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Teacher's Pet (part 1 - part 6)


Part One

Another new school, Duo sighed to himself, another first day of school. He hated this the most, walking to a new school, the curious, sometimes hostile stares, the whispers about the "new kid." He'd done it altogether too often. Foster home to foster home, they were hardly ever in the same school district, so he changed schools yet again. He never even knew what he did wrong sometimes, he just got picked up at school by a social worker, his things already packed in the car. It wasn't easy to find foster homes willing to take in a 17-year-old orphan, but he had been a ward of the state since he was 5, and they were obligated to make sure he was at least marginally taken care of until he was 18. Duo was already counting the months, all 5 of them.

Shifting his backpack to the other shoulder to untangle his braid from the strap, Duo approached the school. Not only was he an unadoptable orphan, he also looked different, with his waist-length hair and almost feminine features. As a girl, he would have been pretty, but as a boy he usually attracted rude comments and hostile glares. But after all the years of a faceless system, Duo wanted to stand out, and he was proud of being different. It made his life harder sometimes, but Duo always had a way to escape: reading. He devoured books, losing himself in the characters, forgetting about his problems. One of the first things he sought out in a new school was the library, and he often volunteered there, loving the atmosphere all the books created. He wasn't into sports, and the schoolwork was usually too easy for him. He knew he was probably fairly smart, but he had no reason to try to excel. He knew there was no way he would ever be able to go to college; he would have to go to work right after high school, since he would turn 18 just after the end of the school year. And with all the schools he had attended, who knew if he actually had all the requirements for college? Duo laughed to himself: his transcript, if it actually existed, would probably be longer than his braid.

This school looked the same as all the others: dull gray buildings, posing teenagers, grass littered with trash and cigarettes. The only thing different this time was where Duo was living: it was an orphanage this time: no foster home had been found. It wasn't a bad place; he had a very small room to himself and since he was one of the older kids, no one really took much notice of when he came and went. As long as he kept out of trouble, Duo knew no one would bother much with him there. Only five more months, he chanted to himself.

He was just crossing the parking lot, heading toward the front door, when he heard the first comments. Out of the corner of his eye, Duo could see they came from a group of jocks in lettermen's jackets, hanging around a black Mustang. Without being obvious, Duo tried to change his course so he wouldn't have to pass right by the group. It wasn't going to be easy, though, because the car was directly in line with the school. Damn, it starts already, Duo thought to himself with disgust.

"Hey baby!"

"That's a guy!"

"No way."

"Way. It's a fruity little boy." Raucous laughter ensued.

Duo usually ignored such taunts, and the imbeciles usually lost interest after a while. He knew how to fight, and was able to take care of himself, but he wasn't stupid enough to take on that many big guys at once. Surely they wouldn't try anything right in front of the school.

Duo glanced around; there weren't really that many people around. Maybe he was running late; most of the kids had already gone inside. He looked for a teacher or other adult, but typically, there was never one around when you really needed one. Lets just hope they're all talk, he thought.

Duo looked straight ahead and kept walking as he neared the group. The laughter increased, and he hoped against hope... But luck just wasn't with him. A large form stepped directly in his path. Duo looked up at the looming football player, at least a foot taller than him. "Excuse me," he said politely, trying to step around. But the boy mirrored him, and was still in the way.

"We were wondering~ are you a girl or a boy?" sneered the jock, and the others laughed.

Duo sighed. "Why do you care?"

This pissed off the jock. "Oh, you're a smartass, then," he snarled. He was obviously looking for trouble.

"No, just trying to go to school," Duo said as neutrally as possible.

The jock found this incredibly funny as well. "I think it's a girl," one of them offered.

"Kinda skinny, though," one of them answered.

"Why don't we find out?" This suggestion was met with laughter. Dimly, Duo could hear a bell ringing, and he suddenly realized they had him surrounded, with his back to the car. One of them stepped forward and made a grab for Duo's leather jacket. Duo easily blocked the boy's hand and knocked it away. This, of course, pissed them off more, and the leader shoved Duo back, and he stumbled into the car, dropping his backpack.

"Now look what you did, asshole! You scratched my car," the jock yelled.

Duo looked up. He was now surrounded by the idiots, and he knew he was in trouble. He snapped his leg forward in a quick kick, and one of the boys doubled over, howling and clutching his kneecap.

Duo grabbed the opportunity, running at the injured boy and pushing him, making him fall over into another jock. This created a small opening, and Duo grabbed his backpack and ran for it.

Unfortunately, his braid was an irresistible target, and the leader grabbed it, pulling Duo up hard and yanking him back. "You're fucked now, asshole," the jock snarled. Duo struggled, but the boy held him tight, and twisted Duo's arm behind his back. Duo tried his best not to cry out in pain. His mind raced, trying to think of a way out of the situation.

One of the jocks, the one Duo had kneecapped, limped up in front of him, looking furious. Drawing back his fist, the boy threw a punch right at Duo's face. Duo managed to move his head slightly, enough that the fist connected with the side of his face rather than his nose; it still hurt like a son of a bitch, but at least his nose wasn't broken. Of course, this only angered the jock more. Just as he was getting ready to hit Duo again, there was the unmistakable growl of a motorcycle approaching at speed.

Heero Yuy, the newest and youngest science teacher at the school, was running late. Even though he didn't have a class first period, he needed the prep time. Heero had spied the group of jocks lingering outside the school, and immediately sensed they were up to no good. This particular group of kids bordered on insolent on good days, and on bad days, they generally got removed from the class. They were never actually suspended, though, because of their importance to the school's all-powerful sports teams. As he approached on his motorcycle, he saw an unfamiliar, small form between them. At first he thought it was a girl, because the person had a long braid. But then the person kicked out, and pushed one boy out of the way, and made a break for it, and Heero could see it was a boy. A small, attractive teenage boy... Heero put that forbidden thought out of his head as he raced to the boy's rescue.

Heero took in the situation quickly. It was obvious the braided boy was hurt, but not seriously. He braked, and slid the motorcycle up to the group of boys.

"Let him go!" Heero shouted, not bothering to remove his helmet. The jocks jumped, obviously recognizing a voice of authority, and let go of Duo. Heero kicked down the stand and jumped off the bike, stalking toward the group.

"Shit! It's that new teacher!"


The boys scattered, leaving Duo standing in the parking lot, adrenaline pumping, facing his savior.

The motorcyclist approached Duo, unbuckling his helmet. "Are you ok?"

Duo looked down at himself. "I'll live," he laughed deprecatingly. "Thanks," he added as he looked up, then his voice faltered. The rider had just removed his helmet. Duo's violet eyes stared deep into the most intense cobalt blue eyes he had ever seen. The eyes were surrounded by a somehow exotic face, features perfectly proportioned, and a shock of messy brown hair. He wore dress pants that clung to muscular thighs, and a black leather jacket. The man wasn't much older than Duo himself.

As Heero approached, he tried not to stare at the beautiful boy. The boy was exquisite, braid down to his shapely ass, luminous violet eyes, lithe body... Heero tried to restrain his inappropriate reaction to the injured boy. This could be one of his students, he couldn't think this way. He focused on being reassuring. "I'm Heero Yuy. Science teacher. Are you a new student? I haven't seen you before." And I would have definitely noticed you, he added mentally.

