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Lullaby (part 4 - 6)


Part Four

<Heero's POV>

So there we were, stuck in a tiny elevator that I could lean on one side and touch every other side with one arm while not trying. But I wasn't complaining, hell no. I was as happy as a clam. So while Duo sat there staring at nothing, I sat there staring at Duo. I had thrown caution to the wind long ago.

"Heero?" Duo asked looking at me.

"Hn," I responded, had to at least retain some semblance of normalcy.

"How long do you think we will be stuck here?" he asked me.

"No idea," I looked at him and noticed that he had loosened his color, giving me the slightest hint of the white skin beneath it.

"Do you wanna play a game while we're here, to pass the time?" he asked quietly. he probably expected me to say no because the surprise showed on his face when i nodded and said

"Sure, why not. What game?" he looked at me shocked,

"Uh....I think I have a deck of cards in the front pocket of my bag. Can you get them." I nodded and unzipped the front part of his bag. He had so many odd things in there, a few I couldn't even identify. After a couple of minutes of searching I came across the missing cards, which I held up in triumph. I tossed them over to Duo's waiting hands and moved the bag out of the way so I was facing him.

"What game?" I asked as I settled myself into my new spot.

"How 'bout Go Fish," he smiled as he said it. I was giggling inside as I thought of what the others would say, the Perfect Soldier sitting in an elevator playing Go Fish with his rambunctious partner.

"Why not?" I motioned to him to deal as I mentally reviewed the rules of Go Fish.

After all the cards were in their respected places I grabbed my hand and looked at it.

//Hmmm not too bad, pair of kings, one jack ten seven and three and an ace.//

"Got any eight's?" he asked first. Just to be weird and satisfy my own perverse sense of humor, I looked at my cards and pretended to study them carefully. I looked him in the eyes,

"Hn, Go Fish," he flashed me a cheeky grin and reached for a card in the pile between us.

"Got any kings?" I asked him and was hard pressed not to giggle when he sighed loudly and handed over and King. I smiled very softly and contemplated my next move.

***Forty five minutes later***

"Who would have thought you were so damned good at Go Fish," Duo complained for the hundredth time as I casually took his eight's. We were on our fourth game of Go Fish and he had yet to beat me.

"Do you want to play a different game then?" I asked as I laid down the eight's, ending the game.

"Sure, why not. Maybe I'll actually have a chance then," he grumbled and glared at me through his eyelashes.

"Poker then..."

"Hmm, too boring. We have to make it interesting," he slumped further down on the wall but suddenly shot back up, a wicked gleam in his eyes that spelled trouble.

"Why don't we play strip/Truth or Dare poker." I felt my eyebrows shoot up on their own accord.

//*Strip* poker, Truth or Dare?//


"The loser of each hand loses a piece of clothing, but also gets to ask the winner a Truth or Dare thing," his eyes sparkled merrily and I had to wonder where in the name of something he ever got this idea, and if it was from another pilot I as going to shoot someone.

"What the hell, we seem to be stuck here. Deal the cards....." Duo smiled happily and dealt us each five cards.

"The name of the game is five card draw, deuces and Kings wild." I snorted softly and grabbed my hand.

//King of hearts, ten of clubs, six of hearts, six of diamonds, and nine of spades. Hmmm this could be good...// Duo looked at me expectantly,

"Two," I wordlessly handed over the ten and the nine and accepted two new cards. Nothing great there, a five and a three.

"Ok, show um all babe," I noticed Duo had gotten a visor from out of his bag and was chewing on a plastic straw. I rolled my eyes at the ensemble and laid down me hand. His eyes bugged a little before he put his down, a pair of aces.

"I win," I watched him as he glared at me before removing his jacket.

"Ok, Truth or Dare?" I looked at him carefully to see if I could figure out which would end up as the worse of the two choices.

"Dare." I winced slightly as I saw his face light up with an evil smile. He laughed evilly as he leaned foreword to proclaim my sentence

"I dare you to use that emergency phone and pretend you are ordering a pizza, with everything on it and extra anchovies" he smiled happily with his results as I glared daggers at him.

"Fine, hand me the damn phone," he handed over the phone, a grin that could be considered evil, or very happy gracing his face.

"Hello, yes. I would like to order a large pizza everything on it with extra anchovies and a side of bread sticks with garlic butter.....what this isn't the pizza that you Joe?....I'm going to report you to your rude! Good-bye!" I slammed the phone down and shook my head. I didn't have any idea where that extra bit came from, but Duo seemed to enjoy it judging by the tears rolling down his face as he let lose his *barely* contained laughter.

"Oh, <choke> God Heero, that was <gag> freakin' <giggle> hilarious. Where the hell did you learn to do prank phone calls like that. I am impressed," he stared at me incredulously as his laughter subsided. I shrugged and grabbed the cards that were in a pile on the floor.

