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High School Prom Whore (parts 1 - 10)


Part one

When Heero Yuy the Perfect Gentle boy was told he was going to live on Earth and go to a public school he immediately hated the idea. Not only were his father's girlfriend and horrible daughter going as well but also he was leaving all his friends behind. He never knew that he was going to meet the Perfect Angel that was a devil inside.

His father's girlfriend had a daughter Heero's age called Relena and she was a bitch. Or that was what Heero and his friends called her any way.

On the first day of his new school Relena dragged Heero out of the car. She wore a pink dress and a white jumper. Heero was wearing a pair of cotton blue trousers and a white t-shirt with a very expensive jacket over the top.

Relena looked round the school, her blue eyes dazzled with excitement and she was jumping around like a mad women.

Heero grabbed her.

"Stop it you're causing a scene." He hissed angrily. Relena who had always had a crash on Heero did what he told her cause she thought it would help her with catching him.

It was a brand new school year and Heero didn't really know what to do.

A young blond walked up to him.

"Hay. Are you lost or something?" He asked gently.

"We're new." Relena squeaked hanging of Heero's arm.

"Oh right. You need to go to the main office. Come on I'll show you the way." The boy began to walk off and Relena and Heero followed. "I'm Quatre Raberba Winner by the way."

"I'm Heero Yuy and this is my sister Relena."

Relena gave a insane laugh. "No silly. I'm his father's girlfriend's daughter me and Heero aren't related in any way."

"Girlfriend and boyfriend are you?" Quatre asked.

"No." Heero's growled at Quatre who shrunk back at the harsh tone used.

"Okay. Well here's the office. Have a good day and if you need anything just ask."

"Thanks Quatre." Relena waved and Quatre waved back as Heero pulled her into the office.

Heero's and Relena's first lesson was double maths. Heero and Relena as they didn't have form period cause they were filling out forms and everything were early and Heero sat on one side of the room and refused to let Relena sit near him.

The rest of the class arrived a few minutes later with the teacher who gave them a sitting plan to sit in. Heero watched as Quatre was placed next to Relena who started to happily talk to him. The only place left in the room was a spare seat next to Heero. One person was missing from the class but Heero didn't mind. He already hated the school and would rather be left alone than make friends with any one here. (He wasn't a snob or anything now was he? *_*)

Half way through the first period the door to the room opened and someone walked in. Heero looked up at the teacher who was bent over his desk and was surprised when the teacher spoke without looking at the latecomer.

"Glad you could join us Mr. Maxwell. First day and all, you should of been on time."

"Yeah... Sorry about that sir."

The teacher looked up and Heero looked round and gasped softly.

Mr. Maxwell ^_^ was standing hands on hips in the doorway. A long thick golden brown braid snaked it's way down his back to his ass. He wore a black jacket over a white shirt and long tight black trousers. Violet eyes shone brightly and Heero firsts thoughts were that Mr. Maxwell was an angel.

"Please sit down Mr. Maxwell." The teacher pointed at the seat next to Heero and Heero felt his heart leap as the other boy made his way over and dumped himself into his seat.

The Chinese boy that sat behind Heero leant forward and whispered.

"What was it this time Duo?"

Duo looked round and smiled. "No reason just an old guy and some old tricks."

Heero set back to work and listened to the two boys talk.

"Maxwell when it comes to 'old guys' and 'old tricks' tell one of us. Please?"

"Don't sweat it Wufei. I can look after my self."

"So you say." Wufei hissed.

Heero sneaked a glare at Duo who turned round and looked at the work the teacher had just given him.

"Duo! Duo!!!" Duo turned back round and looked at the boy next to Wufei. A long unique bang hanged over one eye and the other was a green fixed on Duo's violet ones.

"Trowa! Trowa! Trowa!!!" He hissed back.

"What is Quatre doing tonight?"

"Ask him yourself." Duo snorted before turning back to the front. The next second a paper airplane came whizzing pass Duo and straight on to Heero's lap.

Heero picked at the paper and glared at it. Duo looked at Heero for the first time.

"Oh hi. Sorry that was rude of me. Hi I'm Duo Maxwell." Duo held out a hand and Heero took it gently noticing the perfect way their hands fitted together and the perfect smooth skin of Duo's palm.

"Heero Yuy. This is yours." He passed the note to Duo.

"Oh thanks." Duo spun round and glared at Quatre and shouted. "He's your boyfriend. You ask him!"

Heero blinked. Quatre went bright red. Trowa disappeared under the table. Wufei stole the note, read it and binned it. The teacher glared at Duo but choose to ignore him. Duo just laughed.

Part Two

Heero wondered round the school looking for somewhere he could sit and eat with out being disturbed. He was *THAT* lucky.


Heero winced as Relena's hand slipped into his and tugged on it none too gently.

"Come on Heero. You can't sit on your own. Quatre asked me if I would like to sit with him and his friends on the field and I said yes and you're coming with me. Like it or not!"

Knowing that there was no way to get rid of Relena once she had the death grip on him Heero let himself be dragged over to the top end of the school rather large field and it to the right hand corner where a group of seven students sat.

Quatre looked round and waved at them, Relena ran pulling Heero along with her.

"Hay!" Quatre smiled as Relena pushed Heero on to the grass and sat down next to him.


Quatre looked round the group. "Everyone this is Relena and Heero Yuy. Relena, Heero this is Trowa," Quatre pointed to the long unique bang boy with one green eye and then to a Chinese boy the two boys had sat behind him in maths. "And this is Chang Wufei. The girl next to him is his cousin." Quatre know pointed at a girl with two long plaits, one hanging on her shoulders and down on to her chest. "Then next to Sally we have Catherine Trowa's sister and Hilde a old friend of my brothers." The fuzzy haired girl smiled at Heero warming and Hilde stuck her tongue out at Relena and Heero was reminded strongly of the boy he had sat next to maths. "And Dorothy the newest of our gang well that is unless you two would like to join."

"Can we?" Relena clapped her hands together and the long blond haired girl Dorothy smiled.

"Cause you can. We always happy to have new members, but one thing you have to be aware of."

"What's that?"

"We look after the innocence, give them money and help in what way we can. And don't trust anyone from oz."

Heero spun round, as did Relena. The smiling braided boy stood over them, hands on hips, braid swinging in the wind. The sunlight shone in his hair making him glow.

"Whoa." Heero breathed as he stared up at the angel.

