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No Way! (part 4)

Silverblade Shi-fox

Chari almost cheered when Hellan and Heero entered the gym. She had been right, Hellan looked stunning in that dress. Heero's outfit was in much the same fashion and Chari wondered if Hellan had made it too, that would explain why she'd been sewing last night. Heero seemed somehow gentler, she wasn't sure how to describe it. But when his eyes rested on Hellan, they held warmth and affection instead of indifference. Chari was glad for her friend, Hellan was nearly glowing. For the next hour or so, she watched the two out the corner of her eye. They made a beautiful couple on the dance floor. Hellan was so graceful and Heero was a better dancer than she would have thought. Chari nearly snickered whenever she saw his fingers twitch from their positions on Hellan's waist. It seemed as if it had finally gotten through to him what he had within his reach if he would only ask for it. When the names of the winners of the spring crowns were announced, it took all of Chari's self-control to keep from laughing at the utterly stunned look on Hellan's face. Chari gave the signal to the others who were in on her ‘surprise' and they started the chant.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

Hellan blushed and Heero turned her face to his and very carefully lowered his lips to hers. Chari almost gasped at the emotion in the kiss. It was as if they had never kissed before, but not from lack of desire! She found herself blushing at the suppressed passion present, the solemnity even silencing the catcalls and whistles. The two kissing didn't seem to notice. Finally, they parted and Hellan smiled brilliantly, bright enough to put the sun to shame. Heero whispered something to her that she responded to with a nod and they left the stage hand in hand. Very few people doubted where they were headed and a chorus of cheers arose once they had passed through the doors. Chari had the feeling, however silly that it seemed, that she wouldn't be seeing Hellan again. Nah, why on earth would she not see her again...?

Duo was in a daze, a very happy daze, to be sure, but a daze nonetheless. Heero had kissed him! In front of the entire school! He knew that it had been Chari to put up their form, but Heero hadn't been surprised when they were crowned. He'd probably known, then. But why hadn't he stopped it? Duo knew that Heero had been nicer to him these last couple of weeks and especially the last few days. But that didn't signify anything...or did it? From Heero's part of their ‘discussion' Duo was certain that the other boy was definitely interested, but to what point? Did he just want sex or did he want more? He sighed as his head began to hurt and concentrated on hot wiring the motorcycle. He'd left a note for Chari, thanking her and saying goodbye. Heero was being quiet, as usual, but Duo could feel his eyes on him, not usual. Duo hoped he wasn't blushing under that close scrutiny and finished on the bike.

"You want front or back?"

Heero's mouth twitched and Duo knew he was blushing now.

"I'll drive."

"Are you sure? I mean, it's gonna be awfully windy, aren't you gonna get cold? You're not exactly wearing clothes best suited to cold wind."

Heero shrugged and mounted the bike, strapping his carisak to the back. Duo hesitantly boarded behind him, sliding his arms around the pilot's waist. Heero smiled and revved the bike, then took off at hyperspeed. Duo ‘eeped' and buried his head behind Heero's shoulder, his braid tucked in front of him. Heero seemed to have no problems with this, in fact, he chuckled. Duo suspected he'd started like that on purpose. Duo dozed on the way, only waking when they stopped. It was a small motel with a homey air to it. That's when he realized that he and Heero would be sharing a room tonight. His stomach did a few flip-flops and his head buzzed as he thought of the night's possibilities. Would Heero...?

"Duo, daijoubu desu ka?"

"Huh? Oh, um, daijoubu."

"You don't look it. Stay here while I get us a room for the night."


Heero was slightly worried about Duo's reactions. The American had been silent and jumpy, he wondered if it was because he wasn't quite sure what was going to happen tonight. That would make sense, even Heero wasn't sure what would happen tonight. He knew what he wanted to happen, but that kinda depended on Duo's cooperation. Heero frowned, he knew Duo loved him, but did he want to go all the way? He suddenly realized that the best tactic would be to approach the matter directly. Sort of...