"Come on Maxwell, I've got a game to win."

Part Five [lemon]

<Heero POV>

Now things were getting interesting. Duo was sitting there in his boxers, his red boxers with little Sailor Moon's all over them, and was scowling at me. I on the other hand couldn't be happier.

"NO! I am not going to take off my boxers and I do not care what you say it is not happening," he glared at me, he had just lost his sixth consecutive hand of poker. I on the other hand had lost three and still had my pants on as well as my socks and shoes, just no shirt.

"Fine, I don't care ask your question." I had done some really odd things for his dares, so far I had pranked the construction workers, drew on the elevator walls with permanent markers and even put my hair in pigtail including a promise to keep them like that until we got to our room.

"Truth or Dare?" He asked quietly, I knew he was running out of idea's for dares so I decided to take pity on him and chose my other option.

"Truth," with this he perked up noticeably and smiled.

"Finally, I was running out of ideas. Um truth, truth. it! Now this is stupid but you have to answer honestly. Who do you like, and I don't mean as a friend I mean as a love thing? Is it Relena?" I heard this question and my world spun out of control. I was, to put it eloquently, screwed. I hung my head as he continued rambling on about different girls.

//He really has no idea. I was sure he had figured it out by now.//

<Duo POV>

I was rambling happily, I finally had gotten to ask the question I had been wondering about for such a long time. Who did Mr. Perfect Soldier like? I was about to burst with anticipation when I realized he was looking down and not at me, almost as if he was ashamed of something.

"Heero, you don't have to tell me. It's ok," but I could tell when he looked me in the eyes that he knew I really wanted to know. But hey, I wasn't gonna push it. He is my best friend and if he wants to keep it a secret it's up to him.

"It's.." He started, I leaned foreword because he was talking so softly.

"It's you" he finally finished. I gaped, I couldn't have heard him right. He said he liked me! I sat back utterly confused, and it must have shone up on my face, because his face dropped and he tucked himself away in the corner farthest from me. I wanted to tell him it was all right, but I was too in shock to do anything.

<Heero's POV>

I had said it, and he had rejected me. I should have known better, feelings are useless they only cause pain. I looked over at him and was slightly surprised to see that he was a bit blurry. I felt my cheeks and sure enough they were wet, I was crying. It didn't seem right to me. I was the Perfect Soldier, I don't have feelings, yet here I was with the very essence of feeling pouring down my cheek leaving trails of salty wetness behind them.

"Heero.." He says softly, but I ignore him resolutely. I am too engrossed in the sensations of pain and heartache that I feel to even notice that he has come near me and jump when he puts his hand on my thigh in an attempt to make me look at him. I stare into those deep violet eyes and see something that I have never seen before, love. Without another word he leans foreword and captures my lips with a gentle kiss. I tense as I feel his warm lips press to mine. With a small sigh he pulled away and looked at me through his ebony lashes.

"Heero, I don't know what I feel. But I am going to follow it and it tells me to be with you." I stare at him, waiting for the inevitable move that signals he is not sincere, but it never comes. I lean to him and examine his face for any sign of deception, there is none there. He stays still as if knowing what I am doing, and letting me do it. But it seems his patience does not last long for after only a minute of searching he lets loose a small growl and pins me against the wall kissing me as if his very life depended on it. His tongue traces my lower lip and demands entrance, which I, after relaxing, allow very willingly. I had always thought it was I who would be in control if we were ever to develop a relationship, but I happily allow him to control me. It seems more fitting this way.

I felt him touch my chest and all of a sudden I remembered, he was practically naked and I was down to my pants. Regretfully I pushed him away and pointed to him.

"As wonderful as this is, do we really wanna do this in an elevator?" he looked down and realized just how aroused he was, and just how aroused I was.

"Why not, we aren't getting outta here any time soon," and with that he captured my lips again and dragged me to the floor. With a slight grin I let out a smothered chuckle.

"What was that?" he pulled away and looked at me incredulously.


"Did you just, Nah it couldn't be. Could it? Did you just, laugh?" I laughed again, not to prove it but the look on his face was memorable, I had to laugh.

"You did! Oh my God, does that mean your human?" I glared at him, only to break down in laughter yet again when I realized he was serious.

"Of course I'm human, you made me that way. Ever since I met you I have been fighting these annoying things that are commonly called feelings. Finally I accepted them and look, I got the grand prize," with a cheeky grin Duo tackled me and silenced my protests with a kiss. It started out playful but in no time the kiss got deeper and Duo was running his hands over my body. I stifled a groan as he slid one hand down my pants and fondled me. I felt him smiling as he continued to kiss the very life from me, but hey I wasn't about to complain.

