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Life's a Beach, and Then You. . .


It was one of Heero's Yuy's weaker moments….no, that's not an oxymoron. Little by little he was learning to enjoy life. It was a painstaking task, but having accepted it as a mission, there was no way Heero could allow himself to fail.

This particular part of the mission found him trudging through the too warm sand as Heero mumbled obscenities under his breath for allowing himself to be dragged him to the beach.

He had to admit that it was a rare opportunity being stationed so close to the ocean, the offer too enticing for even him to resist, though he was now having second thoughts. Heero had never seen the ocean before save the day he fell to earth, which he immediately discounted. It was his first brief encounter with near death and Relena, smiling as he recalled that day, not knowing which of the two first's was worse.

It was also a rare opportunity to see Duo wet and wearing very little clothes.

Watching the other three pilots, Heero wondered how they managed to be over 100 yards ahead of him. Shrugging his shoulders lightly, Heero quickened his pace, catching up with the others in a matter of minutes.

"So, Heero, what do you think ?" Duo asked as they approached the waterline, letting all the beach paraphernalia they were carrying fall to the sand at their feet.

Heero looked out at the huge expanse before him. The white crested water covered the horizon as far as the eye could see and Heero considering it for a moment before turning back to Duo, who watched him closely awaiting his reaction. "Quite breathtaking." Heero told the smiling American, though he now wasn't quite sure if it was the view of the ocean or Duo he was talking about, the phrase too accurately describing both of them.

Duo's smile widened at Heero's assessment. "Yeah…still affects me that way too …..even after all the times I've been here." Duo smiled, reaching down to pick up one of the blanket's they'd brought, unfolding it and handing the end to Heero.

Taking several steps backwards, Duo raised his hands, allowing the warm breeze to catch the light fabric before slowly bringing the two corners down onto the sand, Heero blindly following his motions. Toeing off his sneakers, Duo placed one on each of the corners, eyeing Heero as he mimicked Duo's actions.

Looking over toward, Quatre and Trowa, Duo smiled. The two had already set up their blanket and Trowa was now sitting behind a shirtless Quatre, covering the blonde's back with sunscreen.

Duo looked to Heero, who was now seated cross-legged in the center of the large blanket. "I'm gonna go for a swim." Duo told him, reaching for the hem of his t-shirt, slowly pulling it over his head, before tossing it in a heap on the blanket "Wanna join me ?"

Heero looked up at Duo, who was now in the process of removing the elastic band from the bottom of his braid. Heero realized that he must have been staring as Duo spoke again "I have to take it out to swim" winking at Heero as he worked his fingers through the braid. Duo's elbows were bent and reaching behind him as he unraveled his hair, "unless I want to spend the rest of the day getting out the knots.", Duo smiled, still aware of Heero's gaze.

Having successfully released his hair, Duo let his fingers run through it bringing part of the mass to fall in front of his shoulders. Swiftly removing his pants, leaving him clad only in his small black bathing suit, Duo looked at Heero again. "You coming ?" he asked Heero, who he happily noted was taking a good long look at him.

"Maybe in a little while." Heero answered, now realizing that perhaps wearing spandex to the beach was a very bad idea, at least a bad idea when Duo was there….with his hair down….nearly naked. He blushed slightly, as Duo flashed him a smile that seemed to see through him.

"Suit yourself." Duo called back as he made his way to the water as seductively as he could, knowing Heero was watching him. Standing at the water's edge for only a second, Duo ran forward into the waves until he was waist deep and carelessly dove into them.

Having successfully sun screened each other, Quatre and Trowa made their way over to Heero, who they noticed had been watching Duo activities intently.

Standing at the edge of the blanket, their approach unnoticed by Heero, Quatre cleared his throat, breaking Heero from his admiration, as he turned to face the two.

Trowa smiled at Heero, then looked to where Duo stood knee deep in the water. "Quite a vision, isn't he Heero ?" Trowa asked.

Heero blushed, looking away.

"You're embarrassing him, Trowa." Quatre commented, softly elbowing Trowa in the ribs.

Heero looked up at the two boys. "He's right, Quatre. He is a vision" Then focused his attention back to the shore where Duo was now sitting with his legs outstretched, letting the waves crash against him as he reclined on his bent elbows.

Trowa took Quatre's hand and the two walked down to where Duo sat.

