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Duo's Lesson (part 5)


Breaking the kiss, Heero looked up at his violet-eyed lover "So what now ?"

Duo looked down at Heero, brushing the stray hairs from his angelic face "Nap….. shower ? Your choice."

Heero smiled at the choices. "Shower then nap ?" he asked, hopefully.

Duo nodded and smiled, moving toward the edge of the bed.

Heero rolled over onto his side, the pain clear on his face "How long do these ummm…side effects last ?" He asked Duo, who sat silently watching his efforts.

Duo reached for Heero's hand to assist him "Want me to run you a hot bath ?" guiding Heero to the edge of the bed.

"Aa." Heero told him laying back down on the bed.

Duo smiled and made his way into the bathroom.

Turning on the hot water, Duo put the stopper in the drain and made his way back into the bedroom to sit beside Heero, his hand moving slowly over his outer thigh.

"You didn't answer me before, Duo" Heero told him "How long till the errr….pain goes away ?" Heero asked, looking up at Duo.

"Umm...No idea, Heero." Duo shrugged, turning his eyes from Heero's gaze.

Heero looked up at Duo, moving his hand to rest on Duo's chin, forcing the Duo to look at him. "Duo ?"

"I don't know, Heero, honestly." Duo answered, his response taking Heero very much by surprise.

Heero sat up. "I thought you had….you know…."

Duo smiled "I've never been on the receiving end before, Heero. At least not yet." He adding winking.

Heero smirked, grabbing Duo down to his mouth for a brief but intense kiss.

"Bath ready, koi?" Heero asked.

Duo rose and made his way into the bathroom, dipping his hand into the water and finding the temperature to be satisfactory, Duo turned off the faucet.

Duo released his braid before the large mirror, running his splayed fingers through the silken mass. Smiling at his image, he returned to bedroom. "All set." Duo told Heero, making his way to sit beside him on the bed. "Everything okay, Heero ?" Duo asked.

Heero lifted his hand to Duo's hair and let several of the strands slip through his fingers before looking up at Duo. "I love it when you wear you hair down." Heero moaned, his hand moving through the chestnut curtain, his eyes locked onto Duo's "So beautiful." Heero whispered.

Duo moved to hold Heero's hand still tangled in his hair, touching it lightly as the two hands moved at Heero's insistence through it. "Bath ?" Duo asked.

Heero smiled, hesitantly removing his hand from Duo's chestnut silk. "Join me ?" Heero questioned, immediately gratified by his lovers wide smile. Moving to the edge of the bed, Heero took Duo by the hand and removing him from the bed, escorted him into the bathroom.

Duo reached for the hem of Heero's tank top and gently removed it, leaving Heero standing completely nude and aroused a mere foot or so in front of him, Duo moaning lowly as he admired the view, smiling as he met Heero's eyes, the wing pilot, looking away slightly. "Don't be embarrassed, Heero. You look magnificent." Duo smiled, causing Heero to blush even further.

Duo moved a few steps back from Heero and slowly removed his shirt, tossing it across the room. Slipping his thumbs inside his shorts, Duo slid them down his thighs, never taking his eyes from Heero's, as he stepped out of the black fabric, his now idle hands reaching for Heero's, guiding the boy to him.

"I want you to take me, Heero." Duo whispered, moving closer to Heero, bringing his mouth down to Heero's, brushing his lips lightly across his lovers. "Still want to ?" Duo asked, his tongue moving over Heero's upper lip.

Heero moaned and brought his arms to encircle Duo, his hands resting on his tight rear, pulling their bodies tightly together, "More than anything, Duo." Heero groaned, the proof of his desire hardening further still as it met with Duo's arousal. "Bath first." Heero told Duo, nearly breathless as Duo continued moving his hips against him. Duo moaned, "Can't wait that long, Heero....please.", now groaning as watched Heero fall to his knees, his mouth open as he looked up at his lover, seductively licking his lips.

"Lesson Number Two." Heero whispered, as his hand reached forward to guide Duo's cock into his hungry mouth. Duo shuddered as Heero's mouth engulfed his erection. "Uggh....Heero." Duo moaned, driving himself further into Heero's mouth, his lover easily accepting every inch of him, sucking hard as his head moved frantically up and down on his shaft.

Moving his hands down to play in Heero's hair "You certainly are a fast learner.", Duo moaned, holding Heero's head still while he drove himself further into his mouth. "Ughh...Heero...." Duo groaned. Duo could feel himself of the verge of release and quickly removed himself from Heero's mouth, stroking his cock only several more times before the first shot left his gasping body, Heero's mouth recapturing his erection, his lover greedily engulfing him within his mouth, literally sucking the rest of his essence from him.

