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Making Love to Death (Part 12)


Duo walked into the den and taking a quick glance around the room, was about to leave, when he heard Heero call his name.

"Duo" Heero called softly, standing up from his seated position along side the couch.

"Hey, Heero" Didn't see you sitting there." Duo smiled, walking toward him.

"I was kind of hiding" Heero told him, looking a bit embarrassed.

"You look well, Heero." Duo adding after allowing his eyes to glance several times over Heero's form "Real well.....You been working out ?" Duo winked.

Heero blushed slightly "Yes, Duo, actually I have been." he smiled.

"Duo.....I'd like to talk with you ....alone.....if that's okay with you of course." Heero asked.

Heero could see the hesitation in Duo's eyes.

"It's okay if you don't want to.....I understand." Heero told him, smiling.

"Actually, Heero, I came in here to talk with you." Duo told him, taking the shorthaired boy by surprise.

Duo sat on the end of the long L-shaped leather couch, his head coming to rest on the soft upper edge. Heero sat at the other end so the two would be better able to see each other. The frown on Duo's face at the distance between them was missed by Heero as he turned to adjust the pillow behind him.

"What have you been up to Duo ?" Heero asked casually.

"Oh, a little of this and a little of that....same old stuff mostly. And you, Heero ?" Duo asked, his face very serious.

"Duo....." Heero started, his voice uncharacteristically shaky, his body leaning toward Duo's "I know that I've hurt you by what I wrote, even if things were already over.......I didn't mean to....I was so angry.....with you....." Heero stood and moving toward the window, his gaze falling to the large field behind the estate, and continued "I'm sorry to bring the whole mess up, but I have a tremendous amount of guilt I need to rid myself of.....Do you understand, Duo ?"

Heero turned around to find Duo seated on the very edge of the couch, his elbows propped up on his knees, his face buried in his hands. Heero could tell by the slight motion of his upper body that Duo was crying.

"Duo....I'm sorry....I shouldn't have come." Heero told him, his voice trembling slightly as he made his way into the foyer.

Exiting the mansion via the front entrance, Heero looked up towards the three pilots still seated on the second floor patio. Calling up to them, Heero waved and began walking toward town.


The 2-mile walk had done well to clear Heero's mind. Duo's reaction to his simple words had caught Heero off guard, as he was certain that Duo would have gotten over the whole mess months before. Arriving at his hotel at around 5:00, Heero decided on a shower before dinner. Walking the 7 floors up to his suite, Heero's key was barely in the door when he heard the phone ring.


Heero's abrupt departure alarmed Wufei, the Chinese boy knowing that Heero and Duo's encounter had somehow gone awry and he ran hastily throughout the mansion searching for Duo.

"Duo !!!" the almost frantic Wufei called, as he made his way from room to room.

Finally making his way up to the second floor, Wufei opened the door to their room, finding Duo stretched out on the bed, reading his manga, Wufei letting out a sigh of relief at the sight.

"Duo !!" Wufei scolded "You had me worried, what happened to you ?"

"I'm fine Wu-chan." Duo smiled "I just kind of lost if when Heero and I were talking...and he left.....tis not a big deal."

"Duo, Heero left.....I mean he left the estate." Wufei informed him.

Duo's face sank into a frown at the news.

"What exactly happened between the two of you ?" Wufei asked

Duo thought for a moment "Nothing really Wufei. Heero was just apologizing to me......ya know.....for all the crappy stuff he said........and I kinda cried." Duo told him matter-of-factly.

Wufei laughed "You're such a wuss, Duo....You know that ?"

Throwing his pillow at Wufei, but missing by a mile, Duo laughed.


Heero answered the knock on his door at around 7:10, motioning for Quatre and Trowa to come in.

He was glad the two had called, though he wondered how they were able to locate him so quickly.

"I took the liberty of ordering room service for us. I hope that's okay." Heero told them.

The balance of the evening was spent on idle chatter and laughter, the three feeling none of the distance this afternoon's tryst had floundered from.

On more than one occasion, Heero brought up the subject of one formerly braided pilot, which Quatre and Trowa had expected. As were there intentions, neither one brought up Duo's suicide attempt, leaving that discussion up to Duo himself.


Wufei and Duo sat across the table from each other in the kitchen, the two enjoying their late dinner.

"Duo, why did you break things off with Heero ?" Wufei asked rather non-chalantly.

Duo froze.

"Duo ?"

"It's kind of a personal matter Wufei." Duo reluctantly answered "I'd rather not talk about it."

