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Fairytales/Parodies/Extreme Nonsense

Jade (GW Addiction)

Gundam Elimidate

This really is the stupidest show ever conceived by anyone. Geez.

Based on the show Elimidate, which a friend of mine actually watches. Me thinks I need new friends. (1, 3, 4, 5+2, AU, silliness, yaoi)

Katsu no Miko (visit Katsu Katsu)

East of the Sun and West of the Moon  

Cute little fairy tale spoof with Gundam Wing...

East of the Sun and West of the Moon is one of my favorite fairy tales. See me murder it, Gundam Wing style. (2x1x2, yaoi, slightly fluffy, kinda sappy)

Reishin (visit Reishin's Corner of Insanity)

The Chibi's Mating Habits

This is beyond hysterical!!

This is a Discovery Channel-ish fic, so just imagine the narrator and, well, just READ!! It' so funny! (I'm not sure if you could call this yaoi or not, but it's 1x2, 3x4, 6x13, 5 by himself?)


Adventures in Babysitting

Hmm, I think the scientists *have* been sniffing something suspicious...

The gundam boys get a babybsit toddlers?! (implied 1+2/3+4, shounen-ai hints)


Psychotic GW Version of Sleeping Beauty

Heheh...just what it says...sorry ¬_¬;

Duo's the princess! Gomen, I mean prince...probably. (1+2/13+6, yaoi)


Twelve Days of Chibi Christmas: GW Style

Kind of a song parody sung to the Twelve Days of Christams.

The best part about this fic is that my dad /hates/ this song ^_^ (yaoi implications, standard parings, Relena bashing - and rightly so.)


Closer: The Spamfic

This is more of a song fic than a song parody, written to one of the nastiest songs I know ::hums::

NIN gets under Heero's skin, and he can't take it anymore! So, he decides to serenade Duo . . .sort of. (1x2x1, yaoi, limey-ish, OOC)


Mr. Yuy and His Bad Kitty

Also known as 'Or a Demented Tribute to Three's Company'

Nosy secretary chiccy-woman gets a little too nosy when it comes to Heero and his kitty. (1x2, AU, OOC-ish)

Lys ap Adin (GW Addiction)

Justice Through Juvenile Delinquency

Duo has the *best* ideas!

Let's see, it's so typical of the teenage community to exact justice by such means, but I don't want to spoil it for you. (3+4/1+2 implied/5+13)

Storyteller (visit Home is Where the Heart is)

Cinderelena (Many parts, but it's a fairytale first!)

Who says the prince *has* to want the *princess*?

Relena gets to be Cinderella, but Heero isn't too smitten with her... (1+2/3+4/ 5 by himself)

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [Interlude 1] [Interlude 2] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [Epilogue]

Lady Aria

To Awaken With a Kiss

Dear god, Heero, run for your life!

I wouldn't call this yaoi ::gasp!:: Yeah, I know, but it's still good, and as long as Turdlena ::coughs:: I mean Relena, gets shafted (so to speak), I'm all for it. (6+9(Noin)/everyone else is just friendly)

Joyce Wakabayashi (Gundam Wing on Acid)

The Chibi Prince

I *have* to have a chibi Duo. . .where can I get one?

You know, I'm pretty sure there is no Relena at all in this fic. Isn't that incentive enough? (1+2/3+4/6+13/6+M, but no one gets any, OK? This IS a fairytale.)



Oh, it seems I'm a massive slacker and forgot to mention that all of these fairytales are AU. Duh.

Duo and Heero have a daughter (don't even ask), and Duo tells her a great story with a wickedly stupid villain. Guess who it is!! (1+2)


The Snow Queen

Ironically enough, I don't like the original 'cause I always thought it was too long, but I really like this. . .and it's not that long ^_^

This is mostly just like the original story, with some revisions, of course. (1+2, Hilde, 3+4, 5+M)


The Wisdom of Fools

This takes place when Heero and Duo are still kids, so no hanky-panky!

Heero is a brat (no da), Duo's the only one who'll play with him (how sweet), but he pays for his affection (uh-oh). (1+2, maybe angsty if you're being sensitive about it)


Without a Doubt (Just a Quirky Relationship Story)

I think every couple goes through this . . .unless one of 'em's ugly, no da!

Duo tells Heero a story to try and prove a point about love, jealousy, and trust. (1x2)


Niiiice Kitty

What can I say? . . .well?