Duo watched as Heero continued to suck his sagging member, still licking hungrily at the tip, savoring the final drops of Duo's seed, as he looked up at his lover, his cheeks still flushed. "Delicious." Heero moaned, his tongue darting out to lick the tip of Duo's cock one last time.

Duo reached down to guide his lover up to a standing position, holding Heero's face in both of his hands as he leaned forward to kiss him deeply, Heero responding his intensity, offering Duo the entirety of his mouth, the flavor of Duo's own seed still lingering inside.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth, as Heero tried to break the kiss, protesting his lovers action, Heero eventually winning the battle. "The water is getting cold. Shall we ?" he asked, still locked in a tight embrace, eyeing the tub only a foot away.

Duo smiled and stepped into the bath, dragging Heero in with him. Sitting against the back of the tub, Duo spread his legs and Heero lowered himself to sit between them, falling backward into Duo's embrace, closing his eyes as Duo's strong arms surrounded him.


The warmth of the water and the arms of his lover drew Heero into near nirvana, the former never having this effect on him as he recalled, the latter was merely an untouchable dream...until this morning.

Heero closed his eyes and shivered, nuzzling himself further into Duo's embrace. "I could stay like this forever." he whispered.

Duo squeezed his arms tighter around Heero's waist and kissed him gently on the top of his head.

It was fortunate for Duo that Heero was unable to see the grin on Duo's face as he gently laid his hand on top of Heero's head and then applying a tremendous amount of force, fully submerged Heero into the bath water.

Slightly disoriented and definitely shocked, Heero rose from the water, gasping for breath. "DUO !" he screamed, turning to find Duo grasping his midriff as he silently laughed.

Heero couldn't help but smile, it was after all one of the reasons he had fallen in love with Duo in the first place, his warped and unpredictably unique sense of humor.

"I'm sorry, Heero." I just couldn't help myself." Duo smiled, reaching forward to hug his soaked lover.

"Since my hair is already wet, I suppose this would be a good time to wash it." Heero told him, passing the bottle of shampoo over his shoulder to Duo.

Duo took the bottle and poured a small amount in his hand, quickly closing the bottle, passing it back to Heero. Rubbing it into his hands, Duo brought them to the top of Heero's head and began massaging his scalp with his fingertips, applying a liberal amount of pressure. Moving his hands slowly through Heero's hair, Duo smiled as he felt Heero's body relax in response to his touch.

"Mmmm.....very talented hands you there have, Duo." Heero moaned, Duo's gentle motions surprising him, although after today, he didn't understand why. It was apparent that *everything* Duo did was somehow different than what he had expected.

"Massage is one of my specialties." Duo told him, raking his short nails against Heero's scalp. "Ready to rinse ?" Duo asked.

Heero nodded "You're going to dunk me again, aren't you ?" Heero asked apprehensively.

Duo smiled. "Nope. Move forward and lie back."

Heero complied and Duo brought his hands filled with water out of the tub, gently releasing them over Heero's head, running his fingers through the soapy strands, continuing until most of the soap was gone from his lovers brown hair.

"There." Duo said, "All done."

Heero turned toward Duo, "May I ?" he asked, the shampoo bottle in hand.

"I have *way* too much hair. It's much easier if I do it under the shower." Duo told him, standing.

Climbing over Heero, Duo turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature, his head tossing back and upward as he moved into the spray to wet his hair.

Heero watched his lovers every graceful move, each sweeping motion of his arms as he gathered the length of his hair to dance under the water, the delightful curves at his hips as he arched his upper body backward into the stream.

"Are you doing that on purpose, Duo ?" Heero asked as Duo exited the spray, grabbing his wrist as he bent down to reach for the shampoo.

Duo looked at Heero, confused. "Doing what ?"

Heero smiled warmly and gently released Duo's wrist. "It's the way you move.....even when you wash your hair. It's so.....suggestive." Heero told him, the last of the words coming as more of a low moan.

Duo smiled and stood, opening the shampoo and pouring a large puddle in the palm of his hand. Starting to work the shampoo into a lather on top of his head, Duo gathered a section of his hair running his soapy fingers through it, moving quickly through the numerous sections. Turning around face the spray, Duo closed his eyes, and began rinsing the shampoo from his hair, repeating the procedure he used to wet it in the first place.

Heero watched Duo's repeat performance for only seconds before standing to join him. Moving behind Duo, Heero lifting Duo's hair up to meet the stronger part of the spray, moving his fingers slowly through the silky strands, Duo moaning lowly under his touch. "I can't recall the last time anyone helped me do this." He told him. "Feels good, Heero."