"Nice seeing you again. You have to excuse Quatre and Trowa's behave in maths. It's not any better then mine." Duo laughed as he sat down next to Heero and Dorothy.

"At least we turn up on time. Where were you?"

Duo flopped so he lay with his back against the soft green grass and stretched widely.


"Old men and old tricks." Wufei grunted.

Heero watched as the rest of the group’s eyes narrowed at Duo and Quatre reached forward.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Q-man don't worry about me okay? Things were perfect." The group minus the two newest members and one braided baka shared a look, which meant more than words ever could. Duo looked up and sighed. "Really guys don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing 'kay?"

"Just be careful." Hilde said with a smile and Duo nodded.

"I will be."

Silence met as Heero wondered what the hell was going on.

"Any way you gonna tell us where you two popped up from?" Duo asked.

And Relena started the long story about what her and Heero's life was like back on L1.

During the whole lunch break Duo couldn't take his eyes off the young man that sat beside him. True he hardly ever talked but there was something about him. The messy mop of dark brown hair. The soul searing Prussian blue eyes and the smallest of smirks that would lit his face when a joke was passed around.

Quatre noticed that his best friend couldn't take his eyes of the new boy and decide to play a little bit of match making for the two.

As the bell went Quatre grabbed hold of Duo's arm.

"Can I have a word?" Duo nodded.

"Look Quat before you start moaning about this man it's okay nothing happened I promise you."

"Not that. Hee~ro."

"What about him?"

"You couldn't keep your eyes off him and don't think that I don't know what was going through your brain or trousers."

"You really think someone like me and someone like him go together? No I don't think so Quatre. Him and Miss Perfect Princess more like." And Duo walked off.

Biting on his lip Quatre yelled out to Heero.

"Hay Hee~ro! Can I have a word please?"

Heero didn't reply just stopped and looked back as Quatre raced up to him.

"Would you like to pop by tonight? I could help you with getting to know people and stuff?"

"Thanks. I would like that."

"How about we walk back to mine after school and then my Dad can drop you off home?"

Heero nodded.

"Great see you at the end of school!" And Quatre skipped away. Heero looked across at the field and sow Duo talking to some one with long blond hair. He smiled at the angel across from him. Maybe this wasn't gonna be so bad after all.

Part Three

Heero meet Quatre outside the school gates when the four o'clock bell went. Quatre was standing alone looking bored and sweet at the same time (But when doesn't he look sweet?) He smiled as Heero approached.

"Hiya Heero. Glad you could make it here. Ready?"

Heero nodded and Quatre linked their arms together and set off down the road chatting away.

"Hay Heero? Your parents are gonna be alright about this?"

"Relena's telling them for me."

"Oh that's okay." And Quatre once again began to talk to Heero about life in the small city.

Quatre lead the way through the side streets of the city until they reached a very large and very posh house on the outskirts.

Heero blinked in surprise at the white house then corrected himself palace. It was a large white palace.

"Coming in or not?" Quatre asked laughing at Heero's expression.

"Sorry. I just didn't think that you would live in some where like this."

"You shouldn't judge on what you see. Come on in." Quatre pushed the door wide open and Heero stepped into the dim hallway. He looked round at the walls. Five doors lead off from the hall and one grand staircase lead up to the upper floors.

"We don't use that one. We use the smaller one at the back. Come on lets get a drink and then head up there."

Heero followed Quatre through a maze of corridors and doors and rooms until they came to a rather big living room.

"This is the den. If we the Gang have a meeting we all met in here cause it's mine and my bro's room no one else comes in here and its quick and easy access to the kitchen."

The 'quick and easy access' was exactly across the room and out the French doors into another corridor along that counting five doors down on your left and then turning into that door, across past the glass door which lead to the indoor swimming pool, left again into another corridor and then follow the corridor down to the large oak kitchen.

If that was the quickest route Heero didn't want to see the long way round.

Quatre waved to the cooks and servants in the kitchen before heading for another door and Heero followed quietly as Quatre pulled it open to reveal a steep and narrow staircase.

"Up there?"

"Yep. Only me and my bro use this way cause it's easier for us and the clients we have round sometimes."

Quatre started to climb and Heero blinked. Clients?, he thought puzzled, must mean friends.

Heero followed Quatre up three flights of stairs before reaching the attic level where there was a small wooden corridor and three wooden doors.

Quatre knocked on one and it swung open. Quatre titled his head towards the room and entered.

Heero's eyes narrowed, Duo was lying straight out on the bed, Trowa was spread out on a sofa and Wufei was bent over the cd player about to put music on.

"Hay Q-Man!" Duo waved over as he threw a pillow at Wufei.

"Hi guys. Look Heero's come round and I thought we could show him the rules of the game."

"May I use your bathroom?"

"Sure thing Heero. Last door at the bottom."

Heero walked out of the door and Duo turned on his brother.

"What the hell?"

"I was being friendly." Quatre shrugged leaning against Trowa.

"Why here?"

"You like him Maxwell and you know it!"

Duo blinked emptily at Wufei.

"You gotta be kiddin' me!" Duo shouted.

"Okay then. If you don't like him then make him one of us."

"What? Trowa?"

Quatre looked round at Trowa.


"If you don't like Heero take away his innocence and make him one of us."

"No way!"

"You don't dare. How about a deal?"


"Duo if you can seduce Heero by Prom and mark him as your then I don't know, we just give as much money as we can to the Maxwell church. Deal?"

"Sure!" Quatre's eyes danced and Wufei nodded in agreement. Duo shook his head.

"Three out of four. Yes or no?"

"Fine but get ready to empty your wallets."

Part Four

Heero entered the drama studio and looked round.

It was the beginning of his second week at school and he had gotten lost looking for the drama studio, which was set miles away from the school. Dorothy who had also been running late for drama had rescued Heero.

On entering the studio Heero heard the familiar tenor that had been haunting his dreams for the past few days, he also heard music. After dumping his bag with Dorothy's and taking his shoes off and putting his trainers on [1] he entered the main area and stopped short.

Duo was wearing a light blue t-shirt which barely covered his chest, his mid-dif was showing and he wore a very tight pair of stonewash hot pants.

Heero gulped and felt at once a burning sensation in his groan. Willing his erection away didn't work and so Heero turned to picturing Relena in the same clothes that Duo was wearing, Heero shivered and felt himself deflate quickly.

