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Making Love to Death (Part 14)



One hour and ten seconds later, slowly opening his bedroom door, Duo entered his room and not wanting to wake Heero, quietly made his way into the bathroom. Turning on the water, Duo removed his wet shorts and boxers and climbed into the shower. As much as he loved to swim, Duo disliked the way the chlorine made his skin feel, it was an odd tightness and he couldn't wait to get rid of the feeling. His attention now turning to his hair, Duo wet it thoroughly and pouring a small circle of shampoo in his hand, began working up a lather. Duo always sang in the shower....or hummed...or whistled...and now was no different, though he tried to keep it soft, reminding himself that Heero was asleep in the next room, a satisfied grin forming on his lips at the thought.


It was the sound of the running water that woke Heero sometime later. It wasn't until he heard Duo's voice in the shower that Heero sat up in the bed.


Heero hadn't much time to think about all the things he missed about his lover during their almost 6 month separation, but hearing Duo's sweet voice through the running water was something Heero knew he could never again be without.


Quickly getting out of the bed, Heero quietly entered the bathroom and removing his shorts, slowly climbed into the shower, his stealthy entrance escaping Duo's attention until the cobalt-eyed boy wrapped his arms around Duo's waist. Taken quite by surprise, Duo jumped forward slightly, immediately stepping back feeling Heero's familiar embrace.


"Did I scare you, Duo ?" Heero questioned, almost laughing.


"Actually you did Heero. I'm not used to anyone hopping into the shower with me anymore." Duo happily told the still smiling boy.


Heero ran his hands up and down Duo's soapy chest, stopping to rub the sensitive area around Duo's nipples.


"Mmmm......" Duo moaned "I think I could get used to it real fast tho, Heero."


Turning Duo around to face him, Heero looked at Duo's very wet body, admiring how the water slid down his smooth chest.


Bringing his hands around Duo's waist, the two now face to face, Heero let his hands glide down Duo's back. "Duo...?" Heero questioned......your hair ?.....why did you..... ?" the distress clear in Heero's voice.


Duo closed his eyes and lowered his head, "I dunno Heero. I was punishing myself ...and punishing you, Heero" his voice dropping off.


Heero's hand came up to run his fingers through the short strands of hair that barely covered Duo's neck. "I miss it a lot, Duo, but I still love running my fingers through your hair." Heero told him, the guilt Duo felt over the foolish action still plain on his face.


"I miss it too, Heero. It was a stupid thing to do....I know. It will grow back in time though, Heero." Duo promised.


"And I will be here waiting." Heero told him softly and kissed him gently on the mouth, Duo smiling as he brought Heero deeper into their embrace.


"Heero ?" Duo whispered, his breath hot on Heero's ear, his hips pushing gently forward to make his point "If we're done in here, I'd really like to get you into bed."




Crossing the room to lock the door, Duo made his way back to Heero, who was kneeling on the bed, his skin still wet and glistening. Heero's magnificent cobalt eyes, those eyes now so full with lust, glancing upward to gaze into Duo's hungry violet eyes. Looking down at the seraphic boy before him, Duo felt a rush of pure pleasure course throughout his entire body.


"Heero" Duo spoke softly.


Reaching up to pull Duo down onto the bed, Heero begged his lover with a soft passion "Duo…….Please take me."


Having successfully pulled his lover to his knees before him, Heero brought his hand up to caress Duo's face, his mouth moving on Duo's roughly, Duo's groans encouraging him further. Moving his mouth to Duo's neck, Heero's teeth grazed lightly over the soft flesh before biting down hard. Duo gasped at the mixture of sensations as Heero's tongue now roughly licked the tender spot, the taste of Duo's blood arousing Heero even further. Heero moaned his lovers name into the soft flesh of his neck, Duo growling lowly as the vibration of Heero's mouth made it's way down the entirety of his body. "Mmm…Heero."