"Duo, what's wrong?"


"Are you nervous about something?"

Duo looked at him a little incredulously as he sat down. "Um...I guess you could say that..."

"Are you nervous about sharing a room with me tonight?"


"What do you mean 'sorta'?"

"Well, it's not sharing the room I'm nervous about."

"The bed?"

"Um..." the boy blushed and Heero walked over to him, kneeling in front of him and brushing back some of those chestnut bangs.

"Nothing will happen if you don't want to."

"If I don't mean you really do want to..."

Heero nodded, gently stroking Duo's neck. The Shinigami pilot sighed and tilted his head back. "I never thought that you, of all people, would ever..."

"Want you?"

"Yeah. I mean, you're so masculine! Strong, handsome, smart, quiet... You're like some artist's idea of the perfect man. I just never thought that you could ever..."

"Duo, you're being ridiculous. I'm not perfect."

Duo raised an eloquent eyebrow and Heero just stroked the cheek he'd bruised those weeks ago.

"I lose my temper."

"Yeah...well... Um, if you don't mind my asking, when did you um..."

"Decide that I wanted you? I think it was because I had to treat you as a girl. It brought home to me the fact of how beautiful you are."

"Boys aren't beautiful."

"You are."

Duo blushed and turned his head away. Heero frowned and placed his fingers underneath the boy's chin, forcing him to look at the Japanese pilot.

"Why are you blushing?"

"Because I'm not beautiful. I'm just..."


"Oh, shut up."

"They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, I can call you beautiful if I find you so in my eyes."

"Since when did we get into philosophy?"

"You are beautiful."

"You seem to be a bit biased..."

"So? Is this a bad thing?"

Duo considered that for a moment then shook his head.

Heero smirked. "I thought not."

"That's a very true statement..."


The American gave him an innocent look. Heero debated the pros and cons of jumping him then and there and reluctantly decided that the cons won out. He was going to seduce Duo properly. Sorta...

"Shut up."


"Because there are much better things you could be doing with your mouth besides talking."

"Nani?" Heero suddenly realized that he'd spoken his thoughts aloud. But it made it no less true... Duo didn't seem inclined to make the first move, so that left it up to Heero. He grinned.

"Um,'re grinning..."

Heero pounced on Duo, pinning him to the bed and silencing the boy's squawk with his mouth. Duo didn't seem to fact, he was down right enthusiastic about it...!

"Mmmm..." Duo practically purred as their lips parted. Heero chuckled, somewhat breathless. He could feel Duo's hands moving along his back and sliding under his shirt. He concentrated on getting the tunic and white shirt beneath off his darling so that he could get down to some serious exploring. Duo obliged and Heero was struck with an idea.

"Duo, would you let your hair down?"

That sweet smile that Heero had come to realize was meant just for him spread across those beautiful features and Duo sat up, unbraiding his hair. Heero stroked the silken fall once it was released from its confining braid. It was just as soft as he'd imagined and it smelled wonderful... Heero nuzzled Duo's neck, leaving small nipping kisses in the wake of his lips. Duo sighed and ran his hands through Heero's unruly tumble of hair, insistently pulling up the green tank top. Heero obliged gladly, wanting nothing more than to rid both of them of their clothes. Duo didn't object... Soon they were lying together in the bed - covers drawn up to protect from the air conditioner's chill - hands running over each other's bodies, exploring what they had so longed to touch. Heero wasn't surprised to find that Duo was just as vocal in love play as he was in everything else. Not that the Japanese boy minded...the sounds that his beloved - soon to be lover - was making were seriously turning him on. Heero found that in the dark, without any barriers between them, he could voice what he had been unable to before. Well, the most immediate concern... Sorta...



"Will you let me...?"


Duo kissed him and reached for his carisak, pulling out something.

"What's that?"

"Massage oil."

