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Interrogation? Or Seduction? (part 1 - epilogue)


Part One

"You got your work cut out for you with this one, Duo," grumbled the uniformed man. "Never seen such a cold one."

Duo swept into the room and sat on the edge of the man's desk. "You always say that, Greg. Then I break 'em, don't I? Have I ever failed you yet?"

The man answered without looking up, "Not yet. Get your ass off my desk."

"No confidence," Duo muttered, faking despondency. "I'm wounded."

"Yeah, yeah, just work your magic and make him talk." He slid a file across the desk at Duo.

Duo mock saluted and snapped, "Yessir!" before grabbing the file, whirling around and swaying out of the room, braid flying. Greg sighed and shook his head as the whirlwind that was Duo Maxwell, expert interrogator, slammed the door behind him. If the boy weren't so good at what he did, they would never put up with him. He knew he almost certainly wasn't old enough to hold a job such as this, and he was certainly unconventional in his methods, but if there was information to be gotten from a captured spy, Maxwell would get it.

Duo grabbed a cup of coffee as he went toward the initial interrogation room, wanting to get a look at his next victim, as he liked to think of them. Duo didn't get his crack at them until other, more conventional methods had failed, so Duo knew that by the time they got to him, they were usually ready to break or a really hard case. Duo liked to observe the captive for a while, in order to decide on a strategy.

Duo slipped into the room next to the interrogation room, which had a one-way mirror along one wall. He grabbed a chair, spun it around and straddled it, resting his chin on the back and taking in the scene before him.

The captured spy was tied to a chair, with what looked like 100 feet of ropes and chains. Duo wondered why. He didn't look very old; no older than Duo himself, in fact. And not much taller, if at all. But where Duo was slim and lithe, the spy was muscled and chiseled. Duo's eyes swept appreciatively over the captured spy's amazing body; he would have to watch himself if he didn't want to give away his preferences. It wouldn't be easy, though; the boy was gorgeous. Cobalt blue eyes blazed out of a finely sculpted face, framed by wild brown hair. He looked exotic and defiant, and Duo was definitely looking forward to this one.

Duo opened the file and scanned it; then he whistled and re-read it. The spy had not spoken a word since his capture, but he had put eight big men in the hospital. He had broken out of all the restraints they had tried, and withstood all the initial avenues of interrogation. The boy, for the more Duo looked at him, the more certain he was that the spy was just a boy, like him, had obviously been trained for the possibility of capture, because he looked no worse for wear.

Right now, two men were attempting to question the spy. Two men that Duo personally couldn't stand, big men who thought violence was the answer to everything and didn't like Duo's carefree attitude. They also couldn't stand the fact that Duo had many times succeeded where they had not.

Duo wrinkled his nose in disgust as the two men tried to intimidate the spy into talking, grabbing the boy by the shoulders and squeezing him. That had to hurt, but the spy showed no emotion. Duo was not a fan of violent persuasion. True, sometimes it worked, but Duo's methods were more... subtle. He liked to watch other interrogators, to decide on a method of questioning, but he couldn't watch this farce anymore. They were going to seriously injure the spy, then they wouldn't get any information. Duo decided to intervene.

Walking out of the room and slamming open the door to the next, he walked in just as one of the men was drawing back his fist in an apparent move to punch the spy.

"Ok, that's enough. You've done enough damage. I'm taking over." Duo strode to the center of the room, stopped and crossed his arms.

The men stopped what they were doing and glared at Duo. "We're not finished."

"Yes, you are. Get out." Duo outranked them, and they had no choice.

"Fine. You won't do any better." The men stormed out, slamming the door behind them.

When the men were gone, Duo finally allowed himself to look at the captive. He looked even better up close. He was staring to the side, not looking at Duo, so the braided boy allowed his eyes to travel over the spy's incredible body. But when he reached his face, Duo was startled to see intense cobalt eyes staring right back at him, unreadable. Then, very deliberately, the spy let his eyes travel over Duo, just as he had done to him. Against his will, Duo felt his body react to the presence of the boy.

Duo nearly shivered at the weight of those eyes. He knew what he must look like to this boy; chestnut braided hair down to his ass, clad entirely in black, huge violet eyes and much too young for this type of work. Duo was often underestimated; his slim frame hid wiry strength of body and will. Despite the spy's evident strength, he was still young and small and probably just as used to being underestimated; it was probably one of the things that made him a good infiltrator. Well, not good enough; he had gotten caught, and now it was up to Duo to find out his secrets.

Duo leaned against the table across from the captive, crossed his arms and studied the captive. The captive stared right back, impassive as ever.

"What, no thanks for saving you from the goons? How ungrateful," Duo began. The spy just looked at him, no reaction. "Well, my name is Duo Maxwell. What's yours?"

No answer, not that Duo had expected one. This was just preliminary, an opening volley. He went on. One of Duo's talents was the ability to talk on and on without requiring a response. It was said that sometimes Duo just talked prisoners into confessing; that they told their secrets just to make him shut up.

