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High School Prom Whore (parts 11 - 18)


Part Eleven

"I feel dirty."

Duo blinked at Heero.


Heero hung his head.

"I feel dirty." Heero's voice was barely a whisper but Duo caught every word.

"Why? Heero?"

Duo jumped off the bed and crossed the room on his knees to Heero and took Heero's hand in his.

"Trieze." Heero said turning his head to avoid Duo's gaze.

"What did he do?"

"He... He... He touch me."

Duo flinched at this and pushed the anger down that boiled in his blood at the thought of Trieze or anyone touching this beauty without Heero's permission.

"Where?" Duo asked softly squeezing Heero's hand gently.

Heero didn't answer just blushed red and kept looking away from Duo.

"I didn't tell the truth downstairs Heero."

Heero looked back quickly at Duo his eyes searched the face below him.

"The reason I hate Oz and Trieze most of all is because of what he did to Quatre... And what he tried to do to me." Duo took a deep breath and slowed his heart down. "And what he did to the Maxwell Church back on L2."

"What do you mean?"

"His father ordered the church to be destroyed and Trieze... he... he... raped Quatre."

Heero look down directly in to warm violet eyes.

"I know what it feels like to have someone touch you with out permission. To use you like a dog using a bone until it is no good any more and he chucks it away. Tell me Heero where did he touch you?"

Heero turned away again and Duo hid the groan that he felt.


Duo remembered when Quatre had been raped and how he refused to look at everyone or talk to anyone. Trieze had scared the 10 year old shitless and it had been his older brother that pulled him out of his shell. Duo decided to try the trick he used on Quatre on Heero and see if it worked.

With a hand, Duo reached out and touch Heero's face and turned it towards him.

"Listen to me Heero."

Heero closed his eyes and then opened them again.

"Close your eyes Heero and trust me."

Heero's eyes grew wider.

"I promise Heero I would never hurt you." Duo whispered and slowly his thumb moved stroking Heero's cheek with his thumb.

"Do you trust me?"

Heero nodded and his eyes slide close.

Duo stared at the handsome face before him before running his thumb over Heero's bottom lip.

Heero's eyes snapped open and Duo withdraw his hand.

Duo waited, letting Heero decide when to move onwards. Slowly the Prussian eyes slide shut and Duo moved his hand on to Heero's chest. Heero jumped a small amount but this time his eyes stared closed. Duo traced patterns over Heero's chest delighted by the fine hard sheets of muscles he found there.

Duo shook his head and continued his hand down. He stopped at the waistband on Heero's trousers before he pressed on downwards and squeezed the thick length of Heero's manhood.

Heero's eyes snapped open and a steel grip placed itself round Duo's wrist and Duo was thrown across the room on to the bed.

"Found it."

"Don't touch me."

"Why not?"

Heero blushed. "I'm dirty."

"No more than I am Heero."

Duo stood up and walked back towards Heero.

"You let me do that, now will you let me do something else? It'll feel really good and you wont feel dirty any more."


"I promise."

Heero nodded slowly and stood up.

"You can stay sitting down."

Heero sat back down and Duo knelt down and pushed Heero's legs apart gently.

Heero closed his eyes not wanting to see what Duo was going to do.

Duo reached forward and tugged the trousers off Heero and down to a puddle on the floor and the underwear soon followed. Duo stared at Heero; he hadn't been left out in that department that's for sure.

Duo reached out and gently touched the tip of Heero.

Heero opened an eye wondering what Duo was planning when he saw Duo lean into his lap and touch the tip of his dick. Heero jumped at the contacted and Duo drew back.

Heero's eyes were closed and Duo smirked. A Virgin. He knew that Heero was but this just proved it.

"How can someone like you stay untouched?" Duo wondered out loud and Heero opened his eyes.


"You, Heero Yuy, are gorgeous."

And with that Duo plunged his head down and took the whole of Heero's length in his mouth.

Heero gasped and his hips involuntary thrusted into the warm cave that wrapped itself round his member.

Duo smiled round Heero and knew that Heero was watching him. Duo pulled back a little, sucking gently before blowing as well. His tongue swirled round the tip of Heero before going back down on Heero to lick the base of the large shaft.

Heero gave a moan and Duo let go of Heero's erection to stared into passion filled Prussian eyes.

"What you think?" Duo asked.

"I think don't stop."

Duo smiled and went back down on Heero and brought Heero into a masterful climax.

"Duo!" Heero's hands curled into Duo's chestnut locks and held on tight as he pumped Duo's mouth full of his seed.

Heero slumped back on to the chair dazed as Duo let his softening member drop from his mouth.

"Feel better?" Duo asked slipping his own hand into his pants and squeezed himself trying to ease some of the pain from having a really hard, hard on.

"Thank you Duo." Heero mumbled.

"For what?"

"That. Whatever it was."

"I gave you a..." But Heero was already asleep. "I was just doing my job." Duo said sadly. "Oh Heero." Duo lifted Heero up and straggled across the room and placed him on the bed as Heero opened his eyes.

"Sleep Heero." Duo went to move way when a hand was clasped on his wrist.


Duo froze as Heero pulled on his boxers, which Duo had just passed him.

"No one has ever asked me that before. Of course I'll stay."

Duo slipped out of his jeans and t-shirt and slipped into the bed in just his boxers and pulled Heero up against his chest.

"What was that Duo?"

"I went down on you Heero. I gave you a blow job."

"It was nice. Thank You."



"Will you go to prom with me?"

The dark haired boy looked up at Duo and smiled.


Duo smiled back and kissed the top of Heero's head.

"Thank you and Heero?"


"I promise that Trieze will never hurt you again."