Dorothy smiled at the teacher Mrs. Wickham and explained over the noise that Heero was new and had gotten lost and she was running late like normal.

Walking over Mrs. Wickham turned the music off and looked round at the group. Only 18 students were in the group, 20 now Heero and Dorothy had arrived.

"Right, Heero we are doing a Musical called Grease. You have seen it yes?"

Heero shook his head not daring himself to look at Duo and them Oh So Tight Hot pants.

Mrs. Wickham nodded. "For the first exam the group must perform a already written play or musical. For the second exam must be something that two people have written in the group perform as best as it could be. In fact..."

Heero shifted uncomfortably as she circled him then turned to Duo.

"...Duo Come here please."

Duo always willing, moved quickly forward and placed himself next to Heero and relaxed his body, making it all go floppy [2] and letting Mrs. Wickham move him as she wished. Following Duo's example Heero also let Mrs Wickham move him ignoring the fact he was inches away from the boy that had filled his wet dreams for the past few days and was wearing something that made it look like a summer day and not mid September on a rainy day.

When Mrs. Wickham had finished she stepped back and smiled.

Zechs who was also in this class glared at the picture.

Heero's arms was wrapped round Duo's waist holding the boy against him, Duo's arm was slung round Heero's shoulders and his hair was falling across Heero's exposed skin and Heero fought not to laugh.

"What you think Guys? Do we have our main characters?"

The rest of the class nodded.


"It's good news."

"Really? How?"

"Duo you like him and this way you get to work with him and kiss him."

"Thanks Hilde but that doesn't help. If he finds out that I'm a..."

"If he finds out! IF being the key word."

"He will. Zechs will tell him and after the bet and all. He'll hate me. What do I do?"

"I'm not going to say any thing Baby. As long as I get a free go."

Duo and Hilde spun round and glared up at the tall figure with long silver/blond hair.


"I heard everything and I only keep my mouth shut if I get something in return. If not I'm sure Yuy will be so happy to hear that he's a cheap way for you to get money for the church. Sorry that came out wrong. Every way for you is cheap Baby isn't it?"

Zechs was the right hand man of the leader of OZ.

"Trieze send you?" Duo asked, he stood up and slipped a hand into the small of his back where he kept a small pistol incase something like this happened.

"I'm helping a friend in need."

"You ain't a friend." Hilde spat also standing up. Two Romefeller against one OZ. Zechs didn't stand a chance.

Zechs ignored Hilde and continued to talk to Duo.

"I don't tell Yuy and..."

"You wanna fuck me in return?" Duo guessed. He already knew that his answer would be yes, anything just to make sure Heero didn't find out.


Duo's eyes widen.

"No. Tonight, StringRay."

"Now or I'm forgetting our deal and just tell Yuy any way."

"Duo! Don't!"


"Golf course. Five minutes. Be there Maxwell." And Zechs stalked off, as Quatre and Trowa appeared holding hands.

"What's he want?" Quatre asked.

"He's getting it. Duo don't! Not Zechs." Hilde whined trying to change Duo's mind.


"I have to. Sorry guys but I have to. For Heero."

And Duo followed Zechs.

"He can't."

"Jesus. Five days he has known Heero and already he's fucking Zechs just so that Heero doesn't find out the truth."

Relena arrived with out any one hearing her and her eyes narrowed as she heard Hilde words.

"Hi guys."

Duo crept through the small gap and straighten as he arrived on the other side, hole 13 of the golf course. Zechs was already there... smiling.

"Baby." Zechs purred and Duo walked forward slowly as Zechs undid his pants.

Duo wiggled out of the hot pants and knelt down before taking the soft member in his mouth.

Zechs gasped as a warm heat engulfed him while a hand toyed with his balls. Within seconds Duo had gotten him hard and straining for release but like any good whore, Duo pulled away denying Zechs what he wanted.

Duo curled round on the soft grass so that Zechs had a clear view of his ass and Duo lowed himself slowly on to the large member, sinking it slowly in to his own tight heat.

Zechs gave a deep moan as he felt the walls clamp down on him. "Baby." he moaned and Duo began a steady rhythm before squeezing tightly round Zechs stuck in his body.

Zechs gave a sharp cry before releasing himself into Duo and then collapsing on the grass.

Duo climbed off Zechs and pulled back on the hot pants before walking back towards school in time for the afternoon double chemistry lesson.

Zechs coming back to the world after his climax suddenly realized something, during his encounter with Duo whist he had been straining hard for release Duo hadn't even gotten a hard on.

Zechs shrugged before dressing himself and heading towards school as well.


Okay that was crap. That's has to be the worst lime scene ever! Even though it was only a lime it was still bad I make a promise here on that next time it will be far far far better, which isn't gonna be hard.


[1] I take drama for gcse and we have to do this before every lesson and the drama teacher in this is the same as the one I have and yes she's exactly like that.

[2] It's a thing we do in drama and in this form doesn't mean floppy after a hard on okay?

Thanks for reading, please review and I'll do more!!!!!!!


Part Five

Due to the small bet the guys had placed on Duo, Duo was forced to found out what the newest member of Gundam (I need a name if you can think of a better one tell me and I'll change it) was into and unlucky for Duo the perfect schoolboy that was innocence and clean seemed to like museums and libraries.

Giving a deep sigh Duo pushed open the large old wooden doors and walked into the very dim building. The tight black jeans that Duo wore seemed to come ten times to tight as he watched Heero stand up on the top of a large ladder searching for a book. The small ass swayed back and forth as Heero moved carefully before picking the one he wanted and began to climb down.

Regretting the quick decision of putting tight jeans on and feeling thankful that this part of the library was dark Duo took a deep breath and smirked at Heero's ass as Heero reached the bottom.

"Hel~lo Hee~ro!" Duo spoke and smirked even more as Heero winced and looked round.

"Duo? I thought you were Relena."

With hands on hips Duo smiled and reached out before plucking the book from Heero's hand.

"Whatcha reading?" Duo read the title quickly and raised an eyebrow at Heero. "The Dragon bone Chair [1]?"

"It's a good book. Give it back please Duo."

Duo walked off with book still in hand towards a desk to sit at.

Heero just shock his head at the rebel and followed and put himself down next to Duo who was reading the first page of the book.

"Hay there Blue Firer!"

The book slipped from Duo's hands and he looked up sharply into the face of a regularly client. The women smiled at the young boy.

