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Making Love to Death (Part 16)



Reaching the mansion a short time later, the four headed for the kitchen, famished, Quatre excusing himself for a moment as they looked around for something to eat.


A short time later the four took their exit from the room, Duo turning toward Heero at the door "Ummm………I'll be up in a minute, Heero.", ignoring the questioning look on Heero's face.


Duo smirked as he sat at the kitchen table, a large bowl of strawberries set before him.


"So he wants a midnight snack, eh ?" Duo spoke aloud, grinning evilly.


Carefully cutting the stems off of each one, he placed them gently back in the bowl. Picking up the other two things he had taken out of the fridge, Duo grabbed the bowl of strawberries and placing the items in a small brown bag made his way upstairs.


Heero was talking with Trowa and Quatre outside their room as Duo came bounding through the hallway. Saying only quick good nights, Duo impatiently pulling on Heero's hand, the two made their way to their room, leaving Quatre and Trowa smiling at them.


Heero stood in the doorway for a moment, then pulling Duo next to him, the two peered inside, Heero's arm surrounding Duo's waist, pulling him closely.


Stepping back out into the hall, Heero noted that Quatre and Trowa were smiling in their direction. Quatre winked at the two and making his way into his room, pulling Trowa in behind him, closed the door.




"He's fast." Duo commented happily, the two entering the room, Duo depositing the brown bag on the dresser.


Heero felt a sudden rush of unidentifiable emotions as he stood staring down at their king sized bed.


Coming to stand behind his motionless lover, Duo asked "Heero, everything okay ?" his arms encircling Heero's waist tightly as he kissed the back of Heero's neck.


"Yes, Duo. Everything is perfect......just perfect." Heero told him softly, his hands coming to rest on Duo's, still surrounding his waist.


Releasing Heero from his grasp several seconds later, Duo flopped down onto the huge bed, allowing himself to bounce slightly before settling onto his back, his hands moving up to clasp behind his head, as he lay staring at Heero, still standing at the foot of their bed.


"It's got lots of bounce Heero. We did a great job of breaking it in." Duo winked, patting the empty space beside him, inviting Heero to join him.


Heero stared at Duo for a second, then removing his socks and shoes, stepped up onto the bed making his way to where Duo lay. Heero stopped above Duo, his legs straddling Duo's waist, his eyes staring down into Duo's with an intensely serious look on his face.


Only staring back up at Heero, taking a moment to appreciate the impressive angles of Heero's graceful face, Duo smiled at his lover and waited for Heero to say something.


Finally he spoke "Duo" Heero almost whispered, his voice dripping with passion "Do you realize how incredibly beautiful you are, My Duo?" the words fell softly from his mouth, his eyes still riveted to Duo's.


Duo remained still and silent, knowing Heero wasn't looking for a response. A shiver made its way through his body as he lay staring up at his incredibly sexy lover, lost in the desire of being devoured by Heero's eyes.


"You intoxicate me Duo Maxwell." Heero moaned, his hand coming up to slowly undo the buttons of his silken shirt, each one opening to reveal a little more of his finely chiseled body to Duo's hungry eyes, letting it fall open, but not removing it, allowing his lover laying beneath him a limited view of his naked chest.


Duo gasped as Heero seductively stripped above him, Heero's chest visibly rising and falling, the lines of his hardness showing through the thick fabric of his light blue jeans, Duo's own member hardening at the exhilarating sight of Heero poised in splendor above him.


Gliding his hands slowly downward over his smooth chest, stopping briefly to toy with his sensitive, already erect nipples, Heero's fingers quickly undid the snap of his jeans, his other hand unzipping them painfully slowly, as he watched his lover's reactions to his striptease.


Finally letting his gaze leave Duo's, Heero's lusty stare traveled down the length of Duo's body, his eyes coming to rest on the huge bulge in Duo's jeans. Moaning lowly at the view, Heero grabbed the heavy fabric still covering his lower body and turned it down slightly, allowing Duo only a glimpse of his longing.


Duo groaned as Heero's erection came partially into view, the glistening tip rising up from the dark softness below.


"Do you see what you are doing to me, Duo? " Heero told him, the palm of his hand brushing lightly against his swollen head, a gasp escaping his lips as he closed his eyes, tossing his head back slightly at his own touch.


Duo shuddered beneath him, his hand moving downward to adjust his painful erection still trapped within his too tight jeans.


"I can't control my desire for you, lover." Heero told him, his hungry eyes once again staring into Duo's, his hands coming up to push the white silky fabric off his shoulders, allowing his shirt to fall gracefully to the bed.