"You're a teacher?" Duo was amazed. He'd never had a teacher that looked like this. I would pay complete attention to you if you were lecturing me, he thought to himself. Amazed at his traitorous thoughts, he focused on the conversation. "It's my first day," Duo continued, trying to smile. "That must have been the welcoming committee. I'm Duo Maxwell. "

The rapidly darkening bruise on Duo's face tore at Heero's heart. Why was this boy having this effect on him?

"Well, Duo, let's get you inside. I don't have class for an hour. We'll get some ice on that bruise, then get you registered." Heero said.

Part Two

Heero insisted on carrying Duo's backpack, though the younger boy said he was capable. They made their way into the building. Heero stuck his head in the office to tell the staff that he'd bring the new student over in just a minute, then led Duo farther down the main corridor to a door marked "Nurse." First period had already begun, so the halls were deserted. Heero knocked, then entered. He called out, but there was no response. He looked apologetically at Duo. "There isn't a nurse here every day. Not enough budget, she has to rotate. I think I can manage an ice pack, though." Inside, his body was cheering the idea of a few more moments alone with this breathtaking boy.

"I'm sorry to be so much trouble. You probably have better things to do," Duo said, secretly grateful to be able to spend more time with the gorgeous teacher. No one had ever had this effect on him, male or female, and while Duo was frightened of the new feelings, he was also elated by them.

"Really, it's no problem," Heero answered truthfully. He shrugged off his leather jacket and went to rummage for an ice pack. "I want to help." Among other things, his rebellious body added.

Duo had to remind himself to close his mouth and not drool as he admired the young teacher's body. The dress clothes could not hide the toned, muscled body beneath; the white shirt sleeves bunched around Heero's biceps and his pants molded to his incredible ass as he bent over to retrieve something from the bottom of the freezer. Heero straightened up and turned around holding an ice pack, and Duo quickly averted his eyes, studying the posters on the wall. Unfortunately, the one he chose to stare at advocated safe sex and the use of condoms, and Duo's blush threatened to darken. Blush? I don't blush, Duo thought incredulously.

"Let's have a look," Heero said, coming closer to Duo. Heero realized his stomach was churning as he approached the boy. What was his problem? He had never been attracted to a student before. He loved to teach, though the inattention of high school age students was frustrating, and he had very carefully kept his preferences hidden for fear of being unemployable. It was technically illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but in the real word that didn't always hold true. He longed to teach at the university level, but that required advanced degrees he didn't have yet. Now, as he reached up to bush away an errant lock of Duo's hair so he could see the bruise, he found his hands trembling inexplicably and his heart pounding.

Duo sat on the nurse's table, putting him at eye level with Heero. The teacher approached; Duo's mouth went dry and his heart started racing. After 17 years of basically ignoring sex, all these strange feelings were racing through him. He had moved so much that he had never been able to have a true friendship, let alone a relationship, with anyone, and he had never given it much thought. There was usually something much more pressing to worry about.

Most worrying of all was as Heero stood close to him, raising the ice pack to put it gently on Duo's face, the longhaired boy realized he was quickly becoming very aroused. His pants were already uncomfortably tight, and getting tighter all the time. Oh, shit. He could smell Heero; he smelled like peppermint and a musky masculine scent that Duo immediately knew wasn't cologne, but the man's own body chemistry. Duo held his breath and his heart raced, trying not to let his feelings show.

"This should help." Heero pressed the ice pack as gently as possible to the teenager's cheek, and this put him less than a foot away from Duo. Heero tried in vain to keep his body under control, but with a sinking feeling, he realized it was too late; proximity to the boy had made him rock hard, and the sweet pressure of his trapped erection was maddening. Heero knew damn well his feelings for the student were completely wrong, but he had lost control of his body, and his heart wasn't far behind. He had an irresistible urge to free Duo's hair from its braid and run his hands through it, and all over the boy. He realized his hands were shaking, and he had leaned even closer to the violet-eyed boy unconsciously. Their faces were no more than four inches apart. He gazed into Duo's wide eyes for a long moment. He could lose himself happily in those eyes; eyes that had seen too much sadness, Heero could tell.

Duo winced as the ice touched the injury, then realized just how close the sexy teacher was to him. He found himself gazing into cobalt pools that seemed to see into his soul. Unable to speak, Duo simply tried to breathe. They were nearly close enough to kiss. All he had to do was lean forward slightly, and those sensuous lips would be on his...

There was sound in the hallway outside, and both Heero and Duo jumped guiltily, Heero pulling his face back from Duo's. "Does that hurt?" Heero asked carefully. Duo shook his head negatively. "Here, hold this on your face for a few minutes." Heero held the ice pack while Duo raised his hand to take over.

Heero was so distracted by his body's traitorous reaction that he failed to move his hands in time, and as Duo tried to take over holding the ice pack, their hands touched. Heero had read in stories about people feeling something like an electric shock when touching another person, but had thought it poetic license; but when Duo's fingers brushed his, he felt it. He felt a shock go straight to his aching cock, and it left him tingling all over. He sincerely hoped he hadn't gasped out loud. Duo had the ice pack now; Heero stepped back, and turned away quickly to hide his arousal.

Duo sat, holding the ice pack, not even feeling its sting any more. What had just happened? Heero; no, Mr. Yuy, he corrected himself firmly, had touched his hand; that was all. So why then had they both nearly jumped, and why was it so damn hard to breathe? And he was so hard he was sure he was going to explode. He wouldn't be able to get up any time soon.

Heero busied himself with filling out a paper, while he tried to get his body under control. His heart raced; this was so wrong, but all he could think about was touching Duo all over. Did the boy feel the same way about him or was it wishful thinking? Heero half hoped Duo was in his class, but that would have its drawbacks as well. Heero couldn't believe he was acting like a hormonal teenager; just like Duo actually was, his mind supplied helpfully.

Heero finally found his voice, still playing with the paper, unable to turn around. "We should get you to the office," he said, as neutrally as possible. He had to avoid being alone with the sexy boy, or he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself.

Duo stared at Heero's back, wondering what he looked like out of the dress clothes. His mind supplied him with plenty of images that weren't helping his situation. He was disappointed when the teacher suggested they go to the office; Duo could think of nothing more pleasant than staying here with Heero. He wasn't sure, but he thought that Heero had reacted to him, too. How to find out? Duo decided he had to find a way to be alone with Mr. Yuy again, and try to get close to him. Duo nearly grinned. This new school was certainly going to be more interesting than usual.

They went back to the office, got Duo's schedule and pointed him in the right direction. First period was nearly over by now, so Duo could head straight for class. The braided boy reassured Heero that he would be fine, and they parted ways, reluctantly.

Duo had English first. He located his classroom and found a seat near the back. The class went uneventfully; the material was fairly easy, and he had read the assigned book before. There was no sign of the jocks that had harassed him; Mr. Yuy had assured him that they would be reported. Duo knew that really didn't mean anything.

Studying his schedule, Duo noticed that his second class was math, followed by science. The schedule didn't give the teacher's name, and Duo found himself hoping it was Mr. Yuy.