Duo grasped both of Heero's hands in his and spreading them out fully extended to his sides pinned Heero down to the bed, his full weight coming to rest on top of his lover. Releasing Heero's hands from his tight grasp, Duo shifted his attention to Heero's neck, sucking gently then more firmly, his tongue trailing slowly toward Heero's chest. Taking each of Heero's erect nipples into his mouth, his tongue rolling them gently, then biting down, Heero's back arching off the bed first in pain, then pure pleasure as he adjusted to the sensations. Heero squirmed purposefully beneath his lover, his fully hard and sensitive erection pressing firmly into Duo's tight upper stomach, the delirious friction causing him to clench his fists and thrust upward, seeking Duo's attention.


"I hope you are in no rush, Heero." Duo told him in between the kisses he was now lovingly showering Heero's chest with. "I'm enjoying this way too much to hurry."


"Hnnn…Duo." Heero moaned, his hands on Duo's head now, urging him downward "Please, Duo."


His mouth now running a jagged wet line down the center of Heero's chest, Duo paused briefly to dip his tongue into Heero's belly button, soliciting another groan from the impatient boy beneath him. Duo continued with his tongue tease, deliberately ignoring Heero's dripping arousal for now, instead gently licking the inside of his thighs, his hands kneading the soft flesh above Heero's hips.


"Oh God, Duo !" Heero groaned loudly "Do you have any idea what you are doing to me ?!"


"Mmmm.." replied Duo "I do believe that I do, Heero." Grinning into the soft flesh of Heero's thigh, his tongue darting out to roughly lick the tender area.


Unable to control his craving, Heero's hand found it's way to his erection and taking it in his hand, began running his thumb over its slick tip, moaning loudly at his own touch.


"No touching." Duo scolded him. His tongue now replacing Heero's finger, Duo applied a painfully light touch to its swollen head, slowly swirling his tongue around the tip. Heero thrust his hips forward seeking the warmth of Duo's waiting mouth. Allowing Heero's relief for only seconds, Duo got up from the bed and made his way into the bathroom, leaving Heero gasping for more, the cool air of the room replacing the incredible warmth of Duo's expert mouth of only moments ago. Returning only seconds later, Heero moaned loudly noting the small white tube in Duo's hand.


Kneeling on the bed in between Heero's legs, Duo placed one hand on each of the insides of Heero's thighs, separating them further, granting him full access to Heero's willing body, his eye's slowly taking in the intensely erotic boy before him. Duo looked into Heero's hungry eyes, "You look so beautiful lying here waiting for me to take you, Heero."


Propping himself up on his elbows, allowing him an unobstructed view, Heero watched intently as Duo prepared to stretch him. Squeezing a small amount of clear liquid into his hand, Duo reached forward, his fingertips lightly touching Heero's entrance. Heero's gaze was now fixed on Duo, who was looking deep into his eyes. "I've been wanting this for so long, Duo." Heero whispered.


Tracing a small circle around his bottom, Duo gently slid one finger inside his anxious lover, Heero gasping at the feeling, Duo deriving an inordinate amount of pleasure from seeing the lusty expression on his Heero's beautiful face. "More, Duo…." Turning his attention to watch as his finger danced inside of Heero, Duo slid a second finger inside, his entire body reaching forward, his fingers searching vigorously for the spot deep inside Heero that he craved. "More Heero ?" Duo groaned.


"Ahh…….Duo…..Mmmmmm" Heero cried, Duo knowing he had found it, none too gently adding a third finger inside his squirming lover, Heero shifting uncomfortably at the initial impact.


"Mmmmm." Heero's body now moved around Duo's fingers as they dove into his opening repeatedly, his hips thrusting to meet the motion of Duo's hand, his fingers now putting an almost constant pressure on that oh so magical spot, wanting Heero to derive as much pleasure as possible from the act. "Mmmm..... Duo....please." Heero begged him, his voice raspy "I need to feel you inside of me……take me, Duo."