"Heero" Duo moaned, his eyes unwilling to leave the perfect vision of his lovers half naked and aroused form above him, his breathing becoming more rapid at Heero's tease.


Heero closed his eyes and moved his hand inside the partially opened zipper of his pants, gently squeezing his erection before moving his hand slowly up and down it's length. "Mmmm....." Heero moaned as he pleasured himself, glancing down briefly through half-lidded eyes to see if Duo was watching him, before closing them fully again.


There was nothing on God's great earth that could have diverted Duo's attention from the fascination of watching Heero masturbate for him, such an incredibly erotic look on his lover's exquisite face.


Momentarily breaking his grasp and sliding his pants further down off of his hips, Heero groaned as his hand moved again to surrounded his cock, his other hand lightly rubbing his now exposed balls, abandoning them occasionally to glide his open hand down the soft flesh on the inside of his thighs.


Biting down harshly on his lower lip, Duo stifled his groans, not wanting anything to detract from the unbelievably sensuous stream of sounds that now flowed from Heero's open mouth.


"Mmmmmmm...Duo.." Heero moaned loudly "I want you so much.....", then falling slowly to his knees, his body reclining slightly, coming to rest on Duo's thighs, Heero rocked his hips forward, the pace of his touch reaching an almost frenzied state.


It took all of Duo's willpower to resist reaching forward to touch Heero, as the muscles in Heero's thighs began to tighten, Duo knowing Heero was close to climax.


Heero threw his head back once more in ecstasy and moaning loudly, abandoned himself to his own hand, his body convulsing violently as the jets of warm liquid shot out to cover his chest, jolts of pleasure still coursing through his body, his hand still clutching his member tightly, pumping slowly until he was thoroughly empty.


Remaining there for some time, his breathing slowly returning to normal, Heero looked up at Duo, his unanswered need written all over his glowing heart shaped face. "Ai Shiteru, Duo."


Duo reached forward to wipe the hair from his lovers sweaty face, then pulled Heero roughly down on top of him, Duo's mouth reaching up to meet Heero's almost violently, his tongue forcing it's way into Heero's mouth. "God, how I love you, Heero." Duo whispered, then moaning lowly into Heero's mouth, Duo moved his hips upward, his painfully erect member seeking the friction of Heero's body. Heero raised himself up, denying Duo's request, Duo grunted his disapproval, and thrust his hips up again, still missing his mark.


"Don't torture me lover." Duo moaned into Heero's ear, his tongue licking the sensitive flesh on Heero's neck, his voice now softer "Please, Heero." Duo begged. Heero merely stared into Duo's eyes, excited by the raw hunger he saw in the glassy violet orbs.


Heero rolled off of Duo and lie on his side, his head propped up on his hand beside his very frustrated lover, Duo's appetite still unsatiated, the pleas of his highly aroused body disappointingly ignored.


Only then realizing what Heero wanted him to do, Duo spoke. "I guess I'll just have to take matters into my own hands." Duo told his wide-eyed lover, running his fingers roughly over the denim fabric still holding his erection prisoner.


Kneeling several feet in front of a totally mesmerized Heero, Duo touched himself lightly, tracing the visible outline of his hardness through his jeans with one finger, his hips rotating in small circles, his eyes closed in delight as he moaned softly.


"Do you like to watch me touch myself, Heero ? Duo asked as his hands reached up to grasp the soft fabric of his shirt, slowly pulling it over his head. Shaking his head slowly from side to side, making sure his hair fell neatly into place, Duo locked his eyes onto Heero's, first noticing that Heero had already regained his erection.


"That was quite the show you put on for me, Heero. It's going to be a tough act to follow." Duo started "But I'm think up for the challenge, lover.", Duo cooed, slipping his finger into his mouth and then out again, his tongue gently licking its length before he closed his lips gently around it.


Heero shivered. He could almost feel Duo's mouth on his hardness, Duo's expert tongue exquisitely teasing every inch of his erection. Heero moaned at Duo's manipulative motions.


Trailing the now wet finger down his face and across the soft flesh of his neck, Duo let his fingertip brush across his erect nipple, then closing his eyes, allowed his thumb and fingertip to further harden the pink flesh. "I'm so disappointed you won't touch me." Duo whispered "Nobody does it quite like you do, Heero. You are the perfect lover." Duo finished, his both hands reaching downward to unbutton his jeans, his finger stopping to trace a circle around his navel.


"Mmmm.....Duo." Heero moaned, his eyes filled with pure lust for the magnificent boy, his half naked, very aroused body glistening with sweat, Heero's hands searching for his own arousal, Duo's words driving him almost mad.