Heero was snoring gently, his head pillowed on Duo's chest and Duo sighed.

"Even if you don't believe me. I will."

Part Twelve 

"HEERO! HEERO! 'Cuse me. Coming through! HEERO!"

Heero turned round from his locker to see the hyperactive teen push his way through the morning crowd towards him.

Heero swallowed as Duo approached; it had been a week and a day since he had woken in Duo's arms and he still blushed red whenever Duo was near.

*~ "Morning Heero! You hungry?"

Heero sat up in bed as much as he could, and looked round the room. Quatre stood at the side of the bed and was holding a silver tray packed with food. Underneath him someone moaned and Heero looked round to find Duo waking as well. Duo's hand clenched round Heero's and Duo snuggled deep into the gap between Heero’s neck and shoulder while purring deeply.

"Morning." Duo purred deep into his ear and then Quatre made himself know.~*

It had been later that week when Duo had finally gotten up the courage to go up to Heero and ask him again to the Prom. Heero had smiled at Duo and nodded once before walking off and Duo had to contain himself from squealing in delight, would be a bit embarrassing even for him.

"Hello Duo."

"Hay ya Hee-Chan." Duo had given him a pet name and Heero hated it. Duo slipped into the gap next to Heero and smirked at the face before him. "You ready for rehearsal?"


"Good lets see if we can get through this crowd shall we?"

"Duo you just came from the drama studio didn’t you?"



"To get you. Now come on I ain’t got all day."

Duo’s hand fixed itself strongly round Heero’s and pulled him away from his locker and back through the crowd.

Mrs. Wickham looked up as Duo and Heero entered.

"Found Him!" Duo yelled and everyone looked over to them. Zechs’s eyes narrowed at the sight of Heero and Duo holding hands and even more when Duo flashed him a wide grin showing off all his teeth.

Dorothy smiled at the sight, Quatre had of course told everyone in Gundam part from Relena about finding the two boys in bed together and she smiled even more at seeing the evidence in front of her.

Duo pulled Heero into the middle of the room.

"Hay Noin!"

"Hi Duo."

"Everyone ready. Miss Noin is here with us today to help us with the songs so everyone lets start with Summer Nights."

On one side of the room sat Duo and his girl friends and on the other side sat Heero with his boy friends.

Noin sat behind the piano at the back of the room and pointed at the group of students from the orchestra she had chosen to play the music for Grease in among them were Quatre and Trowa, the orchestra started to play the tune for Summer Nights.

Heero stood up and walked away from his friends before turning back to them, Duo did the same on his side of the room. Heero was the first to start singing.

Heero: Summer lovin’ had me a blast

Duo: Summer lovin’ happened so fast

Heero: Met a girl, crazy for me

Duo: Met a boy, cute as can be

Both: Summer days driftin’ away to oh oh those summer nights.

As Duo and Heero sang and danced about the stage with their friends’ close behind Quatre looked across at Trowa and raised an eyebrow. Trowa winked back. Quatre blushed and hid his head and looked up at Duo who smiled at him before turning to sing to his friends and then walk slowly away from them. Heero also turned so his back was to Duo and walked forward while the two sang.

Duo: It got cold that’s were it ends

Heero: so I told her we’ll still be friends

Duo: Then we made our true love vows

Heero: Wonder what she’s doing now

Both: Summer dreams ripped at the seams but, oh. Those summer Nights!

The room busted into cheers and Duo blushing red smiled gently at Heero saying more in the smile than he ever could in words.

Mrs. Wickham smiled at the two of them and looked down her sheet.

"Okay Dorothy and Mariemaia lets try Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee."

Duo went and sat down on the floor facing the stage and Heero joined him.

"You sounded great." Heero told Duo. Duo looked at Heero.

"Thanks. You did to. We go well together."

Heero smiled and linked his hand with Duo’s.

"In more than one way."

He squeezed the hand gently before standing up and walking over to where Mrs Wickham was signally him from.

Duo lifted his hand to his face and bushed it against his lips tasting Heero on his fingertips.


Duo looked up.


"Time to set things straight. Trieze wants you for the weekend. He’ll pay you as much as you want him to."

"Like I would fuck Trieze." Duo snarled at Zechs.

"Maxwell! Things cannot go away you need to look Trieze in the eye. Plus it will be Trieze that fucks you not you that fucks Trieze."

"That puts me off even more." Duo smirked at Zechs. "You fighting a losing battle Zechs. I’ll kill Trieze if he comes near me or any one I know. Tell him if he lays even one finger on Heero he’ll have me to answer to and I’m not going to be happy about it."

"We’ll see Maxwell."

"Duo you’re on." Dorothy said and turned to Zechs and hissed. "Listen Ozzie. Gundams are going to bring you done fast and hard. Got it? Now fuck off."

Duo stood up and next to Dorothy. Both of them stared Zechs down who spun on his heel and walked off.

"What you want me to do?"

"Sing Hopelessly Devoted To You."

Duo nodded and took the microphone that Mariemaia held out for him.

"Thanks Marie."

The slow sad tune started up and Duo lost himself in the music and words that curled off the end of his tongue.

Heero watched as Duo sung perfectly and clearly. His voice met the pitch perfectly and he made the whole song very moving and looking round Heero saw everyone watching and listening to Duo sing, even the orchestra had stopped to listen but Duo didn’t seem to notice at all.

Duo stood in the middle of the room, his violet eyes closed and his lips forming each word. His hands rested behind his back and he stood still as he sung. As Duo brought the song to a stop his eyes opened up and the last note fell short as he sow the many eyes looking at him.

"Hi." He squeaked out and raised a hand.