"Not a talker, huh? The strong, silent type. That's understandable, in your line of work. Anyway, you and I are going to get to know each other well." Duo got off the table, and walked closer to the captive; not too close, though. "Real well." With that, Duo turned and walked out, telling the guards posted outside the door to bring the spy to his own private interrogation room first thing tomorrow morning. Then they would begin.

He didn't turn around; didn't see the captive's eyes follow the braid intently as Duo went out.

Duo woke at 3am, sweaty and disoriented. He had been having a dream; a dream so intense and erotic he didn't want to wake up. In the dream, he had been tied to a bed by the captured spy. The boy was torturing him, but sexually. Cobalt eyes gazed up at him as the other boy kissed a trail down his trembling stomach, and Duo was helpless. The spy had just been ready to take Duo's aching arousal into his sensual mouth when... Duo woke up. He cursed his timing and tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but his erection wouldn't let him. His mind supplied images of the other boy, above him, on him, in him...Duo dozed off finally, and dreamed some more.

The other boy's face was above him as he drove his hardness deep into Duo, over and over again. The beautiful face twisted with passion as the other boy moaned and pounded into him. Duo awoke again as the alarm went off, twisted in the sheets, hand gripping his own arousal tightly, moaning with need.

Cursing his weakness, Duo disentangled himself from the sheets and tried to get himself under control. He had never been affected by someone like this before, never. Especially the enemy. He drew a deep shuddering breath as he resisted the urge to satisfy his ache; Duo had never pleasured himself, and he wasn't about to start now. But the image of the cobalt-eyed boy haunted him, as he stepped into the shower. How was he supposed to concentrate on questioning the spy when all he wanted to do was surrender to him? Maybe the feeling would fade... Duo tried to concentrate on getting ready for work.

He found himself agonizing over his choice of clothing, something he had never done before. Duo found he wanted to look good for the captive. Shaking his head at the absurdity of the whole situation, Duo nevertheless chose a snug pair of black jeans and a violet t-shirt that he knew complemented his eyes. Once again, Duo reflected happily that they had stopped trying to make him wear a uniform long ago.

Securing his hair in its customary braid, Duo checked his appearance in the mirror while berating himself for feeling this way. As he approached the interrogation room, Duo felt an unusual sensation. After a moment, he identified it as butterflies. He was actually nervous about seeing the spy! Shaking his head, Duo tried to get himself under control before he went in.

Opening the door, he saw the captive tied securely to a chair once again. This time, though, he had fresh bruises on his gorgeous face, and Duo's heart ached at the sight. Frowning, Duo entered the room, trying to get his body under control. His jeans were much too tight; the slightest arousal would be instantly visible. It wasn't easy, though. Despite the bruises, the spy looked as sexy as ever. Duo tried to put on his usual cheerful attitude.

"Gooooood morning! Remember me? Duo Maxwell, your friendly neighborhood interrogator. Miss me? Looks like you've been a bad boy since I last saw you!"

The captive merely looked impassively at the floor.

"Still not talking, huh? Well, that's ok." Duo suddenly had a thought. If he found the captive attractive, maybe he wasn't the only one. Duo felt an irrational flash of anger at the thought of anyone touching the boy. He would have to check on the surveillance tapes for the sleeping quarters.

Duo launched into the first of his strategies; for several days he tried different angles and methods. He was patient; he knew his methods had never failed, and truthfully, the longer it took, the longer he got to spend in the presence of the unconsciously sensual boy. Duo was starting to regret the fact that some time soon, the spy would go away. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but there was a good chance Duo was falling in love with the captive.

Duo's dreams grew more intense with every day spent with the spy. Duo looked forward to falling asleep. In his dreams, he could freely touch and be touched by the silent boy. But then he also looked forward to seeing him, though he couldn't touch him in real life. Well, he could, but Duo's methods were nonviolent, and usually didn't involve touching the prisoner. He was also being warned constantly about the prisoner's violent strength, and how many people he'd injured. In a way, however, this made Duo happy, because there was very little chance of someone trying to molest the boy if they were afraid of him.

Day after day, Duo questioned the captive, but nothing, not any of Duo's methods worked. If it weren't for the fact that Duo craved being near the boy, he would have been frustrated.

One day, Duo was getting a bit impatient; he couldn't even get the spy to look at him, let alone tell him anything. He spun around in frustration, his braid flying out behind him to catch on a protruding nail.

Duo snarled in annoyance as he tried to tug his hair free. Upon closer inspection, he could see that it wasn't his hair that was caught, but his hair tie. Tugging at it impatiently, the hair came loose, but the hair tie ripped in half. Duo cursed to himself as his hair began to unravel. Then he heard an almost silent intake of breath behind him. From the captive.

Duo surreptitiously peeked through his rapidly loosening hair at the other boy. The spy was gazing fixedly at Duo, thinking he couldn't see, and his mouth hung open just slightly. Duo nearly gasped as a pink tongue darted out to moisten perfect lips and those cobalt eyes darkened with... what?