Duo found the science lab, and slipped inside. There were only tables, no desks, and the only free chair was right at the front. No teacher was here yet. The table he was seated at held only girls, and he idly listened to them enthusing about some gorgeous guy. Then they started giggling even more, saying, "He's here!" Duo looked up, curious, and realized two things at once: one, that the teacher was indeed his earlier rescuer, and that the guy the girls were talking about was Heero himself.

Duo's heart pounded as his eyes met the teacher's. Cobalt blue eyes met his, and Duo nearly gasped. He looked so good, Duo's cock sprung instantly back to life, throbbing as it had when they had been in the nurse's office. Duo knew he wasn't going to be able to concentrate in this class.

Heero had just started to get the gorgeous boy out of his mind when he walked into class, and there he was. Heero stared straight into violet eyes and nearly walked right into his desk. Covering his stumble, Heero busied himself with arranging papers on his desk as he tried to calm himself. He cursed himself; he was acting like a high school boy himself. He looked up, and caught Duo's eyes. He tried to smile a greeting, without giving himself away. It wasn't easy; Duo looked adorable perched on the stool, playing with the end of his gorgeous braid. How Heero wanted to unravel that braid, and cover himself in that hair... this wasn't helping.

Duo couldn't take his eyes off Heero; the man was incredible. His mind filled with images of Heero, doing things to him, taking off his clothes... He realized the teacher was speaking, and tried to focus.

Heero was trying to explain the lab they were going to do today. He hoped he was making sense, because all he could think of was the longhaired boy in front of him.

It was a simple experiment, and everything was explained in the handout. The students worked in twos, and everyone was paired up. But there was an odd number of students now, because of Duo, the new student. Duo looked at the teacher.

Heero took a deep breath. He could do this. "You can do the lab with me, Duo."

Duo tried not to smile too broadly as he approached the teacher's table. He stood as close as he dared to the gorgeous man, and tried to listen to the instructions. But all he could do was stare helplessly into Heero's eyes, and imagine those hands all over him.

Heero ached as he stood next to Duo. He had all these feelings, these urges, and he knew it was wrong. He knew he should distance himself from this beautiful teenager, but he couldn't help himself. He had thought he could handle this, but now that he was close to Duo again, he knew he had a serious problem. He felt drawn to Duo, and found himself thinking up excuses to see him. Like, Duo would be behind on assignments, he would need extra tutoring... Heero tried to feel disgusted with himself, but all he could feel was his desire for Duo. He managed to explain the procedure in what he thought was an adequate manner; his mind was elsewhere, distracted by the closeness of the sexy boy. He stood firmly behind the desk, refusing to be moved, knowing his erection would be painfully obvious.

Duo followed the instructions, drinking in the proximity of Heero, hoping the experiment would last forever. He managed to not break or spill anything by some miracle. The pressure from his trapped arousal made his mind wander, but he tried his best to pay attention to the lab. He was certain his attraction for the teacher would be obvious to everyone; but apparently they were all concerned with their own problems. The lab was a relatively simple one, and thankfully there were few questions from the class. They worked on, the sound of the equipment a backdrop to Duo's pounding heart.

Finally, the class ended, and Duo lingered, cleaning up the equipment more slowly than necessary. Finally, they were alone again; the next period was lunch. Duo wasn't in a hurry; he had no money for lunch, and no appetite anyway.

Heero straightened up the classroom; gratified by the longhaired boy's continued presence but torn about what to do. His whole body cried out to be near Duo; he wanted nothing more than to take him in his arms and press against that lithe form. But he couldn't; though he wasn't more than a few years older than the boy, the division between teacher and student was supposed to be unbreachable.

Duo was trying to build up his courage to talk to Heero again. He had to think of some way to spend more time with the gorgeous man. Finally Duo grinned; he had it! He walked up to the teacher, trying not to stumble.

"Mr. Yuy?"

Heero looked up; oh god, here he came, swaying those seductive hips. His arousal returned and he knew he wasn't being rational.

"Yes, Duo?" he answered, trying to keep his eyes on the boy's face.

"It's all cleaned up!"

"Thanks, Duo, I really appreciate the help," Heero answered, hoping he sounded normal.

"No problem, I like to help. Besides, I wanted to ask you something," Duo continued. Unconsciously, he put a hand up to push away a lock of hair, and his t-shirt pulled up; Heero could see an inch or two of smooth flat stomach. He groaned inwardly; Duo was unintentionally torturing him. "I'm kinda behind, and, um, I wondered if you," Duo decided that sounded too obvious, "Or another teacher might be able to, um, tutor me? Help me catch up?" Duo finished, and he lounged against the desk.

Heero tried to think clearly. This was a bad idea, an absolutely horrible idea. Putting himself in a situation alone with this boy was asking for trouble. There was no way he could do this. He would find another teacher. But what he said was, "I'd be glad to help you, Duo." He knew damn well he was teasing himself, and being alone with the boy was going to kill him, but he couldn't say no. He was so far gone, he actually wanted to torture himself. Then Duo's face lit up, and Heero couldn't help but smile back in return.

"Thanks so much!" Duo was practically bouncing with excitement. "When can we start?" Duo knew there was no hope of the handsome teacher actually feeling anything for him, but at least he could be with him, and fuel his fantasies...

Heero knew he was lost. He replied, "I'm free after school most days, including today. There are private study cubicles in the library. How does that sound?"

"Perfect," Duo answered honestly, gazing at Heero.

"I'll meet you in the front of the library, then, right after school?" Heero gazed back, lost in violet depths.

Duo nodded, and the two stared at each other for a long moment, just like they had done in the nurse's office. Heero seemed about to say something, then the bell rang, startling them both.

They said hasty goodbyes, and Heero wandered back to the teacher's lounge to pick at some lunch, and Duo went in search of the library. He wanted to be sure he knew exactly where it was, so he wouldn't be late.

They both drifted through the rest of their day, oblivious to most of what went on around them, focused only on the end of the day.

Part Three

Last period finally ended; Duo was sure the clock had stopped. He grabbed his backpack and flew out the door toward the library. When he got closer, though, he slowed down, nervous. Was he reading too much into Mr. Yuy's actions? Maybe the gorgeous teacher was just being nice. But Duo knew he hadn't been mistaken about the way Heero had been staring at him, and it certainly had looked like he was blushing. Duo decided he had to push things a little bit, to prove to himself that the teacher felt something un-teacherlike for him.

He entered the library; the door closed with a rush of cool air. Duo sighed and looked around, breathing in the scent of thousands of books. He had always loved libraries, and this was a great one. It was nearly empty as well, Duo noted. Most kids just didn't appreciate how wonderful a library could be. But then most kids didn't have as much to escape from as he did. He had just turned around when he heard the door open again.

Heero rushed to the library, half disgusted with himself and half exited to see Duo again. Then he threw open the door, and there he was, looking heartbreakingly beautiful, and all doubts flew out the window. It was worth anything to be near the boy, even for a few minutes, no matter how innocent. He knew how pathetic that sounded, even to himself, but when Duo's face lit up with a huge smile at HIM, Heero forgot even that.