Heero nodded at Duo and Duo suddenly bowed to the room and the whole room burst into cheers at the solo Duo had performed.

~ Two hours later

"Come on out Duo! It can't be THAT bad!"

"It's worst!" Came the reply.

Quatre sighed and looked at Trowa, Heero and Dorothy.

"Any ideas of getting him out of there?"

Trowa shock his head and Dorothy shrugged her shoulders.

"Duo? Come on and lets see it."

"No! You'll laugh!"

Duo had locked himself into the toilets of the drama studio, where he had been sent to change into his costume.

"We aren't going to laugh Duo. Come on out please Bro."

Duo had been in there for the last ten minutes and was still refusing to come out.

"Look we can't rehearse without you! You're being unfair to everyone else here!"

"Then let me rehearse in MY clothes not this... piece of material you call a dress!"

"I thought that wouldn't matter to him."

"Fuck off Zechs!" Duo hissed through the closed door.

Heero walked forward and placed his hands on the doorframe.

"Duo? Listen, you have to wear that on the night we perform and everyone in the audience is going to see you so make it easy on yourself and come out now."

The bolt slide open and the door was pushed open.

"How? You listen to him but not me. That..."

Quatre stopped dead speech as he took in Duo's appearance.

Everyone else in the room seemed to be in the same state as Quatre... speechless... part from Duo.

"I don't look THAT bad do I?"

Mrs. Wickham shock her head.

"No. Duo you look... great."

Heero took in Duo slowly, inch by inch.

Duo wore a pure white dress, which came down to his knees; the fake breasts were kept in place by a white bra, which was hidden from view by a white jumper. His long chestnut hair was loose from it's normal braid and was up in a high ponytail and had been looped a few times to make it look shorter than what it really was, a white hair band keep his hair in place. Duo's silver cross was just visible and it rested on the top of the white dress. (1)

Duo looked round the room, his violet eyes locked on to Heero's.

"Duo if I didn't know better I would say you have just official become a girl."

Everyone else in the room turned and glared at Zechs.

"That was uncalled for." A member of the orchestra called out. "You look fabulous Duo."

"Thanks Sarah." Duo smiled at her and she blushed red.

That started the ball rolling, suddenly everyone was crowding round Duo telling him how great he looked and a few of the boys that were known for being gay and bi asked "Hay Duo, wanna come to Prom with me?"

Heero felt his heart clench. These guys had so much more to offer Duo than he did and he was sure that Duo would say yes to them and call it off with him.

"I would love too..."

Heero felt his heart hit the floor.

"... But."

Heero felt a hand on his and turned to see sprinkling violet eyes.

"I'm already going with someone."

Heero lowered his head.

"You can go with them, if you want to." Heero muttered. A finger touched his chin and lifted it up.

"I don't want to go with them. I want to go with you."

Quatre smiled and held Trowa's hand as Duo brushed a finger against Heero's lips.

"Baka." Duo laughed as he pulled Heero into a hug.

Sarah said loudly. "You make such a sweet couple."

Zechs turned away, shaking his head in disgust.

Miss Noin cleared her throat.

"Can we get back to rehearsing please!?"

Duo pressed his lips to Heero's cheek before running across to grab the shoes that Mariemaia had gotten hold of for him.

"Right, Heero and gang It’s Grease Lightnin’."

"Hay! I have to wear this why do they get to wear normal clothes?" Duo yelled!

"I almost forgot! Here Heero put these on."

Duo laughed again as Heero sweat dropped.

"What is it?"

"Your costume. Go put it on."

Heero took the white bag held out to him and walked gingerly into the toilet and began to change.

"And here’s your other costume Duo. It’s what you wear at the end of Grease when singing You’re the One I want, and We Go Together."


"Don’t sound so nervous…"

"Shit Heero."

Duo turned round and gasped.


What’s Heero wearing?

1.) – If anyone is good at art could someone please draw me a picture of Duo dressed like this and send it to please?


Heero looked great! He really did.

Heero stood in the middle of the room, his hands rested lightly by his side. Black jeans hung loosely on his body and a black t-shirt was pulled tight across his chest. Shiny black boots matched the shiny leather jacket that hung off his shoulders.

It was getting near to the end of the day and Duo was exhausted. There was just one more song to do and Duo had to change again.

Heero pushed his messy brown hair out of his eyes and remembered the words Duo had said when he had seen Heero dressed like this. "Gives you a wild look. Very sexy." Duo had purred the last words and for some strange reason whenever Duo used that sexy tone of his, Heero got a hard on. It had been happening alot since the night spent in Duo's arms.

Duo pushed opened the door and smiled.

"These are MY type of clothes. "

Black leather trousers with high heel shoes and a black no sleeve top, which was tight and low, cut. His hair was back in the braid; a fake cigarette was hanging from his mouth.

Heero gulped.

Quatre whistled.

"Last song then you can all go home."

Heero: I've got thrills, they're multiplying,

And I'm losing control,

And your power your supply,

Is electrifying,

Duo: (Stalks forward drops cigarette on floor)

You better shape up, Cause I need a man,

And my heart is set on you,

You better shape up, you better understand,

To my heart I must be true

Heero: Nothing left, nothing left for me to do.

Both: You're the one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one I need, oh yes Indeed!

Heero followed Duo round the stage, ever now and then Duo moves closer and rubs himself against Heero before jumping away.

Duo: If you feel great affections,

You too shy to confer

Mediate my direction,

Feel your way (Not sure of the words are right here or not)

Heero: I better shape up, cause you need a man,

Duo: I need a man, who can keep me satisfied,

Heero: I better shape up, If I’m gonna prove

Duo: You better prove, that my faith is justified.

