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Chemical Reaction

Sorceress Fantasia

Duo sat at his desk, bending over his chemistry lab report. His pen dangled in his fingers, in mid air. The room was exceptionally quiet for him, for he wasn’t the type that liked loneliness. But this was required, as he had to finish a piece of work for his teacher tomorrow. Sigh… If it weren’t for the mission, he wouldn’t have to be here, in this school where homework was given on a daily basis. And the worst part…well, there was assignments for *every single* subject. And homework weren’t exactly one of those things Duo liked. Looking down at the stack of papers that had to be completed, he sighed again. When will this mission be over?

This school wasn’t like any of the other schools Duo had been to. At the very least, the other schools had time for entertainment and relaxation, which was not found here. At this school, there was no sports, no PE lessons, no games. Only work, work, work, and even more work that was crushing them. Duo felt as though he couldn’t breath freely anymore. Tied down by tons and tons of papers that did him little or else no good at all.

Exasperated, he leaned back against his chair and tilting it, bringing his legs up onto the desk. Unconsciously, he found himself gazing into the full moon, surrounded by a ring of silvery light. Somehow, Duo had always enjoyed staring up at the natural satellite of Earth whenever he was thinking or had a problem. It seemed to be his only source of comfort when nobody else was there for him. At least it was always there, even though he couldn’t see it during the day, but he knew the round mass of rock was still there, somewhere in the sky. (Doesn’t this explain why Duo acts like a lunatic sometimes? Cuz’ he’s moonstruck! Hee hee. Just kidding!) Unlike him.

Suddenly, Duo saw a blur for a split of a second, and when his perfect sight came back, what he saw irked him. The moon acted as a screen as it played shots of Heero with Relena. And as always, the floozy was clinging all around the young Japanese pilot, swooning and drooling all over Heero. *His* Heero. He clenched his fist tightly till his knuckle turned white, then he heard something break. He loosened his fist and saw his favorite, or rather, ex-favorite, pen in two separate parts. Damn. Even the moon was ganging up with that stupid woman to go against him. With a frustrated frown, he tossed the pen into a wastepaper basket with exact accuracy. "Three points!" He heard himself mutter. Damn, he *missed* playing basketball with Heero, even if the block of ice was constantly bumping into him, tripping him... …Heck, why did he miss playing with that rogue?

Just then, he heard his watch beep nine times, which meant that it was already nine o’clock. If he doesn’t do his work now, he won’t be able to sleep much. Somehow, this school’s lessons started at six in the morning and ended at seven at night. Of course, with lots of breaks in between lessons. Swearing to tear the school down as soon as possible, he picked up another pen and started to scribble across the sheets of blank paper.

"Atoms lose or gain electrons in order to gain stability. Depending on where they are located in the periodic table, they become either the duplet structure, the octet structure, or the stable structure. For example, lithium has two electrons in the most inner shell, and another one in its outer shell. Therefore, it gives that extra electron away to obtain the duplet structure…" Soon, one worksheet was finished. "One down, fifteen more to go…" He uttered.

By the time he came to the last worksheet, his eyes were half-closed and he had no idea what he was writing half the time. When he finally finished, he dropped dead onto his table, without bothering to walk over to his bed.


The next day after school, Duo was called over to the office.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy, Keith Maxwell (Duo’s alias)?!" His chemistry teacher screamed.

Duo grimaced and cringed a little at the shrill, piercing voice. ‘Big deal. It’s only a worksheet, what’s the big idea?’ The woman slumped down in her seat in exasperation. It was obvious this student of hers was trying to raise her ire. With a sigh, she grabbed the boy’s papers from her table and flung it straight into his face. Duo cursed silently as he bent down to pick it up. "Just look at your own mistakes!" For once, Duo obediently obliged. However, the teacher shoved him out of the office and said, "Get out of my sight first!" She then slammed the door shut in front of the confused American pilot. What could he have written that had caused him so much trouble?