"I thought we were friends, Duo......*good* friends." Wufei almost questioned.

"We are Wu......" Duo told him, making contact with Wufei's eyes, noting well the very serious look on Wufei's face.

"If you love him, Duo, why did you break off your relationship with him ?" Wufei continued, obviously hitting a sensitive spot, as he saw Duo cringing from across the table.


"He still loves you, Duo.......did you know that ?" Wufei asked.

Duo stared at him.

"I can see it in the way he looks at you, Duo." Wufei told him.

Duo looked down at the table where his hands were tightly clasped.

"Duo.......say something !!!" Wufei prodded the silent boy.

"It doesn't matter Wufei…just let it go, okay ? I have." Duo's tone was solemn and matter-of-fact.

"Duo, this is ME you are talking to ! Look at what this is doing to you ! What YOU are doing to yourself. You haven't let it go…you shouldn't let it go. " Wufei was clearly angry at Duo as his words and actions evidenced.

"STOP IT, WUFEI !!" Duo finally screamed "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING………JUST STOP !!!!" and ran out of the room.


Dinner went well, the three boys re-cultivating their friendship. By the time they were ready to leave for home, Quatre and Trowa were certain that Heero had regained his comfort with them. Quatre, being Quatre, the sentimental child he was, could only think of one thing by evenings end.

"Heero ?" the blonde began, "I would like you to consider moving back onto the estate with us." not waiting for Heero to respond, but seeing his hesitance, Quatre continued "I know it's not what you intended, but it's something I'd like you to think about, okay ?"

"The offer is most enticing Quatre, and I thank you, but after today, I think that it will never come to be. I upset Duo today...and I'm not even sure why. It would be uncomfortable for both of us." Heero offered, his voice apologetic.

Quatre nodded, his hand reaching out for Trowa's who stood beside him.

"Arigato for tonight, Heero." Trowa said, as hand in hand the two made their way down the hallway.


Giving Duo some time to blow off steam, still angry at Duo's dismissal of his pleas, Wufei stormed into the room that he and Duo shared.

"You are such a coward Duo !!!!" he screamed at the violet-eyed boy through the bathroom door.

"How can you just let him slip through your fingers, Duo ?" Wufei called loudly.


"Don't you even have anything to say in your own defense ?!?!??!" Wufei screamed, his fist pounding on the door.

"UGHHH !!!" Wufei screamed, his both fists now banging mercilessly on the bathroom door, "DUO... OPEN THE DOOR DAMMIT !!!!"



The ambulance arrived at the front entrance at precisely the same time as Trowa and Quatre were pulling in.

Running into the house, the two breathless boys made their way up to the second floor. Noting the commotion outside of Duo and Wufei's room, their hearts stopped beating, as they stopped dead in their tracks, Quatre's face pale as he gripped at Trowa's arm.Wufei exited the room, followed by the paramedics, carrying one very pale and limp Duo out on a stretcher.


"I should have seen it coming !! " Wufei paced the waiting room, cursing at himself, then continuing "It was my fault.......*I* did this.......I wouldn't leave him alone....I kept prodding him !!"

Finally calming down, Wufei excused himself "I need to make a phone call." leaving two very dumbfounded boys in his wake.


At 12:30 AM Heero entered the waiting room of the hospital, Wufei making his way across the room to meet the concerned, but very confused boy. Giving Heero only the most necessary details on the phone, Wufei felt Heero was what Duo needed and making that perfectly clear to Heero, Wufei offered no additional information. Wufei was certain that Heero would figure things out for himself.

At Duo's request, rather Duo's insistence, Quatre and Trowa were kept in the dark, the look on their faces giving evidence to that fact. Wufei made a mental note to fill them in on the details once the whole mess was straightened out.

Clutching at the paper held tight in his fist, Wufei followed Heero to the nurse's station.

"I need to see Duo Maxwell" he told the nurse.

Glancing down at the various charts in front of her, the nurse shook her head from side to side. "I'm sorry. Mr. Maxwell isn't allowed to have any visitors right now." Heero repeated his request "I don't think you understand……..I NEED to see Duo Maxwell !!" he told her again, his face flushed with rage at the nurse's lack of understanding of his demand.

"I'm sorry" she simply replied.

Heero pushed his way through the swinging doors, his eyes searching every room on both sides of the long corridor until he found the one he was looking for.


Wufei glanced across the room and noticing the very confused look on the two familiar faces, he made his way over to them. Not willing to betray Duo's trust, yet certainly owing them *some* sort of explanation, Wufei relayed as much of the saga as he dared.