Heero grabbed Duo's hand and pulled him close.

Heero: Are you sure?

Duo: Yes, I'm sure deep down inside.

Both: You're the one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one that I want (You are the one I want) hoo hoo hoo honey

The one I need, oh yes Indeed!

As the song came to a close, Duo took a deep breath before reaching up and kissing Heero long, deep and hard.

The whole room fell silent.

Heero felt Duo's lips on his and kissed back just as hard wanting nothing more than to fall into that embrace and never get let out again.

Duo's tongue played with his and they danced together. Duo's hands found their way into Heero's hair and pulled Heero's lips closer to his. Heero's hands curled round Duo waist and pulled Duo closer so that their bodies touch each other completely.

As they pulled apart Heero's hands tighten and refused to let go.

Duo gave Heero another kiss and then he was let go. His hand held Heero's and his violet eyes shone with love.

Suddenly Miss Wickham's voice called out.

"Well done class. Same time on Thursday. We only have two weeks left. A week on Friday that’s all! Go on get lost all of you."

After changing Heero and Duo walked home together and alone. No one was around and their hands stayed joined the whole way home.



"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Liking me."

"I don't just like you Heero."


"Come round on Friday. I'll show you then."

Duo gave Heero a quick perk on the cheek before running up the drive and into then house. Heero looked puzzled before nodding and walking on home.

Part Thirteen

"I'll be round in a minute."

"I'm not ready, give me another half an hour."

"Why don't you want me round?"

"I do but... I have things to do."

"Then I wont come round!"

"No you can still come round just give me an extra half an hour. PLEASE Heero?"

"I'll be there in half an hour, no later."

"Thanks Man. See you soon."

Duo hung the phone up before Heero could reply and jumped off his bed and raced into the hallway and jumped down the staircase.

"30 minutes guys! That's all you got!"

It was Friday Night and Duo had something special planned.

Heero walked up Duo's drive half an hour to later to find the house pitch black and Quatre sitting with a touch and flashing it into the house.

"What are you doing?"

Quatre jumped up.

"God Heero you scared me."


Heero grinned sheepishly and Quatre shook his head.

"Don't worry. Come on in."

"Why are the lights off?"

But Quatre ignored him and pushed open the door and dragged Heero in.

As soon as the door slammed shut, a light clicked on and loads of people jumped up.

"Happy Birthday Heero!"

Heero looked round the room speechless.

"Surprise." Someone spoke into his ear and Heero spun round to face Duo's cheesy grin. Duo held out a present and Heero took it.

"You did this for me?"

"Yep! And no parents around. I haven't had a house party in ages."

"Last time you did Mum came home to find the house in a huge mess. Good thing Mum and Dad aren't back for the whole weekend."

"One hell of a good thing!" Duo agreed. "Come on and say hello then and let’s have some serious PARTYING going on!" Duo yelled to the house.

"Why you do this?"

Duo just gave a secret smile and disappeared into the crowd as music started to bang round the house.

Heero turned to Quatre and raised an eyebrow.

"No idea. Enjoy yourself."

Quatre passed Heero a drink and followed Duo through the crowd.

Heero stared at the drink.

"You only live once Heero!" Hilde shouted in his ear. "Drink it and have a happy birthday."

Heero smiled and gulped down the beer.

"Good huh?" Heero found Sarah in front of him.

He nodded.


He nodded again.

"Come on then!"

Sarah’s hand placed itself firmly round Heero’s wrist and pulled him on to the dance floor, which a few minutes ago had been a living room.

Duo looked down upon the party, he smiled at Heero who was kinda moving in the middle of the room trapped between a girl and a boy. Heero seemed content to let them lead and just moved with them in time to the beat.

"Go and join him!" Quatre yelled in his ear and Duo jumped dropping his beer onto someone’s head below.

"Bathroom third door on the right!" Duo shouted down. Then turned to Quatre and grabbed Quatre’s beer. "What?" He knocked back half the tin before handing it to Quatre. "Great idea I will." Duo then squeezed his way down the stairs.

Quatre laughed as he felt two strong arms round him.

"Matchmaking, love?"

"No Trowa just helping."

Trowa gave a small laugh and lifted Quatre up and carried him away.

Heero sow Duo approach from the other side of the room and slide himself from the Sarah and her boyfriend. She gave him a quick kiss and waved at Duo before melting into Liam’s arms.

Heero reached Duo and Duo shouting in his ear.

"Can I have a private word?"

Heero nodded and let Duo lead him through the maze of corridors and rooms till they reached the garden.

The evening had just set in and firelights lit down the path.

"It’s huge."

"With 31 children you need a big garden. Come on."

Duo took Heero’s hand in his, and together they walked slowly down the path. Reaching a pond or rather a small lake Duo pulled Heero up to the Gazebo that over looked the large house and grounds.

"We’re right on the outskirts and all of this belongs to Quatre." Duo said as he sat down facing the lake.

Moonlight played against the water and reflected back to give them enough light to see each other. Heero sat down next to Duo and put his hand, with Duo’s still holding on, in his lap. Duo sighed and leaned back against Heero.

Heero slide his arm round Duo and held Duo closer.

Duo rested his head on Heero’s chest and sighed again. He stared at the lake.

"I use to come here all the time at night, when I was young. I never had anyone to sit with before."

"Thank you." Heero said gently squeezing Duo’s hand.

"For what?"

"For showing me this. It’s beautiful."

"Isn’t it just?" Duo snuggled closer to Heero and felt a pair of moist lips brush against his hot forehead.

"It’s nice and quiet out here."