Duo gave up trying to re-tie his hair; the hair tie was shredded too badly. Shaking his hair to cascade around him, he kept his back to the other boy as he considered this turn of events. He couldn't be sure, though. He had to test his theory.

Part Two

Turning back to the spy, he said, "Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to leave it loose." He looked directly at the boy, who looked quickly away. Duo came closer, and he was certain; the spy's face was slightly flushed, and he was breathing slightly harder than normal. Duo let his eyes trail lower; the captive was hunched forward slightly. It looked for all the world like he was trying to hide an erection. Was it possible? The spy liked his hair down? It turned him on? Duo couldn't get close enough to be sure. But one thing Duo was sure of, he liked the way the captive had been looking at him. In fact, just thinking of it was turning him on. Those cobalt eyes, all over him, just like he wanted his hands all over him... Duo had to stop thinking that way; his pants were getting tighter by the minute. The room crackled with tension; Duo could barely breathe.

Duo backed up until he was again sitting on the table; he needed time to think, and to hide his arousal. He could use this, he was sure of it; but did he want to? He had been looking for an angle all this time, a weakness in his captive that he could exploit. Now he had found it, and he wanted to exploit, all right. Just not the way he was supposed to.

Duo sighed to himself, and decided to just try and gauge the effect he could have on the boy. He stood up, and walked closer to the captive, who was looking deliberately at the wall. Duo walked closer, and carefully walked across his line of sight, closer than he ever had before, making sure to toss his long hair over his shoulder as he did so. He pretended to be annoyed.

"You know, I can't concentrate with all this hair in my face," he mused. Walking back around the spy's chair, he messed with his hair seemingly absently, tucking it behind his ear an letting it fall gracefully over his shoulders. There were no one-way mirrors in this room; Duo couldn't use a reflection to see if the captive was looking at him or not. Spinning around suddenly, Duo caught the boy staring directly at him.

As his flowing hair settled around his shoulders, Duo tried not to smile while the captive tried valiantly not to stare. Bingo.

Before he lost his nerve, Duo walked past the captive again, but closer this time. So close that his hair nearly, but not quite, brushed the boy as he went past. Duo paused, directly behind the blue-eyed boy; this was the closest he had ever been to the spy. He was so close, in fact, that he could feel the heat that seemed to radiate from him. Duo knew he was taking a chance; he was much too close. If the captive broke his bonds now, he'd be his prisoner in an instant. Duo looked down; he could see the boy's powerful hands clenched into fists. Duo felt like a moth drawn to a flame; the flame could kill him, but oh god, he couldn't help himself. Standing behind the spy, he felt his magnetism; his proximity made him fully hard and he didn't care about hiding it any more.

Duo took a deep breath and walked back around to the front of the captive. He stopped directly in front, hands on hips, and obvious bulge at eye level. The boy's eyes were shut tightly, and as Duo looked down at him, the cobalt eyes opened. Looking directly ahead, the boy had to notice Duo's arousal; cobalt eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

Duo smiled; when he was sure he had the boy's full attention, he moved closer still; he was now just a foot away. The captive's face was flushed and he tried to look away.

Duo said conversationally, "Hot in here, isn't it?" Slowly, he raised his hands to his black silk shirt and began to unbutton it. Giving up all pretense of indifference, the spy watched hungrily as inch after inch of Duo's creamy skin was exposed.

When the shirt was unbuttoned to where it disappeared into Duo's tight black jeans, he pulled the shirt out, continuing to unbutton until the shirt hung loose, framing his smooth chest.

"Much better," breathed Duo. He was so hard his arousal actually hurt; he couldn't believe he was so turned on from putting on a show for the other boy. And he wasn't so sure it was just a show... he was in unknown territory, driven on by desire and need. He'd crossed the line, he knew that. And he didn't care.

The spy was breathing harder now, gazing avidly at Duo. He raised cobalt eyes to meet Duo's, but still didn't speak. Duo felt himself moan just from those eyes. He dropped his hands to the button of his jeans, and the eyes followed. Feeling deliciously wanton and completely out of control, Duo unbuttoned the jeans.

Then Duo stepped back, and let the black silk shirt slide to the floor. He stood there in just his unbuttoned jeans for a moment, letting the other boy look at him. Duo couldn't get enough of the way his eyes caressed him; he could almost feel the weight of the captive's gaze. Duo ran his hands over his bare torso, and lower still, to brush against the jean-clad erection, making the other boy strain against his bindings.

The longhaired boy stepped forward once again, even closer. Again, he walked past the captive boy, but this time he leaned forward and let his long hair trail over him as he walked behind the spy. This time, he distinctly heard the sharp intake of breath as the silken tresses swept over the other boy. Duo stopped behind him once again, and leaned over the back of the chair, letting his soft hair drape over the boy from both sides. This close, he could smell the spy's exotic scent; Duo's arousal pulsed in the confines of his tight jeans.

