her for leadership." Duo insisted. "There's got to be a better way to deal with this. She's not dangerous, just soooo lame."

"Hn." Heero reached over and held Duo close. "You're right,  In fact, I just thought of something better than killing her. Will you help me with my plan? It should keep her from bothering us again."

"Anything" Duo said, while inside he was just melting that Heero said "Us"

"Are you sure you'd do anything to help?" Heero asked, strangely intent.



Heero grinned evilly.

Two hours and three shopping centers later, Duo was beginning to get suspicious.

"Hey Heero, what store are we looking for anyways?"

"You'll see"

Finally they pulled into an expensive salon and boutique.

"Oh no" Duo groaned. "I did say anything didn't I."

Another three hours later Duo looked a lot different. His hair was loose, he wore a sleek, tight black dress,  and he made a breathtaking girl.

"Well at least I'll get to dance with you" Duo noted, trying to walk in high heels. "I can't wait to see Relena's face. it had better be worth all this though."

"Heero gave Duo a loving smile" It's just for one night, and otherwise I'd have to kill her."

Duo rolled his eyes and kept practicing.

Part 5

Relena's party was supposed to be in tribute to all who fought to keep the colonies free from OZ. In reality it was a carefully baited trap to lure in Heero. She was really hoping to get him alone. Boy was she in for a surprise..

"Hey Heeeeero, is my lipstick smudged?" Duo simpered.

Heero just rolled his eyes. "Would you rather I just killed her and we can get you out of those clothes?"

Duo pretended to think about it "Nah, there's going to be free food at that party. Besides, if we can get tentacle-fingers to leave you alone by doing this, then it'll be worth it."

"Here comes our ride." Heero remarked, watching Duo's reaction carefully as a long black limo pulled up to the building.

Duo looked like someone had hit him in the head with a board.

"You don't look very ladylike like that you know" Heero slowly kissed his hand and lead him to the waiting limo. "I thought we could at least have some fun on the way there"

Once inside the limo, all pretense was over, and Duo pounced on Heero with all his strength. "You really went all out for this" Duo said between kisses. "Why?"

"Because. Because I love you." Heero said staring deep into violet eyes. "You're the only person I don't feel like a monster around, the only one who I know will accept me for who I am inside the "perfect soldier." Suddenly he looked down. "And dammit, you're just too sexy for words" he growled, and ran his hands up underneath Duo's skirt. Duo's breathing quickened, and he slowly pulled off Heero's pants.

With Duo's face buried in Heero's  lap, he looked up and gazed into Heero's eyes, teasing him with long, warm licks. "I love you Heero." He whispered as he softly took him into his mouth.

A short while and 1 hysterical limo driver later

Heero slowly stepped out of the limo and helped Duo out with a passionate kiss. And that was Relena's first view of Heero that evening.

"Who is she?" Relena hissed angrily to Dorothy. "He's the guest of honor, he's supposed to be with me tonight, I'm the hostess!"

"Wow, look at her dress!" Dorothy breathed. "How simply stunning.. and all that hair.."

Relena glared at her and slowly walked over to greet them. "Why Heero, how nice of you to come, and who is this charming girl you've brought with you, a friend?"

"This is the love of my life" Heero told her bluntly. "I would never be with anyone else."

Relena turned pink, then bright red. "I do hope you enjoy yourselves this evening" And she ran off.

"Strike one," Duo whispered.

Heero grinned "Now for strike two" He slowly guided Duo over to the dance floor, and took him into his arms. They danced for hours, they danced like they were made for each other. Who knows, maybe they were. Duo's hair shimmered in the soft lighting, his face only inches away from Heero's at any given time.. Relena was gnawing her heart out.

After the dancing came the awards presentation, in which Heero was given a gold medal of honor. Relena had planned to give it to Heero with a kiss. Instead she stood by humiliated while Heero gave it to Duo with a speech about love and honor.

Strolling to the gardens like so many other couples, Duo and Heero found a secluded area and sat together, quietly talking. Relena of course followed them.

"Well Heero," she said as she  came close to the happy couple "You still haven't introduced me to your loved one." Her face was red with anger, her chest heaving. "I thought you cared enough about me for even that much respect."

Heero looked over at Duo and mouthed "Strike three."

"Why, Relena," Duo said with barely suppressed laughter in his voice, "surely we know each other well enough that we don't need an introduction."

"Duo??" Relena, the last, best hope, promptly fainted.

Part 6

Leaving Relena passed out near the bench with a large empty bottle of vodka tucked under her arm, the happy couple made their way back to the party, trying desperately not to laugh.