Gently unzipping his pants, Duo stood, sliding his jeans and boxers down around his ankles, bringing himself once again to a kneeling position, this time a little bit closer to his totally captivated audience of one.


Placing his open hand on his chest, Duo slid it downward ever-so slowly, allowing his fingers to play in his chestnut silk, never touching himself where and how he knew Heero wanted him to.


Heero's growled at Duo's omission, the disappointment clear on Heero's no longer passive face. Heero stared at Duo, who was now watching him intently and dropping his hand into his lap, Heero touched himself lightly, his expression clearly asking his lover to do the same.


Duo's cock twitched at the alluring invitation, but the evil grin on Duo's provocative face let Heero know which part of Duo's body was giving the orders. "No, Heero….not yet" Duo teased.


Duo stared at Heero, the cobalt eyed pilot now looking directly in Duo's magnetic eyes. Lying back slowly, his elbows supporting his weight, Duo spread his legs, Heero's attention immediately shifting to Duo's seductive pose before him.


"It's been 6 months since you've seen me like this, Heero. Have you missed looking at me ?" Duo whispered, "Does my body still please you ?", His hands now caressing his soft pale flesh, Duo asked, Heero's expression answering his question, but still wanting to hear the words from Heero's mouth. "Does it, Heero ?" Duo asked again impatiently, his fingers trailing downward to touch his arousal.


Heero moaned "My God, yes, Duo. You look simply exquisite.....I almost forgot how alluring you are like this."


"But you still don't want to touch me." Duo told him "I understand." and bringing his finger up to his mouth, wetting it thoroughly, Duo moved toward his opening, his digit gently touching it. "Mmmm..." Duo moaned, "I need to come, Heero." Duo whispered. "I really need to come." Duo panted, his finger now slowly melting into its intended space. "Oh God Heero.....That feels so good."


Heero could feel his heart beating faster and faster as he watched Duo writhing at the pleasure his own finger gave him, as he pushed a bit further inside himself. "Nnnn.....Duo.....please.....don't." Heero begged him, reaching forward to pull Duo's hand away.


Realizing before he started that Heero may object to what he had in mind, Duo whispered breathlessly "Are you jealous lover ? Shall I save myself for you ? Heero nodded as Duo smiled and came again to a kneeling position before Heero, his arousal throbbing only inches away from Heero's hungry gaze. Making sure Heero's attention was still focused on his hard on, Duo took his hardness roughly into his hand and began stroking it firmly.


"Mmmmm......This will do just fine." Duo moaned, his thumb sliding over his tip, rubbing the rest of the swollen head with the moisture he had gathered, his skilled hand now moving faster up and down the shaft. Closing his eyes and throwing his head up toward the ceiling, Duo groaned loudly "Are you watching me, Heero ? I'm about to come for you."


Heero was totally absorbed in watching Duo's lithe form moving in such an erotic way so incredibly close to him. "Yes.....I am watching you. You're astonishing, Duo." Heero replied, his breathing erratic, his hand wandering slowly down toward his undeniable ache, his fist coming to surround it tightly.


Now reaching forward to quicken the pace, Duo's arched his back, the highly defined muscles in his abdomen quivering, as the first shot of warmth exploded from his body. "Arghh......Mmmm......God......Heero, this is turning me on so much."


Heero moaned loudly as he watched Duo bring himself to climax. His eye's riveted his lover's face so beautifully contorted with immense pleasure, sending Heero over the edge, uttering Duo's name as he released into his hand.


Duo groaned, his hips jerking forward, his hand moving faster, each thrust sending another stream of his seed onto Duo's chest. Duo's body shook uncontrollably, his knees giving out from underneath him, sending him tumbling onto the bed, his sweat drenching body now lay panting at Heero's feet.


Reaching forward, Heero pushed the sweat soaked hair from Duo's face. Duo smiled up at Heero's still fascinated face, "I'm going to assume that you aren't disappointed, lover." Duo whispered, his hand reaching towards Heero's, still firmly grasping his now limp cock. Firmly grasping Heero's hand, Duo brought it to his mouth, his tongue licking the salty fluid from Heero's fingers, moaning at his lover's flavor.


"No, Duo, not disappointed at all." Heero whispered softly, still in a trancelike state.


Pulling Heero down to his mouth, Duo kissed him, wanting Heero to taste himself in his mouth. "I love you, you have any idea of how much I love you ?" Duo whispered, softly recapturing Heero's mouth, his tongue winding ever so gently around Heero's before pulling away breathless.