Duo's heart leapt when the door opened and Heero came in. He couldn't repress a smile that must have broadcast the contents of his heart to anyone who could see. Heero looked delicious, still fresh and clean looking and undeniably sexy. Duo's confidence in making a move also waned, in the face of the gorgeousness of the man. Surely someone as perfect as Mr. Yuy wouldn't feel anything for him. Even if he wasn't straight. Would he? The teacher's face held an unreadable expression.

"Hello, Duo," Heero began, his sexy voice sending shivers up and down Duo's spine. "How was your first day?" Heero caught himself. "The rest of it anyway," he finished, smiling ruefully.

Duo laughed. "It was fine," he answered. "I'm behind in some subjects, but ahead in others! Comes from having a bit of a, um, nontraditional education."

Heero didn't know what to say to that. He had used his teacher's privilege to look at Duo's records, what there was of them, and he could interpret the rest. An orphan, a ward of the state, for most of his short life; Heero's heart went out to Duo at the same time he couldn't take his eyes off the fall of the braid against the lithe backside. "Well, I'll do all I can to help," Heero offered as he led the way to a study room. He meant it, in more ways than one.

Heero held open the door for Duo; the door was solid, no window. There was a large window next to the door that looked out into the library, but there were blinds on the window that were closed. Heero considered them briefly, and decided to leave them alone. No one would suspect anything, not that there was anything to suspect, and making a show of opening them might look suspicious in itself. He was so torn that he was second-guessing himself; not a good sign.

Duo walked in the room, glancing around briefly, noting the privacy of the room; and since it was designed for more than one person to study, he suspected the walls were soundproofed as well. The door even locked from the inside. He grinned. Perfect. Now if he only had any guts...he was already getting hard again. He was setting a new record for number of arousals in one day.

The door closed behind them, and as Heero turned to Duo it dawned on him that they were truly all alone together. There was hardly anyone in the library. They were truly secluded. His cock responded to this thought, swelling once again, and Heero sat down quickly before it became too obvious.

But Duo had been busy staring at Heero's crotch, and had noticed a definite bulge in the teacher's pants. Duo was stunned; could it be true? Was it wishful thinking, him imagining what he wanted to see? Or did the gorgeous teacher feel like Duo did? Duo didn't trust his own eyes. Maybe it was a coincidence. He would have to find a way to be sure. Duo watched Heero sit down, and was faced with a choice: sit across from the teacher so he could look directly at him all the time, or sit next to him and go for closeness? Duo decided to sit across from Heero, and maybe lean across the desk a lot. He flopped down, put his chin in his hands, and broke the silence. "I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out, Mr. Yuy."

Heero winced. "It's no problem, really. And please call me Heero when we're out of class. Mr. Yuy sounds... like my father."

Duo beamed. "Ok, Mr.... I mean Heero!" Duo found himself staring into cobalt eyes again, completely forgetting what he was about to say, and stammering, "I mean, you're not that much older than me, I mean, I assume, you look so young, I don't mean to be disrespectful or anything, but you do, and, oh, I'll just shut up now." He looked down, blushing fiercely.

Heero looked at Duo, amazed by the boy's blush. What was the matter? Part of his body suggested that the boy felt the same, but he tried to ignore it. He felt the need to reassure Duo. "It's ok, Duo! I assume you're 17 or so, I'm only a few years older. I graduated from high school and college early. I'm 22. This is my second year teaching."

Duo, still fighting the blush, looked up at Heero hopefully. "I'll be 18 in 5 months," he offered.

Their eyes met, each silently calculating the difference in their ages, weighing it against their relationship as student and teacher.

"You really like teaching?" asked Duo, wanting to know more about Heero.

Heero smiled. "Yes, I've always wanted to teach. Though, I must admit, I'd rather teach at a university, eventually, so I can do research as well. But that requires a more advanced degree than I currently have, and also I don't think it would work, to teach students that are older than me. I needed to get to work, to pay off my student loans; I'll go back someday..." He trailed off, realizing he'd been saying too much. He just felt so comfortable with Duo, like he could tell him anything.

Duo was mesmerized; listening to Heero's sexy voice, happy that the man was talking to him not as a child but as a person. "That's great," Duo said when Heero stopped talking. "I know you will do it!"

Heero didn't know why, but the longhaired boy's confidence in him made him feel better. He couldn't help but smile. "Thanks." Then they were once again staring at each other. Heero thought, we really have to stop doing this...

Heero finally cleared his throat, trying to drag his mind back to what they were supposed to be doing. "Ok, well, what subject do you feel you're most behind in?"

Duo answered right away, "Math! I missed a lot somewhere, I don't know what's going on."

Heero said, "Ok, no problem, lets get started on that, then. You're in Algebra 2?"

Duo nodded. "I'm sure I only made it through Algebra 1, but they stuck me in there anyway."

Heero said, "Can I see your assignment?" Duo handed the paper to him, and Heero skimmed it. "Ok, we can do this." He began to explain what was being asked. Duo appeared to be paying close attention. The table was fairly wide, so Duo ended up half leaning over the table, on his elbows, trying to follow what Heero was explaining. But Duo couldn't hold still, and Heero kept getting distracted by Duo cute ass wiggling around. It seemed like he been hard forever. "Duo," Heero began, "Why don't you, um, come sit over here? You can see the book better that way."

Duo tried to suppress a manic grin. That was just what he wanted, to be closer to the gorgeous boy, no, man, he had to remind himself. It was difficult to remember that Heero was a teacher. "Ok!" he bounced around to the other side of the table, forgetting to hide his arousal in his eagerness to get closer. He wanted to see if Heero was still hard, and he thought maybe he could see better from that angle.

Heero looked up to watch the beautiful boy's progress and he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Duo's jeans bulged with a very definite erection. Heero's own cock jumped in response to the younger boy's arousal. Now he had his confirmation; what was he going to do about it?

Duo settled happily next to Heero, moving the chair as close as possible. He pretended to be interested in the math book, but all he could think of was how close he was to the beautiful man. He tried to lean over, to see if Heero was hard.

Heero was slowly going insane. Here they were, both hard and ready, and he still couldn't make a move. Duo's proximity was making him ache with need. His common sense was quickly being overcome with sweet lust for Duo, and now he knew that the teen returned the feelings. But he was still a teacher...

Duo was getting frustrated. He had been sure earlier that Heero was hard, but now he was beginning to doubt himself. He wanted to make a move. But what if he was wrong? He would be making a huge fool of himself. He toyed with his braid like he did when he was nervous, sitting sideways in the chair and leaning over the side.

Heero watched Duo play with his gorgeous hair, and wondered what it would look like loose. He longed to run his fingers through it, feel the silk brush all over his body...His trapped arousal pulsed with desire, aching to be satisfied; aching to be plunged deep into the lithe body next to him.

Heero realized that Duo had stopped talking, and was staring at him curiously. He was also leaning quite close to him, surreptitiously trying to glance down into his lap. Heero tried to hide a grin as he realized what Duo was doing.

Duo looked confused. "What?" he asked. Just at that moment, the chair Duo was leaning precariously in finally overbalanced, sending the longhaired boy tumbling... right into Heero's lap. Surprised, Heero caught him, and they stayed like that for a long moment, Duo nestled in Heero's arms.

