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The Eyes Have it


A great deal had changed in the four years since the war had ended.

Two of the ex-pilots were experiencing the joys of domestic bliss.


"I hate doing this." Duo grumbled, the back of his forearm wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Just keep going." Heero replied.

"Remind me again why we do this all in one day ?" he questioned.

Heero sighed. "Because then it's done and we don't have to think about it again for another month."

Duo groaned and turned from his position on the ladder in front of the window, glancing down at his partner.

Heero stood poised in front of the full-length mirror on the inside of their bedroom closet door.

Long gone were the spandex shorts and tank top, but the clothes Heero was wearing now were no less alluring and Duo was no less turned on by his long time lover. The fact that Heero had grown considerably and in all the right places over the past four years wasn't helping the situation.

And what was the situation ?

Heero "the perfect soldier" Yuy was dressed in a white t-shirt, the heat of the summer day caused him to roll the sleeves up, leaving every well-defined muscle of his upper arms and shoulders visible and tensing as he moved them over the glass.

The back of his shirt was wet with sweat and clung deliciously to upper body as he crouched down before the mirror, his denim shorts tight against his taut bottom, leaving very little to the imagination.

His arousal growing as he watched his lover from across the room, Duo spoke. "Uhhhh… .Heero….can we take a break ?"

Heero looked at his watch and then up at Duo. "Lunch already ?"

"No………something else." He grinned.

Heero smiled at him, recognizing the look in those amethyst eyes, yet turned to continue his task, "I'll be done here in a minute."

Setting the paper towels and 409 down on the top of the ladder, Duo climbed down and strolled across the room, kneeling behind his lover.

Applying a soft touch to his lover's chin, Duo brought Heero gaze to the mirror, his tongue moving upward, licking from collarbone to earlobe, his lover moaned lowly, extending his neck back in invitation.

"You look incredible, Heero." He whispered, his hand reaching up into Heero's shirt to toy with his nipples. "Why is it that everything you do is so sexy ?" his fingers moving downward to rub against his lover's trapped arousal.

Pulling his partner back to rest on his folded knees, Duo continued stroking him through the thick fabric, fully hardening him. Unfastening his jeans, Duo slipped his hand inside, his fist wrapping around the stiffness he found there, his lover moaning.

Duo glanced up into the mirror. The vision of his hand inside Heero's open shorts with just the wet swollen head of his arousal visible, exciting him even more. Bringing his hand to its tip, Duo gathered the moisture, his tongue darting out to lick the sweetness from his fingertip.

Heero moaned as he watched Duo taste him, his desire to be touched by his braided lover steadily mounting. "What are you doing, Duo ?" he whispered, eyelids closing.

Turning Heero toward him with his free hand, Duo kissed him, "I want you." He moaned, pulling Heero back onto his lap, his erection now rubbing against Heero's bottom.

"I think I know that." Heero groaned, grinding back into the exquisite hardness of his lover's body, "I want you too."

Duo's arms pulled him back down into his embrace as Heero began to rise. "Un Uh….right here….. in front of the mirror….. so we can watch."

Growling his name and settling back down onto Duo's lap, Heero spread his legs allowing Duo's hand to delve further inside his shorts, moaning as one finger brushed against his opening.

"Take your shorts off, Heero." Duo ordered, his hand slipping out from inside of them.

Heero knelt on the floor and slid the stiff fabric down and off, Duo watching in the mirror as his lover's arousal sprang free.

Taking Heero's chin in his hand, he turned him to face the mirror. "Look at yourself, Heero. Tell me you're not beautiful." Duo murmured, hardening further as Heero looked at his own reflection.

"My Adonis." Duo whispered. Taking Heero's hand in his, he placed both of them on Heero's cock, curling the two around it.

"Duo…." Heero started, giving up any arguments as Duo began moving their hands up and down his shaft, his body rocking forward into the touch. "Nnnn….Duo…..I'm going to come if we keep this up."

"Yes you are, lover…..keep going." Duo whispered, removing his hand, his both hands now free to move up and under Heero's shirt, hardening his nipples.

Continuing to stroke himself while Duo licked the sensitive skin on his neck, his fingers roughly toying with the small erect nubs, Heero closed his eyes.

"Open your eyes and watch. I want you to see what I see." Duo whispered, "How beautiful you look when you come.", a loud moan escaping his lips as his cobalt eyes opened and met with his own reflection.

"Nnn….Yes, I agree." Duo groaned, watching as Heero slid his thumb over the slick tip of his erection, stroking himself more rapidly.

Duo's mouth had found it's way back onto his neck and he sucked firmly on the soft skin as Heero began thrusting into his hand, "Oh God……Duo.", watching intently as his release started.