::snickers:: This, I could definitely do this. (2x1, limish, silliness)

Alia Duir (Alia's Domain)

Not Now...

Have you ever been the one on the other line when this happened?

That's it, Duo, be persistent! (1X2, lime light)



Is that true about that most ticklish spot thing?

Ch', of course I'm not just going to say what the spot is, you have to guess. Or you could just read the ficlet, which would be a whole lot easier. (1X2, just yaoi)


Phoney Sex

Ok, that one thing with Quatre is just gross. ::shudders::

GW boys as phone sex operators! Woo-hoo! (no real pairings)

Ariana (see more @ GW Addiction)

Almond Joy, This is Just Deserts

All righty then, uh, yeah, whatever ¬_¬;

I, um, this is just sort of weird, but damn funny ::beams:: (::whispers:: That was very sad) (1x2/3x4/5, uninhibited yikes)


The Sun of Avalon

Is there an original story like this? 

Ch', who cares? I'm sure it won't have my favorite nekkid couple in it, will it? No! That's right. Now you just think about that. (1x2, angsty, lemon-licious, Zechs bastardization)

Hi no Miko (Hi no Miko's Fanfiction)

Rumpled Duo

This, I think, is much funnier than Rumplestiltskin. (That may or may not be spelled right.)

It may be much funnier, but it's not much different. (1x2, just yaoi)

Raihne (visit Raihne)


Oh, come on! Didn't you have this class?

Although, I think if you've browsed around this site, you could probably teach that class. Much like Quatre does in this story. . .woah. (1+2/3+4/5+?, uh, gratuitous explanation of malexmale sex?)


The Kawaii Misadventures of Chibi Trowa

Just like the title says: KAWAII ^_^

Chibi Trowa has a misunderstanding with Chibi Cupid Quatre, and runs away. (1+2/3+4/5/6+13)



This seriously does happen when you go on big waterslides.

Aa~nd, if you haven't been on one before, I can't very well spoil it for you, can I? So, the boys go on one and Trowa finds out the secret of the waterslide. (none really)


Getting Head 

*no, this is not supposed to be in PWP*

Seriously, it's a game. A game that the guys + Relena and Dorothy play at lunch. (1+2/2+6/R+D, yaoi-ish, yuri-ish, total AU)

Lizard Queen (no working E-mail [Let me know if you have it])


Heheh, do you remember that one part in Look Who's Talking

Like most fics in this section, it's got some kind of surprise or plot twist, so I can't say much, can I? (1x2/3+4/5, yaoi)

Shinigami Baby (no working E-mail [Let me know if you have it])

GW Outtakes

Well, every TV show has to have some outtakes, right?

Three snippets of Gundam Wing outtakes. Quite amusing, especially the second one. (none really)


1000 Gifts

Pretty sappy ending, but a sweet story ^_^

Let's see, Duo the peasant, Heero the prince, you get the idea. (1+2/6+13, yaoi)


Be a Clown (or The GW Chibis Discover Makeup)

Note to self: lock up makeup bag immediately.

In this sense, 'chibi' means 'baby,' sort of. So, toddler-esque GW boys get into some makeup, and into a lot of trouble. (maybe 1+2/3+4 implications, but they're just kids)

Jenny & Kimmie

Duo and the Dolls

OK, who remembers Spaceballs?

If you do, Duo is caught just like, you know, that guy Rick Moranis played -_- (1+2, 3+4, 6+13+5 all in some fashion)

Tabris Angel of Blood

Ya Shoulda Not Found Ze Scroll…

This would be the epitome of extreme nonsense. All right ^_^

Let’s just say this, a séance starts with a very whacked up question from Wufei…… (barely mentioned shounen ai hints [1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3], mentioned het [2+author], Mary Sue fic, séance stuff, AU, massively OOC)


The Adventures of Chibi Duo and Neko Trowa

Oh, yes, gasp, indeed ^_^

* Gasp * …It’s…it’s NOT yaoi! …Anyway…I read the poem from my Calvin and Hobbes book and I immediately thought of a Chibi Duo for Calvin and a Neko Trowa for Hobbes…perfect! I took out a couple of long passages that I didn’t really think would fit…I just couldn’t imagine anything for it! (no real warnings, Heero and Catherine are married -_- Dunno if that's a warning ^_^)

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