Looking back at the house Heero could see the party Duo had planned for him still going on.



"For ruining the party." Heero said brushing a piece of hair out of Duo’s face.

"The party wasn’t really any thing. I wanted to be with you alone. The party was to get rid of any unwanted…"



Duo winced as the girl strolled up to them, her pink dress blowing in the wind.

"Heero! I was wondering where you were. Come in it’s freezing out here." Relena said holding out her hand.

"I’m busy Relena." Heero said coldly.

"With him? Come now Heero. You’re here to have fun!"

"Omae o Korosu!" Heero gave Relena his best death glare.

"Bug off Relena." Duo said waving a hand at her.

"I warned you." She hissed before storming off.

Duo and Heero looked at each other and shrugged.

"No idea."

"Doesn’t matter."


Heero leaned forward and placed his lips against Duo.

"Right now Duo you are all that matters."

Part Fourteen

Duo smiled at Heero and Heero leaned in again to kiss Duo. Duo meet Heero’s kiss with all the love he felt and let his eyes close.

That night Duo and Heero slept on the bench together, under the stars.

Later that week

Heero looked at Duo and Duo looked back.

"Good luck." Heero mouthed.

"You too." Duo then entered the stage.

Out of the whole performance the worst part for Duo was the ending, him and Heero had just gotten together and he didn't want everyone to know him and Heero were together after all both his parents and Heero's didn't know about the relationship and both sets of parents were sitting in the audience tonight. As the ending came nearer and nearer the more nervous Duo got.

"Relax!" Duo heard Heero purr in his ear. "It'll be fine."

Duo nodded and Heero slide past to open the final act.

Duo took a deep breath and waiting for his cue.

"It'll show Sandy that I'm doing this for her."

Duo pushed himself on to the stage and smiled as the audience gasped in reaction to the skintight clothes he was wearing.

"Danny." Duo purred, Heero looked up and everything went fine.

The song was performed and near the end Heero lifted Duo up and brought him down slowly and they shared a sensual kiss and as the audience cheered Duo slipped up.

"I love you." The words slipped out of his mouth before he even realised that he had said them. Heero stepped back and looked deep into Duo's eyes. The whole of the audience and backstage were quiet. No one could hear what was being said for they whispered to each other and all the people knew was that this was NOT suppose to happen in Grease.

Heero stared deep at Duo, who licked his lips and waited for Heero to reply.



Heero smiled.

"I love you too." Heero pulled Duo close and they shared one hell of a long kiss and the audience went 'ahhhhhhh'.

"You coming to stay over tonight Hee-Chan?" Duo asked.

"Anyone else going?"

"Yep, me, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei and hopefully you." Duo smiled at his boyfriend who laughed back.

"Sure I'll come."

"You can't. Not tonight Heero."

Heero turned round to see Relena standing there.

"Why not?"

"It's your FAMILY birthday party." Relena said making sure to look Duo in the eye when she said 'family'.

"Bugger. Sorry Duo."

"That's okay Hee-Chan. Tomorrow?"

Heero nodded and reached over and squeezed Duo's hand.

"You were great tonight." Heero kissed the top of Duo's hand before walking off after Relena.

Duo smiled and whizzed round laughing.

"Duo! What is going on here? You can't fall in love with him!" Wufei warned as Duo flopped down on the bed in his room and Wufei, Quatre and Trowa raised an eyebrow at Duo's actions.

"Why not Wu?" Duo rolled over onto his front and looked Wufei is the eye and glared.

"You are supposed to be getting him into bed REMEMBER!?" Wufei snapped.

"So I get money and the man of my dreams and I can give up whoring in one shot! What is better than that?!"" Duo exclaimed happily.

"Duo what if Heero finds out?"

"Only us eight know and I ain't gonna tell Heero. Are you?"

"No but Duo think about this before you go and jump into any thing." Quatre looked worryingly at his brother, as Duo closed his eyes and sighed happily. "Prom is only two weeks away and there is still time for Zechs to tell Heero about the bet! Be careful that's all I'm saying."

"Don't worry Cat! I'll be fine."

"Oh Duo."

"Heero… Ohayo Heero… Time to get up Heero… Hay!…. Ready to do some shopping?!"

Heero blinked awake and turned away from the window and source of the noise, borrowing deep into the warmth that surrounded him.

"HEERO!" The voice shouted again.

"GO AWAY!" A female voice shouted.

"I WANT HEERO!" The male voice shouted back.

Footsteps were heard outside Heero's door and then Odin pushed open the door and came in.

"Heero?" He asked softly.

Heero opened one eye and looked up at his father.

"You're um, friend is at the door." Odin winked and pointed to the window.

Dragging himself out of bed and into some warm clothes Heero walked across the room and opened his window. To his surprise the wind that blew in was warm and gently.

Heero looked down into the front garden to see Duo and Une arguing.

"I Just Want To Talk To Heero!"

"You aren't coming into this house in them clothes. Got it! Now get going."

"Duo!" Heero called. Duo looked up and waved at Heero.

"Wanna go shopping?"

"What for?"


Part Fifteen

"Hay Heero's here!" Duo shouted out the window and Heero looked up and waved.

Heero sighed as his love disappeared from the window. The last few days had gone by too quick for Heero's liken.

Tomorrow night was Prom night.

Heero was unsure of what he was going to do, tonight was being spent at the Winner's and tomorrow night would lead them wherever it wanted them to go.

Heero was about to knock on the door when the door opened and a bundled of energy jumped on him laughing.


Heero looked down at the young boy who was hugging him.

"Sorry Hee-Chan. My cousins are round for the weekend and came early. Kasper get up." Duo reached over and detached his cousin from Heero's waist.