Heero stood beside the bed, his fingers running lightly over the face of the fragile form before him. Noting how beautiful and peaceful the boy looked, Heero had to remind himself of the circumstances leading up to this moment. Glancing at the monitor above the bed, Heero watched the jagged lines, their steady rhythm matching that of the beeps coming from the small glowing rectangle. 'Duo, what have you done ?'

Walking to the foot of the bed, Heero picked up the chart that hung there, the clipboard heavy with sheet after sheet of paper. Glancing only briefly at the scribbles that filled the pages, Heero replaced the clipboard to its rightful spot.

His eyes slowly taking in the entirety of the room, Heero made his way over to the unoccupied bed beside Duo's. Climbing up onto it Heero adjusted the pillows and reclined back onto them, closing his eyes.


Trowa and Quatre listened intently as Wufei unraveled the nearly three-month mystery. The two were quite angry at their inability to put the pieces together, their inadequate feelings quickly put to rest by Wufei, whom both of them now viewed in an altogether different light.

Wufei's fist was still gripping the final piece of evidence, the one that had brought him to this juncture. Slowly removing his hand from his pocket, Wufei offered the crumbled paper to Trowa and Quatre.

Duo's suicide note was written neatly and articulately in red ink on the back of Heero's lengthy message of three months ago. It explained only bits and pieces, and while Quatre and Trowa hesitated reading it for Duo's sake, Wufei urged them on, his urgency to them was more out of need for their understanding than anything else.


Waking up in the far too familiar place, Duo frowned. Taking a moment to look around the room, Duo noting a familiarity in the figure sitting in the bed beside him and called out softly "Heero ?"

Stirring from his light sleep from the sound, Heero turned, so that his face was now visible to Duo's still hazy glance.

Duo called again "Heero ?" more loudly this time.

Waking fully upon hearing his name, Heero quickly stood and made his way to Duo's bedside, his hand moving toward to grasp at Duo's outstretched hand, his fingers slipping tightly in between Duo's.

"Heero" Duo said, as if the mere word held some magical power.Duo sat in a chair by the window in the large, familiar room. This experience somewhat less traumatic than the last one just several months before, as Duo now had Heero here to help him through it. While Duo hadn't yet given Heero any of the details, he planned to today.

There were no visitors allowed during his first week in the psych ward, but today was day 8 and Duo was anxious for his visitors to arrive. Tugging at the short gown he wore, Duo hoped they remembered to bring his pajamas.


Reminding Quatre and Trowa again that Heero wasn't yet aware of Duo's first episode and institutionalization, Wufei grabbed a pair of Duo's pajama's and a handful of Duo's manga and the three boys headed for the hospital.

The three arrived only moments before Heero had found his way through the large building and onto the ward. Looking through the pile of magazines Wufei was holding to make sure they were appropriate, the nurse unlocked the large metal enclosure and the four boys stepped inside.

Searching the room with their eyes, Wufei found Duo, still seated by the window, and walked toward him, the others following. Duo stood, his arms surrounding Wufei "Hey Wu !" he greeted him cheerfully. "Brought my pj's I see." He winked.

Duo greeted the others in a similarly warm fashion, his eyes lighting up as Heero's arms gently surrounded him in return, Heero's hand lingering lightly for some time on his upper arm.

"First things first." Duo announced and grabbing the pile of neatly folded cotton from Wufei, Duo made his way to the bathroom, the four boys smiling as Duo walked away from them, the back of his gown barely covering anything.


The five sat at the large round table in the center of the room talking and laughing for about an hour, ignoring the circumstances of their visit. Quatre, Trowa and Wufei announced they were leaving, asking Heero if he wanted a ride back to his hotel, though they were sure he would say no. Thanking him politely, Heero informed the blonde that he intended to stay a bit longer.

Glad the others had finally left, Duo took Heero's hand and grabbing a small metal chair, made his way across the room to the window, where Duo had been sitting when they arrived. Placing the chair next to the one already there, Duo sat, motioning for Heero to join him.

"I guess I owe you an explanation or something." Duo started, his voice a bit nervous, as he bit his lower lip "How much did they tell you, Heero ?"

Heero looked out the window "Oddly, no one has said a word about it." Heero told him, then continued "I have been able to figure some things out on my own though." His gaze shifting to Duo, who appeared to be staring off into space.

"And ?" replied Duo, waiting for Heero to say it first.