"Did you remember to take the picture as she fainted?" Duo asked with an evil grin.

"Yeah, but I had to pay Quatre a pretty heavy price for loan of his camera." Heero snickered. "He made me promise to get a picture of you in that dress"

"Well after tonight, Quatre might not remember much of anything, least of all a camera. Did you see how much alcohol Trowa's pouring into him? Poor Trowa, he's got it bad...Hey, do you think there's anything we can do to help him?

"Hn. Why I do believe so." Heero started whispering into Duo's ear. Duo had to cover his mouth with both hands to keep from laughing.

Heero casually sauntered over to Trowa and pulled him away from the drunken Quatre.. "Can I give you some advice before you give Quatre a case of alcohol poisoning?"

"I'm listening" Trowa grunted.

Heero whispered his devious plot into Trowa's ear. "And Duo and I will both help." He finished. "All I ask in return is a ride back to the house  for Duo and me."

"For Duo and you? I haven't seen Duo all night!" Trowa said in confusion. Looking up, he saw Heero's mysterious date blow a kiss at them. "Duo?" He said eyes wide with shock. "I think I need to sit down" He said, going back over to Quatre and taking the nearest available seat. Heero motioned Duo over and they both came to stand by Trowa.

"We'd really like to leave before Relena comes back in." Heero mentioned "Besides, the sooner we get home, the sooner we can work on your problem."

"Ok, Quatre, it's time to go now."

"How can we go while the room is spinning like this?" Quatre asked in confusion.

"Don't worry, we'll make it, let's go."

After hauling a drunken Quatre into his bed, and hauling a desperate Trowa away from Quatre, they all finished the details of their nefarious scheme and got everything in place for in the morning.

Breakfast on Saturday was casual, and the 5 Gundam pilots usually talked over how the week went. Not this Saturday though. Quatre had wandered into the breakfast nook to find no one around. Feeling lonely and somewhat depressed, Quatre picked at his food, and turned on the news.

"Hi Quatre." Trowa said in a weak voice as he stumbled into the room, white as a sheet.

"Trowa, what's wrong with you??" Quatre ran to help his trembling friend.

"I'm fine" Trowa insisted, while falling to his knees.

"Damn it, you're not fine!" Quatre all but picked Trowa up and rushed him back to his room. "You stay right there and don't move an inch!!!" Quatre took off at a dead run, yelling for Duo, Heero or anyone. In his desperate concern, he completely missed the tiny smile of satisfaction on Trowa's face..

"Looks like he's got food poisoning," Heero said in a monotone. "Someone is going to have to take care of him for the next week, and make sure he doesn't get any worse. "Duo and I need to get to work getting everything we'll all need into the new base."

"Of course I'll stay here and take care of him! He won't want for a thing. I'll stay by his side day and night! I swear it on my name!" Quatre  vowed and ran out into the hall to give his servants instructions for Trowa's comfort, meals and such.

As soon as he left, Trowa held up a packet of tranquilizers with a thumbs up and a grin.

Part 7

Quatre was worried, really worried. Trowa looked half dead laying on the bed
before him. He was barely moving, and kept talking in his sleep. Grabbing
another cool washcloth, Quatre came over to the bed to try to comfort the
stricken Trowa. As he drew closer, he started listening to what Trowa was
saying, and dropped the washcloth he had been carrying.

"Oh Quatre, it's so hard to tell you.. and I don't think I can do it." Trowa
muttered. "I love you Quatre, I've loved you ever since I first saw you."
Quatre looked in shock at the tears running down Trowa's face. "I want to
spend forever with you, my angel. I want to know you'll love me in return,
and I can't even tell you I love you."

"Oh Trowa" Quatre sighed and reached down to push Trowa's bangs out of his
face. "I. I .." And Quatre bent down to kiss Trowa softly. "I love you too,
Trowa. I've just been hiding it from myself." A few seconds later, Trowa's
eyes opened, and he looked around in confusion. "Quatre, where am I?"  "You're
in my room, and that's where you're going to stay" Quatre said fiercely,
and kissed Trowa passionately.

Listening behind the door, Duo and Heero stifled their laughter. "I told you
it would work" Heero winked. "Why yes, I do believe you did. It's a good
thing Trowa was in the circus, he sure gives a great performance! " Duo
replied, swatting Heero affectionately. "Now I do believe we have some stuff
to move." Duo grinned.

A few hours later, standing outside the door to their new room..