"That's alright." Heero said coldly staring down at Kasper. Young Kasper hid behind Duo as Duo pulled him into then house. Heero followed.

"Our parents are out again this weekend with our aunt and uncle so me and Quatre have to look after them."


"Four cousins staying. But the oldest is the same age as us and is looking after them tomorrow so that Q and me can go to Prom. Ready?"

Heero nodded.

"Sacred?" Duo teased.

Heero glared at Duo who laughed.

"Come on into the den. It's Cat and me at the moment and the oldest brat might make an appearance later on. Go on Kasper and play with your friends."

Kasper disappeared somewhere deep in the house and Duo turned to Heero and walked up to him.

"Miss me?" Duo placed his arms round Heero's neck.

"Very." Heero replied as his own hands slide round Duo's waist and he lent forward intending to taste the sweet mouth of his love.

"You aren't seriously going to kiss each other, are you?"

Duo pulled away and turned to glare at the teen standing in the doorway to the main living room.

"What do you want?" Duo snapped, angry getting the better of him.

"Just came to see who Heero was."

"Does it matter to you? No I don't think so. Go away Jackel."

"Why should I? I am older than you."

"I'm in charge." Duo hissed.

Heero stepped back towards the back of the house.

"No one said he could stay over." Jackel smirked, pointing at Heero.

"I said he could and Mum don't care she trusts me. Now leave us alone."

Duo walked off with Heero towards the den as Jackel stood there.

"Evening Heero!" Quatre looked up from the tv to smile at his friend. "What took you so long?"

"Jackel." Duo said simply as he moved to sit down.

"Drink Mister Heero?" Rashid asked stepping into the room followed by the dirty blond kid that had argued with Duo a few minutes ago.

"No thanks Rashid."

"So what's for dinner Duo?" Heero asked.

Duo leaned over, giving Heero a clear view of his ass, behind the sofa to grab his black coat and pulled out the small silver mobile.

"I'll ask Wufei. He's getting food. Trowa should be over soon as well."

"All your friends coming round?" Jackel asked startling everyone in the room.

"No! Just my closest ones. You ain't supposed to be in here. Get lost Jackel."

Quatre crawled forward to plug in the Play station in.

"So Duo? I'll put the young ones to bed and then join you."

"Jackel, what do we have to do to get through to you that this is just a friend thing."

"He can stay Duo. Rashid will you look after the little ones for us?" Quatre looked up as the play station clicked on.

"Yes Master Quatre. Call if you need anything." Rashid bowed and then headed out of the room. As he walked out Trowa and Wufei walked in.

"Dinner is served!"

Heero sneaked a look across at Duo. Duo caught it and stuck his tongue out. Heero leaned across Wufei.


And cleaned a bit of curry sauce of Duo's nose. Heero licked his finger clean before sitting back down again.

Heero and Duo stood up and said good night to the others before heading off towards the top of the house.

As they reached Duo's bedroom door Heero took one of Duo's hands and pulled Duo close to him.

"I love you." He said before kissing Duo passionately.

Heero lifted the smaller boy into his arms and pushed open the door, as he walked through it hew kicked it shut and laid Duo on the bed.

Heero smiled at the angel that lay beneath him with half closed eyes.

"Um Hee-Chan?"

"Yes koi?"

"You joining me?"

Heero slid on to the bed next to Duo and kissed him again.

"Tomorrow night, I will join with you Duo, if you will let me?"

Part sixteen

Heero felt something drip on to his nose, he sniffed in his sleep and turned away and rolled onto his front. Then cold water splashed down on his exposed neck.

Heero jumped up and glared round. Laughter filled the room.

The black angel knelt beside Heero on the bed holding a plastic glass in his hand.

"Morning." Duo beamed.

Heero growled before leaping forward.

Duo gave a shriek as Heero pinned him down to the bed.

"That! Wasn't! Nice!" Heero hissed tightening his grip on Duo's arms. Duo still smiled up at him before tossing Heero over in one quick smooth movement that Heero didn't even realise that it had happened before he was pinned under Duo.

"What you gonna do bout it?" Duo asked pecking a kiss on Heero's nose. Heero tried to flip it back so that Duo was under him but soon found out the smaller boy was stronger than he thought.

"Looks like I'm not going to do anything about it." Heero grumbled.

Duo sat back resting over Heero on his heels. "Breakfast in ten minutes. Hurry up before I eat it all." And then the black angel was gone, the long braid disappeared round the corner and Heero burst out laughing as he pulled himself up to get dressed.


Heero entered the den to find Duo, Quatre, Wufei, Trowa, Hilde, Dorothy, Catherine and Sally eating pancakes. Duo held out a plate to him as he came and sat down next to his love.

"Finally up Yuy?" Wufei said.

"Wufei spent the night on the sofa and is moaning about it." Sally laughed, as Wufei blushed red at her words.

"Well Heero and Trowa both get warm beds. Why don't I?"

"You're welcoming to share my bed anytime with me Wu." Duo winked across the room and licked his lips, gaining Wufei to hold his nose and Heero to hit Duo round the head. "Hay! Can't I flirt here?"

Heero's eyes narrowed at Duo. Duo smiled weakly at the look in Heero's eyes and in a rather high pitched voice asked.

"So what are we gonna do today?"

"We need at least two hours to get ready for tonight. Maybe even three." Hilde said.

The five guys pulled facing.

"Three hours? God what do you have to do?" Quatre asked.

"Don't! Answer that." Duo quickly adding as Dorothy and Catherine opened their mouths.


"Well what?"

"What are we going to do?"

"It's summer right?"