Heero was stunned; he had just been fantasizing about holding the beautiful boy in his arms, and there he was; his skin and hair as soft as he had imagined, staring up at him. With a start, Heero realized that Duo was pressed directly against his rock hard cock. And his own arm pressed against the hardness in Duo's pants as well.

Duo gazed up at the gorgeous man, and realized two things; he had his confirmation of Heero's desire, and he absolutely had to make love to him or he would die. Duo moaned softly as he realized the teacher's arm pressed against his own erection.

Suddenly Heero remembered where they were, and quickly lifted the smaller boy, placing him back in the chair. They gazed at each other silently, both breathing hard.



They both started speaking at once. Then they both stopped, waiting for the other. Finally, Heero had to speak.

"Duo, I... I'm sorry."

"For what?" Duo asked incredulously.

"For... for..." Heero paused. This wasn't going to be easy. He shouldn't, absolutely couldn't, have a relationship with Duo. But his body was rebelling against him, reminding him of how perfect the boy had felt in his arms, how hard he was, for him...

"I'm not sorry, Heero," Duo said softly. "I... you...I've never felt this way before."

"Neither have I," answered Heero honestly. He had had other, brief relationships, but he had never felt anything so intense, never felt that he was in love... he caught himself. Love? Was he in love with his student? "But we... we can't."

"Why not?" demanded the longhaired boy. He knew he sounded childish and petulant, but his body was racing with all kinds of feelings.

Heero looked at the heartbreakingly beautiful boy; so close but yet so far. He knew he was lost; but he had to try to resist temptation. "You know why, Duo."

"But we feel the same! You want me, I can tell!" Duo was so frustrated; he knew that Heero wanted him!

Heero bit his lip, and nearly whispered, "Yes, Duo, I want you. More than anything."

Duo almost moaned at the sensuous voice making that declaration. "And I want you, Heero, more than anything. You're not that much older than me. What's wrong?"

Heero felt his body react to the words spoken from that sweet mouth. He wanted to hear it again and again. He tried to be strong. "I'm a teacher."

"But I'm not a kid! I'm almost legally an adult!" Duo protested. His body was protesting as well; it knew what it wanted, and was fully ready to experience it.

"Almost is the key word, Duo," Heero answered, trying to be strong. "I would still go to jail."

"But no one would ever know! I certainly wouldn't tell them!" Duo looked down miserably. It just wasn't fair. They wanted each other, yet they couldn't do...Duo had an idea. "We can still be together, though? You can still help me, tutor me?"

Heero sighed. He knew this was a bad idea, he knew it... "I suppose, Duo. But we can't... do anything. As much as I want to..." Heero tried in vain to repress the thoughts of what he wanted to do. Too late. His mind filled with vivid images, of Duo taking his clothes off, spreading those thighs for him, his mouth on his... this time he did moan out loud, and his cock ached unbearably.

Duo was breathing hard again, his mind working overtime as well. "You're thinking about it, aren't you? About what we can't do..." Duo's hand strayed down to his erection, stroking it through his jeans. Like he longed to touch Heero.

Heero nodded, watching Duo's hand touch himself like he wanted to touch Duo. He felt his own cock pulse in answer, and felt the wetness of his need. "We need to get out of here, Duo, or I'm going to do something we'll both regret," he breathed, licking his lips. "Please, Duo, stop," he said in a strangled voice.

Duo smiled. "But it feels so go~od, Heero," he said in a seductive voice, leaning back in the chair and running his hand under his shirt to expose his stomach.

"Duo!" Heero gasped out, slamming the math book shut hard, nearly losing control. "We need to go. Now." He stood up, gathering papers and studiously not looking at the beautiful boy.

Duo pouted, but was thrilled that he could have this kind of effect on the gorgeous teacher. The forbidden aspect of it all was turning him on incredibly. The delicious ache from his cock was making him feel wanton. He wondered just how strong Heero's will was.

Part Four

The next day was agony for both of them. Neither could think of anything but how much they wanted each other, and wanted to be together. Duo's heart, and his erection, was pounding as he approached science class. He had to hold his notebook over his lap, because in the tight jeans he had deliberately worn, his arousal would have been immediately obvious.

Heero looked up as the object of his desire walked into the classroom, and tried not to drool. Duo was poured into the tightest jeans he had ever seen. They hugged every part of his beautiful body, and with a spark of jealousy Heero noted that Duo was gathering admiring glances from more than just him. But those fears were allayed as Duo looked up at his as he passed the desk, slowing down just slightly and grinning. Heero followed Duo's eyes downward and nearly moaned as the longhaired boy moved the notebook, showing Heero the huge bulge that stretched the front of the jeans. Heero met Duo's eyes as he sat down, and Duo deliberately licked his lips. Heero wanted to whimper. The bewitching boy had him acting like a teenager himself.

Somehow they made it through the class. Duo's mind kept wandering as he gazed at the gorgeous teacher. He was hoping his display had affected the man. Because it had certainly affected him. His cock ached with repressed need. He had had the most incredible dreams last night, about touching Heero and kissing Heero and... the bell finally rang. Duo sauntered past the teacher's desk and smiled. "Same time, same place?" he asked hopefully.

Heero sighed. He was lost. He nodded, feeling his body react, and wondering how much longer he could resist Duo's considerable charms.

After school, Heero went directly to the study cubicle, trying not to look too eager. He kept telling himself that he could be content to just be with Duo, and that would be enough.

Duo was already there waiting, sprawled into a chair, feet up on the table, long legs stretched out, leaning back. He smiled at Heero when he entered. The teacher looked so gorgeous, crisp white shirt open at the neck, framing bronzed skin, cobalt eyes gazing at him lustfully.

"What are you trying to do to me, Duo?" Heero whispered as he took in the long-legged vision draped negligently before him.

"Seduce you," Duo purred in response, starting directly at the teacher's bulging pants. "Is it working?"

"Duo," Heero said, "You know that we can't..." he trailed off, unable to even say the words for fear of weakening his resolve.

"Then why are you here?" Duo said challengingly, uncrossing his legs and spreading them slightly.

"I can't help myself," murmured Heero truthfully.

Duo smiled. "I'll try to behave, then."

They did get some studying done. Duo picked up on the concepts very quickly. Soon they were interrupted by Duo's stomach growling loudly.

"Are you hungry, Duo?" Heero asked with amusement.

Duo grinned seductively. "Always. You know us teenage boys," he continued, stretching to show off his stomach, "Always hungry and always horny."

Heero didn't know whether to moan or laugh. "You're not helping, Duo. Would you like to go get something to eat?"

"Sure!" Duo enthused. Anything to spend more time with Heero.

They went to a small Italian restaurant that Heero knew was good. After assuring Duo he could have anything he wanted, and getting a seductive smile in return, Heero settled back and relaxed. It was so different, being away from school with the beautiful boy. It was as if the age difference and all the other problems fell away, and it was just the two of them. They truly enjoyed each other's company.

Duo had never been happier. He was free to gaze at Heero all he wanted; it was just like a date in the movies. They talked about lots of things, with never a lull in the conversation.

They found themselves drowning in each other's eyes; Duo played with his hair and Heero's fingers itched to touch it. Both men ached for each other and couldn't do anything about it.