The two lay quietly tangled in each other limbs exhausted and reveling in the long absent intimacy.


"Mmmmmm....Duo ? I think we could use a shower about now." Heero commented lazily several minutes later, now aware of the immense mess they were both covered in.


"Mmmm.....You first Heero, I'm still basking in the glow." Duo winked, his very happy face smiling up at Heero's.




Returning quite refreshed only a short time later, clad only in a small white towel, Heero, found Duo in front of the dresser, getting some fresh clothes.


"Mmmmm.....Shower felt great, Duo." he told him, walking toward his naked lover, Duo removing the brown bag from the dresser, placing it gently on the floor.


"What's in the bag, Duo ?" Heero asked Duo.


Duo turned to him and smiled "You'll find out soon enough, Heero." and placing a kiss on Heero's cheek, Duo headed for the bathroom.


Opening the door several seconds later, Duo poked his head out "No peeking Heero !" then promptly closed the door.


His curiosity now peaked, Heero eyed the brown bag suspiciously.


Shrugging his shoulders lightly, Heero slipped into a pair of shorts of the black spandex variety, then towel drying his hair, ran his fingers through it once and lay down on the bed.


Duo entered the room only minutes later, looking totally relaxed, his black jogging shorts hanging loosely from his still damp hips.


"I'm going downstairs to get something to drink. You thirsty, Heero ?" Duo asked.


Nodding toward Duo, Heero responded, "Some water would be great. Thanks, Duo." he smiled.


Minutes later Duo returned with two very cold bottles of Evian. Sitting down on the bed next to Heero, Duo opened one and handed it to him.


"So, what's in the bag, Duo ?" Heero asked


Taking a swig from the large bottle, Duo smiled, placing the bottle of water on the nightstand.


Duo looked over at Heero, a wide smile on his face "Curiosity killed that cat ya know, Heero ?" Duo winked.


"I'm not a cat." Heero reminded him gently. "Now what's in the bag, Duo ?" Heero asked again, impatient with Duo's avoidance of the issue.


Duo rose from the bed to retrieve the mysterious brown bag. Placing himself and the bag on the bed, he turned to Heero. "It's a midnight snack, Heero." he answered grinning.


Heero sat up and faced Duo, his brow tightened as he pulled Duo possessively toward him "YOU are my midnight snack, Duo." Heero growled, his tone dead serious.


Duo laughed.


The confused look on Heero's face prompted Duo to remove the bag's contents.


Heero's eyes widened as Duo pulled a container of Hershey's syrup, a large can of Reddi-Whip and a bowl of fresh strawberries from the bag.


Heero noticed his lovers evil grin only seconds before Duo grabbed Heero flinging him roughly down, face up onto bed, Duo's full weight coming down on top him, his hand holding Heero's wrists tightly above his head.


"What are you doing, Duo ?" Heero asked calmly, intrigued by the sinister look on Duo's face.


Grabbing the can of whipped cream with his free hand, Duo shook the can gently. Then removing the small plastic red band from the cover with his teeth, Duo smiled and turned the can upside down over Heero's chest. "I'm making myself a midnight snack, Heero." Duo beamed and firmly applying pressure to it's tip, allowing small amounts of the white cream to randomly decorate Heero's chest.


Heero could hardly contain his laughter as he watched Duo smiling wildly as he continued squirting small mounds of whipped cream onto his lover.


"There" Duo said, apparently pleased with his work, gently climbing off of Heero, his hand reaching for the chocolate syrup.


Slowly removing the cap, Duo drizzled a modest amount of the thick liquid over Heero's already gooey chest.


Knowing what came next, Heero smiled and glanced down at his chest "I almost look good enough to eat."


Duo's violet eyes widened "Exactly Heero !" he grinned, removing the cover from the bowl of strawberries.


Placing several of the small red fruits on Heero's chest, Duo moved toward his lover. Pausing slightly for their eyes to meet, Duo brought his mouth to Heero's chest, lightly licking at the sweet white substance, then trailing his tongue over a line of chocolate sauce, removing all traces of the brown liquid.


"Mmmmm.....delicious." Duo cooed, his head returning to Heero's chest, his teeth grabbing at one of the strawberries. Making his way toward Heero's mouth, Duo leaned to kiss Heero, his lover anxiously grabbing the fruit from between his lips, before his tongue found it's way inside Duo's sweet mouth.


Heero moaned, breaking the kiss "I hope you plan on cleaning up that mess." he told Duo, staring down at himself.