Everyone nodded.

"We have an out door swimming pool right?"

Everyone nodded again.

"So lets go swimming!"

"Don't even think about it! Duo! I'm warning you."

Quatre lifted his hands to shield of his brother's water attack and then leapt on to his brother and pushed him under.

The four girls were sunbathing and Duo and Quatre were messing about like five year olds in the swimming pool. Heero and Trowa were talking quietly and Wufei was also sunbathing!

"How you feeling Heero?" Trowa asked suddenly.


"About Prom. Duo isn't the easiest person to go to a party with. Are you okay?"

"Bit nervous I guess. But then I know Duo will help me if I need help so I'm okay there."

"If you ever need help or advice, just ask. I turned to Duo for help when me and Quatre, first got together."

"What do I do?" Heero asked. "I know how you have sex with a man but surely that must hurt?"

"On your first time it will always hurt no matter how much you are prepared for it but Duo is used to it. If you want to make sure that you don't cause him pain use Lube and use your fingers to prepare him." Trowa slipped at his drink.


"You need three fingers to make sure he is prepared fully, but it always depends on your, um... size. But this is Duo and knowing Duo he'll tell you when he's ready to take you in."

Wufei coughed and Heero and Trowa looked across to see Wufei run off holding a red nose.


"What's wrong with Wu?" Duo asked swimming up to the side and looking after Wufei.

"Sex." Trowa said simply.

Duo nodded before driving back under the water to give chase to his brother.

"Here you might need this." Trowa handed Heero a lube. Heero looked up confused at Trowa who gave a small smile. "Duo'll know what to do!" Trowa assured him before standing up and walking towards the pool, losing his jeans as he went and he slipped into the luke warm water to help Quatre out. Heero watched for a few minutes before taking his own trousers off and heading after Trowa.

"Duo!! Hurry UP!! The car is here! DUO!!!!!!!" Quatre shouted up the stairs.

Everyone else was ready, dressed to killed in posh dresses and suits, well everyone part from Duo.

"I'm Coming! No need to shout!" Duo said running down the stairs.

Heero looked round at Duo and smiled. The black jacket was pulled on and down up. His long slim legs were clad in black tight trousers. His long hair had been freed from the normally braid and was pulled back into a ponytail, which gave the chestnut hair shine and it moved with every small movement made by Duo.

"Ready?" Duo looked up.

Heero was clad in something similar to Duo's only it was navy instead of black and his jacket was undone to reveal the white shirt underneath.

"Girls are already in the car. Come on."

The remaining teenagers went out the door, slamming it shut behind them.

"You really want Duo to claim your true love?"

"Then you must tell Heero but he isn't going to believe you if you just tell him, tell the whole year tonight."

"I can't. I don't hate Duo that much that I will ruin him completely."

"It's the only to save Heero. You Must."

"Well if it's the only way... Then I will."

Part seventeen

Duo walked forward with Heero and the others right behind. The large ballroom glinted was a mixture of gold and silver and sprinkling blues. From the ceiling large flash lights hung and flashed over the couples that danced on the main floor. To one side of the hall laid the food and drinks table, light snacks covered the tables with glasses on non-alcoholic punch, well is was non-alcoholic punch at the moment but no doubt by the end of the night it would be alcohol as the studs of the school came along and ended their own collection of drinks to add. The main stage at the far end of the hall was covered is glittering materials of gold and silver and it seemed that the ballroom was made up completely of the gorgeous colours.

Duo stopped and looked round at Heero who, like the others, where staring round at the hall with wide eyes. Duo smiled at his koi who smiled back and took Duo’s hand which he held out for Heero to take. Heero nodded at Duo before taking his hand and he let Duo pull him gently to a nearby table set apart from the rest.

Sally and Wufei smiled at each other and Sally pulled Wufei straight onto the dance floor. Quatre and Trowa followed Duo and Heero to the table and stayed long enough to put their jackets on chairs before whizzing off to the dance floor. Hilde nodded at Duo before disappearing to find a single man free for grabbing.

"Hay guys!" Sarah came forward from the dance floor looking a little red in the face. "Didn’t know when you would be showing up! Relena has been after you Duo."


"Don’t know." Sarah shrugged. "Well have a nice evening. Better go my date is calling!"

Duo couldn’t help but laugh as Sarah ran off, her short blond hair twirled in the air as she did.

"Wanna dance?" Duo asked Heero.

"Duo Maxwell I need a word!" Duo looked up to see Relena standing over him. She wore a pretty dress of pink silk, with slits down the sides.

"Yes Relena." Duo asked pleasantly.

"In private." She snapped.

"Can’t be that important then." Duo said standing up and looking back at Heero, whose eyes were trained on Relena in narrow silts. "Care to dance?"

Heero nodded and stood up as well.

"You’ll regret that Maxwell."

Relena hurried away and Duo turned to Heero.

"What’s wrong with her?"

"Don’t know."


Duo and Heero walked on to the dance floor, the crowd gave way to the two stars of the musical and Duo got more than one comment on how lovely he looked and more than a few requests for a dance. Duo smiled at everyone but made the point clear that he had eyes for Heero only.

The song was a slow one and Duo let Heero take the lead and he leaned heavily on Heero.

As the night drew on Relena watched Duo like a hunter would watch his pray. Duo never left her line of sight and neither did Heero.

She felt a tap on her arm and she turned to look at the smiling blond.

"Hay Relena."

"Hi Quatre."

"Having a nice time?"

"Yes I am thank you."

"Couldn’t get you to dance could I?" Quatre asked holding out his hand.


"Dancing with Hilde. Please may I have the honour?"

