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Lullaby (part 1 - 3)


<Duo POV>

"Well, sir, it all started a week ago. We were moving to a new school, again." Duo settled back into the soft couch and looked at the psychologist.


(Knock, knock) "Duo pack up, we're outta here." I heard Quatre through the door as I forced myself to wake. I glanced at the indiglo alarm clock on my night stand and saw it was after two in the morning. I slipped out of my nice warm bed and padded over to the door, quickly unlocked it and pulled the blond boy inside my room.

"What happened this time?" I sighed, we were having to move every other week now, mostly because someone would do something stupid and people got suspicious. Last time Wufei had gotten drunk and started ranting about justice, and how he would right the injustices of the world with Nataku. The time before a lion had escaped from a nearby circus, well Trowa captured it and took it back to the circus, riding on its back.

"It was Heero. Relena found us again and he threatened to kill her, gun and all, in the middle of the cafeteria." Quatre mumbled.

"Great, just great!" I mumbled as I grabbed my worn duffle and started throwing things in. I muttered a few choice words aimed towards my homicidal partner. Quatre must have sensed my unhappiness because he slowly edged backwards away from me and then flew out the door. I glared at the now shut door. I was *not* a happy camper, I finished tossing my weapons and my now shut down laptop into my bag.

"Idiotic Yuy. Had to go and screw this up for the rest of us huh? Heero no baka."

<Author POV>

Dark Prussian blue eyes glowed as the boy known as Heero Yuy listened at the door. He had a slightly pained look on his face as he heard the last few words.

<Heero's POV>

//Great, I really screwed up this time// I thought to myself as I walked away from the door. I thought about how many times we have had to move and how hard it must have been for Duo to do that, and yet still remain smiling.

//I just had to ruin this for him, well I won't do it again. This I swear!// I walked back into my room and grabbed my own duffle. I put back on my emotionless mask and headed out to meet the others.

As I reached the place where the other's, minus Duo, were waiting I was greeted with a glare from Quatre. I started into his bright aqua eyes and huffed. I knew he was mad at me for upsetting Duo, but there was nothing I could do about it now. In fact it was all Relena's fault. I allowed my passive face to slip into one containing a sneer as I thought of that overbearing female.

//Where does she get off? I have told her time and time again, that I feel nothing for her. Yes, I admire her and all she stands for, but I will never love her. She reminds me too much of the girl with the puppy to kill, otherwise she would have been dead a long time ago.// My head popped up as I was jolted out of my train of thought by an indignant huff and the sound of a duffle bag being dropped.

"Nice Yuy, next time think of the rest of us before you decide to blow our cover. Quatre I'm out of here, I know where we are going. I will see you all there." With that Duo looked away, easing my discomfort greatly. I had no idea that those usually sparkling blue eyes could hold so much anger and coldness. I let my mask skip for a second as I watched his retreating back.

"So Heero," Quatre asked quietly, "how long have you loved him?"

Part Two

<Heero's POV>

"So Heero," Quatre asked quietly, "how long have you loved him?" At this I dropped my jaw. First off, how the hell did Quatre know. I mean I was way too careful about hiding my feelings. And second, I wasn't even sure I loved him. I admit I liked him, but love? I don't know. So in response I ignored the question and walked off to Wing.

<Author's POV>

It was nearing dawn as they were setting down their Gundams in a forest near where they would be now attending school. Duo had been there for about twenty minutes but had sat to wait for his friends. He had a sullen look on his face as he waited, the time to think had not made him any less angry at his partner.

<Heero's POV>

//Great he still looks pissed. I hope he doesn't stay too upset for too long.// Heero thought as he landed Wing softly on to the dewy grass. He could almost see the rays of sun that had just started to peak over a nearby mountain. It was going to be a beautiful morning. As the others landed I climbed out of my cockpit, I wanted to have a word with Duo before this got all out of hand. As I drew nearer he noticed a slight change in Duo's stance. He stiffened slightly and turned a bit farther away.

"Duo, can we talk?" I asked softly.

"I do not believe there is anything to talk about. You blew it and ruined it for the rest of us. Right now I am really upset with you. I was doing well and making friends and then because you couldn't handle that obnoxious brat," by now Duo had stood up and was yelling in my face,

"You had to go and screw things up. Why can't you just tell her to get lost. And hell while your at it, get lost on your way!" as he finished his tirade he stalked off, I noticed his fists were clenched and his back was ramrod straight. I sighed softly and waited for the others before we took off towards the school.

"Wow," Wufei breathed as we drew near the school we would now be attending. It was replica of a medieval castle. It had four towers that were about six stories high. There was an elevator that took the students up to their dorms. The class rooms were in the bottom floor and the office was at the entrance. The cafeteria, gym, and swimming pool were in the place where the dungeon would be. It was supposed to be a fabulous private school, normally they wouldn't be able to afford going there. But thanks to Heero's hacking skills, OZ was now paying for all of their education.

"Hurry up. We told them that we would be there by 6:30am and it's almost 6." Heero instructed, picking up his pace. I heard the other pilots following me at a faster pace as well. I was a little worried though. I couldn't see Duo any more and I wondered where he had disappeared to. Soon enough we were through the field we had been pushing through. I could see Duo sitting off to the side of the field, waiting for us.