"Kylie." Duo smiled back recovering from the shock.

Kylie liked younger men especially boys since she had taken Duo home one day when he had been round her house with his friend who happened to be her son and had questioned Duo all the way home. The next night Duo had been performing at the Satin Fever Dance Club and she had offered him money for a regularly thing about once a fortnight she was paid a $100 for Duo for the evening. Blue Firer was his whore name and only his clients knew his face as in his acts he wore a mask. People that weren't clients knew him as a boy with long brown hair, one hell of a body and Blue Firer. No one not even his clients knew his real name part from Zechs but he wasn't really a client.

Heero looked at Kylie she wore a mini shiny blue leather skirt and a very small blue leather thing that just covered her breast. How the hell she got into the library Heero wasn't sure but when he saw the large overcoat he guessed she had been wearing that.

"I saw you come in here darling and just HAD to say hello." She purred.

"I'm off hours right now Kylie sorry." Duo said as he stood and bent over to recover Heero's book.

Heero's eyes widen as Kylie's hand shot out and stroked Duo's ass.

Duo jumped at the touch and turn round glaring angrily. He passed the book back to Heero.

Duo sat down quickly and grabbed his bag and pulled out the homework that was in desperate need of doing. Kylie slide gracefully into the seat next to him and whispered.

"Not even a quickie baby. I'm willing to pay anything."

"No." Duo said shortly, not here, not with Heero in the same building and please god don't let him hear her. He prayed silently and flinched as her hand slide up the inside of his thigh.

Due to Heero's early show of his ass Duo still hadn't managed to get rid of the hard on Heero had caused. Duo hissed as Kylie rubbed the bulge in his trousers before reaching for the zipper.

Duo's hand flew to Kylie's pulling them away before Heero sow her and her hands.

"Oh my Blue Firer. You seem to be in need of releasing some tense from here." Her fingertip bushed his member gently. "Meet me in the alleyway in five minutes."

Standing up a handful of dollars was placed on the table and she left.

Heero looked at the money.

"What she giving you that for?"

"I lent her some before and she's paying me back." Quickly the money was counting. "Shit she wasn't lying. There's over two hundred dollars here. Fucking hell she must be desperate." Duo said out loud and Heero winced.

"Do you have to swear so much?"

"I'm sorry Heero. Hay once you have finished with that can I read it?"

The copy was pressed into his hand that didn't hold the notes.

"I've read it before. Here you go."

"Thanks Heero. Look do you want to come out tonight with me and the gang?"

"I'm sorry Duo but I've got to study."

"Okay, fine. See you round Heero."

Book and money slipped into bag and Duo walked off and out leaving Heero smiling in the dark library.

In the back alley Kylie was smoking and she looked up as soft footsteps came towards her.

"Lovely sexy. You two would make a great pair up there on the stage."

"He's not like that." Duo said as he slipped his arms over Kylie's front and on to the back were he undid the tie to her small top. It came away loosely and Duo threw it in to a bag she had already prepared. Duo placed feather light kisses over the two large breasts before Kylie pinned his head in between them. Fighting back sick Duo pulled the leather skirt away and ran a hand over her pussy and felt the wettest there.

Kylie moaned and fell back as Duo's tongue went down and began to lap up her own cum while he undid his own trousers and pulled them out of the way before coming up to nip at her neck as he pushed himself into her.

As soon as he was fully inside she pushed him down so that Duo laid on the dirty mucky ground and she rode Duo quickly. Duo closed his eyes and thought of Heero's dazzling blue eyes and Heero's tight ass as Kylie let out a high pitched scream and then Duo gave a moan of his own and released himself into her. Kylie kissed Duo on the lips.

"Like normal Blue Firer you were great. Thank You." Kylie dressed before she stood up and walked away leaving Duo in the mud. (It's crap I don't like Duo with a female any way so don't sue)

Heero left the library about half an hour later to find a very dirty Duo walking pass.

"Duo? What happened?"

Duo turned at the voice and brushed red.

"Just fell over."

"You want a lift home?" Heero asked.

"Thanks Heero."


[1] I’m doing a fic based round Memory, Thorn and Sorrow books and they great. Dragon Bone Chair is the first out of the four books.

Okay it's really bad. I can't do lemon or limes with Duo when he's partnered with someone that isn't Heero. I'm sorry and I'll try better next time. ^_^ Please review. Bye

Part 6

"What the hell happened to you?"

Duo hobbled through the front door of the winner mansion and straight into the head of security, Rashid.

"Nothing happened to me. It's all been sorted out." Duo muttered as a shout came from outside and a blond ball came running in.

"Duo! I just heard from Relena that you got in a fight and... Rashid." Quatre skidded to a stop in front of the large man and shut up quickly.

Duo sighed, it was the story he had told Heero who hadn't believe that he had just fallen over.

"But then Quatre can always tell you what happened."

"Master Duo you know better than fighting..."

"I do hope you haven't been fighting Duo!"

Duo looked round sheepish at his mother Mrs Winner who had just appeared in the doorway, arms crossed and a very deadly look on her face.

Duo swallowed, his mother could be very dangerous when angry.

"I want a word with you too Quatre." She snapped her blue eyes not leaving Duo's even though she sow Quatre trying to sneak off. She had very keen eyes and sow most things her two sons did.



"Who did you have a fight with?"

"Just some guy, said some crap and I had to put him straight." Duo shrugged.

"Duo. I know when you lie to me and I want the truth. Now please!"

"This guy was saying things about the Winner family. I’m not gonna stand by and take shit for other guys."

"Duo! Don’t swear!"


"A month. No clubs, no night outs, daytime maybe but no evenings. You’re grounded!"

"What? A month? Oh Mum come off it!"

"No Duo! I’ve let you off too many times. One month, no less. Go to your room."

She pointed up the stairs and Duo climbed up them.

"Now Quatre…"

"I’m really sorry Johan. Mum rules this house though… No chance… You think you can keep my place for me? … No I understand… Chill man I’ll find something to do for money… yeah."

Duo slammed the phone down.

"Fuck it!" He swore.

Quatre looked round ands Wufei glanced up.

"What’s is it Maxwell?"

"Lost my job. Stupid fucked up Relena. Don’t know how Heero can stand her."

It had been a week since Duo had been grounded and Quatre and Wufei were heading out that night, just waiting for Trowa to arrive by keeping Duo company.