"Every last drop, Heero." Duo told him, his mouth roughly moving downward to suck the cream from Heero's nipple, his tongue sliding through the chocolate to lick the cream from the other now erect nipple, causing Heero to moan, his hands reaching down to grasp at Duo's hair. "Duo…."


Taking a strawberry from the bowl, Duo dragged the fruit through the smoothness of the chocolate and cream, sending a shiver down Heero's spine, his lover placing the berry just above his reach, Heero's head coming up off the bed to take the fruit and several inches of Duo's sweet fingers into his mouth, licking them clean. Duo bent down, his tongue gently licking the cream and chocolate from Heero's lips.


Slowing licking downward, savoring each drop, Heero's body grew impatient with Duo's teasing "Finish the job, Duo!" Heero demanded, his hips moving upward to accentuate his words.


"Impatient, aren't we, lover ?" Duo smiled, quickly removing Heero's shorts, his fingers running through one of the last remaining dollops of cream, his hand then reaching for the bottle of syrup. Covering the tip of Heero's very aroused member with the whipped cream, Duo turned the bottle upside down, the warm dark stream continuing until chocolate covered every inch of Heero's length.


Duo kneeled between Heero's legs, his eager eyes looking up at Heero's, his cobalt eyes filled with utter lust.


"Magnificent." Duo whispered, his head moving down quickly, taking Heero's entire sweet erection into his warm and hungry mouth, his tongue roughly licking every drop of chocolate from it, Heero groaning above him, his hips thrusting to meet the intensity of Duo's mouth.


"Enough !" Heero screamed, sitting up quickly as he made his way to the other side of the bed, leaving Duo's mouth empty and a very surprised look on his angelic face.


"Something wrong, Heero ?" Duo asked, the confusion clear on his face.


Heero brought himself up onto all fours, slowly crossing the bed, his intended prey cowering slightly at his slinky advances.


"Heero ?" Duo asked timidly.


Stopping just a few inches before Duo's confused face, Heero growled "Yes, Duo, something is *very* wrong."


Heero continued "I've had enough of your damn teasing, Duo. Do you understand me ?" his eyes glaring at Duo.


Duo started "I'm sorry, Heero....I just thought..." his voice trembling slightly.


"Don't apologize, Duo." Heero cut him off.


Duo bit his lower lip.


Heero's face softened slightly.


Duo stared at Heero, the confusion plain on his face.


"What's the matter, Duo ?" Heero questioned.


"I don't know why you are angry with me." Duo answered apprehensively, still thinking what it was he could have done to piss Heero off.


Heero replied "Ohhh…..I think you do, Duo.", the anger disappearing slowly from his eyes, as he moved forward toward Duo, his eyes now full of pure unadulterated lust.


Duo eyes lit up with understanding and now grinned as his sexy lover approached him, "Hmmmm......I gave you.....strawberries........but you wanted..... me."


"Uh-huh" Heero smirked "And you know that I always get what I want……don't you, Duo ?" a very sadistic look on his face.


"Mmmhmm" Duo smiled.




"And ?" Heero asked somewhat impatiently.


"And what, Heero ?" Duo asked, the fake innocence dripping from his voice.


"Nnnn" Heero growled. "Are you enjoying this, Duo ?"


"You betcha, Heero !" Duo smiled, climbing off the bed, taking the bowl of strawberries with him.


Heero collapsed onto the bed in frustration.


"Mmmmm....these are really sweet, want one Heero ?" Duo asked from across the room.


Heero looked over to where Duo was sitting in the large chair across the room. Sitting sideways in the overstuffed chair, his feet swinging happily as his legs hung over the arm rest, the bowl of strawberries sitting in his lap, amidst the wrinkled fabric of his silky black shorts.


What really caught Heero's attention was the way Duo was eating the small red fruit.....and the sounds he was making while he ate them.


Slipping on his shorts, Heero sat on the edge of the bed, turning his attention to Duo.


"The only problem with these strawberries, Heero, is the way they stain your fingers red." Duo told him, taking one finger at a time into his mouth, sucking slowly at the red juice that covered each one of them, his violet eyes never leaving Heero's stare.


Heero stood and made his way into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.


Duo flinched at the locks clicking sound "Oops....guess I went too far." he told himself, frowning slightly.


Hearing the shower water running and knowing that Heero would be at least another 10 minutes in the bathroom, Duo thought fast and made his way down the hall, knocking on Quatre and Trowa's room.