"How's the water, Duo ?" Trowa asked.

"It's great, Trowa, really warm." Duo smiled up at the two, squinting slightly as the noon sun reached his eyes before putting his hand up to shield them from the intensity of it's glare.

Wading slowly into the chilly water, the two looked back questioningly at Duo.

"Maybe you need to get used to a bit first." Duo winked, standing up to enter the water.

Duo made his way further into the water, rinsing the sand from his body, leaning back to let his hair float on the surface, shaking his head from side to side to allow the waves to rinse the sand from it.

"See you guys later." Duo called, making his way from the water as he headed back to the blanket.

Heero lay in the center of the large square in nothing but his black spandex shorts, his bent elbow was covering his eyes from the blaring sun. Duo took a moment to appreciate the view of Heero's enticing body, every inch of his finely chiseled chest taut as his arm stretched upward. It wasn't often Duo got the chance to gaze openly at Heero, certain he would be on the receiving end of one of Heero's death glares or worse yet, some unnamed physical assault he knew Heero was all to capable of.

Duo let his mind wander to the long list of things he wanted to do to Heero for only seconds before he blushed and sat down, immensely aware of how incredibly small his bathing suit was…..and how it seemed to be getting smaller by the minute.

Reaching over to grab a Pepsi from the cooler, Duo brought his knees up to his chest, grasping them with his both hands, effectively hiding his desire, turning his thoughts to anything but the boy that lay beside him.

Heero woke several minutes later, sitting up to face Duo. "It's hot."

"Mmmm……feels great." Duo smiled, "Why don't you go for a swim ?" Duo asked, adding "It'll cool you down."

Heero nodded and standing walked down to where Trowa and Quatre were standing.

"Going in ?" Quatre asked.

Heero stepped into the shallow water as the wave made landfall. "It's cold." He smiled, noting that Trowa and Quatre were smiling at him.

"You'll get used to it." Trowa smiled.

Heero strode into water until it reached his upper thighs, then turned to the two boys on the shore, who seemed to be egging him on, though Heero now noted that their suits were still bone dry.

Bringing his arms up over his head, Heero dove into the next wave.

Duo finished his Pepsi and gathering his tangled hair into his hand, replaced the elastic band, forming a ponytail, laid face down on the blanket, reaching blindly for his shirt, gathering it in a ball and placed it under his head.

Returning a short time later, Heero made his way back to the blanket, grabbed a towel and dried himself off, enjoying the coolness the water had offered.

Duo rolled over, looking up at Heero, "Better ?", noting Heero's smile.

"Yeah…much better." He smiled, sitting on the edge of the blanket to wipe the sand from his feet.

Reaching over into his bag, Duo pulled out a small tube of cream, holding it out toward Heero, "Sunscreen ?" Duo offered.

Heero nodded "No thanks."

Duo removed the cover and pouring some into his hand, began rubbing the white cream onto his legs.

Effectively covering every inch of exposed flesh with the lotion, Duo turned to Heero. "Would you mind doing my back ?" he asked.

Without waiting for a response, Duo passed the tube to Heero, who instinctively reached for it.

"Thanks." Duo smiled, grabbing his pony tail by the end, bringing it to lie on his chest.

Moving to sit behind Duo, Heero opened the tube and poured a liberal amount into his hand. Taking a deep breath, Heero brought his hand up to Duo's back and started to cover it with the sunscreen. Heero worked his hands slowly over the surface of Duo's back, enjoying the feel of Duo's muscles softening under his touch, rubbing until the cream had fully disappeared into Duo's skin.

"Mmmm...I bet you'd give a great massage, Heero." Duo smiled as Heero came to sit next to him, rubbing the excess cream onto his own legs, giving Duo a wide-eyed look at his remark.

Duo laughed at Heero's response "Hey, a guy can dream, can't he ?"

Heero looked at Duo "You're flirting with me."

"No more than usual, Heero." Duo winked, before continuing. "Hey, Heero ? You ever been buried in the sand."

Heero eyed Duo suspiciously. "No...why ?"

"It's a beach thing. Wanna try it ? I'm sure I could get Quatre and Trowa to help me out." Duo continued.

"What's the purpose ?" Heero asked.

Duo shook his head "Not everything has a purpose, Heero. It's just for fun and on a day like today it keeps you cool."

"Fine." Heero answered, smiling at the rare look of shock on Duo's face.