Heero closed his eyes. He hated saying the words "You are here because you attempted to take your own life." His voice monotone, though it seemed appropriate.

Heero turned toward Duo who was now facing the cobalt-eyed boy "Duo ….why ?" he questioned, Duo noting a genuine compassion and sadness in his expression. "I don't understand."

Duo smiled, which confused Heero "That's a looooong story Heero and while I have all the time in the world right now, I don't feel like going into it." Duo continued "I'm fine now, Heero. I plan on getting out of this place next week. We'll talk about it then. I promise."

Heero was disappointed, but knew that was all Duo was going to tell him.

"I've missed you, Heero" Duo told him softly, his eyes unable to look at Heero, unsure of what his reaction would be.

Reaching toward Duo, and placing his hand on Duo's chin, Heero turned the violet-eyed boys face toward his. "I've missed you too, Duo."

"I've missed US, Heero." Duo's voice low and trembling, still staring into Heero's eyes, Heero's touch sending shivers down his spine.

Heero said nothing for a several seconds, wanting those words to ring in his head forever, as he sat gazing deeply into Duo's eyes.

"Duo…" he said, finally breaking the silence, which judging by the look on Duo's face, Duo took to be a rejection of his words.

"Duo" Heero repeated, his name now sounding like the answer to all of his prayers, as they fell from his mouth to his lovers ears.


Heero was still getting dressed when Duo knocked on the hotel room door. Quickly slipping on his jeans as he crossed the room, Heero opened the door and returning the wide smile that greeted him, motioned Duo to enter.

"Hey Heero, great place." Duo commented nervously as he entered, looking around the large room, Heero closing the door behind him.

Heero nodded in agreement, sitting on the edge of the bed putting on his socks and sneakers.

"I ordered room service, I hope that's okay Duo. It should be here at 8:00."

Duo sat in the chair by the window, gazing out. "That's fine, Heero.

Nice view you have here."

Heero walked over to where Duo sat and glanced out. "MmHm" Heero agreed.

Heero let his eyes fall on Duo, who was now looking up at him. "Mmmm…..Very nice view indeed, Duo."

Duo blushed slightly. Standing, Duo reached his hand toward Heero's, intertwining their fingers and pulled the boy to stand directly in front of him, their eyes meeting.

"Heero…" Duo started

Heero put his finger to Duo's lips "Shhhhh…..Duo…..don't say anything." His voice was soft with passion.

Duo brought his other hand up to caress Heero's cheek. Heero closed his eyes as his head fell back slightly. Heero could feel himself getting lost the simple touch, a touch he had been longing for and brought his hand up to touch Duo's. Holding Duo's hand in place, Heero turned his head, allowing his lips to rest against Duo's hand and placed a wet open-mouthed kiss in the center of Duo's palm.

Duo moaned lightly and moved his hand toward Heero's mouth, his thumb gently tracing the edges of Heero's lips. Slowly guiding Duo's index finger into his mouth, Heero's tongue encircled the digit lightly before sucking softly on it. Seductively sucking each finger one at a time, Heero moved forward to close the gap between them, their hardness finding relief on each other's thighs. "I've missed you so much Duo." Heero whispered.

Freeing his intertwined fingers from Duo's tight grip, Heero ran his fingers lightly up and down Duo's spine. Duo gasping slightly at the touch, un-tucked his white cotton shirt, inviting Heero to touch him, anxious to feel Heero's fingers on his bare skin. Heero's hands found their way inside his shirt, Duo tossing his head back, as the touch of Heero's fingers grew more urgent. Bringing his mouth to the now exposed flesh of Duo's neck, Heero placed tiny kisses over the small area, then licked at it roughly with his tongue.

"Mmmmm....Duo." he moaned into his lovers ear, Heero's voice dripping with raw passion "I can never get enough of you."

Duo pulled Heero closer, shifting the way their two bodies now touched, ensuring their erections made contact. Heero started to slowly grind his hips into Duo's, the small circular motions eliciting shivers down both of their spines. Duo's was nearly breathless as he moaned into Heero's ear "Heero.......mmmm......please stop.......I'm about to come in my pants."

Hearing those words from his lover's raspy voice, Heero felt himself about to lose control. He pulled Duo closer, and whispered "Do it Duo.....come for me."

