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Making Love to Death (Part 2)


The five pilots plopped down on the long black leather couch, still very much feeling the effects of the wine. Heero was the last one up off the floor and motioning for Wufei to move over, parked himself incredibly close to Duo, wiggling his spandex clad butt from side to side to squeeze himself in.

"Quatre ?" Heero questioned several moments later "Don't you think it's about time you put that fire out, it's pretty warm in here, ne ?"

Trowa agreed, citing the wine and the laughter as the primary reasons. Everyone *did* look pretty flushed Quatre had noted.

"Yeah....its getting pretty late too" Quatre continued looking at his watch. "Eek ! Its almost 3:00 !"

Heero wasn't exactly overjoyed for the evening to end. It wasn't only because he had thoroughly enjoyed tonight....he was certain that he had had more fun in this one night than in the last 17 years of his life combined. It was more of a fear of leaving the comfort of the group and going off to the room with Duo that had him a bit unnerved.

It was easier than he anticipated playing up to Duo tonight. The closeness of the group gave him the strength...but would just be the two of them and Heero had no idea of how things would go. Oh, he knew for certain that Duo understood his overtures, no matter how minute at times they may have seemed to the others. He also knew that Duo now knew that Heero returned at least *some* of his feelings. It scared and excited him at the same time.

Everyone said their goodnights and headed off for their respective rooms. Heero waited for Duo and they exited the living room together .......silently. Neither one spoke as they walked down the now seemingly endless hallway to their room. Once inside their room, Duo, being Duo, was the first to break the awkward silence.


"Heero ?" Duo said, staring directly into Heero's glazed cobalt eyes, "I was getting some very strong signals from you tonight. Anything you want to talk about ?" Duo sat down on the edge of his bed, patting the bedspread next to him lightly with his hand. Hesitating only slightly, Heero made his way over to where Duo sat and never taking his eyes off of Duo's, sat down beside him.

"Duo ...." Heero began, now looking down ".....I don't know...." he hesitated. Heero stood up, unable to think of what he was going to say........or just what it was he felt for Duo and certainly unable to bring himself to just come right out and say it.

Duo grabbed his hand, pulling him down to sit beside him again on the bed.

"It's okay Heero." Duo told him softly. "We don't need to talk about this tonight."

But Heero *wanted* to talk about it.

"Its not that I don't want to talk about it Duo, it's just that.....I'm afraid Duo." Heero's face fell to his chest. He was very uncomfortable, never having been trained to handle these feelings...this emotion he felt for Duo, although he was still uncertain what exactly he *did* feel. 'I think I love you, Duo'

Placing his hand on Heero's chin, Duo lifted Heero's face, making sure that Heero's eyes made contact with his, before retracting his hand

Now only inches away from Duo's piercing eye's, Heero continued "I feel *something* Duo ....something I've never felt before......when I am with you you know what I'm saying, Duo ?"

Duo couldn't help but smile "Yes, Heero, I know *exactly* what you are saying. I have been feeling those things myself for quite some time......when I'm around you ... Hell, I even feel them when I'm *not* with you !"

Still staring in Duo's eyes, Heero was still at a loss for words.

"I must admit, " Duo continued, "I was a bit taken off guard when you started flirting back with me tonight."

No response....

"Did you mean it, Heero ?" Duo questioned

No response..... Heero finally nodded.

Duo put his arms around Heero and gathered him slowly into a loose embrace, Heero easing his head down, coming to rest on Duo's shoulder. Duo reached up and gently ran his fingers through Heero's tousled hair and bending his head to the side, placed one small kiss on the back of Heero's neck.

Heero closed his eyes and sighed deeply, savoring this moment and inhaled the scent that was purely Duo. His heart began to pound furiously in his chest, as he felt the heat of Duo's body pressed his own against. 'I do want this.'

Heero turned to Duo, and slowly brought his lips to Duo's, just brushing against them gently at first, then applying a small amount of pressure. Heero opened his mouth inviting Duo's tongue to join his. 'Invitation accepted' thought Duo, as he moved his tongue slowly inside Heero's mouth.