All too soon, they were done. The restaurant was near the school, so they walked back to the school in companionable silence, both wishing they could just touch the other.

Heero approached his motorcycle, and said, without thinking, "Can I give you a ride home?" Then he realized what that would entail. The longhaired boy pressed behind him, arms wrapped around him... oh god, this was a bad idea...

But Duo was thinking faster, and jumped at the idea. "That would be great! Are you sure it's no trouble?" he asked, already anticipating finally getting to touch Heero.

Heero sighed. Inside, his body was cheering. He started the motorcycle and climbed on, and Duo climbed up behind him. He took a shuddering breath as he felt that body against his, tight up behind him, hardness pressed into his ass; hardness to match his own that pulsed with need.

Duo slid up as far as possible, sliding his hands around Heero, feeling the hard body at last. This was just like one of his dreams. He deliberately pressed his erection against Heero. He wanted the teacher to feel how much he wanted him. He held onto Heero tightly as they drove away. Duo let his hands slide down to Heero's waistband. He wanted so badly to touch the older man.

The orphanage came into view all too soon.

Duo slid off the bike, and faced Heero. He looked at the teacher and said hopefully, "Tomorrow?"

Heero nodded wordlessly. He couldn't stay away from Duo.

They both had very interesting dreams that night.

The next day when Heero walked into class, he knew he had lost; there sat Duo, beautiful hair loose and flowing down over his perfect ass. The erection he had just managed to get rid of returned with a vengeance.

Duo giggled to himself. Judging from the look on Heero's face, he'd made the right decision. Heero would be his. All he had to do was wear his hair loose.

The class passed in a blur; all Heero could do was stare at Duo. The hair cascading around him made the boy even more beautiful; Heero knew with a sinking feeling that he was obsessed with the teenager. He needed to be with him.

With a jolt of jealousy, he watched as girls in the class flirted shamelessly with Duo, enthusing over his hair and how he should wear it loose more often. Duo interacted easily with the girls, but always peeked at Heero from the corner of his eye. The teacher was the only one who interested him.

They met as usual after school. Heero was waiting for Duo this time, and looked hungrily at the boy as he entered. Wordlessly, they regarded each other. The tension in the air was palpable. The temperature in the room rose several degrees; Duo put his backpack down and perched on the table next to the other man. He let his hair trail over his shoulder as he leaned over Heero; the older man took a shuddering breath. It was all he could do to keep from grabbing Duo, throwing him down on the table and taking him right there. He truly didn't know how much longer he could resist temptation. And Duo wasn't helping, deliberately teasing him with that hair and body. But he couldn't stay away.

Duo was intoxicated by the effect he was having on Heero. He knew he shouldn't tease him that way, but Duo wanted the teacher so much that he couldn't think straight. He smiled. "You like?" It was the first chance they'd gotten to talk all day.

"You're killing me, Duo," moaned Heero, seeing ruin ahead of him in the form of a longhaired siren. And he didn't want to be saved.

"So do something about it, Heero," teased Duo. "Make me stop."

"I don't want you to stop," whispered Heero, reaching out to gently touch the chestnut silk.

"So what are we going to do about it then?" asked Duo, heart racing as Heero touched his hair.

"I don't know," murmured Heero, entranced. "Do you have any plans for the weekend?" It was Friday.

"No," Duo answered.

"Would you like to go for a hike or something? I know a great trail, very secluded, we could bring lunch and have a picnic," Heero suggested. And be alone, he thought.

Duo would have agreed to anything just to be with Heero. "Sounds wonderful."

Heero looked up at the longhaired boy. "We can't, you know."

"I know," sighed Duo. But I'm sure as hell going to make it as hard as possible for you to hold back, literally, he thought.

Part Five

Heero picked up Duo the next day, in his car this time. Duo was disappointed that he didn't get to press up against Heero, but the backpacks wouldn't have fit on the motorcycle. They drove for a while, chatting about various topics, and soon they arrived at a state park.

Heero watched Duo as they unloaded the packs. He was already rock hard from being near the longhaired boy; he had been dismayed yet gratified when he had seen Duo's outfit for the day. The beautiful boy was wearing very short denim shorts and a cropped t-shirt; all that exposed skin was almost too much to bear. Add to that the fact that he was wearing his hair loose, and Heero was ready to lose control. They had never even kissed, yet Heero was ready to risk his whole career and possibly break the law just for one taste.

Duo, in turn, was busy admiring Heero; the teacher was wearing spandex bike shorts that clung to his muscular legs and ass, and a tank top that revealed his upper body perfectly. Heero's body was even more glorious that Duo had imagined; best of all, the spandex couldn't hide the erection that matched his own. Heero was hard, for him and only him. It only made Duo more aroused.

They set off along the trail; they met very few people. They hiked for about an hour, enjoying the fresh air as well as admiring each other. Heero led them off the trail, into the trees. Finally Heero announced, "Let's stop here, shall we?"

Duo looked around. They had stopped in a small clearing surrounded by trees. It wasn't visible from the main trail. The sun and trees combined to cast a dappled effect, a combination of sun and shade that made the clearing just perfect.

Duo spread out the blanket while Heero unpacked the food. They settled down to enjoy the picnic.

"This is great, Heero. Thank you so much for inviting me," Duo said happily.

Heero smiled at Duo. "I'm having a wonderful time too, Duo. Thank you for coming."

Duo had a wicked thought; he picked up a strawberry and licked at, making sure Heero was watching. Heero couldn't tear his eyes away. Duo began to suck gently on the fruit, and Heero's cock pulsed in answer.

"Duo," warned Heero.

"What?" Duo asked as innocently as possible.

"You know what," answered Heero, eyes fixed on the boy's sweet mouth. He couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to have that mouth on his body...that soft skin against his... "Duo..."

Duo wanted Heero so much; he was so hard that his cock ached in the shorts. Imagining the strawberry was Heero's erection, he sucked at it erotically. He sat on his knees, and one hand went down to the bulge in his shorts, tracing it with a finger. He closed his eyes, stroking himself through his shorts, and heard Heero whimper in response.

Heero watched Duo play with himself; he couldn't tear his eyes away. The longhaired boy arched his back, raising his hips, head thrown back. Duo was perfection.

"If I can't have you, Heero, then you have to watch me pleasure myself. I'm so hot I have to do something," Duo said teasingly. "You're not touching me, so we're not doing anything wrong."

Heero moaned; he couldn't have stopped watching if he had wanted to. His own hand strayed to his spandex-clad erection, squeezing it through the thin material.

Duo pulled off his t-shirt, then unfastened his shorts, pulling them down just enough so his trapped arousal sprang free. Heero feasted his eyes on the beautiful boy, every inch as gorgeous as he had imagined. His silken hair trailed over his golden skin, and his cock was wet with his need. Heero watched as Duo wrapped his fingers around his own cock, touching himself as Heero longed to do. Duo began to stroke, and Heero couldn't stand it. He slipped his hand into the spandex and began to stroke himself.

"Oh, Heero..." moaned Duo, "I need you so much... I wish you were doing this to me," Duo gasped as he stroked himself, even more turned on by Heero watching him. He heard the older man moan in response. "This feels so good... I wish I could touch you... I wish you were fucking me..."