"You gotten any further with Heero?" Quatre asked.

"How can I? I’m locked in here for three more weeks!"

"Talk of the devil… or should I say angel?


"Looks like the Perfect School Boy is coming up your drive with Trowa."

Duo darted off the large bed and made a beeline straight for the window.

"Holy shit! You’re right. Why’s he here?"

"Checking on you?" Wufei suggested.

"Maybe Trowa invited him." Quatre said with an innocence air to his voice that fooled no one.

"Quatre! What? You invited Heero to go out with you three tonight? That’s so unfair."

"Someone’s falling." Wufei laughed as Duo shot him the death glare that said I Don’t Think So.

"It’s true Duo. You’re in love." Quatre laughed, as Duo turned red.

"I am not. And if I was, it wouldn’t be with a stuck up perfect A grade school boy!"

"Any way. He’s staying here tonight. I thought you would like the company."

Duo sweat dropped as the bedroom door open and Trowa and Heero walked in.

An hour later Quatre, Wufei and Trowa had left. An extra large pizza had arrived. A film was playing in the background and Heero was watching it from Duo’s large double bed while Duo was camped out of a pile of pillows on the floor watching Heero out of the corner of his eyes.

Duo had two months before prom. Two months in which to get Heero and make him dirty. Two months in which to see if it really was love or not… Duo shook his head… what? Love? No he didn’t love Heero it was lust nothing more.

Duo slipped off still watching Heero.

"Stop it!"

Duo was snapped out of his day dream he had been having in which they had been doing the kissing scene in Drama which had ended with Heero picking Duo up, walking out of the classroom and into the nearest cupboard and had been about to fuck Duo senseless when Heero had brought Duo to.


"Stop watching me baka."

"Oops." Caught in the act. "Was I? Oh I’m sorry Heero. I didn’t know I was. Any pizza left?"


Taking that as yes Duo crawled across the room and onto his bed and dug into the pizza box, which was now the only thing that was between Duo and Heero.

The two laid in silence for a few minutes before Heero spoke.



"How you end up here? Part of the Winner family?"

Duo smirked.

"Quatre and Dad where on L2 for a long weekend. I picked the wrong pocket to steal from and was caught. Lucky for me I managed to limp back to my cardboard box and that was where Quatre found me. He took me to his hotel room and we’ve been brothers ever since." Duo tried to smile as the memories came back.

"Cardboard box?"

"I couldn’t afford to house."


"Seven. The Maxwell Church had just been destroyed and I lost Solo a few months before that."


"Solo gave me my name. Said that we would always be together and he would always be looking down on me. That’s why I’m called Duo."

Heero noticed the far off look in Duo’s eyes as Duo talk about Solo.

"Tell me." Heero whispered and Duo started the long story of his life right up to when Quatre had found him.

His house being burned down, his real parents dieing in the fire, Solo finding him wondering the streets, Solo dieing, how he had helped many homeless kids like himself, how the Maxwell Church had found him, how the Maxwell Church had been destroyed and how he ended up with Quatre.

All the while Heero sat listening in silence as well as study and learning all he could about the violet angel he had fallen for. Duo was like a subject to him and was something he had to learn more about.

"That’s really my life." Duo said trying and failing to smile.

"I thought growing up with Relena was bad. I’m so sorry Duo."

"Don’t be. I’m not sorry. I’ve learnt many things that I wouldn’t if I have been brought up like you. Plus even Relena is worst than living rough."

Duo and Heero both laughed at once and stopped at the same time.

The pizza box had long been thrown onto the floor of the room.

Duo and Heero stared deep into each other’s eyes and Duo realized something… The others, Quatre and Wufei had been right, Duo did, he loved Heero… Duo suddenly leaned forward as did Heero and their lips got closer and closer……………………

Part Seven

They leaned towards each other. The other searching the other for any signs of withdrawal. An inch apart and still moving closer until the lips bushed against each other.



Both boys jump backwards, Heero lands against the pillows while Duo falls off the bed and on to the pizza box and remains of the half eaten pizza.

Duo swore under his breath as tomato and cheese got stuck in his hair.

Footsteps sounded and the door opened to reveal Mrs Winner and Hilda.

"Duo? What ARE you doing?" Mrs Winner asked in disbelief as Duo struggled with bits of pizza now stuck in his long braid.

Heero peered over the side of the bed at a now very sticky Duo.

The mood was ruined.

Hilde raised an eyebrow.

"I was just bringing back the book I borrowed of Duo. I’m not staying."

Edging into the room Hilde placed the book onto Duo’s desk before waving good-bye and disappearing. Mrs Winner shook her head at the two teenagers before following Hilde back downstairs.

Duo turned to Heero and smiled.

"I think I need a shower."

2 hours later

A wet and half naked Duo appeared in the bedroom down and Heero felt his breath catch.

The long light chestnut strands of hair were loose and flowed over Duo’s creamy skin and Heero had to hid the moan that escaped his lips as Duo walked forward and the small towel over Duo’s groin slip lower and lower with every step that Duo took.

Heero turned away brushing red as Duo pulled the towel away and slipped a pair of silk black boxers on and over his head and hair a black tank top.

"Hay! Hee~ro?"


"Could you brush and braid my hair for me? Please!"

Heero blinked blankly at Duo.



"Sorry. Japanese. Gomen means sorry."

"You speak Japanese?"

Heero nodded.

"Great! Can you teach me?"

Heero nodded again.

"You can do it while you do my hair for me! Greez thanks man."

Duo grabbed a hairbrush and bank before jumping on to the bed and into Heero’s lap. His head rested on the top of Heero’s thighs. Duo straighten himself up and sat with his ass between Heero’s legs and handed the comb and band to Heero who started to work the tangles out of Duo’s hair which seemed a lot loner now that it was free on the braid.

"So? Come on teach!"

"Do you know any Japanese?"

"A few words. Kuso and Kisama."

"Who taught you that?"

"Some guy called me them when I was in Japan a few years ago. I’m not quite sure what they mean but I think they were insulting words." Duo said putting on an high pitch voice making him sound a lot like Relena *Shivers at thought*

"Yes Duo. Swear words. Kuso is shit and kisama can mean either you or bastard."

"I’m taking he was calling me a bastard."

"Any other words?"

"Ohayo. Konnichiha. Je ne."

"Ohayo is good morning and Konnichiha is hello. Je ne is see you."