"Yes, Heero." Duo whispered, removing his fingers at his lover's request, Duo sat on his knees, his cock standing straight up, immediately drawing Heero's attention. Leaning forward to kiss the glistening tip gently at first, Heero's mouth completely engulfed Duo in his warm hungry mouth. Letting out a long moan, Duo forcefully pulled Heero into his arms and turning the boy around so that his back was facing him, placed his lover directly over his aching member. Unable to control himself a minute longer, Heero brought himself hard down onto Duo's cock, burying every inch of Duo deeply into his waiting body.


"Fuck." Duo moaned "Mmmmm…..Heero……..oh God……."


"Oh…..Duo……." Heero growled, still in awe at the feeling of being filled by Duo.


Heero's warmth was exquisite and Duo was totally lost in the sensation, his arms reaching around Heero, his hand grasping Heero's painfully erect arousal. Heero's hips rose forward to meet Duo's touch, causing Duo's member to partially exit Heero's body, Duo thrusting his hips back up to once again fully impale himself. Heero moaned as the tip of Duo's cock made contact with that glorious place deep inside him. "Ohhhhhh.....Duo......Mmmmmmmmm.....don't stop, Duo."


Heero leaned back, the full length of his body now resting against Duo's, legs bent at he knees, stretching as far back as they could, allowing Duo to bury himself to the hilt and then some.


"Mmmmm..........Heero, you feel so incredible." Duo whispered into Heero's ear, his words falling breathlessly out of his eager mouth. Increasing the intensity of his grasp on Heero's cock, Duo growled into Heero's neck "Tell me what you want, Heero."


Groaning loudly at the raw lust in Duo's voice, Heero writhed slowly, noticing that Duo had stopped moving beneath him.


Heero remained silent for a moment.


With a slight up thrust of his hips, Duo asked his lover again, his tone more impatient "Well....what do you want, Heero ?"


"Nnnnnn....Duo...." Heero moaned, his mind now unable to generate a full sentence "don't stop......please." Heero begged.


"Don't stop what, Heero ?" Duo asked gruffly, encouraging Heero to vocalize his need.


Knowing that Duo would not continue until Heero spoke his desire, Heero took a deep breath "I want you to fuck me Duo....I want you to make me come....please Duo..." Heero begged.


Duo grinned evilly into Heero's neck, Heero's words sending a shiver down his spine. "Do you want me to fuck you slow, like this ?" Duo asked, his hips moving slowly in a circular motion beneath Heero. "Or hard, like this ?" Duo asked, his entire body thrusting quickly upward, his hardness making contact with Heero's prostate.


Arching his back, his fists clenching, grabbing handfuls of the white sheet beneath them, Heero answered "Mmmmmm.....harder, Duo, please fuck me harder....." Duo complied, Heero's body now craving release at Duo recommencement his forceful thrusts.


"Like this ?" Duo whispered, as he withdrew himself almost completely from his lover before ramming himself mercilessly back into Heero.


" that Duo......more......make me come."


Duo could feel the muscles in Heero's thighs contracting and knowing his lover was bout to attain climax, Duo reclaimed Heero's throbbing member, running his thumb roughly over it's head.


Heero threw his head back completely, his hair now brushing against the crook of Duo's neck. "I'm ready Duo....come with me." Heero urged his lover, who was more than willing to comply. "Of course my love." Duo moaned, the words more like hot breath in Heero's ear, as Duo ground himself further into Heero's heat.


The two now moved in unison, the sweat of their bodies allowing them to slide easily over each other with tremendous efficiency. "Oh Heero.....Aaarrrghhh......" Duo screamed, his twitching cock now settled firmly inside Heero. Heero could feel the rapid jets of Duo's warmth hitting the walls of his tight enclosure, sending him hopelessly over the edge. Now vigorously sliding his hand over Heero's length, Duo moaned into his panting lovers ear "I love you Heero......God....I love you so much." his body still convulsing as he maintained his feverous pitch, Heero's muscles contracting around his still ejaculating member. "Oh God….Duo…Mmmmm" Heero's body had reached a frenzied state, his hips bucking up wildly to meet the furious pace Duo was stroking his cock with, as he trembled uncontrollably, his milky liquid splashing over Duo's hand and his chest. "Ai Shiteru, Duo......Ai Shiteru." Heero moaned, all of his attentions focused on the magnificence of the youth beneath him.