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's waist, rocking his hips repeatedly against Heero's arousal. Sensing the onset of Duo's climax, Heero thrust his tongue deep into the Duo's open mouth, his hands moving downward to grasp Duo's bottom, pressing Duo more tightly against himself. "Oh God... Mmmmm..... Heero......" Feeling the beginning's of Duo's orgasm and the heat of Duo's breath in his ear, Heero was no longer able to control the onset of his own ecstasy, as their bodies began shuddering together, "Mmmmm......Duo....." Heero moaned, his voice filled with unbridled lust.

Heero pulled Duo painfully closer, their uniform movements generating tremendous friction, the two able to feel each other's release as stream after stream of hot liquid left their gasping bodies. Nearly collapsing into each other's grasp, Heero coaxed Duo into a savage kiss, his tongue forcefully possessive, once again claiming the exquisite violet-eyed pilot as his own.


Handing Duo a pair of spandex shorts, Heero grinning at the thought of seeing Duo in the clingy black fabric, Duo made his way into the bathroom to remove his wet sticky clothes.

"Uhh....Heero ?" Duo questioned from behind the closed door, "These are a little ummmm....tight. Got anything else I can wear ?"

Looking through the closet briefly, Heero opened the door and placed a pair of black sweatpants into Duo's waiting hand.

"Much better." Duo smiled as he exited the small room, planting a small kiss on the tip of Heero's nose. "Thank you."

Grabbing a change of clothes, Heero made his way into the small room.

"I think I'm going to take a shower, Duo. I'll be out shortly." Not waiting for Duo's response, Heero entered the warm spray. Returning a

short time later, Heero found Duo fast asleep on the bed. Smiling down at the graceful form of his lovers sleeping body, Heero covered Duo with a light blanket and dimmed the lights. 'I've missed this.'


The small woman entered the room at precisely 8:00, cart in tow. Heero was waiting in the hallway for her, not wanting her arrival to wake Duo. Motioning her into the room, she began her task. Turning to leave the room only several minutes later, having successfully and efficiently adorned the small table, she smiled and quietly closed the door behind her.

Heero poured the light red wine into the two tall glasses and promptly returned it to the bucket of ice beside the table. Then leaning forward, Heero lit the slender white candles in the center of the table. Standing slowly, Heero took one last glance at the table, making sure everything was perfect, then crossed the small room to stand beside his bed.

Glancing down at the sleeping angel before him, Heero brought his hand up to pinch his own upper arm. Satisfied by the pain that this was not one of his fantasies, he gently touched the sleeping boys shoulder.

"Duo" Heero called softly, his hand brushing the loose strands of hair off of Duo's face.

Duo stirred "Mmmmmm....sorry……I fell asleep." He mumbled apologetically.

Sitting up moments later, Duo's eyes met with the small table across the room, then looking back at Heero, Duo gave him a warm smile. Taking Duo's hand in his, the two crossed the room in silence and sat down for dinner.


"That was delicious Heero. I haven't eaten that much in a long time." Duo informed Heero.

"Hmmm.....I did notice you looked a little thinner. Heero commented.

Duo smiled, hesitating only slightly before drawing them into a much needed, but unwanted conversation.

"Heero ..." Duo started somewhat apprehensively "There are some things we need to talk about. *I* need to talk about."

"I'll try to start at the beginning and work my way forward. Things may get a little confusing, Heero, but when I'm done you will understand. Okay ?" he asked Heero, whose eyes were soft with concern, sensing Duo's reluctance.

Heero nodded.

"It all started with my lie, Heero.....actually that's not entirely true, but I'm gonna take it from there."

Duo looked down and took a deep breath "I never meant it when I said I didn't love you, Heero." Duo admitted, his face solemn and eyes cast downward, Duo continued, "to be more honest, Heero, I loved you more at that moment that I ever thought possible." Duo paused "I was upset…….and confused and I thought it would be the best thing to do…..for us."

Duo looked across the table at Heero, frowning slightly as he was unable to read Heero's facial expression. Duo continued "Then when I told you, when you took the end of our relationship so casually, I thought that perhaps you also wanted it to be over and I didn't feel as bad....."

Duo heard Heero gasp, he glanced upward to face Heero, his frown causing Duo took look away in discomfort, Heero's hand reaching across the table to touch Duo's.

"Duo......I didn't take it casually....." Heero choked out, the memories of that painful moment still too vivid in his mind.

Duo cut him off "I know Heero...I know, but it wasn't until you were already gone.....until I read your letter that I realized……..what a terrible mistake I'd made. That's when it all sank in………that I had hurt you so much......"