"Cool !" Duo smiled, bringing himself to his feet.

Moving several feet from the blanket, Duo got on his hands and knees and started digging. Spreading his legs slightly, Duo brought both of his hands forward to pull the sand away, sending it backwards behind him.

Heero laughed "You look like a dog."

Duo smiled, but kept digging, moving backwards every so often as the small hole he had been digging was satisfactorily deep.

Quatre and Trowa made their way up from the water and stood by Duo.

"What are you doing, Duo." Quatre asked, smiling at Duo.

"Digging a hole....we're gonna bury Heero !" Duo grinned at the two boys, taking a moment to wipe some of the sand from his forehead with the back of his hand.

Trowa looked over to Heero, who sat on the edge of the blanket, watching Duo. Heero shrugged.

"Can I help you dig, Duo ?" Quatre asked "I haven't done this in ages !" his blue eyes lighting up at the idea as he hit the sand, his arms skillfully moving mounds of the white grains to form a large pile beside him.

"Sure Quatre...the more the merrier. Trowa ?" Duo questioned out of politeness, certain the silent boy would have no interest in taking part in such a juvenile activity.

Trowa knelt in the sand beside Quatre "I've never done this before. We're digging a hole ?" he asked Duo.

"Yeah, Trowa. We need to dig a shallow hole, just enough to partially submerge the perfect soldier over like 8 inches deep.....and almost 5 feet long." Duo smiled.

"I'm 5'3", Duo." Heero corrected.

"Yes, Heero, but we're not going to bury your head." Duo giggled toward the now semi-embarrassed Heero.

"And then ?" asked Trowa.

"Then Heero lays in the hole and we cover him with sand." Duo finished, noting that Trowa still seemed confused.

Patting him on the shoulder, Duo smiled "There *is* no purpose Trowa, it's just for fun."

Trowa smiled and started to dig.

Hungry, Heero opened the cooler and looked inside, distraught, "Who made lunch ?"

"That would be me." Duo smiled "Problem, Heero ?"

"Duo, there's nothing in here but Fluffernutter sandwiches." Heero stated flatly.

"I know." Duo smiled "Isn't it great ! All the Fluffernutter you can eat."

Heero shot one death glare in Duo's direction "I don't eat fluffernutter sandwiches, Duo." Heero told Duo, who was now biting his lower lip in fear as Heero began to stand.

"Ummm….Heero, I'll go to the concession stand and get you something else." Duo replied over his shoulder, as he stood, his body poised to start running if his words failed to save him from Heero.

"Fine." Heero replied calmly, sitting back down.

Duo wiped the imaginary sweat from his brow. "Umm..what do you want, Heero ?"

"What do they have ?" Heero asked.

"Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries……junk like that." Duo smiled.

"Nothing healthy ?" Heero questioned.

"Afraid not, Heero." Duo winked.

"Fine. Fries then…..and lots of them." Heero added "I'm hungry."

Duo stood and started wiping the sand off his legs. Having satisfactorily removed most of it he slipped his jeans back on and set out on his long walk across the beach in search of Heero's fries.

Quatre and Trowa continued digging.

Heero reached into his bag and into the pocket of his jeans and took out his watch. "Duo's been gone almost a half and hour." Heero told the two boys still busy digging.

Quatre looked up. "It's quite a walk back to the boardwalk, Heero. There were probably long lines. I'm sure he'll be back soon."

As if on cue, a very exhausted and sweaty Duo made his way back to the blanket, handing Heero the tray of food before nearly collapsing. "Ugh…."

Heero looked over to where Duo lay, "Tired ?" Heero smirked.

"Tired AND hot." Duo commented, unzipping his pants, lifting his hips up off the blanket to remove the thick fabric, throwing his jeans somewhere over his head.

Still panting Duo looked over to Heero who was looking down at the huge tray filled to the brim with the greasy potato strips. "Fries okay ? I got you some with cheese and some without." Duo smiled.

"Fries are fine, Duo. Where is the ketchup ?" Heero asked.

Duo smacked himself in the forehead "THE KETCHUP ….damn…I knew I forgot SOMETHING !!"

"You forgot the ketchup, Duo ?!?" Heero asked, as if he found such a thing almost impossible.