Duo's arms tightly embraced Heero's mid-section, neither boy willing to break the intoxicating spell, Heero spoke softly "Duo.....Mmmm.....that was ......*very* intense." his voice still dripping with desire.


Duo raised his hand slowly to his mouth, his tongue darting out to lick Heero's cum, still warm, from his slender fingers, Duo breathed into Heero's ear, "Did you know that you taste like heaven, Heero ?"


Bringing his mouth down to Heero's, Duo tongue gently swirling around his lovers, Heero tasting his own seed, Duo moaned seductively "Mmmmmmm….just like heaven Heero"


Turning his attention to his spirited lover, " Duo....." he whispered softly into his ear. Heero felt on overwhelming sense of desire as those words escaped his lips, the passion in Duo's eyes devouring his soul.




Falling asleep in each others arms, their sleep disturbed several hours later by a loud knock on the door.


"Hey Guys ?" Quatre called, "dinner in half an hour."


Moving hesitantly from Heero's grasp, Duo sat up yawning, "I'm gonna go take a quick shower before dinner, Heero." and gently kissed his lover on the lips. Exiting the bathroom several minutes later, Duo stood before the closet, deciding what to wear, Heero momentarily enjoying the view of Duo's towel clad wet body.


Heero stepped into the warm steamy room to rinse himself off. The entire small room smelled like Duo, his soap, his shampoo... Heero inhaled deeply, very much enjoying the fragrance. Heero smiled at his body's reaction to being surrounded by pleasing aroma of his lover. He had been correct in his admission to Duo earlier, he truly couldn't get enough of him, the violet-eyed beauty occupying his every thought as he hurried through his shower.


Exiting the bathroom still wrapped in his towel, Heero watched Duo towel drying his hair, humming as he now ran the brush through his chestnut silk. Removing a pair of blue jeans and a black button down shirt from his bag, Heero dressed for dinner, his eyes watching Duo watching him.


Duo smiled "Does it bother you that I'm watching you, Heero ?" Duo asked.


"It would bother me if you didn't watch me, Duo." Heero told him softly.


Duo smiled.


"We should head downstairs. I'm starved !" Duo told him "Wonder what's for dinner tonight ?"


"No idea." replied Heero, taking Duo's hand is his, "But *you* are definitely going to be my midnight snack." Heero grinned.


Duo looked down at his watch. 'Seven more hours !?!?!' he gasped to himself, as the two made their way into the dining room.




Heero and Duo were the first to arrive in the formal dining room, where early Sunday dinners were always served at the mansion.


Filling the two tall glasses Heero found at the top of their place settings with red wine, Heero handed one to Duo and tipping his glass to touch Duo's, Heero took a long sip from his glass. Looking over to Duo, whose glass was still untouched, his mouth turned downward in a small frown, Heero questioned him "Is something wrong, Duo ?" his voice filled with genuine concern.


"Actually Heero, I was hoping for a toast before we drank." he told Heero, then Duo added smiling "I know...... it's silly....never mind.", Duo winking at Heero.


"It's not silly at's very appropriate, Duo. I'm sorry." Heero told him "Would you like to propose the toast or shall I ?" Heero questioned his now smiling lover.


Having entered the room unnoticed several moments before with Trowa at his side, Quatre spoke "I would be honored to propose a toast." quickly adding "If that is okay with both of you ?"


Heero looked at Duo, who nodded. "I think that would be perfect, Quatre." Heero told the smiling blonde.


Trowa filled two their glasses with wine and handed one to Quatre, who was busy in thought, unsure of how to say just what he felt in his heart. As if on cue, Wufei entered the room, Trowa handing him a freshly poured glass.


Quatre raised his glass and cleared his throat and began "To renewed friendships and renewed love. I guess that just about says it all." Quatre smiled and drank, the others joining him as they took their places at the dinner table.


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