The other boy breathed deeply, inhaling Duo's scent; the boy closed his eyes and let his breath out shakily. Duo could tell he was really getting to him. Well, the captive was really getting to him, too. Duo breathed softly on the other boy's neck, making him shiver. "Are you hot, too?" he whispered. An almost imperceptible nod answered him.

"Want me to help you with that?" Duo wasn't sure what he was asking, but the captive nodded again, and breathed harder.

This was it; the point of no return; if he touched the other boy now, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Slowly, Duo put his arms around the boy from behind, and rested his hands on his chest. Duo could feel the iron muscles beneath the rough shirt; the boy seemed to be holding his breath. Duo ran his hands down the rock hard stomach, just to the other boy's waistline, then back up to the top button of his shirt. All the while he was breathing in the intoxicatingly masculine scent of the spy, and reveling in the uneven breathing he seemed to be causing.

Trying not to fumble, Duo took the top button of the other boy's shirt and released it; slowly he continued downward until all the buttons were undone. Unlike Duo's, the captive's shirt wasn't tucked in, and when he got to the last button, the shirt fell open, revealing the washboard stomach Duo knew was there.

"Mmmmm, nice. Is that better? Feeling cooler now? Let me check," murmured Duo, and he gently ran just his fingertips along the rippling muscles, from the waist up, almost moaning from the perfection of the other boy's body. To be able to touch such perfection almost made him come right then. With his arms wrapped around the other boy, Duo could feel the other boy's biceps bunch and flex, and he thrilled in the obvious strength and power coiled beneath him. Part of Duo just hoped the captive would break the restraints and take him forcibly right on the floor. But the other part was enjoying what he was doing as well, tormenting the other boy.

Duo ran his fingers up the edges of the shirt, from bottom to top, pulling the shirt open even more. Deliberately, he let his fingers brush over the boy's hard nipples as he exposed them. He was rewarded by a gasp from the spy, the most he had reacted yet. Duo gathered a handful of his flowing hair and trailed it up and down the boy's abdomen, letting it cascade all over him. That did it; the captive moaned out loud, and unconsciously thrust his hips upward. Duo's arousal pulsed in response, and he smiled.

Duo stood up and walked around to stand in front of the boy once again. The weight of the unchecked desire in those cobalt eyes nearly stunned him; the other boy looked feral and wild and completely untamed despite his restraints.

Duo had never seen anything sexier than the vision before him. Shirt hanging open, dark eyes blazing, smooth skin begging to be touched; the boy was a wet dream come true. Who in his right mind sent such a gorgeous creature to do his dirty work?

"You still look awfully hot to me," Duo teased, and went to stand to the side of the boy this time. With one finger, Duo gently traced a line across the boy's chest, teasing first one nipple then the other, and tracing lower, lower, to just graze at the waist of his pants.

The spy moaned again, closing his eyes, opening his mouth and straining at his bonds.

"You want something?" Duo purred, toying with the waistband.

The boy opened his eyes, looked straight into Duo's, and said the first word he'd uttered since his capture: "You."

Duo nearly gasped at the sound of the boy's voice. It was the sexiest thing he had ever heard. Then he came around to the front of the spy again, never removing his hands from their place at the waist of the boy's pants. Bending over, he rested one hand on the boy's muscular thigh while he toyed with the button of the boy's pants, letting his hair brush against the boy's naked chest. The boy's eyes followed him intently.

Very slowly, Duo trailed his fingers down, to finally brush against the bulge straining the front of the captive's pants. He traced the outline of the hardness, and the other boy threw his head back and moaned loudly.

Duo ran his finger up and down the bulge a few more times, loving the sounds of passion that came from the boy; sounds that made his own already aching arousal wet with excitement. He whispered, "How much do you want me?"

The boy closed his eyes and took a shuddering breath. Then he said, eyes still closed, "I'll tell you anything. Anything you want. Just let me touch you. Touch me."

Duo was stunned. All this time, trying to break the spy, and all it really took was a broken hair tie. But now it had gone far beyond questioning; Duo no longer wanted answers, he just wanted the other boy. Duo acknowledged the spy's surrender with one of his own: "I don't care any more. All I want to know is your name."

The boy's eyes snapped open and he stared at Duo. He stared as if searching for truth in the other boy's face. "What have you done to me?"

Duo touched the boy's lower stomach, and quickly unfastened the button. "The same thing you've done to me. I don't care about anything else; I want you."

"Heero." The boy moaned as Duo reached for the zipper. "My name is Heero."

"Perfect," whispered Duo, and neither was sure whether he was referring to the boy's name or the rest of him.

To Heero, it seemed like slow motion as Duo unzipped his pants. He bit his lip as he felt the zipper descend, and his trapped erection sprang free of the confining cloth, only hidden from view now by thin cotton boxers, already wet with his need.

Duo paused. "Do you want this?" he said, drowning in cobalt pools.

"Yes, yes, please, touch me, Duo," the boy moaned, and Duo shivered at the way he said his name.

Duo straddled Heero's lap and sat down carefully, leaving enough room between them that he could reach his target. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Heero's for the first time.