"Don't even think of it Yuy, I am only waiting because they would think it was weird if we were not all together." with that he turned away and started talking to Quatre. I knew I could trust the others with my secret. It wasn't the fact that they were friends are were trustworthy. But we needed to be able to depend on each other in this job.

We traveled the rest of the way in silence, except for the soft conversation Duo and Quatre were having. As we grew nearer to the front door of the enormous castle I felt the knot of worry in my stomach grow. Instead of trusting my instinct and taking us to a different school I ignored it and opened the door to the office.

"Hello, I am Heero Yuy. This is Quatre Raberba Winner, Trowa Barton, Chang Wufei, and Duo Maxwell. We are the transfer students, if it is at all possible we would like our room assignments. We have had a long journey and would like to go get some rest." I didn't try to put on any charm, that was not my area of expertise. It was Duo's and he was not up to being charming. With a curt nod the women sitting behind the desk handed us a bundle of papers. In those papers would be our room assignments, schedules and anything else we needed. I looked at the paper that listed my room assignment.

"I am in tower 4, floor 6, room 6029." I listed and looked up at my fellow pilots. To my surprise Duo's face dropped and he mumbled something unintelligible.

"What Duo? Speak up," Quatre poked him.

"I said, I am in the same room." with that he stalked off in the direction of the elevator.

"Duo, wait up. We might as well go up together." I jogged after the disgruntled pilot. he snorted, but slowed a little. I followed him into the elevator and dropped my bag as the doors slid shut. The ride was silent until we were between floor's 4 and 5. Then, disaster struck.

"SCREECH!!!" the elevator stopped shakily and the lights flickered off.

"Oh just great!" Duo cursed as he fumbled for the emergency phone. we were stuck in the elevator.

Part Three

<Duo's POV>

We were stuck, and it sucked. I was trying so very hard not to freak out and start screaming. Hey, it's not my fault I hate enclosed spaces. I have always been mildly claustrophobic, but it tends to hit even worse when I am really emotional. And right now I was beyond emotional, I was so upset right then that I could scream. I growled as I heard a person pick up on the other side of the line.

"Ok, we are stuck in an elevator. I want out and I want out NOW!" I snarled into the phone.

"Ok sir. We have notified the engineers and we will get you out of there as soon as possible. Now if you will just relax it will not take too long." a snide voice echoed into the phone.

"Relax? You want me to relax! Oh I swear if you do not mmph mmph." My threat was cut off by Heero's hand slapping over my mouth. I glared at him as he took the phone out of my hand and hung it up.

"Don't get us kicked out," he growled before letting me go. I glared at him and went to slump in a corner. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing. It could practically feel the walls close in on me. I heard Heero sit in the opposite corner. I wanted to open my eyes and glare at him, but I knew if I did I would see the walls closing in. So I took the safest road out, I kept my eyes shut and tried to think of something else.

<Heero's POV>

I looked at him and was fairly shocked to see him like he was. It was as if he seemed to be trying to not hyperventilate. I wanted so bad to hold him and make all the evil things go away. But I knew if I did he would probably be disgusted and then kill me. No holding was defiantly out of the question. So instead I settled for singing a lullaby. There was one I knew from a child, how I knew it or even why was a mystery to me. But I did know it and it always helped me when I couldn't handle things.

"Hush my dear, lie still and slumber.
Holy angels guard they bed,
Heavenly blessings without number,
Gently fall upon thy head."

I kept my voice low and watched him for any signs of movement. There was nothing except the fact that he seemed a little less tense. So I continued on, it is a beautiful song and despite what a lot of people think, I have a fairly decent singing voice.

"Lullaby lullaby
Go to sleep my love, my dear.
Lullaby lullaby
God will keep thee ever near."

I let my voice rise a little in volume, but still kept it fairly quiet. I was rewarded with a glimpse of violet eyes, red rimmed violet eyes. I stayed still, but continued to stare into his eyes as I sang.

"How much better thou attended.
Then the son of God could be,
When from heaven he descended,
And became a child like thee,"

Duo now had his head up and was leaning forward towards me. I really was aching to gather him in my arms and rock him while I sang, but the same problem as before still stood.

"Lullaby lullaby,
Go to sleep my love my dear
Lullaby lullaby
God will keep thee ever near."

I continued to sing as he edged forward, closer to me.

"Mayst thou live to know and fear him,
Trust and love him all thy days,
Then go dwell forever near him,
See his face and sing his praise."

He was now sitting next to me and I had dropped my voice down to the original level. To my complete and utter surprise he joined in with me for the final chorus.

"Lullaby lullaby,
Go to sleep my love me dear,
Lullaby lullaby,
God will keep thee ever near."

I looked over at him and he smiled softly.

"Better?" I asked quietly. I knew better then to say much more because he might still be upset with me.

"Yea. Thanks I don't know why small spaces get to me, but they do," he closed his eyes again, but this time not in fear but in relaxation.

"Now, we should probably get out of here." I said, reasserting myself and standing up.

"What do you plan on doing?" Duo asked, his violet eyes narrowing slightly.

"Going through the escape hatch, and then climbing to the next floor." I started to reach up to knock away the panel but was stopped by Duo's hand on my arm.

"Oh no you don't. That will make them wonder. I mean how many 15 year old *normal* guys would think of that. No, we are going to sit here and wait like *normal* people and eventually get rescued." he snarled at me, guess he still wasn't completely over the little incident before.

"Fine, then we wait." I said nonchalantly and sat back down.


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