Returning only minutes later, the shower still running, Duo set the several small glass cylinders Quatre had given him around the room. Returning to light each of the candles inside, Duo turned out the lights and jumped onto the bed. The flames gave the large space a warm feeling as the sweet aroma of sandalwood began permeating the room.


No longer hearing the water running, Duo positioned himself provocatively on the bed and waited for Heero's return.


Several minutes later Heero entered the almost darkened room, Duo could see the corner of Heero's mouth turn up slightly.


Standing by the side of the bed, Heero let his eyes adjust to the darkness.


Duo was lying in the center of the large bed, his arms were slightly bent at the elbows, one arm stretching all the way over his head, revealing the tight muscles in his smooth chest, the other was more casually thrown at his side. His hips were slightly turned to one side, the silky fabric of his shorts barely covering his navel, the candlelight catching the ripples of his abdomen. Duo's right leg was bent slightly at the knee, turned out at his hip, the other knee fully bent, the sole of his foot coming rest completely on the bed.


"Nice touch, Duo." Heero told him, climbing onto the bed to lie beside Duo.


Duo reached forward to take Heero's hand in his. "Ack !" he exclaimed "Yer freezing, Heero".


"Hn. Cold showers will do that to you." Heero told him, bending forward to kiss Duo lightly on the lips.


Duo sat up "Nani ?"


Heero adjusted his pillow and pulled the covers up over himself. "Goodnight, Duo."


"Heero ?" Duo asked, his hand reaching to rub Heero's shoulder.


"Mmmm ?" Heero replied.


"I didn't mean to make you angry." Duo told him nervously, his hand gently massaging the tense muscles in Heero's neck.


Heero rolled over to face his lover, "I'm not angry with you, Duo." Heero's voice was tender, his hand coming up to touch Duo's face softly.


Duo brought Heero's hand across his face, gently kissing it's palm, Heero's skin still cool to the touch.


"I don't want to rush you into doing anything you are not ready for." Heero whispered into Duo's ear, placing a kiss on its lobe before continuing. "I will try to be patient, Duo."


"Heero…." Duo whispered, his hands gently grasping Heero's face, his eyes staring into Heero's, the cobalt now beautifully illuminated by the candlelight. "I got a bit carried away with the teasing. I'm sorry, Heero", Duo kissed Heero's cheek, leaving his lips there to linger.


"It's okay, Duo. I can't say I didn't thoroughly enjoy tonight. It was wonderful, Duo" Heero smiled.


Duo took Heero's hand in his and gently slid the intertwined pair down Heero's chest, releasing Heero's hand, his own continuing hungrily down into Heero's shorts, his finger gently drawing a line down the length of Heero's now rising shaft.


"Heero" Duo whispered, Duo's hot breath in his ear causing Heero to shiver. "Please make love to me. It's all I can think about." Duo climbed on top of his lover, his hips pushing downward making sure Heero felt his firm erection rub against his lover's.


"Nnnnnn…..Duo." Heero moaned, his throaty groans turning Duo on even more "Those are the words......", Heero's arms coming to surrounded Duo tightly. "I've been waiting to hear." Heero groaned.


Flipping Duo over onto the bed, Heero never giving up the tight embrace he held his lover in, Heero maneuvered his body assuring their erections met, Duo's throaty groan his reward. "Mmmmmm...Heero."


Heero's mouth captured Duo's, Heero's tongue invading his lover's mouth roughly, their tongues vigorously dancing together. Duo hummed loudly into Heero's mouth before removing his tongue, pulling away to break the kiss, Heero moving toward him possessively, his hand coming behind Duo's head to pull him closer, moaning lowly, unwilling to abandon his lover's hot mouth.


"Don't stop kissing me, Duo." Heero pleaded between his panting breaths.


"I want you inside me. Don't make me wait any more…..please, Heero." Duo begged urgently, enjoying the effect his words had on his lover, Heero's eyes slowly closing as he increased the pressure his arms were applying to Duo's body, shifting his body upward allowing their hardness' to rub firmly against one other, Heero whispered "Ai Shiteru, Duo Maxwell."


Bringing his mouth to Duo's Heero flicked his tongue over Duo's lips "Mmmmm......I'll be right back lover.", Heero whispered in Duo's ear, Heero then rolled slowly off of Duo and made his way into the bathroom. Returning seconds later with a tube of K-Y Jelly, as he rejoined his very eager lover on the bed, kissing him gently on the mouth.