Soft, warm, incredibly soft... Heero's mouth met Duo's, and they melted together.

Part Three

The kiss started out slow and exploratory; the two boys opened their mouths and their tongues met in a slow dance. Then Duo slid his hand inside Heero's boxers, and everything changed. Heero moaned into the kiss and pressed his mouth against Duo's even harder. Duo responded by pulling the boxers out of the way and wrapping the fingers of his other hand around the other boy's rock hard erection. He squeezed, and Heero broke the kiss, gasping.

Duo started stroking slowly, up and down, short strokes in the confines of the boxers. Heero threw his head back, eyes closed and throat exposed, and moaned as Duo caressed him. Heero's arousal was hard and wet and pulsed with need; silky smooth skin wrapped around steel. Duo loved the fact that he held the center of Heero's world in his hand, stroking it, and filling his world with sensation.

"Duo," breathed Heero, "What if someone sees? I... don't want you to get caught."

"Don't worry. I personally check this room every day for monitoring equipment. And the door is locked. No one will disturb us," Duo answered as he stroked Heero's erection faster.

"Good... oh god," moaned Heero as Duo's other hand found a nipple and began toying with it. Duo leaned forward and captured the other nipple with his tongue, flicking it and twisting the other gently.

"Oh, Heero, I want to taste you," murmured Duo. "May I?"

Heero just nodded, and Duo slid off his lap to kneel between the other boy's legs. He wanted so badly to take Heero's dripping arousal in his mouth, to lick it and suck it and taste Heero's passion for him. Luckily, Heero's legs were tied far enough apart for Duo to fit his slim body between them. Duo managed to work Heero's pants and boxers down to mid-thigh, and finally Heero's hard passion was free. Duo looked up at Heero, who was watching intently, and licked his lips slowly. Heero moaned. Duo smiled, a shining sexy angel surrounded by flowing hair. And he slowly lowered his head.

Not breaking eye contact, Duo brought his mouth close to Heero's erection. Heero panted as Duo's exquisite mouth neared his throbbing need. Watching Heero's beautiful face, Duo put out a pink tongue and licked delicately from base to tip, slowly tasting his new lover. When he reached the tip, he swirled his tongue around to gather the drop of dew; Heero tasted like raw passion. He wanted more.

Slowly, so Heero could anticipate every move, Duo brought his mouth up to surround the tip of Heero's arousal. Heero shuddered as the hot wetness descended to envelop him. Duo lowered his mouth, taking in as much of Heero as he could, then he sealed his mouth around the hardness and began to move up and down.

After only a few strokes of Duo's mouth, Heero was gasping for breath. "Duo!" came the strangled cry. "I... I want..."

Duo paused in his ministrations, and looked up at Heero questioningly. "You don't like this? Don't you want to come?" he asked after he had removed his mouth from Heero's aching erection.

"I want to be inside you, Duo, if that's what you want," moaned Heero.

"More than anything," sighed Duo. "Do you want me to untie you?"

"I don't want to wait. Do it this way. Ride me. Please." Heero begged.

Heero's words went straight to Duo's own neglected arousal. "Anything you want, Heero," he answered, meaning more than just sex.

"But, Duo," Heero protested, "We need lubrication. I don't want you to be hurt."

Duo thought quickly. "I think I might have something," he said and went to rummage in a drawer. He came back with a small tube. "Vaseline -based lip moisturizer," he said proudly. "Will that work?"

"I hope so," Heero groaned as Duo started unzipping his jeans. He watched avidly as Duo wiggled out of the pants, revealing that he wore a very small black g-string underneath, which couldn't contain his arousal. Soon those disappeared as well, and Duo stood flushed and aroused in front of the other boy, unadorned except for the hair that had been Heero's downfall.

"You're so beautiful Duo," Heero breathed as he looked at the boy before him. "I want you forever."

Duo was intoxicated by Heero and his desire for him. "I'm yours," he whispered, moving forward to make those words completely true.

Duo squeezed some of the gel into his hand and took Heero's erection in his hand again, smoothing the moisturizer all over the hard flesh. Heero closed his eyes, trying to hold back. Finally, Duo was satisfied.

He straddled Heero's lap again; the chair was low enough that Duo's feet could still touch the floor. He leaned forward, stopping less than an inch from Heero's lips. "Are you ready, Heero?"

"I've never been more ready in my life," Heero answered, and captured Duo's mouth in another hot kiss. While they kissed, Duo reached underneath him and grabbed Heero's arousal, pulling it out and positioning it.

Duo lowered himself until Heero's hot erection was just pressing against his entrance, teasing them both. Then, relaxing his muscles, he let himself settle down onto Heero, hissing as the tip pushed inside him, opening him. They broke the kiss, overwhelmed with feeling.

Duo opened his eyes; he wanted to see Heero's face as they became one. He found cobalt eyes gazing back at him, shining with emotion and passion.