Duo rolled over on his side and propped his head up on his elbow and looked over at Heero, "Ummm….Heero….PUH-lease tell me I don't have to go back there and get ketchup." Heero well noting one of Duo's more famous pathetic looks now adorned his heart shaped face.

Heero tapped his finger on his cheek, "Hmmm…lemme think.."

"Try dunking them in the cheese, Heero. It's better than ketchup." Duo smiled, crossing his fingers behind his back.

Picking up one of the cheese fries, Heero eyed it cautiously, then looking down at Duo, popped it into his mouth.

"You can forget the ketchup, Duo." Heero smiled, enjoying the suspense he kept Duo in, never actually intending to send him back for the ketchup.

Duo rolled over on his back. "Thanks Heero." Duo beamed, breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Trowa stood, glancing down at the huge shallow hole and nodded his head, turning to Quatre for his approval, the blonde nodding in return. Walking over to Duo, Trowa announced "I think we're all set."

Duo looked over at Heero who was still eating his fries. "Almost done, Heero ? We're ready."

"Just a few left. These are really good, Duo." Heero smiled, licking the cheese from his fingers, the process shifting to something slightly more suggestive as Heero noted the act had captured Duo's attention. Bringing each of his cheese covered fingers up to his mouth, Heero moved his tongue out to slowly lick at the orange stickiness that covered them.

Duo shifted slightly on the blanket, now wishing he hadn't removed his jeans.

Duo sat up only moments later to save himself from dying of embarrassment as he was unable to think of anything quickly enough to stop his bodies reaction to Heero's cheese incident, which Duo had now dubbed "the cheese tease".

Heero stood and grabbing Duo by the hand, tried to pull him up to a standing position. "Let's go….time to bury me." Heero smiled, still pulling Duo by the hand, Duo adamantly resisting. Duo blushed slightly at Heero's smirk, knowing he'd been caught.

"Come on Duo !" Quatre called, "We're waaaiiiting !"

Heero bent down and grabbing Duo's pants, threw them in his direction, snickering to himself as he walked toward Quatre, Trowa and the hole with his name written all over it.

Duo slipped into his pants and zipping them made his way to where to 3 stood. "Climb in Heero." Duo told him.

Heero stepped into the hole and laid down.

"Ohh….wait…." Duo called as he made his way back to the blanket. Grabbing a towel, Duo folded it neatly and made his way back to the hole.

"Here." He said, placing the folded cotton under Heero's head as the short haired boy lifted it from the sand. "more comfy this way." Duo smiled.

The three boys each took their positions and started pushing the huge piles of sand onto Heero's body, the hole filling up much quicker than it had taken to make.

Heero closed his eyes as the sand began to fly, the three of them laughing as they covered Heero's prone form with the cool damp sand.

"Everything okay, Heero ?" Duo asked.

"Just fine, Duo." Heero laughed. It's actually nice and cool in here."

Taking only minutes to completely cover Heero, the three patted firmly at the mound, tightly packing it against him.

Duo stood and looked down at their effort. "Nice job guys !" He smiled. Trowa and Quatre nodded in agreement.

"Now what ?" Heero asked.

"Ummm…..just relax a while and enjoy it, Heero." Duo smiled.

Heero closed his eyes, "Fine. I'm tired anyway and this is better falling asleep out in the heat."

Duo nodded, recalling how many times he had fallen asleep the same way.

The three boys made their way to the water to rinse off, their bodies gritty with sand from digging for the past hour.

Duo took off first, calling back to Trowa and Quatre, "Race ya !"

Heero smiled under the weight of the sand, recalling Duo's behavior of just a few minutes ago. Heero laughed out loud at Duo's reaction to his deliberate finger-licking episode. Glad he was buried under the sand, his straining spandex well out of anyone's gaze, Heero let himself fall asleep, the vision of Duo and his Speedo clad arousal taking center stage.

Wading out into the freezing water, the 3 boys shivered as they quickly attempted to remove the sand from themselves. The small particles had made their way well inside their bathing suits, resulting in a most uncomfortable situation none of the pilots were able to ignore.

Duo was the first to laugh at the sight, the others joining him almost immediately.

Adjusting the water's cool temperature during the sand removal process, Duo informed Quatre and Trowa that he was going to stay in for a while, the two making their way back to the warmth of their blanket and the still heated sand.

Drying themselves off with towels, the two looked over to Heero, who appeared to be sound asleep, smiling at the unusual sight, wishing they had had the foresight to bring a camera.