Duo's eye's filled with tears, swallowing hard, he continued "I never meant to hurt you, Heero....I was devastated by your letter. Not because of what you said, but because……. of how I made you you were suffering because of my lies Heero.....I felt such guilt......such incredible consumed me."

Heero reached his hand across the table to lie on top of Duo's and gently squeezed it.

Duo gently removed Heero's hand from his, and rolling his sleeves up, slowly rotated his arms outward, the scars on his wrists meeting Heero's wide-eyed stare.

"Duo!" Heero gasped, his face filled with emotion, his fingers moving forward to lightly touch the scarred tender flesh.

Duo swallowed hard. "It happened the day you left, after I read your letter." He told Heero. "I couldn't live with what I'd done, Heero.....I couldn't go on without *you*." Duo paused. " I spent the next three weeks in the the psych ward. I was so angry with Quatre for finding me…….for forcing me to stay alive." Duo stopped, the recall emotionally draining him, his hands knotted tightly in a combined fist.

Heero reached across the table to lay his hand on Duo's, his thumb gently rubbing the back of his hand.

Duo continued "The others had no idea of what I was going through. I never told them....they still don't know Heero, only Wufei has a general idea, which is why he called you .....when I took the pills." Duo sighed, signaling the end of his thought, as he turned his attention to Heero.

"Why didn't you call me Duo.....or send me a message ?" Heero questioned, his voice filled with emotion, choking back the tears "I would have come back, Duo....I was lost without you....I was despondent....." Heero stopped seeing the expression on Duo's face, not willing to let his words hurt Duo any further.

"I'm sorry, Duo.....I'm not trying to make you feel any worse than you already do." Heero told him softly, his hand reaching for Duo's and bringing it up to caress his cheek.

"S'ok, Heero, we have to work through this. We both need to talk about our feelings." Duo calmly told him, his voice holding back the emotion Heero was reading on his face.

"Duo, promise me…….promise that you will never do this again." Heero rubbing his fingertips lightly across the scars on Duo's wrists. "It's not the answer….to anything…..ever….I should know. Promise me, Duo !" Heero pleaded, his voice on the verge of tears.

Duo nodded slowly, "I promise, Heero. It was stupid...I know…I didn't know how else to deal with the guilt…..and the pain….. and losing you, Heero.", Duo's voice trailing off before he continued. "I should have told someone…they could have helped. I'm sorry." Duo's head dropping slightly to his chest.

"Duo ?" Heero asked as his hand lifted Duo's chin, forcing Duo to look into his eyes "Why did you tell me you didn't love me, if it wasn't the truth ?" Heero asked, his confusion obvious.

Duo stood, making his way toward the window "This is where it's gonna get really tough, Heero." Duo told him solemnly.

"I can handle it Duo, I need to know…" Heero urged, turning to face Duo.

"Yes, Heero, I know you can handle it, I'm just not sure if I can......" his voice trailing off at the last of the phrase.

Walking around the table, Duo took Heero by the hand, his eyes never meeting those of the confused boy, and led him to stand before the full-length mirror on the entrance door.

Standing before the mirror in front of Heero, Duo took Heero's hand, bringing it up, so that his fingers touched the long scar on his forehead and gently dragged them over it's length. Then releasing Heero's hand, removed his black cloak and white turtleneck. Recapturing Heero's hand, Duo ran it over the six-inch scar on his inner arm. Finally looking into the mirror, his eyes meeting those of the gentle faced boy behind him, Duo let his pent up tears fall slowly down his face.

"Duo....." Heero whispered hoarsely, unable to find the words he needed to put Duo's unfounded fears to rest, instead turning Duo to face him, Heero placed firm wet kisses on every inch of his lovers scarred flesh within his reach.

Duo's silent crying increased in intensity each time his body shuddered, reveling in Heero's healing touch. Reaching down and hooking his thumbs inside the waistband of Duo's sweatpants, Heero gently slid the fabric over Duo's thin hips The material fell the rest of the way to the floor and Duo stepped out of it.

Kneeling on the floor before Duo, Heero brought his hand up to touch the scar on Duo's' right thigh. Then gently leaning forward, Heero ran his tongue lightly over the length of it. Looking up to meet Duo's gaze, Heero place a kiss on his finger and brought it forward to touch the pink line, his finger tracing its entirety.

Heero stood to once again face his lover "Duo, How could you think......" he started, then shaking his head, "It doesn't matter now", he told him, then pulling Duo close, Heero's wrapped his arms around Duo's neck. "You are so beautiful, Duo....." Heero whispered into his ear, "inside and out."

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