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Don't Cry (part 2)



        Duo shivered violently and that was what woke him. The tile floor
on the bathroom was cold and he was an idiot for crying himself to sleep.
Ch'. Heero was so stupid. Didn't he know he was supposed to come in here
after him and comfort him? Even if it *was* Heero who had hurt him.

        Duo let loose another sob before he managed to stand up and
scrounge for his toothbrush. {Oh, Heero. Heero.} He couldn't believe that
Heero would *do* a thing like that. He understood it, he guessed. And..
somewhere inside, he couldn't help but be glad that it *had* been Heero.
That Heero had taken that part of him that he'd been saving so long.

        Duo brushed his teeth tiredly, barely able to make the effort. He
was too tired from being sick and from weeping for so long and he didn't
want to go out and face Heero. He loved Heero and... and Heero had hurt
him. And he was sure that he had hurt Heero when he had rushed in and shut
the door in Heero's face without thinking that Heero probably didn't
understand the way things worked. Heero probably didn't understand that he
was supposed to *come after* him.

        Duo washed out his mouth and his toothbrush and sat it carefully on
the sink, taking a deep breath. All right, then. Time to face the piper, or
something like that. He opened the door and looked around. No Heero in the
bedroom! Duo scowled and stepped further out, grabbing the pants that
Heero'd gone someplace and washed and pulling them on. He pulled on his
white undershirt, too, paying no attention to the stains Heero obviously
hadn't been able to get out. Didn't matter.

        He heard the door from outside open in the kitchen, the only other
room in this dinky little place, and he rushed forward, Heero's name on his
lips, violet eyes dusky with worry and pain and a thousand things that he
wasn't entirely certain he could express in words. "Hee...!!"

        Wufei looked up at him, the delicate arrogance of his face
unsurprised as he heard Heero's name come from those carmine lips. "Heero
had a mission," he explained softly.


        Wufei dropped the duffel bag he was carrying next to the door. "He
asked me to come look after you. Said you weren't up to caring for yourself

        "I'd have been fine," Duo answered tonelessly.

        "Of course," Wufei replied easily. "However, since I'm here... What
would you like for supper?"

        And it was as simple as that.

* * * * *

        Wufei sighed deeply, fingers plying the needle in and out of the
dark cloth of one of his shirts. The hitching sobs from the bedroom had
ceased some half an hour ago and he still sat here at the small table
mending minor rents and tears in his clothing.

        He shoved his thin glasses back into place with his upper arm,
fingers never ceasing. It was good that he'd been planning on breaking
Maxwell out of that place. It was good that he had been on this colony. It
was not so good that he was aware of what had gone on between Maxwell and

        Being the fifth was impossibly hard. It meant, for the most part,
being alone, and alone was something that Wufei... didn't mind. Of course
he didn't mind it. In fact, he deserved to be alone, didn't he? Meiran
would not have said so. No, he didn't think that she would. But he thought
it was so and thus it was. Quite simple, really.

        The needle darted into his left middle finger and a sharp gasp of
surprise jumped loose. Tears stung his eyes as they closed. {Ridiculous, to
cry over such a thing!} he berated himself as he folded the last shirt and
slipped his fingers beneath his thin reading glasses to dash away pained
tears, not certain whether they were for his pricked finger or the loss of

        Sighing yet again, he removed his glasses, clicked off the small
light and moved gracefully through the dark to the small bedroom door,
pushing it open.


        Duo lay in a thin stream of moonlight that fell across the only
bed, masses of hair tangled around him. Little hiccoughs still shook his
frame, bare from the waist up save that thick fall of honey-fire shot hair.
Tenderness welled up in Wufei as he kicked off his shoes and slid into the
bed fully dressed. The other boy slid against him as if drawn by the heat
of his body and Wufei wrapped an arm around that bare waist thoughtfully.

        Wufei was aware of the relationship between Trowa and Quatre, just
as he was aware of Duo's intense longing for Heero and Heero's hidden
interest in the other boy. Anger at the current ridiculous state of affairs
ate at him. Damn Khushrenada! It wasn't enough to steal their childhood, he
had also destroyed the burgeoning beauty between his two comrades, which
could very well prove irreparable! Certainly there would be hope so long as
both were alive but that in and of itself was no certainty, was it?