Duo watched Heero's reaction to seeing his own orgasm, apparently nearly as pleased by the view as Duo was, struggling to control his own release.

Collapsing back onto his lover, Heero brought his hand up to his lover's mouth. Lightly brushing his wet fingers against Duo's lips, he pushed them inside, his amethyst-eyed lover sucking hungrily on them.

"You enjoyed that, ne ?" Duo asked, looking down at his tired lover.

Eyes closed and still trembling, Heero nodded.

"No sleeping." he smiled, pulling his partner to a seated position, "Not done yet."

Reaching for the hem of Heero's shirt, Duo pulled it up and off, his hands moving quickly to remove his shorts, grinning at his naked lover. "Don't go anywhere."

Returning just seconds later with lube in hand, Duo knelt before his lover.

"You're overdressed." Heero whispered, effortlessly relieving Duo of his clothes. "Mmmm.....much better." he smiled, his hands reaching forward to push his lover back down onto the floor.

Spreading his legs, Duo guided Heero to sit between them, "Lay back koi." he whispered, his open palms resting on Heero's inner thighs, kneading at the soft flesh before pushing them further apart.

Duo moaned as Heero's reclined back onto his chest, watching their movements in the mirror. "Doesn't that look enticing ?" Duo asked, the back of one hand tracing down Heero's length, the other gently caressing his hardened sac.

"Hai." Heero whispered as he reached for the lube. Coating Duo's fingers, he brought them to his entrance, guiding two of the fingertips inside, watching as his body thrust forward to fully take them in. "I can't wait until you're inside me." he moaned.

"Nor can I." Duo hissed, roughly adding a third, twisting them sharply inside as his lover moaned "Please,….I need you."

Heero's pleas went straight to Duo's aching arousal, hardening him further. Moaning as he removed his fingers, Heero turned to face his lover, pressing their bodies together, kissing Duo firmly. "How do you still do this to me ? Have this effect on me ?" Heero asked, gasping as Duo reached behind him to brush his fingers against his puckered entrance.

"Nnn…Heero…..turn around…I can't wait any longer."

Climbing off his lover, Heero turned to face the mirror, positioning himself, watching as he lowered himself onto Duo's stiffness, his lover behind him panting at the spectacle.

Heero took his time, almost excruciatingly slowly taking his lover inside before relaxing back onto his lovers bent knees. "Mmm..I could stay like this forever."

Duo groaned as Heero reclined back, fully seating him, "I can't.", thrusting himself upward into Heero's heat before drawing back out, lowering himself back down to the floor. "Ughh….Yess !" he hissed.

Resting his palms on the floor beside him for leverage, Duo moved within his partner while he watched their image in the mirror. "Incredible, koi." He moaned. Heero nodded in agreement, his lusty gaze was also fixed on the mirror…….and the amazing view he had of Duo's thick erection buried deep inside of him.

"Duo…" he whispered, lifting his hips up, slamming them back down to fully impale himself. Duo angled his hips upward as Heero thrust himself down, the tip of his cock brushing against his prostate. "Nnnn…….DUO !!" he cried, each of his lover's thrusts on target and bringing him dangerously close to release.

"I'm with you, Heero." Duo hissed, his breath heavy as he forced his hips up off the floor. Taking Heero's erection into his hand, he began to stroke methodically, drawing low moans from him.

Allowing Heero to do all the work, Duo concentrated his efforts on timing the event, wanting them to reach climax together.

"Harder, Heero !" he cried, gripping more firmly at the stiffness he held, running his thumb over it's slippery head, stroking roughly up and down the length of his shaft.

"The mirror, Heero !" Duo cried, gasping as Heero rode him harder, groaning loudly with each powerful down thrust of his body, watching as well as feeling the strength in the perfect soldier's body above him.

"Oh, God…..that's it lover !" he screamed, coaxing the first of his lover's seed as he began filling him with his passion. "Ugh…Nnnnn….Duo….YES !." Each shot of wet heat Duo fired into him bringing another stream from his own twitching cock, his entire body trembling at the sensation and the vision he had as they simultaneously climaxed.

Slowing his movements considerably, Heero relaxed back onto his lover's sweaty chest, both of them still eyeing their reflections.

Heero was the first to smile. He watched his lover's eye's lighting up behind him as his mouth formed a wicked grin. "Looks like you're going to have to clean the mirror again." Duo smirked, enjoying the sound of Heero's laughter.

Heero returned his lover's grin, his own taking on a slightly more evil tone, "Why bother….." He started, climbing off his lover's lap to face him.

Duo gasped as Heero rubbed his semi-hard member against his opening.

"We're not done yet." Heero whispered.


author's note:

this piece of fiction was written for my partner in extreme hentai-ness and good friend enigma, whose encouragement and companionship mean more to me than i will ever be able to express. love you e !!!

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