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Shinigami (parts 5 & 6)

Lady Shinigami

          It had been three weeks since Kestra had been attacked.  She was still silent about the whole incident, refusing to talk to everyone, including Duo.  The boys were worried about her.  Kestra's eyes seem to have lost their sparkle, she doesn't laugh anymore, and she hardly eats.  Unfortunately, a mission comes over the laptop.
          "So Heero, who's needed for this one?" Duo asks, slightly annoyed.
          "J says that all of us should go, but the mission can be accomplished by just four people, it'll just take longer."
          "Then Duo should stay here with Kestra while the rest of us handle the mission," Quatre suggests.
          They nodded in agreement, wasting no time in leaving for their mission.  Duo sighs, then walks to Kestra's room, knocking softly on the door.
          "Come in."
          Duo walks in slowly.  Kestra is curled up on an overstuffed chair, her whole posture defensive.  Her eyes are void of emotion and seem empty.
          "Kestra, do you want to talk about what happened?  It's just you and me now, no one else."
          Looking over at him, Kestra considers what he said, her eyes still blank.
          "Would you tell the others?"
          Duo shakes his head, "No, it would just be between you and me, though the others are worried about you too."
          Kestra nods, turning back to the window, "I know, I can sense their worry."
          Sitting down in the chair next to her, Duo sighs softly, "If you really don't want to talk Kes, you don't have to."
          "I do.  I can't take the nightmares anymore, maybe talking about it will stop them."
          Duo nodded, then listened as she began.  Before Kestra finished, she was in tears, Duo holding on to her, giving her the comfort she often gave him.
          "Shh, it's all right.  He can't hurt you now.  You're safe."
          Kestra's sobs slowly died down as she clung to Duo, burying her face in to his neck.  Duo continued to hold her, rubbing her back soothingly.
          "Kestra, you're not alone.  There are others who've had the same thing happen to them."
          " who?"
          "Me, for one."
          "You?  When?"
          Duo chuckles softly without humor, "Before you and I met."
          Kestra clings tighter to him, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."
          Tilting her chin up, Duo looks in to her eyes, "I wouldn't expect you to, but it is possible to overcome it."
          Kestra nodded, her eyes locked on his.  Duo gazed at her, then pulled her face closer, brushing his lips against her.  Kestra pulled back slightly, shocked.
          "Duo, you can't do this to Heero!"
          "Heero and I talked, apparently he and I share the same feelings for you."
          "You, you do?"
          Kestra looked at him, surprised.  Duo kissed her again, pulling her body close to his.  She relaxed in his embrace, her hands snaking around his waist to release the braid.  Duo chuckled softly, then picked her up and carried her over to the bed.  He placed her down gently, his lips locked on hers.  Duo began removing her clothes, then his own, his lips traveling down her body.  She moaned softly, each touch driving away the memory of the rape.  Duo went slowly, his tongue moving across her body lovingly.  Kestra whimpered in delight, her body heating up at his touch.  Duo took pity on her and entered her slowly, allowing her the time to adjust before moving.  She threw back her head, cries of pleasure coming from her throat.  He smiled, claiming her lips again in a heated kiss.  Duo felt her tighten around him before crying out in release.  Her release signaled his own, filling her with more of himself.  They clung to one another before drifting off to sleep.