And so it went on, late in to the night Heero taught Duo how to speak Japanese and Duo learnt it pretty well.

When Quatre arrived home later that night he looked in on his brother to see Heero and Duo were fast asleep.

Duo’s head rested gently against Heero’s chest and Heero’s arms held Duo close and protecting.

Quatre smiled at the scene before heading for his own bed.

Next Morning.

"So what you do to this guy to call you a bastard?"

It was Saturday morning and Duo and Heero where in the den watching morning cartoons on tv.

"Oh nothing… Much."

Quatre walked in.

"Who called you a bastard Duo?"

"That guy in Japan."

Quatre sat down on the arm of the sofa.

"The one who called you a slut?"

"That’s him."

"Oh you mean the one whose son you turned gay?"

Heero raised an eyebrow at Duo who turned round and glared at Quatre.

"I did NOT turn his son guy! The guy was 17 and had never had a orgasm before in his life!"

Heero went bright red just listening to the conversation and being on so grateful that neither Quatre nor Duo knew that he had too had never had an orgasm.

"You SLEPT with him Duo. You were 13!"

Heero gasped, Duo was 13 when he first had sex. Way too young for someone!

"I was giving him hand on experience!" Duo said in such a sweet voice that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

"More like a hand job experience." Quatre stated standing up and heading towards the kitchen then looked back.

"Oh and by the way. It doesn’t happen to every guy, it’s not that common and it is a BIG DEAL!" [1]

Quatre then raced out leaving Heero with a bright red Duo who fought for a reply to Quatre’s outburst but couldn’t come up with anything and so in the end slumped back on to the sofa with a "Fucking Quatre."


Ducks down to avoid any flames sent this way because Duo and Heero didn’t sleep together in this part.

I’m sorry but if they did that would ruin the whole fic and it would be the end of it! So please wait a bit longer but I promise that when they do sleep together it will be the best lemon I have ever written! I swear on my boyfriend’s life, no that’s horrible. Okay my ex’s life Hee Hee. I don’t swear on anyone’s life okay but I’ll make it my best lemon any way!

[1] I was watching Friends and had to put this in. It’ll come up again later and I’ll explain it then.

I wanted Duo to speak Japanese later on so I had to get Heero to teach him it. Please don’t flame me about Duo speaking Japanese now k?

I’m kinda going on now ain’t I?

Je ne!

Part Eight

Heero looked up as the bus pulled to a stop. Relena sat next to him chatting away and his father Odin and Relena's mother Une sat behind them on the bus. It was a family day out at the nearest beach. But the car was in for a mot test and they had to take the bus instead.

Heero looked away from the window and looked over to the door that slid open and eight very familiar figures came into view.

"How much?" Hilde asked as she led the way up on to the bus. Quatre was right behind her.

"Eight for return to Lower Beach Bay please?"


"Here you go." Quatre passed him the money as the rest of the gang pushed pass him.

"Come on Duo. How much?"

Heero felt his breath catch as Duo came into view.

The long slender figure was dressed all in black. Long black tight jeans covered Duo's legs and a sleeveless mesh black t-shirt. A black baseball cap covered the top of his head and the long chestnut braid swung freely down Duo's back. To top the image a black leather jacket was hanging off one shoulder and a pair of black sunglasses covered Duo's violet eyes. (Drools for a few minutes over that image before continuing with the fic.)

"Oh my. What a bad job that boy's parents have done." Une gasped and Heero stood up quickly pissed off that his mother could judge so quickly.

"Hay guys!"

"You know these people Heero?"

"Yes I do."

"Hay ya Heero. What you doing? Off to the beach as well?"

"Yes we are. Duo can't you wear anything else part from black?"

"Sorry 'Lena but black suits me just like... pink suits you."

Relena blushed as her mother snapped at Heero.

"Sit down!"

"Came sit with us Heero?"

Duo felt his heart leap. If things went well maybe he could ask Heero if he would go to the prom with him.

"Stay where you are Heero!"

Quatre and the others went to sit down. Hilde tugged on Duo's arms. "Come on."

"You coming Heero?"

Heero opened his mouth to say something but Une cut him off.

"I told you that he isn't. Now leave us alone!"

"You don't own him." Duo snapped back.

"Duo, leave it. I'll see you later." Heero said hating Une even more after that little performance.

Duo laid on the beach soaking up the rays.

"You okay?" Quatre asked coming to lie next to his brother.

"I'm fine."

Duo tipped his sunglasses down and looked across at the image of Heero lying on the sand.

"Wanna talk?"

"I wanna call the bet off."

"You can't do that."

"I can and I am!"

Duo sat up and took Quatre's hand in his.

"You love Trowa right?"

"Yes but..."

Duo placed a finger against Quatre's lips.

"You wouldn't hurt him, not even for the world?"


"Then understand me. I don't want to hurt Heero. The bet is finished. Over!"

"You can't do that. Once a bet is set it must be fulfilled." Wufei said coming to stand above Duo.

"The bet is over. I'm not taking part any more."

"You're the bet Duo. It isn't over until you get Heero in bed and you get the money."

Relena stood a few meters away from the three in the sand and she heard the whole conversation.

"You can't do that!" She yelled.

Duo started and looked round.


"You can't hurt Heero like that! You do Maxwell and I'll skin you alive!" Relena pointed at Duo before she ran off.

Duo pushed himself to his feet and pulled on his jeans quickly.

"I'm going for a walk."

Duo walked off.

"Oh dear."

"What's wrong?" Catherine asked. Her eyes fixed on Duo's retreating back.

"Duo's falling in love."

"Well that's great. He needs someone. Might stop him for being a whore." Sally said smiling down at Quatre.

"No it's not great. It's Heero."

"Oh my god. How do you know?" Hilde knelt down on the sand before Quatre.

"You know the bet?" Quatre paused as everyone round him nodded. "He just tried to call it off with out a reason."

Heero saw Duo stand and walk away and stood himself.

"I'm going to get a drink." He said shortly before following Duo away.

By the time Heero reached the main street Duo had disappeared completely. Sighing Heero turned round to come face to face with Relena.

"You know that he doesn't love you?" She snapped.


"Duo doesn't love you. He's using you as a way to get money!"

"Relena. Go away."

"Fine but don't say I didn't warn you."

The pink fuzz ball stormed off.

Heero sighed and turned round to come face to face with Trieze.

"Heero Yuy?"