The next few things happened in a blur, somehow I lost my pants and boxers. The next thing I realized Duo was shedding his boxers and reaching into his bag for something. He grinned happily and pulled out a tube that looked like KY jelly. All I could was raise an eyebrow as he smiled and scooted back over to me. I wasn't sure how the hell we were going to do this. I mean we were trapped in a tiny space that is like five by four and all hard ground. It wasn't my ideal way to lose my virginity, but who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, I wasn't taking any chances on losing him before I could at least have him.

"This is gonna hurt a little, don't ask how I know," and with that pushed one coated finger into my depths. I hissed in pain at the invasion, instinctually clenching my muscles.

"Shh, it's ok," he whispered and kissed me deeply, so deeply it didn't even hurt when he started thrusting in and out of my body. I hardly even noticed when he inserted a second finger and then a third. But I damn well noticed when he hit one spot in me that sent me over the edge in passion. I looked into his smiling face as he made sure to hit that same spot with each thrust of his fingers. Soon I was bucking, trying in vain to get him to be merciful on me and hit that spot more often and harder. Just when I thought I was going to burst he pulled away. I wanted to glare at him for stopping the wonderful torture but had no reason to as I felt him push himself into me.

"Oh...God...Duo," I panted as he started to thrust into me. Long slow thrusts that almost sent me into oblivion with passion. I saw more then I felt his hand move around me to grasp my straining erection, but that wasn't all he was going to do. He started stroking me along with his trusts, and that is what sent me into oblivion. I called out his name as I was swept away with the force of my orgasm. I could hear him faintly moan my name as he collapsed on top of me but I couldn't be sure.

It was many minutes before either of us could move. With a smile he cleaned me, and when I saw what he was using I glared at him.

"Duo, now what are you going to wear? You shouldn't have used your boxers."

"I won't wear um, it'll just make it easier for you to take it off later." I rolled my eyes at him as we both started to dress. He was shirtless and I had just pulled mine on, when the elevator door opened. We heard a gasp and turned to face our headmistress.

"Why I never! You two, that is not acceptable behavior. I am afraid I will have to expel you," and with that, she stalked away. I glanced at him and smiled,

"Not my fault."

Part Six

"So there you have it sir. That is how I and my fellow pilot Heero hooked up. Now can I go. I have done what I was ordered to do and all of this is a bit embarrassing" I pushed myself up on my elbows to look at the psychologist. He murmured something and wrote something on his little notepad. I really liked that notepad, it was black and had some sort of intricate design on it in a metallic green.

"Not quiet yet Duo, I still need to know a couple of things. Like for instance where is your current safehouse, in case I need to contact you again."

//Uh huh, sure dude, like I am actually going to tell you that you nutcase.//

"Of course, we are at the old abandoned warehouse near Market Street," I told him with an unwavering grin.

"Ok, and tell me why you find it necessary to pilot these....Gundams?"

"To save the colonies," I answered simply and honestly. I hadn't lied before, we were at and abandoned warehouse near Market Street, Market Street in the next state's capital that is.

"Uh huh, ok that is all Duo. Thank you for your time, and be sure to set up your appointment with my Secretary.

"Ok, oh and Dr. Bonvolet here. I hope this will explain something's but do not read it until you see me outside ok?" the good Doctor took my letter and nodded to my conditions. I knew he would obey them because he was the obeying sort. With a smile I shook his hand and wandered outside. I told the secretary that another appointment was not needed and then took the stairs, I had not ridden in an elevator since my, experience. I just knew it would never be the same after what happened in there. As I walked into the sparkling sunshine I saw him wave. My love, my life, my Heero. With a grin he handed me a small device, I looked up at the window where Dr. Bonvolet stood waiting for me to appear. I watched with anticipation as he read the letter and the shocked looked come over his face. He looked around and then back at me, his face full of horror as I waved and pushed the button on the device that I now held.


The surrounding block shook with the force of the explosion as the office building was destroyed. I smiled at my love as he slid his arms around my waist.

"Having fun, koi?" he whispered into my ear. I nodded happily and showed him the letter,

**Dear Dr. Bonvolet, I know what you have done in betraying my trust. But you see I don't care. I know you are working for OZ and I won't have to worry about it after today. You see I have left my backpack in your office. I know you wondered why I came to you in the first place, I told you it was a mission. And it was, I was told to destroy you and your files, so I decided to have a little fun with you first. Did I mention I hate shrinks? Oh by the way, a little thing you might wanna note, in my backpack is a large amount of C-4. Yep, it is your last couple of minute's on this earth. Sorry, well not really. Have a good afterlife and I will see you in hell!

Duo Maxwell AKA Shinigami**

Even my still mildly stoic lover laughed at it.

"You are so weird you know that." I smiled happily as we started our walk to the car, ignoring the screaming fire trucks and ambulances behind us.

The end


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