          Duo woke up first, then gazed down at Kestra, who was still asleep in his arms.  A smile crossed his face as he watched her, her face no longer showing pain.  Kestra woke up slowly, then looked up at Duo, smiling.
          "Ohayo koibito."
          "Ohayo yourself, Kestra."
          "So, what happens now?"
          "We talk to Heero when he returns.  Right now, I could use a shower, care to join me?"
          Kestra smiled, "I'd love to."
Part 6
      Kestra sat by the window, waiting for the return of the others.  She missed them all, especially Heero.  Duo came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, causing her to turn and look at him.
      "Any sign of them yet?"
      "No, I hope they didn't have any problems."
      "I hope so too.  More then likely, Wufei's driving and got them lost!"
      The two of them laughed at that, then heard a vehicle pull up, then the sounds of Wufei ranting.  Kestra and Duo smirked, then ran down the stairs to their friends.
      *Friends.  I thought I would never have anyone but Duo.  But he has given me so much more.*
      The two whirlwinds burst outside, Duo running straight for Heero.  Kestra had slowed down a bit, but soon found herself caught up in someone's arms.  She looked up, surprised.
      The green-eyed youth smiled, nearly causing his lover and Wufei to faint.  Kestra hugged him back, his smile had said how glad he was to see her back to her old self.  Quatre smiled, then gave her a quick hug.  Wufei grunted, but she saw the care in his eyes.  Suddenly, strong arms grabbed her from behind, swinging her through the air in a circle before landing her back on her feet.  She looked at Heero, her breath caught in her throat before she smiled and pulled away gently.
      "Irrashaimase guys!  Come on, Duo and I prepared a small party for you."
      The six of them rushed in to the house and to the dining room.  Sure enough, the table was laid out with all sorts of goodies.  The next few hours were spent in laughter.  Even Trowa and Heero were laughing.  Kestra saw the odd looks Trowa and Quatre kept giving Wufei, though he didn't seem bothered by that.  Heero noted her curiosity and leaned close to her ear.
      "While we were on the mission, Wufei finally admitted his feelings for them, so now they are a trio."
      Kestra nearly choked on her drink.  So that was why they seemed so comfortable with each other!  Their little party broke up soon after.  Kestra was in her doorway when she noticed Wufei follow Trowa and Quatre in to their room.  She chuckled, then felt a hand on her waist.  Turning, she saw Duo smiling and then point to his and Heero's room.  Kestra nodded once, both excited and scared.  She walked in first and was seized by strong arms again, but this time, the hug was accompanied by a very passionate kiss.  When they pulled back for air, Kestra chuckled.
      "I take it you missed me, hmm?"
      The only answer she got was another kiss.  Kestra felt another pair of hands join Heero's on her waist, along with small kisses planted on her neck.  She felt her body relaxing, she felt so safe.  Heero broke off the kiss and nodded to Duo.  Duo picked Kestra up and carried her over to the bed, laying her down gently before joining her.  Duo picked up where Heero and left off, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth.  Kestra moaned softly and began unbuttoning Duo's shirt, even as Heero's callused hands made their way under hers.  Duo reached his arms around Kestra and began toying with Heero's nipples, since he had already discarded his tank.                                  Heero moaned softly, his hot breath tickling the back of Kestra's neck, his hands working their way to her breasts.  Kestra got Duo's shirt open and broke off the kiss, nipping his jaw before moving down to his exposed chest with her lips.  It was Duo's turn to moan as her warm tongue toyed with his erect nipples, making them even harder.  Heero's hands moved down her chest to her pants, unzipping them slowly before snaking his hands in.  Kestra gasped in pleasure, her breath blowing across Duo's chest, making him shiver.  Heero smiled evilly, then arranged himself so that he was above both Duo and Kestra.  He kissed Duo deeply as his hand continued to caress Kestra.  Whimpering in pleasure, Kestra reached up to him, trying to remove the spandex.  Duo was also trying to get the slippery material.  Heero pulled back and chuckled.  He stripped himself of the rest of his clothes, then proceeded to strip both his lovers. 
      Kestra leaned up, flicking her tongue across the tip of his arousal, making him shudder.  Duo pulled Heero down, then began nibbling on his ear as Kestra took Heero's member in to her mouth and began pumping Duo's at the same time.  Both boys were gasping for air as she caressed them, but Duo stopped her before he came.  He placed himself in front of Heero, who eagerly took the gift offered him while Kestra continued on him.  The two boys came at the same time, crying out their pleasure before collapsing against the bed.  Kestra smirked, licking her lips.  She began alternating between the two of them, kissing and licking their inner thighs until they were both hard again.  Duo grabbed her waist and brought her up to him, kissing her once before following her neck down to her breasts, nibbling and sucking on them gently.  Heero smirked, then placed his face between her thighs, his tongue flicking forward to taste her before moving in.  Kestra moaned and writhed in pleasure, feeling herself coming closer to the edge. 
      The two pull away, Duo running his hands up her sides as Heero grabs the convenient lube on the nightstand.  He places some on his finger and inserts it gently in to Kestra.  Duo watched her eyes open wide as Heero inserted another finger, then a third.  Duo started kissing her, distracting her from what Heero was doing.  Heero pulled out all three fingers, then prepared himself before sliding in to her gently.  They both felt her tighten in surprise, but she didn't protest.  Once Heero was in, Duo entered her from the front before they began a mind-blowing, alternating pace.  Kestra could only let out incoherent cries of pleasure.  To get back at them, she dropped her shields to her empathy, letting the two of them experience her pleasure as she felt theirs.  It began the chain reaction.  Kestra came first, her body clamping down on Heero and Duo as she screamed out her pleasure.  Heero came next, his voice harmonizing with hers.  Duo came last, adding to the harmony before all three of them were spent.  The experience left the breathless.  Heero grabbed the blanket and covered them with it, snuggling against Kestra's back as Duo stroked his side gently.
      "So guys, what are we going to do tomorrow night?"



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