"Maybe. Who wants to know?"

"Leader of Oz. I heard that you have joined the Gundams?"

"So?" Heero hissed.

"No one takes a stand against me without me trying them first."

Heero suddenly felt a hand round his neck and he was pushed against the wall.

"Zechs told me you were beautiful but he didn't do you credit my pretty."

"Get off me." Heero hissed again.

"I haven't begun yet." Trieze smiled again and pressed his lips against Heero.

Heero wondered what the hell was going on and why no one came to help him.

He felt a hand stroke the inside of his thigh before grasping his manhood through Heero's spandex shorts.

"Leave him the fuck alone Trieze!" A voice growled out.

Heero was dropped to the floor and he looked up to see Duo standing there.

"Duo Maxwell. Nice to see you again."

"Not my pleasure. Your fight is with me leave him alone."

"Fine he can go. You though stay."

"I'm all yours."

"Just what I love to hear for such a gorgeous boy like yourself."

"Time to go Heero."

Trieze suddenly paled.

Duo smirked.

"I never come alone."

Trieze stared round at the other eight members of Gundam.

"I ain't yours and never will be. Heero you coming back? Time to go home."

Duo lowered a hand and Heero took it but didn't let go as him, Duo and the others began to walk away.

"What the fuck was that about?" Hilde snapped standing in front of Heero and Duo.

"I'll explain tomorrow. All come by then when OZ isn't listening."

Part Nine

Quatre watched as Duo paced in front of him. He leaned back against his lover and smiled as one of Trowa's hands slipped into his lap and stroked the inside of Quatre's thigh.

Moaning softly but not getting hard because of his brother Quatre pushed Trowa's hand away, kissed his lover before standing up and walking over to Duo.


Duo turned to look at Quatre.


"Stop it."

"Stop what?"

"Pacing. Come sit down with us and talk."

Quatre lead Duo over to the bed and Trowa reached out a hand and took Duo's and pulled Duo gently in to his lap.

Duo sighed as Trowa's hands began to rub the tight muscles in his back and he relaxed in to the hold.

Did Quatre really know how lucky he is to have someone like Trowa? Sure he doesn't talk much but still he's great. I wish I had someone to do this with. Duo thought and felt Quatre stroke his cheek.

Duo turned into the touch and smiled at Quatre.

"What are you worried about Duo?"

"Why did Trieze go after Heero? What would have happened if I hadn't got there to stop Trieze? Why can't I call this bet off?"

"Shh. One thing at a time Duo."

Quatre reached for a brush and took Duo's long hair in his hands and set it free of its braid before starting to brush it.

"Trieze. Why Heero?"

"You are close to Heero and he wants you." Trowa said simply moving his hands further down Duo's back causing Duo to let a low moan pass his throat.

"The bet?" Duo was getting tired and Trowa and Quatre wouldn't stop playing with his back and hair.

"You know the rules Duo. Once a bet has been set the only way to rid of it is to do it. I'm sorry Duo but that's the way things are."

Duo nodded before closing his eyes.

"Relaxed yet?"

"Very." Duo purred.

"You wanna play?" Quatre asked letting Duo's hair fall back behind his back and Trowa stopped rubbing and leaned forward and pressed his lips against Duo's skin.

"Play what?" Duo asked opening an eye to look at his blond brother.

"Play with us?" Quatre said with an innocence air to his voice.

"Dirty minded." Duo laughed as Trowa sucked at his skin causing Duo to let loose another moan.

"Not that you mind huh Duo?"

"Not one bit Quatre."

Duo pulled away from Trowa's embrace and turned to kiss his brother's lover on the lips. Trowa returned the kiss just as eagerly as Duo gave it.

Quatre stripped himself of his shirt and trousers leaving him in a pair of sky blue boxers and he went into join the party.

Duo turned to face his brother and stole a kiss from Quatre before climbing off the bed to watch Quatre and Trowa exchange a passion filled kiss during the kiss Quatre's quick hands rid Trowa of his clothes and Trowa ripped then blue boxers of Quatre. The clothes fell to the floor somewhere in a corner.

Quatre looked up naked at Duo with now nothing on part from a hard on and smirked. "Aren't you a little over dressed Duo?"

Duo reached for the bottom of the black tank top and pulled it over his head inch by inch. Turned on by the lust that filled Quatre's and Trowa's eyes. Tossing the shirt away Duo strolled forward his hands resting on the top of his black jeans. His long hair flowed round him.

Duo unzipped the jeans revealing nothing but his hard member and slide the jeans down his long slender legs until they rested in a puddle at his feet. Duo stepped easily out of them and leaned forward.

Quick as a flash Quatre grabbed Duo and pulled him on to the bed and pinned him down.

Quatre placed himself over Duo's chest and Trowa placed himself between Duo's legs.

Duo grabbed Quatre's ass firmly and pulled Quatre closer so that he could taste Quatre's straining member.

Trowa watched as his lover's manhood disappeared into Duo's mouth and Quatre flung his head back moaning Duo's name as Duo sucked his cock. Trowa then leaned down and blow against Duo's own cock.

Duo let go of Quatre and gasped, his hips bucked up wanting contract with Trowa's mouth.

Quatre felt the movement of his two lovers and jumped himself when Duo wrapped his lips back round him.

Trowa at the same time as Duo took Duo into his own mouth.

Duo began to moan round Quatre causing Quatre to moan loudly at the vibrating this caused. Trowa began to hum giving Duo the same treatment that Duo was giving Quatre.

With in a few seconds Quatre gave a loud cry of Duo's name and spilled his seed into Duo's mouth and Duo lapped up Quatre's cum, drinking it from him.

Quatre fell back and watched as Duo thrust up into Trowa's mouth as he let himself climax deep in the warmth that Trowa provided.

Duo fell limp against the pillows.

"Tired already Duo?"

"No chance. Just waiting for you two."

"Watch Duo. I'm going to give Trowa a blow job and I want you to watch closely."

Duo sat up, his member rising quickly at Quatre's words and Quatre lent down to taste Trowa.

Duo moaned as Quatre went down on to Trowa.

Duo's hand went down to wrap around his newly awaken member and over Quatre's head, his eyes met Trowa's and Trowa smiled and moaned.

"Stroke yourself Duo. Let me watch you."

Quatre looked up at Duo and smiled as Duo jerked into his hand and Quatre went back to shower Trowa will attention.