        Wufei patted Duo's head gently, stroking the hair. It was time to
challenge Khushrenada again. Soon, very soon. The man had proven himself to
be dishonorable after all. Yes. Wufei would challenge him, would fight

        And he would win.

* * * * *

        Duo woke to the smell of... "Mmm! Bacon! Wu-chan! I didn't know you
could cook bacon!"

        Wufei glanced at the other boy. Duo stood in the doorway between
the two small rooms clad only in boxers and rubbing tear-gritted eyes.
"Indeed," he noted dryly, "I am capable of making bacon. Get dressed,
Maxwell. We have little time."

        Duo stopped rubbing with a single fist and opened one eye. "Oi.
Whatcha mean, Wu?" He frowned and dropped his other fist to clasp his hands
together in front of him. "We have a mission?"

        "*I* have a mission," Wufei stressed, beginning to scramble eggs calmly.

        "I'm so dirty you can't bear to be near me either, huh, Wu?" That
miserable little whisper sent a piercing shoot of.. of... *something* into
Wufei's stomach as he pushed the half done eggs off of the eye and whirled
around angrily.

        "Don't you *EVER* say something like that again!" he snapped,
glaring into shocked violet eyes. "I will forgive it this once because you
are not entirely well but do not ever make such an accusation to me again!"

        Duo backed up a step, eyes wide as Wufei continued. "I shall take
you to the appropriate shuttle and you will meet Quatre and Trowa upon
arrival. Your Shinigami is with them. Undoubtedly you will be exhausted
once you are at Quatre's." Wufei's face softened slightly. "It is in your
best interest, Duo Maxwell."

        Duo looked down unhappily, tangled hair drifting around him. "I had
thought... since Heero left... and..."

        Wufei put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "There will be time to put
things aright," he told Duo.

        Duo glanced up into Wufei's intent dark eyes. "You think so?"

        "I'm certain," Wufei answered. "Now go get dressed. Breakfast is
getting cold." He turned and stepped back to the stove, sliding the pan
over to continue the eggs.

        "You know, Wu," Duo said softly, "I think we underestimate you
sometimes." The door to the bedroom clicked shut quietly.

        Wufei chuckled to himself as he began separating the eggs onto
plates. "You underestimate yourself as well, Maxwell," he noted to thin
air. "You underestimate yourself."

* * * * *

        Wufei handed Duo the small bag he would be carrying onto the
shuttle. The larger duffel had been carefully deposited at the baggage
check and now all that was left was to say goodbye.

        "You're supposed to take the two medications in the brown bottles
in..." Wufei checked his watch. "...three hours. Don't forget. You aren't
entirely well yet and the trip will be draining."

        Duo nodded his head, face solemn and pale. "Yes, Wufei-mommy," he
teased, reaching out to pull at Wufei's ponytail very gently, not noticing
the look of consternation on Wufei's face.

        "Stop that. It's disrespectful!" Wufei sniffed, pulling back and
then looking at Duo with delicate elfin eyes and curiosity. "Do you *ever*
resist your desire to do something?"

        "Nope. Not often," Duo answered softly. "It usually ends up with my
foot in my mouth and Heero either hitting me or running off. Or, for that
matter, one of you guys hitting me!"

        Wufei seemed to think about Duo's comment for a moment and then he
reached out and wrapped his arms tightly around the other boy's shoulders
for a brief hug. He murmured in Duo's ear, "All will be well, Duo Maxwell.
I will do my best to avenge you!" With those words, Wufei spun on his heel
and rushed away, ignoring Duo's attempt to say something to him in return.

        Duo sighed softly. Poor Wufei. He'd never spent a lot of time with
Wufei but now that he had spent a little, he sensed a great deal of
restrained emotions and what seemed to him to be an intense ache of
loneliness. He wished he could do something about that; he wished that he
didn't know exactly how Wufei must feel.

        Head down, indigo-violet eyes shimmering with tears, Duo Maxwell
turned and took the first step towards the shuttle.

* * * * *

        Quatre bubbled with glowing laughter as Duo splashed water at Trowa
and proceeded to tip over into the ocean, himself, coming up giggling and
wet. It made him glad to be laying here in the soft white sand.

        It was good to see Duo laugh again.

