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Teaser of Claiming Duo Maxwell


"What do you think?"

"Really Duo I think you are too grown up for playing dress up."

"Leave me alone Wuffie."

"It's Wufei Maxwell! WUFEI!"

"And it's Duo not Maxwell."

Wufei was sitting backstage of the Threater Royal watching as Duo came off stage from his last ever dress reheasal.

"First show tomorrow night. Nervous?"

"Just a bit."

Duo pulled at the clothes he wore and tugged them off and pulled his own more comforting clothes on.


The mangar came forward and passed Duo a letter.

"Came through while you were performing."

Duo nodded his thanks and slowly opened the sealed envolpe.

"Love letter from Heero?" Wufei joked.

Duo pulled the paper out slowly and he read it. As he read his eyes grew wide and he dropped the piece of paper to the floor.

"Duo? You alright?"

Tears rolled down Duo's face and he pointed at the letter.

Wufei picked it up and quickly read the letter.

"My Dearest Duo,

                        It's been a while but I have finally come back. Things never really go as they seem do they? It doesn't matter, I'll be watching you tomorrow and will visit you afterwards. Be ready for me my love. It has been far too long.



Wufei looked up at Duo.

"Whose Pepsin?"

"Trieze's brother."



Heero laughed at Quatre and pushed him away.

"Get going before I hit you."

The blond teen smiled at his brother's love.

"Take care!"

"I will. See you tomorrow."

"Bye Heero."

Quatre waved at Heero before jogging off down towards home. Heero turned and walked towards his own street and the warm bed that waited him.

Heero paused and looked back.

"Quatre if you are following me I suggest that you go home right now."

"I'm not Quatre." A greasy voice called out into the night and Heero felt his body curl in horror as a figure appeared and he was pressed roughly against a wall.

"I have a message for you from my boss. Stay away from Duo Maxwell if you value your life."

Then the grip was gone and Heero was left along in the street.

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