"I have a surprise for you!" Duo whispered excitedly, dropping the box he
was carrying next to the door. "Close your eyes" Heero closed them
obligingly. Duo led him into the bedroom. "Ok, you can open them now."

Heero looked up to see the biggest bed he'd ever seen taking up a large
amount of the bedroom floor. Heero just stared. "You got this for"
Heero asked in disbelief. "Yep. And now it's time to test it out." Duo said
and pounced on Heero.  And Heero's screams echoed throughout the "hopefully"
empty building.

"Hey, Heero"


"Would you go out to dinner with me tomorrow?" Duo asked with carefully
concealed hope in his voice.

"Don't we always go to dinner together?"

"Yeah, but I want to go out will you go?"

"Of course"

"Good" Duo said with a secret smile on his face.

Part 8

"You're sure Duo has reservations for two at DeLancie's?" Relena said with
fury in her eyes.

"Unless there's more than one Duo Maxwell in the area." Dorothy said
patiently. Whatever did you need that information for Miss Relena?

"Because we're going there tonight. We are going to find out if Heero was
joking or not." Relena said coldly.

"Joking about what Miss Relena? And what does Duo have to do with it?"
Dorothy said, carefully hiding her annoyance.

"You'll see."

On the way to the restaurant..

"Hey Duo, this sure must be a fancy place we're going to, if  I have to
dress like this.." Heero remarked.

"Maybe" Duo said while concentrating on not missing the turnoff. "Don't
worry Hee-chan, we'll be there soon. In fact here we are!" He said, turning
into a covered lane. Heero looked around wildly for a sign, but nothing
pinpointed their location. Suddenly a beautiful mansion spread out before
them, with a small tasteful sign "Delancie's" located  on a stone  pillar
near the road. "Umm is this a special occasion?"

"Now that, my dear Hee-chan, would be telling" Duo smirked, ushering Heero
to the door. They were met by a elderly gentleman in a finely tailored

"Good evening gentlemen, you have reservations I presume."

"Yes, for the blue room" Duo answered, while Heero just looked shocked. As
they were led down the elegant hallway  Duo asked, "Hey Heero, doesn't that
girl look familiar?" As two blonde ladies in evening gowns were led into a
room nearby.

"I didn't see them," Heero noted as they were led into the room. Suddenly all
thoughts were driven from his head. "Damn" he whispered as he took in the
beauty of the room, all decorated in blue the color of his eyes.
"I thought you might like it, just a little" Duo grinned.  After the first
course was laid out, they were left completely alone in the sumptuous room
Duo watched Heero carefully as they feasted on dishes Duo didn't even know
the names for.  Heero seemed to glow in the candlelight. Duo felt like he
was looking at an angel.

In the next room over..

"I can't hear anything!!" Relena stamped her foot.

"Well you did say you heard the waiter." Dorothy said, in between bites of
her free dinner. "Maybe they're just eating?"

Relena just muttered something under her breath and went back to holding a
glass against the wall. Suddenly a voice startled her "Madame. Would you
kindly remove our crystal from the wall?" In tones that could have frozen
hell. "I do believe it is time for you to leave. Allan, would you show the
young lady to the door?" Relena sputtered at him angrily. "You can't do

"What about the other young lady, sir?"

"Oh, she may stay"

"Very good sir."

Once dessert was finished...

"Hey Heero.."


Duo came over to kneel beside Heero. "I want to give you something,
something to show you how much you mean to me." Duo said while Heero held
his breath. "I've had this for a long time.. but never thought I could give
it to you. I don't know how I have the courage to now, but please. take
this." And Duo held forth a box with a carved gold ring in it. Inscribed on
the inside of the band were the words. "Duo loves Heero, forever"
Shaking, Heero put it somewhere Duo hadn't thought he would. On his wedding

"Duo, I have something for you also."  Heero said, his hands shaking, he
handed Duo a box. Duo opened it to find a plain gold band, with a single
diamond gleaming in the center. Inscribed inside the band was "Heero" and
"Duo" intertwined.  Putting it on his ring finger, he  kissed Heero
tenderly. Not saying another word, they left the restaurant,  to go home and

Waiting in the bushes outside, Relena stepped forth to confront them both.
She was about to threaten to tell everyone about them, then saw their new
rings, and promptly fainted.

Grinning, they left her where Dorothy wouldn't have a hard time finding her,
on top of the handy stone pillar.

The End

My thanks to everyone who wrote and encouraged me to keep going, and to
ayax-kun who helped me over a small case of writer's block.

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