Slowly, Duo let gravity work, and inch by inch Heero slid inside him. Duo wasn't prepared, so it hurt a bit at first; but Heero let Duo go at his own pace, and soon the boy's body had adjusted to the intrusion. Duo finally settled onto Heero's lap, and the other boy was completely inside him. Duo clutched Heero's shoulders as he lost himself in the feeling; Heero was inside him, fully inside him, buried inside his tight body.

Heero bit his lip with the effort of not thrusting up into the hot channel that enveloped him. He waited for Duo to say he was ready to continue. The longhaired boy finally nodded, and raised himself up slightly and eased back down again. Heero moaned; Duo was incredibly tight and even the slight friction of the small movement sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

Heero's moans made Duo's pulse race; the very idea of what they were doing, and where, spurred him on. He raised himself up again, and this time he slammed himself down onto Heero. Heero's cock inside him brushed just the right spot, and Duo gasped as intense bolts of ecstasy shot through him, spurring him to do it again and again.

Bracing himself with his bound hands, Heero matched Duo's pace, meeting him thrust for thrust; higher and higher their passion rose as their pace increased. Muscles straining, driving deeper with each thrust, Heero pounded up into Duo; soon Duo was just holding on to Heero's shoulders and bracing himself as the powerful boy took him harder and harder.

The buildup to this moment had been so intense that they knew neither could hold off their climax much longer. Duo was overwhelmed by the twin sensation of Heero filling him and his arousal trapped between them, rubbing against Heero's stomach with every thrust.

"Oh~ god~ Hee~ro~" Duo moaned out, one syllable with every thrust of Heero inside him.

"Come for me, Duo," Heero growled out as he drove savagely now into the longhaired boy. "You're mine!"

"Yes, Heero, I'm... yours!" The last word was half moan, half scream as Duo climaxed; his hot seed pulsing forth between their straining bodies.

Duo's cries, and his tightening muscles, were all it took to drive Heero to follow Duo; with a low growl, he released deep inside the other boy, pumping him full of his passion.

Long moments passed as each boy rode out the waves of ecstasy; neither willing nor able to move a muscle. Their rapid breathing was the only sound in the room. Finally, Duo collapsed on Heero's strong shoulder. He wanted to stay there forever, touching Heero, Heero inside him, forever.

Gently, Heero kissed Duo's neck, nuzzling softly. Duo wrapped his arms around him, unwilling to let go. Finally, he raised his head and looked at Heero.

"Forgive me, Heero," Duo whispered.

Heero was stunned. "For what? For the most incredible experience of my life? For stealing my heart?"

Duo answered, "For taking advantage of you."

Heero frowned. "I begged you for this. You didn't take advantage of me at all."

Duo lowered his eyes. "But you're restrained! You're supposed to be my prisoner!"

Heero smiled. "The restraints made it more exciting. You know that. And I told you I didn't want you to take them off."

Duo gazed at Heero. "This is crazy, but, I feel so much for you! I think I... love you! Is that possible?"

Heero took a deep breath. "I certainly hope so, because I think I love you too, Duo. I know I want to be with you."

Duo sat back slightly, so he could look at Heero. "What can we do? How can we make this work? All I know is that I need to be near you."

Heero smiled. "Is that truly how you feel?"

"Yes, I've never been more sure of anything than the fact that I want to be with you," Duo answered. "No matter how impossible."

"Nothing is impossible," Heero said. "But it won't be easy."

"I'll do anything, Heero!"

Heero said seriously, "You have to be very sure of that."

Duo answered, "I am."

"Then I can make it happen. We will have to disappear. I can do that. If you're certain. I have resources no one knows about."

Duo nodded, and Heero began to detail how they could escape. Halfway through, Duo realized they needed cleaning up, and found some tissues. He helped Heero back into his clothes and was just buttoning his pants when there was a pounding at the door. Heero was still tied to the chair; they hadn't had time to release the bonds.

Duo looked over at Heero in horror. It was too soon, they hadn't worked out all the details yet, they weren't ready!

Heero nodded at the door. Duo tried to sound like his normal self.

"What do you want? I'm busy."

"I just wanna see how you're doing with pretty boy in there," shouted the man, who Duo identified as one of the men from the first day of questioning, who had wanted to hit Heero. He sounded odd to Duo. Drunk, maybe. It occurred to Duo that the other man should be off duty by now.

Duo tried to sound defiant while putting his clothes on. "No, you had your chance. Go away."

The man answered ominously, "No. I don't want to." With that, Duo heard a crashing noise, and the door was shoved inward on its hinges. One more crash, and the door gave way, slamming against the far wall. The man lumbered in, surveyed the situation, saw Heero was still restrained, and zeroed in on Duo, whose shirt still hung open.

"Whatcha been doin' here, Maxwell?" the man slurred, and as he neared Duo, he could smell the definite stench of bourbon. "Looks like you're having some fun. I wanna have some fun, too."

Duo tried to avoid the large man, but he grabbed Duo by his hair as the boy tried to duck away. Duo winced in pain as the man dragged him back by the hair. Neither of them saw the look of pure rage on Heero's face as the man hurt Duo.