Watching Quatre suck Trowa took Duo into his second organism of that night and seeing Duo come and lick his own cum off his hand took Trowa into his first.

"Want you say Duo?" Quatre purred.

"I say fuck foreplay and lets get down to some real fucking!"

"Sounds good to me."

Quatre walked over to the drawers and pulled out a tube of lube and covered himself slowly in it. Duo laid back down on to the bed as Quatre walked forward and knelt himself between Duo's legs.


Trowa's hand, now covered in lube as well slide a finger into Duo's tight anus and the other slide a figure into Quatre. Trowa prepared his two lovers together and then pulled his fingers out together to cover his own member.

As Trowa pushed himself into Quatre from behind, Quatre pushed himself in Duo.

Duo's back ached off the bed and with his long legs curled them round Trowa and pushed them both in to him, forgetting that Quatre didn't do this as much as he did and wasn't used to the pain.

Quatre cried out in half pain, half pleasure at the quick invasion. Trowa stopped to rid himself of Duo's legs before he began to push himself into the two beautiful angels that laid beneath him.

Quatre cried out again at the sensation of taken and being taken. Duo clamped his muscles round Quatre and drove against Quatre.

Quatre was the first to climax and Duo was second when Trowa's hand wrapped around his own member. Trowa closely followed them over the edge.

Together they laid on the bed, Duo laid between Quatre and Trowa, his back against Quatre with his head resting against Trowa's chest.

"Thank you." Duo mumbled.

"You're welcome Duo."

Part Ten

It was a slow waking. It always was when you're curled up in someone’s arms and one that Duo's wasn't used to. He nested closer to the warm body and tried to go back to sleep but soft voices prevented that.

"Will he be alright?"

"I don't see why not. He looks so peacefully asleep. It's hard to believe that he... he... he sells himself."

"Shh love."

"I'm sorry Trowa but I can't help it. I wish we could help him but he'll never listen to us or accept our help."

"I know it's hard Quatre. Listen to me."

Duo felt a hand brush over his long hair and snuggled closer to the warmth that he guessed was Trowa.

"Duo's always done things HIS way. You can't change that. He'll keep Heero safe from Trieze no matter what the cost is."

"I truly feel like Duo does love Heero. Its the rules of a bet and must be carried off if I could I would call it off."

"You know it's rude to talk about people when they aren't listening!"

Trowa and Quatre both jumped as Duo spoke still nested against Trowa's side.

"Sorry bro."

"No prob. So what's for breakfast?"

Duo yawned over the breakfast table.

"Cover your mouth." His father snapped and Duo obey.

"Tired Duo?" Mrs. Winner smiled at her adopted son who was yawning again.

"Just a bit. Late night."

"Well early tonight. You have school in the morning."

"Yes Mum."

"Um Master Duo?" Rashid slide into the room and bowed. "You have guests."

Trowa and Quatre looked across at Duo who shrugged and stood up and followed Rashid towards the front door.

Duo yawned again as he cross into the entrance hall.

"Morning Duo."

"Hiya Hilde. Why you here so early?"

"You asked us to come remember? Everyone will be here soon and you need to get dressed." Hilde giggled as Duo looked sleepily down at his boxers and tank top.

"Oh yeah. Well come on through."

Quatre looked round the Den at everyone. Quatre sat on Trowa's lap and Trowa sat in the armchair.

Dorothy, Relena and Hilde took up the sofa while Wufei sat on the other armchair and Sally sat on the armrest.

Catherine was sitting cross-legged on the footrest and Heero and Duo sat side by side on the floor near the tv.

Duo had taken a break from the colour black and now wore blue stonewashed jeans and a white shirt. His long hair was back in the normal braid.

"What are we going to do about Trieze?" Wufei asked.

"Put a stop to OZ!" Duo said simply.

"How? Oz are really powerful. Look what happened yesterday no one paid any attention to what Trieze was doing." Catherine cried desperately.

"We GOT to do something!" Quatre said standing up for Duo.

"But what?" Dorothy asked.

"Why do Gundams and Oz hate each other so much?" Relena asked quietly. Everyone looked at Duo.

Taking a deep breath Duo said. "Me and Quatre were new at school a few years ago. 5/6 years ago. I was 11 and Quatre was 10. I didn't know any better back then and when I was told to hand my lunch money over to a top year student I refused. I was told no one stood up to Oz and everyone did what Oz told them to do. I told him that I take orders from no one and that's that. I'm the reason there are Gundams and Oz. Most people support us but are to scared to help us. Oz can be very mean when they want to do."

"This all started because you wouldn't hand money over to Oz?" Relena asked in disbelief.

Duo tried to ignore the looks he was getting off Heero and Quatre. Heero was confusion and Quatre's was... It was hard to tell but Duo knew that Quatre didn't like him lying about the real reason Duo stood up against Oz for.

"Yep. Mainly. Trieze doesn't like people standing up to him and neither does his pawn Zechs."

"Zechs?" Heero asked.

"The blond in our Drama group. Worst than he looks."

"But then so are you Duo." Hilde laughed which lighten the mood and everyone was soon laughing, even Heero.

"So what are we going to do?" Sally asked.

"Wait. See what Trieze has planned. Now come on lets watch tv!"

Duo pulled Heero round so they were facing the TV but was stopped by Dorothy.



"Why did Trieze go after Heero?"

Duo sighed.

"I'm not sure really. But I'll find out" And I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Duo added silently. "Trieze isn't going to try anything. It'll be alright."

Duo squeezed Heero's hand and smiled at Heero who returned the smile.

After about half an hour of watching TV and small chat Hilde and Dorothy and Sally stood.

"We're going shopping. Anyone else coming?"

Quatre jumped up.

"Sure! I'll go get some money. You coming Trowa?"

Trowa nodded and Relena also stood up.

"Can I come?"

"Every one can." Hilde beamed widely round at everyone.

"Duo? Heero?"

Everyone else stood up to either get money or grab shoes.

"Count me in! Heero?"

Heero looked down at his hands.

"I need to talk to you alone Duo."

"Oh. K then. Heero and me aren't coming! See you guys later. Come on Heero lets take this some where private."

While the others headed out the door Duo took Heero's hand and pulled him up the stairs and into Duo's bedroom.

Duo sat on the bed while Heero sat on the desk chair.

"What's wrong Heero?"

"Duo... I... I feel dirty."

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