Duo's head was spinning and it wasn't the wine. For as long as he could remember, this cobalt-eyed beauty had been foremost in his thoughts and in his dreams. He never imagined that any of his feelings would be returned by Heero, yet here they were...their bodies in a tight embrace, their mouths locked together in their first kiss. Duo nearly pinched himself, certain that he was indeed fast asleep and in the midst of one of his numerous erotic dreams involving said perfect soldier, yet...

He could hear Heero's breathing getting faster as Heero increased the force he applied to his hungry mouth, their tongues dancing wildly together.

He could feel Heero bring his arm behind him, pulling him closer...their chests now pressed together tightly

He could feel Heero's hand applying increasing pressure on his lower back, urging their bodies still closer.

He could feel his jeans getting tighter and tighter ...

Finally convinced that he was indeed awake and that Heero was indeed holding, kissing and caressing him, Duo came up for air.

"Whoa" said Duo easing himself gently off the bed.

Looking over at Heero, Duo saw a mild look of confusion in those magnificent cobalt eyes.

Not wanting Heero to get the idea that he somehow wasn't pleased with their recent exchange, Duo asked "That was nice, Heero...everything okay ?"

Heero rose and walking over to where Duo was now poised, and standing behind Duo, wrapped both of his arms around Duo's waist, eliciting a shiver down the entire length of Duo's spine. Closing the now only inches of space between their bodies, Heero pressed himself firmly to Duo. "My God Duo.......You are so beautiful." Heero almost moaned into his ear, causing Duo to go nearly limp in Heero's arms.

Duo was on major sensory overload. Heero's erection was pressed firmly against his denim-clad bottom, his hands gently roaming over Duo's chest. Duo could feel Heero's breath, warm and noisy in his ear. He could smell Heero with every shallow breath he took.

Turning quickly, Duo took Heero's face into both of his hands and brought his lips hard down onto Heero's, his tongue wasting no time exploring the warmth of Heero's mouth. This kiss was more explosive than the one before, neither one of them holding back the desire that had been building all night. Duo thrust his hips forward and moaned into Heero's mouth as his clothing clad, but still sensitive erection found Heero's. Heero gasped slightly at the feel of Duo's hardness pressed against his own. He was unfamiliar with the flood of sensations his body was feeling, though he was certain he never wanted them to end.

It was Heero who pulled back this time, "Duo, please unbind you hair" he asked, his eyes soft and pleading staring into Duo's. Duo smiled and reached back removing the red elastic band, began running his fingers through his heavy chestnut hair, slowly unwinding the braid. Heero moved behind him and gently removing Duo's hand from his hair, proceeded to run his fingers through Duo's silken mass of hair, undoing the remainder of the braid.

It was the first time that Heero had really seen Duo's hair down, although the vision had presented itself in several of Heero's recent fantasies. The reality of Duo standing before him, his hair gracefully cascading over his lithe form, was far more exciting and far more sensual than Heero had ever imagined. He paused for several moments, unable to pry his longing eyes from Duo. His sentiments, he noticed, were reflected in Duo's quiet, but seductive eyes.


Heero squirmed slightly in his seat. His spandex shorts had become uncomfortably tight. He reached down to lightly squeeze his erection, relieving some of the pressure. He grinned at himself, amazed that the mere thought of Duo still had this reaction on him.

Now focusing on the cockpit window, Heero could see the landmark he had been anticipating for the past 8 hours. Dead ahead was the Winner Estate. Heero recognized it easily, as there was nothing else around for miles around matching its magnitude.

Guiding Wing to the small clearing adjacent to the estate, Heero put his machine into low gear and glided slowly down, Wing coming to rest gently in the tall weeds.

Gathering the few personal belongings still scattered around the cockpit, Heero stuffed them into his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, grabbed his laptop and hastily made his exit from his machine.

Stepping out into the crisp morning air was a welcome relief. Placing his duffel bag on the ground beside him, he let himself stretch several times. Allowing several deep breaths of the fresh morning air to replace the stale air of Wing that had been filling his lungs the past few days. Picking up his bags, he started his near mile walk home.

Heero was tired, no, he was completely and utterly exhausted. He hadn't slept in at least 48 hours, as he recalled and had skipped his planned rest, enabling him to be with Duo that much sooner. He closed his eyes and envisioned himself lying in their bed, Duo wrapped gently in his arms.


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