Heero raised an eyebrow.

"I get a stiff neck and sometimes it helps."


"Heero, you have a sick mind."

"The pot calling the kettle black..."


Heero took the oil from Duo's hand and pulled the other pilot into the bed, kissing him again. Duo arced against him as he poured a little of the oil onto his fingers and slid one inside the heat that would soon surround his member. The boy in his arms whimpered as he stroked him just right, finding his g-spot. Heero slowly stretched Duo to accommodate his length and the American urged him on with breathless moans. After a few minutes of this, Heero ran out of patience and straddled Duo's hips, parting his legs. Duo sighed and Heero took a moment to appreciate the vision before - or rather, under - him. Duo's hair was spread around like a cloud of chestnut silk, his eyes were half closed and near glowing with desire, his lips were slightly parted, looking perfectly kissable. Heero slowly slid inside of the fey creature below him, barely keeping a modicum of his self-control as Duo let out a deep moan.


Heero kissed him fiercely, pressing his length in deeply and then pulling away to tease his nipples. Duo arced and sighed, moving his hips against Heero's in an attempt to ease the tight ache in his loins. Heero was more than happy to accede to his unvoiced - well, ok, incoherent - request. Soon the twain were moving together as they both sought to pleasure the other. The experience was new to both of them, but it felt right. And when the moment came [8], they were one in body, spirit, mind, heart, and soul - never to be parted from one another [9].

Duo rested his head against his lover's chest, darting his tongue to taste a nipple. Heero moaned and Duo grinned.


"Yes, love?"

"In the morning..."

"Are you trying to tell me that you're tired?"


"The Perfect Soldier...always at attention..."


Heero gasped as Duo continued to tease his rising member.


"You're evil."

Duo snickered. "But since you leave me little choice..."


The motel owner looked up as he passed the room. There were some godawful noises coming from inside... He was glad that those two were his only lodgers tonight. Otherwise, the other customers would want him to get them to be quiet. He had a feeling that it would be a very bad thing to interrupt...

As they lay there, sweaty and sticky and quite sated, Duo snuggled closer to Heero. Heero looked at him and saw that he was thinking of something unpleasant.

"Duo, what's wrong?"

"Nothing...I are we gonna act with the others?"

"I don't know."

Duo sighed and cuddled up to him so that he was lying half draped over Heero. "I can't hide it, love. I know that Quatre would see past any half-hearted attempt to hide it."


"I love you too much to want to hide it. I think that the others know already, it's never really been a secret. You're the only one who never noticed."


"It's not your fault. I mean, emotions aren't exactly your strong suit."

"Duo, do you really love me?"



Heero held Duo close and stroked his hair. He could feel the call of sleep tug at his body and finally gave in. Duo's breath washed across his neck as the beautiful boy sighed, giving in to sleep's call, as well. Heero smiled.

"Ai shiteru, Duo," he whispered as he slipped into the land of dreams.

Duo opened his eyes slightly as he heard the whispered sentence.

"Ai shiteru, Heero. Forever..."

End (* There is a sequel, but it isn't done. Look for it @ GWA *) 

Alright, here's the notes you've probably all been curious about:
[1] *hehe!* 'Oh Koko-chan...!' Silverblade slips a roll of duct tape - and a few silk scarves - from a mysterious pocket and scampers off with a mischievous grin...
[2] no comment...*snicker*
[3] *snicker*
[4] ditto
[5] skippy: the what stand? oh, never mind...
[6] skippy: and other things outside of him...
[7] skippy and silverbade in unison: sap! sap! sap! sap!
[8] forgive the phrasing...*snicker* I couldn't resist...!
[9] more sap! not to mention trite...! *shudders* sorry, loooooong day...
[10] if people likest it, I may write more of it, like the morning after.
[11] sorry that the lemon is more lime, but it's 11 PM and I've had a bad couple of days. forgive me, please...? *whimper!*

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