Heero sat with his back up against the wall, placing several pillows behind him, as he gently spread his legs, motioned Duo to sit between them, his eyes riveted to Duo's very sexy and aroused body crawling across the bed towards him. "Come here My Duo", Heero moaned, pulling Duo close to him. Duo let out a low groan as his back firmly pressed against Heero's chest, his head coming to rest on Heero's shoulder. Heero kissed the side of Duo's face gently before he opened the tube, applying a generous amount of the clear gel to his fingers.


"I'll be gentle, Duo." Heero whispered, reaching down between Duo's legs, Heero's hand spreading them further apart allowing himself full access. Slowly making his way to Duo's opening, Heero began drawing small circles around the circumference before pushing his fingertip gently inside. Duo winced and tightened his muscles slightly at the unfamiliar intrusion, Heero drawing his finger back.


"Don't stop, Heero" Duo whispered toward Heero's ear.


Heero ran his slick finger over the area, avoiding the entrance. "I'm not going to do this if it hurts you, Duo." Heero told him softly.


"It will only hurt for a minute, Heero." Duo told him, his hand reaching downward grabbing Heero's, gently guiding Heero's slender finger in, allowing only the tip to enter before he brought his body down hard against Heero's hand, driving Heero's entire digit into himself, his body arching up at the pain.


"Duo !" Heero scolded.


"Shhhh......Heero." Duo told him.


Allowing himself to get used to the sensation, Duo moved one of his fingers inside of himself to join Heero's, his body moving against the two fingers, as they stretched his tightness together. Heero shivered at the sensation of Duo's finger alongside his own in the tight hot space.


"Mmmm……see Heero, everything is fine." Duo moaned, "More than fine in fact…..mmmmm….." Duo's hips moving in a circular motion, thoroughly enjoying the fingers working their magic inside of him.


Gently guiding his finger in and out, Duo's joining his, Heero slowly added a third finger, Duo pulling back slightly before allowing full entry. Allowing Duo to set the pace, Heero bent down to kiss the soft flesh on Duo's neck, his open mouth leaving wet trails over it. "Oh God Duo, I am going to make you feel so good." Heero's raspy voice whispered as he lunged his hips forward, pressing his erection into the base of Duo's spine.


Duo shuddered, "Ohhh...... Heero." the two continuing to stretch Duo, each thrust becoming more forceful, their fingers totally melting into Duo's body as he moaned lowly at the long overdue sensation. "Nnnnn…..Heero, Mmmmm.....I think I'm ready." Duo growled, as he pulled their fingers almost all the way out before ramming them back in roughly sending jolts of electricity through both of their bodies.


Crawling from behind Duo, their fingers still buried deeply, Heero knelt between Duo's legs, gasping as he watched in fascination as their entwined hands moved in unison, their combined fingers pleasuring Duo from within. Heero glanced upward, his eyes taking in the magnificent sight of Duo's body as he lay sweaty and spread-eagled before Heero, every inch of his lanky body oozing sensuality. His gaze now fell onto Duo's face, his violet eyes half-lidded as several strands of chestnut silk clung to his temples, his mouth open as he breathed heavily, Duo still moving slowly against their conjoined touch. "My God, Duo." Heero whispered, "You look incredible."


Slowly removing his and Duo's fingers, Heero put one hand on each of Duo's hips, gently pulling him down to lie flat down on the bed, Heero's kneeling form still between Duo's open legs. Placing a small amount of lubricant in his hand, Heero rubbed the cool gel onto his stiff member, the pleasure of the act clear on his face. Grabbing both of Duo's legs behind the knees, Heero moved forward, bringing his erection only inches from its intended target. Moving forward slowly, Heero nudged the tip of his cock against Duo's entrance. Closing his eyes, Heero took in a quick breath thru his clenched teeth, the sensation causing his entire body to tingle, Duo reacting similarly as Heero watched the muscles in his lower body quiver.


"Mmmm.....ready lover ?" Heero questioned, staring longingly into Duo's lusty eyes.


Duo moaned his answer and thrusting his hips forward, taking in more of Heero's splendid hardness.


Heero closed his eyes and moved forward slowly to bury himself totally inside Duo's waiting warmth, his cock twitching uncontrollably. Duo arched his back slightly at the sensation and gasped, a wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain. "Ahhhhhh......Heero." Duo cried, instinctively moving upward, bringing himself closer to Heero's body.


"Nn.....Don't move, Duo." Heero cautioned his lover, panting heavily. "God, you feel so mmmmm..... Duo." Heero moaned.


Duo remained perfectly still despite his body's eagerness, knowing that Heero was on the verge of climax, feeling his cock beating rapidly inside of him. Duo smiled up at Heero, "That good, eh ?"