Heero stepped back as Duo completed the arduous task. Moving his hands over his face to remove most of the water, Duo opened his eyes to find Heero standing only inches from him and smiled. Reaching down for the bar of soap, Duo offered it to Heero. Still looking in Duo's eyes, Heero rubbed the white bar over his hands before dropping it into the water and bringing his soapy hand up to Duo's face, sliding them down to his chest, his thumbs toying with Duo's nipples, immediately hardening from Heero's touch.

Duo closed his eyes. "Heero." He moaned, Heero hands moving behind him. Pulling Duo closer, Heero moved his hands over Duo's back, his soapy touch moving downward to Duo's bottom. Duo let out a short gasp.

"Don't want to, Duo ?" Heero asked, sliding his hardness over Duo's wet thigh.

Duo shuddered and gazed into his lovers lusty eyes "Here ?" he quietly asked.

Heero bit his lower lip and nodded slowly, moving forward to press his parted lips to Duo's.

"Mmmmm….a first time for everything." Duo moaned, his mouth opening to allow Heero's tongue its desired admission, bringing his hands up behind Heero's head, pulling him deeper into the increasingly heated kiss.

Heero pulled his mouth back from Duo's "Actually...." Heero started "Two firsts."

"Mmmm…" Duo whispered, planting small kisses on Heero's lips in between his words. "lube….shorts pocket…..bathroom floor."

Heero stepped out of the shower and reached for Duo's shorts. Tube in hand, Heero stepped back inside.

Duo watched as Heero re-entered the shower, closing the curtain behind him. Staring into Duo's eyes, Heero flipped the cap open and squeezed the tube, a large puddle forming in the palm of his hand.

Backing up against the shower wall, Duo brought his foot up to rest of the tubs edge, the length of his lower leg meeting the cool tile wall. Heero groaned at his lovers erotically wordless invitation, making his way to Duo, his hand moving between Duo's spread legs as he pressed himself against Duo's gloriously nude body.

Rubbing his lube slicked hand eagerly around Duo's entrance, Heero slowly moved one finger tip inside of Duo recess, his mouth covering Duo's, his tongue parting his lips. "Nervous ?" Heero asked.

"Unh-uh," Duo moaned, pushing himself forward to impale himself on Heero's finger, gasping as it fully entered him. "You ?" he asked, catching his breath, rocking himself against the intruding digit.

"A little." Heero told him, his tongue moving over Duo's neck as a second finger joined the first inside his lover.

Duo's body tensed slightly, his teeth clenching momentarily. "Don't be....I want this.....want you." He told Heero moving forward as Heero backed his fingers out slightly, Duo moving forward to drive his lovers fingers further inside himself.

Duo raised his arms and with one hand gripped the shower curtain rod, the other he laid palm open against the shower wall, thrusting himself against Heero's hand. "One more, Heero, then I want you to take me." He moaned, Heero more than willing to comply as he eased a third finger inside of Duo, frowning at the pain apparent on Duo's face, his lover's eyes tightly shut.

"Duo..." Heero whispered, his fingers remaining motionless, allowing Duo time to adjust to the increased pressure.

Heero could feel Duo's muscles relaxing around his fingers as he started moving his hips in small circles around Heero's fingers. "Better, Heero....much better." his hips moving forward. "Kiss me, Heero." Duo told him, thrusting more impatiently against Heero's questing fingers.

Heero moved forward to capture Duo's mouth, his hand moving through the soft curtain of Duo's hair, Duo's tongue forcing it's way inside of his lover's mouth, moving roughly over every surface as he ground his body into Heero's, both gasping as their erections met, the warmth of the water only serving to intensify the already incredible sensations.

Duo broke the kiss and thrusting one last time, shifted his hips, effectively removing Heero's fingers from inside of him.

Picking up the small white tube, Duo flipped the cap open and holding it over Heero's erection, squeezed it, his other hand working the gel over Heero's hardness, Heero moaning with each exceptional stroke of Duo's hand.

Turning to face the wall, Duo bent his body forward and putting his hands flat against the wall, turned his head over his shoulder to look at Heero. "Take me lover." Duo whispered seductively.

Heero shivered at Duo's submissive words and the unbelievably erotic sight of Duo's poised so sensuously before him, the teeming water and his chestnut hair both cascading so elegantly over his lanky frame. Groaning lowly, Heero advanced on him and taking his slick erection in his hand moved forward to rub it's slippery head against Duo's puckered entrance, gently easing the tip inside.

Shifting his hips, Duo moved himself backward, allowing even more of Heero's hardness to enter him, the discomfort passing quickly as Heero slid further inside his the tightness of Duo's virgin channel.

"Mmmm....Duo......" Heero moaned as he glanced down, utterly enthralled as he watching himself slowly slide inside of his lover. "...this looks almost as good as it feels." Heero moaned, moving his palms down the length of Duo's spine.