"Let me go, you asshole," Duo snarled as he tried to free himself. Duo was strong, but the man was big, and anything he tried to free himself would likely cause the man to rip out half his hair.

The man hauled Duo closer. "You're pretty, you know that? Too pretty for a boy." The man grabbed Duo's ass. It was the last mistake he ever made.

Suddenly, there was a huge crash, the sound of splintering wood, and the man was yanked backwards with a chain wrapped around his neck. In his surprise, the man let go of Duo's hair and clutched at his neck.

Duo slumped to the floor, looking up just in time to see Heero twist the chain and snap the man's neck. Duo's attacker slumped the floor, and Duo could see that Heero had broken free, but the chains still dangled from his wrists, and he had used them to save Duo. Duo was stunned by Heero's incredible strength.

Moments later, Heero had freed himself from the last of the restraints and rushed to Duo's side. Duo had gotten up from the floor and was leaning against the table.

"Are you ok?" Heero asked, barely breathing hard.

Duo nodded, then flung himself into Heero's arms. At long last, Heero was able to embrace him back, and he hugged the longhaired boy tightly as long as he dared.

"Duo, we have to get out of here. Are you sure about this?" Heero asked him.

"Never more sure, Heero. Let's go."

Grabbing the dead man's gun, they made their escape. They were never seen again.


The tropical sun beat down, warming his barely clothed body, but the slight breeze kept him from being too hot. The sound of the waves soothed him, and no other sounds bothered him. All in all, Duo mused, he figured he could never get enough of paradise. They had run away to this island paradise, one of the few with no extradition treaties to worry about. Using Heero's money and connections, they had new identities and had effectively disappeared. And began concentrating on each other.

Duo had to be sure his tan was even, so he rolled over onto his stomach, moving his nearly dry hair to one side. He had been swimming nearly an hour earlier, but it still wasn't completely dry. He was just dozing off when he felt a wet, warm, and very solid object straddle him and pin him to the blanket.

Heero and Duo had been swimming together earlier, and when Duo decided to go and catch some rays, Heero decided he wanted a bit more strenuous exercise. Although, as he came up out of the water and caught sight of his gorgeous lover stretched out in the sun, clad only in a skimpy thong, lying on his stomach, ass invitingly raised, Heero thought of another form of exercise he wanted to engage in. Right now, he thought, and his cock hardened at the luscious sight before him. So he pounced.

Duo moaned and pressed his nearly naked ass back against the hardness he felt. No matter how many times they made love, Heero's mere touch was enough to make Duo instantly aroused and begging. There was nothing Duo loved more than the feeling of Heero's insistent erection pressed against him; nothing except that same erection buried deep inside him.

Heero rocked his hips against Duo while he kissed a hot line down the other boy's sun-warmed back.

"Mmm Heero... I missed you," Duo breathed as he felt Heero grind against him.

"Really? How much did you miss me, Duo?" Heero asked playfully, as he raised himself up on his knees and kissed lower.

Duo reached behind him and took one of Heero's hands, raised his hips and guided the hand to his hardness. "This much," he moaned as Heero grasped his erection through the thong and squeezed.

"Well, I'll have to take care of that, won't I?" Heero said, giving Duo's erection one more squeeze before starting to remove the other boy's bathing suit.

"Heero! What if someone..." Duo trailed off as Heero ran his hands over his ass as he slid the thong off.

Heero looked around. The stretch of beach was deserted; this island had no casinos or other tourist attractions, thus remained fairly deserted most of the time. They owned most of the land within miles of their beach house, and there wasn't much of a road. They hardly ever saw other people, and liked it that way.

"There's no one here, Duo," Heero said as he pulled the garment off and quickly removed his own. "And I don't want to wait. I want you now."

Duo shivered at the tone of Heero's sexy voice. His lover was insatiable, and Duo had no complaints.

Heero gazed down at Duo, face down on the blankets, hair spread around him, lithe body firm and tanned. He couldn't get enough. "On your knees," he commanded.

Duo whimpered; he loved when Heero ordered him to do things. Not that he would ever force Duo, but although their relationship had started out with Duo in charge, they quickly found that they enjoyed the other way around a bit more.

Duo raised himself up on his knees for Heero, head down and ass up. Heero kneeled behind him. "Spread your legs, Duo," he said softly.

Duo moaned and complied, turned on completely before Heero even touched him.

"Wider. Open yourself to me, Duo," Heero ordered, aroused even further by Duo's submission.

Duo spread his legs wide, exposing his ass completely for his lover.

"Good," said Heero approvingly. "Keep your head down and eyes closed and just feel what I'm doing to you. I want to hear you moan."

Heero kneeled behind Duo and ran his hands possessively over the other boy, starting on his shoulders and slowly moving down his back. Duo moaned and pushed back, wanting more contact. Heero gripped Duo's hips firmly, stopping him. He would go at his own pace. No matter how much he wanted to ram himself deep into Duo, he would have the other boy begging first.