Still concentrating on controlling his bodies craving, Heero looked down at his smiling lover, "Exquisite, Duo." he whispered.


Taking several deep breaths, Heero brought Duo's legs closer to his body, Duo's one calf now resting against Heero's shoulder, the other leg still held tightly in Heero's grip, Heero now fully buried in the sublime warmth of his lover.


Heero moved his hand to gently rub the inside of Duo's thigh, the moans from Duo coaxing him into a rougher touch, Heero's hands moving greedily over Duo's sweaty flesh.


"Heero..." Duo moaned in obvious protest of the wait "Please......Mmmmmm....Heero." moving under his lover's tight grasp.


Answering Duo's urgency, Heero began moving himself slowly in and out of Duo, each movement eliciting a moan from both of them. Duo closed his eyes, totally absorbed in being filled by his lover, Heero's painfully slow movements almost driving him mad.


Darting his hips suddenly forward, Heero growled " you know how good you feel, God...." Duo responding with his own thrust, gasping at pleasure that jolted through him. "Ughhhhhhhh.......Heero........." still thrusting his hips forward, driving his lover more firmly into himself, Heero's cock now hitting that magical spot inside with each of his thrusts.


Heero watched the exquisite boy beneath him writhe as his body reached forward, a loud moan escaping his parted lips with each satisfying thrust. "Oh God.......Heero...don't stop." Duo groaned.


Duo turned his attention to Heero poised above him, his body glistened with the sweat of their lovemaking, Heero's back was arched, his head fell back, Duo could hear his labored breathing as he struggled to suppress his desire. Heero looked breathtaking and Duo could no longer ignore his body's rabid need as he felt himself on the verge of orgasm. "Mmmmm.....Heero....Now !" Duo cried.


Unable to endure Duo's thrusts any longer, Heero moaned "Nnnnn.....hold on lover.", reaching forward, Heero seized Duo's erection, his thumb working its way over the slick swollen tip, Heero heaved his body forward into Duo's, impaling his awaiting lover again and again, tightening his grip on Duo's throbbing member, his hand vigorously sliding up and down its length, several whimpers escaping Duo's open mouth as the intensity of Heero's movements increased, his hand stroking Duo with a now feverous pitch.


Feeling Heero's cock beating inside his tight passage, Duo rocked his hips causing Heero to slip almost completely from him, then moved forcefully forward, driving Heero to wild climax, his grip on Duo' erection tightening as he spilled himself into his lovers body, Arghhhhh.....Duo......Mmmmm", his body convulsing uncontrollably as shot after shot of warmth coated Duo's insides.


Duo rocked himself against his lovers body in mid ecstasy "Oh Heero, Mmmmm....God.....Uhhhhhhh", his milky warmth covering his chest and Heero's hand, Heero's every purposeful movement hitting that magical spot inside of his lover, forcing another stream to exit his shuddering body, Heero still slamming himself repeatedly in Duo's heat, pumping Duo's arousal in time with his relentless thrusts, " feel like heaven...". Heero groaned as he emptied the last of his seed into Duo, slowly stroking Duo's member until Duo's body lay spent and exhausted before him.


Heero remained nestled inside his lover for some time, thoroughly intoxicated by their lovemaking. Duo now lay staring seductively up at him, his violet eyes provocatively taking in the magnificence of Heero's erotic form.


"Heero" Duo called softly. Gently making his way to Duo's side, Heero taking a moment to look closely at his lovers face before bringing threading his fingers through Duo's hair, his mouth slowly down to capture Duo's, their tongues only touching lightly for a brief second.


"Mmmm.....Heero. ...that was.....really..…" Duo started, unable to find an appropriate adjective, rolling his eyes up into his head.


"utter perfection..." Heero whispered, reaching forward to cradle his lover.


Duo laid his head on Heero's chest, and draping his arm gently around Heero's waist placed his semi-folded knee over Heero's thigh.


Duo yawned softly. "Did I mention that I love you Heero ?" Duo asked, his voice soft with sleep.


"Yes you did, Duo." Heero smiled, running his fingers through Duo's hair. "I love you too." Heero whispered.




Heero lie awake for some time, his thoughts only of Duo, as his lover lay sleeping wrapped protectively in his arms. Heero allowed himself to reflect on what he had ever done to deserve this wondrous creature and the completeness of which he gave himself to Heero. Searching for sometime, yet knowing an answer would never come, Heero closed his eyes and brought Duo closer still.


Feeling an overwhelming sense of calm, Heero brought his head down to Duo's, and unable to stop the tears, Heero whispered "I'm finally home my Duo."



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