Relena took his hand in her gloved one.


Duo felt lips brush his forehead and he pulled back enough to look into Heero’s Prussian eyes.

"Love me?" Duo asked whispering.

"Forever." Heero leaned in to kiss him.

Relena watched over Quatre’s shoulder as Heero and Duo shared a kiss, she felt anger boil in her and she pushed Quatre away cruelly.

"Relena?" Quatre asked shocked.

"I’m sorry Quatre but there is something I must do."

And Relena ran off.

"Wanna sit down?" Duo asked and Heero nodded but a voice cut them off.

"Duo Maxwell is a Whore."

Duo and Heero spun round to look at the stage; Relena stood there her hands clutching the microphone as if to steady herself.

"What?" Heero asked.

"It’s true." Relena said again and everyone turned to Duo who was staring at Relena in disbelief.

"No." He breathed.

"He is also a cheat, a liar and a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to stand there…" She pointed across at Duo and Heero. "… With Heero."

A mumble went through the crowd and Duo shook his head as if he knew what Relena was about to say.

"Duo?" He heard Heero ask him. Duo hung his head, he wouldn’t lie, he had never lied and he wouldn’t ever lie to anyone. "Is this true?"

Slowly Heero watched as Duo nodded his head.

"That’s not all is it my dearest Duo? There is more." She smirked round the room.

Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Hilde, Catherine, Dorothy and Sally were all glaring daggers at Relena who seemed to be taking great joy in Duo’s pain.

"Nothing is ever as it seems. A life long decision Heero, do you give your virginity to a whore or not? But before you decide let me give you some home truths."

"Relena." Duo growled.

"If you gave him your virginity on this very night he would never have to whore himself again. Why? Because Heero, my Love, all you are to him is a wad of cash and a quick lay."

Heero gasped and looked at Duo.

"You Heero are nothing to him. It was a bet you see? To see if he could get you in bed. Now what do you say?"

Part Eighteen

"You Heero are nothing to him. It was a bet you see? To see if he could get you in bed. Now what do you say?"

Heero looked at Duo who looked up and met him square in the eyes.


"I'm sorry Heero." Duo whispered and with that Heero turned and ran from the ballroom before the pain of what had just been revealed to him, began to hurt.

Quatre raced forward to hold Duo and Trowa headed out after Heero.

"DUO!" Quatre took Duo by the arm but Duo tugged himself away and headed forward to Relena who was laughing on the stage.

"Relena." He growled low in the back of his throat.


Relena looked up in time to see Duo slap her.

"Bitch." Duo hissed.

Relena's hand flew to her red cheek and she looked shocked at Duo.

"Do you know what you have done?" He hissed slapping her again in the other cheek.

"DUO! STOP IT!" Quatre cried as he and Wufei grabbed Duo to hold him back. "This isn't helping. Get after Heero. We'll deal with her."

Duo turned and fled in the same direction as Heero and Trowa.

A few seconds later Hilde followed Duo.

Heero ran, he didn't care where he went as long as it was away from the ballroom.

"Heero! Wait!"

Heero could hear Trowa calling him but he still didn't stop. He couldn't face any one especially Relena and even more so Duo. He could feel the tears falling from his eyes but did nothing to stop him.

He fought the hand that landed on his arm and pulled him back.

"Let me go!" Heero shouted pushing against the chest that he was held against.

"Shh Heero." Trowa held Heero tightly, Heero was strong but he was stronger. "Just listen to me."

Quatre glared at Relena.


"He needs bring down." Relena said simply.

"Relena what where you thinking?"

Wufei stood next to Quatre as Quatre shouted at Relena mindless that the rest of the year was still in the ballroom with them.

"I was saving Heero."

"From what?" Quatre spat.

"Duo Maxwell!"

"Duo has done nothing to hurt Heero."

"Really?! That's not what I heard."

"Trieze and Zechs. Nothing is ever as it seems." Quatre quoted from her. "Trieze is the lair and piece of shit! Did he tell you what HE did to Heero? And what he would of done to Heero if DUO hadn't stopped him?"

Dorothy had also stepped up to Relena.

"You are a bitch Relena." She hissed before throwing herself on to Relena.

"Duo!" Hilde cried and Duo looked round.

"Go away Hilde. I need to do this alone."

"Be careful that's all."


"You were all in it? What was I? A toy?" Heero hissed at Trowa.

"No. Duo does..."

"Does he? Really? Yeah I believe that! I was a fool. Piss off Trowa."

And before Trowa could do anything Heero was running again.

Duo appeared a few seconds later. Trowa pointed in the direction Heero had gone and Duo nodded his thanks before continuing.

Dorothy was pulled off Relena by a pair of strong arms. Relena's dress was now is shreds and scratches covered her body. She was bleeding in a few places. Dorothy didn't look any worst for wear. Her hair was still up and looking perfect and her dress was still in one piece. "Bitch." Dorothy spat on the girl below her.

Again a hand grabbed Heero's and pulled him round.

"Fuck you Trowa!" He hissed struggling to break the grip on his arms.

"I'm not Trowa and we need to talk."

Heero struggled even more against Duo. His knee came up and connected with the smaller boy’s groin. Duo let go and doubled up in pain.

"Please Heero." Duo groaned.



But Heero just already running away and Duo knew that running in this condition wouldn't get him very far and so he let Heero go.

Duo collapsed onto the stone pavement and cried for the first time in years.

Heero was running very fast now. No one else was going to touch him. He made a silent vow, which lasted a few minutes before he ran straight into someone.

"Well, well, well, Heero Yuy didn't think I would see you here tonight."

Heero looked up into the face of Trieze Kushrenada.

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