Duo let out a small laugh "You like to watch, eh, Heero ?" he asked gruffly, moving back suddenly, Duo buried Heero deep within himself, gasping at the short lived but incredible pain that shot through the lower half of his body.

Heero opened his mouth in shock as Duo roughly impaled himself, further shocked by the incredible feeling of being totally sheathed inside of Duo's tight heat. "Oh God....Duo." Heero groaned, moving his hands to clutch firmly at Duo's shoulders.

"Ugghhh......Heero." Duo moaned in near ecstasy, totally consumed in the heat of his desire as every rock hard inch of his lover filled him.

Sliding his hands through the trickle of water that ran down continuously down Duo's lower back, Heero rocked himself back and forth into Duo, his lover's small whimpers urging him on.

"Yes, Heero.....harder." Duo begged, his body joining Heero's energetic rhythm.

Arching his back slightly, Duo increased the pace of their movements, Heero nearly withdrawing from him completely before slamming himself back into Duo, his stiffness now grazing something inside of Duo that sent an incredible jolt through his entire body, his breath catching momentarily in his throat, gasping as the water sprayed lightly over his upturned face.

"Ugh......that's the spot, Heero, don't stop." Duo cried, Heero precisely nailing his prostate one methodically placed stroke after another, driving both himself and Duo to the brink of euphoria. Heero groaned with pleasure and raw need as he moved forward to capture Duo's dripping arousal, moving his thumb roughly over the sensitive tip before wrapping his fist firmly around it.

Throwing his head back Heero increased his tempo and Duo could feel the muscles of Heero's thighs tensing behind him. "Now....Duo !" Heero cried as his body began to convulse, his rigid member beating wildly inside of Duo, moving his hand more rapidly over Duo's arousal, as Heero released the first of his essence into his lover's waiting body, immediately setting Duo off, the boy giving up the first of his seed to his lovers frenzied assault.

Each fulfilling thrust drove them higher as the two moved in perfect unison, sealed against each other's searing flesh, Heero continuing to empty himself into his lover, each shot of his intense release sending another stream from Duo's shuddering body. Folding his arms gently around his lovers waist, Heero dropped slowly to his knees onto the warm porcelain, bringing his lover down with him, "Ai Shiteru, Duo." Heero whispered into Duo's ear, still buried inside of him, unwilling to abandon the splendor of their joining.

Remaining only momentarily Heero's embrace, Duo rose and reluctantly let Heero slip from inside of him, turning quickly, mouth open to capture Heero's lips, smothering him with an overwhelmingly passionate kiss, thoroughly plundering Heero's remarkable mouth. "I love you too, you so much." Duo whispered breathlessly into Heero's mouth.

Bringing his hand up to Duo's face, Heero wiped the stray strands of hair from his lovers face. "That was incredible." Heero told him, staring longingly into his lovers violet eyes, Heero whispered "You are incredible, My Duo."

Duo smiled, "Only to you, Heero." moving forward to embrace his lover, "But you are the only one that matters." Duo whispered in his ear.

Heero shivered and grabbing his lover by the hands, pulled them both up to stand together under the stream of water.

Duo looked at Heero and smiled "Did anyone ever tell you how incredibly beautiful you look when you're dripping wet, Heero ?"

Heero smiled tenderly at his lover, "No, Duo, you would be the first.", Heero told him, causing Duo to smile.

"Lots of firsts today, Heero." Duo winked. "Sleep ?" he asked hopefully

"Mmmm..." Heero answered, turning off the water and dragging Duo from the tub.

Drying off quickly the two made their way back into the bedroom. Duo crawled under the covers of his bed, holding them up, inviting Heero to join him.

Heero smiled and laid down beside his lover, Duo covering the them both with the blanket, draping his arm around Heero's waist as he curled up to Heero's damp body.

"I'm totally exhausted." Heero spoke softly. "Are you this hard on all your students the first day of school ?" Heero asked smiling into the pillow.

"No......and as I recall I wasn't the only one who was hard today, Heero." Duo laughed, placing a kiss the back of his lover's neck, pressing himself more tightly to Heero.

Heero grasped Duo's arm and tightened himself into his embrace. "Complaining ?" he asked smugly.

"No....just making an observation." Duo smiled.

"So, what's on the agenda for tomorrow, Professor Maxwell ?" Heero asked sleepily.

"Lesson review ?" Duo smiled, closing his eyes.

Heero smiled. "Duo ?" He asked.

"Mmmm ?" Duo mumbled groggily.

"If you have another one of those dreams tonight, is it okay if I wake you up ?" Heero asked.

"Mmmm......sure, Heero." Duo replied, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Heero smiled at the thought and closed his eyes. Sighing heavily, Heero crossed his fingers.

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