Heero leaned back against a tree, pulling out his shorts with one hand as he pumped his arousal with the other, never taking his eyes off the sexy teenager in front of him. All he could think about was how it would feel to ram his dripping cock deep into that beautiful body, hear Duo moan as he filled him... his hand was a poor substitute, but he couldn't stop. He had to see Duo climax, see the passion on that face as the ultimate pleasure overtook him. "Oh, god, Duo, I want you so much..." he moaned.

Heero's words and sexy voice drove Duo to stroke faster; he looked over at the teacher, pumping his own cock just as he himself was, handsome face flushed, driven mad with desire for him. "Heero... I... I'm going to... watch me...please..."

"I'm watching, Duo," Heero managed to gasp, stroking faster, "Show me, come for me, let me see..." Heero felt his own climax so close...

With a cry, Duo climaxed, intense pleasure shooting through his young body for the first time, exploding, tearing through him, white creamy passion coating his stomach, pulse after pulse leaving him gasping for air. "Heero!"

Heero watched Duo find his completion; his own climax seized him as he watched the longhaired boy give into passion. He screamed Duo's name as he climaxed, cock pulsing and releasing his need as he still watched the younger boy. "Oh, Duo..." he sighed longingly as the pleasure ebbed.

The two men watched each other, panting; even their climaxes had not lessened their passion for one another. Heero watched as Duo brought his hand up to his mouth, tasting his seed. Heero wished he could be the one to lick Duo clean.

"Heero?" Duo said as he licked his lips. "I wish I could taste you..."

Heero whispered, "I want nothing more, Duo..."

The two looked at each other across the blanket and across a gulf of taboo.

"I... think I love you, Heero," Duo said, eyes wide as if surprised by his own emotion.

Heero's heart ached. "I think I love you too, Duo."

"It's not fair!" cried Duo. "We love each other and we can't even touch!"

"Duo," moaned Heero. "You'll be 18 soon."

"I can't wait that long!" exclaimed Duo, indicating his already-returned erection. "I'll explode!"

Heero moved closer to Duo. He looked down at the longhaired boy wistfully. He honestly didn't know if he could stand not to touch Duo for that long. "We have to wait."

"Just one kiss won't hurt, will it?" pouted Duo enticingly.

Heero took one more step closer to ruin. "Maybe just one," he said longingly, moving closer. Duo held his breath as Heero moved closer

Heero moved in slowly, knowing he shouldn't do this but savoring every second at the same time. The anticipation of a first kiss; the warmth of Duo's body as he closed the distance between them... the first touch of soft lips on his, the slight salty tang of Duo's passion as the boy opened his mouth to Heero.

Duo moaned softly as he felt Heero's mouth on his; the word melted away as he was kissed for the first time. Heero's lips were soft and warm; he felt the older man's tongue on his lips, so he opened his mouth. Heero's tongue opened his mouth gently, exploring undemandingly; their tongues slid together in a silent dance of desire, slowly deepening.

Heero couldn't get enough of kissing Duo; he felt like he was drowning and Duo's mouth was his only hope. Duo was lost, too; losing himself in the symbolic joining of their mouths as a metaphor for what they really wanted. So Duo opened his mouth, allowing Heero to plunder it at will, surrendering his mouth like he wanted to surrender his body. Heero claimed Duo's mouth, thrusting his tongue in, an echo of what he wanted to do to the teen's lithe body.

The kiss seemed at once to last forever, and at the same time end too soon; they parted for air, staring dazedly into one another's eyes. "Heero..." whispered Duo. "I love you."

Just then, there was the sound of approaching footsteps; even though they weren't visible from the trail, Heero jumped guiltily. He sat back, gazing at the longhaired boy across the blanket. "Ai shiteru, Duo. That means I love you in Japanese."

They finished their lunch, though they had no real appetite for anything but each other. Both were thinking of ways they could be together, and neither wanted the day to end.

"Duo?" Heero had a thought; it was a risk but he was almost beyond caring. "I know a club, in the next town over... it's a gay bar, they don't check ID's or ask questions. I've been there a few times. They have a dance floor, and good music..."

Duo interrupted, "I'd go anywhere with you, Heero. It sounds great!" Duo was already imagining pressing up against Heero on a dark dance floor, losing himself in the music and the feeling of the beautiful man against him.

Heero smiled. "Tonight?"

Duo grinned, "Perfect!" Then he realized something. "I don't have anything to wear..."

"No problem, Duo, we can go get you something," Heero answered reassuringly.

Duo's face lit up. "Really? You'd do that for me? But I don't have any money..."

Heero interrupted. "Don't worry about it, Duo. Really. Let me do this for you, please?"

Duo looked hopeful. "Are you sure? I'll pay you back someday, I promise."

Heero nodded, and Duo smiled. They packed up the picnic and got ready to go; it was afternoon still and they had plenty of time. The day and night stretched before them, full of promise and temptation.

Part Six

Heero and Duo wandered around the mall; it was a good distance from the school, so luckily they encountered no one they knew. Duo was having a great time; he had never liked shopping before, but with Heero everything was fun. They got something to eat, and Duo tried on lots of outfits; modeling them all for Heero, enjoying the way the older man's eyes roamed over him in the revealing clothes. He tried to drag Heero in the dressing room with him, but the other man refused firmly. Heero didn't trust himself in a small, enclosed space with the sexy boy.

Duo finally decided; he didn't want to spend too much of Heero's money, but he wanted to look good for him. He selected a few other things, then they were ready. They drove back to Heero's apartment; Duo realized he had never seen where the teacher lived, and was anxious to find out more abut the man he loved.

They walked in; Heero realized they were now alone together. Nothing would stop them now if they kissed. He was instantly rock hard again; he had been in various stages of arousal so much today that despite his release earlier his cock still ached.

Duo was busy looking around; taking in the various things that make up a home and reflect the occupant's personality. He felt Heero's eyes on him and looked up to meet an intense cobalt gaze. He held his breath; the way Heero was looking at him made him shiver.

"Duo," Heero almost whispered, voice full of need. He took one step toward the teenager, clenching his fists, nails digging into his palms with the effort to not ravish the beautiful boy in front of him.

Duo looked at Heero; the older man looked like a wild animal, ready to strike. A beautiful, dangerous wild animal. And Duo wanted nothing more than to be attacked by that animal, to surrender completely to savagery. "Heero..."

In a flash, Heero had Duo in his arms, kissing him savagely, burying his hands in the flowing hair, pulling the sexy boy hard against his aching body. Duo surrendered to the kiss, melting into Heero's body, pressing his erection against the older man's.

Heero rocked his hips against Duo's, slipping his hands down to cup Duo's ass, pulling the other boy as hard as possible against him. They ground their hips together desperately, Duo clinging to Heero's strong shoulders.

Gasping, Heero finally broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, Duo, I shouldn't have done that, but I couldn't help myself..."

"Oh, god, Heero, I can't take this anymore..." Duo whimpered. "I want you so much!"

"And I want you more than anything," replied Heero, "But I'm the adult, and I have to be strong..."

Duo pouted. He didn't want to be strong, he wanted to be underneath Heero. "I understand," he said miserably. Then he brightened, and grabbed the bag of clothes, going into the bathroom to change. Heero hadn't yet seen the full outfit, and Duo wanted to see the other man's face when he took in the full effect. Heero went off to change as well.