        Almost a month had passed since they'd picked him up from the
shuttle onto which Wufei had carefully ushered him. Duo had been past
exhaustion when they gently herded him into the small car Trowa had stolen
earlier that day, bags slung into the back. By the time they'd gotten home,
he'd been shivering and giving a dry little cough. Quatre sighed. Well, it
hadn't gotten nearly as bad as they'd been afraid it would, but he'd been
watching Duo closely ever since. He'd moped about the house and Quatre had
heard him crying at night several times. An unhappy Duo was almost
terrifying, in truth. Two days ago, he'd deemed Duo well enough for a
little play and they'd set out for the beach and golden sun.

        A month.

        Quatre turned cornflower eyes dark with worry to the blue sky
overhead. He knew he shouldn't worry, not really. Heero and Wufei could
take care of themselves just as well as he or Trowa or Duo could, if not
better. Still. The last he'd heard of Heero was when he'd called and said
in those quiet seemingly dead tones that someone needed to take care of
Duo. Not even Relena seemed to be capable of finding him and heaven knew
*that* female was persistent.


        That worry was deeper. Quatre had been fully aware of what Wufei
was going to do and he understood the deep-seated burning need that he
felt. Quatre himself had felt it when Wufei carefully explained everything
that Heero had left out of the story. Wufei would not have told such
secrets ordinarily, Quatre was certain, but there were extenuating
circumstances. Someone was going to have to be aware of what was going on
so that they could be certain Duo was taken care of properly. Who better to
do that than Quatre?

        The last communication from Wufei had been two weeks ago, to say
that he was going now to take care of the business of Khushrenada. Quatre
had heard since that Oz's leader had been injured or ill but he had no idea
which. There was no mention of the young Chinese Gundam pilot, causing
Quatre to worry even more. Had Wufei been captured? Killed? Surely if such
a thing had happened, Oz would have blazed it across all of the headlines,
wouldn't they?

        "Oi! Quatre!" Duo flopped down into the sand on his belly, sending
a spray of water droplets shattering from his skin and onto the warmth of
Quatre's pale tummy. "What're you thinkin' about so hard, man?"

        Quatre shivered. "I'm thinking about how wet you just got me," he
noted seriously.

        "You're thinking about Wufei," Duo said calmly, watching Trowa as
he continued to romp in the water. It was odd, the notion of Trowa


        "He'll be all right. Chang Wufei, international man of justice,"
Duo teased gently. He paused and looked out over the cool ocean waves.
"D'you think Heero's all right, too?"

        Quatre reached over and gently grasped Duo's fingers. "I'm sure of it."

        Duo began fiddling with his wet sandy braid, indigo-violet eyes
haunted. "I wish..."

        "I know."

        "Yeah," Duo said softly. "Yeah.

* * * * *

        Duo trudged up the beach, feet dragging in the sand. The sunset
this afternoon was spectacular, the kind that they'd all go outside and
watch when they were together. Quatre and Trowa were still sitting at the
water's edge, ostensibly watching the sun go down. Duo couldn't help but
smile a little at that; he was certain they were watching one another more
carefully than they were watching the pinks and purples shadowing the sky.
They were very sweet, trying to hide what couldn't possibly be hidden. He
wondered why they bothered but he thought it must be because of the rest of
them. Because of his loneliness, Wufei's loss (something he hadn't even
known until recently)... Heero's seeming instability.

        That made him laugh. Trowa admired Heero quite a lot; it was more
likely that 'instability' was his own reason for not telling Heero that he
loved him sooner. He could never be sure from one moment to the next what
Heero was going to do. How could he have known Heero wouldn't *shoot* him
if he confessed something so intimate as love? He'd been ready to shoot
Relena, after all.

        Duo's lips twisted into a hurt little smile as he walked up to the
front door of the bungalow at which they'd been staying. Relena. He
supposed Heero could have gone to her, although the girl probably would
have had some mad urge to gloat by now. Duo was sure that Relena was aware
of the way that he felt about Heero. He was also certain that she was
probably waging her own private little war against him. He frowned sourly.
That girl knew everything, right down to what underwear Heero put on first
thing in the morning, he'd bet.

        If Heero had gone to her...

        Duo heaved a deep sigh. It was all useless conjecture anyway.
Nobody knew where Heero had gone. All Duo knew for sure was that he had run
off the most important person in his life. That left him impossibly
depressed. Even his braid felt limp, he thought with a weak chuckle as he
slid the key into the knob and pushed open the front door.