Heero ran his hands down now, over Duo's perfect ass, and down his legs, and back up the inside of his thighs. Then, only then, did he allow his fingers to brush up against Duo's entrance, making the other boy gasp.

Duo was nearly sobbing with desire. He wanted Heero inside him, and he wanted it now. The touch of Heero's hands drove him crazy, because he knew the cobalt-eyed boy would take his time and drive him wild. The wait would be well worth it, but that didn't make it any easier.

Heero reached into their bag, pulling out the lube they took with them wherever they went. "Lube~ don't leave home without it," Duo liked to joke. Applying some to his fingers, he gently touched Duo, running his finger around the entrance until Duo was panting. The he gently pushed one finger in, and Duo moaned his happiness.

"More," Duo panted. The position of vulnerability was perfect; he couldn't see what Heero was doing, didn't know when or where he would touch him next. Ass up and legs spread wide, Duo surrendered completely.

Heero slowly prepared his lover; adding another lubed finger, then another, before deliberately brushing against Duo's magic spot, making the other boy moan loudly. Heero worked his fingers in and out, hitting the spot every time, and with the other hand he teased one of Duo's nipples. Duo gave in.

"Please, Heero. Please! I need it!" he gasped.

"What do you need, Duo?" Heero said calmly, holding his own desire in check.

"You, Heero. Inside me. Deep inside me. Hard. Fast. Now," Duo begged desperately. Duo's pleas went straight to Heero's aching arousal; he needed to take Duo. In spite of his sexually dominant role, the violet-eyed boy owned him, body and soul. He was a prisoner, and he loved it. He would do anything for Duo.

Heero removed his fingers and lubed his rock hard arousal while Duo panted, knowing what was coming next. But Heero wasn't quite ready.

"Turn over," Heero growled. He wanted to see Duo's beautiful face when he took him. He loved nothing more than seeing the look of ecstasy on Duo's face as he drove deep inside him, knowing he was the only one who could make the gorgeous boy feel such pleasure. He was addicted to Duo.

Duo rolled over quickly, breathless with desire. Heero leaned over him and claimed his mouth in a rough kiss as he nudged Duo's legs apart with his knee. Heero pushed forward, spreading Duo's legs apart with his thighs. Then Heero released Duo's mouth and supported himself on one hand while with his other hand he positioned his dripping erection at Duo's waiting entrance. He paused for a moment, savoring the waiting vision before him and the anticipation.

"Please, Heero... now! Take me!" pleaded Duo.

Finally, even Heero could not resist, and ended the teasing by pushing just the tip of his arousal inside the longhaired boy. Duo responded by raising his knees higher to give Heero complete access. All Duo could think about was Heero entering him. Nothing else mattered, nothing existed but the feeling of Heero's thick cock opening him, filling him, impaling him.

Heero pushed slowly in, and Duo wrapped his legs around his lover's back, trying to make him hurry. Heero was slowly going insane, driven mad by the sweet pressure of Duo's hot body around his hard flesh.

Deeper and deeper into Duo he sank, watching his love's face as he claimed him. Duo's head was thrown back, graceful throat exposed, chestnut hair pooled around him. Duo was the most beautiful thing Heero had ever seen, and he couldn't get enough of watching his face, especially when he was making love to him. Finally, he was fully inside Duo, and he stopped to let the other boy adjust.

Moaning, Duo looked up at Heero, his love, above him. Heero looked strong and passionate and perfect, and Duo wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life staring into those cobalt eyes. "I love you, Heero," Duo whispered, and the other boy smiled.

"Ai shiteru, Duo. Forever," Heero answered, and started to move.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero," sighed Duo, as Heero started to give him what he wanted.

Heero pulled out halfway, then pushed back in to the hilt. Duo panted, "Harder."

Heero pulled back again, this time faster, and drove back in. "More," Duo begged. Heero loved how vocal Duo was when they made love, it spurred him to greater heights.

Heero built up the pace, until he was slamming into Duo. Duo had to hold on to Heero's arms to keep from being pushed back by the force of the thrusts. Heero was hitting the perfect spot with every thrust now, and Duo was losing his mind and screaming.

Every drive into his body filled him with shooting fire, fire that consumed his reason. Heero was filling him, taking him, fucking him, and it was perfect, sublime and everything he needed. Then Heero started stroking his cock, and Duo couldn't hold back. Screaming Heero's name, Duo's hot climax shot forth, covering them both.

Heero watched Duo's face as the ultimate pleasure overtook him. The knowledge that he had given the violet-eyed boy that pleasure, along with the tightness of his lover's body, drove him to his own completion. Wrapped in the hot sheath of Duo's body, Heero finally let the ecstasy take him, and he climaxed, filling the other boy with his creamy passion.

On and on, the pleasure pulsed, draining them both. Finally, Heero lowered himself to the blanket next to Duo, gathering the trembling boy in his arms. Duo snuggled close to Heero's strong chest.

Heero held Duo until the longhaired boy started to doze. Then, wrapping him in the blanket, he picked up his love and carried him back to their beach house as the sun set behind them.

"Forever, Duo."


The End


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