Duo rushed back to the dorms immediately. As he marched off, the papers were clutched in his hands tightly. He had decided to read his so called *stupid* answers in his private grounds, where he could scream and nobody would snap at him.

Once the dorms were within his vision, he bolted for the door and slammed it shut behind him. Throwing his backpack onto the ground, he jumped onto his bed, bouncing a little before settling down. He read his papers gingerly. "Hmmm, nope, nothing wrong." He mumbled, then tossed that paper aside. He proceeded to read the second sheet. His eyes narrowed as he read carefully, then he said, "Nah, not his one either." And he did the same to it as with the first. This cycle repeated several times. "Now, what the heck’s wrong?" He was already at his last worksheet and had found nothing wrong with his other papers. Damn, some even had stars awarded to it!

Then he glanced through the last sheet of paper in his hands. "Hmm, nothing’s wrong…" Wait. Something caught his eyes and they darted back to the last question. Unconsciously, he read it aloud, "In this chemical reaction, the cute atom Duo displaces the stupid atom Relena and forms a new compound: Heero Duoride. Therefore, we say that the more enchanting displaces the ugly!!!??? OH MY GODDDDD!!!!!!!"

As though on cue, Heero entered the room. Duo was so busy clutching at his hair that he didn’t even notice the door open. Heero stepped behind Duo and placed a hand on his friend but immediately pulled back when Duo practically jumped up.

"Ahhh! What ya tryin’ to do?! Shorten my lifespan??? My life’s short enough as it is!" Duo shouted, gasping for air.

Heero said nothing, but instead, a smirk broke unto his usually expressionless face. Duo blushed. He had never seen the perfect soldier smile (his maniacal laughter doesn’t count), and had tried picturing the scene on several occasions, but he had not expected him to look so attractive. So…enticing. Duo had to swallow down his saliva lest they all flowed out while he drooled. "Erm…sorry. Anything’s the matter?" Duo prayed silently to all the gods he could think of, hoping desperately that Heero hadn’t heard anything that would have given him a clue to his feelings towards the Japanese pilot. Especially his last answer.

Duo could have sworn that the world was moving in slow motion as Heero moved towards him. He forced his eyes shut as he saw Heero raise an arm. ‘He heard me! And he’s gonna beat the crap out of me!’ Seconds passed like hours as Heero’s hand reached for Duo’s cheeks. However, instead of beating the hell out of him like Duo had expected, Heero’s landed gently on his face and caressing him lovingly. Duo’s eyes flew open and his mouth hung open in shock. In response to this, Heero held out his other hand and gathered the dumbfounded pilot into his arms and stroked his back smoothly. He whispered softly, "I heard everything." Duo pulled back gently and stared into his eyes. As he was about to speak, Heero placed a single finger on his lips and hushed. "Shh, listen to me." His grasp on Duo remained as he answered Duo’s silent question. "You don’t have to be afraid anymore, because I would never beat you up, not to mention the things you had just said. I…I’ve been waiting for that since a long time ago."

Duo stared at him, wide-eyed. He regained his composure soon and asked, "W…Why?" He had guessed the answer, but he still wanted to listen to Heero say it out, to him.

Heero closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against Duo’s, feeling a tingle of excitement, warmth, happiness, comfort, and satisfaction travel down his body. Duo must have felt the same, for he soon let his hands move up and embrace him, pulling him closer. For what seemed like hours, they broke off the kiss, and looked into each other's eyes. The kiss may have lasted only for a short while, but it was enough. They would have plenty of time together from now on.

Teasingly, Heero grinned, "Well, I’m already half-way through your chemical reaction, having dumped Relena aside for you. Shall we continue with the rest tonight?"

Duo’s face flushed a scarlet red, but managed to mutter, "You decide."

Heero’s grin widened, and he lifted his lover off the ground and placed him gently on the bed. Then, he climbed into the sheets beside him, determined to finish their reaction.


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