        He was greeted by a welter of flowers, thousands of them, it
seemed, filling every nook and cranny, and a flicker of candles that
rivaled the pink glow coming in from the windows, all that was left of the
sunlight. In the middle of it... Oh, in the middle of it, *HEERO*, Heero
Yuy, standing in those tight black shorts and the green tanktop, face tense
and lips pressed firmly together even as Duo dropped the towel he'd been
holding and cried out in a hoarse voice, "HEERO!"

        Duo flung himself at Heero, not waiting to see what was coming, his
eyes squeezed shut as his arms wrapped around the other boy tightly,
holding him close. "Heero, Heero, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it!" Words
he'd wanted to say for a month, for forever, for eternity, because, God, it
seemed like it had been that long. He was sure that it had been an infinity
without him, like the never-never land in which Heero had self-destructed.
Eternity in a box.

        Duo felt Heero's hands on his arms pushing him away and he gave
another little cry, fearful that Heero was going to reject him now, even as
he'd done to Heero after locking himself in that small bathroom to weep.
Heero's mouth opened and it was obvious that the words were forced out
through teeth that were practically clenched. "Can you ever forgive me?
I... don't ever want to make you cry again..."

        Duo didn't let him finish, only leaned up and stole his mouth with
breathless kisses, aching body moving closer despite Heero's grasp on him
and he felt Heero's arms wrapping around his waist firmly, his fingers
clutching Duo's braid tightly in their grasp even as his fists clenched
against the small of Duo's back. "Heero! Heero," Duo gasped between
ravaging kisses, "I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it! Don't you know you're
supposed to come after me when I do that?" he babbled, letting Heero eat at
his mouth even as he pressed closer. He wasn't afraid, oh, no, Duo Maxwell
was not afraid of this man's touch, not ever. Duo began shoving frantically
at Heero's tanktop, parting from him only long enough to pull it away and
then press back against him, pushing at the shorts even as Heero's thumbs
hooked in the waistband of his mostly dry swimming trunks and pulled them
down, both tumbling to the carpet in their enthusiasm, neither caring that
someone might walk in and see them.

        Heero began to bite at his throat hungrily, hands pulling the tie
on his hair loose and burying in slightly damp cornsilk as he settled
between Duo's thighs, rubbing the hard heated shaft of his arousal against
Duo's in a steady rhythm, never parting his mouth from the tender lips
beneath his own.

        Duo's throat tilted, allowing Heero's mouth to nibble and suck as
he cried out huskily, "Heero!" His entire body seemed to glow from the
inside out, he loved Heero so much and to have him in his arms seemed pure
heaven as Heero pulled up slightly, his eyes dark sapphire with passion,
kissing those sweet lips before biting down in a line to assault Duo's
nipples with lips and teeth, tongue lathing delicately around it, heated
whorl of goodness.

        Duo twisted beneath him, almost hypersensitive from the sheer force
of emotion running in him as Heero purred, fingers pinching one nipple
delicately as he kissed down Duo's diaphragm, listing to Duo's soft pants
for breath with a certain satisfaction. He leaned up and blew a cool stream
of air across the warm path his mouth had just traveled, nuzzling the tip
of his nose into Duo's navel as he kissed his lower belly and bit
teasingly, Duo's little cry of pleasure making him shake. His hands began
stroking the insides of Duo's thighs, making them sensitive as his fingers
traced little mechs on the tender skin.

        Duo shuddered violently, half-mad with desire and gasping with
frustrated longing as his hands buried deep in Heero's short hair,
caressing even as he arched his back pleadingly and whimpered Heero's name.

        Heero finally, finally leaned up, his hands reaching for Duo's as
Duo let go of his hair, Heero's tongue trailed delicately around the flared
corona of his tip, gently nibbling with soft lips at the tiny stretch of
skin on the bottom side, nipping the sensitive nerve there lightly before
taking the head in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it slowly,
feeling Duo begin to tremble violently as his fingers interlaced with
Heero's, clenching tightly as he fought for some semblance of control over
his reactions. "Heero!!"

        Heero swallowed deeply, down to the root, teeth scraping all the
way down and back up as his tongue caressed behind, gently stroking the
bottom side of Duo's shaft and giving a rough purrr that sent vibrations
through the sensitive membrane.