Heero finished first, and waited in the living room for Duo. Finally the boy emerged, and Heero's mouth went dry. Duo had chosen low-slung black vinyl pants, a black mesh t-shirt that was effectively transparent, and a pair of black boots. His erect nipples showed clearly through the mesh, as did his taut stomach. The shirt didn't quite meet the hip-hugging pants, and there was a tantalizing strip of creamy flesh visible. The shiny pants rode low on Duo's slim hips, and hugged his lithe form. It was also obvious he wore nothing underneath. The clothes were seductive enough to make a dead man hard, but Duo hadn't stopped there. His hair was loose, and fell about him in silken waves, and was anointed with purple glitter that matched his eyes. Those eyes were rimmed with the merest hint of black eyeliner, just enough to make the boy even more heartbreakingly beautiful.

Duo stood in front of Heero, a bit unsure. Heero wasn't saying anything. Maybe he had overdone it? "Heero? Is this ok?" Duo asked.

Heero truly couldn't speak; Duo was a vision that went straight to his aching cock. To think that he had to resist this siren for another five months... Heero knew then and there that he would never make it. He was well and truly lost. "Duo..." whispered Heero. "I...don't know the words to tell you how beautiful you are. Just know that you surpass any fantasy I have ever had."

Duo didn't know what to say to those poetic words. So he settled for, "You don't look half bad yourself," which was a major understatement. Heero wore black jeans so tight that you couldn't have slid a finger in the waistband, with a gray muscle shirt tucked into them. The shirt bared his impressive arms, and the jeans cupped the perfect ass. His hair was messy as usual, but Duo thought Heero was the sexiest man he had ever seen.

Duo wiggled his way up to Heero, running his fingers over the bulging biceps appreciatively. "What big muscles you have, Heero," purred Duo, stopping inches from the other man.

"All the better to hold you down and fuck you, Duo," Heero growled, running possessive hands over Duo's vinyl-clad ass.

"Promises, promises..." murmured the longhaired boy, letting Heero pull him close.

"I always keep my promises," whispered Heero, grinding his erection against Duo's, crushing the other boy to him.

Duo's answering whimper was drowned out when Heero savagely kissed him.

Finally, Heero pulled back, gazing at the seductive boy in his arms longingly. "Want to go dancing?"

"I'd rather do something else," complained Duo, "but dancing is almost as good."

They got in Heero's car and drove to the club. They got in with little trouble. The only problem, in Heero's mind, were the interested glances Duo got from nearly everyone in the bar. Duo was his!

They settled at a small booth. They ordered drinks, nothing alcoholic; neither was interested in dulling any sensations tonight. The music was excellent, driving and loud; the lights were low and the couples on the dance floor were uninhibited.

Heero and Duo watched for a while; but they both wanted an excuse to touch each other, and dancing was it. Duo pulled Heero out onto the dance floor, and immediately started moving to the beat. Heero just watched for a moment, transfixed; Duo had a dancer's body, and the slim hips grinding to the music drew his eyes inexorably. Duo threw himself into the music, thrusting his hips forward and back, arms above his head, head thrown back, hair flowing down his back. Duo looked over at Heero, and without pausing he blew a kiss and beckoned the older man close, smiling seductively.

Heero accepted the offer, dancing close to the longhaired boy, grabbing a handful of the silken hair and pulling gently. He moved closer, pressing his lower body against Duo's, grinding his hips into Duo's, moving to the music. Duo smiled at him, letting Heero set the pace, rubbing his erection against Heero's. Heero's cobalt eyes darkened, and he mouthed, "Mine," to Duo, running a hand over the sexy boy's ass. Heero couldn't believe the possessive feelings this boy gave him; but he couldn't help himself. He needed to possess Duo; needed it more than air.

Heero and Duo danced; forgetting for a few brief moments that they were teacher and student, and were forbidden to love. They lost themselves in the music, touching, moving, feeling. The world disappeared; all that existed was the music, their bodies and the chemistry they created. On the dance floor they were free, free to touch, to kiss, to play. They never wanted to stop.

Finally, they collapsed, sweaty and worn out. Heero couldn't believe that they had spent so long dancing. His favorite had been the slow dances, when could hold Duo in his arms. He ached with desire, protectiveness and love for the longhaired boy.

Duo sighed happily, leaning back against Heero in the booth. He could forget the world outside when he was in Heero's arms. He knew he was young, but he also knew he was falling deeper in love with the teacher. What were they going to do?

Heero groaned as he realized how deep they were. There was no way he could keep his hands off the beautiful teen much longer.

The club was closing; Heero had to get Duo back to the orphanage, despite his protests. It was the hardest thing he had ever done to part from the sweet boy he now knew he loved. He watched as Duo walked up to the front of the building and disappeared inside with a sad wave. He drove home to his empty apartment and tried desperately to think of a solution to their problem. He stripped off his clothes as he entered the apartment, stepping into the shower gratefully. His thoughts turned immediately to Duo, and his cock hardened once again. He tried to ignore it, but couldn't; the warm water running over his body just turned him on even more, and all he could think of was showering with Duo, taking him under the warm cascade. His hand strayed, squeezing his own length roughly, moaning quietly.

At the same time, Duo was sliding into his own bed in the small room, dressed only in a long t-shirt. It was so lonely without Heero, and the mere thought of the teacher make him rock hard instantly. For the second time that day, he touched himself, stroking the hardness, wishing Heero were doing this to him. He tried to be quiet; the walls here were paper thin. He stroked faster, unable to stop the sensation.

"Duo," whispered Heero, lost in thoughts of the sexy longhaired boy as he pumped his cock. Duo beneath him, riding him, sucking him... all he could see was chestnut hair and violet eyes, and a graceful body wrapped around him. His desire for Duo was his whole world; stroking faster, he imagined he was deep inside the boy, filling him and pounding him and kissing him desperately.

"Heero," moaned Duo quietly, gripping his aching cock tighter as he lengthened his strokes. He wanted everything, wanted to be with Heero and be fucked by Heero and be loved by Heero; the intensity of his emotion spurred his hand and his desire. He spread his legs apart, feeling Heero between them, and went over the edge; biting back cries of Heero's name, he spilled his release alone, vowing that he would love Heero forever. Agonizing pleasure took him; blinding pleasure gripped his young body, making him shudder with his release.

Heero thrust into his hand harder, and thought of sliding inside Duo for the first time. Imagining the tightness of the boy's body, surrounding his arousal, knowing he would never meet anyone else that would ever again affect him this much... Heero vowed to find a way for them to be together. He found his completion then; moaning Duo's name, he released his seed, pulsing over and over, searing yet empty ecstasy gripped his body as he came, savoring the pleasure while aching to be with Duo.

Duo slumped back, wiping away the stickiness as best he could, almost crying because Heero wasn't there to hold him. He drifted off to sleep, thoughts of the cobalt-eyed man dominating his dreams.

Heero stumbled to his bed, falling in it, exhausted and only half-dry; his last thoughts before drifting off were of Duo's beautiful face, laughing with joy. There had to be a way.

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