Quatre shivered as he sat next to Trowa, reaching forward to grab his clothes. "Got cold out."

Looking down at his watch, Trowa noted "It's almost 7:00. We should be getting home soon, before it gets dark.", draping his arm around Quatre, leaning toward him to gently kiss his lovers shivering lips.

"Mmmmm" Quatre moaned, "That's much better." Nuzzling further into Trowa's embrace, his lips recapturing Trowa's, just out of reach.

Duo ran from the water, the cool almost evening air causing goose bumps to appear over his wet flesh as he rubbed his arms trying to ward off the chill.

Grabbing a towel from the blanket, Duo wrapped himself tightly in the thick cotton, sitting with his knees drawn up to his chest.

Looking over at Heero, Duo smiled and called to Quatre and Trowa, who were still locked in an embrace "We should be leaving soon. Shall I awake Sleeping Beauty ?" Duo giggled.

Quatre and Trowa both nodded.

Duo removed the towel and quickly slipped back into his jeans and t-shirt, wrapping his soaking wet ponytail in the damp towel, shivering as he wished he had brought a jacket.

Making his way over to the mound of sand that was Heero Yuy, Duo smiled, shaking his head in disbelief at Heero's acceptance of the childish game.

Duo crouched down beside Heero's head, taking a moment to appreciate the peaceful look Heero's face, desiring nothing more than to kiss those slightly open pouty lips.

Duo smiled and called his name. "Heero."

Reaching forward to run his fingers through Heero's hair, Duo shuddered slightly and called more loudly, "Heero."

Heero stirred slightly, his eyes opening to see Duo smiling above him. "I fell asleep."

Duo smiled, his hand still moving slowly through Heero's hair. "Yeah, time to get up. It's after 7:00."

Heero sat up slowly, the sand falling away as he brought himself up to a seated position, brushing the reminder of the warm sand from his body.

"You might want to hurry that up a bit Heero, it's getting pretty chilly out here." Duo told him.

"You should have told me that before I took it all off. Damn, it's cold….will you at least help me warm up ?" Heero asked, his eyes looking up into Duo's.

"Ummm…I'll go get you a dry towel." Duo told him, bringing himself slowly to an upright position

Heero grabbed Duo's wrist, pulling him back down. "That's not exactly what I had in mind." Heero told Duo.

Duo looked down at Heero.

"Nani ?" he asked.

"I'm sure you can come up with something a little more creative than that, Duo." Heero smirked, releasing Duo's wrist, bringing his hand up to caress Duo's face.

Slowly moving his hand behind Duo's head, Heero brought Duo's mouth down to his, his tongue tracing the outline of Duo's lips, moving his tongue forward so that the tip barely entered Duo's mouth.

Duo moaned at the sensation Heero's tongue was causing. "Are you feeling okay, Heero. Maybe it's sunstroke ?" Duo asked, his lips still on fire from Heero's touch.

"Not sunstroke." Heero told him "I feel fine, though I'd be finer if you stopped talking and kissed me back, Duo"

Duo reached his hand forward to take Heero's in his and pulling slightly, brought Heero up to sit beside him, their eyes never straying from each others gaze.

Duo brought his hand behind Heero head and pulling Heero forward, kissed him roughly, Heero's mouth opening in response to Duo's demand, Duo's hand running through Heero's damp hair.

Heero moaned loudly, pulling Duo's body closer to his, Duo's arms surrounded Heero in return before pushing Heero back down onto the sand, his weight coming to rest gently, but firmly down on top of Heero, their tongues still exploring the depths of each others warm space.

It was fairly dark by the time Quatre called out, "Duo, is he awake yet. You guys almost ready ? It's time to go."

Breaking the kiss, Duo brushed the hair from Heero's eyes, wanting nothing to distract him from the cobalt passion Heero's eyes were offering him. "Ohhh….He's definitely awake," Duo whispered into Heero's ear, licking at the tender skin of his lobe.

"Be ready in a sec, Quatre." Duo called back, his eye's never leaving Heero's as his fingers traced the outline of Heero's lips.

"You're beautiful, Heero. Did you know that ?" Duo whispered, watching Heero close his eyes, as his soon to be lover shivered beneath him.

"Still cold, Heero ?" Duo asked.

Heero shook his head. "No, Duo, not cold……..definitely not cold."

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