        Duo arched violently, straining towards that hot wet mouth as Heero
ever so slowly, ever so tightly, pulled his mouth up until Duo almost
seemed to pop loose from those tight lips. He knelt between his lover's
thighs, looking down on him with those sapphire streaked cobalt eyes full
of desire, mouth swollen and beautifully colored as he whispered shakily,
"I love you, you know."

        Duo let loose a little sob and raised his arms above his head even
as Heero reached for the small jar of thick creamy lotion on the coffee
table, coating his fingertips in it. Heero's slender digits invaded his
anus, making him rock his hips helplessly as Heero caressed him just right,
enough to make him cry out again. "Heero! Heero, I love you! Heero,
PLEASE!" he wailed, writhing against those hands.

        Duo began to make little pleading whimpering noises in the back of
his throat, back bowed as he pressed into that touch, rocking, beginning to
leak pre-cum as his lips trembled violently. "Please, Heero," he whispered
helplessly, eyes almost closed as Heero withdrew those fingers and coated
his shaft with the stuff, pressing on top of him slowly, his hands grasping
Duo's upper arms gently as he kissed him, slowly rolling over so that Duo
lay atop him.

        Duo looked at him in obvious confusion before beginning to kiss
Heero's throat gently and then he felt it, one of Heero's hands on his hip
and the other guiding that lubricated shaft between his cheeks and he
blushed violently, moaning and arching his back as he pressed back slowly,
slowly, feeling Heero begin to slide inside of him as he gave a violent cry
of pleasure, his head falling back as he impaled himself with slow even
pressure and Heero's hands both came to rest on his hips. He could almost
feel his eyes rolling back in his head as he shouted with the pleasure-pain
of it, so good, too good! "Oh, GOD!"

        Heero gasped at the tight liquid heat clenching around him and
clenched one hand around a lock of hair, pulling Duo down to kiss him
deliciously even as Duo began to grind his hips wantonly against Heero's
shaft as Heero rose to meet him, moaning loudly into Duo's mouth. "You're
so beautiful," he breathed against those lips. "So beautiful."

        Duo sobbed, lips trembling as he pushed back hard against Heero,
his shaft rubbing between their two hard bellies now. "Love you, love you,
oh, GOD..."

        Heero began gently pushing at his hips, rocking him in rhythm,
sliding in and out while still giving Duo the opportunity to move on his
own, taking him, hot and sweet and gentle, but still taking him and making
Duo belong to him as he held him close, knowing that he would be the only
man to ever possess this wonderful violet-eyed angel. One hand wrapped
loosely in chestnut silk and he brought those lips to his again, beginning
to shudder with the need to release, tongue licking delicately at Duo's
carmine lips.

        Duo parted his lips to that kiss, crying out, almost, almost,
almost, and then there as Heero thrust deep, just right across something
inside that made him scream his pleasure into that mouth and he spattered
strings of semen across both their bellies and chests with such force it
seemed impossible, remaining taut and trembling for several seconds.

        Heero whispered his name shakily, continuing to thrust for several
long seconds, his arms wrapped tenderly around Duo's waist before he
exploded, spilled hot seed deep inside of Duo and holding him close.

        Duo lay slumped against Heero's chest for a very long time, feeling
Heero's fingers stroking through his hair gently, caressing his back. "Oh,
Heero," he breathed, too happy for much else.

        Heero whispered low, face buried in Duo's hair, "I love you."

        Duo responded softly, "I'm glad you came back. I've missed you
terribly. I love you, Heero. I don't ever want you to leave me again."

        Heero nuzzled against his ear, feeling himself begin to withdraw
from Duo's tight hot insides. He sighed softly and pulled out, settling Duo
against his chest, candles and starshine the only light left now. "No. Not
ever again."

* * * * *

        Quatre smiled up at Trowa, those emerald green eyes inscrutable. "I
think Heero must have found us," he said softly, eyes trained on the
flickering light coming through the windows of their little bungalow.

        "I'd say so," Trowa responded, leaning down to wrap one arm around
Quatre's waist gently.

        "We still have the blankets. What would you say to spending the
night underneath the stars, Trowa-kun?" Quatre asked, a little smile
crossing his pink lips.

        Trowa laced his fingers through Quatre's and allowed the smallest
of smiles to cross his serious face. "Let's go."

* * * * *

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